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Chapter 371: Bloodletting

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Even though I couldn’t get a clear look at what it was that Meisian threw over, I could clearly see the joy on Gaiuz’s face, like he was a pet that had just received a treat from his master. “Is this a present?”

“You could say that… it’s actually used to…”

“Thank you, little sister, I’ll treasure it forever.” Without even waiting for Meisian to finish speaking, Gaiuz had already broken out in tears of joy. “weep… my little sister is just too good to me… I’m so touched… weep

‘I’m sure she is…she treats you so well that she wants to drain your blood… for health reasons, of course.’

With regards to his overreaction, Meisian could only roll her eyes in exasperation. “Idiot, at least have a look at what it is first.”

weep As long as it’s from my little sister, I will always treasure it…”

“And I’m trying to tell you to have a look at it first. It’s for you to use, not treasure!”

Just by how shrill she sounded, I could tell that she was at wit’s end.

“For using?”

Gaiuz paused for a second, then turned his eyes towards the object that Meisian tossed over. It was a needle attached to a cylindrical instrument. Just based on that, he could roughly tell what his little sister had in mind when she threw that to him.

Gaiuz scratched his head in confusion then asked, “Little sister, this seems to be an instrument for bloodletting.”

“That’s right, it’s to drain your blood.” Meisian rolled her eyes once more in disdain then turned over to Masrow. “Well, what are you waiting for?!”

“Do it!” Masrow was the first one to act. Like an arrow, he rushed up to Gaiuz’s Elemental Segregation Platform, then with a firm paw, held Gaiuz down.

Gaiuz had brought over a number of his own guardcats for this trip. Other than a dozen or so Four-stars and Five-stars, he even had two Six-star elder cats with him. Unfortunately, there were just too many elders on Masrow’s side. Under normal circumstances, there was no way they would ever stand a chance. In the blink of a cat’s eye, his entourage was subdued.

“Little sister… what’s the meaning of this? Don’t tell me you wish to force me to marry you?” Despite being restrained, Gaiuz’s brain seemed to be just as lively as ever with its delusions. “If my little sister wants to marry me, she just has to ask, I definitely won’t resist…”

“Shut it!” Meisian leaped down onto Gaiuz’s Elemental Segregation Platform. Then with a long wind up of her cat paws, she gave a resounding pair of slaps on his face. “Is your brain even working right?”

“That’s right. My brain isn’t working at all. If it was normal,would I ever love my little sister so much?!” As he said that, one could almost see the burning desire in his eyes. “I love you more than anything in this world…little sister, give your older brother another slap, it’s been so long since he felt your body…please, just a few more…”

“Pervert!” She furiously wiped the paw she used to slap him with on the platform, as if Gaiuz himself was a transmittable disease.

Either way, whether or not he loved her didn’t change the fact that Gaiuz was both a moron and had a screw loose in his head. Siscons truly couldn’t be treated as people.

Not Sasani, of course…not Sasani.

“Little sister, just one more slap, don’t show mercy because I’m your older brother…”

“Die, you pervert!”

Even though Gaiuz had poured his heart out to Meisian, the truth was that she was on the verge of exploding already. She couldn’t even be bothered to give him another look, let alone smack him. With a flip of her tiny cat body, she leapt back onto her own platform then made it ascend back up. Before leaving, she left behind these words, “Masrow, go drain his blood. As long as he doesn’t die, it’s fine.”

“Understood.” Masrow dutifully accepted the command, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that he happily accepted the command.

Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said of the two elder cats accompanying Gaiuz. Their duty was to protect Gaiuz. Should they allow him to just be drained of blood right in front of them, they could forget about ever finding another job in this cat world.

“No…” With no choice but to watch as Meisian left him, and with a decidedly eager Masrow sharpening his needle, Gaiuz finally realised how much trouble he was in right now. He immediately started wailing like a newborn cat. “I don’t want to have my blood drained… save me… elders, save me…”

Hearing Gaiuz cry out for them like that, the two elder cats he brought over vigorously tried to break free of Meisian’s elders. However, was there any cat who understood an elder more than another elder? Upon realising that these two elder cats were about to try and mount a daring rescue of their master, he tossed a look at his other elders. Perhaps it was because of their long years together as card buddies, his elders immediately understood what he meant without saying a word. Out of nowhere, the elders under him took out a bunch of black cards and tossed them in front of Gaiuz’s two elders.

The moment those black cards hit the ground with a cling, all the cats in the hall were immediately drawn to the source of the clings, even Gaiuz who was just wailing about not wanting to have his blood drained.

“Cards…” Seeing the wobbling cards slowly fall flat on the ground, the color on Gaiuz’s face drained out of him faster than his blood ever could. Clearly, he knew what was about to happen.

“We’re just playing cards here. We don’t know what’s happening at all.” Masrow’s elder cats were the first to break the silence with what seemed like an indirect attempt at persuading them to surrender. And… it worked…

“Sure, sure. It has been more than a day already since we last played cards. I swear, any longer and I would kill myself.”

“Well, now that we have cards, you don’t have to.”

Just as expected, Gaiuz’s two elder cats promptly expressed their intention to choose cards over cat. Where did their sudden burst of bravery go? For them to be bribed by just a deck of cards…could their loyalty be any cheaper? Really, was there even anything I could say at this point?

“Mama, these kitties are just the best.” At this point, all my little baby needed was popcorn and this little comedy would be complete.

It turned out that Jeerah was just as entertained by this sight as Mo Na. As that thick needle slowly went past his thighs and up to a certain region, one thing became clear. This instrument wasn’t just an instrument to drain blood -it was an instrument to drain blood rectally. Absolutely delicious…

“Blasted Masrow… I swear once I get out of this, you’re gonna get it…oww… don’t be so rough…”

“!&*(5! You’re definitely doing this on purpose!”

“An accident… nothing but an accident. Oops, so sorry there, I think I missed again…”


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Chapter 370: An Overlord

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Regardless of what methods one employed, the end goal was always to achieve victory.

Even though we wound up fighting, Meisian agreed to a temporary truce in the end. Speaking of which, I really had to thank Masrow and his Elders’ Consortium for their contribution to the cause…

Now that both parties had agreed to sit down and talk, the five Grand Elders all went their separate ways without another word, leaving the matter of negotiations entirely up to Meisian.

