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Chapter 469-2: Epilogue (3)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The time: Paliseth had just led Mo Ning away to the city not long after being summoned by Mo Ke…

Having just learnt that Mo Ke had become the goddaughter/godson of Lolthe, Mo Ning, thanks to the direction of Paliseth, had obtained a rather interesting piece of news: she could obtain a humanoid form earlier if she made a wish to Lolthe.

In actuality, whether it was the creatures of Purgatory or magical beasts in general, they could all attain a humanoid form once they hit Nine-star. However, Mo Ning had just reached Six-star, and based on her current speed of advancement, it would take several centuries before she could reach Nine-star.

It had to be said then that this was only because Mo Ning had the talent required to become an Overlord. If she didn’t, then it would be impossible to begin with.

So why would such a talented Nightmare Steed want to take on a humanoid form all of a sudden? That was because Mo Ke would never accept her horse form and several centuries was just too long for her.

However, all those weren’t the main reasons why she did it. She just liked Mo Ke.

Ever since Mo Ke defeated her and signed that engagement pact with her, she had only grown fonder of him by the day.

That was why as she trotted up to the altar with Paliseth, she would constantly ask of Paliseth, “Are you sure I can assume a humanoid form prematurely?”

“Definitely. With the all-mighty divine power of the goddess, crafting a humanoid form for you is easy.” Paliseth answered in the softest, most soothing voice possible. For one reason or another, she had decided to help Mo Ning solve this nagging problem.

Perhaps it was because she wanted to curry favour with Mo Ke? Or perhaps she wanted to indirectly ingratiate herself into Mo Ke’s circle by working through Mo Ning? Either way, no one could say for sure what a Dark Elf was planning deep down.

Unlike the previous ceremony where she tried to sacrifice Mo Ke, Paliseth had brought Mo Ning around the city before finally leading her to a secret passageway that soon opened up to a room before she even realized it.

At the center of this secret room was a small altar, roughly five meters by five meters. It had three tiers to it, and other than the four permanently lit fires around its corners, this altar was the only object within the room.

Mo Ning was a bold horse. She did not fear that Paliseth would try to harm her. However, that strange altar was still a little unsettling for her, especially how those fires mysteriously stayed aflame with any outside input.

“This is?”

“This is an altar by which we may directly contact the goddess.” Paliseth proceeded to explain the details. “In actuality, such an honor would have ordinarily never been made available to us, the Shadowhunter Clan. It was only because of her holiness that the goddess bestowed this honor upon us.”

At this point, Mo Ning was still a Nightmare Steed, meaning that she was a blackish looking horse. She curiously but slowly trotted around the altar, fully taking in the eerie coldness of the construct, despite the burning flames that surrounded it.

“So you’re saying that I may contact your deity by using this altar?”

“That’s right. As long as it is a matter related to her holiness, we may use this altar to connect to the goddess.” Paliseth nodded at Mo Ning before continuing. “Give me a moment, I’ll make an offering to the goddess.”

Before Mo Ning could even respond to that, Paliseth had already fished out the white offering plate required and placed it atop the altar. Curiosity getting the better of her, Mo Ning peeked over the shoulders of Paliseth to look at the offering. The white jade-like plate held a still-beating heart that was leaking blood even now. From the sheer size of it, it most likely came from a large magical beast.

Having done that, Paliseth knelt down and began the ceremony. She chanted in the language of the Dark Elves, a language that Mo Ning did not understand, not that it mattered, seeing it would most likely be words of praise of Lolthe anyway.

A minute flew by like a second and a black rift began forming just a couple feet above the altar, through which the beating heart automatically flew in.

Now that the heart of unknown origins was swallowed up, the rift grew even bigger and even gave out a bloody red glow that quickly coalesced into multiple red eyes. Yet in spite of that haunting display, Paliseth remained dead calm; in all likelihood, this wasn’t the first time she had experienced such a phenomenon. Mo Ning, on the other hand, was shocked by that. But being a Nightmare Steed, one of the higher-tiered creatures of Purgatory, it didn’t take long for her to realise that this rift wasn’t going to harm her. This was merely the precursor to an evil god descending, and those eyes were so creepy simply because this was an evil god we were talking about.

It was only through such ceremonies and rifts that divinities of the higher realms could send down their wills. In honesty however, there were many ways for the mortal realm to make a connection with the higher realms. This was just the simplest.

“Paliseth…” Came the benevolent sounding voice of Lolthe. Had it not been for the fact that Lolthe was a famously evil god, a person could have been fooled by the sheer gentleness of her tone.

“Goddess, your servant Paliseth humbly requests for your presence.” Paliseth lowered her head onto the ground and continued speaking in this state. “Behind your servant is Lady Mo Ning, someone who had signed an engagement pact with her holiness. She has a wish to make.”

“Mo Ning… so you have a pact with my child… yes… I can feel it. It’s a very important pact as well.” Lolthe’s voice drifted out of the rift like a gentle spring breeze. At that very instant, she was every bit a loving, benevolent goddess, as long as one ignored the decidedly sinister manner in which she descended,

“Greetings o divine one, I am Mo Ning, one who has signed a pact with your child.” Mo Ning woodenly introduced herself once more, clearly anxious from having to address a higher being for the first time in her life. Even though Lolthe was Mo Ke’s godmother, there was still no denying that she was slightly afraid right now.

Having realised that as well, Lolthe did not reproach her, and instead comforted her. “There’s no need to fear me, since you have signed that pact with my child, you are related to me as well. Paliseth mentioned you have a wish to make of me, what is it?”

Seeing Lolthe react in such a friendly manner, Mo Ning decided to take a leap of faith. “Any kind of wish is alright?”

“Yes. As long as it’s possible for me, I will do my best to fulfill it.” Lolthe patiently replied.

“I wish… I wish to have a humanoid form…” Finally, Mo Ning couldn’t resist the temptation and blurted out what she truly felt. “Even though we’ve already signed an engagement pact, Mo Ke, your child, still seems resistant to the arrangement. I know she resents the fact that I’m a horse, so if I were to take on a humanoid form, she would definitely come around. On my own, this would take too long… would you help me?”

Mo Ning gazed longingly at the black rift now filled with a myriad of bloody red eyes, her heart beating with a courage that did not exist mere moments ago. She realised that, even more than being afraid of the haunting eyes in the rift, she desperately wanted to make Mo Ke like her.

Her prayer did not go unanswered for long as Lolthe quickly answered, “It is possible, but…”

“But what?” Now that hope was literally right in front of her eyes, Mo Ning couldn’t help but interrupt Lolthe out of pure anxiety. She quickly realised how rude this was and lowered her head in apology. “I apologise… I did not mean to interrupt you on purpose…”

“It is fine. Now listen closely… It is possible for you to take on a humanoid shape now, but you must know that once you do, you will never be able to alter your form again, not unless you become a demigod. Do you understand?”

“That’s fine! All I need is just one chance.” Mo Ning was practically beside herself with joy right now.

“Alright then. What form do you wish to take? I have a variety of options you can choose from.”

“There’s no need for anything ostentatious, just my future form will work. But I hope that my lower half will remain that of a horse’s while my upper half becomes a human.” Mo Ning quickly replied with the answer she had prepared long ago.

“You wish to become a Centaur then?” Lolthe asked after a brief pause.

