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Devil Evolution Catalogue Chapters 579 to 581

End of Volume 12.

579 to 581 are out! A week late, but I was really feeling ill last week (not the virus which we will not name). As to why the chapters are not in running order, I left a note for posterity. Not many people read this damn novel, so I doubt it will be a problem, but just in case…

NOTE: The upcoming arc will have certain chapters either omitted or summarized, as voted on by patrons. The slice of life bits will skipped.

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Chapter 581: Epilogue (3)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

(TL Remarks

Note for posterity: Volume 12 to 13 are slice-of-life chapters intended as a “break for Mo Ke”, according to the author. These two volumes can be viewed as an “entirely new book”, according to the author. In light of that, and the fact that the author himself provided an abbreviated summary of volume 12/13, because everyone hated it on the original site, I held a poll on Patreon to decide what to do. According to the poll, of which translate fully, summarize, skip, and drop were choices, skip was the option most voted on.

These are the essential, non-skippable chapters. Do not be alarmed if the chapter numbers do not come out in running order. It’s intentional. If I receive comments about this, I will ignore them completely. It was voted upon, then talked about, and further talked about. Matter is closed. Like leaving a supranational union, deal with it. If someone wishes to translate the missing chapters, go ahead. Just don’t bother me.

End of remarks.)

Purgatory. In the ruined kingdom of Sable Radiance…

“Lady Mo Na, may we inquire as to the whereabouts of your venerable mother?”

Having slaughtered all the invading Undead, the various overlords were gathered once more in the same area. In their main camp built at the base of a mountain, they surrounded the little devil and waited with bated breath. Rather, they were watching her every move. Every one of them wanted to know where Mo Ke, who was actually Ferti’nier, went.

Such was the power of her charms that even once she was gone, they were still held in her grip.

However, Mo Na did not know the whereabouts of Mo Ke either, but she did know that he was alive, just not in this world at the moment… Were there even other worlds? Unfortunately, no matter how much she asked the Grimoire of the Dead about that possibility, she never got an answer from the big sister inside.

Either way, her job now was to reassure everyone that Mo Ke was alive and would return. That was it. Before that however… she had to do a little something as well…

She glanced to the side and conjured up a bony stool for herself to sit on. Then with her both hands on her little chin, she smiled innocently and said out of the blue, “So… who wants to be Mo Na’s daddy?”

Now… if there was anyone who would doubt the pureness of such a request from an innocent-looking girl like that… clearly, they were the ones that were indecent, not her deceptively suggestive words…

“Me! Me!”

“I’ll look after Lady Mo Ke and Sister Mo Na as well!”

“Little Mo Na, as long as you call me daddy, I’ll immediately give you a nine-star magical core.”

“Little Mo Na, have this nine-star magical crystal for yourself. I don’t need you to call me daddy at all. I just hope that you will put in a good word when Lady Mo Ke gets back. I can even get you a better one!”

“Bah. I don’t need little Mo Na to help me do anything at all. Take this nine-star magical core and have all the fun you want with it. Just don’t forget my name, that’s all.”

One after another, Ferti’nier’s diehard fans rushed to appeal themselves to her little sister-like companion. If there was anyone, not including themselves, of course, who knew how cool these overlords acted normally, they would be shocked at the scene today…

“Hehehe, don’t worry, there’s no one mama loves more than Mo Na. If you all want to be Mo Na’s daddy, you’d better work hard.”

Just like that, Sable Radiance had a new mistress…

Abaddon. The city of Mo Ke’s Trail… (TL: Original name was supposed to be Xunmo city. The xun means to search. )

Mo Ke’s Trail was the city set up by Numilia and the others; the meaning was naturally to search for Mo Ke.

At the moment, Mo Ke’s Trail was still in its construction stage. The only finished sections were the outer walls and the main tower in the center.

The city itself was made out of a mishmash of local materials, hewn and stacked. The outer walls were made out of squarish, black rocks that were layered neatly into a fifty meter wall. From a distance, it almost looked like it was part of a mountain range.

As for the rest of the structures in the city, they used whatever rocky material they could find. From time to time, one could even spot a house or two made out of wood or bone.

The fort of this city was a gigantic black tower that was several hundreds of meters high. Its outer walls were adorned with countless red vines that snaked across its craggy surface.

In order to fend off invasions which were common in this region, the defense of the city was already pre-planned. The four corners would host an encampment that would constantly be stationed with troops and strong warriors, including commanders.

The city was a veritable fortress city, impregnable to normal means. Naturally, normal did not include warriors above the realm of Overlord…

Because of Mo Ke’s stumbling into Purgatory, the faction he had forged through blood nearly crumbled in his absence. Had it not been for Numilia obtaining Flametail, boosting her own prowess significantly, she definitely would not have been able to suppress the mighty Habona to become the leader.

Should that happen, this faction today would not have existed at all. After all, this faction was centered around Mo Ke to begin with, something which Habona, who wasn’t Mo Ke’s fiancee, might not have agreed with.

As a leader, Numilia was an aggressive expansionist. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that all creatures of hell were just aggressive in general. Their faction made swift work of the nearby clans within a fifty kilometer radius of themselves. While they were doing so, they even had to fend off two clans that were headed by overlords.
From the west, the demonic half-ors often launched raids against Mo Ke’s Trail. From the north, there was the Dark Frogfolk, a clan which had suddenly risen to prominence and had intentions of expanding southward through Mo Ke’s Trail.

Fortunately, while both clans had their own overlords, their resources weren’t vast enough to afford them epic-grade weapons, resulting in them being unable to suppress Mo Ke’s Trail.

Armed with an epic-grade fire tool, plus the fact that she was finally unrestrained by the chains placed on her by the Prison of the Dead, she quickly rose to the Seven-star tier. If it was just a matter of holding off an overlord, she could easily manage. However, that was only limited to holding off the overlord, she still couldn’t defeat them, being just a seven-star and all.

At this very moment, Numilia and the others were holding a meeting of the top brass. In attendance were the three Harpy sisters, Numilia, Elena and Eugenia, the little white puppy, Violet Snow, the Demonic Werewolf, Habona, Evilin the evil eye, and finally Julia, Mo En’s wife.

It was worth noting now that everyone present was seated on chairs around a stony conference table, with the exception of Violet Snow, who sat atop the table itself because sitting on a chair would render her invisible to others…

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Chapter 580: Epilogue (2)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

(TL Remarks

Note for posterity: Volume 12 to 13 are slice-of-life chapters intended as a “break for Mo Ke”, according to the author. These two volumes can be viewed as an “entirely new book”, according to the author. In light of that, and the fact that the author himself provided an abbreviated summary of volume 12/13, because everyone hated it on the original site, I held a poll on Patreon to decide what to do. According to the poll, of which translate fully, summarize, skip, and drop were choices, skip was the option most voted on.

These are the essential, non-skippable chapters. Do not be alarmed if the chapter numbers do not come out in running order. It’s intentional. If I receive comments about this, I will ignore them completely. It was voted upon, then talked about, and further talked about. Matter is closed. Like leaving a supranational union, deal with it. If someone wishes to translate the missing chapters, go ahead. Just don’t bother me.

End of remarks.)

Western Human Realms, Plateau Village, Demoness Abode.

Regine, Jill, and now back in her horse form Mo Ning were on their way back to the village.

Ancarin had managed to get news of their return before that, thus she had specially brought along a certain rambunctious pair to wait for Regine at the front entrance.

As a demoness serving Mo Ke, she naturally sensed when Mo Ke left the Western Human Realms. She just did not know why -that required an explanation from Regine. However, upon their meeting, the two sisters did not immediately speak to each other, merely exchanging a tacit glance with each other.

Seeing their teacher return, the little wolf girl, Hayley, stopped fighting with her equally little friend, Nari, and obediently walked up to Regine’s side.

With regards to this little student of hers, Regine held nothing but fondness for her. However, her personality was a little too much on the lively side. Without some temperance, it would be hard for her to tread the assassin’s path due to her lack of control over her emotions.

“Welcome back.” Ancarin said with a warm smile. “Master has already left the Western Human Realms?”

“Mhm.” Regine curtly nodded her head. Her expression was just as outwardly cold as always, but Ancarin had gone through thick and thin with the girl countless times and naturally knew the warmth hidden within that gaze.

Still in her horse form, Mo Ning unhappily griped from the side, “Dearest is just too much, leaving me behind like that. Don’t tell me he has already forgotten about me…” Normally, Mo Ke would not have wanted her to speak, but there were only trustworthy people here, thus there was no need for her to hide.

“Lady Mo Ning.” Regine couldn’t help but step in when she heard the horse gripe, even though she knew that she did not mean anything by her words. “The one in control at that time was mistress Ferti’nier.”

“I know. I know. I just have no way of returning home and I don’t know when dearest will call me back as well… sigh… guess I’ll be staying in the Western Human Realms for a while longer.” Mo Ning irritably swished her horse head. “I hope dearest calls me back soon, the fire elements in this region are just too little, not at all suitable for a creature of Purgatory.

“In that case, would lady Mo Ning like for us to gather some fire crystals or magical cores?” Ancarin suggested with a smile as she rubbed little Nari on the head.

She knew very well that while Mo Ke rode Mo Ning as a steed, the two of them actually shared an engagement pact, thus the two girls treated the horse with a respectful attitude.

“Magic crystals and cores?” Mo Ning gave the suggestion some thought. “That could work, but a better solution would be to create a volcanic environment.”

“Lady Mo Ning, I’m afraid that’s impossible… that would cause too much of a stir and attract unwanted attention from the other humans… we are normally shunned by the world after all…” Ancarin anxiously explained when she heard that Mo Ning wanted to terraform the village.

“Oh. What a bother.” Never a persistent one, Mo Ning answered as such, “In that case, it’s fine. Let’s just follow your suggestion then.”

“Alright.” Ancarin quietly breathed a sigh of relief, having just placated one of her master’s future wives. “I’ll get to work on it shortly. Regine, we need to gather more intelligence as soon as possible. Even though the master was only here for a short while, I’m worried that even that might have repercussions. We also need to make preparations for the master’s next descent.”

“If it’s intelligence gathering and procurement, I’m more than able to handle that.” Previously silent, Jill suddenly interjected herself into the conversation. She batted her big eyes at Ancarin as she confidently declared, “I’m the best thief around, just leave it to me.”

“Then what do you want in return?” Ancarin turned around to face the confident girl. Based on what she knew from Regine, Jill was as capable as she claimed, and since she had followed them back to their home, that would mean she was willing to be a part of them now.