Strictly speaking, I had the power to just subjugate these Purgatory Shadowcats by force right now, assuming if this was all the power they held. That latter part was why I decided now was the time for a quick test. If this worked as I hoped, I should be able to just subjugate Meisian and her cats right now.

However, when I brought up this topic, Meisian flatly rejected it. In her words, she just wanted to be a carefree kitty. Masrow and his elders basically gave the same answer as well. They felt that if I was to become their master, they would end up being forced to do all manner of work, meaning they had no time for cards anymore. Putting aside the small details of why, both of them put up a strong united front against this idea.

Unfortunately, all it took was a few words to break apart this alliance.

I stepped out of my Devil King Idol alone and stood before Meisian. “If you won’t be my subject, I’ll get the golems to smash your castle.

“Hmph, if you think can, go ahead then. Don’t think for a second that we’re really afraid of you.” Meisian scoffed.

“Hey, let’s not be hasty here. If you smash our houses, we won’t have anywhere to play cards.” Masrow was the first of the elders to raise his complaints. “Let’s be civil here. Everything can be negotiated…”

“You spineless bunch of old cats!”

Seeing her own elders cave in so quickly, Meisian immediately went off on another tirade. However, these old cats’ had skins no less tougher than my golems. After a quick bit of embarrassment, they promptly returned back to their usual selves, even leaning in to whisper to Meisian. Who knew for certain what was uttered in that short instance, but the moment they were done, Meisian whipped her tail around disdainfully, then glared at me. “Do you think a threat like that would work on us? Do you really think that us Shadowcats don’t have an Overlord of our own? Just watch me…”

Yet before she could even finish her words, a voice of indistinguishable gender boomed from the horizon. “Little Meisian… my apologies, I can’t interfere this time…”

“…” Like a cat that just had her tail just stepped on, she began stomping down hard on her Elemental Segregation Platform, causing the listless Anmi beside her to suddenly jump up with a start.

“With your esteemed help, these big lugs wouldn’t pose a threat at all, why won’t you help us?”

“Because…I can’t…”

After that, no matter how much she called for that voice, no response was forthcoming.

Still, that didn’t stop her from yelling for a good long while before finally accepting the fact that their Overlord wasn’t going to help. Naturally, she had no way of knowing that it wasn’t that their clan’s Overlord didn’t want to help, rather it was that he didn’t dare to help.

As for me, that brief brush with an Overlord was more than enough to set me on edge. Just because an Eight-star wasn’t able to pierce through the defenses of my Devil King Idol, it didn’t mean that a Nine-star wasn’t able to. Furthermore, that was the first time I felt the aura of a Nine-star. While Lucifer’s clone gave me his word that they wouldn’t interfere in my conquest, there was still a slim chance…

“Blast it…” Meisian turned her fuming eyes back towards me, then turned around to glare at a decidedly lost Masrow. “Whatever, I won’t give up my blood either way.”

Having stated her position clearly, Meisian rode off in her platform. While she might have left Masrow behind like that, it didn’t mean that the Purgatory Shadows were now my subjects either. She was still the leader of the Purgatory Shadowcats. Plus, Masrow was just the head of the Elders’ Consortium, there were still multiple levels above him, like those Great Elders and that Overlord. Furthermore, the fact that the Overlord kitty even spoke up at all showed that he was against my plans to subjugate the Purgatory Shadowcats.

Lucifer’s clone might have given me his assurance that those of the Overlord tier wouldn’t interfere, but that was predicated on the fact that the Overlord still valued his life. If that Overlord truly didn’t care about his life or that of his race, there really was no chance of me living…

Since Meisian expressed her disinterest in the following matters, Masrow and I got down to discussing the next course of action. First, we had to work out the logistics of drawing out the blood I needed. Next came our mutual cooperation. That’s right. Cooperation. The terms had changed from serving to cooperating.

I didn’t have the power of an Overlord yet. And even if my golems were strong, I wasn’t all that keen about angering an Overlord, especially not after what I had just witnessed. Ferti’nier had even taken this opportunity to remind me that an Eight-star wasn’t even worth mentioning when compared to a Nine-star.

Nine-stars all had Territories of their own. What was a Territory? Well, it was like having the laws of the world aiding you. This power and authority was a bootleg version of a divinity’s realm. In some ways, possessing a Territory meant that one could exert limited control over the world’s laws, kind of like a Path, or Dao, in those cultivation novels.

Naturally, this control was limited to simple operations, but this was still a major step up in power.

Every Territory was unique. That was because each Territory was linked to one’s own natural talents. So how strong was a Nine-star? Ferti’nier had this to say…

While it was true that an Overlord’s power had its limits as well -it couldn’t just very well destroy all seven hundred of my golems in an instant- it could still inflict heavy casualties on them. Having done that, the Overlord could just run away to recover their strength before coming back to finish the job. It wasn’t like I had the means to actually stop an Overlord from escaping. Only someone of the same strength could do that.

In short, if I were to meet a particularly suicidal Overlord, I was done for.

For the time being, I had Sinmosa and her family stand guard outside with the golems while I brought Mo Na and Jeerah into the castle.

By using Meisian’s name to contact Gaiuz, I was sure that blasted siscon would fly over in an instant. Without Meisian’s own cooperation, all the blood had to be drawn from Gaiuz.

Next, came the matter of the Warhorses. Masrow requested that Meisian broach this subject with their Overlord, who pretty quickly accepted the matter. Naturally, this came with conditions: I had to swear that I wouldn’t find trouble with them in the future.

But should some Purgatory Shadowcats find working under me attractive, there was nothing stopping them from serving me either. Given their lackadaisical nature however, I really didn’t dare to let them handle any matter alone. And even if I were to throw something on them, they would most likely mess it up.

If I needed someone to mess things up for me, these kitties were definitely the first choice. As for the rest… ha ha ha.

In other words, all that talk about allowing me to recruit volunteers was basically a joke. In some sense, I wasn’t even sure if I should get them to help in the war against the Warhorses. But if not them, who else?

Either way, the matter with the Purgatory Shadowcats was basically at an end. All I needed to do was to wait for Gaiuz to give me his blood. After ensuring that this matter was set in stone, I could then proceed on to the Hellhounds. As long as I had the Hellhounds on my side, those horses were basically in the bag.

“Sister! I’m here, your older brother is here to see you…” In less than two days, that blasted siscon was already here. Before even entering the guest hall, I could already hear his cat voice echoing in my ears. “So our little sister already misses her big brother, huh. I just knew that Anmi fellow wasn’t dependable. I bet he’s already dead on the platform, or maybe he has already run away…you…what are you doing here?!”

