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Chapter 67 – First Day of the New Year

Zhao Junsheng found it really weird at the time, will someone buy it since they set the price so high? However I, who was clear with the direction of history, knew that due to my appearance, Microsoft couldn’t help but to release Windows 95 early, the Office 95 that was to go with it was still in development, and had not past testing. On the other hand my Shuguang Office 95 already included all of the functions of Office 97, and I have used the WPS Office I saw in my previous life as reference, and entire that it would support WPS, CCD and other file formats used in foreign office software, the Office 97 in my memory was sold at precisely this price, and received success, Therefore I also set Shuguang Office 95 at this price.

Although Zhao Junsheng found it weird, he still followed my instructions, and didn’t think that Shuguang Office 95 would end up with even more sales than Windows 95. Towards this weird situation, Zhao Junsheng and I clearly knew that Windows 95 can be installed on multiple computers for a official operating system, yet it wasn’t like that for Shuguang Office 95, Shuguang Office 95 also had my encrypting techniques that was unable to be broken by the current computing realm, it was an encryption technique that encrypted both the disc and registered the phone, pirated versions would not be able to be made in this era.

I estimated in my heart, at the end of 1995 in my previous life, Microsoft received a profit that reached 6 billion dollars within the 4 months of Windows 95 being released, if I go with that, then the profit that my Shuguang Office 95 received would be even higher, my profits will be 8.25 billion, and this is assuming the sales are the same, from the looks of it, the sales of Shuguang Office 95 was even higher than Windows 95.

“Xiao Liu, our Shuguang Office 95 managed to sell for nearly 1 billion USD!” Zhao Junsheng called me early in the morning on New Year’s day.

“Oh, is that so?” Shuguang Office 95 was only part of the plan, there are a lot of software ideas which I haven’t made yet,” I already knew this result would occur. I did have a lot more ideas, finance software, graphic software, media software, antiviruses will all become areas with huge profits.

“Hehe, my glory of a life time were all realized these few days of Shuguang Corporation opening! The central government has already recognized our business as a private technology business to be developed and protected, you can’t even imagine how many beneficial policies there are!” Zhao Junsheng said happily.

Actually everything he said was inevitable, the appearance of Shuguang Corporation virtually led to the development of Huaxia’s economy and trade, the government was naturally going to be happy about it.

“Oh yeah, Xiao Liu, I am starting to regret not accepting your share back then, 1 billion USD, if you gave me 10% then I would have 100 million, and that’s 500 million Huaxia currency, I won’t have to worry about money my entire life!” Zhao Junsheng said laughingly.

“I don’t care about that, who told you to reject it back then. Now that you want it, it’s too late! But you can talk about it with Zhao Yanyan, and see if she’s willing to give her shares to you?” I said craftily.

“Yanyan? Never mind. Just treat it like I was kidding, your bomu and I can’t even spend all the money I made before. I’m not in Shuguang for money, it’s because it can give me pride, and the pride of the people!” Zhao Junsheng said full heartedly.

“Okay, you want pride, I want money, we won’t interfere with each other,” I laughed and hung up.

It’s the first day of the New Year, what should I do? I called Zhao Yanyan first, I haven’t XXOO with her for a long time, since there’s no one at home today, I thought perversely.

The result disappointed me very much, Zhao Yanyan was going to celebrate at Zhao Limin’s home, the entire family was there, so she couldn’t accompany me. I could also hear Zhao Junsheng’s roar in the phone: Xiao Liu I just hung up, and you’re already calling my daughter!

I hung up the phone and smiled wryly, coincidentally, the phone rang again.

“Hello, who is it?” I picked up the phone.

“Boss, what are you going to do today?” This voice was definitely Guo Qing.

“Not much, how about going out together? I said.

“Sure, see you in front of the market in half an hour,” Guo Qing said.

After half an hour, I saw Guo Qing, who was wearing a black suit and sunglasses, clearly this was the boss of the underworld on TV.

“****, what’s this, do you think you’re Xiao Ma Ge? You are just an Old Tun,” I rushed up and gave him a fist.

“**** your mom, who the hell are you!?” Before Guo Qing said anything, I was surrounded by four or five rascals with colored hair.

“Who? Who your mom, quickly call Lei-ge!” Guo Qing kicked the delinquent that spoke.

“Hello Lei-ge——“ All of those delinquents said together.

“Okay, go play on the side, there’s no business of yours here,” Guo Qing said, and waved his hand to tell the few delinquents to go over to the billiard hall on the other side of the stret.

“Who are these?” I pointed to the colorful figures.

“Just a few lackeys I just accepted from around her. They’re from the market, they don’t know much else except to act pretentious, and after getting beaten a little they immediately submitted,” Guo Qing said while lighting a cigarette. Then it to me.

“I couldn’t tell, but you’re awesome now, already going around the society,” I pushed away the cigarette that Guo Qing handed me.

“Heh, my ability isn’t exaggerated, beaten ones like them is just child’s play,” Guo Qing said proudly.

“I really couldn’t tell, let’s spar a bit when we have time?” I hands have been getting itchy these days as well, I didn’t know why, but I always felt really energized.

“Boss, although you’re Boss, but your physique, I really shouldn’t say much, I can already get to a draw with Coach Zhang,” Guo Qing clapped my shoulders and said.

“Hehe, it’s not that I’m scolding you, looking at what you’re wearing, didn’t you see everyone on the streets avoiding you? I feel really weird with you,” On the way, people always hid faraway from wherever Guo Qing passed by.

“****, that just means I’m cocky, I’ll beat whoever won’t submit to death!” Guo Qing said uncaringly.

I sighed in my heart, continuing on like this, Guo Qing wasn’t far away from those criminal organizations, I don’t know if the Huaxia government could stand his existence under such circumstances. It wouldn’t matter much if these organizations don’t cause any trouble, but once they do, they’ll get arrested, and either be imprisoned for a lifetime, or be sentenced to death.