“Centaur? I’ve heard that term before from my elders. That should be what I’m looking for.” Mo Ning firmly stated.

However, Lolthe was a little puzzled as to why she would want this. “Not a complete humanoid form instead?”

“No. Mo Ke signed the pact with me because she wanted a mount to ride on. Even though this reason is not what I was hoping for, it is still a fact that she needs a mount.” As Mo Ning said that, her eyes never wavered, though there was a tinge of sadness within them. “In short, this pact was signed because I could bear her around. If I were to fully become a human, that would no longer be possible…”

“Is that so? I am able to bestow upon you the power to switch forms at will, it would just be a little troublesome for you…”

“No, that’s okay. I think I will maintain a partial horse form… that would be a lot easier for me as well.” Mo Ning sighed dejectedly at that point. “I am truly not used to a human form… but she…”

“Sigh… emotions huh…” Lolthe sighed then looked at a downcast Mo Ning and said, “In that case, close your eyes…”

“Hold on.” Mo Ning’s eyes immediately lit up with gratitude now that her wish was about to be granted. Instead of being a symbol of fear, those eyes were now like a ray of salvation for her heart. “I know that you are an all-mighty goddess, but I still wish to know if there’s any way I may repay this favour.”

“What are you willing to do for me?

“As long as it doesn’t harm Mo Ke, I’m willing to do anything!” Mo Ning firmly answered.

“I naturally would never want to harm my own child.” Lolthe warmly smiled at her words of concern. “In that case, I would just need you to remember that you owe me this favour.”

“Mhm, I will bear it close to heart.” Mo Ning smiled as she closed her eyes. “Please proceed.”

“As you wish…”

An unknown location within Gehenna…

A black skeletal figure, clad completely in bone armor, sat alone atop a skeletal throne that seemed as eternal as itself. There was an eerie silence about the air, like the figure hadn’t changed in the slightest for eons, whether it was its loneliness or its unmoving stature.

Suddenly, a blue magical array formed in front of the skeletal throne. From within, a mote of light the size of a human head emerged. The light weightlessly floated above the blue array, slowly spun around and began releasing the signature mana of necromantic magicks.

The skeletal king atop its throne lifted its head to reveal a pair of burning eyes. It stared into white mote of light and said as such in a tone that was neither friendly nor hostile. “You’ve come.”

An ancient voice came forth from the light, “The dimensional barriers of the new world regenerates too quickly. Even we of the Demigod-tier wouldn’t be able to open it within this century…”

“Hades will not interfere in this matter.” The skeletal king replied coldly. “We will wait then.”

“As undying creatures, our time is endless… but I’m afraid that certain evil gods would get impatient.”

“An evil god…” The skeletal king fell silent for a moment. “The barrier is a matter to be concerned with, but if some foolish evil god wishes to mess up the plan at this stage, Hades would naturally act as well.”

“But the issue still stands that the barrier regenerates too quickly. The help of an evil god would be necessary.”
“That will never happen. All the evil gods in the higher realms are being watched by their good counterparts. They would never risk a divine war just to break open some barrier. But their patience has a limit as well; we need to produce some results soon.” Having said that, the skeletal king paused for a second before continuing. “So, Demilich, what do you suggest?”

“There is a way, but… it will be troublesome.”

“Speak. It shouldn’t be worse than a war amongst gods.”

“Bah. I just knew this task would be a bothersome one.” The mote of light twitched a little, as if displeased. “Not too long ago, I sent some apprentice Necromancers across the dimensional barrier into the new world. But they ended up performing worse than the skeletons. They actually died from breathing in the air upon entering the new world. There is something in the air that is infecting them.”


“Blast… this matter has me infuriated as well. Because these apprentices have not been turned into undead, it is still possible for them to die from sickness… but the lower tiered undead Necromancers have no way to make it across the barrier…”

“A strong constitution is required in order to resist this new malaise…”

“The Devils wouldn’t be affected by the sickness as well, they are known for being world invaders.”

“Lucifer would interfere with that plan.” The skeletal king shook his head.

“I never said to bring the Devils in, but this new method of mine does involve them…”

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Chapter 469-1: Epilogue (2)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Mo Na’s Perspective:

Papa has gone off to the Western Human Realms. Without me. Hmph.

Speaking of Papa, I know I always call him Mama, but it’s no secret that he really wants me to call Papa… but I don’t plan on changing to that anytime soon. It’s a habit now.

Honestly, Papa is the best. He dotes on me all the time, but he gets so easily seduced by bad women.

Hmph. Those bad women… There’s always some strange pest buzzing around Papa, ready to feed on his blood if the opportunity arises. But I’ll never let them win. Who am I? I’m Mo Na, the one and only future owner of Papa!

Three days ago, that horse known as Mo Ning was summoned away by Papa… I was so angry… but that’s what I have No.6 for.

Why No.6, you might ask? Because that rascal has been loitering around that pesky Jeerah recently, and that makes me angry!

What’s so great about that pesky woman anyway? So what if her breasts are a little bigger than mine? Big deal! Papa doesn’t just go for big breasts! He clearly prefers younger girls! Like Mo Na! Papa said so himself, younger girls have three virtues: easy on the hands, easy to push down, and easy on the waist! Mo Na is just such a girl -her body is smaller than anyone else’s!

So what if Jeerah has bigger breasts, a bigger butt, and more ladylike… hmmm… why does it seem like I’m losing even more… bah! I hate that old hag!

Huff… this won’t do at all, I need to show that No.6 exactly what I think of Jeerah.

Also, No.3 and No.6 seem to hate each other. Maybe I should get No.3 to help me as well?


Ever since Papa was summoned away, my mission of finding the ingredients had hit a snag.

I ended up bringing the entire squad back to the palace in a bid to try and reconstruct an Abyssal Golem. However, I soon found out that the core of an Abyssal Golem required an enormous amount of Souls to create. Because our methods were lacking on this front, this plan had to be put on hold temporarily.

Speaking of put on hold, Papa had grown increasingly anxious ever since he became a Fallen Angel- he’s definitely hiding something from me. Even though I knew that something called the Apocalypse was looming in the near future, Papa hadn’t given me much details about it… maybe Papa has some role to play in that too? He is rather fascinated with the human realms, and that girl, what’s her name again? Nicole! Pesky fly!

Ever since No.6 constructed that recruitment center for Devils, the number of lower-starred Devils joining us had been on the rise. Up till now, we had already gathered over ten thousand such Devils, and counting. At this rate, it wouldn’t be long before we became the number one power in Sable Radiance.

Papa showed great foresight on that front. Even before the recruitment center was constructed, he had already ordered a safe zone to be constructed for the Demon Fire Worms in order to provide an unending source of food. Even if our numbers were to increase, feeding them should not pose a problem… Papa is just great like that. Cool, competent and the most handsome Papa in the world. When Mo Na grows up, she will definitely marry Papa! If anyone gets in her way, Mo Na will just have to kill them!

With that in mind, the first plan would have to be getting rid of any potential pests. Speaking of pests… there’s one coming right now.

Even though I was clearly busy with planning my future, a certain big-breasted pest suddenly decided to interrupt me.

“How are you doing, milady?” Still making her way across the black grass of the garden, Jeerah greeted me hollowly. Rather than greeting me, she seemed like she was just here to disrupt my plans… Blasted pest. So what if your breasts are big? Hmph!