Still seated atop his Elemental Segregation Platform and blathering on to himself when he entered the hall, Gaiuz’s cat face immediately darkened when he saw who it was seated in the guest hall -me.

“You…you traitor!”

Gaiuz immediately tried to ram me with his platform. But before Mo Na and Jeerah could step in to help, Masrow and the other elders already had the platform surrounded. With no other choice left, he stopped the platform and began eyeing his surroundings. Realising that Meisian was nowhere to be found, he glared back at me, eyes practically spitting fire as he yelled. “Don’t get in my way! And where’s my little sister? She said she wanted to see me, so why isn’t she here to welcome me?”

“Brother, you big dumb cat, what makes you think I would ever say that?!” Unexpectedly, Gaiuz’s yelling actually brought out Meisian. The little black cat’s voice came echoing from above. I raised my head to have a look and found her and Anmi descending from the ceiling on a miniature Elemental Segregation Platform. Before she had even landed, she was already expressing her displeasure at having Gaiuz here, “How stupid can you be? Don’t tell me you’ve already lost the ability to distinguish between a lie and the truth?”

“Little sister! Oh, how I’ve missed you…” Gaiuz had clearly missed the barbs in her words. Right now, all he had in his head was the adorable little cat figure of his little sister.

“What a coincidence, I don’t miss you at all.” Meisian lowered her body and bit down on a certain contraption lying by her side. Having done that, she tossed it down at Gaiuz, “This is for you.”

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Chapter 369: The Key to Winning is Not Fighting on Your Own Property

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“I humbly beseech the great elders for their assistance!”

Meisian loudly called for their clan’s great elders to help, but I wasn’t afraid one bit. That was because I knew that those of the Overlord tier didn’t dare to act against me. An Eight-star had no chance against my Devil King Idol so I was basically unstoppable right now in Sable Radiance.

As she said that, I could sense five surges of mana radiating strongly outwards from within the castle. These five presences all had the power of an Eight-star. Their speed was fast, as you would expect of a Purgatory Shadowcat at that level, covering several hundreds of meters within an instant.

Without even saying a word, these five newcomer cats immediately pounced at me.

I commanded the idol to stay perfectly still as they tried to no avail to claw and bite at its reddish-black exterior. Try as they might, their attacks failed to even leave a scratch on it. I gave the command to kick one of them as a test, but that big cat swiftly dodged it with an impossible twist of his body.

Their sense of perception and reaction speed were truly unfathomable. In contrast, my idol was just unimaginably slow; hitting them wasn’t going to be an easy task at all. I tried giving another test kick but it was promptly dodged once more.

Still, my idol was immune to most magicks, leaving only physical means open to them. However, their attacks couldn’t even compare to that of the Nightmare Steeds. At the very most, their claws served as backscratchers for the idol.

As those five Eight-star cats tangled with my idol, my seven hundred or so golems managed to bring down the entire wall. The earth quaked and the skies rained rubble. Faced with the might of my golem army, their vaunted wall stood no chance at all. At this very moment, what crumbled wasn’t just their wall, but their confidence as well.

Having done their job, the golems remained outside of the wall, quietly waiting for my new command. Seeing as their defenses could only be described as unfair, I saw no need to rush in giving out any new commands either.

Masrow led the rest of the Elders’ Consortium in an attack against the golems. With what had just transpired, there was only animosity between both parties right now. In all likelihood, they were hoping to force the golems back -too bad they were destined to be disappointed.

“It’s so hard… my claws…”

“Ow ow… my fangs…they’re breaking….”

“My head…”

While I had given the command for the golems not to attack, that didn’t stop Masrow and the other elder cats from inflicting injuries on themselves… With how sturdy these golems were, I was more than happy to let them attack the golems. After all, the ones getting hurt wouldn’t be my golems, so why not?

“Now can we talk, Meisian?” The situation was under my control now. I had my idol chase away the five Eight-stars momentarily then spoke to Meisian, signalling my intention to end this fight. “There’s no point in fighting any longer, how about we sit down and talk instead?”

“There’s nothing to talk about here, I’ll never give you the blood!” Even when faced with a completely collapsed wall, Meisian had no intention of giving in at all. With a willful wave of her cat paws, she commanded her cats, her posture that of a commander ready to stand tall in the face of certain defeat, “Get them, I want those black statues torn down this instant!”

Either way, it wasn’t like she was the one who had to charge into battle, and standing never really hurt any cat either.

However, as inspiring as her aura was, the fact was that the other cats were all scared stiff after witnessing their wall collapse. None of them dared to advance step further, especially not when their elders already showed them what would happen if they tried, even if the golems weren’t out to get them.

“If you won’t talk, then don’t blame me for what happens next.”

The feathers on my Devil King Idol began to tremble. A rush of mana filled the air and countless Mana Feathers shot out a second later. The five great elders instantly dodged the projectiles with ease, but were they even the true targets? From the very start, I had no intention of harming them, instead I was merely aiming to destroy the castle city.

The moment my Mana Feathers struck the city, they exploded in a brilliant display of mana and rubble. Whatever plant life, cat climbing shelves, fake hills, and etc. were all reduced to nothingness in an instant.

“You, you, you…are you here to fight or are you here to destroy my house?!” At the end of the day, fighting on someone else’s property was never going to be a loss for me. After all, what was getting broken wasn’t my stuff, so why should I care? In contrast, Meisian was looking a lot more concerned. “Can’t you aim a little better? Don’t destroy my castle city!”

‘Well, I want to aim a little better as well, but your great elders don’t seem to want to get hit.’

“I’m trying to have a civil discussion with you here, but since you won’t listen to me, why should I listen to you?” I fired another volley of Mana Feathers. This time, I didn’t even try to aim at the great elders. Instead, I had them all land roughly 100 meters away from the guest hall’s entrance, sending a barrage of broken rubble flying everywhere and nearly causing her castle to collapse.

“Stop…no more fighting…my poor castle…”

“I’ll let you have your talk, so stop breaking my castle!”

“Then about those terms…”

“I won’t give you the blood…”

“I’ll just have to continue then.” Having said that, I gave the command to wreck the castle once more.

“Blast it…you’re asking for too much! I don’t want to die yet!” She yelled in my direction, “Other than my blood, can’t you give some other terms?”