I have to remind Guo Qing, but how was I supposed to say it? Guo Qing finally found some target in life, if I killed off his dreams, he might collapse into shambles, this wasn’t what I wanted to see.

What I had to do now, was make him understand that without hurting his pride, and like him walk a unique path. Looking at Guo Qing, who was beside me, I had to think about it carefully again and speak to him about this.

Since the current Guo Qing could only be counted as a delinquent, and couldn’t be classified as a member of the underworld.


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Chapter 66 – Company Opening

December 26th 1994, was an important day.

On this day, Shuguang Technology Corporation officially opened, it’s children companies include Shuguang Microelectronics Limited and Shuguang Software New Technology, Zhao Junsheng assumed the role of the CEO of the corporation.

The day it opened, Uncle Zhao called really early, and reminded me to not get the time wrong. Originally I didn’t want to attend this type of occasion, but I couldn’t stand the countless persuasion, and could only attend as an invited guest.

The ribbon cutting was set at Uncle Zhao’s original company at Fazhan Road. Tiangheng Computers was restructured and turned into Shuguang Software, Uncle Zhao took the chance to also rent the other floors on the original office, and established that as the office of the corporation. Due to this ribbon cutting being really grand, and more than 1000 people attended, the local government couldn’t help but to send the traffic police to Fazhan Road to temporarily seal off the path, and prevent cars from passing. Of course, this was also in order to give face to Zhao Junsheng’s father, Elder Zhao.

Officials from all levels in the province and city attended the ribbon cutting ceremony, the occasion was more magnificent than thing ever before. A lot of rich businessmen and important officials in the government all came to congratulate, and Zhao Junsheng also gave an awe-inspiring speech as the CEO of the corporation.

Zhao Junsheng used a voice that excited the people and said, “The people of Huaxia now rise in the IE field as well!’

After the ribbon cutting ceremony ended, Zhao Junsheng said he was going to bring me to meet some people in the upper class, but I refused. It’s not that I didn’t want to get in contact with these people, but I didn’t want my identity to be exposed so early. If the fact that a high school student managed to create such a large corporation was known by some people with ulterior movies, then it was unavoidable for them to cause some issues. However Zhao Junsheng wouldn’t agree no matter what, and was hell bent on introducing me to some officials in the province and the city, it couldn’t be helped, after a discussion, I could only appear as the son-in-law of Zhao Junsheng, which is also Zhao Limin’s grandson-in-law, and shook hands with each and everyone of these officials.

These officials were very curious about my identity, someone that could become Elder Zhao’s grandson-in-law couldn’t be normal, and looking at Zhao Limin’s attitude towards me, it was obvious that he accepted this marriage. Everyone was guessing about my background and the power I represent, however even if thy thought so hard that hey broke their brains they would not be able to guess that my background was my worker parents. They would also never be able to imagine that I was the true master of Shuguang Corporation behind the scenes.

Something a bit more interesting also occurred. Jiang Yongfu also attended this ribbon cutting ceremony. When Zhao Junshng introduced me to Jiang Yongfu as the “son-in-law”, the expression on Jiang Yongfu’s face was embarrassed to the max, he shook hands with me bitterly, and just wanted to go and find a hole in the ground to hide in. At the same time he also broke a sweat for himself, fortunately he got there in time last time, and didn’t let that ******* Yang Shuguang cause any huge trouble. Or else it was very likely for him to already be one of those traffic police creating order or police that was patrolling around.

Since Jiang Yongfu could also be countered as a local magistrate that was neither very important nor ignorable, I didn’t make it too hard for him, said softly beside his ear, “I know you had nothing to do with it last time, so don’t worry! If I was going to take revenge, it would also be towards that Fat-*** Yang!”

Jiang Yongfu looked at me thankfully, and said seriously, “Say it anytime if you can use me, Old Jiang!” Actually Jiang Yongfu was also clear that with my current identity, there were almost nowhere that he would come into use. However for his own future, he still had to say it.

However I did have somewhere that Jiang Yongfu could com into use, Guo Qing was getting more and more cocky, and was very famous in the society around Fourth High, who doesn’t know Wanming Guozi, ever since he broke the opponent’s had when he fought a few rascals from the technical school, this name became really well known. If he continues on like this, it’s hard to not have a day where he’ll be arrested, so the reason I have Jiang Yongfu a way out was so that Guo Qing can know him through me.

After a round, there was a pile of various business cards in my ad, these people all took up important positions in businesses or the government. I placed these name cards away, there might be a time when I can use it in the future.

After that, under Zhao Junsheng’s company, the different officials also visited the office and the software company. The factory of Shuguang Microelectronics Limited was located in outskirts of the city, and was far from here, so they gave up visiting there.

After we ate, the ribbon cutting ceremony officially ended at four something in the afternoon.

All of the media gave Shuguang Corporation a lot of importance and recognition. Shuguang Corporation become a shining new star in the IT realm of Huaxia with dignity, and had over 1.5 billion Huaxia currency invested in it, this was never seen before in the industry.

Other people, including everyone from the corporation, all thinks that Zhao Junsheng had the final say in Shuguang Corporation, none of them knew that Zhao Junsheng was a naked director without any bit of shares. According to the arrangement, I held 90% of Shuguang Corporation’s shares, Zhao Yanyan held 10%. I, as the absolute shareholder of Shuguang Corporation, did not appear on the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The same day that Shuguang Corporation officially opened, Zhao Junsheng once again announced a news that made people drop their glasses —— Shuguang software will be introducing “Shuguang Office 95” that could be used on Windows 95.

Shuguang Office 95 was developed a masterpiece under my leadership, and developed by those programmers originally working for Uncle Zhao as well as the newly employed programmers. Not only did it possess the functions I saw in Office 97 in my previous life, what was most attractive was that it could support the files of both WPS and CCED! This allowed the users to choose to use the easy to operate Shuguang Office 95 without losing any of their original data!

This was also the first software developed by Huaxia that was based on the Windows platform! In comparison, Microsoft was not surprised by this, because this shock was nothing compared to the shock that had in Huaxia before. However Microsoft could never dream that the owner behind the scenes for Shuguang is me, the person that sold them the Shuguang operating system!

