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Chapter 696: Epilogue (4)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Alright, alright. Let’s not embarrass ourselves in front of others any further.” Mo Ke interceded before their little quibble got any bigger.

“Hmph. For the sake of His Highness, this one will leave it be.”

“Qiaoqiao will listen to big brother too!”

“Ke, just make sure not to worry us like that again!”

Just like that, that potential bomb was defused.

Now that his little harem was taken care of, Mo Ke sheepishly turned to Floater, “Sorry you had to see something so shameful.”

“Oh not at all, why would a winner in life ever find that shameful?”

The moment that term ‘winner in life’ came out, Mo Ke couldn’t help but feel that the other party was trying to insinuate something.

“Do you have a problem with me?”

“I hate such improper relationships! And I especially hate it when there are enough improper relationships to form a harem!”

Floater’s attitude had definitely crossed the line of being rude, but just based on what she said, she was probably a woman with some story to tell. It just so happened that Mo Ke was also someone with a story… just a man…

Mo Ke immediately realised that the other party had misunderstood his gender. A fact which he couldn’t help but find strange -why did so many people mistake him for a girl when he clearly had an appendage dangling down there?

“I think there’s been some misunderstanding here. I’m a guy, so my relationship, if any, is definitely a proper one.”

“Misunderstanding? Do you think I’m blind or something? Are you saying I can’t even tell the difference between a man and a woman?”

“No, no, no… I wasn’t saying you were blind…”

“So you’re saying that I can’t even see despite having eyes that are working?”

“I did not… really…” Mo Ke sulked a little at that point. Why did such a professional exosuit pilot have to be so difficult to communicate with?

“Foolish mortal, do you not speak human anymore?” As Mo Ke’s number one believer, Lixiang wasn’t going to stand for that lady’s insolence anymore. “I guess it’s too much to expect such lowly creatures to understand His Highness’s greatness!”

“That girl with delusions of grandeur over there is your lover?” Floater turned around to eye the girl who seemed a lot easier to target than Mo Ke. “She suits you.”

“Lover… suits… hmph! So the mortal’s eyes are working then…” Bribed by what was supposed to be an insult, Lixiang was beaming with pride as she continued, “Seeing as you’re such a discerning mortal, this one will graciously bestow upon you the opportunity to apologize. Treasure it well, mortal.”

Anyone who had known Lixiang long enough would know that this obnoxious display of arrogance was actually proof that she had successfully been bribed.

Even little Qiaoqiao was on the verge of mocking the girl for being so useless, but before she could even get the opportunity to do so, Mo Ke received a message request from an unknown line…

“A message? I thought all the civilian channels are no longer working?” A confused Mo Ke muttered to himself as he looked at his electronic AI’s notification.

“The civilian ones, maybe. But the military and police channels are still functional.” Duanmu Bitong immediately understood the meaning behind this message request. “The sender should be from the military, and he or she should be quite high up.”

Hearing that, Mo Ke came to the decision to accept the call. Regardless of what motive this person might have, facing it head on was for the best. After all, it couldn’t get worse than being stuck in Southern Plains.

The channel connected through in an instant, revealing a man in a military suit. However, the most striking feature of this man wasn’t his crisp, decorated uniform, but rather his shining bald head. And also those bloodshot, predator-looking eyes. With just those eyes alone, he could easily score a leading villain role in a movie…

“Greetings, it’s an honor to finally be able to talk face-to-face.” The bald man flashed a smile that was honestly more terrifying than his stern look. “Let me introduce myself first. I am Rodenas, a lieutenant-general of the Federation, tasked with handling the situation in Southern Plains…”

By using the military’s network, General Rodenas was able to reach Mo Ke, and as a sign of respect, he even gave Mo Ke the option to choose to reject the call. Although technically speaking, this really wasn’t an option at all. Seeing as Rodenas would have just badgered him constantly with calls until he accepted it.

“General, sir, to what do I owe this pleasure of meeting such an esteemed person? I’m just an ordinary civilian.”

With regards to the military, Mo Ke couldn’t really say that he had fond memories of the organization. As a civilian, he not only did not benefit much from their protection, they even sealed off the exits. Mo Ke’s outlook on them was rock bottom.

“Ordinary? Not at all.” Rodenas revealed a rare second smile of the day. “Lady Mo Ke, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that you’re now the pillar of support for the world.”

“Pillar of support?”

What the heck is that? Mo Ke thought to himself. Either way, I’m not supporting some random dude I just met…

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, the military is unable to enter Southern Plains… Our researchers are working day and night to figure out a solution… but this is an unprecedented enemy…” The general started explaining with a hint of bitterness on his lips.

Having listened to the whole explanation, Mo Ke finally understood what the man was here for.

It turned out that Southern Plains had really been cut off from the outside world. Normal communication was impossible, but military and police channels were still available. Meaning, Southern Plains had only been cut off from their side. Through the various surveillance tools the military possessed, the outside world could still see what was going on in the city.

And it just so happened that Mo Ke’s heroics yesterday had been captured and spread all over the internet. Because of his stunning appearance and impressive skills, he had successfully captured the hearts and minds of the citizens in the world. Using an entertainment industry analogy, he was the kind of idol who not only looked good, but also worked hard to boot!

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Chapter 695: Epilogue (3)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The first day of the Southern Plains Crisis was spent mostly in a fit of anger for General Rodenas. Whether it was the first hour of the crisis, or the last for that day, he was constantly in an explosive state. By the end of day one, the command room was almost destroyed…

Naturally, that last part was an exaggeration. But it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that those who were unfortunate enough to be there that day, worked under the bloodshot eyes of a predator, filling them with fear of when this raging bear would suddenly turn his sights on them.

The man wasn’t called the Raging Bear without reason. But there was reason for his madness; Southern Plains was now overrun by ghosts in the dead of night.

Compared to the mindless zombies in the day, these stealthy nightmares were natural-born assassins. With no corporeal form, they could pass through walls, appearing when you’d least expect them. Just that trait alone afforded them a special place amongst the undead.

This immaterial nature was unusual to Gaia, due to the environment actively destroying such entities. Yet through some unknown means, the perpetrator of Southern Plains was able to bring in such otherworldly invaders. Thanks to that, the laws of the world itself were in disarray. Slowly but surely, the spiritual energy particles in the air were starting to mutate due to the clashing of the two worlds.

For the time being however, these ghosts could only act within the confines of Southern Plains. This aberration in the laws of the world was only limited to Southern Plains. And even though the scientists of this world could not make heads or tails of the occult, they quickly realised that the ghosts couldn’t leave Southern Plains.

Thank the stars for that as well. Had this not been the case, General Rodenas would have already ordered the firing of Heavensrail at the city.

But just because they escaped an untimely death by orbital laser, that did not mean the citizens of Southern Plains were in the clear either. All through the night, these ghosts would relentlessly hunt down any living human being, of whom the soldiers and policemen formed no small part. While the two forces might possess the required weapons to harm the ghosts, their ability to pass through walls was difficult to guard against.

Perhaps one might be relieving oneself when a ghostly hand suddenly reached out from the toilet bowl. Or perhaps one might be taking a dump when a pair of hands suddenly passed through the cubicle doors to claw at you. Either way, a decent chunk of people died in ambushes during the night.

Barring the General who was beside himself when he learnt of these ghosts, anyone who even knew a shred of what was happening in Southern Plains wouldn’t be able to sleep well that night.

If there had to be one silver lining amidst the stream of bad news, it would be that girl, who was slowly being known as the Goddess of War…

In the morning of the second day, one of the ace exosuit pilots of the Federation, codenamed Floater, encountered a new titan of a foe: a reanimated, skeletal Coatl!

In life, the Coatl was of the Disaster-class, possessing immeasurable strength. In death, it was now free from the constraints of the flesh, turning it into the perfect weapon of war. During their initial exchanges, Floater found herself at a severe disadvantage.

However, that was mostly due to her being unfamiliar with the tactics of this new opponent. Now that she had figured out its attack patterns, she could employ her signature detachable bits, from which her codename was derived, to turn the tables instantly.

A normal soldier piloting an exosuit was roughly at the level of a Four-star. An elite soldier would reach Five-stars. As for ace pilots… they had their own customised exosuits, so they could even be as powerful as a Six-star!

Unfortunately, all that was predicated on machinery. In a world of science, humans had naturally grown reliant on external tools to fight. Which meant that should an enemy appear that their tools weren’t built to fight, it would be difficult for humans to adapt right away. By that time, they might have already lost, despite the enemy being weaker.

Strictly speaking, the skeletal Coatl was merely a Five-star. However, Floater’s exosuit was more specialised for long-range fire support. Her own piloting skills were tailored to that end, resulting in her melee skills being nearly non-existent.

