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Epilogue 1 (End of Volume 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1917 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1093 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Mirabelle was teleported to a forest. Tears kept dripping from her eyes as she gradually fell into a deep sleep. The tears in her eyes made her seem really pitiful. It was really quiet in this area.

The location she was in was very well hidden. It seemed like nobody would discover her.

However, a light appeared in the sky when she was teleported here, which pointed out her location for others. That was how a certain girl living in this area noticed the light in the northern sky.

‘Just what was that? I’ll go take a look for the time being. It should be fine if I hide and sneak a peek from far away.’

Out of the remaining elves – Mirabelle was the only one who managed to escape. She was currently having a nightmare as she slept. She dreamed that Heather captured her once again. Heather’s attitude towards her became ever more vicious after that. Not only did Heather permanently cripple Mirabelle by cutting her Achilles tendon, but Heather also locked Mirabelle up in a cage. It didn’t matter despite all of Mirabelle’s begging.

“Master, please let me go!”

Mirabelle kept calling out to Heather in that dark room. But, no matter how much she begged, it didn’t seem like Heather would let her go.

“Mira, do you still dare to run away in the future?”

After a long, long while, Mirabelle finally recalled what Heather had told her previously.

“Haha, I told you long ago that we’re destined to be together, and that we’re going to be together forever…”

Heather had previously said this to her while Mirabelle was sitting on Heather’s thigh. She had whispered like a demon into her ear.

“I’ll never ever let you escape from my grasp, my Mira…”

Those demonic words became an inescapable nightmare for Mirabelle.

-Together with her forever? Just what was the concept of forever? Mirabelle had only been alive for 40 or so years, and she already felt that was a really long time. In that case, just how long was forever? A blood slave’s setting was that the blood slave would live forever as long as the vampire master didn’t die. Was that long enough to be termed forever?

It could be said that Mirabelle’s entire body had been invaded by the vampire virus.

Heather – just how long was her lifespan as the vampire primogenitor? Her lifespan was probably limitless.

It could be extrapolated that Mirabelle’s lifespan would become that long as well. Even if Mirabelle wanted to commit suicide, she would become an existence who was incapable of dying.

She would live for eternity in this world, without dying or getting older. She would live in this world forever as Heather’s blood slave. This was far too terrifying to think about.

Living forever meant that she would witness the deaths of countless people. Mirabelle already couldn’t accept how she had watched Joanna and Nim die in front of her.

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“Master, I’m begging you, let me go…”

Mirabelle called out gently as her mind once again returned to inside that metal cage where she couldn’t move. She was wearing a collar on her neck, handcuffs on her hands and her legs were unable to move due to the pain of having her Achilles tendon cut. That was why she could only plead in a low voice.

Her feelings of not wanting to accept reality, hatred, fear, and even the desire for revenge all gradually sunk to the depths of her heart.

She felt deep fear towards Heather Alliyah. Mirabelle had sensed how terrifying she was from the closest distance possible. To Mirabelle, Heather Alliyah was basically a demon who wouldn’t even blink at killing someone else. Heather had killed her mother and companions right in front of her.

Mirabelle clearly only wanted her freedom – yet why had her mother and best friend been sacrificed for this?

No, this wasn’t the ending that she wanted. She still remembered how Joanna had died right in front of her.

Joanna had accompanied her the longest out of anyone in this world. Joanna was the only family she had left in this world.

Mirabelle Brillana, in her original world, when her mother died – no, more accurately, for the young man named Nikaidou Yuuki, he hadn’t felt anything special about his own mother’s death, not even sadness.

His parents had been extremely strict with him ever since he was young. After they discovered that he wasn’t a genius child, they basically ignored him.

That was why he didn’t feel anything at all even when they died.

If there was someone that he was closest in the world to, that would be his younger sister, who was bedridden in the hospital. The only thing he treasured in that world was the girl named Nikaidou Rion.

That was why there was a time when he would accompany her almost every day, to see if she was eating properly, how her mental condition was, and so on.

-Perhaps her feelings for him had changed during that time.

He had clearly only viewed Rion as his family. Yet, why was it that he never noticed how her feelings towards him had changed in nature?

He was far too dense. He hadn’t even noticed his own younger sister’s feelings.

Thus, with how Heather became depraved to such a degree now, perhaps all of this was a punishment for Mirabelle. She hadn’t noticed her own younger sister’s feelings and even rejected her by trying to gloss things over. That was the mistake that the man named Nikaidou Yuuki had made.

That was why Mirabelle had died in her past life to Nikaidou Rion, and why Heather had become so depraved today.

If only she had noticed Rion’s feelings slightly earlier back then, perhaps Heather wouldn’t have killed Mirabelle’s family in this life? Perhaps she would have been able to obtain happiness?

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However, there were no ifs in life. If there were ifs – then she wouldn’t be feeling such piercing pain right now. Perhaps she should just sink into eternal sleep like this. Here, she wouldn’t need to suffer any pain. She wouldn’t have any sadness or be hurt in this abyss where she couldn’t feel anything.

Mirabelle opened her listless eyes and listlessly stared at the ceiling with her deep blue eyes.

‘Where am I?’

Well, it didn’t matter at all to her where she was. There was only eternal sleep awaiting her regardless. Mirabelle was thinking that as she closed her eyes again.


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