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Chapter 514: Epilogue (5)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

A Territory is one of the defining traits of an Overlord. Precisely because an Overlord, upon deploying their Territory, could bend the laws of the world to some extent within that radius. The Territory gave them authority over a region, hence why they were called Overlords.

To deploy a Territory, one must first have an understanding of the world. Next is to ingrain that understanding within your soul. Finally, the Overlord uses his will and energy to change the laws of the world within that radius of influence and time frame.

Territories can generally be placed into these categories: Summoning, Elemental, Unique, and Composite.

Summoning refers to Territories which are able to summon aid for the caster, for example, summoning spirits or Elementals, without material restriction. As long as one had the mana, he could even summon an unlimited amount of Undead. However, the greatest weakness of these summons is that they can’t leave the Territory itself. When the Territory is deactivated, they will dissipate as well.

Elemental Territories allow one to freely wield an element of nature within the designated radius. For example, the cast could summon a sea of fire, a mountain of ice, an earthquake, and etc.

Unique Territories are a more complex lot. This category holds everything that can’t fit into the other three categories. Because of the heterogeneous nature of this category, it isn’t difficult to find Territories of all sorts within. Gravity, Blood, Curses, Ultrasound, Illusions, Transformations, Equipment summoning, and etc.

Yet if there had to be a ranking amongst Territories, the strongest and rarest category of Territories would undoubtedly be the Composite category. That was because Territories of this category had to be formed from the combination of at least two Territories, creating a brand new kind of Territory in the process.

One of the strongest known Composite Territory belonged to a certain Overlord, King Sindarm, founder of the Tarnia Kingdom three thousand years ago. King Sindarm’s Territory was a composite of all three categories of Territories. Within his Territory, he could summon spirits while controlling fire and gravity.

From: Territories: the Difference Between the Ordinary and the Extraordinary.

While Aques Lumen was busy being caught in an ambush by three Overlords, the Overlord Lich suddenly turned his attention to Ferti’nier, still floating above the battlefield nonchalantly. “The Fallen Angel in the air, I don’t remember inviting you to our party.”

“About that. I actually wasn’t planning to interfere in your affairs either. However, I seem to have unknowingly become a target as well. In other words, it’s all self-defense.” Ferti’nier lazily replied, arms folded around her decidedly flat chest. Something she had difficulty getting used to right now. Mo Ke was an Origin Angel, which meant he had no gender assigned. Thanks to that, his chest was a lot less comfortable to fold her arms around. At least, not when compared to the mountains she previously boasted. However, Ferti’nier wasn’t a picky Devil. Even if it was flat, this was just a temporary body she was borrowing.

“In that case, can I count on you not interfering from now on?” The Overlord Lich politely asked. Yet while it might have seemed like he was simply trying to persuade Ferti’nier not to interfere, he was also indirectly warning her to stay away, lest she found herself in hotter waters than she would like. Naturally, he wasn’t about to threaten her so overtly.

However, that merely earned him the scorn of Ferti’nier, who sneered at the Lich below. “How amusing. I still remember, not long ago, how one of your subordinates even suggested that he would capture me to be his bed warmer. Guess what happened when he bit off more than he could chew? And now… you three wish for me to pull out of this amusing game? Do you think you are a Demigod?”

“I guess there’s no way we are settling this peacefully then?” The Overlord Lich asked, slightly annoyed.

“What do you think?” Ferti’nier cocked her head to the side.

“I’ll admit: a hundred-meter radius Territory is quite terrifying. But your Territory does not extend to me. As long as I keep out of range of it, there’s nothing you can do either.” Even though the Overlord Lich was clearly inferior to Ferti’nier, he wasn’t about to cave in either. Ferti’nier might be able to move her Territory with her, but he was confident that he could avoid her too. After all, they were both Overlords, and there was still a one hundred meters between him and the edge of her Territory.

Unfortunately for him, his optimism wasn’t in line with reality. Perhaps his valuation of abilities was just too high, or perhaps he had severely underestimated Ferti’nier’s own. While Ferti’nier might not have her old body right now, her understanding of Territory remained; as long as her soul was intact, this wouldn’t change and would even persist partially through death.

Not to mention the fact that Mo Ke’s own body was leagues above Ferti’nier’s to begin with. Three Original Sins, and even Lucifer’s own bloodline: had Mo Ke been an Overlord, Ferti’nier might have even regained her Demigod status…

“Since you’re that confident, I say we have some fun, then.” Her lips curled into a devilish smile. “I’m going to rip out every single bone of your body, then break it oh so slowly!”

Territory: Wraith of Purgatory!

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Contrary to what the Overlord Lich expected, Ferti’nier did not try to chase him into her Territory. Instead, she further expanded her Territory, up to its utmost limits. In a split second, her hundred-meter Territory doubled to two hundred, encapsulating that Overlord Lich even from where he was standing!

Soon after, countless flames roared to life with Ferti’nier as their center. The Overlord Lich had noticed the change in environment, but it was already too late to act. Before he could retreat out of Ferti’nier’s Territory, a wave of scorching heat blanketed him, threatening to turn his bones to ashes.

At the same time, the edges of Ferti’nier’s Territory burst into flames, forming gigantic walls that blocked off any escape. Should the Overlord Lich try to forcefully break through this fiery barrier, only death awaited him.

“Curses… for her to be this strong…” The Overlord Lich was fully regretting his choices now. He had assumed that one hundred meters was Ferti’nier’s limit, but even that was an underestimation of her abilities. With her previous status as a Demigod, she was able to fully realise the latent potential in Mo Ke’s body, temporarily raising its rank to that of a Peak Overlord’s. Not yet a Demigod, but definitely not far either!

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