Thanks to that mismatch in skills, the skeletal Coatl was able to perform much better than it normally would have. Thankfully, every ace pilot had their own killer technique they could rely on in a pinch. Combined with the fact that she was still a whole tier stronger than the Coatl, she managed to scrape a victory in the end.

Had Floater been a melee specialist, the Coatl would have been defeated in seconds.

But that wasn’t the reason why the battle with that Coatl was important. The main reason why the Coatl was even a topic worth mentioning was because it so happened to be fighting where Mo Ke was…

Barely a second after the first Coatl was taken down, a second and third Coatl popped up…

The second Coatl went after Floater, but the third seemed to be eyeing Mo Ke…

———Change of Scene———

Ever since he witnessed the Goddess of War’s fight, Stuart had been looking forward to every crumb of new footage. Even in his dreams, he imagined he was some sort of superhuman, fighting alongside the Goddess in a city of dead.

As the saying went, good things come to those who wait. Barely a minute into noon, a video of the Goddess was uploaded.

Unlike yesterday, the Goddess was a little different, in that she suddenly sprouted a pair of regal purple wings!

If the Goddess of yesterday could still be said to have some semblance to a mortal, then the Goddess of today was just that, a goddess!

Her flowing purple hair danced in the raging winds around her. Her eyes, a cold calmness that tolerated no blasphemy.

From the start of the battle, the Goddess freed herself from her toy of an exosuit. She wielded that same fire and ice weapon as she took to the skies in a flourish.

Her opponent was a horrific bony creature with a body of a serpent that had wings. This monster foolishly tried to attack the Goddess, but her speed was beyond the comprehension of a mere undead monster.

The Goddess accelerated in a flash, dodging its attack before appearing atop the monster. She then raised her sword up high and brought it down in a burst of fire and ice energies, perfectly splitting the creature in half…

The video came to an abrupt end there. But even though he was still yearning for more, Stuart couldn’t help but chant as he knelt reverently before the screen, “Long live the Goddess!”

It was then that Stuart’s mom worked out of the kitchen with a plate of freshly fried vegetables. Just like before, she found her son in an almost comical posture, yelling into the empty air.

She was just about to ask when her son started explaining, “Mom, I know what you’re wondering why I’m kneeling, but do not ask anything, just watch this video with me and I promise you will join me as well…”

The same scene was played out across multiple different households: family members yelling “Long live the Goddess” before pulling the uninitiated amongst them to watch the video as well…

——Change of Scene——

Having turned into a Fallen Angel, Mo Ke slew a skeletal Coatl in one fell strike.

He had now confirmed his newfound strength, and was more than ready to use it. Ignoring the exosuit pilot, he dove straight for the remaining skeletal Coatl, swinging at it with Icy Inferno, splitting its head open before the creature could even react!

Without its soul flame to animate it, the massive skeleton immediately fell apart in mid-air, and what was supposed to be a bitter, drawn-out battle was over in a flash.

Still in the midst of enacting a counterplan, Floater now had the dubious honor of having to cancel her maneuvers, tumbling awkwardly to the side, having done nothing at all.

“Are you alright?” Asked a genuinely concerned Mo Ke as he stood before the white exosuit. That Coatl did not manage to inflict any further damage on the exosuit, but the tumble seemed to have -given how the pilot hadn’t tried to stand up even after a few seconds.

“I’m fine”, was the response he got. Judging by the pilot’s slightly cool voice, she was probably a young lady, most likely in her early twenties.

“You’re the one who helped out with the Scorpids yesterday, weren’t you? You have my thanks for that.”

“Even without me, you would have been fine.”

“At the very least your intervention reduced the number of casualties.”

“And if I had known this was your true strength, I probably wouldn’t have been such a busybody.”

“That’s not true at all, I definitely wasn’t as strong yesterday as I am today.”


“No, really.”

“And I said right…”


The two continued conversely in such a manner, exchanging one reply for another, all the while maintaining a distinct distance between each other. Mo Ke was hoping to obtain more information from the pilot, while Floater was busy being awed by Mo Ke’s astonishing strength. For a single person to destroy two gigantic monsters like that was simply unprecedented. World changing!

Both of them chatted till Bitong and the girls arrived on scene as well.

“Big brother, that was amazing!!” Qiaoqiao spread her robotic arms wide open as she dove for Mo Ke.

Wingless, Mo Ke easily side-stepped her excited hug. He definitely did not want to experience being hugged by an exosuit….

“Congratulations on Your Highness finally breaking the seal..”

“Lixiang, about that seal you keep talking about…”

“There’s no need to be modest, Your Highness, with your prowess…”

“Ke! Do you know how worried I was?!” Bitong cut off Lixiang before she could continue with her delusional middle schooler act. “You mustn’t do such a dangerous thing in the future!”

“What do you mean dangerous? Did you not see how amazing big brother was? It was that monster who was in danger!”

“His Highness is invincible!”

With Mo Ke’s near-impossible slaying of the two Coatls in seconds, Qiaoqiao and Lixiang had now fully converted into being Mo Ke fangirls.

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Chapter 694: Epilogue (2)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The logic behind the Federation’s mass showing of edited surveillance footage was to reduce the psychological impact of the tragedy. They had to let everyone know that, amidst the darkness, there was still a brave girl fighting in that city. Even if this was but one tiny ray of light in a sea of darkness, it was enough to pull them all back from the brink.

Only in the darkness did the light shine the brightest! And Mo Ke was now that unwavering candle flame lighting the way ahead.

Naturally, one single person’s heroics wasn’t enough to wipe away the entire loss of so many lives. But at this point, the Federation did not have much less to lose by releasing the footage. At the very least, it showed that there was still that one person alive in a city of dead.

Fortunately for them, Mo Ke’s fighting style was just the sort of distraction they needed; it was flashy and heroic, all at the same time. Adding on his natural air of mystery and beauty, he became a perfect idol for the Federation around which the masses could rally around, rather than take to the streets and riot…

At the end of the day, the Federation’s army was in a rather precarious situation. Thanks to the ghosts blockading the entrances, the soldiers could not enter the city to clear out the undead. It wouldn’t take long before they would be labelled ‘useless’, unless there was a mysterious superhuman heroine from which the undead could be contrasted against.

After all, it’s not our fault for being useless if the enemies are fighting on a different plane.

———Change of Scene——–

The command room of the Federation’s armed forces was a veritable fish market of shouting right now.

The man known as the Raging Bear of the Federation, General Rodenas was currently staring coldly at a holographic screen, eyes bloodshot as if he hadn’t slept a wink since trying to find a way into Southern Plains.

Unfortunately for him, the perpetrator’s seal on the city was airtight, foiling whatever plan he had tried to enact with the soldiers.

Initially, he had sent in a detachment of mobile armors and exosuits to try and break into the city, but that attempt was summarily taken care of by the ghosts. Losses numbering in the thousands of mobile armors, the general had to give up on that plan quickly.

Following that, one of the HQ’s strategists suggested bombarding the ghosts from afar -perhaps that would prove effective against these new enemies.

That attempt was met with failure as well. While the ghosts might be dead, that did not mean they were brainless and couldn’t dodge. Their lack of weight, or an actual physical body for that matter, gave the ghosts an extreme advantage in speed, and allowed them to twist and turn in ways they couldn’t even imagine.

Just like that, their risk-free plan of artillery bombardment had failed.

Aerial bombings had been suggested at some point, but the ghosts quickly took care of the soldier who piloted that doomed flight…

At this point, even talks of bringing in ‘external experts’ began to surface. All the while, the HQ officers continued flipping through whatever materials they could find on this matter.

As for who these ‘experts’ were, they were experts on the occult, of course. Meaning… they were fiction writers…

When that was first suggested, Rodena almost grabbed the strategist who suggested that by his collar.

In actuality, those ‘experts’ were never brought in. Instead, they got several researchers to try and develop a prototype energy defense system. This system was originally meant for use on mobile armors, so just modifying it for the exosuits required hours.

The first prototype was quickly delivered by night to those stationed outside of Southern Plains. Soon after, an elite soldier was outfitted with the device and piloting his custom exosuit into Southern Plains.

The energy defense system was a simple device shaped like tiles. These small tiles would then be stuck onto the limbs of the exosuit, the back and the head. With how patched together this solution seemed, it would be understatement to say that the soldier wasn’t feeling very safe right now. But he was a soldier, and soldiers followed orders. Since he was the chosen one, he had to comply.

Gingerly, he stepped across the dreaded border, as if any sudden movement would trigger off a trap. By the time he came into sight of the ghosts, they had noticed him as well. They immediately swarmed towards him. He instinctively reached for his button to fire, causing the black exosuit to trigger its weapons system and fire off a salvo of lasers at the incoming ghosts.