“What are you even here for?”

Naturally, I wasn’t in the mood for pleasantries, especially when it came to this thick-skinned pest who couldn’t take a hint.

In response to that, she tossed my undeveloped chest a scornful gaze before sneering, “I thought I should inform our lady that Princess Meisian is here with her husband, Anmi, to find you.”

“Watch where your eyes are looking! So what if Mo Na is still underdeveloped? Just wait, her breasts will grow to be even bigger than yours!” There was nothing that made me more sensitive than the way she always lingered hatefully on my chest.

“Hmph. You can say that when you’re older.” She condescendingly waved her finger before continuing, “However… By that time, master might have already… huhuhuhu.”

“As if! Mama will definitely wait for Mo Na to grow up!”

“Mama? Hahahaha. You know, even till now, I still haven’t figured out if master is a male or female…” Jeerah chuckled to herself for a good long while before shrugging in my direction. “Doesn’t matter though. Male or female, master cannot escape from the palm of my hands.”

“You wish!”

“Hah, like I said, you can say that once you get older.” Having said that, Jeerah left with a swish of her long Devil tail. However, she made sure to eye my chest one last time…

I myself lowered my gaze to stare at my yet-to-develop chest… Why does it feel like I’ve already lost half the battle?

No. I need to focus! What’s so good about a couple of meat jugs in the first place?! Flat is justice! If Papa dares to like Jeerah, I will just have to… hmph, why am I even considering such a scenario? There’s no way Papa would ever like an old hag like Jeerah.

I should go meet that little kitty first. There’s still a whole bunch of things I need to do even if Papa isn’t here, like visiting the Hellhounds and Warhorse… speaking of Hellhounds, I haven’t seen Cinderel for a while now. I wonder if she has been eating well with her father? Sigh. I’m such a failure of a friend. I should show her more concern. If I can’t treat her well when she’s young, who will bite my enemies for me in the future?

A dog’s growth period is shorter than my own as well. Maybe she will even be taller than me the next time we meet.

Meh… Meisian first, and Anmi too… maybe I should get him a bone as a gift? Cats and dogs like bones right? Probably.

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Chapter 468: Epilogue (1)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Enough. I do not care about your name.” I abruptly cut off the Matriarch of the Ghostface Clan before sneering at her. “That would be a waste of my already limited brain capacity.”

“Brain capacity?” Paliseth curiously recited this unknown term, clearly intrigued but confused by my last sentence.

In contrast, the Ghostface Matriarch was in no mood for such minor details at all. The blood drained out from her face faster than I could say the word ‘enough’. The moment she heard that I wasn’t even interested in her name, she knew she was done for.

However, that didn’t stop her from trying one last time. “Your holiness, your servant knows that she has sinned greatly. That is why your servant humbly offers up this artifact as penitence in hopes of gaining your forgiveness.” Having said that, she got down to her knees, pulled out a silvery white ring and reverently offered it up to me with both hands, as if it wasn’t just a ring that was resting in her pale hands right now, but the most precious treasure in the world.

A ring? As if that’s enough to satisfy my anger… but then… a ring of a Matriarch couldn’t just be any old ring right?

“Your holiness, this ring is a Dimensional Storage Ring. It can store up to ten cubic meters of items and freeze their time at the same time. It can’t, however, store live goods.” Having said that, she looked up to find that I was shocked by her offering, and the blood immediately returned to her face. She promptly seized on this opportunity to push her ring further. “Your servant has already filled it with treasures, may your holiness find them to your liking.”

I reached out and put it daintily on my right hand -it was a snug fit. “Mhm, your offering has been well-received.” I nodded at her as I said it. “Seeing as you’re sincere about repenting, I’ll forgive your daughter’s transgressions against me.”

“Your holiness is most kind.” She replied happily before quickly getting up to her feet. However, that bit of happiness wasn’t going to last long.

“Did I say you could get up?”

Her heart immediately sank into an abyss of terror and confusion. “Your holiness? How else may your servant serve you?”

“I can ignore the slight against me. But there’s still the matter of how your daughter bullied my servant. I want justice for the suffering my servant has suffered at the hands of your daughter.”

“…” She became even more confused at that point. “My apologies, your holiness, but how has my daughter bullied your servant?”

“In that previous battle with the Minotaurs, she made my precious little bunny cry.”

“Cry?” The Ghostface Matriarch naturally had no way of knowing how badly affected Jezsere was at the time, but just by looking at the crying expression she had just now, the Ghostface Matriarch knew that this was a serious matter. “Your servant will prepare another offering right away…”

“There’s no need for that. Didn’t I say not too long ago that Jezsere belongs to me, and that whoever bullies her will face my wrath?” At that point, I flashed her a sinister, toothy smile. “Do you think I will take back my words?”

“I… mercy… your holiness… your servant is willing to offer up the entire wealth of the Ghostface Clan as penitence. All your humble servant asks is your forgiveness… my daughter… your holiness may have her as well… all your servant asks for is your forgiveness…”

“The entire wealth of the Ghostface Clan?” I waved my finger in front of her. “That’s where you are wrong. You mean the entirety of my wealth kept at the Ghostface Clan. Get the picture?”

“Yes… your servant understands… it all belongs to your holiness…everything…”

“So. Are you sure it’s a good idea to offer up my possessions as penitence?”

“I… I…. “

Hmph, I told you I’m a master orator!

At this point, the Ghostface Matriarch was at a complete loss for words. If she had her way, she would have admonished me for that blatant show of shamelessness, but she clearly couldn’t.

I looked her right in her eyes and sneered coldly one last time. “The Dark Elves have thirteen great clans. If you count in the lesser clans, there should be over a hundred clans in total. That sounds a little excessive to me… you know what… I don’t think we need the Ghostface Clan anymore…”


Now that I had made it known that I was going to make an example of her, the Ghostface Matriarch finally started to fight back. However, the moment she leapt to her feet, the other twelve Matriarchs had already begun channeling their mana. A moment later, spider silk formed of mana simultaneously fired out of their palms and bound her…

“You can’t treat me like this… your holiness… mercy…”

The Ghostface Matriarch half-yelled, half-pleaded for mercy as three of the Matriarchs led her away. In the meantime, the remaining Matriarchs exchanged a quick glance with each other before Paliseth led the group by asking, “Your holiness, should we clean up the rest of her clan?”

I merely shook my head and smiled in response. “Clean them up? There’s no need for such pointless slaughter.”

“What does your holiness wish instead?” She asked while stifling the need to roll her eyes at the one who started this mess in the first place.

“My wishes, huh.” I paused for a couple of seconds before clapping my hands together. “The current family leading the Ghostface Clan must all die, as for the rest… well… They are my godmother’s faithful servants, so I’ll let them off the hook this time. Speaking of the Ghostface Clan, their treasury is now mine. I want all the pure-blooded Dark Elves moved out of that clan as well. The rest can stay.”

“Understood…” The moment that last bit of instructions came out, the remaining Matriarchs immediately broke into a grin. By saying that I wanted all the Pure-blooded Dark Elves out of that clan, I was implying that they could divvy up the defeated Dark Elves. Even though the treasury was now mine, gaining some population for their clan was an unexpected bit of surprise for them.