After Shuguang Office 95 was put onto the market, Microsoft immediately sent over emails, asking if they could cooperate with us to develop versions for other languages, I got Zhao Junsheng to reject the offer, because we don’t lack money anymore, this could all be done ourselves, there was no need for other people to participate and share profits with them.

Shuguang Office 95 achieved a huge success after being introduced, Zhao Junsheng immediately got his subordinates to translate it into many different languages such as English, Japanese, Korean etc. to sell in other countries. Almost everyone that bought Windows 95 would also buy Shuguang Office 95, as time passed, the orders at Shuguang increased crazily, Zhao Junsheng couldn’t help but get the factory to produce another batch of Shuguang Office 95.

Windows 95 was sold for 4000 Huaxia currency within the country, but I insisted on getting Zhao Junsheng to set the price of Shuguang Office 95 at 5500 Huaxia currency, the price in foreign countries was also higher than the price for Windows 95.


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Chapter 65 – Side Story

In the underworld.

“Yama-daren, there’s another person that committed suicide today,” Judge A said.

“There are already plenty of laws in the world of the living, why are there people that commit suicide? Could there be a grievance?” Yama asked weirdly.

“It’s probably a suicide for love!” Judge B said.

“Oh? There are suicides for love these days?” Yama had an expression as if he saw a ghost. (He seems to be a ghost himself right?)

“Yeah, how is there true love in this era, I haven’t seen suicides for love in several hundred years!” Judge A said.

“En, that’s right!” Yama was also interested in this person that committed suicide for love, “Bring that one here, this Yama will judge him in person!’

“Yes!” A xiaogui answered, and swiftly floated out of the palace.

After a while, a xiaogui brought a beautiful and depressed female ghost onto the palace of Yama, the female palace was made to kneel onto the floor.

“Who is down there!” Yama asked.

“Replying to Yama, I am called Zhao Yanyan,” the beautiful female ghost said.

“Zhao Yanyan? That’s a good name! Say it, why did you die!” Yama asked.

“I committed suicide,” Zhao Yanyan said.

“****! I know you committed suicide, I’m asking you why did you commit suicide,” Yama glared angrily at her.

“For the one I love, because he died,” Zhao Yanyan said. However this Yama was pretty hilarious, and wasn’t scary like he was portrayed in movies. From the looks of it, he seems pretty easy to talk to him, she’ll beg him a little later, and may even let her and Liu Lei be a couple in the next life.

“How did that person die? What’s he called, say everything, if he didn’t reincarnate yet, then I can help arrange you two to meet in the underworld,” Yama said. There was a ruling in the underworld, for those who died due to grievance or for love, there were different treatments.

“He’s called Liu Lei, he died of a heart attack,” Zhao Yanyan said while being worked up, she never though that she would be able to see her loved one in the underworld when she died.

“En? Liu Lei? Why was this name so familiar?” Yama said as he pondered.

“Yama, he’s your gandidi!” Judge A reminded.

“Oh! That’s right! ****, look at my memory, bring me those melatonin that people burnt for me later so I can supplement myself!” Yama suddenly remembered.

“En… About this… Liu Lei isn’t in the underworld anymore,” Yama said awkwardly.

“What! He already reincarnated? So quickly?” Zhao Yanyan fell onto the floor in shock.

“Ai, what a pitiful woman!” Judge B sighed.

“Yeah, but there was only that one spot for rebirth, or else it’ll be great for her to get reborn!” Yama said regretfully.

“Oh yeah, Yama-daren, according the rules of the underworld, those that committed suicide for love can have a chance to find their loved one again!” Judge A suddenly thought of something.

“You’re telling her to eat ‘Zhuiqing Dan’?” Yama asked, then immediately shook his head and said. “No no, this dan is way too poisonous.”

“What is drug is it? I can see Liu Lei after eating it? Let me eat it quickly!” Zhao Yanyan suddenly shouted while worked up.

“Ai! Girl, it’s not that this king is not willing to give it to you, this Dan is way too poisonous!” Yama said, “Judge A, explain it!”

Judge A cleared his throat and said, “After ingesting this ‘Zhuiqing Dan’, your soul will automatically go back to the moment when you just started liking that person, in other words into your previous body. It is similar to rebirth, but it isn’t rebirth. That’s because your memories in this life will be sealed, including everything you have experienced in the underworld.”

“Then how is it poisonous?” Zhao Yanyan asked weirdly.

“Let me finished!” Judge A continued, “You must receive that person’s love within a year, and sleep with him, only then will the poison in your body be transferred onto your loved one, not only you’ll be fine, you’ll also gradually restore the memories of your previous life. However if you didn’t receive his love and sleep together, then you will die because of the poison, and will become a wandering spirit, never to reincarnate.”

“But you said that poison will be passed onto his body?” Zhao Yanyan asked anxiously.

“What’s with you, girl, you aren’t worried about your own well-being, and is worried about that person?” Judge A asked weirdly.

“Perhaps, this is love,” Zhao Yanyan said faintly. “Never mind, death is death, as long as I can see him again, I’ll be really happy, I won’t pass the poison to him.”

Yama didn’t think Zhao Yanyan would say that, and was a bit surprised, and thought, my little bro has that hand? He didn’t notice it. Remembering that Liu Lei is his own little bro, Yama didn’t want to hide it from Zhao Yanyan, since she’ll forget everything she knows after rebirth. Even if he tell her, she can’t bring the memory through rebirth, these things will only be hidden in the depth of her memory, even though it may occasionally pop up in dreams, she definitely won’t recall it.

Thus he gave Judge A a cue.

“Fine, I’ll tell you, that poison not only has no harmful effects towards men, and will change his constitution, let him possess some powers that normal people doesn’t, in your words it’s called superpowers, and could also be called supernatural abilities, this can be said as a reward for his love to you,” Judge A saw that Yama agreed, and immediately explained for Zhao Yanyan.