Faced with what should have been an attack with perfect accuracy, the ghosts somehow managed to distort their bodies in impossible angles, finally twisting up into a braid… The lasers basically missed…

But just when it looked like his exosuit was going to be invaded, the armor of his exosuit miraculously discharged a powerful electrical wave outwards! Noticing that energy signature, the ghosts halted their attacks and started retreating.

From the looks of things, the ghosts were afraid of electricity.

The soldier was saved, and humanity discovered a weakness of their mysterious new foe.

At this rate, the Federation would only have to reproduce this defense system en masse and march their troops in. However, were things ever so simple?

Having just survived a brush with death, the soldier was fully ready to return to his squad now that he had completed his mission. But the moment he turned around, the earth suddenly split apart…

A gigantic bony white hand, formed out of countless bones, grabbed the soldier’s exosuit. Then like a cat who had a tiny mouse in its paws, easily dragged the soldier down into the abyss…

The moment the hand disappeared into the ground, the earth closed back up, as if nothing had ever happened… At least it would have been, had it not been for the jagged cracks in the road…

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Chapter 693: Epilogue (1)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Change of POV:

Chunks the size of a fist began raining down like meteors, some even reaching up to the size of a human’s head. Mo Ke and the girls were currently in the midst of a frantic escape, weaving through a veritable bullet-hell as they sprinted blindly ahead. Every step they took was a gamble whether or not a stray piece of rubble would suddenly crash into them. All around them, the massive craters left behind by the falling rubble only served to remind them of the fate they narrowly avoided by a hair’s breadth.

Even with the exosuit’s defenses, stone chunks falling from such a height could still prove fatal. At the end of the day, these exosuits were, at best, at the level of a Three-star. These suits were built for entertainment, so there wasn’t a need to make them too sturdy, given that the weapons they would face were all sealed up. Maintenance standards wouldn’t be as stringent as military operations either.

The rain of stones continued unabated, leaving the group with a visceral sense of helplessness. Other than dodge, there really wasn’t much they could do. With how fast these stones were, there wasn’t even that much time to react.

Thankfully, none of the chunks had hit them so far. Ever the dependable girl, Duanmu Bitong was able to remotely control her two unmanned exosuits, turning them into mobile shields to cover for them, even as she was frantically running away. In fact, this was the sole reason why they hadn’t suffered any injuries yet.

However, that meant that the two exosuits were finally done for; a price had to be paid for their safety. The good news was that these were unmanned exosuits that got crushed by the rubble.

High above, the culprit of this rock storm finally ceased its destructive actions, but that was only the beginning of the ensuing nightmare.

A giant shadow zipped across the horizon. The culprit of this mini-disaster had finally revealed itself -it was another massive skeletal Coatl, and it was currently charging right at that white exosuit…

There’s another?! Mo Ke thought to himself, but he soon found out otherwise. There were two of them!

Before Mo Ke and the girls could celebrate the fact that they had somehow avoided this crisis, another shadow blotted the skies… Under their disbelieving eyes, the third skeletal Coatl reared its sinister head…

By this time, the second Coatl had already reached the exhausted white exosuit. It still seemed to be in fighting condition, but whether or not it could take on another Coatl was a different story. Mo Ke and the pilot exchanged a quick glance, as if to say, you take care of that one, I’ll take care of this one.

It seemed however, that this was unnecessary. The third Coatl had already set its sights on Mo Ke.


This monster, which was also responsible for one of the buildings being destroyed, let forth a deafening roar -a sign of its aggression, and perhaps its claim of ownership as well?

Through its massive eye holes, glimpses of a dancing Soul Flame could be seen, as if it was excited about something.

“Out of the way! Quick! I’ll take care of it!”

Realising that battle was no longer avoidable, Mo Ke chose to meet his new foe head on. He first shed away the entertainment exosuit which he deemed as being useless against the skeletal Coatl. At the same time as he peeled himself out of the cockpit, he launched himself into the air, a pair of purple wings bursting to life behind him in a beautiful flourish!

Wings fully extended, Mo Ke felt for the first time that he was in his element, as if flying with these wings was a part of himself.

“Big brother!”

“Your Highness!”


A few powerful flaps of his wings later, Mo Ke was fully airborne. Suddenly, a mighty gust of wind blew over the scene as the air itself began to tremble. Mo Ke began flapping his wings once more, but this time, each flap brought it with a hail of feather-shaped energy projectiles, as if he was some sort of divine being passing judgement on the monster below. A goddess had descended!

Even though Mo Ke was actually a guy, and he was even in men’s clothing…

Icy Inferno gripped tightly in his hands, Mo Ke bravely dove at the skeletal monster below him. Because he knew more than anyone else right now – the moment that monster discovered them, there was no running away. Even if he couldn’t defeat it, he had to at least buy time for the girls to escape!

His newfound bloodline was his biggest advantage in this fight, even if he himself wasn’t aware of how strong he had gotten because of it. This bloodline was originally his, but his memories had been sealed up. In spite of that, every fiber of his being was telling him right now: he could do it! In this time of danger, his instincts were telling him that the monster wasn’t a match for him.

Ever since Mo Ke was awarded a feather from Lucifer, he gained the Original Sin of Pride. He had turned into a being ingrained with divinity. The moment Lucifer infused his feather into him, Mo Ke gained an express ticket to the Demigod-tier.

For such a being, killing a monster slightly above his grade was no problem at all. Even if he wasn’t consciously aware of it due to his artificial amnesia, his body remembered how to judge an enemy’s strength.

There was no need to hesitate at all! Rather, in a fight to the death, a single moment could decide one’s life.

A set of terrifying fangs closed in on him, filling his eyesight in an instant, but he easily evaded the jaw attack with an elegant twist of his body. Then with another flap of his wings, he abruptly changed directions and climbed atop the Coatl’s head. The forces generated by such a violet move struck him like a hammer, but he paid them no heed as he steadied himself once more.

To begin with, a purple-winged Fallen Angel’s flight ability wasn’t something that could be described with mere words. And as Mo Ke raised Icy Inferno up high for the most powerful attack he knew so far, the Coatl was about to experience its mistake firsthand…

——– Change of Scene ———

Ever since Southern Plains was transformed into a veritable hellscape overnight, the eyes of the world were glued to this once-famous tourist city. Whether they were the tabloids, or the CMMs/LYNX news of the world, there were no media companies who weren’t furiously covering this city right now. No amount of celebrity marriages and subsequent divorices could dethrone this topic from its frontpage spot.

That was because this single city was all the people had on their minds right now; the death of over 4 million people had imparted a palpable sense of danger into every human being, regardless of whether they were on Gaia, or had already migrated to another planet.

However, this crisis wasn’t completely a disaster. At least for some, the destruction within the city had also proved to be a platform of sorts…

Aged 21, Stuart was your everyday shut-in. His favourite, and probably only, hobby involved simping over streamer girls. Naturally, he wasn’t all that bothered by the tragedy unfolding in Southern Plains. After all, what did he care if a few people, or maybe a few million died? As long as it did not spread to his city, he was perfectly fine.

And even if it did, that was just an opportunity for him to suddenly be granted some sort of cheat-like system and begin his adventure slaughtering zombies in an apocalyptic world. In the process, he would recruit a bunch of lackeys, start his own faction, marry a beautiful, rich girl, then become the ultimate winner in life!

Self-centered, delusional people like Stuart weren’t as uncommon as one would hope. But all that changed when the Federation suddenly released an edited version of its footage within Southern Plains…

Countless zombies dotted the streets of a city that once boasted immaculate roads. In place of tediously-maintained pristineness was dried blood, torn limbs, half-eaten corpses and heads with their eyes staring lifelessly ahead… All that served only to tell the world that this tourist city was now forever consigned to the history books…

From now on, there would be no vacationing here. The moment one brought up the city, Southern Plains, images of death and a sinister virus would be all that were conjured. As long as the human race persevered, this city would forever be marked as a city of death…

However, this video wasn’t only a bringer of bad news and death. There was also disbelief -a questioning of whether or not this was even the world they knew anymore…

Within the video aired by the Federation was a beautiful girl, dressed in a typical man’s white shirt and pants, and graced with a head of flowing purple hair that almost seemed like silk. It was this same girl that also wielded a blade-like sword as she hacked a bunch of skeletal Scorpids to death.

These skeletal Scorpids possessed unimaginable agility and ambush tactics that caught even seasoned veterans off-guard. They acted more like a pack than an actual pack of wolves, and wherever they hunted, they brought death along with them.

Even the elite exosuit pilots amongst the police did not dare say that they could fight these monsters and come out unscathed. Yet it was that girl, not even armed with an exosuit, who single handedly faced off against these monsters, all the while wielding a weapon straight out of the medieval age.