Just like that, the curtains drew to close on the Ghostface Clan.

“Alright, let’s move on to other matters.” I turned towards Paliseth. “I need you to fetch Aishael for me, and go visit Jezsere at the same time. I had her prepare some stuff beforehand so you can grab them off her.

“Understood.” Paliseth nodded then promptly left the great hall. Now that she was gone, the great hall immediately fell into silence. To be honest, the remaining Matriarchs were all perfectly capable hosts, but none of them even dared make a sound in my presence. At this point, their mental image of me was of a capricious lord who could wipe out their clan on a whim.

Just the fact alone that I had the Ghostface Clan punished, not because they offended me, but because they offended my servant was more than proof enough of that. Too bad, they couldn’t do anything about it either.

Not long after, Paliseth came in with an ornate looking giftbox and Aishael in tow.

Just from a glance, I could tell that Aishael had tidied up immediately after returning to her quarters. Her silvery hair had been bound up into a simple but tidy ponytail that complemented her straightlaced personality and elegant dress. Honestly, I liked this girl. She had a unique charm about her beauty. Now… if she could just fix that resting b1tch face of hers, she would be even more perfect.

Her aggressive demeanour and fearless attitude was nothing but a front for the stress and trauma she was trying to hide. That much I knew. Had she truly been as strong as she would like to portray herself as being, she would have been more confident in herself. Just like how a tiger was at times an adorable giant kitty, and at times a monstrous killing machine that could tear apart anyone who dared to ruffle its fur. The strong did not have to show off that they were strong.

“Come, come.” I gave no explanation as to why I summoned her, instead flashing her a gentle smile as I stood up and beckoned for here. “Over here.”

“…” She cautiously eyed me but came up to me in the end.

“Have a seat.” I gently pressed down on her shoulders to make her sit on the throne ordinarily reserved for Paliseth. Then, under her confused eyes, I undid her ponytail.

“Your holiness…” My strange actions left her at a loss for words as she stared into my eyes. She wanted to say something but chose not to in the end.

“That ponytail of yours doesn’t suit you. Here. Let me fix it for you.” I reached out for the gift box that had already been opened up by a keen-eyed Paliseth. I took out the pink hairbands within and bound up her hair into a more adorable twin ponytails hairstyle.

Lest one forgot, I was the one who used to tie up Nicole’s hair; twin ponytails were one of my forte.

However, while Aishael’s hair might have resembled Nicole, her personality was a far cry from the cheerful, smiling girl from my childhood. That perpetually radiant smile on her lips were the reason for my existence. I truly missed her… but I had no way of leaving right now. I had to first create a safe space for Aishael and her Half-elves -that was I had decided.

“I’ll now make an announcement. The capital city of the Ghostface Clan will officially be known as Halfmoon City. All Half-elves are to migrate to Halfmoon City. As for its leader…” I gently ruffled Aishael’s hair at that point, then under her slightly disapproving stare, declared, “Will be this child here.”

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Chapter 467: One Must Be Humble At All Times

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Strictly speaking, the battle had ended well for us, barring the thousand or so casualties on our side.

Of the two thousand Blood Drake Riders, at least three hundred died today. The Half-Elven army ended up losing six hundred soldiers and many more were injured. It was a hard-won battle. As for the Murlocs, Mary the Mermaid had the foresight to leave right from the very beginning. The two Murloc brothers had taken advantage of the chaos to slip away as well…

(TL: Apparently, the author has settled on Mary, so it’s Mary from now on. Maybe Lily exists as well…)

Those brothers are morons, I swear! Don’t they know that I was just about to show off my awesomeness?! Morons.

We ended up capturing five hundred Minotaurs, including that giant Minotaur as well. Other than the initial wave of Harpies who were shot down, the rest basically hung at the back of battle and did not involve themselves too much in the battle. Because of that, their losses were relatively small.

It was a glorious victory, but the losses on our side were just a tad much for my liking… however that was just me nitpicking. The inner gamer in me wanted a clean victory with no losses at all.

Either way, the hard part was over and our journey back with the captives proceeded without a hitch. By the time we arrived at the city, two days had passed. Paliseth had gathered up countless Dark Elves to celebrate our victorious return, lining the streets with cheering onlookers, every one more fanatical than the other.

Faced with such a grand welcome, even Zurnalin was stunned. In fact, Lersina, our captive, was stunned as well.

Ever since she learnt of my identity, this Dark Elven Assassin appeared to be a little out of it. If I were a normal male, I would have probably rushed to comfort her, given how beautiful she was. Unfortunately, my pee pee was still on vacation so it did not matter even if she was as beautiful as Zurnalin.

However, the shock she showed was only the beginning. The moment she saw her own mother beside Paliseth, her eyes went wide. In actuality, it wasn’t just her mother who was present today; the other Matriarchs were here as well. In other words, the Matriarchs of all the great clans were here, every one of them the very definition of a posh, upper class lady. Their immaculate figures radiated an almost holy aura that was completely at odds with their blackened hearts…

“How… how are all the Matriarchs here…” Even the usually stoic Zurnalin couldn’t help exclaim as she rode up to me. “How did they reach the city before us?”

Naturally, I knew why they were all here, but I still wanted to confirm something. “You are sure all thirteen of them are here today?”

“Definitely, I’ve seen them all in the past.” She leaned in at that point. “The last time the thirteen Matriarchs gathered together was forty years ago. A Demigod tier Black Dragon had invaded the Underdepths at that time. Apparently, it had suffered at the hands of our clan when it was a whelp so it was out for blood. In the end, it took the combined efforts of all thirteen Matriarchs to chase it away…”

“A Demigod tier Black Dragon?” That part certainly piqued my interest. “So where is it now?”

“We do not know.” Zurnalin shrugged her shoulders before casually continuing. “Either way, only matters that involved the survival of our entire race could force the Matriarchs to gather together.”

“And here I thought I wasn’t liked at all…” Clearly, I was now an existence that held as much importance as the survival of their entire race.

“Do not speak ill of yourself like that, your holiness. Our loyalty to your holiness is unwavering.”

I merely smiled wryly at her words. Seeing as the other Matriarchs were about to reach us, I signalled to Zurnalin that the time for idle chatter was over.

Hugging onto Jezsere while still riding Mo Ning, we cantered forward while dragging along the captive Lersina. As we did that, Zurnalin kept a close eye on the Assassin, ready to strike at a moment’s notice should she even move a muscle.

When our poor captive first saw her mother up close, a glimmer of hope flashed past her eyes, as if her savior had just appeared before her. Unfortunately for her, this savior did not even spare her a look. And even if she did, I had no intention of letting Lersina go without making an example first.

“Our respects to his holiness. May tales of his glorious victory today be sung well into the ages!” Paliseth led the other Matriarchs in prostrating before me.

The moment they did so, the rest of the Dark Elves got down on their knees as well, nearly shaking the earth itself with their coordinated moves. “Our respects to his holiness. May tales of his glorious victory today be sung well into the ages!”

Seeing that, I couldn’t help but feel a surge of feelings in my heart. Tens of thousands of Dark Elves were kneeling before me right now, celebrating my deeds. At the very least, I had never experienced such a grand scene before in my entire life.

Still snug within my embrace, Jezsere was immediately startled by the deafening salutation. Her first instinct was to back away but I thankfully caught her just in time before she fell off Mo Ning.