“Oh, then give it to me quickly,” Zhao Yanyan felt relieved after hearing that the Dan had no ill effects for Liu Lei.

“Are you sure? You won’t remember these things after ingesting it, if he doesn’t do that with you, you’ll die for no reason whatsoever!” Judge B reminded.

“Aiya, how can you be so long-winded, just give it to me quickly!” Zhao Yanyan said impatiently.

“Heh! This isn’t just empty warning! Judge B is right, *** in the Tang dynasty and *** in the Qing dynasty and *** in the Republic of China all took this drug, but didn’t receive their love, and died of the poison in the end!” Yama reminded.

“I’m not scared!” Zhao Yanyan said firmly.

“Okay, Judge A, go and get it for her!” Yama shook his head. Then he thought, hopefully my little bro won’t disappoint this infatuated girl.

Judge A handed Zhao Yanyan a Dan and said, “Think about that person’s name when you take it, then you’ll return to the moment you fell in love with him!”

Zhao Yanyan received the Dan, and swallowed it without any hesitation.

Yama sighed, “Ai, we don’t know if she can succeed or not! If my little bro calls me, I have to remind him a little. However I can’t call him yet, ai, this phone’s function, I have to get the two fellows Edison and Bell to add the finishing touch, or else it won’t work!”

“However if that person really received superpowers, wouldn’t he be invincible?” Judge A said worriedly.

“What’s the problem with that, that person is our Yama’s didi, invincibility is normal! Worry your ***!” Judge B glared at Judge A and said.

“Oh yeah, didn’t my didi want superpowers? The superpowers are here, it’s up to him to see if he can grasp it!”


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Chapter 64 – Zhao Yanyan’s Dream

Eversince Zhao Yanyan returned from Yanjing, she had weird dreams every single night.

She didn’t really pay much attention to it at the start, but then the dreams became more and more realistic, and every night’s dream was linked with the previous one!

Another one of herself, and another Liu Lei will always appear in the dreams, after a while, she started to be unable to tell which one was the dream, and which was reality.

Every character in the dream, every dialogue, even every action and her thoughts at the time were so realistic, as if it truly happened. However it seemed like it didn’t as well, because in the dream she was already in second year, and had to select her subject, she asked Liu Lei like a fool, do you think I should choose humanities or sciences?

What was it? Zhao Yanyan didn’t just think that they were purely dreams anymore, dreams cannot continue, and wouldn’t give that feel as if she was really there. Every time Zhao Yanyan woke up, the things that happened in the dream would be fresh on her mind, as if it is scorched into her brain, and can’t forget it even if she wanted to.

Perhaps she had the ability to see the future? But that wasn’t it, because the dreams started when school started and she shook hands with Liu Lei, the Liu Lei in the dreams wasn’t as daring as the one in real life, the Liu Lei in the dreams had a red face, and didn’t dare to shake hands with her even after a long while, and the things that happened later didn’t occur in the dreams. Therefor Zhao Yanyan didn’t think this dream had any connection with real life, but why did the things that happened in the dreams seem so real?

That Zhao Yanyan loved Liu Lei in secret, but Liu Lei seemed always seemed indifferent whenever she hinted at her feelings.

Zhao Yanyan was really scared, she wanted to tell this all to Liu Lei, but didn’t know how to begin! Could it be because she loved Liu Lei too much? Perhaps! Zhao Yanyan didn’t know herself why did she love Liu Lei so much, for example on the first day of school, Liu Lei seemed awfully familiar to her. That feeling was like the two of them knew each other before…

Turn back the time to Zhao Yanyan’s wedding in the previous life, onto the story that Liu Lei doesn’t know about.

In the hospital.

Zhao Yanyan caressed Liu Lei’s thin face, while tears flowed down her face. She choked, “Liu Lei, if you told me these words earlier, I would have married you at all cost! Did you know, I waited for these words from you for fifteen years!”

Scenes from the past flashed through Zhao Yanyan’s mind…

That little boy who didn’t even dare to shake hands with herself… (Perhaps it was then, her heart was given to him)

The foolish boy who acted indifferent towards her very obvious hints when choosing subjects… (Already asked him so many times “Do you want me to take humanities or sciences”)

That genius boy who actually got first in the year in the last few mock exams in the third year… (Did he work so hard for me?)

That familiar figure that appeared in in the registry office of Qinghua University… (He really came, I nearly went dumb from the excitement)

That new star in school that was always surrounded by beauties… (Is he the same person as he was in high school? But he seems to act indifferent to the pursue of the beauties~ It can’t be for me right? Happying…)

He actually worked in the same corporate company as myself after graduation… (Could this be a coincidence? He can’t have looked at my employment letter in secret right… Being narcissistic…)

That excellent man that continuously worked, and got gradually promoted… (Why does he only care about work, I’m already twenty eight, I will no longer be young after a few years…)

The man commanding the ocean and winds, who sat upon the throne of Microsoft’s CEO of the Huaxia region at the age of thirty one… (Ai! Could it be that he never liked me at all! I’m already thirty-one, if I don’t marry then no one will want me anymore!)

That man is actually so close with Xu Zhongbang’s daughter, they are chatting and laughing… (What is their relationship? Dismaying, and somehow randomly accepted Xu Qingwei’s proposal when my head was heated.)

On the day of Christmas, I handed my own wedding invitation to that man… (Last chance, if he confesses to me before my wedding, I will definitely marry him, I’m so anxious…)

Fifteen years of memories, was fresh in her mind just like yesterday, Zhao Yanyan laid across that stone-cold corpse, and continued to weep.

That night, Zhao Yanyan cancelled her engagement with Xu Qingwei, and stumbled back into her own apartment alone.

She opened the drawer, and took out a diary from within, she opened the diary, from it a photograph fell out —— That was a graduation photo of Songjiang Fourth High’s graduating class of 1994.

Zhao Yanyan caressed the face of the person in the photograph softly, this was her only photo taken with him, tears flowed form the corners of Zhao Yanyan’s eyes.