It was that girl, with a harmless face that would endear her to any guy who saw her, who slew those Scorpids without taking a single hit!

Her battle tactics had everyone on the edge of their seats, but whenever it looked like she was about to get hit, she would always dodge in a manner most unexpected to pull a counterattack.

Beautiful; exhilarating; intoxicating…

No matter how many times Stuart watched this video, he would always feel a surge of adrenaline that would push him to smack the floor constantly just to release that pent up desire to fight.

It was at that point that Stuart’s mom returned home.

This thirty-odd looking lady stared at her son in disbelief.

“Son, why are you kneeling while watching a video?”

Hearing his mom’s voice, Stuart turned around to look at the mature lady, then after a long silence, turned back to watch the video.

Finally, after another long pause in which his mom probably thought he was out of his mind, Stuart suddenly spoke up, “Mom, I think I’ve found my religion…”

This same scene played out across multiple households… or were in the midst of playing out…

The girl in question was naturally Mo Ke. The Federation’s satellites had captured the situation of Southern Plains in detail. In particular, they made sure to capture Mo Ke’s every action when possible.

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Chapter 692: Skeletal Coatl

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Barely done yelling the word ‘run’, I grabbed the Qiaoqiao and Lixiang with both my arms, then ran as fast as I could away from the hotel entrance.

The area we were in was too close to the white exosuit. More likely than not, this would soon turn into a battlefield, and if we did not run now, we would undoubtedly be drawn into it.

Yanked back to her senses, Lixiang quickly broke free from my grasp and started running as well. That way, she would not slow me down as we ran. Only Qiaoqiao seemed to be in shock from the sudden appearance of that serpentine monster.

Bitong naturally wasn’t a concern at all. The moment I shouted run, she was already on her feet way before me.

The road wasn’t clear, but now wasn’t the time for farming either. Rather than fighting the zombies in the way, we chose to ram our way through any enemies.

Even so, that serpentine skeleton was too fast. Before we could put some distance between us and the hotel, a tremor shook the ground once more. This time, it felt like a bomb had gone off near us. Encased within these exosuits, we could still feel the shockwave buffeting us like a hammer. Thankfully, the impact was mostly absorbed by the exosuit and only caused a little discomfort to us.

We took a second to recover from the impact, then immediately sprinted off into the distance. Bitong took the opportunity to deploy her detachable bits to act as a video recorder behind us.

The idea was to give us some information on the battle, but because the shockwave had stirred up quite a dust storm, the detachable bits couldn’t record much.

Is that white exosuit done for? Was the first thought that crossed my mind. However, a mere moment later, a significantly battered and dusty exosuit broke out of the dust cloud, taking to the skies. Along with him, were a few unfortunate zombies who tried to hold down his suit…

The instant that white exosuit was clear of the dust, he immediately raised his gun, and without even aiming, fired off another shot. Unfortunately, the attack did not hit its target. The serpentine skeleton managed to dodge the beam of laser, though not without paying a price. It not only had its left wing clipped, the entire corner of its left wing had been caught in the line of fire…

The area promptly burnt up into ashes, rendering its left wing unusable, and unable to power its flight further. Yet that did not stop the serpentine skeleton from charging ahead single mindedly into the white exosuit who was in the midst of landing. Just like that, the both of them collided into a massive ball of bone and metal, and began crashing towards the ground…

Thankfully, the same time that the serpentine skeleton rammed into the exosuit, the pilot within released his twelve detachable bits from his back. These funnel-shaped machines flew off like a well-trained squadron, forming up into an orderly V-shape before circling around the serpentine monster. A second later, they fired in unison. Their target: the membrane of its wings.

In such a position, the serpentine skeleton clearly couldn’t dodge, let alone try and counterattack.

The ground shook once more as both the exosuit and the serpentine skeleton landed forcefully…

“Wait. Those look like those detachable bits that helped us yesterday…”

When I first noticed those twelve white detachable bits, I was honestly surprised. I did not expect a reunion so soon, at least not within 24 hours. After all, this city was massive, and at this point, the survival rate was horrifically low.

“He was probably camping out in the vicinity last night. Let’s leave, quickly. That big monster is no joke.” Bitong zoomed in on the skeleton for a couple of seconds before saying, “That giant thing should be a Disaster-class Coatl. They are known for being powerful aerial predators, and can easily take on a military-grade exosuit. Normally, their weak point should be below their neck where the heart is… but that monster is already dead…”

In other words, it has no weak points? No… that can’t be. That’s right, its vital point has just shifted from the chest region to the head, that’s all! The Soul Flame is the common weakness of all undead! Except for ghosts and the like… they are basically one and the same with their weak point…

In spite of knowing what it was we were facing, we still had no choice but to run. There was no debating this matter, that was just how powerful the other side was compared to us.

What were we to do? Take on a 10 meter long monster with a bunch of toys? As if! These entertainment exosuits could at most take on small fries like those zombies, not a gigantic boss!

“Let’s get out of here. No matter who wins it has nothing to do with us…” Bitong led the way in front of us. However, we did not have to run for long, as our detachable bits soon delivered a shocking but definitely welcome bit of news…

The impossible-looking skeletal Coatl had just been taken out by that white exosuit…

By removing the Coatl’s ability to fly, the white exosuit could take to the skies unimpeded, though he had to give up his sniper rifle which was stuck fast in the monster’s jaws.

Now that he had the aerial advantage, he took out his reserve gun and summarily executed the monster with three pinpoint shots to its head! The battle was settled at that point; the Soul Flame within clearly could not withstand three shots, with how weak it was.

Without its Soul Flame, the entire skeleton crumbled to the ground in a massive pile of bones.

“He… won…” Qiaoqiao had been watching the video feed off our detachable bits all this while, thus she was the first to notice his victory, and was more than intrigued by this newcomer. “Maybe we should go back and say hi. If he isn’t with the police, he has to be with the military… Either way, we can approach him for help!”

“This one agrees. More information is important.” Now that the danger had passed, Lixiang was happy to approve of that plan. “We should go over to have a look.”

Since the two of you want to do so, I guess we can. The monster is dead, anyway.

“Let’s go over.” Bitong nodded as well.

It’s settled then.

Yet just as we were about to turn around, something else happened…

The roof of a nearby building suddenly exploded, raining down countless rocks on us. And like helpless mice, we had to run for cover once more.

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Chapter 691: Crash Landing

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

According to our estimates, the amount of people who could have survived that hellish first day would… most likely be far and few between. In that case, the streets should be filled with zombies. However…

There was only quiet, at least it was a lot more quiet than I had initially expected.

I was fully expecting zombies packed like sardines blocking the streets, not this.

“What’s going on? Where did all the zombies go?” Something was clearly off here.

“Perhaps it’s because most of the dead died indoors.” Bitong calmly analyzed the possibilities. “I doubt those ghosts we encountered would bother dragging their victims out onto the streets. And even if the ghosts did kill people on the streets, there’s no guarantee that they would turn into zombies this way. I think it’s more likely that they all died indoors. Their bodies are still rotting somewhere while their souls are either consumed or converted.”

A sound deduction, and probably the only one we could go by for now.

“Thank goodness that we’re not afraid of those ghosts. In fact, Qiaoqiao is hoping more of them will show up! At 20 points a kill, that’s easy profit!” Qiaoqiao activated her internal projection as she said that, showing off the talismans she had stuck onto her clothes and hair in order to ward off evil. At this point, the only place lacking a talisman was her forehead…

Even though she looked a little comical, her own life was at stake here; she was merely doing the sensible thing.

These talismans were known as Purification Talismans, 10 points a piece, and belonged to the lower-tiered functional talismans. They belonged to the same tier as the Flame Talisman, but cost twice as much as one. In exchange, they had the added benefit of only harming evil lifeforms. Hence, the name ‘Purification’.

Because Qiaoqiao hadn’t strengthened her bloodlines yet, she was still a human. And humans definitely weren’t part of any evil race. Thanks to that, she could be sure that even if the ghosts were to get too close to her, she wouldn’t be hurt by the talisman.

Accordingly, she no longer had to worry about those ghosts sneaking into the cockpit to harm her. But should a large swarm of them attack at once, causing the talisman to expire before they were all dead, she would be in deep trouble…

Honestly, everyone, barring me, was a normal human being here. Even Lixiang. Without such external tools, fighting against those ghosts would be impossible.

I was the exception. I had my bloodline activated, and even had that cheat-like skill of the Shadow Demon Guardian; those ghosts weren’t a threat at all.

“Well, it’s daytime now. I doubt there will be a lot of those ghosts wandering around.”

Ghosts were, of course, famously known for being evil creatures. As such, they were deathly afraid of fire and the sun. The two were basically of the same element, and were polar opposites to the deathly attribute of a ghost.