“You could always draw the blood from Gaiuz or Weiderly, couldn’t you? I just need a whole Shadowcat’s worth, you can just simply get half from each of them.”

Faced with this new suggestion, Meisian immediately agreed to it. “Masrow, send a message to Gaiuz, ask him to get here right away.”

‘Just Gaiuz? Doesn’t that mean that siscon who always cries about wanting to marry his little sister is in for a world of pain?’

“And about those Warhorses…”

“I accept, I accept. Just don’t touch my castle…” Before I could even finish asking, Meisian hurriedly accepted the terms. “As long as it’s not about my blood, everything else is fine.”

“But, little Meisian, the matter of the Warhorses isn’t…”

Masrow obviously wanted to stop her from agreeing to attack the Warhorse, but before Meisian could say anything, one of the great elders spoke up first. “I agree with the Fallen Angel, but after we help you with the Warhorses, you must let us go…”

“Of course, I have no intention of having hostile relations with you cats. If it wasn’t for a certain matter being too important to ignore, I wouldn’t come here to ask for your help in the first place.” If it wasn’t for that end of the world battle hanging above my head, I really didn’t want to have an argument with Meisian like this.

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Chapter 368: In the End, We Still Have to Fight…

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The Abyssal Golems were all stationed nearby and ready to strike at a moment’s notice. With that card in hand, my position was a lot more hardline this time.

“Regret? Hmph. I don’t even know how that word is spelt. How about you teach me then?” Before Meisian even had the chance to answer, Anmi had already answered for her. With another scoff, he continued, “How about you take a second to look around? You’re the one surrounded by the elders, not us! And you actually want to threaten us. How stupid can you be?”

‘Ah…I was just scolded by a moron…a moron actually scolded me…I’m such a disgrace to the Fallen Angels…still, if that silly couple won’t see reason, I might have to use force.’

‘But if I were to use force, things will just end up more complicated. Honestly, as long as force is involved, there will always be one side being oppressed. If it’s possible, I would rather recruit them willingly…without danger to myself, of course.’

“You guys are the ones who won’t believe me. In that case, I’ll just have to apologise for any offense I might cause in the future.”

There was no guarantee that she would relent even when forced, but at the very least, my safety would be guaranteed this way. Time for the direct method…

With no other choice available to me, I yelled in the direction of the city walls. “All my golems, assemble!”

As I said that, my still as a statue golems finally moved. The mere act of all seven hundred of my golems acting at once immediately caused the surroundings to quake. Still in the midst of their card game, the elder cats and their black cards started to tremble as well. Their eyes went wide as they finally awoke from their gambling stupor.

“What’s happening? An earthquake? Or is the volcano erupting?”

“Doesn’t seem like it. There’s no volcano near us that can erupt.”

“The shaking is so bad, I’m getting a little giddy here…”

“I don’t care how giddy you are, I’m about to win here and none of you better renege on the bet!”

“Bah, I’m done playing. My head hurts…”

“Me too… Masrow, how about we end this round…”

“What’s the meaning of this? Hey, why are you throwing away the cards? Pick them up and let’s continue playing! I’m about to win already…blast it all…you shameless cats…are you cats even gamblers?”

‘…The question is are you cats even normal?.’

“Tear down that wall! Hahaha, tear down that wall, quick!” Mo Na was more than familiar with the shaking caused by my golems moving, thus her confidence immediately surged. “Mama, call out that big golem as well, we can tear up the place while riding it!”

Naturally, the big golem she was talking about was the Devil King Idol. I was actually worried that the elder cats would suddenly attack us. After all, their combat strength was a fair bit higher than ours; if they were to launch an attack without warning, we would suffer greatly.

“Elders! Now’s not the time for games, the enemy is already at our gates!” Meisian couldn’t help but yell at her elders who were still busy messing around despite the current situation. “My castle is about to be destroyed. If that happens, you can forget about ever eating any Ashen Fur Mice or Meowberries!”

“Don’t worry, it won’t fall.” Masrow calmly eyed her, his face a picture of serenity. “Even if you don’t feed us, there’s still Gaiuz and Weiderly. What’s the worst that can happen? We just hop over to their camp and continue sponging off them.”

‘Continue sponging…For some reason, I have this sudden realisation that these elders are actually pretty self-aware…they’ve clearly resolved themselves to be leeches.’

“Elders, please make your move now…” Meisian selectively ignored the latter half of Masrow’s words. In a worried voice, she continued, “There’s a horde of strange monsters outside our city walls right now…I’m afraid the walls can’t handle them..”

“They won’t collapse, they are all built to last. Unless the enemy has the power of an Eight-star, there’s basically no chance of them even getting dama-”


Before Masrow could even finish saying the word damaged, a portion of the wall came crashing down. The nearby Purgatory Shadowcats immediately meowed with shock and began scattering. A number of cats who were originally stationed on the walls began jumping off the walls in alarm… so that’s what the saying, when the tree falls, the monkeys scatter, mean.

A burly arm, made entirely out of a reddish-black material, came piercing through a section of the wall. It tried grabbing around but to no avail. After a few seconds of doing so, it retracted back out of sight without its prize. Still, the fact was that the wall now had a gaping hole in it.

The city wall of the Purgatory Shadowcats was roughly ten meters tall, half the height of the Devil King Idol. The Abyssal Golems were all five meters or so while my Winged Abyssal Golems were seven meters tall; there was no way these normal golems could step over the wall. Only by bashing through the wall could they hope to find passage within.

While it was true that this wall of theirs could withstand up to an Eight-star’s attacks, but my Winged Abyssal Golems had the physical strength approaching that of an Eight-star’s. Not to mention that 102 of them were stationed outside right now…

Now that the city wall had a hole in it, it was only a matter of time before it became a honeycomb of holes and collapsed.

Boom, boom, boom, went the thunderous punches of seven hundred golems simultaneously bashing on a wall. The defenseless wall began to crack and expose its inhabitants within. From the looks of things, it was only a matter of seconds before it came crumbling down.

“Impossible…” The moment the first hole appeared, Masrow practically jumped out of his fur, eyes wide in shock. “Don’t tell me there’s an Eight-star outside right now?”

“I told you there were monsters outside!” She furiously glared at him but still left the uglier parts of what she wanted to say unsaid.

“I’ll go have a look myself.” Masrow leaped gracefully onto the city wall. As he stared ahead, his feline back stayed straight as an arrow, and his eyes sharp as one. It almost looked like he was ready to leap down and face off against the horde of golems arrayed before him.