“Master… Jezsere… Jezsere…” She bashfully stammered.

“It’s alright, be still. You have the right to be here.” I hugged her tighter then whispered in her ears.

She was clearly overwhelmed by the sight of so many Dark Elves bowing before her. But to me, this was merely a trifling issue.

“Dearest, look at how many of them are bowing before you right now!” Mo Ning practically yelled at me as she turned around to face me, her fiery red hair dancing in the air as if they were even more excited about this celebration than me. “I think I’ve fallen in love with you all over again, dearest!”

“Ahem… well, it’s nothing. You’ll get used to it… you’ll get used to it.” Seeing her fangirl over me like I was some kind of superstar, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride well over me. However, I had to restrain myself from showing this… one must be humble and not brag about their deeds, mhm.

As a well-brought up university student of the star-spangled red banner, it would be unbecoming of me to act so arrogantly. I am a person of virtues, after all! But, of course, sometimes you had to throw your weight around in order to get things done, like now…

I tightened my embrace around her, and before the eyes of every Dark Elf present, gave her a gentle kiss on her silvery hair. Paying no attention how she bashfully squirmed about because of that, I then amplified my voice with mana. “This girl in my arms right now, her name is Jezsere, and she belongs to me. Whoever bullies her in the future should be prepared to face my wrath. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, your holiness!”

The gathered Dark Elves replied in unison, the Matriarchs included. Regardless of what they thought of this matter, Jezsere was now under my care.

“Let’s go, the warriors need a break and the captives need to be processed. Oh right, I want an area set aside for the Harpies to rest. Without my orders, they won’t harm anyone.” Having said that, we rode off into the city, never paying Lersina any attention at all as we did that.

As we proceeded onwards into the city, every Dark Elf that we met would immediately prostrate themselves before me and wish me well as before. It was an intoxicating feeling, to be honest… like I owned this entire world…

It took roughly an hour before we reached the great hall of the Shadowhunter Clan. Behind us were the thirteen Matriarchs with Paliseth at the head. As I sat down on the throne in the center, all thirteen of them arrayed themselves before me in a straight line.

Jezsere and Mo Ning had already been sent off. The guards were also dismissed, leaving only the fourteen of us left in the hall.

To be honest, it still surprised me that the other Matriarchs were able to get here so quickly. But the moment I remembered that the Dark Elves were a race famous for their Assassins, it wasn’t as surprising anymore. It shouldn’t be an issue for the spies of the individual clans to get hold of such news. And it wasn’t a big deal to set up a teleportation array for a small party.

A Devil that made the Dryders betray their clan and so happened to be known as his holiness? It didn’t take a genius to piece the two together and figure out my identity from there. Not unless they wanted to have a taste of my godmother’s wrath!

Seeing them so quiet, I knew that they were waiting for my judgement, and I wasn’t planning to disappoint them on that front.

“I’m sure all of you know who I am.”

The moment I said that, one of the Matriarchs immediately knelt down and pleaded for mercy“I beg for your forgiveness, your holiness…” Her forehead resoundingly thudded against the crimson rug as she continued, “My foolish daughter has committed the gravest of sins in a moment of foolishness, but our clan is innocent… I beg of you, your holiness…”

“So you are the Matriarch of the Ghostface Clan?” I unceremoniously cut her off while looking down at her from my lofty throne.

“That’s right, your holiness, I am the Matriarch of the Ghostface Clan. I am…”

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Chapter 466: A Scheme Behind a Scheme

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Useless! Why am I even keeping you alive?!”

I angrily stomped on the Assassin leader’s veiled face, causing her to fall over right away like a punching bag. Yet that wasn’t enough to satisfy the anger I felt towards this woman who had threatened my life just moments ago. All that talk about not letting me go until everyone was dead -I hadn’t forgotten about that.

Oh, how the tables have turned. Go on, let’s see if I care about you letting me go now. Go on! Hmph, and you even dared to bully our resident timid girl, don’t you know how timid she is?!

Even though I desperately wanted to execute this darned wretch, I knew better than to do that now. Instead, I turned around to face the Dryders who were still worshipping me and exclaimed, “I want those Minotaurs dead!”


The Dryders immediately charged into battle upon receiving the order, their hisses echoing behind them in a cloud of dust.

It had to be said at this point that these weren’t your run-of-the-mill Dryders. Amongst those present, there were at least ten Eight-stars and three at the peak of Eight-star.

With their aid, the battle quickly turned in our favor. Unlike the Murlocs, these were bonafide elite monsters that wouldn’t lose to a Minotaur at the same Star level. Furthermore, their methods were varied and their speeds blinding. With their unpredictability, it would be hard for an ordinary Minotaur to win against them in a fair fight. Especially not when the Dryders who came this time were all exceptionally powerful. Even the weakest amongst them was a Six-star; definitely more than a match for the Minotaurs. The Harpies, on the other hand, were still a little troublesome…

“Your holiness, with your leave, I will head over to the battlefield right now. Ending this battle is of utmost priority.” Zurnalin hastily told me before rushing off herself. Even though the speed at which the situation changed was a little dizzying for her. She quickly recovered and upon making sure that I was safe, left to fight.

“Mhm. You may go, and be careful.” As I said that, Zurnalin turned around to give me a passionate gaze but I wasn’t paying attention to her right now. My focus was entirely directed to the dejected Assassin leader on the ground. I unhappily kicked her a couple of times before asking, “So, who are you? Which clan do you come from?”

“The Ghostface…Clan… I’m the… daughter… of the Matriarch…Lersina…” She took a good long while to stammer out a reply amidst her coughing.

“Lersina, huh?” I nodded before asking, “So what’s up with those Harpies?”

“The Harpies?” She stared blankly for a moment as if processing the name in her head. She then looked up at the circling Harpies before lifelessly answering, “We captured their leader not too long ago… and had her secretly executed… We lied to them… telling them to cooperate if they wanted her back…”

“Oh? Aren’t you a cunning one.” I curled my lips to the side as I mumbled to myself, so that’s why the Harpies aren’t giving their all right now. I remember the Harpies I met in the Prison of the Dead were all fearless warriors… It makes sense now!

I turned my attention to the Minotaur army on the verge of collapse. “And the Minotaurs? What are your motives for invading the territory of the Shadowhunter Clan?”

Now that the interrogation was in full swing, Lersina herself was already accustomed to answering my questions. “Our territories have always been plagued by Minotaurs. In order to gain a greater share of the resources, we have been fighting with them for ages. Not too long ago, my mother and the head of the Minotaurs came to an agreement: the Minotaurs would help us attack the Shadowhunter Clan and we promised to give them more territory once the fight was over…”

Give them land after the war is over? Are those Minotaurs stupid? You can’t trust anything coming out of the mouth of a Dark Elf.

“A lie?”

“No.” Lersina shook head. “We meant it.”

You guys meant it? I guess even you guys are self-aware of the duplicity of the Dark Elves… but for their promise to actually be true… Holy fudgecakes, are pigs going to fly now? I guess it might be possible, but these nutjobs aren’t even the kind to keep a promise made to my godmother! There’s no way they would just hand over a territory after this whole farce is over!

“Where’s the territory in question?”

“Here…” She looked at her feet at that point.

In that instant, everything made sense in my head.