Even so, a mass of ghosts could gather together in a cloud, massing their negative energies together to form a barrier that blocked the sun. The larger the cloud was, the more stable this effect would be. In fact, any undead could achieve this effect, not just the ghosts.

That was the green fog we saw yesterday. The fog acted as a sun barrier that allowed the ghosts beneath to act freely, though that would still be restricted within the range of the fog.

Only at night, would those ghosts be able to act completely unfettered. With their seemingly endless numbers and superior mobility, who knew how many they had slain by now…

Heavens… don’t tell me they’ve really massacred the entire city… No way. At the very least, we are still alive, and I don’t believe that four million humans would just die off like that! That’s four million humans, not four million morons!

To be honest, we could have easily bunkered down in that hotel, given our talismans. But none of us wanted to leave our fate up to fortune. At least by leaving, we could farm points and grow stronger. At least our fates were in our control!

“Either way, be careful, everyone…” I wanted to say some more, but something interrupted me.

As of right now, we were still standing outside of the hotel, directly facing the main street as we discussed our upcoming plan of action. Suddenly, I was cut off by a massive explosion, followed up by a wave of gentle tremors.

A green beam of light fired upwards from a blindspot ahead, piercing the sky in an instant. Then barely a second later, a pure white exosuit took to the skies, armed with a two meter long sniper rifle that was firing downwards even now.

Due to our vantage point, we couldn’t see who the exosuit was firing at. But that problem soon fixed itself when a monster charged out from behind the buildings.

The sniper shot had failed to kill its target, only managing to clip one of its wings. Just like before, this monster was a skeletal beast, shaped like a serpent but with wings on its back that afforded it frightening speed as it sped towards the white exosuit.

Thanks to the recoil from the missed shot, the exosuit didn’t have time to dodge the frontal assault of the monster!

On one hand, the exosuit stood at an impressive three meters tall. On the other hand, that skeletal beast was over 10 meters long! Clearly, the former was going to lose out in a head-on collision.

A loud crash later, the white exosuit came tumbling down to the earth. And as if by some twisted sense of humor, it landed near our location. There wasn’t even time to think at this point. The 10 meter long monster dove towards the exosuit like a hawk, determined to finish off its prey.

“Crap! Run!”

I yelled those two words, not at the fallen exosuit in front of us, but rather for the girls behind me.

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Chapter 690: Stock Taking

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Hey!” Yelled Lixiang, anxious from watching Qiaoqiao slaughter the zombies. Finally, she herself charged into the fray, shouting, “Leave some for me!”

So anxious was she that she even forgot to refer to herself as ‘this one’.

However, Bitong was clearly the more efficient of them all, seeing as she had two unmanned exosuits to help her.

Being mere one pointers, these zombies weren’t a threat at all to the entertainment exosuits, thus I was more than comfortable with leaving the girls alone. Besides, I already had my own bloodline activated, thus these one pointers barely registered on my radar. That wasn’t to say I wouldn’t join if a Scorpid of a ghost showed up.

Unfortunately, there were no such enemies present.

While the girls were busy cleaning up the floor, I opened up my own status menu for a quick look.

Name: Mo Ke
Race: Purple-winged Fallen Angel
Gender: Male?
Tier: Four
Skills: Revolution Slice, Flame Whip, Fireball, Firewall, Shadow Demon Guardian, Darkness Whip
Points: 235

After activating my bloodline, my tier went up by one, and I even gained a couple of new skills in the process. From a glance, I could tell these new skills were of the Darkness Element. They sounded quite formidable as well.

I proceeded to open up the description for the Shadow Demon Guardian and the Darkness Whip. The Darkness Whip spell turned out to be the same as the Flame Whip, just of a different element. Its attack power was passable. However, I already had Flame Whip, so it was quite redundant. A test was needed to see which was the better of the two.

The Shadow Demon Guardian, on the other hand, was something to look forward to. It was able to transform my shadow into an independent entity known as the Shadow Demon. This Shadow Demon would then be able to leave my side in order to attack or bind my foes. Furthermore, when it was fully activated, it could automatically protect me from attacks. Simply put, it would attack those who tried to attack me first. Thanks to that, it was nearly impossible to harm me, unless the opponent was able to destroy the Shadow Demon entirely.

Yet being able to destroy my Shadow Demon wasn’t the end of the story either. By expending a large amount of MP, I could revive it once more. Meaning, as long as I had the mana to do so, I could theoretically revive my Shadow Demon endlessly.

Naturally, all that was just theoretical. Seeing as I had to first survive the feedback from having my Shadow Demon destroyed.

Even so, with enough enhancement, this spell would be unmatched. Being an elemental being, the Shadow Demon would be able to attack both corporeal and incorporeal foes easily. In front of its shadow tendrils, those sneaky ghosts were nothing but flies.

Just as I finished reading through my two new skills, the girls happened to finish cleaning up the lobby. After a day of practise, they performed a lot better, both mentally and physically. Still, the ability of humans to adapt to harsh environments never ceased to amaze me. All it took was one day for them to slay zombies without batting an eyelid.

Or maybe it was just the temptation of owning a superior Angel bloodline that was working its magic here…

“9811… 9810… 9809…”

“Stop snatching Qiaoqiao’s monsters! Sister Bitong, too. You’re even making those two exosuits steal Qiaoqiao’s points…”

“What do you mean steal? I won them fair and square.” Now that a superior Angel bloodline was at stake, the gloves were off. No longer was Bitong trying to cater to Qiaoqiao’s whims. Instead, she firmly declared, “I want to become an Elemental Angel, none of you had better try to steal that from me!”

“This one is a Primal Angel!” Seeing Bitong choose something entirely different from herself, Lixiang quietly breathed a sigh of relief to herself. “This one has no quarrel with the mortal girl.”

“Qiaoqiao wants to be a Blazing Angel! Qiaoqiao has also chosen a different Angel, so stop trying to steal Qiaoqiao’s monsters!” Qiaoqiao was equally relieved when the two girls chose a different goal from herself. “Qiaoqiao is definitely going to be the first to reach 10000 points!”

“Alright, settle down now. 10000 points isn’t something you can get just by saying so. We need to approach this calmly and methodically. Supplies we need still have to be bought.” I drove my own exosuit in between the girls to mediate. “Besides, I just checked those bloodlines out. Superior Angel bloodlines like those are usually in a sealed state. In order to undo the seal, you would need ten times the cost of the previous state… So let’s take things slowly for now.”

I emphasized that last bit. After all, the total amount of points everyone required was quite a sum.

“I did some quick calculations. Southern Plains has a rough population of four million. Not including ourselves, if everyone was to turn into a zombie, we would at least get four million points by wiping them all out…”

“Sis… you can’t just kill off everyone for the sake of points… some of them are actually innocent.”

“This one agrees.” For once, Lixiang seemed to agree with Bitong. “It’s not like anyone else can survive in this city.”

The two of them seemed almost a little psychopathic just then, seeing how they were wishing for more people to die just so they could farm more points. However, they were partially right in that most people would find it difficult to survive.

Lest one forgot, this city was blockaded by countless ghosts. No one could get in or out. During nightfall, these ghosts would also swarm around the city, hunting down any survivors. Given that these ghosts were immune to physical attacks, and could only be harmed by energy attacks, how were normal people even going to defend themselves?

If there was one thing I was absolutely certain about, it was that ordinary civilians wouldn’t possess energy weapons. The power of such weapons were too destructive for the Federation to ever allow civilians to handle.

On the flip side, it meant that anyone who had energy weapons were clearly not ordinary civilians. In light of all that, it was highly unlikely that the number of survivors after last night was more than 400000. Furthermore, that number would mostly be made up of soldiers or policemen. They were the only ones who would possess the weapons required to defend themselves. Everyone else had to depend on sheer luck…

The moment I came to that realization, my head nearly exploded. That was nearly 90% of a city’s population gone in one day! And the Federation forces were still trapped outside of the city… Truly… this would have been a hopeless situation, had it not been for the system’s help. Perhaps I would have already given up by now, or more likely, I would be dead to some ghost…

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Chapter 689: Bloodlines

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Power… I can feel the power coursing through my veins!

I couldn’t help but stand up. The clothes on my back burst open with a loud rip, as two tears on my back started to mysteriously form. From within, a couple of purple-feathered wings started extending outwards…

“Your Highness? Are those wings?” Before I could even figure out what was happening, I heard a startled cry of joy from Lixiang. “Fantastic! His Highness has finally awakened! No. His seal has come undone!”

“Ke? Are you alright, Ke? What are those on your back?”

Just like Lixiang, Bitong had just woken up, only to find a pair of purple wings sprouting out from my back. Unlike Lixiang, her thoughts did not immediately turn to the fantastical – she was more worried about my wellbeing.