A mere second later, he actually jumped off the city wall. With an elegant curve of his feline body, he did a somersault in the air and landed softly beyond the walls. Then…he came charging through one of the holes created by the golems. All that talk of cats climbing walls and dogs crawling through holes was basically non-existent at this point. “Why the heck are there so many…”

So what was he referring to when he said so many? Naturally, it was my golems. Over seven hundred golems gathering in a single spot wasn’t a sight one could simply laugh off. Did they think that being a savior was easy? If Masrow really dared to take even a step further, it would be the end of his cat life.

“I told you to apprehend them earlier…” When Meisian first received us, she already caught wind of my golems. Even though she didn’t know how powerful they were then, one could easily guess that they were no pushovers based on their sheer size.

“Now isn’t too late.” Masrow’s fast thinking was truly a marvel. He immediately grasped what was needed to save his feline skin right now. That was to hold us as hostages.

At the same time that I saw him charge through the hole, my left hand immediately grabbed the Gem of Authority hanging on my neck. My right hand grabbed my precious daughter. “Everyone, keep close. I’ll summon the Devil King Idol.”

“Get them!”

Masrow and the other elder cats immediately pounced on his command. Unfortunately for them, they were a tad too late. I had already seen through their intentions from the start and summoned forth my Devil King Idol, teleporting all of us into the safety of its dimensional pocket. The elder cats leapt at what they saw was us but ended up banging into the leg of the Devil King Idol instead.

In order to avoid maiming these cats, I had the idol stand perfectly still. It wasn’t like they could harm it anyway. As long as I threatened them again, they should give up quietly.

Only after banging my idol did those silly cats realise how sturdy this new golem was. Retreat immediately crept into their minds, but their pride didn’t allow them to just give up like that.

“It’s time we ended this farce.” My voice transmitted outwards through the idol. Without even waiting for those elders to react, I had my idol quickly stomp down on the ground with its right foot. This simple act was enough to send more tremors reverberating throughout the entire castle city, its strength nearly comparable to that of my seven hundred golems.

Where the idol treads, the earth shakes.

Being the closest to the idol, Masrow and his elders felt first hand how terrifying my idol’s true strength was. At its level of destructiveness, that simple stomp could have killed at least of them if I so wished.

“Not good…it’s an Eight-star…”

With how quickly the situation spiralled out of their control, the grand elder Masrow promptly turned tail and ran, the rest of his elders quickly following in his cat steps in a bid to escape from this no man’s land.

“Little Meisian…exactly who did you end up offending this time…we need to get out of here, quick! We can’t win.”

Masrow brought the elders to Meisian’s platform. Their intention was to grab the tiny cat king and quickly escape. However, she would have none of that. Even if her husband, Anmi, was clearly frightened stiff beside her, she still showed no sign of relenting.

“Escape? Never.” Meisian coldly swept her eyes over the frightened elder cats. Her lips curled into a disdainful scoff. “I already knew that I can’t depend on you cats, so I had the foresight to notify the Great Elder.”

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Chapter 367: I Declare Single!

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Taking advantage of their momentary distraction, our party successfully made it out of the castle. Even though Meisian was still hot on our tails riding her Elemental Segregation Platform, its speed wasn’t comparable to ours at all. There were a few cats here and there who got in our way when they heard Meisian’s calls, but they were all promptly smacked away by Sasani and Sinmosa.

On average, the Purgatory Shadowcats were at the level of Two-stars to Three-stars. Four-stars was an elite, while five was a captain’s level. Once they reached Six-stars, they became an elder. Spearheading our escape were two Five-star Cerberuses, barring any interference from their Elders’ Consortium, nothing could really stand in our way.

For the most part, that held true all the way till we made it to the city gates. It was at that point that we finally met with the advance party of the Elders’ Consortium. There were two elders blocking our exit, along with seven other elders who surrounded us. These elders were roughly the size of a wolf dog, but based on the aura they emitted, those Five-stars we met before were nothing compared to them.

Besides their sizes being roughly equal, there was also another similarity shared by these nine cats, and that was the hand of black cards floating beside each of them. These cards were all completely black, made of a material that seemed neither like wood nor like stone. Even though their material wasn’t exactly clear, it was still obvious to the casual observer that they were hefty.

In the meantime, those dozen or so guardcats who were previously distracted by the Vengeful Soul finally caught up to us under the guidance of that larger guardcat captain.

“Esteemed Overlord, we’re here…” They casually greeted Meisian but were immediately snapped at by a moody Meisian. “What took you all so long?! Bunch of useless cats! What am I even feeding you all for?!”

One of the guardcats quietly mumbled to himself, “It’s not like the Ashen Fur Mice we eat are raised by you. Our Meowberries aren’t grown by you either…”

“What did you say?”

Hearing as sharp as her pointy ears, Meisian picked up on that poor guardcat’s griping. “I dare you to say that again!”

“…” With nowhere else to hide from her withering gaze, the guilty cat lowered his head and answered, “We were just saying, your Highness, the great Cat King, is absolutely right, we are all just a bunch of good-for-nothings…”

‘I completely understand if you look down on yourself, but why did you drag your companions down with you as well…’

The other guardcats immediately glared at him. “I mean I’m the good-for-nothing, I’m the useless one. My colleagues have nothing to do with this…”

“All useless! I swear you all will be the death of me!” Meisian immediately fired off a barrage of angry stares before praising the elders. “You lot should learn from the elders over there, one swipe of their cat paws and the enemy is caught!”

“I say, didn’t I tell you not to disturb us unless there’s something important, little Meisian?” As if he didn’t hear that praise at all, one of the elders blocking the exit plopped himself on the ground and gave Meisian a rueful stare. Then with a nod of his head, he sent one of the black cards flying down onto the ground. “A nine!”

“A nine right from the start! Do you even know how to play?” His companion rolled his eyes at him before eyeing his own cards. “Pass.” He sighed.

“A nine from the start…that’s definitely a bad hand…I’ll pass as well.” One of the elders surrounding us five meters away said, equally as exasperated by that cat’s opening move.



The next two elders passed their turn as well.

“A one.” The elder who threw down the one card sneered at the cat who threw down a nine. “Let’s see you throw out that cat card to beat my one!”