Looking at her own diary, that name appeared pretty much on every single page, Zhao Yanyan smiled. At least she already obtained his love, everything else wasn’t that important anymore, isn’t that right?

We who don’t understand love, hate, passion, worry and torment

Think love is just like the ever-changing wind and clouds

Believing that one day love will be forever more

And in that moment time will freeze

We who don’t know how to express tenderness

Still think that starcrossed love exists only in ancient stories

How painful it is to part? How intense the pain

When dreams are buried in the misty rain of the South River

Only when we’ve had our hearts broken do we understand

The beautiful and depressing song of “South River” rang out from the amplifier…

On the next day, all of the newspapers had a shocking news on the front page: “Microsoft Huaxia region’s CEO dies mysteriously attending a subordinate’s working, the bride commits suicide through overdose of sleeping pills that night.”

Was it a coincidence or was there more to it, rumors begun to spread through newspapers, magazines and television, people continuously voiced their suspicions.

However, the deceased has deceased, two young man and woman, left like this. They left this world carrying their co-worker’s confusion, the media’s suspicion, and the troubles of public opinion.

The only one who knew the truth was Xu Qingwei. He seemed to have predicted this situation beforehand, he sat along in the new home, and sighed quietly.

Zhao Yanyan, belongs to that man in the end, she died, she died for love. She could finally be with him like she hoped.

Xu Qingwei was vexed, why couldn’t he compare up to Liu Lei in anything, even in love. He was a complete and utter failure. He had thought that after Zhao Yanyan marries himself, she would finally give up, and be content with him.

However he didn’t think that Liu Lei would die not earlier nor later, but right on the wedding, and dead is dead, he had to say something to Zhao Yanyan right before he died, resulting in Zhao Yanyan breaking off the engagement and ran back to her own home…

He didn’t think that this leave, will be a permanent one.

Xu Qingwei felt like there was no meaning in living anymore, even if he continues to live, how would others see him? A failure?


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Chapter 63 – Trash in the Computing Industry

I hugged Zhao Yanyan, and started cooperating with her…

“Mhmmm…” Zhao Yanyan wanted to speak, but her tongue was entwined with mine.

After a long while, Zhao Yanyan finally pushed me aside, and said with a red face, “You’re so terrible! Ruoyun-meimei is just on the side, you actually ——“

I chuckled and looked up, and noticed Xu Ruoyun was looking at us with wide eyes. Her face was already infinitely flushed…

Although Zhao Yanyan and I were extremely happy playing around in the park, Xu Ruoyun was clearly disinterested. However I didn’t care about him, I didn’t bring her over to play, I was only coexisting peacefully with her, due to Xu Jinde’s face.

When we left the cultural park, Zhao Yanyan and I sent Xu Ruoyun onto the bus first before we parted reluctantly.

Xu Ruoyun didn’t go back home directly, but was called over by a senior in the Computing Association.

“You are sure that the input method he made was copied?” Xu Ruoyun looked at the data in her hands, and asked in disbelief.

“Definitely! I got the official version of Windows 95 through internal relationships, there was a pinyin input method that came with it which is exactly the same as Shuguang pinyin input method! IT is also called that, the only difference is that it works in the Windows platform, and Liu Lei’s is for a DOS platform. I am certain that this Liu Lei must have seen the input method within Windows, then moved it to a DOS platform. This type of naked plagiarism actually dare to claim it as a Huaxia original!” A man said.

“But it could be Windows that copied Lie Lei?” Xu Ruoyun asked.

“That’s definitely impossible, are you unclear with what kind of company Microsoft is? How could it go and copy someone else?” The man said confidently.

He thought that, Xu Ruoyun was really overestimating this man called Liu Lei, who did he think he is? Let an international company copy him? Isn’t that like a joke?

That was like hearing a millionaire borrowing money from a beggar. It was too ridiculous.

“That’s true! Heh, if it really is like this, I have to reveal this! Such a failure would actually appear in the computing world!” Xu Ruoyun raised her fist and said hatefully.

“Of course! Oh yeah, Ruoyun, my dad copied a new game from his coworker today, do you want to try it over at my home?” The man said.

“No, I still have to hurry back home to write a program, leave it for another day,” Xu Ruoyun said without any expression.

After Xu Ruoyun left, a cold smile appeared on the man’s face. Fight over a woman with me? I’ll cause your name to shatter. Heh, you brat wants to silently get rich? You didn’t know that I have a way to get the sample for Windows 95 right?

This time, including the Shuguang Computers that’s with you, is going to be doomed together! Heh.

This man was called Li Boliang, he was the president of the Songjiang Youth Computing Association, and also a talented student of Songjiang University’s first year the Computing course .

Before meeting Xu Ruoyun, Li Boliang thought that all the girls that messed with computers were dinosaurs, because there was not a single beauty in his course. The first time he saw Xu Ruoyun who came to sign up for the Computing Association, Li Boliang was blown away by the beautiful girl, and made her the target that he would pursue for the latter half of his life.

However the feeling Xu Ruoyun gave him was rather distant, although he hinted that he likes her many times, Xu Ruoyun never had any reaction. The relationship between the two just developed in neither a good nor bad direction.

Li Boliang felt that the two were closer than friends, but definitely not lovers. Despite this, Li Boliang wasn’t in a hurry, since Xu Ruoyun was young, only in the first year of high school. There was plenty of time to come, there will be a day when Xu Ruoyun falls in love with him.

The reason he had such confidence was because he know that Xu Ruoyun was a computer fanatic, she would always admire computing masters that are better than her, and he was the best in the computing world in Songjiang city, if Xu Ruoyun wants to find a boyfriend, then he would be her best choice.

However, accidents will often happen.

Ever since Xu Ruoyun returned from the competition in Yanjiang, it was actually another boy’s name that kept on coming out of her mouth —— Liu Lei.

Not only that, but she often praised Liu Lei for this and that, as well as the fact that he got two first places in Yanjing by himself, and was a computing geniu etc. This angered Li Boliang, he could faintly feel that this Liu Lei may become his rival in love, so he investigated him in secret.