Everyone in the Abode was here for reasons that basically amounted to survival or revenge. Being such a competent thief, the former was most likely out of the question. So what were her motives?

Revenge, perhaps? Power? Eternal youth? Or was she a spy sent here from one of the other factions?

There was no definite answer to that question, but since Regine was willing to bring her back, it was worth trusting the girl once.

So what was it she wanted in return for her current services?

To that question, Jill answered decisively, “Power. I wish to gain power.”

“In that case, it’s a simple matter. Become a servant of the master, then you too will gain his blessing.”

“No. I wish to gain the power to destroy a kingdom.” As she said that, Jill’s eyes looked a little crestfallen. “Based on my own strength alone, that would be insufficient. Besides, if I were to become a demoness, I would have the scent of a devil on me, that would hinder my movements in human society.”

There were merits to what she had just raised. While Regine did travel about in the cities often, she had to avoid anyone with the ability to detect a devil’s aura. While such an aura wasn’t readily apparent, a more formidable opponent would still be able to detect it. If Jill was truly serious about joining the Demoness Abode, allowing her to retain her identity as a normal human would greatly benefit their operations. Assuming, of course, that she was trustworthy.

“But how can we trust you?”

Ancarin laid out her concerns explicitly. Yet the fact that she had done so meant that she was open to negotiations. Else she would have already killed the girl.

Suddenly, Regine stepped in and said, “I believe her. I know enough about her backstory, I’m sure she would never betray us.”

“Why?” Ancarin threw her sister a confused look.

“Because, in some sense, we share a common enemy.”

Underdepths: Halfmoon City

Little acid tongue, Aishael, was in the middle of supervising the half-elves daily training. Even though her role as the citymaster meant that she had plenty to do, she always made sure to maintain a tight control over the military.

She knew very well that the Holy Daughter made her citymaster for a reason. What then could the half-elves offer to such a personage? Nothing but their unwavering loyalty and strength!

Ever since Mo Ke gathered all the half-elves into Halfmoon City, in the process turning into a guardian deity of sorts for them, these half-blood dark elves had formed an independent clan of their own. With their numbers, they had the power to stand up to a major dark elven clan.

By Mo Ke’s order, their city was given enough supplies by each clan to last them for a decade. Since it was Mo Ke who saved the dark elven half-blood, he was the one revered by them, not Lolthe. From the very beginning, her lofty gaze had never once graced them.

Suddenly, a dark elven half-blood descended from the ceiling atop a giant bat. “Lady citymaster, lady Jezsere, sir Reyage, along with lady Zurnalin have arrived.”

“What are the three of them doing here?” Aishael raised an eyebrow. “Have them enter the guesthall.”

“Understood.” Armed with orders, the messenger half-elf immediately departed.

These three dark elves were the same ones who accompanied Mo Ke to the Western Human Realms. Yet there was no mention of Mo Ke by the messenger. In other words, he wasn’t with them at all.

“Perhaps their visit has something to do with her holiness?” She quickly thought of that possibility, her heart immediately aflame with anxiety. If she had her way, she would grow wings and fly before them this instant…

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Chapter 579: Epilogue (1)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

(TL Remarks

Note for posterity: Volume 12 to 13 are slice-of-life chapters intended as a “break for Mo Ke”, according to the author. These two volumes can be viewed as an “entirely new book”, according to the author. In light of that, and the fact that the author himself provided an abbreviated summary of volume 12/13, because everyone hated it on the original site, I held a poll on Patreon to decide what to do. According to the poll, of which translate fully, summarize, skip, and drop were choices, skip was the option most voted on.

These are the essential, non-skippable chapters. Do not be alarmed if the chapter numbers do not come out in running order. It’s intentional. If I receive comments about this, I will ignore them completely. It was voted upon, then talked about, and further talked about. Matter is closed. Like leaving a supranational union, deal with it. If someone wishes to translate the missing chapters, go ahead. Just don’t bother me.

End of remarks.)

Western Human Realms: Azure city, Guild of Demon Hunters, branch office.

Half a month had passed since Nicole stabbed Mo Ke in the chest. Within this half month, Nicole barely ate or drank. All she did was stare blankly at Mo Ke’s recording crystal, which she kept close to herself at all times.

Just like it did on that fateful day, it continued playing that song without pause as Nicole mutely listened.

Even if it was possible to nourish her body through alchemical potions, these two weeks of unnatural eating, or lack thereof, caused her to thin significantly.

Her robust and lean figure was now skinny to the point of seeing bone. Yet had it not been for Neneth forcefully opening her mouth, even those potions would have been rejected.

As Aques Lumen stood before her door, paused in deep thought, he finally decided to take that fateful step.

Knock, knock, knock, went the door, Neneth’s feeding just about done.

Upon hearing the rapping, she whipped her head around and smiled when she saw who it was. However, the moment she remembered what state Nicole was still in, her smile immediately darkened by half.

Even the bright and cheerful girl that she was couldn’t find a reason to smile in this situation.

“Branch Leader…”

“Neneth. Get some rest for now, there’s something I need to talk to your sister Nicole. Alone.” Aques Lumen greeted her curtly then expressed for her to leave.

“Kay.” Innocent as she was, it had never crossed her mind that Aques Lumen would try to harm Nicole, thus she left without question.

With Neneth out of the room, Aques Lumen walked up to the dazed girl, and peered right into her dead eyes while he patiently and silently stood there.

Nicole wasn’t interested at all in what the man had to say to her. She merely curled up in her bed, red crystal tightly clutched to her heart.

“Sigh…” Aques Lumen finally broke the silence with a sigh. At the end of the day, one couldn’t very well win in a contest of patience with someone who was no different from a corpse.

“Nicole, my student.” He opened up in a heavy tone. In his heart, he had resolved to tell his devil-hating student his greatest secret to date. “I am actually not a pure human at all. The power of a devil flows in my body as well.”

Faced with that explosive revelation, Nicole showed no signs of reaction at all, to which even Aques Lumen couldn’t help but twitch his eyebrows a little and smile crookedly.

He had honestly thought that Nicole would jump off the bed right there and then, and perhaps even draw her sword at him. After all, she was never one to suffer a devil waltzing around in front of her.

Unfortunately, she did not even react. As if she hadn’t heard him at all, she continued curling up on her bed.

“In the past, I met an illusion demon.” He continued, not caring if Nicole actually heard him or not. “Even though I’m sure in the eyes of a human, devils must have seemed monstrous, but she looked beautiful to me…”

According to him, he had a chance encounter with a female illusion demon when he was but a teenager. Then, through some strange twist of fate, the two hit it off.

Since time immemorial, love has always had the ability to make one forget their rationality. This time was no different as well. It didn’t take much for the fires of their romance to overcome the hatred their species held for each other.

However, this arrangement wasn’t fated to be a long one. The parents of this illusion demon soon sent their subordinates through a dimensional gate to wrest the two away from each other forcefully.

With no other choice, the female illusion demon used her secret arts to transfer her soul into Aques Lumen’s body. From that moment on, Aques Lumen gained a portion of an illusion demon’s power. In exchange, that illusion demon’s soul was sent into a coma.

The only way to restore her consciousness would be to recreate a body for her. However, that illusion demon was of noble blood, making it a lot harder to find a suitable vessel in a place like the Western Human Realms.

In honesty, his initial goal of joining the Guild of Demon Hunters was to find a method of entering Abaddon. That was the hell that the illusion demon’s parents lived in. If it was them, they would have a way of reviving their offspring.

Unfortunately, Abaddon was a place of mystery for the humans. At the very least, there hadn’t been a reported case of someone being sent there ever making it back alive.

The brass of the guild actually knew of this matter as well. However, they had never once tried to burn him on the stake for that.

At the heart, the guild was just an organisation to hunt down the denizens of the dark; they weren’t the Church, and had even left it long ago. The guild as it was now only looked at strength for what it was. If it could be used for their sake, they weren’t going to turn it away.

Now that Aques Lumen’s recounting was over, Nicole still looked as comatose as before.

“Nicole, my student. As your teacher, I must tell you this.” He paused for a second. Every debt had its debtor, thus he decided to lay out his deduction.

“I’ve already asked Neneth; that person known as Mo Na should be your younger brother, Mo Ke.”

Nicole looked up with a start, her eyes blazing with hope never seen before.

“I’ve made contact with that person as well. According to my experience, he, or them should be more accurate, are two souls in one body. Normally, one of the souls will control the body while the other only comes out under special circumstances.” Seeing her finally react to his words, even he got a little excited as elaborated, “I have looked through the books myself recently, such a condition does in fact exist…”

The book he read talked of a boy who unwittingly released the seal on a tool meant to seal devils. The soul of the sealed devil invaded the boy’s body, in a bid to claim it for his own. However, a body would always reject foreign intrusions, so the devil could only live in the boy as a parasite, coming out to make some noise from time to time.

As for what happened to that boy afterwards, the book did not mention. Perhaps, he was dissected in a lab somewhere….

Finally, Aques Lumen ended with this conclusion, “Your younger brother isn’t dead.”

This explanation was the proverbial light in the darkness for Nicole right now.

The whole reason why she was so upset was because she had acknowledged that the person she stabbed was her beloved younger brother.

Even now, the memories of Ferti’nier assuming control of Mo Ke’s body continued to haunt her. She thought she had killed Mo Ke, with her very own hands, hence her desire to punish herself by starvation. Only by doing so could she feel alive.

“Teacher… is Ke really still alive?” Nicole asked with a river of tears flowing down her eyes. She desperately clung onto the recording crystal as her tears slowly soaked the reddish crystal.

“Mhm. I’m sure of it.” Aques Lumen nodded his head. “I had talked to that devil a few times. She addressed the owner of that body as her little brother, so I’m sure their relationship shouldn’t be an adversarial one.”

Hearing that, Nicole immediately recalled another clue she had buried. “Ke told me he encountered a Fallen Angel in distress. He died trying to save her from goblins. So it was true then, that Fallen Angel really sent him into the Blood Sea to reincarnate?!”

“That devil controlling your younger brother’s body was very strong. She could have easily killed us all there and then, so I doubt she had a reason to lie to us…”

“What have I… done…” She looked down at her bony hands, recalling that exact moment when she first stabbed him: how the joy in eyes turned to confusion… No matter how much she cried, the guilt in her heart did not lessen in the slightest.