“There’s no need to wait for Masrow to throw out the card, I have a cat card that can beat you… None of you plan on throwing out another card, right? In that case, I’ll throw out a pair of threes, and if no one has a pair of fours…”

“Hold it.” The cat who threw out the nine at the start, also known as Masrow, interrupted his companion and said, “I have three eights here.” As he said that, three of the cards above him immediately flew down onto the ground, revealing the number eight carved in Devil language on each of them.

Having made sure the other cats had no moves to make, he threw out a straight of four, five and six. Then, with a happy wag of his tail, he declared, fully confident that victory was in paw, “I declare single!”

Declaring single meant that he only had one card left.

“Hey, whoever can answer that, better answer it now or the game’s over.”

“That’s right, that’s right. If you have a five six seven, you’d better play it now. Even a triple is fine, just stop Masrow. I swear it’s like he cheats every round, blast it.”

“He only has one card, if anyone can play right now, do it. There’s no way he can make a move after.”

With defeat so dangerously close to fur, the remaining elders erupted in debate, each calling for the other to play their cards right now and stop Masrow from winning.

Unfortunately, while the logic was sound, reality had a way of disagreeing. The remaining elders had no cards to play against his straight. Thus, with no one else to stop him confirmed, Masrow played his final card.

“Hahaha. If you don’t mind, gentlecats, I dare say that was an excellent game.” The moment that black card touched the ground, his victory was decided.

“Mama, are those big kitties alright in the head?”

“Daddy doesn’t know as well, sweetie…Daddy doesn’t know as well…”

Even though these cats clearly had us surrounded, none of them had any intention of attacking, instead continuing on with their game of cards in what had to be the strangest sight ever. While Mo Na wasn’t exactly very polite there, who even plays cards while surrounding an opponent?

“Elders, help us catch those Devils, quick!” The little cat, Meisian, used her dainty paw to point at us as she continued yelling, “The card games can wait, help us catch them first!”

Still lying listlessly on the platform, Anmi promptly chimed in as well, “Elders, please catch them!”

“We’ve already helped you surround them, just wait for us to finish another round first.” Without even batting an eyelid, Masrow proudly swept his eyes over the other elders. “So who had the most cards just now? Go shuffle the cards, come on now. Also, you better remember how many times you’ve lost to me. Don’t even think about getting out of this debt!”

‘Gamblers…these cats are all hardcore gamblers, I swear…’

“Meisian, since your elders aren’t in the mood to catch us, how about you let us go.” I diplomatically broached the subject once more. “We did help out you in the past, is it really alright just to flip out on us like that?”

“And what’s wrong with that?” Meisian vehemently glared at me. “I know you helped me out in the past, but you actually want my blood…there’s no way I’m giving that to you!”

“If that’s all he wants, just give it to him. He did help you, after all. Don’t be so stingy.” Masrow chided her in a matter-of-fact tone, then loudly declared with a flourish, “A pair of fives!”

‘Why do I get the feeling that the only reason he thinks she is stingy is because she interrupted their game…no wonder people always say not to mess with gamblers.’

“Grand Elder! If it’s just a bit of blood, who wouldn’t give it to him? But what he wants is all my blood…I’ll be dead if I give it to him!”

“Yes, but you still shouldn’t call us out for that. We’re busy.” Masrow yelled back without lifting his head. “A cat. If no one has a card to play, I’ll play a one.”

“What do you mean busy? Are you saying that my safety isn’t as important as your card game?!” Meisian was on the verge of exploding right now. Her eyes practically spat fire as she continued grilling Masrow. Unfortunately, he didn’t give two meowberries about her anger, instead fully directing his attention to his current game.

‘Really, can these cats be any less unreliable? Even their Overlord can’t control them, so what good are they? I swear, I’m starting to feel a little sorry for Meisian myself…’

Though I thought that, wasn’t I actually the pitiful one here? Being the one that was surrounded.

I continued speaking. “I never said I wanted all your blood. I just said I needed an entire Shadowcat’s worth of blood-”

“And how is that any different?!”

Finally, in what had to be my most exasperated voice ever, “I don’t have to draw it all at once, or I can just find your brothers for some blood.”

“Well, why didn’t you just say so?”

“Because you never gave me the chance to do so…”

‘I…if you won’t give me the chance to say my piece, then don’t blame me for being rough later.’

“Meisian, this is the last time I’m saying this, we only want to leave. If you will let us go, we can still have some amicable relationships in the future. But if you won’t… I just hope you won’t regret it.”

We were already at the city gates anyway and my golems were all waiting right outside. As long as I gave the order, they would immediately break through those gates and rescue us. Even if all the elders made their move, I could still summon my Devil King Idol and defend myself.
These golems of mine were definitely more powerful than those cats could imagine. Putting aside those 102 Winged Abyssal Golems, even my 625 Abyssal Golems were enough for her to drown on.

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Chapter 366: Cat Plays

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Meow~~” The dozen or so guardcats were instantly entranced by Jeerah’s waving tail. With each sway, their eyes would slowly drift left and right in tandem with the tail; all was done under the direction of Jeerah’s control.

‘I guess her tail does resemble a cat’s toy, but can this premise be any more shaky?!’

Still, it was an undeniable fact that she had them in the palm of her hands. No…it wasn’t just her tail, her scent was a lot stronger than usual. In other words, at the same time that she began waving her tail, she activated her enthrallment, and from the looks of things, succeeded.

These paragons of reliability were probably already under her spell. Like a swarm of bees to honey, their claws shot out in unison in a bid to grab her tail. Too bad for them, Jeerah’s reaction was quicker. With a spin and a twist, she evaded their hungry claws. But the giant kitties persisted, chasing after her as she ran around the hall. With her Five-star strength, her speed definitely wasn’t slower than the cats chasing. Each time they lunged, she always managed to pull her tail away at the last minute.

I had to admit however, the fact that she was able to distract these cats was surprising, but at least it was a pleasant surprise that benefited us.

“Hey! What the heck are you worthless cats doing, attack them! It’s just a blasted tail, don’t tell me you don’t have your own!” Meisian was probably the only lucid cat right now. Unfortunately, she couldn’t leave her Elemental Segregation Platform. All she could do was smack Anmi on the head for also being enthralled by Jeerah’s tail, though that was most likely her venting her anger. And without checking to see if Anmi had awoken from the trance, she began railing. “Wake up you morons!”

That unfortunately did nothing to awaken them. The guardcats continued chasing Jeerah’s tail as if she had never yelled at them.