However, when he found out that Liu Lei had participated in the development of the Shujiang input method that was all the heat within the country, he deflated.

This input method was the pride of the entire computing world, and was called a revolutionizing work for Chinese input methods in the twentieth century! Everyone, including LI Boliang himself, was using this input method.

At that moment, Li Boliang found out that he was definitely a frog at the bottom of a well, and the difference between him and that Liu Lei wasn’t just a tiny bit, even if he worked hard for ten years, he may not be able to produce such a perfect input method!

However there really were coincidences, LI Boliang’s father borrowed an official version of Windows 95 from a friend, after installing it Li Boliang noticed that Liu Lei’s Shuguang pinyin input method had a 99% similarity with the input method that was in Microsoft’s Windows 95, not only that, even the name was the same —— both were called Shuguang input method!

At the time, Li Boliang wanted to laugh crazily, the heavens were really helping him! This Liu Lei’s work was actually plagiarized.

On the following day, Li Boliang immediately found Xu Ruoyun, and told her all about it, Xu Ruoyun immediately became really angry. She always looked down upon those people that loose face for the computing realm, she thinks that Liu Lei shouldn’t have plagiarized no matter what, and after that, he actually shamelessly claimed that it was a Huaxia original, and it was the pride of Huaxia! That was truly losing face for Huaxia’s computing industry.

Therefore Xu Ruoyun decided that she will get closer to this Liu Lei and investigate his actions in secret, and will sue him at court when she needs to, and deal with this kind of trash by law!

Li Boliang was very satisfied with Xu Ruoyun’s reaction, and he was already sure in his heart that Liu Lei’s Shuguang pinyin input method was definitely plagiarized! From his point of view, Liu Lei’s name shattering into pieces was only a matter of time!

Now, he just needed to collect evidence, as long as he had enough evidence, he can reveal it using the media, when that happens, he doesn’t need to do anything, the comments by people will ruin this Liu Lei.

When a fall is shattering, people will push it down, all of the other media will also rush forward, and it could be foreseen that this Liu Lei was done for, he will have no chance to come back in the future!

Li Boliang thought that he really was a genius, and was even able to think of these ideas.


  1. N/a

Chapter 62 – Artificial Respiration

Only after I rushed over to the cultural park did I notice that it was still early. If I knew this would happen, I would have talked a bit more with Chen Yong, so I wouldn’t have to wait here idiotically.

I used this chance to go over to the flower shot beside the part, and asked them for something with a few sentences, then paid the money. I really wasn’t treating Zhao Yanyan that well, not only was I not single-minded in relationships, I haven’t truly gift her anything when I was with her, in this period of time, since I was busy opening the company with Zhao Junsheng, I desolated the chick quite a bit, but she never had a single word of complaint.

“Guess who,” just as my mind was wandering over the place, a pair of ice cold hands covered my eyes.

I was going to faint, didn’t this chick have enough with this game? Wasn’t she jealous enough last time?

“You are Xia Jing?” I asked.


“Then Chen Weier?” I asked again after some thoughts.


“Hehe, okay, I know you are Yanyan!” I intentionally took a while to think, before finally saying it.

“You guessed it wrong again!” The person who covered my eyes said coldly.

What? I guessed it wrong? At that moment I could faintly feel that something wasn’t right with the voice, this wasn’t Zhao Yanyan’s voice.

I quickly turned around, and noticed that the person that covered my eyes was actually Xu Ruoyun! What was more unbelievable was that, Zhao Yanyan was actually standing on the side looking at me with a gaze that was smiling yet not smiling.

“Yanyan-jie, who is that Xia Jing and Chen Weier?” Xu Ruoyun asked weirdly.

I sweated, where did these two chicks become sisters?

“Heh, who knows where this playboy carrot⌈1⌋ found these girls!” Zhao Yanyan snorted.

After that she turned angrily at me and said, “Say it, what is it about that Chen Weier?”

“I just said it randomly…” I quickly explained.

“That’s not right? Why do I remember her as the third on the school beauty leaderboard?” Zhao Yanyan pretended to think and said.

She asking even though she knows it already? She really wasn’t giving me any face, I change the topic in a hurry, “Why are the two of you together?”

“We’ve gotten along the entire time! You haven’t been to the lesson much ever since you won that prize in Yanjing, Ruoyun meimei then joined, and sat beside me, on your original seat,” hearing Yanyan explain, I noticed that I almost completely forgot about Shao Nian Gong.

“Oh yeah, Liu Lei, why are you so good in computing? I thought you only know how to exaggerate at the start!” Xu Ruoyun said to me.

“Oh… about this, hehe,” I answered perfunctorily, was I supposed to tell her I learnt it in my previous life?

“Also, I heard Yanyan-jie say that you made that Shuguang input method? But how can you, a student write such a perfect input method?” Xu Ruoyun said as if she was going to find out till the end.

“…” I was speechless, was this chick here to investigate me?

“Sorry, excuse me!” A girl holding a bouquet of flowers walked towards us, I let out a sigh of relief. Her arrival could also count as helping me out of this situation, or else god knows what this Xu Ruoyun chick was going to pester me about.

“Beautiful lady, a Mr. Liu asked us to give this to you, he wants to say to you that he will love for you an entire life!” The flower-bearing girl said it all in one breath.

However Zhao Yanyan, Xu Ruoyun and I stood there dumbfounded.

“Miss, why aren’t you accepting it?” The flower-bearing girl saw that the expressions of our faces were very weird, but she didn’t say anything wrong? What’s with the three of them?

The flower-bearing girl didn’t say anything wrong, but she was saying it to the wrong target! At that moment, she was holding the bouquet of flowers out to Xu Ruoyun.

Xu Ruoyun looked at me with a flushed face, receiving it wasn’t right, not receiving it wasn’t right either, at that moment the two people stood stiffly there.