Seeing her so devastated, Aques Lumen couldn’t help but reach out to her again, “I’m sure he will forgive you. In fact, he probably doesn’t even blame you.”

“You really think so… teacher?” Even though that was a question she asked, her eyes more than made clear that it was an affirmative she was seeking.

She was deathly afraid of losing him, and never before had she hated herself more than these past two weeks.

Aques Lumen knew that the danger was finally over.

He smiled gently and nodded. “He has visited the Western Human Realms twice already. The last time, he rushed back home to find you, even in his devil form. You can see how much he misses you. I’m sure he won’t blame you, besides…”


“Just like your younger brother, I have the same attitude towards the girl I love.” He remarked cheekily. However, his voice soon turned solemn. “The first time your younger brother visited Azure City, he sang a voice. I had once received a prophecy stating that the person singing this song would bring about the Apocalypse…”

“Ke would never!”

This was the first time Nicole had ever forcefully interrupted her teacher like that. Her eyes bulged out as she glared at the man.

“Regardless, I hope that you are made aware of that prophecy.” He calmly ignored her hostility and continued explaining. “If that prophecy is true, then we need to do our best to stop it from happening. And if there’s anyone who can stop that prophecy, stop your younger brother from destroying the world, that would be you.”


Not even in a single word did she detect an ounce of hostility in her teacher. She had initially thought that Aques Lumen would kill Mo Ke in order to prevent the prophecy, yet not only was he trying to help her, he was trying his best to settle this prophecy in the most gentle way possible.

“I understand that this will be a difficult mission. But should we really get to that stage… our hopes will lie with you.” Having said that, a deep sense of helplessness seeped into his heart. Even so, what had to be said, must be said. “Remember: for your younger brother, his feelings for you will be the sturdiest restraints.

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Devil Evolution Catalogue Chapters 532-535 and 536-539 summary

Start of Volume 12. These are full chapters + 1 sample summary I translated a month back as a preview for the poll I held on Patreon. These aren’t part of the normal schedule. More will be released soon.

NOTE: The upcoming arc will have certain chapters either omitted or summarized, as voted on by patrons. The slice of life bits will skipped.

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Chapter 536 to 539: Summary

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

(TL: Sample of the summary I was planning to do if the patrons on Patreon voted to summarize these chapters instead. You may ignore this chapter if you wish, it’s not part of the daily schedule. )

Ke’s Journal Entry #536

I’ve learnt quite a few things from this supposed big sister of mine.

First off, she really wants to have my child…

Second: apparently my strength is similar to that of a Four-star Superhuman. A Superhuman is a human modified by the Federation Research Lab to be more powerful than an ordinary human being. The Newtype Project, she mentioned it was called. Apparently, this has been going on for a hundred years already without any new breakthrough. Fun fact: the scientists have several theories to explain this lack of progress. Something about the Creator placing limits on humans, or perhaps the air has somehow limited our evolution.

Another fun fact: I have no idea what all that is about. But she said I shouldn’t be a Superhuman, based on the test Qiri ran on me; Qiri’s her AI butler. Her first suspicion was that I had been kidnapped for this Newtype Project, but she found no traces of the Superhuman drug within me.

Till now, she has no idea why I disappeared for half a year. Still… it feels nice to have someone put in so much effort for me. Seeing her so troubled makes me feel a little guilty.

She also ordered a new electronic implant for me. Apparently, that’s how people perform basic functions like storing money, monitoring my health, messaging, shopping, playing, etc. It also serves as an identification method. Without it, I can’t really go anywhere or do anything.

Apparently, my lack of an electronic implant was why she initially thought I had been kidnapped by some mystery organization -the Newtype Project isn’t just limited to government organizations. Private and underworld companies were interested as well.

Also, she bought me some clothes. I seemed to have liked long-sleeved shirts in the past so she bought some of those as well. However, the first piece she took out was a one-piece dress. Expensive, according to her. I should wear it, but why does it feel like I’m sacrificing something really important by doing so?

I’m sure it’s nothing. After all, she’s my childhood friend, and I’ve already lost my memories, what else can I lose at this point?

End of Entry #536

Ke’s Journal Entry #537

Ahem… I know I wrote my previous entry not too long ago, but I’ve been learning a whole lot of things since I started.

For example, my big sister, Duanmu Bitong, really likes the dress I have on. But if I’m supposed to have worn this in the past, why does the breezy feeling between my legs feel so weird?

Anyway, I had my electronic implant imprinted into my skin today. Apparently, the shape and color can be altered, something which she told I should do later on.

For the time being, a problem seemed to have popped up. My personal data is gone. Rather, there is no record of me in the system. My big sister was really furious when she heard that.

I still remember her saying:

“What do you mean there’s no such person?! Ke has been living with me since he was born. From kindergarten to elementary school to middle school… how can he not exist?! It must those blasted Federation bigwigs who wiped out Ke’s personal data… blast! Don’t let me find you people… or else…”

She wasn’t very happy. That was why I had her teach me about the electronic implant to distract her. According to her, the shelf-life of this implant is over one thousand years and it recharges itself. Unfortunately, I can’t use it since my personal data is gone.

The act of operating the user interface for the electronic implant felt rather familiar. Stuff like closing the windows or pressing buttons felt natural to me. Seems like even memory loss can’t wipe some things. Even so, tapping on the air feels strangely new.

End of Entry #537

Journal Entry #538

Another interesting discovery I made today: apparently, this big sister of mine has a doppelganger! That doppelganger looks slightly older than her, and her name seems to be ‘Mama’, according to what I overheard. I have no recollection of ever seeing her, but that’s nothing new at this point.

Based on what little I managed to glimpse, this ‘Mama’ seems to be in some kind of mechanical research lab. Mostly idle banter between the two, but Duanmu Bitong said she wanted to help fill me in my personal data near the end of the call. ‘Mama’ seemed okay with it, but she was quite in a hurry when she said that. Also, she’s coming to visit in a few days.

Turns out Mama isn’t just her name as well, she’s actually Duanmu Bitong’s mother!

Naturally, I wasn’t just being a busybody while all that happened. I made sure to choose a design for my electronic implant. I ended up picking a purple feather in the end. The process, however, was quite strange. I felt strangely drawn to a black feather design, but the color felt off, so Duanmu Bitong suggested I change it. According to her, this feather signifies a Fallen Angel. I chose purple because it just felt right. Also, that’s my hair color.

My personal data was filled out, but there were issues. According to the perpetrator, this is what happened…

“Hmm? Ke’s personal information? That’s easy. Don’t forget, we grew up together. Your blood type and weight have already been measured by Qiri. Your photo was taken as well. As for schooling, we went to the same kindergarten, the same elementary school, the same middle school. Same class as well. I just have to make some minor changes and fill in Ke’s name.”

That was all fine and dandy -I’ll forgive her lazy copy-pasta job- till I realised that she forgot one very important parameter: gender!

“Whoopsie… I think I forgot to change that… tehee”

Nutsacks… she can’t change it till a year later too…

Well, at least she gave me some pocket money to buy stuff. Apparently, it was left to her by my father. I’ll forgive her for now at least…

End of Entry #538

Journal Entry #539

Dear diary, today I’ve come to an important realization. The most important one yet! I want to save all the beautiful girls in the world! Adorable ones too. I will save them all from the vast ocean that is loneliness!

Why? Well, it all started with the games my big sister bought for me. A shoujo game, to be exact. She gave me some centuries-old antique game where you select conversation options from a text box, with the goal of conquering a girl. Simple. Or so I thought.

For the past few days, I was busy playing all manners of games. From the antique text game above, ancient RPG games, to even Holographic games. Apparently, these were ancestors of the VR games we have now. They used an AI to project an interactive environment around me. VR games required a game capsule, which I did not have. Duanmu Bitong wouldn’t allow me to use hers, but she ordered one for me. I think she just doesn’t want me touching her games…

Anyway, back to the shoujo game. Out of all the games I played in the past few days, this one impacted me the most. Those girls… how pitiful! The moment I saw them, I knew I wanted to… Nay. It was my duty to save them all! For that reason, I had Lingling, my new AI, search up an old walkthrough to help me.

Ah… that moment when I got the perfect harem ending and the CG rolled… absolute perfection! My life is complete! Weeps.

Now. I won’t say I dislike the holographic games – they make the girls pop up, after all. But nothing beats finding that hidden ending!

Naturally, I went to share my joy with Duanmu Bitong. To which she said…

“I thought I told you to only pursue the Senna route?”

“Yes, but what’s wrong with a harem?”

“That ending is a selfish ending. A harem where only Ke benefits. A scumbag Ke like that… should just die!”

I did not expect that reaction. Isn’t it sad that only one of the girls gets the main character in the end? Don’t they have to marry as well? Are you really fine with letting them grow old alone?! I am trying to save lives here!

Duanmu Bitong is just too narrow-minded!

Speaking of her, I’ve been wearing the dresses and skirts she’s been giving me these past few days. But all the male characters in those games all had pants while only the females wore skirts… Have I been scammed?

Anyway, after all some arguing, and some talk of Brother Cheng dying, it all ended well.

“Not at all. I wasn’t trying to make my Sister Bitong unhappy! I just want everyone else to have a good ending as well! But if Sister Bitong doesn’t want that, I won’t insist then… because… because… Sister Bitong is all I have in my life now!!!”

Thinking back on that declaration… how embarrassing… but I really meant it. Saving the world can wait, I guess. There’s no point if Sister Bitong becomes unhappy because of that.

End of Entry #539

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Chapter 535: Mr Pointy

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

This here is the Heavenly Stage that Brother Cheng once fought on.

—Mo Ke

As the ominously spewing black aura Duanma Bitong slowly closed in on me, I could literally hear my death date nearing… Noooo… I just woke up barely an hour ago… I still haven’t got to get a good look at this world… Quick. I must think quickly… Some way of escaping from this danger…

Argghhh! I can’t think of anything, my head is still an empty mess of a potato!!!

Duanmu Bitong raised her knife up high, edge glistening in the light of the overhead lamps as she aimed it towards me.

“Since Ke would rather have a taste of Mr. Pointy than marry me… then… then… I will feel sorry about losing Ke but… Ke, it’s time to say hello to Mr. Pointy!”

Seeing that soulless look in her eyes and a decidedly pointy knife in her hand, I finally understood the meaning of mortal danger…I have to fight back. If that knife stabs me, I’m done for, so I have to fight back!

The knife came swinging down an instant, it’s target: my throat… you’re actually trying to make me eat it?!