Her Psychic Enthrallment had bought us precious time. Time which I used to pour out souls from my Soul Ring and fed them to Sasani who gladly wolfed them down. These were the souls I had originally saved up as back up rations, but now was clearly not the time to care about such details.

Thankfully, Hellhounds had the ability to absorb souls to recover from their wounds quickly. As long as Sasani recovered, leaving shouldn’t be a problem. Assuming no other Purgatory Shadowcats popped up, of course. We also needed Sinmosa to settle that guardcat captain as soon as possible. Even if victory wasn’t possible, she had to at least shake him off.

Yet just when I thought our situation was improving, Meisian pulled out her trump card.

“Elders! Elders! Come out and help me, quick!” Her call for help almost sent me jumping out of my skin. These elders were all Six-stars and above, clearly characters we did not want to tangle with right now. However, reality didn’t proceed in the way both Meisian and I had expected. Her cries for help went unanswered, as if her Elders’ Consortium had never existed from the beginning.

“Blast it, those accursed elders…don’t tell me they are out playing cards again…”

‘Playing cards…I know cats are naturally lazy, but still… And these elders have the ability to Dreamwalk, so I’m not surprised that they managed to learn a game or two from the human realm. But is now really the time for you guys to be playing cards?! Your cat king is still directing a battle here.’

‘Forget it, I’ve already had enough experience to know that these cats are all crazy, and their inaction serves me well now.’


In the time that Meisian tried to call for the elders, Sasani finally recovered his strength, having consumed a large amount of souls. While his clash with the three Purgatory Shadowcats had left them both injured, he at least came out on top, seeing as he was perfectly fine now. As for those three guardcat captains, they were still lying on the ground, though who could say if they were actually knocked out or just playing dead. After all, these cats could probably fool the Grim Reaper itself with their play dead skills.

Still, while Sasani was finally well enough to fight, that didn’t mean he was at peak condition either. At the very least however, he was able to help his wife fight against that guardcat captain. With their combined might, that cat was easily overwhelmed.

It was true that the Purgatory Shadowcats were faster than the Hellhounds, but in a two versus one, the fight was basically over. Especially since there was no aid forthcoming from the Elders’ Consortium. Speaking of which, were they really playing cards…

With the guardcat captain no longer a problem, I grabbed Jeerah along with the two scamps and rushed for the exit.

“Keep up, Sinmosa!”

“Got it.”

Realising that we had successfully evacuated, the Hellhound couple quickly exchanged a glance with each other, then launched a combination Raging Flame Charge at the poor guardcat captain who had nowhere to run. The guardcat captain was promptly sent flying away with a meow, after which the pair quickly followed us.

Now that Jeerah had escaped, that meant her enthrallment wore off as well. Without her spell affecting their minds, the remaining guardcats quickly regained their senses.

“Meoooww!” They immediately pounced on us the moment they realised that we were escaping.

Darkness Whip!

I gathered my mana, and with a swing of my right hand, sent forth a whip made of pure shadow cracking right in front of those rushing guardcats. With how sudden this attack came, the guardcats only had time to dodge backwards, and that slowed down their pursuit enough to buy us a few precious seconds.

“Quick!” I continued running while hugging onto Mo Na and Cinderel.

“Mama, Mo Na can help too.” Ever one with a strong need to show her abilities, she swung around my neck to face the back. Then, with eyes focused ahead and arms flailing about in casting motion, she yelled. “Vengeful Soul!”

A pair of black mists sprouted from her hands and rapidly flew towards the relentless guardcats. The spell had gone off successfully, but I was still concerned. I turned around for a moment to check on the situation, and saw a sight that left me speechless…

Upon seeing the black clouds rushing towards them, the guardcats immediately pounced on them with their claws, like how a cat would when it saw its prey. Unfortunately for them, the Vengeful Soul could fly, and with a pretty decent speed as well. Each time they almost clawed it, it would deftly fly away.

With these two clouds clearly grabbing their attention, Mo Na quickly commanded them to fly in the opposite direction from us, leading the ever-reliable guardcats back into the hall.

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Chapter 365: Sometimes, The Simplest Solutions are Best

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

‘Fishcakes!’ The moment those words left his mouth, I swore I almost blew my top.

‘I just knew you were still holding grudges the moment you gave us the cold shoulder. You’re still mad I sold you off to Meisian.’

‘But who are you to say that I got my just desserts? Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten how many times you sold me off to those siblings? Did your heart not ache when you sold us out? If I had to say, you’re the one who really got his just desserts. Hurts, doesn’t ?!’

Still, it wasn’t like all that mattered right now. What’s important now was to calm Meisian down.

“Meisian, listen to me… Sinmosa has already promised to lead me into the Hellhounds’ territory. I’ll find a way to persuade them to join our cause. After all, both of their clans have some bad blood between each other. I won’t ask you to face those Warhorses alone, so let’s calm down and talk…”

I think I had a rough idea of why she suddenly flipped on us: if it wasn’t the matter of the Warhorses, it probably was the issue of Shadowcat blood. Having explained the former, I proceeded to explain my thoughts about the latter. “I know I said I needed a whole Shadowcat’s blood, but…”

“Enough! The honor of us Shadowcats is not something you can besmirch like that! You want our blood -not a chance in hell!” Her eyes were practically spewing fire at this point. “Before I change my mind about letting you all go, leave! Else I’ll help you leave.”

“Meisian, let me finish…” I still wanted to explain, but before I could finish, I spotted a black silhouette leaping in from the side. I hurriedly grabbed Mo Na and Cinderel and tumbled to the side, narrowly missing that sneak attack.


Sinmosa growled menacingly at the Purgatory Shadowcat who leaped at us before knocking him away.

Seeing that, I couldn’t help but rub my temples as I turned towards a decidedly lively Anmi and a visibly furious Meisian. “Even if you don’t want to, must you really resort to this?”

‘I swear these cats flip out faster than a blind man flipping through a book.’

“Hey…why am I getting dragged into this?” Standing near us, Jeerah narrowly avoided another sneak attack by a Purgatory Shadowcat. Ducking behind Sinmosa, she scrambled to our side. “Master! Don’t just stand there, summon that giant golem of yours!”

“There’s still no need for that right now.” I flatly refused her. “It’s not time yet.”

“Then when is the right time?”

I gripped down on the two little scamps and rushed over to Sinmosa and Sasani, then glared from the corner of my eyes at Anmi’s lively cat face. “We’ll leave for now.” I muttered under my breath.

