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Chapter 409: Something’s Wrong Here

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The fallen girl laid on the floor awaiting her fate. The victorious Wood Elf coldly stood above her, looking down upon her silently; what was to follow could already be predicted by her.

It was her who changed his destiny. He had every reason to exact revenge on her. Even if he had let every Dark Elf before her go, he had a reason for doing so. But when it came to Paliseth, would Solar forgive her so easily?

Unlikely… now that matters had reached this point, whether it was being killed or being @#$#@, she had made her peace.

Then… Solar just left. Without even a single word, he left.

Did he not recognise me? That was the first thought that sprung to mind for the Matriarch-candidate Paliseth. But his eyes clearly showed that he knew who I was… so why? Why won’t he exact his revenge? Why would he let me go?!

No one knew why Solar would refuse to kill her then. Perhaps not even Solar himself knew the answer to that.

What do you mean why? It’s because of love! Pure, unadulterated love!

Having heard the story up to this point, I was practically one of the audience members in that colosseum. The gossip connoisseur in me was on maximum overdrive right now. My heart truly raced with anxiety at what was to come next. Man, this is like watching the eight o’clock soap opera all over again!

The Dark Elven Warrior most likely heard my internal screaming as well as she threw me a scornful look at that point. Then, under the eyes of an overly-eager Jezsere once more, she continued…

Having been defeated, the Matriarch-candidate Paliseth neither received any abuse, nor did she get killed. All because he turned his back on her, without any hesitation whatsoever.

Has he forgiven me? Was her next thought, however that was quickly snuffed out by her own hands. In the face of hatred, everyone was equal. Whether it was the Dark Elves or the Wood Elves, none were spared.

This was the fifth year Solar had spent as slave gladiator, and was also the first time in five years that he had encountered Paliseth after becoming a slave.

The colosseum of the Dark Elves was governed by multiple rules. For example, a slave gladiator only had to fight one match a day unless he requested for another. If the loser of the match didn’t get killed by the slave gladiator, they had to wait at least one year before being eligible to challenge him again. In other words, Paliseth couldn’t challenge him again for one year.

Unable to understand why Solar would let her go like that, she felt immensely humiliated and began training herself furiously for the match a year later.

Yet a year later, she lost once more, by that same hair’s breadth.

Faced with that familiar yet foreign defeated adversary, he made the same decision as he did last year. He turned around and left without any hesitation, leaving behind a confused Paliseth once more. She had honestly thought that he would make a choice this time but… who does this Wood Elf think I am? He doesn’t kill me, nor does he desire me. Does he think I am air?!

From that year onwards, she would constantly challenge him whenever she could. Yet each time she would always fail by that same hair’s breadth, as if that tiny difference was an uncrossable gully separating the two of them.

Slowly, her days became consumed by the desire to become stronger. She wasn’t at all concerned that Solar would die in the colosseum; because there was a rule that prevented warriors of a higher Star Level from challenging those below them.

Simply put, a Five-star couldn’t challenge a Three-star, but that Three-star could challenge a Five-star.

It could be said that this special protection was enacted because the colosseums were not just a place of entertainment, but also an important source of breeding stock. One could just see how much value the Dark Elves placed on a strong male of a different race -they were practically a strategic resource.

Back in those days, there was almost no female who didn’t wish to lay with Solar, but none succeeded. There was no female Dark Elf who could triumph over him because he was practically invincible in his own Star Level. That was also why Paliseth wasn’t worried about Solar dying.

Just like that, Paliseth would challenge him every year and fail. This stalemate continued for a full fifty years… that’s right, fifty years…

The moment I heard that number, my very core shook. Sir Solar is truly undefeatable, a grand sage in the making!

But based on the mood of this story, how the heck did the two of them ever end up together?

It turned out that on their fiftieth year, Paliseth finally ran out of patience and made the wisest decision of her life -at least it was so to her. If one was going to embark on an endeavour, then they should go the whole mile! With that in mind, she poisoned his food… then that was that…

For a not at all short period of time, Paliseth would play with him daily using every position she could feasibly think of -it wasn’t like he could object seeing as he was drugged. It was only until she bore his first child that their unnatural relationship finally came to a close.

Hold on… so this story has nothing to do with love?! At least not the love I had in mind… Actually, it clearly has nothing to do with love at all, no matter what definition you had of it!!! Curses, give me back my innocence. What happened to the story of pure love I was promised? How did this turn into a lousy R-rated fanfic?


“It’s nothing. I’m fine.”

Honestly, I wasn’t fine at all. However, I did not want Jezsere to become worried so I forced a smile for her.

I only had this to say: the city’s a scary place, I want to go home!!

The story continued soon after. Their first child turned out to be a male who later came to be known as Reyage, Jezsere’s older brother. Because of the Dark Elves’ secret art, this child was a pure-blooded Dark Elf. In terms of appearance, Reyage had none of the defining features of a Wood Elf, but he did resemble Solar.

Only to be expected… seeing as they are parent and child.

Wood Elves were fiercely loyal towards their partners. Even though Paliseth had already given birth to five children, it didn’t change the fact that she was his first woman. Because of that, he could never bear to be fierce with her.

Now that they had a child together, Solar could be considered an extended family of the Dark Elves. Even though the both of them had never held a wedding ceremony, Paliseth still brought Solar out of the colosseum, on account of their shared child. That was the start of their normal life together.

So she does have feelings for him then. Honestly, I can’t claim to know how deep those feelings run, neither can I claim to know how Solar felt… but I guess this story can technically still be considered a love story.

Jezsere, on the other hand, was more than happy to continue listening, love story or not. After all, this all happened before she was born.

“I have a question. Since Solar was so strong, how did he get caught in the first place?”

That’s right. If your Sir Solar was invincible in his own Star Level and even defeated Paliseth fifty times in the colosseum, how did he get captured by her in the first place?

Teacher, I would like to report a mistake.

Faced with my plothole destroyer of a question, the Dark Elven Warrior used the look one would only reserve for an idiot to glare at me. “When Solar was captured, he was only an unassuming Three-star guard.”

“So the OP monster Solar only came about because of your clan’s colosseum?”

“OP monster?” The Dark Elven Warrior was stunned for a second -most likely because she had no idea what that term even meant- before using a gentle gaze to address Jezsere. “Sir Solar is a genius, a true genius!”

From her eyes alone, I saw a variety of emotions from respect and reverence to deference. Realising that something was up here, I knowingly asked, “You have challenged him before?”

“…” The Dark Elven Warrior didn’t immediately respond to my question. Instead, she slowly shook her ponytailed head and said, “If you ever get the chance in the future, you can ask those who qualified those years ago… how many of us Shadowhunter clanswomen never thought about challenging Sir Solar…”

That settles it then: she’s a fan of Solar… Now that’s a winner in life. I bet if he really wanted to, he could set up a harem with just a snap of his fingers…my idol… I don’t know why but I just feel so emotional right now. I just knew setting up a harem was the very definition of romance for a man! Ah… so emotional right now…

Naturally, one couldn’t be touched forever. I quickly recovered from my intoxicated state to push the Dark Elven Warrior for more juicy gossip.

Four years after having Reyage, Solar and Paliseth had their second child, Jezsere. Skip forward ten years and Solar was somehow leading an escape with his two children to the home of the Wood Elves.

The Dark Elven Warrior did not specify the reason for this departure but it was worth noting that the then Matriarch of the Shadowhunter Clan, Paliseth, did not dispatch anyone to track them down. After staying at the home of the Wood Elves for five years, they were sent back by Solar…

Hold on… something’s wrong here…

With that in mind, I quietly sneaked a look at Jezsere and found that she was upset -probably because she was reminiscing about the events of those five years.

“Jez, do you still remember why your father would take you two away from the clan?”

In my view, even if they hadn’t been properly married, their relationship was basically a marriage in all but name. In other words, he shouldn’t be against her any longer, else why would he have a second child with her after Reyage.

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Chapter 408: Is This A Romance Flick?