“I’m fine. The system just underwent an update. There’s now a new system called the “Bloodlines Enhancement…”

I was just about to explain why I had wings on my back when I was suddenly interrupted by a little girl’s gasping.

“Ah! Big brother, why aren’t you wearing clothes?”

I turned around to find Qiaoqiao standing at the doorway, hands covering her eyes as if she was trying to avoid looking at something.

It’s just Qiaoqiao. But why is she even bothering to cover her eyes with that giant gap between her fingers…

Finally, I realised that my new wings had completely ripped my shirt apart, baring my chest for all to see… assuming that was even an issue for a guy.

I did not immediately try to cover myself, instead opting to pull out another shirt from within my inventory and wear it.

These wings had the useful ability to retract themselves, which I did with a mere thought. Summoning them out was also just as easy – a single thought. However, having to replace a shirt each time I summoned them would be quite inconvenient…

“The Marketplace has an adaptive shirt prepared just for such bloodlines. A single shirt costs only 20 points. Would our valued host be interested in one?”

When did my system become such a salesperson… but if the system is going so far as to recommend it, I can’t really say no, can I? Especially not when the system was so generous as to give me a 10000 points gift. Really, where do you even find a more generous system? To think I even used to call the system a scamming cheapskate… Shameful.

If I can go back in time to see myself, I would give myself a good dressing down for all those hurtful words I used to hurl at the system. My system wasn’t being a cheapskate, she was just saving up for that one big gift! Rather than give me a bunch of trash, she would rather give me quality goods! What a fantastic system!

In the heat of the moment, I tapped on the shirt, purchasing it for 20 points.

In actuality, this shirt was basically the same as every other shirt you could find in the real world. The difference being that it did not snap when my wings extended itself. But if that was the case, I could have just opened up two holes in the back of my shirt, saving me the 20 points… But there’s no way my system would scam me like that, would it? Of course not!

“Since everyone is up, then I will just explain the Bloodlines System right now…”

Shirt worn, I led the girls down to the sofa in the living room before starting.

A while later, my explanation was done.

Lixiang was naturally the first to react. Leaning over Qiaoqiao, she grabbed my hands and said, “So this one’s sealed up bloodline has already been found by His Highness… There can be no better news than this. As long as this one gathers up enough points, this one can return to being a Primal Angel of the Apocalypse.”

Lixiang… you were never one to begin with! Stop lying to yourself just because the system released this Bloodlines System!

“Big brother, Qiaoqiao wants to be a Blazing Angel!”

“An Elemental Angel sounds good, but so does a Nature Angel…”

With the floodgates now opened on bloodlines, the girls happily listed the bloodlines they were aiming for, the 10000 points price tag not even a consideration for them at all.

“Okay, okay. I know what you’re all trying to tell me.” I sighed as I looked at their intent eyes. “Let’s wash up first, then grab breakfast.”

“Breakfast sounds like a bother, how about we just go straight to hunting.” Lixiang began counting with her fingers. “If we can farm 1000 points in a day, then 10 days should be enough to purchase a bloodline. And if we farm 5000 in a day, then only two days…”

1000 sounds feasible, but 5000… I think someone is still dreaming…

“Yeah… Why do we humans need to eat?”

Seems like Qiaoqiao is on the bandwagon as well…

“Now, now. Meals are still necessary, but we can eat faster.” Bitong suggested, ever the more responsible one in our group. “Ke, how about bringing out the food, I think we still have bread in storage.”

“We do, but they have to be heated up.” I took out the bread in question, but just as I was about to head to the kitchen, I felt a hand grab hold of me.

“No need for that, we can save more time this way.” Bitong extended her Bony Claws of the Nine Yin and immediately ripped the bread into four pieces. “One piece for everyone. Let’s finish up quickly, that way we can go hunting longer.”

Madness… Everyone has gone mad, even sis…

The rest was self-explanatory. Everyone washed up as fast as possible, then shoved down their brick-like bread for breakfast. Then without even bothering to digest the food, they were already dragging me to the exit to start hunting.

Initially, I was planning to spend some time learning about the benefits of my new bloodline, but the girls clearly had plans otherwise.

Before leaving however, Bitong was still cautious enough to have the unmanned exosuits scout out the exit. Thanks to that, we reached the first floor of the hotel without incident. Then, to our great surprise, we found the lobby filled with zombies. These mindless creatures did not possess the intellectual capacity to climb stairs efficiently, so the majority of them ended up just wandering around.

“Points! Qiaoqiao wants those points!”

Her eyes lit up with a fire I had only seen in a person staring down a field of gold. Hammer in hand, she leapt off the stairs, right into the waiting pile of zombies. With one fell swing, her hammer was stained red with zombie blood.

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Chapter 688: New Patch

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library


“Big brother~”

In order to ensure that the talismans were put up immediately, I ended up staying up through the night.

At this point, I was so tired that I could only yawn in response before Qiaoqiao came diving into my arms.

“Qiaoqiao…” I caught her reflexively. “You need to brush your teeth first when you wake up… I’m a little tired right now, I’m gonna go take a nap first.”

“Okay. Have a good rest, big brother.” Seeing my haggard face, even Qiaoqiao couldn’t bring herself to disturb me further, thus she obediently ran off to wash her face.

In all honesty, Qiaoqiao was a lot more obedient than she let on. She was just a little naughty at times… But that’s talk for later… sleep… now…

Yet the long-awaited rest never came. Just as I was about to close my eyes, the system’s voice came crashing into my ears.

“DING! System update complete. Magical Girl Harem Grooming System 3.0: Bloodlines War Update complete. Update gift pack has been dispatched, please check your inventory. For further details on the new patch, please approach your neighbourhood system…”

That was quick… it was only 2.0 yesterday too, and now it’s already 3.0!

So… System, what are the new features?

“The Marketplace now has a Bloodlines Conversion feature.”

Bloodlines? Bloodlines… Bloodlines!!

Are you serious?

Is the ‘Bloodlines’ I have in mind the same as the ‘Bloodlines’ the system has in mind?

“Correct, they are the same.”

Oh my god, there are bloodlines now! Crap, I need to have a look for myself.

I opened up the Marketplace interface and found there was now an additional tab known as ‘Bloodlines Enhancement’. Within the tab were a bunch of bloodlines that were all somewhat familiar to any fantasy buff…

Inferior Werewolf Bloodline: Grants the ability to transform into a half-wolf, half-man form during a full moon. Gain increased overall stats and supernatural regeneration ability. Can be further upgraded using points.

Weakness: Silver weapons or holy damage.

Price: 1000 points.

Inferior Vampire Bloodline: Grants the ability to extract energy from blood, recovering oneself in the process. Possesses an extremely long lifespan. Can be further upgraded using points.

Weakness: Silver weapons, sunlight, or holy damage.

Price: 1000 points

Inferior Devil Bloodline: The lowest tier bloodline of the Devil race. However, it possesses the highest customizability. By ingesting flesh or souls, one can improve their body. Lower levelled Devils are born with the ability to control fire. By obtaining an Original Sin, they may then evolve into a higher levelled Devil. Can be further upgraded using points.

Weakness: Holy damage, Ice element.

Price: 500 points.

Other than those three, there were a bunch of different bloodlines that would normally be associated with creatures of the darkness, such as Dark Elves, superior Devils, etc. There were also Nature Elves, and even Angels…

The further down the list I went, the more I felt like crying… because the most expensive amongst them cost a whopping 10000 points… and that was still its sealed up state…

Primal Angel Bloodline (Unique, sealed): Possesses the two opposing elements of Light and Darkness, the highest tier of the Angel bloodline. Because of its high innate tier, it can only exist in a sealed state in the mortal realms. Can be unsealed with points.

Weakness: none.

Price: 10000 points.

(TL: Different from Origin Angels. At least that was what the raw text indicated.)

Other than the Primal Angel, there were also other unique Angel bloodlines. For example, the four Angels of the Elements, the Elemental Angel of Water, Earth, Fire and Wind. The Angel of Nature, the Nature Angel. The Angel of Justice, the Blazing Angel. The Angel of Vengeance, the Retribution Angel. Then, there was the king of the Fallen Angels, the Purple-winged Fallen Angel…

There were similar unique-sounding bloodlines amongst the Devils as well, such as the various rulers of the Hells, each representing an Original Sin. Unlike the superior Angel bloodlines however, these superior Devil strains could all be obtained through evolution. In light of that, the Angel bloodlines seemed a lot more exclusive and superior. Still, their prices weren’t cheap – they just weren’t as expensive as the unique ones.

Taking into account the immense starting cost of the Angel bloodline, compared to customizability of the inferior Devil bloodline, which was the better choice was still debatable.