“Hahahaha!” Zhao Yanyan was the first that reacted by laughing, and said laughingly and elegantly to Xu Ruoyun, “Ruoyun-meimei, this is all goodwill from Liu Lei, just accept it quickly, haha!”

“AIya! Yanyan-jie don’t laugh at me anymore, this flower is for you!” Ruoyun said with a red face.

At that moment, the flower-bearing girl finally understood, she was presenting it to the wrong target, and immediately bowed her head, and continuously apologized.

“Never mind,” I said awkwardly, “Xu Ruoyun, just keep the flowers.”

Xu Ruoyun looked at me, then looked at Zhao Yanyan, and after seeing the latter smile and nod, she received the flowers shyly.

Suddenly, Xu Ruoyun’s heart wavered, what’s with me, this liar definitely wants to confuse me with flowers! I won’t fall for it, I have to continue to dig out his secrets, and poke a hole through this liar’s ploy!

Thinking to this point, Xu Ruoyun clenched her fists, and silently took the flowers in her hands.

Of course, I didn’t know anything about this. Just having the flower-bearing girl cause such a fiasco, the three of us became a lot more intimate. Xu Ruoyun didn’t appear that constrained in front of me, and started getting high with Zhao Yanyan.

Originally it was a good lover’s world, but was not destroyed by Xu Ruoyun. Although this chick was pretty, I could still sense a sliver of hostility, which made me alert about getting close to this chick. Another thing was that Xu Ruoyun was full of hostility towards me before, but why was she so fine with things this time? Of course I wouldn’t be an idiot and think that Xu Ruoyun fell in love with me, I don’t think that I was that charming. Ploy, there must be a ploy here! But what kind of ploy would a little chick have?

In the afternoon, I was dragged all over the place by the two chicks, and accompanied them on the pirate ship, roller coaster, flume ride, even though I was full of stamina, I still ended up very tired by the two. What caused me to be unable to stand it was that the two chicks actually placed their backpacks over my shoulders, a bouquet of flowers were still in my hands, everyone I passed by looked at me weirdly!

Finally just as I was about to burst, the two chicks finished all the events and rides in the cultural park.

When Zhao Yanyan wanted to ride the jet coaster once again, I finally was unable to keep up, and fell onto the floor with a ‘dang’. That scared the two girls, causing them to start pinching and search for my pulse, but I just didn’t wake up. Actually I was fine, I just couldn’t stand the suffering.

“Yanyan-jie, what happened to him?” Xu Ruoyun asked anxiously.

“I don’t know, he was fine just now,” Zhao Yanyan didn’t know what to do either.

“I heard that people that fainted requires artificial respiration right?” Xu Ruoyun spoke about the little bit of medical knowledge that she had.

Zhao Yanyan hesitated a bit, then finally dipped her head, and pressed it against my lips…


  1. 花心大萝卜 is a term to describe a person that isn’t focused on one relationship, and likes a lot of people. I used playboy carrots instead of just playboy since I wanted to preserve the humorous tone to it, since the phrase is used often by children, and usually more in a joking manner instead of an insult. 

Chapter 61 – I want to close my account

“That’s right! Two hundred thousand,” I nodded, and said assuredly.

Chen Yong started believing me a bit, but still shook his head to see if he was hallucinating.

“You can buy a life with so much money, you’r still going to buy my meimei’s… that and sleep with her? And we can ask you for more if it’s not enough? Bro you’re not sick are you?” Chen Yong was shocked, from his perspective if I didn’t have any mental issues, then I just had nowhere to spend my money.

“Say if it you agree, screw it if you don’t, where did all these bullshit come from!” I said impatiently.

“Agree, agree, of course I agree! When do you want my meimei?” Chen Yong said eagerly. From his point of view, the earlier he gave his meimei to me, the earlier he could get his father cured.

“I’ll give you the money in a moment, but I don’t want you meimei now. How about this, treat this money as a deposit for your meimei’s virginity, go back and tell her that she has to keep her body for me, I’ll naturally go and take it whenever I want it. If she found someone she truly likes before that, come and tell me, we can dispel our contract anytime. However I will give the money just the same!” I only did this because I didn’t want Chen Weier to sell herself to someone else, but I didn’t want love that was bought. Although I think that I do quite like Chen Weier, but I also wanted her to give herself over to me willingly, and not with this method.

“Ah!” Chen Yong was completely dumbfounded, this was clearly just giving him money for free, that attached condition was essentially nonexistent. After a while, Chen Yong finally slowly stood up, and slowly kneeled down on the floor, and said with a face full of tears, “Bro, I, Chen Yong will always remember your kindness! I won’t say too many words of thanks, I, Chen Yong, is willing to be an ox and a horse for you this entire life!”

“Okay! Men shouldn’t easily cry, men have gold underneath their knees, you broke these two rules together! Follow me to the bank to get money,” I reached out and pulled up Chen Yong, who was kneeling on the ground.

Chen Yong honestly stood up, and laughed like an idiot a bit. I got the waiter over to pay the bill, and went with Chen Yong to the bank.

The industrial bank was near Fourth High, I had placed the thirteen million from Intel and Seagate in there for convenience at the time.

“Withdraw two hundred thousand,” I handed my deposit book over to the counter.

“We don’t have that much, a reservation must be made when it’s above fifty thousand, you can’t withdraw now!” The clerk said without raising her head.

“I have urgent matters!” I said sullenly, what kind of service attitude was this.

“You can’t no matter what! Those that are lining up, next!” The clerk stopped talking to me, and begun to handle the next transaction.

“Bring your branch manager over!” I withheld my anger. What reservation, why did I hear about this! I don’t believe that a bank doesn’t even have two hundred thousand in cash for backup.

“The branch manager is not here!” The clerk answered casually.

“Is there anyone that treats a customer like you?” I was really mad, and slammed my hand down onto the counter.

“Guards, there’s someone causing trouble!” The clerk shouted.

Several guards wearing green military uniforms immediately rushed over and surrounded me, the leader asked, “Who is causing trouble?”

Before I said anything, that clerk already said, “This person! This child, he is causing trouble!”