With no time left to hesitate, I reached out and grabbed her wrist, gently twisting it before disarming her of that knife. However, the moment I took the knife from her… Strange… Why does it smell so sweet?

“This is?”

The situation being as extraordinary as it was left no room for guessing at all. I leaned over to get a good sniff of Mr. Pointy -it was really fragrant!

“That’s a Mala-flavoured chocolate replica, I bought it off the internet when Ke was still unconscious, tehee~~” Having lost Mr. Pointy, Duanmu Bitong finally deactivated her blackened state and reverted back to that jovial but slightly dense girl who loved to tease me. “Your sister Bitong could never bear to hurt her Ke. Ke still doesn’t have any memories yet so he can’t fulfill that childhood promise, but a promise is a promise… so, Ke, have a taste of Mr. Pointy.”


What the heck is a Mala-flavoured chocolate replica? That mouthful needs to be dissected for a second. Mala and chocolate, both have to be thoroughly analyzed.


That taste… maybe I should let her stab me with a real knife instead… Yeah, that would be a whole lot better!!

Seeing me struggle with the chocolate as I would if it were a knife, she couldn’t help but giggle a little. Then, with a sigh, she grabbed the chocolate knife from my hands and viciously took a bite of the chocolate from where I last bit it… her face scrunched up immediately. Clearly, even she wasn’t a match for Mr. Pointy. However, she bravely swallowed it down then said, “I know Ke hates this kind of flavor, so just leave the rest to me.”


Seeing her struggle as much as me, I was inexplicably filled with a sense of warmth in my heart. It was a soothing sensation, one that I would most definitely labor for… so she does care for me, even though I’ve forgotten everything about her, but she still waited for me all this while… and after a year and a half of waiting, all she got was an amnesiac who had forgotten about their engagement…

I’m sorry that I’ve forgotten about you. Even though I still don’t get what marriage means, but as long as you’re willing to try, I’m willing to give our life together a shot…

“How about I finish the rest instead.” I took the half-eaten chocolate back from her, and under her disbelieving eyes, shoved the remaining chocolate into my mouth. Bearing with that chokingly strange taste slowly filling my mouth, I managed to say, “didn’t you say so yourself? A promise is a promise. Even if I’ve forgotten about it already, I’ll still eat it if that’s what you want.”

“Ke…” In that instant, I could see her eyes begin to water up. She covered her mouth with her hands, as if she was about to cry, but I knew that she was probably trying to stifle a laugh.

I ignored her and continued forcing down that strange food.

“Ke… that’s where I ate it from…”

Oh? And what’s wrong with that? It’s going to taste disgusting anyway, and if I eat it, she doesn’t have to suffer it.

Seeing that I had no reaction to that, Duanmu Bitong gave me a shy thump on the chest then lowered her blushing face.

Now that the chocolate was dealt with, the both of us returned to the table for more coffee. I still hated that chocolate though. How should I describe it? Well. Either way, I hated that sort of sweet yet spicy flavor.

I gulped down the coffee, barely washing down that displeasting taste in my mouth, while Duanmu Bitong just sat quietly opposite me, stirring her coffee, neither drinking nor speaking.

What a strange fellow… I don’t remember her being so affected even when she was feeding me coffee. Anyway, I should just change the topic for now, otherwise this will just get more awkward by the minute.

“About that… so why…”

“Because of that anime we watched when we were young.” Maybe we really had some kind of telepathic link, but before I even finished my question, she had already guessed what I was thinking. She stopped stirring her coffee then put on that same old cheeky grin that she had before. “Back when we were young, we watched an anime called Brother Cheng Died Really Young. The main character in that story was a playboy, who because of his constant flirting, ended up being stabbed to death by the female lead with a knife, and then had his head chopped off.”


I just knew Mr. Pointy was dangerous… but that explains the whole promise just now… probably…

“How about we talk about something else instead…”

“Okay. I know Ke has forgotten a lot of things about his past, but does he remember anything at all? Like the beautiful girl next door, the beautiful junior from his school, or the well-endowed service staff at the convenience store, or the cute waitress at the nearby coffee shop, or that female character from the game he used to play, or that female lead in that anime…”

While she blasted off that string of questions, her expression remained largely unchanged, but I could tell that she was waiting for a certain answer. I had no way of guessing what that answer was exactly, but after giving it some thought, I decided to give her the truth.

“Other than my name, I really can’t remember anything else.”

I really only had my name left. Basic terms like toilet, holographic movie and what not were all foreign to me. I was a complete blank slate.

“Is that so.” Duanmu Bitong breathed a sigh of relief and immediately smiled for reasons unknown.

Really, there’s just something off about that smile of hers. Just as I thought that however, Duanmu Bitong suddenly got excited again. “If that’s the case, how about I go dig up that anime, Brother Cheng Died Really Young, we can watch it again.”
Seeing her smile so devilishly, I was immediately startled out of my ruminations. “No. Why do I have to watch an anime about a playboy getting his head chopped off! And what’s an anime?”

“But Ke used to love watching that. We used to watch it multiple times together, and whenever we get to the climax of him getting his head chopped off, you would always say to me, if I were to ever go back on my promise, I want you to chop off my head.”


Exactly how suicidal was I in the past?!

Ignoring the dumbfounded look on my face right now, Duanmu Bitong looked at the pink flower etched on the back of her left hand and said, “project.”

Project? Yet before I could even begin to ask her what she meant, that pink flower began to shine. A moment later, a string of light in the shape of flowers began to project outwards, startling me to no end. My first thought was that they were hidden weapons, yet before I could try to dodge them, the light had already come to a stop between me and Duanmu Bitong. A holographic rectangle was floating in the air, on it were a bunch of words and strange pictures which I did not understand… Actually, they do seem rather familiar, but when they are stringed together like that, I have no clue…

“Oh, my bad. Ke, what you’re seeing right now is the inverse of the projection… Give me a second, I will change its position.” Realising that the words were reversed on my side, Duanmu Bitong flashed me an obviously unapologetic smile then flipped the screen to the side. However, it was still uncomfortable for me to look at the screen, seeing as I now had to tilt my neck to look at the screen. She had this exact same problem as well, thus she promptly had her own chair shifted to face the projection directly.

“That doesn’t seem too comfortable for you, thankfully the chairs can be moved. Just like this.”

I followed her actions and the chair I sat on immediately changed position to face the projection.

Seeing as the preparations were done, she nodded in approval and smiled. “Search: Brother Cheng Died Really Young… begin projection.”

Now that she had chosen the show to play, the projected screen began to shift as well. A second later, a uniformed male high schooler popped into view. Beneath him was a female high schooler whose hair and clothes were in a thorough mess right now. Because of the angle this scene was shot at, most of the important parts were blocked out. Even so… it was still rather… that… you know… that… Either way, my face instantly turned red. Not just my face, my ears turned red as well.

“Wrrrrooonggg version… this is the 16 and above version of it… we used to watch the all-ages version….” Duanmu Bitong hurriedly covered my eyes. “Don’t look! You’re not allowed to look at other girls!”

“Oh okay.” Even though I was a little confused by the whole situation, I still did as she told me, lest she took out Mr. Pointy again… that taste was… blegrhhh!

“Ke… how about we watch something else instead…”

“Alright, as long you’re happy.”



“Did you want to look at that girl’s body just now?”


“I just knew it… Ke is such a pervert!”

“What does pervert mean?” I couldn’t wrap my head around why she suddenly got so miffed, but it was at times like these that one should have the habit of clarifying matters. “Can’t I look at another person’s body?”


Duanmu Bitong swiftly slapped her hands together with a ferocity that was only matched by the frightening sound it produced. I reflexively blinked… so she wasn’t going to slap me…

As if she had read my mind, that ominous black aura began to slowly seep out from her soulless eyes once more. “Ke isn’t allowed to look at another girl’s body…absolutely not allowed to, okay?”

It’s that black miasma again… jeebus… this girl… I definitely cannot get married to her in the future… if we end up living together… that’s the end of me…

With nowhere else to retreat to, I gulped down audibly and said, “Let’s say… I do happen to see one… what happens then?”

“Then you will have to take responsibility~~~” As she said that, I couldn’t find a shred of emotion in her eyes, but her lips were clearly smiling. “But Ke has already promised to be responsible for me. That’s why… if there’s anyone who dares to lay their hands on Ke, man or woman, they all have to say hello to Mr. Pointy~~~”

Mr. Pointy? You mean that disgusting chocolate? Recalling that replica knife, I couldn’t help but relax a little. Phew, if it’s just eating that horrible knife again, I should still be fine.

“Oh. Well, it’s a little unpleasant but it’s still bearable.”

Duanmu Bitong leaned over the table and looked down at me from above, her lips so close I could vaguely smell her body’s fragrance. “I’m talking about the real Mr. Pointy. The one that enters all shiny, and leaves all bloody~~~”

So it’s the deadly Mr. Pointy then… and she seems to have turned black again… I need to placate her quickly.

“Sister Bitong… you need to calm down for a second! I haven’t seen it yet… and that girl isn’t even here with us, so I can’t take responsibility in the first place… I just can’t look at another girl’s body… Yours is fine, right?”

“Look at mine…” Duanmu Bitong was immediately awakened by that question. She plopped back down onto her seat and curled up into a ball. That ominous black aura was starting to recede as well, replaced by the shy and adorable Bitong. “If… if Ke really wants to… then even if we can’t register before twenty… but…but… Mama did say she really wants a grandchild… oh… what am I even saying…”

She’s back… sheesh…

So you can’t register before twenty; I should still be 16 right now, I think. That’s four more years… still, should I just stay away from her for my own safety? At the rate she changes between those two modes, who knows when I might just suddenly die… especially when she likes those kinds of films where the male lead gets his head chopped off by the female lead…

“Ahem, so have you calmed down?” Seeing her silent for so long, I decided to break the silence first. “I still have a ton of things to ask you since I just woke up and have no memories.”

Being questioned like that, she immediately regained her spirits. “Leave it to your sister Bitong, she’ll make all your wishes come true!”

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Chapter 534: Forced Marriage

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

If I were to say that I’ve never been beaten up by Duanmu Bitong… then I’m sure no one would believe me. But, really, she hasn’t…

—Mo Ke

For an amnesiac person like me, something like marriage was just too difficult to comprehend. Rather, my mind didn’t even have the concept of marriage stored. Just knowing what was a toilet, a table, a cup, etc. was good enough. Overly complicated terms were still foreign to me… Also, can someone tell me what’s a term?