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

A mature Dryder was at least a Three-star. In order to qualify as an elite Dryder, that Dryder would have to at least be a Four-star. To the Dark Elves, such a natural born strength was nothing less than the Spider Queen’s favor. After all, normal Dark Elves had to rely on training to gain their strength. Most Dark Elves never even made it past Four-star if their talent was lacking.

But even though the advantages of being a Dryder were numerous, they also had a glaring weakness: they were unable to reproduce. In other words, a Dryder was unable to reproduce with another Dryder, meaning every Dryder in existence had to have come from a union between Elf and spider.

Vessels for a Dryder birth had to be a young Dark Elven female. What was even more disturbing was that the more devoted amongst them even saw this as an honor.

In reality, Dryders were an undeniably powerful force in Dark Elf society. There were thirteen large clans that ruled over all Dark Elves. Of these thirteen, five had only qualified because of their reliance on Dryders.

In order to maintain the Dryder population, a certain number of females would be sent to the Arachne Cavern annually to become vessels.

Even though these vessels were permitted to return to the clan after fulfilling their duty, very few ever make it back. To put it simply, most of these vessels were often broken in the process…One could only imagine what sort of cruelty they underwent in Arachne Cavern if even a Dark Elf couldn’t endure it.

The reason why Jezsere ran away from home was because her mother wanted to send her off to Arachne Cavern. After all, she was worthless to the clan, and such an existence wasn’t permitted, not even for the clan leader’s daughter.

Honestly, I think that dirty spider could have easily protected Jezsere if she wanted to. But based on what I just heard, I doubt she had the mind to do so. Hmmm… for her to treat her own flesh and blood in such a manner, what a deplorable woman. Really, did this race even deserve to exist?

“But if the situation is so dangerous, why did Jezsere return?”

I was previously told that the both of them returned willingly because they obtained my medium. But did simply handing in my medium absolve them of their desertion and lack of contribution?

That question didn’t last much longer as the Dark Elven Warrior soon provided me with an answer.

“Because both Lady Jezsere and Sir Reyage knew that they couldn’t keep hiding forever. The clan has always adopted an at-all-costs approach to hunting down deserters, unless, of course, they managed to hide themselves with their father. But…” The Dark Elven Warrior paused at that point and sighed. “Even if they reach their father, the fate awaiting them there might not be any better.

“And Jezsere’s father is…”

Honestly, the fact that their father was even alive was a shock to me. I had always assumed that all female Dark Elves were all widows… the kind that never got married… a black widow. Sister, you can’t just drop a bomb like that. Spare a thought for my tiny brain! How will it ever process the fact that that dirty spider still has a living mate somewhere!?

Also, what kind of person is this father of theirs? Where is he now? How did the two of them know each other? And why would it potentially be a bad thing if they ever took refuge with him?

“Lady Jezsere’s father is a Nature Elf.” The Dark Elven Warrior did not explain any further at that point. Even so, I vaguely got the feeling that he must have held an important position amongst the Nature Elves.

Hold on… so Jezsere’s father was a Nature Elf?! No wonder that Dark Elven Warrior did not feel their chances were high with him.

Nature Elves were also known as Wood Elves; the typical fantasy elf that had long golden hair, blue eyes, a handsome, elegant appearance and specialises in archery. The true question was: how the heck did a Wood Elf and a Dark Elf end up together? They were both hated rivals with each other! Why would they ever have children together? There must be a mistake somewhere!

I guess even that dirty spider was a teenage girl once…

“Can you elaborate more on Jezsere’s father? Like how did he meet her mother? And what happened after that?”

If I do say so myself, I’m a connoisseur of such gossip. This might just be a Romeo and Juliet 2.0 in a fantasy world -why would I ever want to miss out on that? If one had to point out the difference between their story and Romeo’s, it would be that they ended up giving birth to children, and they were both alive still. Even so, it was also a fact that the both of them had to be separated because of the hatred between their clans.

The more I think about it, the more I can’t help but admire them -what a noble love that overcomes the barriers of hatred! I approve.

Even though the Dark Elven Warrior couldn’t hear that last bit of approval, that didn’t stop her from coldy glaring at me. “You are sure you wish to know?”

“Of course I do. It’s not like I have anything better to do.” At that point, I gave Jezsere a quick wink. As expected, she obediently tossed a curious look at the Dark Elven Warrior as well. Even though she never explicitly said so, I could tell that she herself didn’t know much about her father.

“Since Lady Jezsere wishes to hear about it, I’ll summarise their story.” After spending some time to organise the facts, the female warrior started recounting…

Roughly ninety years ago, when Jezsere’s mother, Paliseth, wasn’t yet the clan leader, she had unexpectedly captured a Wood Elf, Solar, during one of her routine hunts.

According to rules, captives had to be sent to the colosseum, and that was exactly what happened to Solar. Normally, it would be impossible for the both of them to ever have any relationship in such a situation since the fate of a slave gladiator was to descend into madness and ultimately die.

Slaves who fought in the colosseum of the Dark Elves either became increasing numb after each match, or they simply died. In order to survive, they had to employ the cruelest tactics possible to win. Such a daily conditioning made one numb to the world and eventually forced them to madness.

An alternative, of course, was to let the Dark Elf who defeated them have her way with them.

Such a bleak fate only fuelled the rage and murderous intent of the colosseum’s participants. Under such circumstances, even the kindest of persons would eventually break.

Yet there was one person who defied this fate, even becoming more steadfast with each passing day. Each time he stepped into the ring, he would emerge victorious. When faced with the alluring prospect that was that defeated Dark Elf, he prevailed. While he might have wavered at times, he resisted this corrupting influence in the end.

He was the first gladiator ever in the history of their colosseums to have never killed his opponent or fallen for their allure.

Even the corrupt Dark Elves had to admit that this man was beyond reproach. However, that only made them want to corrupt him even more! That was basically how every female Dark Elf felt.

As time passed, more and more female Dark Elves grew interested in him. His daily battles had pushed his renown to its ultimate limit until that fateful day arrived. Finally, Paliseth, a Matriarch-candidate of the Dark Elves, took to the stage herself…

“And then they fell in love at first sight?”

Forgive me this interruption but… this has all the makings of a noble story about love triumphing over hatred. Evidently, it wasn’t only me who thought this way. Jezsere was on the edge of her seat listening to this tale being recounted.

However, our eagerness only earned us the scorn of our Dark Elven storyteller. In the end, her tale continued under the eyes of an overly-eager Jezsere.

That paragon of virtue was none other than Solar, the Wood Elf. The moment Paliseth appeared to him, he recognised her as the person who once defeated him.

Knuckles white from gripping his sword, Solar immediately launched into an attack against his captor.

Their furious duel lasted for over ten minutes before a victor was decided. It was Solar, but only by a hair’s breadth.

As the loser, Matriarch-candidate Paliseth could only wait for the judgement of Solar. Even though she was next in line to become a Matriarch, the colosseum’s rules couldn’t be broken. If Solar really wanted to kill her, she was dead.

She knew that he had never chosen to kill those he defeated; neither had he ever gotten into a relationship with anyone either. But she knew she was different. At the end of the day, she was the only reason why he was forced into this situation right now…

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Devil Evolution Catalogue Chapter 403 to 407

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Chapter 407: So Let’s Have a Chat About You Running Away From Home

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Sponsored by: Fullmoon, Maou99sama, Emblyon, Maxamaicus, Alex Rod, Andreas Bou, HatefullMango, NuckinFutz and Yanga

The Dark Elven Warrior lowered her head in silent thought for a second then shot me a deathly glare.


That stare… Why does it feel like I just got blamed for something I didn’t do?

“I was born from a natural union between my father and mother!” As the female warrior said that, I could hear her teeth gnashing against each other.

“Gomen… gomenasai…” I dryly laughed at the same time as I apologized, even though I knew she probably didn’t understand Japanese. Just like that, the scene turned awkwardly silent.

“So how far is this place from where Ancarin and Regine are?” In order to break the awkwardness, I randomly threw out a question at a snickering Jezsere.