First, they fed the Harpies lies to make them cannon fodder for this war. Next, they came to an agreement with the Minotaurs because the Minotaurs were too powerful to be kept in check through trickery. By using their need for more living space, the Dark Elves had the Minotaurs invade the lands of the Shadowhunter Clan.

As for why they were giving away this plot of land, that was because they didn’t want to enter into an all-out war with the Shadowhunter Clan.

Being one of the thirteen great clans of the Dark Elves, the Shadowhunter Clan wasn’t just something the Ghostface Clan could swallow on a whim. In other words, this was a war to weaken the clan. And this was just the first step of a convoluted plan to destroy their foes!

By using the otherwise impossible alliance of the Harpies and Minotaurs, the Ghostface Clan knew that the Shadowhunter Clan would end up sending their most elite forces to reinforce the territory due to the absurdity of this alliance.

At that point, Lersina’s mission would be to ambush these reinforcements along with the Dryders. The idea was to massacre the troops, or at least cause enough losses to anger the Shadowhunter Clan.

Once their mission was completed, they would disappear without a trace, leaving an open plot of land for the Minotaurs and the Harpies to occupy. The Minotaurs would naturally choose to stay behind and defend their hard-won territory. As for the Harpies, they would most likely be forced to stay behind if they wanted their leader back.

Yet with their reinforcements wiped out and their lands occupied by monsters, the Shadowhunter Clan wouldn’t take such a slight lying down. An army would no doubt be sent out shortly to try and retake the lands from the Minotuars. In order to defend their new lands, the Minotaurs would have to dispatch a new army as well. Just like that, a new feud would be created, one that would leave both sides sorely battered. At that point, the Ghostface Clan would appear to reap the rewards…

It was a brilliant plan, I had to admit. Even if the Ghostface Clan’s involvement was revealed, the fact of the matter was that the Minotaurs were the ones holding the territory. The Shadowhunter Clan would have to first deal with these Minotaurs before they could consider taking on the Ghostface Clan.

A scheme that didn’t require any form of obfuscation… one you couldn’t escape from no matter what.

Unfortunately, all that talk was made without considering my existence, and we all know how that ended. Heh heh heh… I bet you guys never expected the Dryders to betray you, did you?

Honestly, I never expected much as well. All my godmother gave me was a mark on my soul… a passive ability of sorts. But thanks to this deceptively underwhelming ability, arachnids would never oppose me, because they could sense Lolthe’s aura in me. As for why the Dryders did not initially rush to my aid, there was a very simple reason for that: the distance.

Now… how to deal with those Harpies. Their leader is gone, but they do not know that yet. Perhaps I can make use of my connection to Numila to convince them? I have an engagement pact with Numila so her mark should be on me as well. If I were to get close enough, they should be able to sense the aura of a Harpy Witch on me…

I flapped my purple wings and fearlessly took to the sky, releasing my aura in every direction as I did so. Seeing someone invade their territory so, the Harpies promptly flew over as a flock to meet me. They circled around me for a moment then squawked in their Harpy tongue. While I might not have understood what they were saying, I could tell that they had recognised my right to lead them. A fact which surprised me, to be perfectly honest.

I had never expected to settle the Harpy problem so easily, but upon reflecting back on what happened with Numila, it was only to be expected. It was precisely because of my connection to Numila that Eugenia and Elena were willing to be my allies as well. In a lot of ways, I was half a Harpy Witch, not to mention the fact that I actually had wings now.

At the same time that I dealt with the Harpies, the battle below had ended as well. With the addition of the Dryders, the fight had turned into a one-sided massacre. The strongest amongst them, the Alpha Minotaur, wasn’t even an Overlord yet. Naturally, he wouldn’t stand a chance against three peak Eight-stars. With no way to run and no way to beat them, he ended up as a captive…

With their strongest fighter captured, the morale of the entire Minotaur army crumbled as well. Those who could, fled. Those who couldn’t either died or were captured.

Just like that, what was ordinarily supposed to be a sure victory for the Ghostface Clan ended up being foiled by little old me…

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Devil Evolution Catalogue Chapter 464 and 465

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Chapter 465: It’s Time for Me to Act!

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

While one side might have completely ceased all hostilities, the other clearly had no intention of doing so. In just the span of a few moments, a good number of Dark Elves had died to the Minotaurs, all the while unable to resist in the slightest…

Realising that their opponents weren’t stopping as they had expected, Zurnalin glared right at the Assassin leader, “We’ve already stopped fighting, why aren’t you stopping?!”

The Assassin leader, on the other hand, was still completely in shock because they actually stopped fighting back.

Yet even though the order was given not to fight back, the Dark Elves weren’t going to let themselves be slaughtered like that either. Faced with the relentless assault of their enemies, some finally lost their cool and began a counterattack. With how fierce the fighting now was, it was hard to see who would win in the end.

Immediately, I felt the Assassin leader’s hand grip down hard on the dagger pointed at my neck, its tip edging ever so slightly closer as if she was about to stab me at a moment’s notice. “Get them to stop, or your holiness over is going to suffer.”

“Blast…” Zurnalin cursed before half-yelling out, “I’ve already told them to stop, but your Minotaurs keep attacking us.”

“So what?” The Assassin leader raised her brows. “Let’s be clear here, this dagger of mine is laced with poison. One little nick and that’s it…”

Her words couldn’t be any clearer at this point. She wanted to use my life to threaten Zurnalin. If I was really the child of the goddess as Zurnalin claimed, they would immediately surrender. If I wasn’t, it wouldn’t matter if I died.

With no choice left, Zurnalin could only give out the order to stop. “Everyone, halt your attacks immediately. Take up defensive positions!”

Yet while the Dark Elves might have listened at the start, they were now too far gone to listen to her words, at least that was till she said the magic words.

“Her holiness is in their hands.” The moment those words left her mouth, the other Dark Elves immediately calmed down and began to retreat fully. This time, no one tried to fight back even if Minotaurs continued chasing after them.

Unfortunately, this only had the effect of emboldening the Minotaurs further. Mooing gutturally into the air, they began ramming with abandon at the shields of the Dark Elves. Each time they struck, one could see the visceral shaking of the retreating shieldwall.

“You actually stopped.” The Assassin leader sneered at Zurnalin who was on the verge of exploding at this point. “Remember, I still have your so-called holiness in my hands. One false move, and she’s gone, Fallen Angel or not.”

“You! Aren’t you afraid of the goddess’s wrath?!”

“Wrath?” What a joke, how do I even know if you’re lying to me here? Besides, who would pass up on such a good opportunity.”

“Why would I lie to you at this point?” Zurnalin snapped back through gritted teeth. “Don’t tell me we all have to die before you will believe me?”

“That’s right. Unless you’re all dead, I will never believe you.” The Assassin leader arrogantly stuck her nose up at Zurnalin as she said that. “Let me see firsthand your loyalty to this Fallen Angel. As long as you are all dead, I promise I won’t hurt this Fallen Angel, because at that point, I would have believed your words… probably…”

“You…” Zurnalin’s body was shaking uncontrollably at this point. If she had her way, she would have tore into this Assassin by now. However, as long as I was still in her hands, she didn’t dare make a move.

“Hahahaha… kill! Kill them all!” Seeing Zurnalin so helpless right now, the Assassin leader couldn’t help but laugh maniacally.