“Seems like you really don’t remember anything other than your name… not only did you not recognise a holographic movie, you don’t even remember that you hate sugarless coffee…” She stared right into my eyes for a good long while, then sighed just as I was about to panic. “Marriage…marriage, huh… Marriage means that you will spend the rest of your entire life with the other party.”

“Oh. Is that so?” I remember her blushing furiously and panicking when she mentioned marriage just now. She even turned away, as if there was something fascinating about that wall. But didn’t she also say that we’ve been together since we were young? And that Aunty Duanmu had been living with us till two years ago when she had to move away for work… So was everything she said true?

An immensely serious question suddenly occurred to me. “If marriage is really about two people living together, and you said that we had been together previously, doesn’t that mean that we are already married?”

“Mamama…rrriied? She then kyaa~ed and covered her blushing face with both hands for a moment before burying herself in her chest. Then in a voice that I couldn’t tell was happy or shy said, “if it’s marriage, it has to be officially registered… we haven’t done that yet…”

“Oh. So we have to register.” While I didn’t understand what that word meant, I could roughly guess what she meant. Honestly, this girl is just so strange. I can tell that she isn’t telling the entire truth. Despite having no memories, the first person I met so happened to be a beautiful girl who was supposed to be my childhood friend as well? That just seemed strange.

But she does seem rather sure about what she is saying, not at all like someone who is lying. Having realised that, I began to trust her words a little more. Besides, I had nothing worth scamming for, and wasn’t it good enough that someone was willing to take me in?



As if she had just realised something herself, Duanmu Bitong slowly stood up then gently leaned over until her adorable face was just centimeters away from me. The signature smell of a teenage girl immediately assaulted my senses. Realising that this situation wasn’t good, I instinctively tried to back away but was immediately caught by both her hands. My strength was definitely above hers, but I didn’t want to harm her either, so I let her hold me down in the end.

That meant that I was still dangerously close to her right now, and that made my heart very nervous. So nervous that I just wanted to escape, yet at the same time, didn’t want to. This contradiction held me still for a while until I finally decided that I wanted to be free after all. With resolve in my heart, I started to speak up. Unfortunately, that resolve left as quickly as it came. “You… what are you trying to do?”

“Ke!” She excitedly exclaimed. “Let’s register our marriage!”


My jaw fell wide open: where the heck did that come from? I swear, I can’t keep up with the speed of her mind!!

Seeing the disbelief in my eyes, Duanmu Bitong immediately pressed the issue. “Marriage, Ke, marriage. Didn’t we already have an engagement when we were young?”

“We did?” asked an amnesiac and unsure me.

“Definitely. Even though it was just an oral agreement, I definitely remember it happening! I will never forget it!”


“Ke, are you trying to renege on this promise?” Having said that, her smile suddenly turned a little creepy, and that strange black aura seemed to be leaking out of her once more. Somehow, it felt like her current self was just about ready to pull out a knife and cut me into pieces….

I immediately shuddered at that thought. I quickly tried to back away, but the chair I was sitting on had a back rest. And with both of my arms caught, I really had nowhere to go… Terrifying… this girl is just too terrifying… Mama… save me…



An awkward silence descended upon us. Finally, after a mere minute had passed, a minute which felt more like years to me, she said, “fine. I understand now.”

The sparkle in her eyes began to slowly fade away, only to be replaced by a darkness that was blacker than a moonless night -even though her eyes were clearly still jade-green!

Having said that, she decisively let go of my arms then left the room by herself without saying a word. Should I leave while she’s gone? But I still don’t have any memories… In the end, I chose to stay.

Not long after that, Duanmu Bitong came back with a knife in hand…

“You forced me to do this, Ke… I have no choice… we loved each other so much… but in just a year and a half… Ke has already forgotten about me… that’s just unacceptable… Ke…”

Still spouting off that senseless string of words, she began walking towards me like a soulless puppet. Step by step, she came menacingly closer to me. Even though those feet of her were clearly stepping on solid ground, it felt like it was my heart that was being stepped on right now. At the end of the day, losing one’s memory didn’t mean losing one’s sense of danger. That was a sense innate to every living being… that’s a fecking knife she has, geez! The kind that can kill a person!

“Hey… that’s really dangerous…don’t come any closer…” I stammered, clearly thrown off by this sudden but dangerous turn of events. With no time to think of a better option, I tried to persuade her to no avail. She kept coming closer, and that knife just kept glittering ever brighter with each step.

Completely bathed in black aura now, Duanmu Bitong coldly pointed that knife at me, then in a chillingly bland voice, said, “But Ke and I have an agreement: we are getting married once we grow up. Mr. Pointy doesn’t like people who lie~~~”

I thought they just had their plants for hire?!

Hold on… what the heck am I even doing?!! I should be running away right now!

Fishcakes. I can’t… There’s a wall behind me and I’m surrounded by furniture. Then there’s that girl in front of me who wants to express her love for me with a knife… how did she even become so scary all of a sudden…I bet even if I still had memories, I would’ve chosen to run away anyway!

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Chapter 533: Duanmu Bitong

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

I don’t care if you believe it or not, but I do!

—Duanmu Bitong

Well, I don’t know if I believe in a nonsense setting such as amnesia, but if she can give me a valid reason to do so, I don’t mind humoring her once.

Still, this feeling of having nothing in your head really blows. Other than my name, I have nothing else that can verify my identity. And why do I only have a single-word name? Meh, I guess it’s something, at least.

“Ke, how about you sit down first, we can slowly talk about this then.” Seeing that I wasn’t in the right state of mind right now, my self-proclaimed sister walked up to the wall at which point a flowery pattern lit up on the back of her left hand. A second later, the wall reacted in a way I definitely had not expected: a bunch of boards, some big and some small, popped out from the otherwise flat wall and self-assembled into a set of two chairs and a table for us to sit down at. Rather than a table, it would probably be more accurate to call it a board that had clearly been inset into the wall previously. Same with the chairs -they were L-shaped boards. Even so, the fact that a bunch of furniture just popped into existence was an eye-opener for me. No wonder this living room seemed so empty… and here I thought a robbery had just taken place…

“Have a seat first, Ke, I’ll go get some coffee then we can have a chat.” Having led me to my seat, the girl then reached out for the wall once more. A drawer automatically popped out from the wall, from which the girl drew out a couple of teacups, saucers and an assortment of jars. A shake and a tap later, the girl held out a cup full of black powder before the drawer. A tube extended from the wall at that point and boiling hot water began to accurately pour out onto the cup in the girl’s hand.

After stirring its contents a little, she then placed the cup on the saucer before me. “I remember Ke used to like drinking unsweetened coffee, that’s why I always leave out the sugar, just like now.”

Before I could even say anything otherwise, she was done and was even signalling for me to drink. I was a little taken aback by this. This coffee she was talking about was definitely black, but it honestly didn’t smell that bad. With that in mind, I took out the stirrer and licked it… Bitter! I swear my body is quaking from the bitterness. I’ve never drank anything so bitter in my life. Neither have I eaten anything so bitter either…

“Bitter…cough…” Not only was my tongue reeling from the bitterness, even my entire throat seemed to be revolting. Even though this substance known as coffee was fragrant, the moment I drank of it, my senses were immediately overwhelmed. So bitter… My face immediately scrunched together. Had it not been for the fact that I couldn’t feel anything wrong with my body, I would have honestly thought that she was trying to poison me right now…

“Still the same reaction as before.” Seeing me so disturbed by the drink didn’t panic her in the slightest. In fact, she seemed to be sneaking a laugh or two, well, not really. “Hahahaha…Ke’s reaction is exactly the same as before! Even though you’ve lost your memory, your hate of coffee still hasn’t changed in the slightest!!”

It hasn’t? Wait, didn’t you just say that I love it?! Why are you changing your tone now?! No wonder they say that beautiful girls can’t be trusted… even though I don’t remember where I heard that from.

I hate being played…

“Hehe, even Ke’s angry face is so adorable. I bet you’re already going off about how you hate being played.”

“How do you know?!”

Is she telepathic or something?

Seeing the shock on my face, the girl continued laughing while mixing a cup of coffee for herself, with two spoons of sugar and a dash of milk. As her dainty hands continued stirring, her eyes never once left my own. “Because Ke used to always say this.”


I almost said it out loud too…

My exasperated expression naturally didn’t escape her notice either; she quietly giggled to herself. Still, she knew when not to take a joke too far. Before I got even angrier, she added a couple spoonfuls of sugar into my cup and began stirring for me. “Ke always drinks the same coffee as me -two spoonfuls of sugar. Have a taste, it’s completely different now.”

Having said that, she pulled out her spoon and brought it to my lips.

I was still a little hesitant. It wasn’t that I was hesitant to use a spoon that she had used, rather it was about the taste… and this so-called sugar… it shouldn’t be that bitter, right? Speaking of which, hasn’t she been teasing me up till now? Should I even trust her?

Seeing me not drink for so long, she knew that I was still suspicious of her and thus began a second wave of attack in the form of a pout. “Go on, your big sister isn’t lying to you this time~~.”

So cute… Fine, I’ll believe her one more time. With that in mind, I closed my eyes and put that spoon inside of my mouth. In all honesty, I was already mentally prepared for another trap yet… this taste… it’s not that bad at all…

“How was it? Not bad, right?” She then scooped another spoonful of coffee to my lips. Seeing her slightly blushing face full of expectation, I suddenly had a thought: she wasn’t as bad as I thought after all. It was at that moment that I felt a voice within me counter back, don’t forgive her just because she’s cute!

Even so, cute was justice. Even my empty-headed self knew that!

“Mhm, I’ll help myself then.” The coffee was good with sugar, but I still couldn’t help but find this coffee substance strange. Either way, I had a spoon myself, so I could drink myself even without her help. If she was up to no good, she would definitely want to keep feeding me this strange liquid.

Best I do it myself.

I casually began feeding myself the coffee. Yet while I did so, that girl wasn’t just idling about either. Her eyes practically shone as she kept watching me, as if I had something growing on me.

“Since Ke doesn’t remember anything, I guess Ke doesn’t remember what happened when he went missing either. We’ll leave Uncle Mo aside for now, today your big sister will just talk about your past.” Without any hesitation whatsoever, she used the spoon that I had stuck into my mouth to drink her coffee as well. “My name is Duanmu Bitong, Ke’s neighbor. I’m older than you by a month so I’m your big sister~~~ We’ve been playing together since we were young…”

It turned out that I lost my mother when I was young, and my father was the kind of artist who liked traveling about to find some inspiration. That was why I ended up being raised at this Duanmu Bitong’s house. As for why I was dumped on this neighbor of mine… that’s because our two families had an engagement, the kind that was signed even before we were born.