“Quite far. We would have to pass through two duchies before reaching them.” As she said that, she rested her chins on her palms while looking up at me -that was definitely on purpose…

“When my brother and I returned to the clan, it took roughly two months of travelling.”

That’s… quite far, indeed.

Hmmm… I don’t think they beelined for their clan though. During that two months, they must’ve stopped every now and then, perhaps hid for a day or two, or maybe even pulled a couple of doublebacks. A straight course to their clan would have been dangerous.

“Oh right, I heard from your mother that the both of you ran away from home, then returned with my medium.” I looked right at her ruby-red eyes then, causing her cheeks to blush a little. “Why did you run away from home? And what does it mean to contribute to the clan? I know you decided to return home because you obtained my medium… simply put, I want to know the real reason you left home.”

Jezsere had a really timid personality, at least that was how she acted in front of me. Even a little scare was enough to send her jumping; so why would such a timid girl ever choose to run away from home? Well, I clearly didn’t believe that she would do so willingly. There had to be some secret behind her departure. What sort of depravity or inhumanity would force her to do so… honestly, I was just interested in all matters related to a cute girl. Especially when that girl’s personality was so at odds with her environment.

“I… I… Master… Jezsere is afraid…”

Upon hearing my question, she seemed to have recalled a particularly traumatic experience that left her in tears and almost sent her running into my arms…

Let’s be clear here, that wasn’t because I bullied her. All I did was ask a question, was there a need to cry over that? She could have just not answered if she didn’t want to.

Seeing her react so adversely to that memory, my instincts immediately told me that the reason for her departure must have laid with that dirty spider of a clan leader.

“Alright, alright. It’s okay now, you have your master here to protect you.”

Because both my arms were still bound up, I could only use my chin to gently ruffle her hair.

sob… Master…will you really protect Jezsere?”

“Of course, your master adores Jezsere, he will definitely protect Jezsere.”

Finally, after much comforting, her tears began to stop. Even so, she still hugged me perhaps in a bid to find safety.

A timid, adorable crybaby like her easily provoked a need to protect her amongst those who knew her, even I was no exception. Now I really wanted to know exactly what had caused her to react in such a manner.

For a simple memory from two years ago to frighten her like this… oh my poor little rabbit… Actually, I hadn’t noticed until now but… she smells really nice. That frosty floral fragrance… and those soft white arms wrapping around me…ahem, I’m not trying to take advantage of her -I’m just comforting her, that’s all!

Besides, I’m still a prisoner here, without a pee pee…

“Do you know what’s going on?” Ever since Jezsere entered the room, that jailor of mine had become more talkative. In light of that, she might just be the breakthrough point I was looking for. “If you know what’s going on, please tell me.”

The Dark Elven Warrior hesitated for a while, but after seeing Jezsere hug me so tightly, her tears already managing to soak through the silk that bound me, she relented. Man, when she cries, she really cries…

“It was all because of our clan’s rules…” She started explaining the whole situation. Upon hearing her explanation, I began to seriously consider whether or not the apocalypse was well deserved.

The Dark Elves had always worshipped Lolthe. Because of that, they raised countless spider-related magical beasts. It was said that the strongest amongst these beasts even possessed the bloodlines of Lolthe herself. Whether or not this was true was still up for debate, but even if they had, it would be miniscule.

The Dark Elves’ devotion to Lolthe had reached a feverish level amongst all the clans, this coupled with their extreme materialism meant that those who had no value did not deserve to exist. It had to be said at this point that everyone had to contribute to the clan… otherwise you would be made to contribute.

Jezsere’s clan had always worshipped martial prowess. Those who couldn’t contribute to the clan were severely despised in such an environment. Because Jezsere was a timid girl, she was unable to contribute. Even getting her to summon a Small Imp ended in failure, let alone asking her to go rob someone. She once tried to summon a Small Imp, but that Small Imp ended up bullying her instead, even though she could have just thrown a simple spell to take care of that Devil…

So why should the clan feed such a worthless trash? Voices similar to that began to appear amongst the other clan members, even if Jezsere was the youngest daughter of their clan leader.

The question was how to make her contribute then? Turn her into a Spider Elf, that’s how!

The offsprings between a Dark Elf and a spider-related magical beast were all half spider, half humanoid, and were known as Spider Elves. Another name for them was Dryder.

Dryders were seen as a blessing from Lolthe the Spider Queen. Even though Dryders were dim by nature – being only able to speak the simplest of words – but they had all the traits of their beastial half. Furthermore, their combat prowess was astonishing, making them an integral part of the Dark Elves’ combat strength.

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Chapter 406: How A Dark Elf Reproduces

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Sponsored by: Fullmoon, Maou99sama, Emblyon, Maxamaicus, Alex Rod, Andreas Bou, HatefullMango, NuckinFutz and Yanga

Jezsere was a timid girl. A very timid one, in fact. Especially when her brother, Reyage, wasn’t with her.

In the short time I’ve spent with her in the cell, I’ve come to see her as an innocent girl, and that was why I had to ask myself once more: she isn’t adopted, right? She’s more of a Nature Elf, rather than a Dark Elf!

In actuality, from the moment she began addressing me as master, her personality seemed to have changed entirely. Her timidness had been replaced by assertiveness, and not the surface meaning of that word too…

“Master, master, why did you want to return to the Western Human Realms? You mentioned there were people you cared about here -is it sister Ancarin and the others?” She blinked at me curiously. Ever since she was sure that I wouldn’t hurt her, she had only gotten bolder by the second.

Hmm… So why did I want to return to the Western Human Realms? To find Nicole, of course!

Frankly speaking, I wasn’t too overly concerned about my predicament right now because Ferti’nier mentioned before I accepted the summoning that no one could force me to sign a pact now that I was at the level of an Overlord. Unless they were a demigod… But she clearly wasn’t a Demigod. In other words, the ball was still on my side of the court. If I really wanted to leave, I could do so any time without paying any heed to my summoner.

And that’s why you can lock me up all you want, see if I care!

More importantly, I needed to find a way to locate Nicole. I had no intention of running back to the Three Hells without accomplishing that first -one mustn’t be a cowardly Devil like that, am I right?

“By the way, how many children did your mother give birth to exactly?”

Let’s be clear here, I’m not asking this because I care about the answer. I’m just curious, that’s all… just curious…

“Oh, my mother, huh…” She thought about it for a second then began counting with her long slender fingers. “With Jezsere and Reyage included, that should be seven.”

Seven huh… that’s a number you can’t count with one hand. You can’t tell she’s given birth to that many with that figure of hers… now that’s talent.

But what was up with her claiming to have never married? I’ve long heard that these Dark Elves live in a matriarchal society, does that mean that normal married life is actually abnormal for them?

Now that I was captured, I really had not much else to do. Neither did I have much to worry about since that clan leader wasn’t a Demigod. In other words, now was a good time to do some cultural studies.

“Do you Dark Elves have a custom of marriage?”

“Marriage…” Jezsere thought about it for a second before decisively answering, “we do. Just not many of us do so.”

Not many? So the majority of Dark Elves are all [email protected] then? Ahem… I mean born out of wedlock…

Essentially, Dark Elves are the kind of race who can name their mother but not their father then?

“How does your race reproduce? I doubt your numbers are low, but since there aren’t that many who get married, how exactly… Don’t tell me that two females can procreate as well?”

Faced with that clearly academic question, Jezsere immediately blushed a beet red.


Seeing that she hadn’t replied to me yet, I called out to her. However, she merely kept her head down like an adorable blushing bunny.

“Master… must you really ask this question?”

“Mhm, I’m really curious about this matter.” Hmph, you’ll never get me to admit that bullying her is fun… never!

“Then I think it would be better if she answered the question…” Her milky white fingers immediately pointed at the practically nonexistent Dark Elven Warrior still guarding my cell.

“Her…” That blasted woman hasn’t said a word since. Why would she…

“If it’s lady Jezsere’s orders.”