My eyes were naturally drawn to the most expensive choice, but if I did not unlock something usable right now, surviving in Southern Plains would be difficult… Kind of like the age-old dilemma of whether to constantly upgrade your equipment in a game, or save up till the maximum level to purchase the best equipment possible. Assuming, of course, you were alive long enough to reach said maximum level.

After all, we weren’t in a game right now.

Hmm… the more practical choice, or the more expensive choice… Both have their advantages.

Actually, can I have multiple bloodlines? Can I first choose to be a Devil, then add on a superior Angel bloodline? That would be great, if that were the case.

“Matters regarding bloodlines have to be chosen wisely. Once a bloodline has strengthened one’s body, the bloodline cannot be removed. However, our valued host need not worry, because the ever-generous, and ever-beautiful system has prepared a wonderful gift for our valued host.”

Gift? Oh right, the compensation for the update. The latest update did take a lot longer than usual. But since the system calls the gift pack wonderful, it should be a surprise worth waiting for.

With excitement in my heart, and a little bit of nervousness, I gingerly tapped open my inventory, and began searching for the gift pack in question.

The moment I opened the gift pack, my head exploded, there and then!

The Purple-winged Fallen Angel Bloodline! The free gift was the Purple-winged Fallen Angel Bloodline! That one and only Purple-winged Fallen Angel Bloodline!

Someone pinch me, I must be in heaven!

This time, I did not even bother questioning why the system was suddenly so generous. I had already opened up the gift pack and activated the bloodline. I immediately felt a boiling sensation coursing through my blood, as if molten lava had been injected into my veins. However, the pain did not last long, merely seconds before it was all gone. In its place was an immense sense of comfort…

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Chapter 687: Another Update

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

When the system went through its first update, it patched in a new feature known as the Worship System. Through this system, I was theoretically able to harness the Faith Power (FP) from my believers and convert them into points.

To be honest, all that talk about faith and FP flew right over me when I first heard it, but having a way to have points fall into your lap was always a good thing.

Assuming, of course, having to crossdress in front of a camera all day and perform silly acts could be considered an easy job… BUT! The important thing was that this system allowed me to farm points.

In the past, this system was mostly useless to me, because the minimum threshold to receive points was to have 10000 believers. That would net me 1 point, anything less would be automatically confiscated by the system.

My believer count in Southern Plains hovered around the 6000s at its peak. Naturally, that was way below the 10000 threshold, so I came to forget about this system entirely. That wasn’t to say that I never tried to raise my believer count. I did my very best to get more people to know me, but I soon found out that the criteria for becoming a believer was a steep one.

What was a believer? Naturally, someone who worshipped you. However, that wasn’t it either. Believers generated Faith Power (FP), meaning they had to have faith in you like they would an actual deity. They had to make a wish of you like they would a deity, and regardless of whether or not this wish was fulfilled, power would be generated in the process.

The power of these wishes would accumulate into FP, but if the person receiving these wishes did not have the ability to accumulate the power of said wishes, then the power would slowly dissipate.

My exposure rate was quite decent in the city, but other than being mistaken for a girl that was beautiful -no idea where they all got that from – there really wasn’t anything special about my videos.

In all likelihood, there weren’t that many who would make a wish to such a personality. Those that would… probably had more shady desires… Not just the ordinary kind as well, else why would they have unknowingly become my believers.

Perverts! That’s right! My believers were basically all perverts! The worst kind of the galaxy! And I wasn’t even a girl either!

Ahem. So how did my believer count suddenly shoot past the 100000 mark? Extraordinary, unthinkable!

“That’s due to the outside world learning of our valued host’s heroic actions within this instanced dungeon, through some means or another. Some of them have begun to treat our valued host as a sort of deity, thus the sudden increase in believer count.”

My heroic actions? So you’re saying I’m being monitored?

I guess taking note of me would be a more accurate description. In all likelihood, this was merely at the level of some random satellite focusing on me when it had the chance, rather than actual concerted surveillance. Even if the network was severed in this city, the high-tech satellites above should still be able to capture me. Or perhaps some sort of unmanned police drone, seeing as their network was still intact.

In short, while it might have looked like we were cut off from the world, everything that was done so far was done under the watchful eyes of the Federation.

Even so, what was the point of all that? The armed personnel in the city couldn’t even handle the situation, and those soldiers outside were all blocked from entering. This city was a wasteland, filled with death and despair. The corpses of millions of humans could easily form a skyscraper of their own. If left to rot, diseases would become an issue as well. Left in such a hostile environment, was there any word other than abandoned that could describe us?

“The situation in Southern Plains has shocked the entire world. Not just Gaia, even the other planets have begun paying attention to this tiny city. Our valued host performed admirably for the first day of the crisis. And while our valued host might not be the strongest human in the city right now, our valued host is definitely the most charismatic. After all, success is thirty percent luck, seventy percent hard work, and ninety percent good looks. Our valued host not only possesses a beauty to match an idol, he is powerful to boot.”

It’s not like the Federation will send an army over just because I’m beautiful… Still, has it only been a day? A day, and the entire city is already in shambles.

At this rate, given how much humans loved to be in control -I would know since I’m a human as well- how long till the Federation uses some sort of weapon of mass destruction to wipe away Southern Plains…

“But as long as our valued host works hard on being an idol, the number of believers who would support you would only increase. And once that reaches a breaking point… Of course, all that is predicated on our valued host maintaining his stunning good looks…”

Blah blah blah… keep looking beautiful, is what you’re trying to say. As long as I’m beautiful, I can do anything!

The system wasn’t entirely wrong on that front. If a large portion of the Federation citizens were against the idea, the government wouldn’t dare destroy the city either.

“Exactly. As long as our valued host keeps working hard in this instanced dungeon, the believer count would only rise day by day. As a side note, because our valued host has finally crossed the 100000 mark, the system has managed to fulfill one of its hidden criteria for levelling up. The system will now begin its update. During this period, some features might be unavailable. But worry not, the system will do its utmost to implement the 3.0 patch. Until then, please wait patiently for the upcoming level up gift pack…”

Another update? Didn’t you just update during the day?

Bah, the system can do as it pleases. After all, I’m just a disposable host, according to it.

The night ended up being not as peaceful as I would hope. A ghost or two would always pop up sporadically, at which point I would have to top up the talismans they triggered while trying to invade. Thankfully, the power of the talismans, and the sheer numbers I had stuck onto the walls meant that none of them succeeded.

In one night alone, I made an additional 120 points.

Just like that, the next day started without incident.

“Morning, big brother.”

It was now seven in the morning, and it was Qiaoqiao who woke up first.

Like a little bundle of energy, she promptly jumped off the bed, as if she was never asleep to begin with.

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Chapter 686: Way of the Talisman

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The Virus Detection Kit’s advantages over its necklace counterpart were that it did not require charging to be used, nor did the kit require conscious activation. As long as a virus carrier was nearby, the sphere would automatically glow as a warning. Not only did it detect zombies, it even gave a warning when ghosts were near.

In fact, it would be more accurate to say that the kit detected undead energy, rather than the virus.

“Big brother, what are those?” Still a little insomniac, Qiaoqiao finally got up from the bed, unable to bear with the boredom. She energetically ran up to the wall, then pointed at one of the Inferno Talismans.

“Those are Inferno Talismans.” I answered with a little resignation – I knew there was no way she would give up until I satisfied her curiosity. “It functions as a Fireball when thrown, and functions as an automatic self-defense tool when placed on yoneself. It self-immolates when it detects any nearby ghosts.”

“Uwah! That’s amazing!” Her eyes lit up like little jewels.

“Is that a talisman I spy?” This time, it was Lixiang’s turn to hop off the bed. Just like Qiaoqiao, she walked up to the curious object then said, “But I thought talismans were the methods of the immortals, why would the system have these? Isn’t it a magical girl system? Has it changed to being a cultivation system?”

“Who knows. Maybe the two aren’t all that different.” I gave a vague answer, seeing as I did not know better myself.

“5 points a piece… I wonder how effective they are, though?” Still on the bed, Bitong took the opportunity to purchase one talisman herself, and started fiddling with it. “Frostbite Talisman. Windslicer Talisman… There are even other elemental variations of that. I think I saw a book called, Essentials of Beginner Talismans. Only 2000 points, not at all expensive if these talismans prove effective. We can try crafting some ourselves.”

“Sis, maybe we should save that for later. Even if we learnt to craft such support tools, they won’t directly improve our fighting strength. Especially not when crafting those talismans would require resources and time, which we might not possess. We should stick to buying them for now. The beginner talismans aren’t even that expensive.”

At 5 points a pop, they actually weren’t expensive at all, seeing as they could ward off harder to detect enemies like those ghosts. Had it not been for Qiaoqiao not being able to sleep, the consequences would have been dire.