Just like our household, the Duanmu household only had one parent as well. According to reliable sources, Aunty Duanmu used to have a little something something with my old man…it’s just that they broke up in the end for some unknown reason and found their respective future partners…

Both of us were raised by Aunty Duanmu, but because of work, she ended up leaving us when we were fourteen. With no way to look after us and because both of us didn’t want to leave Phoenix County either, Aunty Duanmu had no choice but to leave us behind while she went off to work. Thankfully, Duanmu Bitong was mature for her age so she was able to look after my daily needs; our living conditions weren’t too bad because of that. Before leaving, Aunty Duanma even joked as such, since you two are already engaged, I’m sure you two will get along just fine. Also, no children before twenty! That’s a rule, got it? But if you really want to have one, don’t worry, just tell Mama. Mama actually really wants to have a grandchild to hug~~

Teasing us must have been Aunty Duanmu’s pastime…

Unfortunately, that forever-absent father of mine suddenly turned up to whisk me away when I was fourteen and a half, leaving Duanmu Bitong alone at home. I didn’t know what happened after that point, I had amnesia, after all. All I knew was that we’re both sixteen and Duanmu Bitong was now a freshman highschooler.

Still… What the heck is up with this tragic setting? What kind of trashy novel is this? And why must my so-called fiancee enjoy bullying me as well? Are you telling me I have to spend my entire life dominated by her then?! Oh holy potato, where should I even start?!

“And that’s why, Ke, even if you’ve lost your memory, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter at all. What matters is that you’re back with your sister.” Duanmu Bitong looked me right in the eyes at that point. Her cheeks flushed red and her eyes drooped a little. “What’s important is that we create more memories for ourselves, and not get upset about our past… that’s why… that’s why…”

Why what? Why is it that I still don’t get what she is trying to say after all this time?

“That’s why… we should get married!”

Having dropped that bomb on me, she promptly turned away, neck turning red something fierce.


Hearing me hesitate like that, I clearly saw her shoulders droop a little. Even though her head was still faced away, I could tell that she was very nervous right now. My answer was of great importance to her, like a single word from me could alter her very life.

“About that…”

“Mhm, I’m listening.”

Even my heart was beating terribly fast at this point from her nervousness. This girl… she’s too cute!!

Her constant teasing of me is certaining annoying… but all that is nothing before her cuteness! Still, some things had to be said.

“About that… what does marriage mean?”

“Huh??” Hearing that, she practically whipped her head around to face me, eyes staring daggers while an ominous black aura slowly seeped from her being… How should I say this…she seems really dangerous right now… super duper dangerous… galactic level dangerous…

To be honest, her reaction was truly scary, but I really didn’t know what marriage even meant. That was why I asked her again, “Can you tell me what is a marriage?”



Just like that, both of us fell silent for a long time.

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Chapter 532: Awakening

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Who am I? Where am I? And who is hitting me?

—Mo Ke

From within the endless void of darkness, I opened my eyes to find myself lying on a large and comfortable bed.

It was a soft bed, with a faint fragrance wafting off its caressing folds. The room’s interior itself was quite austere: a bed, a bedside table and a wooden dresser. Directly opposite of the bed was a window. It had a mini coffee table under it with a couple of chairs placed around it. The windowsill had a number of plants growing on it, juxtaposing the concrete jungle of skyscrapers behind them.

Who am I…I’m Mo Ke…or at least that’s what my name should be… but where am I? I can’t tell, but I know my head is really dizzy right now. Did someone hit me? Strange, I can feel an inexplicable aching in my chest, but I don’t know why.

Putting on a nearby set of pyjamas, I climbed up from the bed and opened up the door to leave for the living room. At least that was what I intended till my instincts sent me towards the bathroom instead. A white toilet…that’s what it’s called, right? Hmm… why does it feel like I have something hanging down there? A miniature elephant trunk… why do I get the feeling that I never had this in the past?

(watery noises)

After relieving myself, I instinctively reached out to flush the toilet… but there was nothing there. Suddenly, the toilet lid snapped shut by itself, followed closely by the sound of swirling water… an auto toilet?

What time is it now anyway? What time? What does that even mean? Hold on…why do I even know that that is a toilet? Or a bathroom, for that matter.

Looking out the window, I was immediately greeted with a spectacular view, at least it was for me anyway. Towering structures with floors so numerous I got dizzy from trying to count them stretched all the way into the heavens. Yet despite all that, the gentle rays of the sun still managed to find their way to the depths below. I guess that means this district is really well-planned. Huh.

Well, since I’m out of bed, I should go brush my teeth then…brush my teeth? What does that mean?

Just as I was busy sorting myself out of this confusing situation I found myself in, my body instinctively dragged me back to the bathroom once more. Right beside the door was a countertop with a sink installed. On the counter itself were two cups, each holding a strange tube-like apparatus.

Where’s the brush?

I picked up the strange object and brought it up to my eyes to inspect -nothing. I discovered nothing new except that it had a bunch of small holes.

Oh. There’s a button in the middle of the tube.

I brought it up to my eyes to inspect once more.

Should I press it? Screw it, I pressed it already.

The moment I pushed down on the button, countless streams of water shot out of the holes right into my inspecting face and eyes…

Blast it! The water streams weren’t particularly painful for my eyes, but I still reflexively reached out to snap the tube in two anyway. And it broke… Yet from where it broke open, an unknown white substance began to leak out… This substance feels kinda familiar, like I’ve seen it before somewhere.

I placed the broken tube back into the cup then stuck my head into the sink’s basin. Water shot out of the spout mere seconds later right into my waiting face.

Well… that’s my face washed.

I reached out blindly to grab a towel and dried my face, then hung it back onto its rack. Then, just as confused as I was before I entered the bathroom again, I left the bathroom which confused me just as much as my current situation.

Just as I stepped out, I came face to face with a black capped man in a black suit who had his back stuck fast to the wall in what looked like an attempt at infiltration. The moment he saw me, his eyes went wide. A second later, he reached into pocket like he was trying to pull out something.

I was equally stunned by this man’s appearance and actions. For some reason, his actions seemed to remind me of something, and a sense of dread soon descended upon me. My muscles exploded forth in a burst of speed, fists bearing down on the man’s chest with utmost urgency. The man hadn’t had time to draw out the object yet, and I could see the undisguised shock in his eyes as my fist slowly drew closer. He definitely did not expect me to be this quick -quicker than even him drawing that object out!

A clean hit!

At least that was what I thought had happened… However, my fist ended up passing through the man, striking the decidedly solid wall behind him and leaving a sizable dent in it. Unfortunately, my fist was in no better shape either as it began to bend at an odd angle.

Why the heck did my fist just pass through him, that’s just not scientific! What does scientific mean anyway?

What followed next left me speechless. The man completely ignored the fact that I just passed through him and did a backflip as if he was trying to dodge something. It was at that moment that a blue laser shot me in the back…nothing happened…no damage at all…

What the heck?!

I turned around to find a uniformed man wielding a pistol and firing it at the black clothed man…

You know what, I’ll admit, I don’t know what the heck is going on now. Why did I just pass through that man? And why did that man’s laser do nothing to me?! What state am I even in? Am I a ghost?

Just as my confusion was about to send me spiralling off into a frenzied fit of head scratching, a clarion voice rang out from me. “Hahahaha… Ke, you’re too adorable. Can’t you tell that you’re standing in a holographic movie?

“…” says a completely dumbstruck me.

I immediately turned my head in the direction of that young girl’s voice. It was an extremely cute teenage girl, with long green hair and bright eyes that only seemed to energise her appearance further. She wore a white casual one-piece dress which was in a terrible state right now from her vigorous chortling. She’s clearly in pain right now… but as the target of her chortling, shouldn’t I be in more pain?!

“Who are you?” Feeling no enmity from her, I lowered my guard and asked her as such. That immediately earned me a lock of shock, shortly followed by her running up to me and grabbing me. I swiftly evaded her hands, then glared at her, “who are you exactly?”

“It’s me. It’s your sister Bitong. What the heck? Don’t you recognise me anymore?”

Seeing that her hug failed miserably, she anxiously began to explain herself. Judging by the genuine unease on her face, it seemed like she was telling the truth.

Sister Bitong? That name doesn’t ring any bells with me. But she doesn’t seem to be lying either. Maybe she really does have some connection with me?

As a test, I asked, “You know me? Then what’s my name?”

“Of course I know you! I know you better than anyone else!” The teenage girl claiming to be my sister Bitong answered, “your name is Mo Ke.”

Mo Ke? That does sound like my name.

“No way… don’t tell me you’ve even forgotten who you are?!”

Seeing me fall silent like that, she was starting to understand what situation I found myself in right now. “Don’t tell me you’ve really gotten amnesia… are we in some kind of B-rated novel?”

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Chapter 531: Descent

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Planet Gaia: Republic of St. Loyau. Southern district, city of Phoenix, 15:31 in the afternoon.

A sky that was sunny just moments ago suddenly turned black as night. A frightening power enveloped the entire planet as a black vortex poured downwards from the sky, its tail floating above like a reversed funnel.

From within the black vortex, a gigantic statue descended. It was beyond battered, lacking limbs, wings and even half of its head. As its black, stony body fell down, countless fragments rained down upon the earth. Judging by its velocity and mass, its impact would most likely rival that of an asteroid hitting the planet. At that point, the statue would be lucky if even a piece of it was still recognisable. Yet a moment later… it vanished. In its place was a purple-haired young girl, wearing a red gemstone that rested comfortably on her decidedly flat chest… though with that flatness, it was debatable if she was actually a girl…

Having been thrown abruptly into a different world, the Devil King Idol found itself… significantly lighter upon travelling through the unstable dimensional gate. Thankfully, its sturdy construct meant that Ferti’nier was still able to reach this new world, albeit barely. Naturally, it wouldn’t survive a crash landing. Thus, she unsummoned the golem, and slowly descended with the help of her wings.

At the same time, but in a different, more picturesque mountainscape, another girl, dressed in a short skirt and long socks, sporting a head of long, green hair, watched the descending Ferti’nier from her mountaintop, eyes wide in shock.

“Is that a human? Or a monster? Don’t tell me those genetic experiments actually worked? It can’t be… those were already abandoned… so aliens?” The girl muttered to herself, head a right mess of questions.