Rather than refuse to answer as I had expected, she generously obliged to do the explaining for us. After hearing that explanation however, I finally understood why Jezsere absolutely refused to say it herself. Their reproductive methods could basically be categorized as either being really R-rated, really violet, or really bloody.

First off, was the most common method amongst all the races: you got married and had a kid with your partner -a natural birth.

That method wasn’t the most popular method amongst the Dark Elves for a very simple reason: whether we were talking about them or the Natural Elves, both races had a large gender disparity.

The gender breakdown amongst Nature Elves was usually a four male to six females ratio, though that might sometimes escalate to a three-seven ratio. As for the Dark Elves, three-seven was the norm. There were even times when that ratio changed to two-eight.

So what was it like to have one male to four females? A disaster, that’s what! Unless the females of the Dark Elves searched outside their race for partners, male Dark Elves basically could not perform any other task except procreate.

A normal nuclear family was impossible. And given that the Dark Elves were a matriarchal society, it wasn’t possible for the males to have multiple wives either. Not that the Nature Elves were known for having multiple wives, but it was at least still possible.

Since males were clearly in short supply, what was a healthy, mature female to do then? The answer had a lot to do with the traits they inherited from their goddess: deceptive, chaotic, violent and etc.

Their second method of reproduction employed kidnapping.

As a race, the Dark Elves had a variety of traits, and being bloodthirsty was one of them. Being territorial was another. They loved to attack foreign races who trespassed on their lands, like merchant caravans, adventuring parties or mercenary bands. As long as the target was of a foreign race, they were targets for attack.

If there was an urge for more, they would then invade the realms of other races. As for what happened once they succeeded… it was basically what you would expect of a Lolthe-worshipping race. They pillaged whatever they wanted from their targets, and if that included males, then that poor male would end up being used till they were rung dry.

Once a female became pregnant, they would return to their clan territory to give birth. The Dark Elves had a secret art that allowed them to remove the foreign half of this childbirth. That was why there were rarely any mixbloods in their race.

Finally, there was the third method: selective breeding.

The Dark Elves had a total of thirteen major clans. Every such clan had its own coliseum that was used for a variety of purposes: gladiatorial fights, creating life… Yes, creating life.

These coliseums held matches every hour of the day and these were almost always a match between a male and a female.

The Dark Elves had a habit of raising slave gladiators. These slaves were often drawn from captives from other races, though there were also Dark Elves from other clans, or perhaps traitors. For non-Dark Elves, the moment they stepped into the ring, whether men or women, they were all slave gladiators. Their one task was to kill for the pleasure of their masters, in other words, the audience.

Under normal circumstances, the matches in the coliseum could take on two formats. One was a free selection while the other had a female Dark Elf choose a slave of her liking. This chosen slave would then battle with the Dark Elf who chose him in a fair match.

If the female Dark Elf won, she could choose to kill the slave or let him go. However, it was forbidden to have relations with this slave. Weak genes were taboo in Dark Elf society.

If the slave won instead, he could choose to kill that Dark Elf or have a go at her. However, once the latter was chosen, he was forbidden from harming that same Dark Elf under the penalty of death.

Killing in the ring was completely allowed and would even go unpunished. In fact, the stronger the slave, the more excited the female Dark Elves would get. They wanted to mate with stronger partners in order to produce even stronger offspring.

This was one of the reasons why the Dark Elves haven’t suffered a decline yet. Truly, these coliseums were the very definition of inhumanity.

“…I don’t know what to say about your race anymore…”

Hearing that story firsthand from that Dark Elven Warrior, I couldn’t help but shiver involuntarily.

“So what you’re saying is that a lot of you Dark Elves don’t know who your father is then?”

The Dark Elven Warrior: …

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Chapter 405: Is It Really Alright For You to be So Cute?

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Sponsored by: Fullmoon, Maou99sama, Emblyon, Maxamaicus, Alex Rod, Andreas Bou, HatefullMango, NuckinFutz and Yanga

(There was a slight clash in the way Jezsere addressed Mo Ke so I changed it to Sir Mo Ke for now.)

Seeing Jezsere on the verge of crying like that, the one most anxious right now somehow turned out to be me.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry, I won’t eat you, I promise.” I shrugged my shoulders a couple of times to show that I couldn’t hurt her. “Look, I can’t even move right now. Even if I wanted to eat you, I can’t.”

“So you still want to eat me then…”

Girl, don’t use those puppy dog eyes on me…I swear she’s just so adorable, like a tiny white rabbit…I should keep on bullying her!

However, it would be hard to communicate with her in such a state, so I decided to calm her down in the end. I furiously shook my head and said, “no, no. I never wanted to eat you, I was just joking. That’s right. Just joking… ha ha ha…”

Okay, that wasn’t all that funny. Even though I still don’t know how I startled her, I do know that I’m the one responsible for her tears. Finally, after much placating, she realised that she was safe.

Now that she knew I wasn’t going to eat her, Jezsere gingerly peered up at me, at which point she froze for a second. Just as I was about to ask her why, her face suddenly blushed. Head lowered, both her hands gripped down nervously on her long black robes.

“What’s the matter?”

“Sir Mo Ke… you look really beautiful…”


Sometimes, it’s really hard communicating with someone from a different dimension… let’s just talk about something else for now.

“Alright, can you tell me now how you obtained my summoning medium from Ancarin?”

“Sister Ancarin?” The moment I mentioned her name, Jezsere lifted up her head, eyes practically glowing as she began recounting what happened to Regine and Ancarin.

A year ago, Ancarain actually gave birth to a daughter -thank jeebus the two of them are safe, really…oh wait, I should be thanking Lucifer. Apparently, Elona ended up giving birth to a daughter for Dawson, the bandit. Because of that, she died due to the ensuing complications. It was Moranthal who sent her daughter to Ancarin. What was worth mentioning was that their daughter was born with wolf ears and a tail… so I get to see a wolf loli soon?

I wonder if they’ve already given her a name, maybe I should just call her Holo. As long as the name sounds good, who cares where I stole it from, am I right? But honestly, I was so worried that Ancarin would experience some sort of difficulty with her pregnancy.

As for the reason why Jezsere asked for my medium from Ancarin, she had originally intended to summon me herself to help her. Unfortunately, she failed multiple times. It was because of this that she realised I was beyond her abilities. It was either my power was too strong or my status was too high; with just her abilities alone, such a summoning was impossible.

Finally, with no other option left, she went to her mother for help… in other words, that spider who just scammed me. In actuality, the reason why she even ran away from home in the first place was because she couldn’t contribute to her clan. By offering up my medium, she had essentially helped the clan summon a powerful Devil.

At least that was how she saw me… a powerful Devil.

At first, her mother wasn’t all that impressed by my medium. She haphazardly scraped together some offerings for me -naturally that failed. After failing twice, she began to have this sneaking suspicion that my power was beyond what she had initially expected. In the end, she spent an Overlord’s worth of offerings to summon me successfully…

Seeing her downcast face, the conclusion I came to was as such, “So you’re saying that you initially wanted to summon me over to boost your standing?”

“That…that…that’s right…” Suddenly confronted by my question like that, she recoiled a little in surprise, her slender body shivering as she kept her head down. She breathed in deep, and after a minute she finally gathered the courage to look me in the eyes. “Sir Mo Ke!”


“Please…please…” Unfortunately, the moment she opened her mouth, she deflated like a leaking balloon.

What’s going on with this girl? Why is she lowering her head again. Just as I was starting to wonder if she had a phobia of men, she suddenly lifted her head and used her ruby eyes to stare at me. She tightly gripped her hands to boost her courage, then with a clap like a prayer, she pleaded, “Sir Mo Ke! Please sign a pact with me…”

“A pact?” I grinned evilly at her. “You mean a master and servant pact?”

She seemed to have been frightened by my evil grin once more. She quickly lowered her head to avoid my gaze. “I… I wouldn’t dare…”

I smiled gently. “An equal pact then?”

The moment I said that, her head jerked upwards with an expectant look. “If…if that’s possible…”

I kept my gentle smile on. “I think we should just sign a master and servant pact.”