Well… she’s really an unlikable woman, isn’t she? Once I break free, you can be sure I’ll show you some hospitality as well!

In actuality, I did not really blame this Assassin leader for not believing Zurnalin’s words. After all, Lolthe had only recently recognized me as her goddaughter… godson… ahem… She probably did not even have the time to announce this fact before I was suddenly captured. Thanks to that, there was now this awkward situation where only one out of the thirteen clans knew about the fact that I was her goddaughter… I mean, godson.

Because Zurnalin had shown so much concern to me mere moments ago, the Assassin leader had marked me as an important hostage. Now that I was in her hands and the battle had swung in her favour, she clearly wasn’t going to give up on this advantage just because her opponent claimed some random Fallen Angel was the child of Lolthe. Obviously, that was more likely a ploy than anything else.

The fact that Zurnalin actually gave the command to stop was a surprise to the Assassin leader, but that only meant that she shouldn’t let go of me at all. After all, that meant her opponents couldn’t fight back.

Ironically, the Dark Elves’ reputation for being unscrupulous ended up working against me in a most unexpected way this time. With how far these crazed Elves were willing to go to achieve their goals, it wouldn’t surprise the Assassin leader at all if Zurnalin actually gave the order for her troops to stop in order to reinforce this potential lie about me being the child of Lolthe. Honestly, Arachne Cavern was sure proof that these Dark Elves were unscrupulous to an almost fanatical extent. If they were the number two in unscrupulousness, no one would dare take the title of number one.

Now… the reason why I had even bothered explaining all this crap in the first place was because I had already thought of a way out of this deadlock. As long as I could prove that Zurnalin wasn’t lying and I was really the godson of Lolthe, everything would be hunky-dory… seems like a silly plan, but it was what it was…

Alright, time to fire up the old cakehole and warm up the armchair -let me show you what an armchair warrior of the star-spangled red banner can do!


Yet just as I was finally going to make my entrance, an unknown object began descending from the ceiling…

Countless Dryders began rappelling down from the ceiling. From a quick estimate, there had to at least be seventy or eighty of them. For the most part, these Dryders looked about the same as those I saw with the Shadowhunter Clan -Elven upper torso and arachnid lower half. Upon breaking off their spider silk and landing, the horde of Dryders quickly assembled together, and in the short span of ten seconds, had us all surrounded. That’s right, the Assassin leader was included as well.

“What’s going on here?” The Dryders’ strange movements had clearly caught the attention of the Assassin leader and she demanded an explanation, albeit with a hint of anxiety in her quivering tone. “Why are you surrounding as well? Blast! Don’t pretend, I know you all can understand me!”

Unfortunately, the only reply she got was a wad of spider silk spat out by the female Dryder leading the horde. Like a frog’s tongue lashing out at a fly, the two-finger thick strand of spider silk swiftly wrapped itself around the Assassin leader, binding her in an instant, even snatching away that potentially deadly dagger from her hands.

“You… you’ve betrayed us… how can you betray your own clan?!” Even in her bound-up, or rather especially because of her bound-up state, the Assassin leader couldn’t figure out why these Dryders would suddenly betray her at this crucial stage.

“How pitiful. Even now you do not understand the situation you are in.” I looked at the Assassin leader as if I was looking at a dead person. I then turned to look at the other Assassins who were holding Jezsere and Mo Ning hostage and stated coldly, “If you let them go now, I might just spare your lives.”

There was no need for them to even consider at this point. Upon hearing my words, the other Assassins quickly released the two of them. From the point that Zurnalin issued the order to stop attacking entirely, these Assassin were basically convinced of her words. The Dryders stepping in to help us was the nail in the coffin of their leader.

It was true that the Dryders were a dim lot, but it was precisely this reason that their loyalties to the clan that raised them were absolute. If there was ever a reason that could explain their betrayal… well, there’s really no need to say it, is there?

“Master…” Jezsere wept as she dove into my arms. Even though she was now free, her body was still shaking profusely from her ordeal.

“There, there… it’s alright now.”

“Dearest…” Mo Ning wanted a hug from me as well, but seeing as Jezsere had gotten here first, I could only give her an apologetic smile.

“Help me look after her.” I placed Jezsere on top of Mo Ning and turned towards the battlefield immediately.

Now wasn’t the time for comforting them. Now was the time to act.

While the Dryders might have rescued us from our predicament, the army of the Shadowhunter Clan was still in trouble. Under the leadership of that giant Minotaur, they had suffered heavy losses. Their defensive lines were breached and the Blood Drake Riders were in disarray…

Had it not been for the Eight-star warrior Paliseth had specially sent out to guard Reyage, they wouldn’t have been able to hold back that giant Minotaur at all and the losses would have been even heavier.

It was at that point that the Dryders just finished restraining the rest of the Assassins. Like a court official of old, these Dryders immediately prostrated themselves before me. At the side, the Assassin leader’s last vestiges of hope had collapsed as well. Gone was her arrogance as she slumped to the ground in a dejected bound-up heap. Her eyes went blank as she turned to me and muttered, “It can’t be… she really is…”

Naturally, I couldn’t care less about her mental state. I only had one thing to say to her. “I want those blasted cows to stop attacking right this instant!”

“But I… they won’t listen to me… they aren’t under our control at all… we are just using each other to achieve our goals…” The dejected Assassin leader finally managed to squeeze out an answer after ages. Essentially, it was out of her hands now.

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Chapter 464: A False Child of the Goddess

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

(TL: Previously, the author did not use a gender-specific term to address Mo Ke so I used his, him, son, etc. The author was very specific in using daughter in this chapter so I will stick to that from now on.)

The gigantic Minotaur had a running speed leagues above its smaller brethren. In the moment it took to breath, it had already reached the three surrounded Seven-star Fire Elementals, and with a swing of both its mighty weapons, a pitch black wave of energy slashed outwards, splitting two of the Fire Elementals in half along their waist. At the same time as that, its mighty axe came swinging down on the last Fire Elemental, splitting it in half lengthwise.

Yet Fire Elementals, being made up of elements, did not have a fixed weak spot. Unless you destroyed their Elemental Core or expanded their mana, they would never die. Furthermore, unlike ordinary Fire Elementals, the Elemental Core of my Fire Elementals were in the bracelet on my left hand. The ordinary Minotaurs naturally wouldn’t be able to reach their cores, neither were they able to expand all of their mana. That was the reason why my Fire Elementals lasted as long as they did.

Having been severely damaged, the three Fire Elementals began to reform their husks. But before they could do so, the giant Minotaur smashed his two weapons violently together, causing an explosion of mana that sent shockwaves ripping through the battlefield and even disrupting dimensional space for the briefest of moments.

Battered by the shockwave and the disruption in space itself, the three Fire Elementals exploded in a shower of fiery motes…

Eight-star! That giant Minotaur had to be at the peak of Eight-star!

With an unstoppable force, the giant Minotaur then lumbered towards us. Each step it took caused the ground itself to groan from the weight of its massive five-meters tall body, crowned by a thick pair of horns that were only outmatched by its thighs that seemed more like pillars than anything else -the very definition of brute strength. Its bovine nose started spitting out white fumes and sparks could be seen soon after… is it going to breath fire?!