Because of the giant vortex above, the entire world had fallen into darkness. The electronic implant on the back of her hand suddenly chose this time to stop working as well… For the inhabitants of this planet, this sudden period of darkness had to be their most vulnerable time yet -all their technological tools had gone offline…

“The mana in this world is strange… I can’t absorb it at all… No… It is possible to absorb it, it’s just not a good idea long term…” Amidst her gentle descent to the earth, Ferti’nier took the opportunity to scout out this foreign world. Her first thought was to try and replenish herself with this world’s mana, but soon found that the mana itself, while still absorbable, was harmful in large quantities, and this was only possible because Mo Ke’s body was powerful enough to allow absorption in the first place.

Not only was the mana in this world different, Ferti’nier quickly realised that there was no one in this world with divinity. The laws of this world were stable, but there were no administrators in sight.

Divinity was originally derived from the origin angels created by the Creator to govern a world. Yet the Creator did not leave behind any such being before departing from this new world. The mana in this world wasn’t, in the strictest sense, mana either. It was something known as spiritual energy. This was intentional on the part of the Creator; he wanted the two worlds to be distinct from each other, and develop differently as a result.

Gaia did not have an evolution system like the Western Human Realms. One did not train to gain new abilities, instead, this was a world of science. Thanks to the different laws of this world, this world was a lot more advanced than the Western Human Realms.

Even so, the humans of this new world hadn’t yet been able to crack the mystery of cloning, or anything related to genetics, for that matter.

To Ferti’nier, this unusual path was an aberration -in all fairness, her world would have seemed like an aberration to the humans of this world as well.

In spite of that view however, there was one thing this world had that the other could not compare with: this world had no divinities yet. Ferti’nier, at her prime, was at the peak of what a devil king could achieve. The only reason she wasn’t able to cross that final step into the Deity tier was because she couldn’t achieve divinity. It wasn’t that she was lacking… she was hampered…

But there were no divinities in this world, that meant she had all the time to slowly comprehend the laws of this world, accumulate power, then achieve divinity!

However, such research required an inordinate amount of time, and this body was already protesting against her control. She needed somewhere to recuperate, and quick. With that in mind, she turned to the confused girl on that mountain top.

Sensing Ferti’nier’s gaze upon her, and that sinister smile on her lips, the green-haired girl panicked. She wanted to hide, but there really weren’t many options when the other party could fly. Furthermore, the language she spoke was completely foreign to Ferti’nier, even with her impressive repertoire of languages. In other words, they couldn’t communicate with each other.

“An unknown language, a strange form of mana, and a world with no divinity… Intriguing…” Ferti’nier appeared before the girl in a flash. She reached out and tapped the girl on her forehead before she could even react. The girl’s eyes immediately darkened while her body stood there woodenly like a puppet ready to be manipulated.

Through her arcane arts, Ferti’nier quickly learnt all that the girl knew, including the language of this world and a variety of useful information.

“Science, huh? Another intriguing subject there… Not magic, but still recognised by this world all the same… Duanmu Bitong… Last name: Duanmu… Even the names are different in this world… A genius hacker? So she’s good with an axe?” Ferti’nier eyed the girl from top to toe. Her skin was white as a baby’s, and probably just as soft – she’s supposed to have been a proficient axe wielder? Maybe a butcher?

Thankfully, her off-mark guesses did not have to go on for long as she soon found out that a hacker was basically a miscreant on the internet… which then brought up the question of what was an ‘internet’?

Burdened with a million questions like a child, she voraciously absorbed whatever knowledge she could.

Ten minutes later, she had gone through the entirety of the girl’s memories. She had a rough understanding of the world, and Mo Ke’s body had stepped up its resistance once more. There was no mana in this world. There was spiritual energy instead. Spiritual energy was a form of energy unique to this world. To humans, this energy contained significant side effects. Should Ferti’nier try to absorb this energy, the body of Mo Ke would reject her even further.

She now had a difficult situation to handle. On one hand, she needed a lot of time to research the laws of this world. On the other, this body was about to kick her out. Yet Mo Ke was still hiding out in the depths of his soul. Should she just leave the body be, it would end up in a vegetative state.

With no other choice, Ferti’nier chose a decidedly inefficient plan.

Her smile broadened. She first started by altering Duanmu Bitong’s memories, then she dove straight into the abyss of Mo Ke’s soul and wrenched him out of it. Unfortunately, he was still a mess, and no matter what she said, nothing seemed to work. She peered into his soul, and found that he was still reliving that same moment when Nicole stabbed him, over and over again. He still had that bitter smile on his lips… Oh, how she wanted to tease him a million times over!

Such an unfortunate child, but he should really learn to be considerate of his big sis!

Seeing him unable to pull himself out of his miserable state, Ferti’nier finally lost her cool. She forcefully took him… in a non-suggestive manner… and sealed his memories away. Along with that, she sealed up his abilities so that he could pass off as an ordinary human. Having done all that, she was considerate enough to impart his amnesiac soul some knowledge of the world… though that was only limited to the language.

Just like that, Mo Ke was born with nothing but the words he couldn’t explain how he knew… Or it would have been… had Ferti’nier not given him a pee pee as well…

That’s right… the fabled pee pee. Mo Ke had once asked Ferti’nier how he may obtain such a legendary artifact. Her answer then was that she had to first leave his body, after which he had to evolve one more time… That answer wasn’t false, it just wasn’t the only solution.

There was an even quicker method. If Ferti’nier was willing to, she could have just given him back his male body. In other words, this was all her fault! Why? Because she found his ambiguous gender rather amusing…

Yet even though Ferti’nier finally found it in her heart of hearts to give him back his pee pee, she wasn’t actually a male to begin with. She had no experience with another male, and certainly did not know how it actually functioned as well. She had merely seen it before… and that was why her finished work was rather… small…

It’s not like he actually said he wanted his pee pee to be fully functional, right?!

With her mission complete, she was now able to retire into the shadows, her great work never to be known to the world.

A couple of minutes later, Duanmu Bitong woke up from her coma, and found a purple-haired girl, or perhaps it was a boy, lying beside her… He seems rather familiar… she thought to herself. Wait. Isn’t that my long-lost childhood friend and younger brother?! This is great news!

Ever since Mo Ke went missing, Bitong had never stopped looking for him. Who would have thought that they would end up being reunited here. Duanmu Bitong tightly hugged the comatose boy before checking his state. Unfortunately, the electronic implant on her hand was still offline…

Seems like I will have to wait for that strange phenomena in the sky to disappear before I can check his health, and call for a hover car. While Mo Ke might not be very heavy, she wasn’t exactly an axe-wielding warrior either.

Still gently hugging him, she bent down and took a sniff of that nostalgic scent, her heart filled with elation at having found him once more. From that moment on, she swore that she would never leave him again…

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Devil Evolution Catalogue Chapters 522-530

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Chapter 530: Desperate Escape

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Round two: start!

The two combatants, Ferti’nier and Karlston, charged at each other without exchanging a word. Countless shadow figures burst forth and launched themselves at Karlston, yet the skeletal mage could control the density of the toxic fumes within his Territory.

He swiftly focused his fumes into an almost viscous state, dissolving any flame-clad shadow that leapt his way. As a result, his own Territory had shrunk significantly. What was once a two hundred meter diameter Territory was now merely ten meters wide.

This battle had only just started, but both sides roughly had an understanding of the other now. Simply put, Karlston’s Territory was a direct foil to Ferti’nier’s own.

Naturally, Ferti’nier’s real Territory was stronger than Karlston’s, but this wasn’t her body she was using. It was a temporary one handed over to her when Mo Ke fled to the abyss of his soul. That also meant that this body would eventually start to reject her.

While she had only been in control for a short duration, she was already starting to feel the strain on her control. Since taking over, she had been fighting non-stop. And even with all the souls she had devoured thus far, the fierce opposition Karlston put up had upped the rejection from this body a level.

At this rate, this wasn’t going to work, was what she quickly realised. However, Karlston’s Territory was too powerful for her to end the battle quickly. Situations like this where two Territories directly countered each other actually weren’t that rare. While there might be an endless variety of Territories in the world, there were still broad similarities that had counters to them.

Karlston was a skeletal mage that specialised in long range magic. Ferti’nier, on the other hand, performed well in both melee and long range. But because Karlston had strengthened his own Territory’s corrosive strength by tenfold when he shrunk it, even Ferti’nier wasn’t able to gain an advantage over him in close range. At the same time, her long range attacks were hampered by her current body.

Territory countered; magic restricted; Ferti’nier was beginning to find herself at a disadvantage.

Karlston, on the other hand, was very confident in his own strengths, especially in his condensed toxic Territory -even an ordinary demigod wouldn’t be able to get out of that unscathed, let alone this Fallen Angel who only had her strong Territory going for her. With his enemy’s weakness firmly in his grasp, he pressed ever forward, peppering her with his spells till she did not even have the chance to mount a counter-offensive.

(TL: I’ve decided. I’m capitalising Territory. Would make it easier to read, especially when I actually use the word territory to describe land…)

If there was a silver lining in this dire situation, it was that Ferti’nier still had the advantage of flight. She wasn’t afraid of him suddenly taking to the air, though dodging constantly wasn’t an option either.

There was no time for hesitation anymore. With her priorities sorted out, Ferti’nier summoned the Devil King Idol.

At the same time, Karlston fired off his third beam of toxic fumes, only to find that the skies above him had darkened all of the sudden. A gigantic golem was descending from the skies, and its target seemed to be him…

Thanks to Ferti’nier’s timely decision, the green beam ended up fizzling harmlessly against the Devil King Idol. Finally operated by an overlord, the Devil King Idol’s defenses had risen to that of a proper demigod. The greenish beam that had terrorised those before her now seemed more like a child’s water gun -harmless and ineffective.

Failing his special attack, Karlston hurriedly evaded the Devil King Idol’s attack. A deafening boom rocked the area. Just as the Devil King Idol touched down, it immediately leapt off the ground, causing a mini-earthquake.

While Karlston might have avoided being turned into a pancake, Ferti’nier had no intention of letting such a powerful foe off the hook so easily either. Driving the Devil King Idol relentlessly forward, she quickly sent another stomp his way. Caught off guard, the skeletal mage could only scramble once more to evade the attack.