“Really.” Under her dazzling gaze, I broke into a beaming grin. “It was all thanks to you that I managed to return to the Western Human Realms. Had it not been for you, I can’t even begin to guess when I can ever return. This place has a deep connection to me, so if it’s possible, I would like to remain here forever. So as an encouragement of sorts, I don’t mind signing a master and servant pact with you.”

Being thanked like that by me, she was both excited and bashful at the same time. Her eyes were filled with gratitude for me but she still kept her head down. “But, but… why would you be willing to enter into a master and servant pact with me?”

“Why wouldn’t I? After signing the pact, I’ll be your master, and you’ll be my servant.” I couldn’t help but take a closer look at her face then. That look of complete collapse was truly amusing and made me want to tease her even more. “I get to have a beautiful girl slave for free. What’s not to like?”


“What? You’re not willing?”

Seeing the displeasure on my face, she immediately prostrated herself on the ground with both her hands on her head…

“Don’t eat me…” She seemed really terrified of me then.


“When did I say that I was going to eat you?”

Hearing me say that, she sneaked a look at me then quickly ducked back down under the cover of her hands. “Big brother said that Devils love to eat little girls…”

She doesn’t even dare to look me in the eyes anymore… how timid can she get.

“I’ll ask you again: when did I ever say that I wanted to eat you?”

“Big brother said that Devils loved to eat little girls… he said it…”

“So it’s your brother who said it, but I never said it, right?”

“Ah… I guess so.” Her slightly defective brain finally seemed to have realised something. Now that she was sure I wouldn’t eat her, she dared lift her head once more. “So Sir Mo Ke doesn’t want to eat Jezsere. Jezsere was so frightened just now.”

Can someone tell me exactly what the heck was that exchange…

Putting aside the topic of eating for now, I continued pressuring her. “So do you want to sign that pact or not?”



Seeing that she was about to reject me, I deliberately raised my voice to scare her once more. Barely a second later, she was back to that hands-over-head posture on the ground.

She’s even faster this time around.

“Since you’re not saying anything, I will take it as an acceptance then.”

Jezsere bit down on her dainty lips but remained silent.

“How about calling me master now?”

Even though I was still tied up, I could still be considered as a person of authority. When I wanted to be fierce, I still had that air of authority about me. Even then, I did not expect that this adorable little bunny would comply so quickly.

“Mas…master.” She meekly called out.

No way…just like that? Maybe I should call myself Prince Charming from now on. This has to be the first time in my life that I scored a girl so easily…

Not only was I surprised by this turn of events, even that normally silent jailor of mine seemed to have been shocked by what had just happened. This was probably the first time she had ever seen her lady act so subserviently… you have to admit she’s got talent on this front.

While I might have successfully bluffed my way into that, I still had some morals left in me. At the very least, I wasn’t about to actually sign that master and servant pact with Jezsere. That was all just a joke.

The problem was that while I might have seen it as a joke, this dainty little girl actually wasn’t opposed to calling me master. In fact, she seemed to have gotten used to it now.

“Master, will you protect Jezsere from now on?”

“Of course.”

Assuming I’m still alive.

“Then Master, are you a male or a female?”

“A male.”

An instant answer.

“Master is lying. Master is clearly a girl just like Jezsere.”

“But I wasn’t lying.”

I dare you to say that again, watch me eat you up right away. And I mean ‘eat’.

“But Master, if you’re a male, how can you be so beautiful?”

“…is your name Jezsere, or is it a million whys?”

“Jezsere is Jezsere.”

Ahhh… this girl is just too cute. And ever since we established this master and servant relationship, she seems to have gone on the offensive more.

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Chapter 404: Are You Sure You’re Not Adopted??

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Sponsored by: Fullmoon, Maou99sama, Emblyon, Maxamaicus, Alex Rod, Andreas Bou, HatefullMango, NuckinFutz and Yanga

Failing to kiss me in the end, she playfully stroked my nose a little and said, “Jealous? Relax, that was just a bit of foolishness during my younger days -ended giving birth to a couple more children than I had intended. Compared to the other clan heads, I’m considered one of the more conservative ones.”

This isn’t even an issue about jealousy, I don’t want to have any relationship with you, and can you please not come any closer -it’s disgusting. Also, what do you mean you gave birth to a couple more children than you had intended?

Naturally, I would never say something so rude to a lady, not unless I want a doggy collar on me.

“I really want to keep you for myself, but after giving it some thought, I think it’s better if I don’t… after all, I need to hand you over to our holy mother.” Having given up on teasing me further, she turned to a Seven-star Warrior beside her and said, “bring her to the dungeon near my room. Whatever she wants, give it to her. But do not loosen the spider silk binding her, and do not allow her to leave either.”

“Understood.” The Dark Elven Warrior replied and began leading me away.

“Don’t worry, my dear, we are only going to be away for a short while. I still have some work to do for the ceremony, but it won’t be long. In the meantime, don’t miss me too much.” Having said that, she gave me a flying kiss.

Just like that, I was led out of the throne room. Body still bound up by that spider silk, I couldn’t help but feel a little gloomy as the voice of that clan leader slowly trailed behind me. By now, her words were extremely muddled, but I could still make out her praise of my Devil King Idol’s defenses.

Thankfully, the tunnels leading to the dungeon were a lot less gloomy than my heart. Every few meters or so, there would be those unknown crystals lighting the way with their purple glow. Thanks to that, the trip to the so-called dungeon was a rather uneventful one.

I have to say though, using luminescent crystals instead of lights is really fantasy-esque…

A while later, I was brought to a room with a large comfortable bed inside it. It had only one entrance that was blocked by the Seven-star Warrior who led me here in the first place. Other than that bed, there was just a basic table and a set of chairs. Seeing as there wasn’t much else to do, I plopped myself down on the bed and sulked a little. It was uncomfortable… even the bed’s soft caresses were not enough to overcome the discomfort of being bound up.

Because of how tightly I was bound up, there really wasn’t much else I could move other than my legs and neck. My wings were completely folded into the spider silk and were the very definition of discomfort right now.

I glared at my new jailor for a good few minutes since I had nothing else to do anyway. Finally, I came to the conclusion that she was probably like one of those guards outside the queen’s palace -a block of wood. And that was why I called out to her in the most annoying fashion possible, “I’m thirsty, get me some water.”

The Dark Elven Warrior eyed me for a second then turned away to continue her silent vigil.

Ugh. I rolled my eyes then hopped up to her and stared her right in her fish eyes. “Your clan leader said to fulfill my every request.”


The frosty Elf paused for a second before squatting down and reaching out to grab something behind the walls of the cell. By the time she was done, she had a black cup in her hands.

What the heck? I thought there weren’t any cups nearby, that’s the whole reason why I even asked her for water. I was planning to find a way out while she was gone too… Also, why the heck is the cup outside of the door and not in the room?!

The female warrior walked up to my cell slowly and offered the cup to me, to which I merely shrugged; my arms were still bound up in silk. It was my way of telling her that I had no way to drink from the cup, and hopefully have her loosen my bindings somewhat. Unfortunately, not every creature in a foreign world was that stupid.

The female warrior remained as expressionless as before but she directly pushed the cup up to my face this time. It was only when she banged into my nose that she finally stopped. While she might not have said anything, I knew exactly what she meant… loosening your bindings is impossible, if you want a drink, you know what to do…

Never eat the scraps of someone else’s meal, and never drink from the leftovers of another’s cup -that was a matter of principle. I turned away to show my displeasure. “Actually, I’m not thirsty anymore. I want to pee instead!”

Seeing as drinking wasn’t an option, I immediately tried another method of distraction. From a quick glance just now, I saw that there was no toilet in this cell. In other words, I had to leave this place in order to relieve myself, and as long as I had even the slightest opportunity… heh heh heh…

The female warrior glared at me silently. A second later, she reached down to that same corner and pulled out a portable toilet!? What the potato… Why is there even a portable toilet there?!

She pushed the toilet up to me and quietly stood there.