“But are they really effective?” Qiaoqiao continued fiddling with the crimson talisman on the wall. There was a palpable sense of excitement in her voice, as if she wanted nothing more than for a ghost to just pop up and trigger that talisman.

And who would have guessed it… a ghost actually appeared soon after she said that.

A ghost was about to fly into the room through one of the glass windows. Yet the moment it came into contact with the talisman-protected window, a bright red light filled the area, and the talisman burnt up in a burst of flames. The poor ghost who had initially planned to ambush us was summarily burnt to nothingness by it. First, its head got burnt, seeing as it was trying to pass through the window head first. A second later, the fire engulfed its entire body.

Just like that, a ghost had been taken care of, and we had even gotten 20 points in the process…

So even talismans I place on the walls can give me points when they kill a monster?

“WOAH! That was amazing! That talisman was amazing!” Qiaoqiao practically yelled. “Qiaoqiao wants to learn that too! Qiaoqiao wants to be a talisman master!”

“That ghost gave me 20 points too.”

“So they can pay for themselves? Seems like the way of the talisman is a worthwhile investment. With how varied these talismans can be, we can easily prepare for any situation by keeping a ready stock.” Having witnessed the power of the talisman herself, Bitong approved greatly of the little girl learning about talismans. “The materials for crafting the talisman should be available on the Marketplace. Their prices are cheaper as well -almost a hundred times cheaper!”

Seems like Sis has been busy flipping through the Marketplace while I wasn’t looking. Honestly speaking, this system never ceases to amaze me with how it’s able to produce all manners of goods. Some would even call it godly.

As Bitong voiced her suggestion, she walked up to the window for a closer look. To her surprise, there were no burn marks at all. “Unbelievable! The window is practically unharmed!”

“Ke, all we have to do is stick it on a surface? That’s it?” Despite being awed by the powers of the talisman, she did not forget that she had just purchased one such talisman herself.

“That’s right. As long as it doesn’t fall off, it’s fine. But you do need to infuse a little SP into it when you throw it, otherwise it won’t activate its powers. An exception would be if it was stuck onto something evil like those ghosts.” Seeing them so excited, I gave everyone a quick run-through of the talisman. Having done that, I said, “It’s almost midnight now, let’s get some sleep.”

“Okay…” Perhaps all the excitement had finally taken its toll, but the moment I said that, she gave an adorable little yawn. “Qiaoqiao is actually a little sleepy now.”

“Your Highness, you should get some sleep yourself.”

“Mhm. I plan to do so. Don’t worry, I’ll monitor the talismans. Should any of them activate, I will replace the talisman afterwards.”

“In that case, our safety is in your hands, Ke.”

“Leave it to me.”

Just like that, the girls went back to bed. This time, they quickly drifted off to sleep, even the little bundle of energy that was Qiaoqiao.

On my part, I sat up on the mattress for a while longer, watching for any signs of intruders.

Seeing as there were no more threats, I myself got ready to turn in. It was then that the system spoke up.

“Ding! Faith power detected. Valued host, you have just received 10 points.”

Wait… Faith power gives 10 points now? When did I gain so many believers? I thought I needed 10000 believers praying to me a day to receive 1 point?

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Chapter 685: Inferno Talisman

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Upon confirming that the ghosts were dead, I checked the time. It was 21 minutes past 11, a time famous in the past for being an hour of the ghosts.

With that earlier fright, the girls were naturally in no mood to sleep. Thus, I knew it fell on me to quickly shower, then join them in bed… absolutely not by choice, mind you… this was just to comfort them…

When I first made that suggestion, Qiaoqiao excitedly clamored to hug me on the bed. I actually rejected her. After all, I couldn’t just allow anyone to hug me just because they asked. I had standards! Standards that weren’t diminished by the happy tune I hummed while in the bath. Multiple tunes, in fact.

“Big brother~~ Qiaoqiao wants to hug you to sleep.”

Having just finished my shower and climbed onto the bed, Qiaoqiao immediately snaked her way into my arms, tightly hugging me as if she was a boa constrictor. Her distinctive little girl scent immediately wafted into my nose…

Ahem. I’m not into little girls at all! She just happens to be a little girl! And I’m not sick enough to lay my hands on her! Especially not when Bitong is giving me a death glare…

While all that was happening, Lixiang took the opportunity to snake her way onto my thighs… Is this the legendary thigh pillow?!

“Worry not, Your Highness, this is the least this one can do. May Your Highness have a pleasant rest.”

Wait… How am I even supposed to sleep with someone wrapping their arms around me while another uses my thighs as a pillow? And there’s still that death glare too…


“SIS! I’m moving… I’m moving…”

Regardless of what she was going to say next, my body was already moving on its own. Based on previous experiences, she was definitely at her most unstable when she had that murderous glare on her face…

This wasn’t me being a coward. This was about being a gentleman! I was giving way to her!

I broke free from the two girls in barely the time it took to enjoy their scents. With a rough flip, I tumbled onto the ground…

“You guys can sleep on the bed, I’ll just lie on the floor… I’m definitely not climbing onto the bed, so don’t worry!”

“Hmph. Big sister Bitong, you’re the worst! Stop bullying big brother!”

“Your Highness, you’re too lenient with that wench.”

“Quiet! Everyone, get to sleep right this instant. Hasn’t the day been tiring enough as is? We still have tomorrow to worry about!”

Bitong then glared at the other two girls, and without even waiting for them to reply, she stood up and went to another room. A while later, she came back with a mattress, which she carefully laid out on the floor. “Ke, you can sleep here.”


I walked up to the mattress, and was suddenly struck with a thought: Big Sis honestly isn’t that bad. Even if she gets jealous easily, she still treats me well…

Now only if she could just stop turning into black Bitong.

“Let’s all go to sleep. I will have a talk with the system, perhaps the system might have something to guard against those ghosts.”

Having said all that, the girls naturally had no reason to say no. With everyone in agreement, the room quietened down.

Honestly, this was probably my first time sleeping with all three girls in the room. Their scents intermingled together to form an even more intoxicating result. I was even starting to contemplate a little night action… but given my special situation, that just ended up remaining as mere contemplations.

Besides, Bitong would hack me to pieces if I tried anything. For the sake of my little life, sleeping on the mattress would not be a bad idea… It was cooling and all… Yup… cold like the lie I’m telling myself….

What a coward I am… I’m worse than those useless transmigrators who couldn’t protect their fantasy childhood friends… at least they could get it up.

Given how quick all this was going downhill, I gave my head a good shake before contacting the system. Hopefully, she would have something good and cheap to recommend.

“Even though tools might not be better just because they are more expensive, good and cheap is a myth. Only the most appropriate tool is a good choice.”

The system promptly came out to rain on my parade the moment ‘cheap’ ran through my mind.

But I still want that parade!

“Valued host, your system has come to a basic understanding about what has happened. The warping of the laws of this world has led to the appearance of the supernatural like those ghosts. A problem -but your system has just the right tools to recommend.”

Gaia’s environment had previously meant that all ghosts that appeared were promptly killed. Meaning, since time immemorial, ghosts had never existed, and there naturally weren’t any anti-ghost weapons either.

Those ghosts that appeared in films were just that – works of fiction. But all that changed when the otherworld invaders arrived…

Until that otherworldly visitor was taken care of, the warping of this world wouldn’t stop. Should the two worlds fully merge, that would be a catastrophe, or perhaps a great revival.

Regardless, something big would happen.

“Inferno Talisman, 5 points a talisman. These can be thrown like a weapon, or they can be stuck onto your body like a defensive mechanism.

Thanks to the system’s advice, I quickly found the item in question on the Marketplace.

The description for this item was simple. When using it as a throwing weapon, infuse a bit of SP into it, and it will transform into a fireball as it hurtled towards the enemy.

In terms of damage, it was equivalent to five Fireballs. Combine five of these together, and they might just take out one of those Scorpid skeletons in an instant.

So the price of a Scorpid skeleton was 25… I mean, the price of killing a Scorpid skeleton was 25…

If I was to stick one of these on the wall, it would help to keep out any intruding ghosts by automatically immolating when a ghost was near. The immolation would last for a minute. During that minute, none of the ghosts would dare approach the area.

As a side note, that single ghost I killed was worth 20 points.

Now that I had confirmed its usage, I promptly bought a bunch, and stuck one on every wall, and on the ceiling as well. That way none of them could surprise us while we were asleep.

Having done that, I took out the Virus Detection Kit and began toying around with it.

In actuality, there was a cheaper version of the kit. It was an amulet that could perform the same functions. However, it required SP to activate, so upon some deliberations, I decided to purchase this sphere for 100 points, even though it was more expensive.

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