Having chased away two more Four-star guardcats who eagerly offered themselves at us, Sinmosa firmly took up position behind us. “I’ll cover you guys, my brother will clear the path ahead.”


Sasani knocked away another pouncing cat before breaking into a roaring charge towards the main hall’s exit. It had to be said at this point that there were only four Five-star guardcats who constantly guarded Meisian at her side, the rest were all Four-stars.

With these two Hellhounds guarding the front and rear, our retreat wasn’t going to be a problem. I was just worried that more Purgatory Shadowcats might show up to hinder us, or perhaps some Six-stars or even their elders. We had best leave now, lest we really wore out our welcome.

Raging Flame Charge!

The strength of a Hellhound was without a doubt stronger than the Purgatory Shadowcats. Transforming into a fiery dog tank, Sasani blazed ahead, sending any cat in his path tumbling away in a meowing cat ball.

Yet just when we thought that we were in the clear, three larger guardcats suddenly dashed into view. The three of them bunched up in a wall in an attempt to physically block Sasani.


Faced with this feline wall, Sasani fearlessly pushed ahead. Then they clashed…

Sasani’s Raging Flame Charge boosted his speed to its absolute limit, but at the end of the day, he was just one Hellhound. Faced with three Five-stars banding together to block him, he was unable to make that final push.

Like a traffic accident along a speeding highway, the three guardcat captains were sent tumbling out the door. Sasani’s fate was the same, having lost his ability to charge any further as he tumbled backwards from the impact.

Sasani’s inability to break through the entrance was completely out of my expectations. I had never expected such resistance right at the very doorstep of the exit. Now that he was incapacitated, we definitely couldn’t leave him behind and escape ourselves. However, the biggest problem now was that we were once again surrounded by cats.

Another black silhouette flashed in from the corner. There was now a fourth guardcat captain blocking the exit. His figure was a lot larger than his three comrades. In all likelihood, he was about to evolve into the next tier.

Sinmosa turned around to eye her fallen husband. He was down on the floor, but he was not unconscious, merely out of strength. She exchanged a couple words with him in their language then turned around to explain to me, “He’s spent, we need to hold our ground for a while.”

“Don’t worry. If need be, I’ll summon the Devil King Idol. It’s just…”

If I were to release my Devil King Idol, at least half of Meisian’s castle would end up getting wrecked. And if that were to happen, the consequences would be quite spectacular… That was why I had no intention of summoning it right now. Meisian wasn’t really out to kill us or anything, she just wanted to chase us away. But based on their expressions right now, they probably wanted to teach us a lesson before that…



The remaining guardcat captain meowed tauntingly at Sinmosa. Not one to back down from a challenge, she growled back. Just like that, cat and dog entered into a state one could only describe as strangely destined. A second later, both of them launched a simultaneous attack, and a furious battle of cat and dog ensued.

All three of Sinmosa’s jaws opened wide, glistening teeth apparent for all to see as she lunged at the guardcat captain. With a body roughly the size of an adult wolf, the physically smaller Purgatory Shadowcat managed to dodge the incoming bites with ease, even managing to swipe at Sinmosa’s back as he leaped away. Blood spurted out of the three claw marks. Her skin was ripped apart at the wound, black fur still clinging onto that cat’s claws. Blood was drawn… this was a deadly serious fight…

Yet this wound merely spurred Sinmosa on. She pressed forward and continued lunging at the guardcat captain, swiping at him between bites. However, the guardcat captain was significantly more agile than her. He adopted a cautious stance, retreating right after he scored a hit instead of trying his luck for another. With a leap and tumble, he easily evaded her second wave of attacks.

All that took place in mere moments, but that short exchange landed Sinmosa in a disadvantaged position. The cat’s agility was just too much for her to handle. That saying, “cats climb the wall, dogs crawl through the hole”, wasn’t without merit.

However, that wasn’t to say that a Hellhound would automatically lose to a Purgatory Shadowcat of his own star level. After all, their endurance and strength were much higher. Furthermore, in terms of single strikes alone, there was no comparison between a Purgatory Shadowcat and a Hellhound. A Purgatory Shadowcat was definitely more agile than a Hellhound, but that advantage came with a disadvantage as well.

The guardcat captain wasn’t able to land a lethal strike on her, but that didn’t mean Sinmosa wasn’t able to land one on him. All she needed was one solid strike to knock out that pesky cat. This match was a fight to see who made a mistake first.

“Woof woof woof!~~”

Seeing her mother hurt like that, the little puppy Cinderel immediately barked in her tender but worried voice. Her willingness to challenge her opponent now with her voice more than showed her bravery, but for her to actually try and charge into battle…

I anxiously grabbed her by her nape and carried her in my arms. “Don’t worry.” I softly comforted her. “Your mama can handle this herself, right now we need to keep your daddy safe.”

The moment I said “daddy”, she instinctively turned to look at her exhausted to the point of collapsing father. She barked a couple of times in disgust, as if to say, “How can that useless daddy ever be more important than mama?” That was probably why Sasani looked like his doggy face was about to cry.

As Sinmosa and that guardcat captain continued duking it out, the remaining Four-star guardcats weren’t slacking around either. They tightened their encirclement, maintaining a posture that was ready to strike at a moment’s notice.

“Mama, those kitties seem like they are attacking…should we get the big golem to come out?”

The situation definitely didn’t favor us right now, and that frightened my precious daughter a little. Yet I still felt that now wasn’t the time to do so. With its massive size, the main hall would probably be destroyed, and while the satisfaction from doing that would be sublime, the grudge of a destroyed house wasn’t…

The Devil King Idol could only be a last resort.

“Geez…if my master is not going to act, then I guess it’s all up to me now.” Suddenly, in the midst of our perilous situation, Jeerah miraculously stood out. She grabbed her thin Devil tail ,and like waving a cat’s toy, began shaking it back and forth in front of the guardcats. “Look guys, there’s something fun here!”

‘Just because they have the word cat in their name, doesn’t mean they are actually cats, you know… I don’t even know what to say to you… Also, what the heck do you mean by your master is not going to act…I bet you wanted to say I’m useless!’

‘Hmph, you were definitely going to say that. Fine, let’s just watch you make a fool of yourself then. As if they would ever be distracted by your ta…. No way… you’re kidding me… you stupid cats!’

Had I not seen this for myself, I would have never believed that over a dozen guardcats would actually be conquered by Jeerah’s tail…

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