“Don’t just stand there and look at me, I can’t pee if there’s so much pressure on me…”

I flashed her a quick puppy-dog eyes. Unfortunately, she didn’t seem all that affected by my cuteness. Instead, she reached out and tried to pull down my pants…

Is she trying to force herself on me? Noooo, I’m still a virgin… I struggled furiously to protect my pants.

“I’ll do it myself… let me do it myself… actually, I don’t need to pee anymore…”

Finally, my chastity was protected… Blast it, can’t you see that I’m trying to get you to open the door! What’s the idea behind pulling down my pants? Let me tell you, I have no interest in women like that!

Since normal methods clearly weren’t going to work on this ice cube, that only left more extraordinary methods -watch this: Karen no Jutsu!

“I want to see your clan leader’s daughter.”

Just when I thought that she would remain silent again, she coldly glared at me before suddenly saying, “which one?”

Which one? So you’re saying your clan leader has a lot of them then? And she said she hadn’t married before… exactly how many times did she give birth outside of wedlock?

Let’s be clear here, I’m not jealous, I’m just questioning my views of this world…

“The one who ran away from home.” I looked her straight in the eyes and continued, “the one who brought back my summoning medium.”


The female warrior fell silent. In all likelihood, her silence was her way of saying that my request had fallen outside of her authority.

“Your clan leader said to fulfill my every request!” Well, even if I know what you’re trying to say, it doesn’t mean I have to show it.

“Hold on a moment.” The female warrior walked away to the doorway and spoke into the darkness. “The prisoner wishes to speak to Lady Jezsere, please inform the clan leader.”

Having said that, the female warrior returned to my side while the darkness she spoke into showed no signs of movement.

“Hey. You’re sure there was somebody there?”

That question, unfortunately, went unanswered. Following this, no matter what I asked, she refused to speak another word. With my limbs mostly bound and no one to talk to, I could only sit on the bed and sulk.

‘Ferti’nier. Ferti’nier! Get out this instant. I know you’re there, get out here and start talking. Stop trying to treat this as some kind of comedy.’

No matter how much I screamed at her internally, she continued pretending to be absent. Adding on the fact that I was still a captive, I was truly at my limits now.

Thankfully, this mental battle did not continue for long before a newcomer joined me. It was a young Dark Elf with the demeanour of a little bunny who was brought into my cell. Upon doing so, the Dark Elf’s bodyguard left of her own accord.

“Greetings, Lady Jezsere.” My jailor bowed respectfully. “The prisoner wishes to see you.”

“Mhm, thank you for the hard work.” The girl’s voice had a soft quality to it, like morning dew dripping off a blade of grass onto the earth. After exchanging greetings with my jailor, she slowly walked up to me. I could see that she had on a conservative looking black long dress. Her steps were dainty, as one would expect of a lady. Her hair was silvery like that of her other clansmen, but each strand was even silkier than the silk that bound me right now. In fact, her hair was bound around her neck like a scarf right now, similar to how I was bound up, just a lot less tighter. Her eyes shone like precious rubies, and when combined with her cuddly demeanor, only made you want to protect her even more.

Truly, this girl was a beauty to behold, and a rare one at that. Normally, one wouldn’t expect a girl like Jezsere to appear amongst a bunch of Dark Elves… because she was clearly just a fluffy white bunny!

Ah… I just want to cuddle her, kiss her, then lift her high up for the world to admire… that was my impression of her.

Is she even that clan leader’s daughter? How can that disgusting spider give birth to such an adorable specimen of fluffiness. I bet she’s adopted.

Seemingly disconcerted by my intense staring, Jezsere shrunk back into herself. Then with a hint of water in her eyes, gingerly spoke to me like how a small bunny would act in front of the big bad wolf, “Is… is that you, master Mo Ke?”

Well… at least she didn’t beg me not to eat her…

“Mhm. It’s me.” I deliberately stuck out my chin and arrogantly peered down at her. “I heard you were the one who brought back my summoning medium?”

“Yes…” Why does she look like she’s about to cry any moment now? Ahhh… I just want to bully her right now!

“Speak, how did you obtain my medium?”

Even though my heart was already melted by her adorableness, I still had to maintain the haughty appearance of a Fallen Angel.

“Yyesss…” She hesitated for a second but finally caved in. “It was sister Ancarin who gave it to me… sob… don’t eat me…”

She finally said it… actually, what does that eat even mean? Is it eat? Or is it ‘eat’?

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Chapter 403: You Say You Haven’t Married Yet?

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Sponsored by: Fullmoon, Maou99sama, Emblyon, Maxamaicus, Alex Rod, Andreas Bou, HatefullMango, NuckinFutz and Yanga

The spider lady’s dripping-with-sincerity oath finally moved me. With such a vicious oath binding her, she shouldn’t go back on her words, right? Even if she did, the wrath of the Fallen Angels isn’t something she can handle either… although such a thing doesn’t actually exist, but she doesn’t know that!

The main point is that she sees me as the successor of the Devil King of Pride, a crown prince of sorts. No matter what, such a person shouldn’t be sent to his death right away, right? As they say, every enemy is a wall, but every friend is an additional road.

With that in mind, I chose to believe that the Dark Elven clan leader wouldn’t betray me and stepped out of the Devil King Idol, only to be captured…

Truly, I didn’t even have the time to react before she suddenly wrapped her already spun silk around my limbs, leaving the end of that silk resting snugly in her hands… as a side note, that silk came from within her dress…

“You… you said you wouldn’t do anything to me or Lolthe would tear you apart and send your soul down to Hell…” I was incensed right now. But no matter how much I struggled, the spider silk refused to budge and I could only use my words to express my intense displeasure. “Are you not afraid of the Spider Queen’s punishment?”

“Afraid? Of course I am.” The Dark Elven clan leader leaned over all of a sudden, stuck out her tongue then loudly slurped my face ridden with magical tattoos. “Don’t tell me you’re not aware; the Goddess Lolthe is the goddess of lies and betrayal. If I were to obey that oath as you say, I would definitely end up in Hell.”

The goddess of lies and betrayal… well, there’s nothing much to say to that then… I want to cry… Mama, the city is a scary place, I want to go home…

“Can you tell me why exactly you want to capture me?”

Still bound up like a dumpling, my mouth was really all I could use right now. Truth be told however, I wasn’t all that nervous despite being tied up, because I knew she wouldn’t just kill me.

“I bet you still don’t realise how much time and effort I had to expend just to prepare the sacrifices required to summon you.”

“…how do you Elves even have the medium to summon me?”

“Two years ago, my son and my daughter both ran away from home. However, roughly a year ago, the two of them came back by themselves because they managed to procure your medium. At the very beginning, I thought you were just an ordinary Devil, perhaps with a bit of talent thrown into the mix. Yet my daughter who was talented in the arts of the Occultist couldn’t even summon you, and that made me curious. That was when you caught my interest. At the start, it was mostly just for fun but…” As she said that, she abruptly leaned in and licked me once more. “My dear, you’re just so fragrant.”


Sister, can you be any less disgusting… I’m already plenty scared of you right now… Also, can you just get to the point, don’t just end it there! At least consider the feelings of those who were busy listening to your story, you dirty spider!

“Hehehe, my dear, are you angry?” She grinned from ear to ear then tugged on both my cheeks. “You’re just so adorable, I almost cannot bear to kill you.”

Exasperated beyond belief at this point, I rolled my eyes and said, “Can we get on with the story now… about that summoning medium.”