“Blood Drake Riders! Charge!” Zurnalin raised her Dragon Spear up high for a second then brought it swishing down, pointing right at the giant Minotaur. “To victory!”

“To victory!”

The other Blood Drake Riders cheered in response. A portion of the Blood Drake Riders that managed to free themselves from their opponents started to charge at the giant Minotaur with suicidal abandon.

“Your holiness, there’s been a sudden change in the battle. For your safety, I request that your holiness leave immediately.” Instead of charging ahead like before, Zurnalin hurriedly turned around to address me. “The Alpha Minotaur ahead might be of the Overlord-tier. I cannot guarantee our victory at this point!”

As she said that to me, some of the faster Blood Drake Riders had already made contact with the giant Minotaur. They raised their Dragon Spears, capable of piercing through rock like butter and glittering in the light of their Aura, and charged towards the gigantic monster ahead in what was most likely the last charge of their lives.

Faced with what were obviously feeble attempts at stopping it, the giant Minotaur merely revealed a humanlike sneer then swung its gigantic axe behind itself. That simple swing easily sent the Blood Drake Riders flying over a dozen meters away, finally stopping when they collided with a Minotaur. Naturally, that unfortunate Minotaur wasn’t getting up at that point, but neither were the Blood Drake Riders…

As more Blood Drake Riders charged in, they were all met with the same fate as their brethren. A simple axe swing and they were sent flying away like flies.

Seeing how cruelly strong the giant Minotaur was, Zurnalin tried once more to persuade me. “Your holiness, please leave immediately!”

“Leave? I haven’t encountered a battle that I have to flee from yet.” As I said that, I gently fingered the Gem of Authority hanging on my neck. I coolly looked her in the eyes and said, “The battle is only just beginning.”

I was already preparing to summon the Devil King Idol at this point. The tides of war weren’t favouring us at all, and while I still did not know exactly how strong Zurnalin was, I didn’t harbor any illusion of her being able to defeat that monstrosity tearing through the Blood Drake Riders right now. No matter whether they were Five-star, Six-star or Seven-star, all were swatted aside by an axe swing of that monster. To that giant Minotaurs, they weren’t even targets to begin with.

Too strong… that’s not even flesh and blood anymore! That’s a fudging Gundamn!

“Mo Ning, Jezsere, help me convince her holiness!” Realising that she alone wouldn’t be able to change my mind, Zurnalin tried to rope in those beside me as well.

However, Mo Ning knew about how strong my Devil King Idol was so she had never considered retreating in the first place. Jezsere, on the other hand, was more than terrified and was very willing to leave right this instant. However, her own older brother was still leading the fight against the Minotaurs, so no matter how timid she was, she wasn’t going to abandon this fight either.

In the end, Mo Ning merely smiled at Zurnalin to show she wasn’t going to help her while a pale Jezsere gently shook her head, lips still quivering and eyes almost watering. “Jezsere… Jezsere is going to stay with master and her big brother…”

What was supposed to gain her allies ended up gaining her betrayal instead. With no other choice left, she could only try to force out another attempt at persuasion. “Your holiness! You need to leave now, it’s too dangerous…”

At this point, she had already seen through the fact that I wasn’t planning to retreat. On the contrary, I was even planning to participate myself. This time, she did not try to persuade me any further but was already about to snatch me herself. Unfortunately… it was too late.

“Holiness? When did the Shadowhunter Clan change their faith?”

Amidst the chaotic battle, a disembodied voice came echoing from above, coming closer to us by the second. While there were clearly more pressing matters to attend to right now, the scorn in that voice quickly drew my attention. I looked upwards in time to see a dozen Dark Elves jumping down from the ceiling, dressed in the typical garb of an Assassin.

“Your holiness, watch out!” Zurnalin’s reaction was a lot quicker than my own. While I was pondering why there were Assassins above me right now, Zurnalin had already ridden her Blood Drake in front of me. Having never been more focused, she raised her Dragon Spear up high and practically bellowed out a chant, “Barrier!”

However, there wasn’t enough time for her to project a sturdy barrier. All she could manage was create a flimsy, transparent dome above us.

“Pointless!” The Assassin leader grandly announced her arrival in your typical villain style. The leader of the Assassins then took up a plunging stance with both her daggers, her swift descent enhancing those already deadly daggers of hers as she viciously stabbed into the magical barrier. A second later… the barrier had completely shattered into sparkling fragments and began to dissipate.

“Your holiness!” Zurnalin desperately wanted to save me, but she was easily blocked by the Assassin leader who had just made her landing after breaking the barrier.

Seeing Zurnalin so distraught, the Assassin leader couldn’t help but taunt her foe. “Has the Shadowhunter Clan fallen so far? To actually address a Fallen Angel as the child of their goddess. Have you all forsaken the goddess Lolthe for the Devils?”

With a dagger that was most likely dripping with poison pointed right at my neck, Zurnalin’s voice was already hoarse with anxiety as she half-yelled, “We would never forsake the goddess. You all had better let go of her holiness right now, before the goddess bestows her wrath upon you!”

Hearing that, I felt the dagger pressed against me quiver for the briefest of moments. Clearly, Zurnalin’s words were having an effect on the Assassin leader.

I say, lady, I suggest you listen to Zurnalin, and can you hold that dagger a little firmer? You know what, take it away… just don’t shake it about like that when it’s so close to my neck…

With how sharp the ends of her daggers were, I had no doubt in mind what would happen if she were to even scratch me with them.

“You can’t fool me, why haven’t I ever heard of the goddess ever having an offspring?” At this point, the Assassin leader was beginning to sense the doubt in her army. She quickly tried to calm them down once more. “How many years has it been now? I have never heard of the goddess ever having a child. To impersonate the child of the goddess is blasphemy!”

Hey, hey hey… you’re free to come up with whatever theories you want, but how about you calm down first… and get those pointy daggers away from me… and stop shaking…

Dagger stuck to her neck, Jezsere mumbled with tears in her eyes, “Master…”

“Dearest…” Mo Ning had a dagger stuck to her throat as well.

Whether Elf or horse, both were now subdued by the Assassins. The Dark Elves were famous for their poisons in the entire Western Human Realms. There was no one more proficient in poisons than them -they were like those rogues in RPGs who maxed out their poison skill for obviously nefarious reasons. In other words, if any of us even dared move, we might just die a second later…

At this point, Zurnalin’s eyes had already turned red with the sheer effort it took to restrain herself in front of these Assassin who still did not fully believe that I was the child of the Lolthe. “She is truly the daughter of Lolthe. The goddess has only recently recognized her as her goddaughter!”

“Lies. If you truly care about her that much, let’s see you surrender then. I will give you ten seconds to consider. Once the time is over, I will start killing.” Having said that, the Assassin leader threw Zurnalin a scornful look as if to say, let’s see you try and bluff your way out of this now. You either surrender right away or this false holiness of yours is going to kick the bucket.

“Stop! Everyone stop at once!”

Under the disbelieving eyes of the Assassin leader, Zurnalin immediately gave the order to surrender without even waiting for a second to be over.

With her mana boosting her voice, Zurnalin’s voice easily spread across the entirety of the battlefield. Those who were familiar with her voice immediately broke away from their opponents. However, the Minotaurs weren’t ones to just stop because their opponents said so. Rather than stop, they began to chase after their fleeing opponents with renewed vigor.

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