Now that his strongest attack was ineffective, he was truly out of cards to play…

In order to live, he had no choice but to turn tail and run. As he did so, he cursed incoherently to himself. Ordinarily, this invasion of Sable Radiance should have been a done deal. The fact that someone as powerful as Ferti’nier even existed in such a backwater was a miracle in of itself. In fact, never in his wildest dreams would he have expected to bump into a Devil King Idol here, where the laws of the world weren’t even complete…

In order to speed up his escape, he extended his Territory to its fullest. Bearing no heed to the costs, he charged ahead in a straight line, all the while dissolving any creature in his way, Undead or otherwise.

Ferti’nier continued hounding the fleeing mage. Now that she was the one in the driver seat, the Devil King Idol was at full power, countless purple arcane markings crawled across its otherwise pitch black exterior.

The appearance of these arcane markings immediately turned the otherwise lumbering golem into an agile killing machine. Compared to that third-rate trash when Mo Ke piloted it, this Devil King Idol was practically an olympic gold medalist!

Boom. Boom. Boom.

The Devil King Idol sprinted at full speed, each step accompanied by a thunderous boom. Wherever it stepped, the ground would rend asunder, massive rocks were strewn in all directions, crushing any unfortunate low level Undead it came into contact with… and these were just unintentional attacks!

With the Devil King Idol’s unexpected appearance and Karlston’s subsequent fleeing, the battlefield was up for grabs once more. While Karlston’s interference had caused quite a stir initially, look at him now… forced to flee like a whipped dog.

Whether by sheer coincidence or divine providence, Mo Ke was stabbed by Nicole right before this crucial fight. Had it not been for that traumatic event causing him to flee into the depths of his mind, this battle would not have proceeded so smoothly. Had this been Mo Ke who was fighting Karlston right now, he would have probably died already. Even if he had handed off control of his body to Ferti’nier, his conscious state would have caused a high level of rejection for Ferti’nier.

In other words, the fact that Karlston had to flee like a mouse from a cat, that was all thanks to Mo Ke being a shut-in!

Pressured to the utmost, Karlston did not even have the presence of mind to choose a direction to flee in. He merely ran forward, as far away as he could from Ferti’nier. With his mind dead set on escape, his speed was nothing to scoff at. Even with Ferti’nier piloting the golem at full speed, it was unlikely she would catch him in the short term…

Each time she tried to attack him, he would nimbly dip out of the way as if he was the mole in the whack-a-mole machine.

Just like that, the game of cat-and-mouse continued till, finally, the Devil King Idol expanded over half of its energy, at which point a turning point occurred…

In his single-minded desire to escape, he had unknowingly fled to an artificially depressed, circular clearing. Just from the surroundings, one could tell that there used to be a volcano here, it was just flattened for some reason or another.

However, all that wasn’t important to Karlston. All he knew was that if he did not run faster, that giant monster behind him would flatten him into a pancake. Yet when he stepped into the clearing, he felt a certain object in his robe react. The more he got closer to the center of this clearing, the more the object in his robes heated up, even rumbling at the end.

Fully occupied with fleeing for his life, he had no time to spare for such nonsense right now. Still, the constant stirring might prove to be a hindrance in the future… Not wasting any time at all, he reached into his pocket and retrieved a white orb the size of a baby’s fist. He immediately thought of tossing the annoying object, but the moment that thought crossed his mind, he remembered the mission given to him…

When this orb heated up, that meant that the dimensional link was near… those were the instructions given to him by a certain personage. Once the rumbling got to the point where it was at its highest, all he had to do was toss the orb at the center of the dimensional link, following which the orb would automatically explode, opening up a rift in the dimensions for a minute…

However, by the time he recalled the full instructions given to him, it was too late. He was now at the center of the dimensional link, orb still clutched in his bony-white fingers. A blinding light flooded the surrounding area. Soon after, a massive pillar of fire pierced the heavens from where Karlston stood. Naturally, he was reduced to cinders in the high heat…

Ferti’nier was still chasing Karlston at this point. This enemy of hers had proven a formidable one, and there was no way this she-devil would allow him to recover, now that she had him on the run. She was starting to feel the rejection from Mo Ke’s body grow stronger by the second. At this point, even she couldn’t tell how long she would be able to stay in charge. All she hoped was that she could sweep away all the obstacles before Mo Ke awakened. The other Undead overlords did not matter -only Karlston had to die now!

Yet at the same time when that fiery pillar burnt Karlston to cinders, it also affected Ferti’nier who was in the vicinity. Constantly battered by the resulting dimensional energies, even the Devil King Idol, with its Demigod-tier defenses, was starting to overheat. Not only that, there was now what looked like a black hole standing before her…

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Chapter 529: Bonemelting Toxin

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The war was finally in full swing, the overlords of the Undead kept a close eye on the Demonic Fire Igneous Giant’s movements, avoiding him as best as they could. Back when they first learnt of his existence through that death knight, there was nothing concrete to attach this enemy. Now that they had seen him first hand however, they knew they were in a world of pain. At that size, he was basically invincible within his own class. Other than a demigod, the only ally that could match that giant was the overlord bone dragon… Unfortunately, they did not bring along a bone dragon this time…

However, their obsession with the overlord giant was, in of itself, an error. The strongest enemy here was actually Ferti’nier.

The she-devil flew right into the densest gathering of Undead overlords, and upon entering within two hundred meters of them, she deployed her trusty ultimate technique…

Territory: Wraith of Purgatory!

Raging black flames burst to life, sealing off any avenue of escape for her enemies. Countless shadows, clad in nether flames, lunged at the unsuspecting overlords, each of them resolved to take down their enemies in a suicidal explosion…

Just like that, over ten overlords were taken down in mere seconds. Such was the power of her Territory, Wraith of Purgatory. As the name suggested, it burned like the flames of Purgatory, and was as stealthy and unpredictable as a wraith. Her Territory, in essence, was capable of summoning assassins to kill those unfortunate enough to be caught in her Territory.

At the end of the day, Ferti’nier used to be a demigod herself. Her powers might have dropped a tier, but the destruction she could bring wasn’t something a mere overlord could comprehend!

Immediately, the tables had turned on the Undead.

It was only when the souls of those overlords flew into the waiting palm of Ferti’nier that Karlston finally understood how powerful his enemy was… From the very beginning, she was the one who held the keys to this battle.

(TL: To be honest, I’m a little tilted by this author’s use of over ten blah blah blah. Over twenty blah blah blah. It reeks of poor planning. Sometimes, I do not know if he really means 10, 11-19, or 11-infinity, so I’m left guessing based on the next few paragraphs. There have been a few times where over ten just meant ten. This time, apparently, he meant anything under the sun that is above ten.)

Territory: Bone-melting Demise!

At the same time as he charged at Ferti’nier, he deployed his own Territory, a two hundred meter diameter Territory of sickly green fog. Anything that came into contact with the fumes were progressively dissolved, whether Undead or living. The speed of dissolution wasn’t particularly quick, but if one did not depart immediately, even an overlord would be reduced to a puddle of black goo within a minute!

Seeing Ferti’nier kill off over ten Undead overlords in one move, Karlston knew he had to pull out all his stocks. This Territory of his wasn’t just a walking acid fog, it also had the ability to focus the toxic fumes into a concentrated beam to target further targets. When focused as such, its dissolving speed was multiplied by at least a factor of ten.

With a wave of his skeletal staff, Karlston fired off the first volley at Ferti’nier. From the very beginning, Ferti’nier knew this black-robed mage was no simple overlord -who would have thought that he was at the peak of the Overlord tier as well. Warriors at this state were just a hair’s breadth away from being a demigod.

If an overlord’s defining trait was his understanding of the world’s laws, and the formation of a Territory, then a demigod could face the laws of the world itself with his physical body. The Demigod tier was about forging a divine body. The degree to which a demigod could withstand the laws of the world depended on the completeness of this divine body.

At the peak of the Demigod tier, the demigod would have the ability to match a lower-ranked deity. The difference between the two was that the former lacked a proper divinity. A deity’s divinity was like the keys to the system. An overlord only had the ability to temporarily rewrite the laws of the world, but even that was being generous; a more accurate description would be to influence. Those with divinity had the ability to rewrite the laws of the world on a long-term basis.

Even so, the world and its laws were set down by the Creator. Like where there was light, there would always be dark. Like how water extinguished fire, and how the earth nourished the plants. These were fundamental tenets of the world. Even if a deity were to evolve into a prime deity, he still couldn’t change such fundamental laws permanently. However, he could still change the laws for a long term, and at a large scale. He would just have to pay the corresponding price.

The moment that green beam was fired, Ferti’nier instincts told her that she must not allow that to hit her. Yet just when she was about to dodge, a gigantic figure suddenly stepped in front of her and blocked the beam for her – it was the Demonic Fire Igneous Giant!

With his impregnable defenses, he reached forth and blocked the beam with his right arm. He had thought it would burn him at most. However, the moment he blocked the beam, his entire right arm started to drip to the ground as black goo… The corrosive ability of the beam was just too strong. Not only had it dissolved his right arm, it was now trying to invade the other parts of his body as well!

There was hardly a match to be found anywhere for this overlord giant’s defenses under the tier of Demigod. Even the mighty pure-blooded blood drakes, known for their unstoppable physical strength, might not be able to break his defenses. But that only showed how truly deadly Karlston’s beam was. If this corrosion was allowed to continue, he would most likely lose half his body in the process, crippling him in the best scenario.

Before the corrosive beam could spread past the giant’s right arm, Ferti’nier suddenly flew towards the giant, and upon reaching the area joining his shoulder to his arms, she pulled out Shadowfang and gave a decisive chop, severing what remained of his arm which fell to the ground with a deafening boom…

While Shadowfang might just be an Epic-grade weapon, it was forged from the fang of the first werewolf. As the former divine steed of the Moon Goddess, the first werewolf, Nightblade, was a divine beast himself. A fang from such a being was never going to lose to a mere overlord.

“That skeleton isn’t someone you can handle. I need you to take care of the other overlords instead.” Said Ferti’nier as she floated above the severed stump of the overlord giant, eyes glued to Karlston as he approached them. Without waiting for the giant to reply, she sped off in Karlston’s direction with a powerful kick off.

Met with such a fierce response, Karlston fired off a second beam at his opponent. Unfortunately, in her flying state, Ferti’nier was a lot nimbler: she easily avoided the beam with a twirl. In order to fire these beams, he had to concentrate the fumes from his territory, meaning that with each beam, the toxic fumes in his territory got thinner. Mighty as his attack was, even that had its own limitations.

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