“Hmph, how boring.” She pouted unhappily but still withdrew the hands on my face before continuing with the story. “At first, I was just fooling around when I decided to summon you. I thought some normal offerings should be enough to break down the dimensional barriers and summon you over, but who would have thought that your status was too high for that. Normal offerings wouldn’t do. Then came the Seven-star offerings, Eight-star, and finally Nine-star… When I finally summoned you over, I was really curious as to why a Four-star would even require a Nine-star’s offerings…”

“But, my dear, you actually turned out to be the spawn of the Devil King of Pride! In that case, it doesn’t matter what your strength is. In terms of status alone, you are definitely on the same level as a Nine-star…”

The same status as a Devil Overlord… so I was such a bigshot? But why am I the last person to know of this? Hold on, now’s not the time for this…

“I initially assumed that you would at least have the power of a Nine-star. That was why I kept this summoning a secret from the other families as I procured the offerings. Who would have thought that all that effort was…”

As she said that, I swore I could hear her teeth gnashing. If I had to make a far-fetched guess, she was probably really mad at me right now. If she had really summoned a Nine-star as she envisioned, she would have gained a substantial boost in power right away. Instead, she got me, a Devil who was as important as a Devil Overlord, but was clearly weak as a potato… that’s a bad deal no matter how one looked at it…

Well, I totally understand how she feels right now, but understanding doesn’t mean accepting, especially not when I’m the victim! So can you just tell me exactly why you summoned me already?!

She probably realised my frustration as well as her anger quickly turned to amusement. She reached out and stroked my face before saying, “Well, it doesn’t matter even if you’re the Devil I summoned, I can still sacrifice you to the Goddess Lolthe. Other than sacrificing a demigod, I really can’t think of any other offering of a higher grade than you. As long as I sacrifice you, her holiness would definitely send down her blessings. At that time… hehehe…”

“So you intend to turn me into an offering?” Like heck I want to be one! I shivered involuntarily at that thought. “Sister, oh my beautiful sister, how about we cut a deal here? You let me go and I give you some benefits in return? How about that?”

I don’t care if I look stupid now, I just don’t want to become an offering!

“Oh my dear, you’re just too cute! I swear I almost can’t bear to sacrifice you.” She gently laughed at that point and pinched my cheeks. “But I can’t let you go either, so giving you to the goddess is still the best choice.”


Ahhhh… it’s not working. She’s just dead set on sacrificing me at this point… Wait, I still have one card left to play. Doesn’t she still think that I’m the successor of the Devil King of Pride? If that’s the case, she wouldn’t kill me so easily, not unless she’s not afraid of his wrath.

“You really think you’ll be fine just by sacrificing me to your goddess? Have you ever considered what my background signifies?” Even though I clearly had no connection to this Devil King, that didn’t stop me from loudly proclaiming as such. “Are you not worried about the wrath of the Fallen Angels?”

“Nope.” She nonchalantly shrugged. “There’s a dimensional barrier between us and them anyway. They can’t come over.”

They can’t come over… fudge, why didn’t I think of that…

She’s right. This dimensional barrier’s biggest function is to prevent creatures from crossing between the worlds. The stronger the creature is, the harder it would be to breach that barrier… fudgecakes…

It was difficult for creatures to breach the dimensional barrier on their own, unless they were insignificant. Summoning was one way to circumvent this restriction. As long as one had the right offering and medium, the summoner could basically pull over anyone. During my first summoning, I was just a weak Imp so I ended up being forcefully brought over. Devils with a high status were an entirely different story. They had the option to reject a summoning, though very few could resist the temptation of a quick holiday in the Western Human Realms. In a sense, it was basically impossible for such creatures to cross the barrier without a summoner, barring those Devils with a strong affinity to dimensional magic… but that’s a whole different ball game.

“As the successor of the Devil King of Pride, you are innately born with a higher status than the other successors. In your blood flows the fabled bloodline of the Primal Devil God… Barring those at the level of a demigod, there is no better offering than you in this world. I’m sure her holiness would love you.”

Essentially, after all that talking, the conclusion was that she wasn’t in the least bit worried about sacrificing me. It wasn’t like that dimensional barrier was coming down anytime soon, after all…

In a sense, the whole reason why she even considered sacrificing me in the first place was because of my noble lineage…

Fudgecakes, I really did a number on myself this time…

“My dear, you mustn’t blame your big sister for being so heartless. If you must blame someone, blame my daughter and son. If they hadn’t run away from home, and if they hadn’t brought your medium back with them, there would have been no way for me to summon you, am I right?”

What a joke… if there was ever a competition for pushing the blame to others, I wouldn’t mind giving you full marks for that performance just now.

You are clearly the one who wants to turn me into a sacrifice. What does your daughter and son even have to do with this?! Hold on…didn’t this blasted Dark Elf just say that she had never married before, so how does she even have a daughter or son?

“…Didn’t you say that you had never married before? How do you have children then? Don’t tell me you adopted them!?”

“Oh hohoh, has my secret finally been found out?” The Dark Elven clan leader lowered her head and blushed. “But I clearly hid it so well.”

But you’re the one who told me you had children in the first place! Not just once too! Do you think I’m a moron?!

“My dear, are you jealous? Don’t be, I’ll give you a present.” Having said that, she caressed both my cheeks and slowly closed in…

Yet just when that kiss was about to happen, I turned away in the nick of time. Putting aside the matter of whether I was actually such a casual person… my feelings for the Dark Elves as a whole were just… let’s just say that I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if this kiss of hers had a little something added in…

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Chapter 402: A Problem of Identity

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Alright, alright, you’ve made your point already, your anger should have subsided as well.” The spidery clan leader grinned with her eyes as she asked, “So tell your big sister over here, is that big, black and thick fellow over here called a Devil King Idol?”

Big, black and thick…

I’m not even sure what to say to that, but I guess the problem now is how does she know about the Devil King Idol!

Actually, it’s not all that strange that she would know about the Devil King Idol, is it? It does represent the status of a Devil King’s successor, after all. Kind of like a crown prince… Wait, don’t tell me she thinks I’m some spawn of a Devil King… if that’s the case, maybe she’s really sincere about talking.

But can these Dark Elves really be trusted? In a competition of principles, those blasted cats would beat them hands down.

“Relax.” Said the clan leader, having clearly seen through my hesitation even through the Devil King Idol. “I swear in the name of the Goddess Lolthe that I won’t harm you.”

Normally, an oath in the name of one’s god would never be false, but this was Lolthe we were talking about. She was an evil goddess whose impression amongst the outside world varied between cruel, deceptive, treacherous and just plain evil. In other words, her followers couldn’t be much better either. Can a bad person be trusted? Well, I don’t how others feel, but I’m definitely not trusting one.

“I’ve already sworn an oath in the goddess’s name, is that not enough?”

As she said that, she began casting a simple hypnotic spell that would allow her words to affect anyone whose will wasn’t strong enough.

It was a strong spell, that was for sure, but unfortunately for her, I had the blessing of Envy. Thanks to that, I technically had the bloodlines of an Illusion Demon within me. Illusions were practically like breathing to such creatures, and they were certainly a lot stronger in this field than a bunch of Dark Elves.

Even so, the fact that her spell was ineffective did nothing to change my current situation. I couldn’t beat her and neither could I escape… Just hiding out in this golem isn’t going to work in the long term. I need to find some way out of this…

“Don’t worry, since you have a Devil King Idol, that means you’re a spawn of some Devil King. I’m not daring enough to harm such a Devil. So how about you trust your big sister over here, she won’t harm you at all.”

As she said that, her alluring voice almost seemed to carry a fragrant quality to it, though that was clearly impossible. Her words made sense, yet I just couldn’t bring myself to believe her. Even so, what she mentioned wasn’t false -that was just basic common sense in the Three Hells.

The fact that I had the Devil King Idol meant that I was some Devil King’s successor. Seeing as I was a Fallen Angel with purple wings, a member of the royal family, what would that mean in the eyes of outsiders like her?

Clearly, such a Devil was the very child of Abaddon’s King, the Devil King of Pride!

I know I’m not actually the child of the Devil King of Pride, but she doesn’t know that! So what would she be planning by abducting a crown prince-like figure? Hmmm… at the very least, those plans shouldn’t include killing the crown prince.

With that in mind, I suddenly felt that my situation wasn’t as dangerous as I had thought.

“Don’t you know how much your big sister spent just to summon you over. And with your esteemed lineage, I wouldn’t dare do anything to you.”

That does make sense… maybe I should just do as she says… I mean I’ll believe that she means me no harm…

Just as I was wavering between whether or not to believe her, she finally said something that sealed the deal. “I would never dare to harm you. After all, I can’t bear the wrath of a Devil King.”

That’s right. Even if what she said before that was all lies, that last sentence was definitely true. The Fallen Angels were the strongest clan in the Three Hells, and they themselves saw their clan as being the strongest clan in all the Hells. Being the very incarnation of Pride, they would never suffer the humiliation of having someone seen as their crown prince be insulted by lowly Dark Elves.

Of course, all that was based on the assumption that I was connected to the Fallen Angels -I wasn’t. In fact, even that so-called fiancee of mine, Yi Yi, was pretty much a stranger to me seeing as I only met her once… but they didn’t know that! That bit of information of asymmetry clearly benefited me this time.

“Alright, let’s talk then.” Even though I didn’t think she would try and attack me, I still chose to remain in the Devil King Idol as a precaution. “I’m sure you already know about my background, so if you try anything weird, the consequences will be dire.”

“That’s right. A spawn of the Devil King of Pride, if I’m not mistaken.”

I knew it.

I neither confirmed nor denied that allegation. Instead, I remained silent till she took it as my acceptance.

“We Dark Elves are strong, but even we know that we aren’t a match for the Fallen Angels. As a sign of our sincerity, I’ll offer a concession.” Having said that, she leapt off my Devil King Idol and back onto the ground before promptly undoing her transformation. “Is that better?”

“I want you to swear an oath again. Swear that you won’t attack me and will allow me to leave as I wish.” Even though she had turned back into her humanoid elven form, I didn’t dare to let my guard down. I needed another guarantee in the form of that request. “If you don’t agree to this, I won’t come out of the Devil King Idol. If you go back on your oath, you will suffer the punishment of the Spider Queen Lolthe.”

“Alright, I swear I won’t attack you, else may Lolthe tear me apart and throw my soul into the fires of Hell.”

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Chapter 401: How A Dark Elf Reproduces

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

I knew the clan leader of the Dark Elves was strong, but I never expected her to be so strong that she could extinguish my Nether Flames with a flick of her wrist… She had to be at least be an Eight-star, maybe even nine… With that possibility in mind, I had no choice but to pull out my trump card. I gripped down hard on the Gem of Authority in front of my chest -it’s time for the Devil King Idol.

Without any hesitation whatsoever, I summoned the giant construct from the gem, commanding it to punch that Dark Elf at the same time. While she was momentarily distracted by that, I quickly ducked into the pocket dimension of the Devil King Idol.

“You…” The clan leader’s eyes went wide at the sudden turn of events. All she could see right now was a gigantic fist barrelling straight towards her, growing dangerously larger by the second. Faced with such an overwhelming force descending from the heavens, she had no time at all to think of a countermeasure, only to dodge.

A second later, a deafening boom filled the cave system as the Devil King Idol’s fist came crashing down onto an empty throne. The bejewelled seat instantly exploded into a rain of jewels and rocks, bouncing off the surrounding walls from the resulting shockwaves…

A miss, huh… I knew that even a surprise attack wouldn’t be enough to land on a hit on her -this Devil King Idol was just too slow. But that was already enough. That punch was merely to buy me some time.

I hurriedly willed the Devil King Idol to retreat towards the cave exit.

“Stop her!” Yelled a dishevelled clan leader. She might have been able to avoid that punch, but that didn’t mean she had done so easily either. Her focus was still off-kilter from the sudden movement, and her hair was a complete mess of silvery threads. However, that didn’t stop her from commanding the other Dark Elves. “Go, don’t let her escape no matter what!”

This time, it wasn’t just those four elite Dark Elves who acted, even those stock-still guardsmen were all charging towards me with reckless abandon.

The cave itself was massive. For some unknown reason, this entire room alone was hollowed out to over one hundred meters tall. The doorway was in the shape of a semicircle with a diameter of fifty meters. With such a massive allowance, my twenty meters tall Devil King Idol could easily exit without having to carve a new exit for itself.

The massive construct lumbered thunderously towards the exit. The elite Dark Elves and the nearby guardsmen frantically tried to stop its progress but their attacks were simply too weak. Those four I had fought before were only Seven-stars while those guardsmen were even weaker. The stronger ones amongst them were at most Six-star while the weaker ones were as weak as a Three-star. At such a level, no amount of Dark Elves would change this outcome. Soon, the distance of a hundred meters was crossed and the exit was now within arm’s length.

Because their spells and weapons were all useless against the unstoppable Devil King Idol, I saw no need to purposely harm them either. Whenever I could, I avoided confronting them, though there were still some unfortunate souls who ended up being stepped on…

Yet just as I thought that my escape was successful, a figure suddenly stepped in front of the exit.

That figure was the very same Dark Elven clan leader who supposedly had never married another person in her entire life. What was she doing here? I asked myself. However, that question didn’t go unanswered for long. As she quietly stood there, her ruby red eyes suddenly changed to a bloody red.

Are you really planning to block my Devil King Idol with that tiny body of yours?

I naturally had no kind words for this troublesome woman who created this situation I was in right now. If she really didn’t care about her own safety, then I’ll just happily run her over with my Devil King Idol. A stomp or two and even she wouldn’t be in a good shape.

At least, that was what I had originally thought. Just when I was about to lift up my leg and give her a good stomping, I realised that she wasn’t there anymore. Beside that area was a strange figure, one that had a humanoid upper body and an arachnid lower half, complete with eight spidery legs… She actually turned into a half-monster?! Hmm… a monster waifu…

I immediately had the Devil King Idol try and kick her, but the moment I did so, she began crawling her way up its leg like a snake would, finally reaching the upper body of the Devil King Idol. There was still no telling what she intended by doing so, but I wasn’t planning to find out either. I hurriedly willed the Devil King Idol’s arms to swat at the offending spider, but that was easily dodged. In fact, I ended up smacking myself more often than not… I swear, this Devil King Idol is just too clumsy to actually be a threat.

In just a couple seconds of crawling, she had already climbed up to the shoulders of the Devil King Idol. I tried to swat her off again, but it failed once more. By this time, she was already on my back.

She started crawling circles around the Devil King Idol. At the same time as she did that, her rear end would spit out a white thread-like substance the width of a fist. By the time she felt she had accomplished her goal, she leaped off the Devil King Idol and sped off to a nearby stalagmite to tie the thread to it.

She then crawled back up to my right eye and gave me an evil grin. “Now, how about we have a talk?”

Like heck we would! There’s nothing to talk about now.

I commanded the Devil King Idol to smack her away but she ended up just dodging it anyway, leaving me with a faceful of rocky palm…

While the power of the Devil King Idol wasn’t enough to break through its own defences, the resulting shockwave would still transmit inwards to the pocket dimension I resided in. Because of that, I experienced the equivalent of an earthquake each time I smacked myself…

Having dodged the newest attack from the Devil King Idol, the spidery clan leader returned to the front once more and gave me a bemused look. “Can we talk now?”


Clearly still incensed, I willed the Devil King Idol to attack her once more. Naturally, the result ended up being the same. But that didn’t stop me from trying once more… and once more… and once more… Each time I failed, she would happily crawl up to my side and ask that same question… Fecking potatoes… I swear I haven’t been so humiliated in my entire life… but this really isn’t going anywhere… maybe I should just admit defeat for now and come back later?

The Devil King Idol’s power can easily break apart a mountain and its defenses are basically impenetrable. Since I can’t win, there’s nothing stopping me from running either. With that in mind, I commanded the Devil King Idol to head for the exit, ignoring that spidery clan leader on the right side of my eyes.

“Hahahaha. Trying to leave now? A little too late for that.”

Hmph. I have the Devil King Idol on my side, why would I not be able to leave?

Five seconds later…

Impossible… I can’t move… Rather, it wasn’t that I couldn’t move, it was that the thread which I saw her spewing out not too long ago was restricting my Devil King Idol like a dog collar would on a dog. No matter how much I struggled, the blasted threads refused to budge.

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