“What are you all doing?” A middle-aged man wearing a suit walked over.

“Branch Manager Zhang,” The clerk and the guards all greeted.

“What happened?” Branch Manager Zhang asked.

“I came to withdrawn money, but this clerk told me that you don’t have money! The bank doesn’t have money? Is this a joke?” I laughed coldly.

“Could you please tell me how much would you like to withdraw?” Branch Manager Zhang asked.

“Two hundred thousand, but I changed my mind, I want to close my account! Your bank’s service attitude is too terrible,” I threw my deposit book over to Branch Manager Zhang.

Branch Manager Zhang took over the deposit book, opened it to have a look and immediately went dumb. Thirteen million, he immediately understood that the kid in front of him wasn’t a normal person. Furthermore this account was opened at their branch, such a large saving would like to close their account, his end of year bonus was definitely going down the drawn.

Branch Manager Zhang immediately acted like a different person, and toadied, “Little bro, what the clerk did was just her own action, and is not related to our bank, how about this, I will immediately help you change to a VIP card, you don’t need to queue up in the future, and can directly do your business at the VIP counter on the side. This time you want to withdraw two hundred thousand right, I’ll personally help you process it, please wait a moment.”

I was just scaring him just now when I said I wanted to close my account, if I really closed it I then would have to move this large sum of money to another bank, that would be too troublesome for me. Since this Branch Manager Zhang knew how to act, then I shouldn’t say any more.

The efficiency of a branch manager was really quite, within a minute, two hundred thousand in cash and a VIP card were directly placed into my hands. I handed the cash to Chen Yong, and reminded him to be careful on the way.

Under Branch Manager Zhang’s farewell, we left the Industrial Bank. Before I left, I stopped Chen Yong, “Oh yeah, don’t tell anyone about my identity, especially your meimei. Or else I will immediately cease the deal between us.”

Chen Yong hugged the huge bag of money and kept nodding.

“Ge, you said you brought two hundred thousand back?” Chen Weier looked at Chen Yong in surprise.

“Yes! I sold you to someone else,” Chen Yong answered honestly.

Thus he told Chen Weier about reserving her virginity, he just said a CEO of a company paid, and will take responsibility till the end.

However my latter sentence of “if she met someone she truly likes” was automatically filtered by Chen Yong. From his point of view, I was already his benefactor, and if his own meimei could really be with this benefactor, that will also be meimei’s fortune.

I didn’t expect that Chen Yong’s automatic filtering action will cause me quite a bit of annoyance in the future.

Chen Weier didn’t react much after hearing that, and instead got a bit curious about this CEO who reserved her with two hundred thousand. He hasn’t even met her, yet he was willing to throw out so much money? What’s more was that he just reserved it, wasn’t he scared of he going back on the deal once her father’s sickness was cured? What kind of person was this?

And take responsibility till the end? Two hundred thousand was already an astronomical number to her, but this wasn’t enough, that CEO actually said that could ask for more if it was not enough, who exactly was this person?

He paid her so much, just to buy her first night? Even Chen Weier couldn’t really believe it, how could she have sold for so much? This was like a fairy tale.

However, looking at the real cash in Chen Yong’s hands, Chen Weier couldn’t not believe the truth in front of her eyes. This money wasn’t fake, with this money, her father’s sickness…


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Chapter 60 – Give you two-hundred thousand

That night, Chen Weier’s gege Chen Yong played around with that telephone number in his hands, and wanted to tell someone about it several times, but stopped each time just when then words were about to leave his mouth. He didn’t believe this number could save his father at all, but he still held a slither of hope, he didn’t know if it was because he didn’t believe it or if it was because that person asked him not to tell anyone, in the end he didn’t say a word.

“Ge, can Yu Gang really take out eighty thousand kuai?” Chen Weier carried over a stool, and sat beside Chen Yong then started picking vegetables.

In 1994, eighty thousand kuai was an astronomical value for a normal family, even families with a monthly income of over a thousand was rare.

“En, he gave me his deposit book to see, he said the moment you nod, he will immediately go to the bank and get the money,” Chen Yong felt really terrible in his heart as well, if he wasn’t forced, he wouldn’t think of an idea such as ruining his own meimei.

“Then ——“ Chen Weier clenched her teeth, as if she made a huge decision, and said depressingly, “Ge, can you tell him that, I won’t marry if, but if he is willing to pay, I can —— I can give myself to him!”

“Ai ——!” Chen Yong sighed, “Good meimei, Ge is terrible sorry!” After that, tears actually started flowing.

Chen Weier only made this decision without any other choice, since filial piety comes first, if sacrificing herself could really bring about their father’s health, then Chen Weier was wiling to sell herself out. However, will that beautiful love that is written on books really happen to her? Definitely not, no one would want a woman who said her own chastity.

Chen Yong knew that, Yu Gang probably won’t be able to marry Chen Weier, Yu Gang’s father is a entrepreneur in the city, who had over a million’s worth, he definitely wouldn’t care about this eighty thousand kuai. Yu Gang just had his eyes on Chen Weier’s appearance, and just wanted to play around.

The brother and sister didn’t speak the entire night, Chen Weier’s mother also hurried to the hospital to care for Chen Weier’s father after eating.

The next morning, Chen Yong dialed Yu Gang’s number, and said a bunch of not important stuff, he was unable to say anything about his sister at the last minute. After stuttering for a while, he finally hung up the phone.

Chen Yong’s heart was a mess, his father could be cured if he sold his meimei, but that would mean putting an end to his meimei’s happiness. Chen Yong placed his hands into his pocket out of habit, then suddenly touched that paper slip, and so random dialed the number on it…

“Hello? Who is it?” I picked up the phone while yawning, it’s so early in the morning on Sunday, yet I can’t rest.

“Hello. I am Chen Yong,” the person said from the other side of the phone.

Chen Yong? Why don’t I remember knowing someone called Chen Yong?

“Hey? Did you dial the wrong number? I don’t know you?” I said sleepily.

“Oh, I’m sorry, then excuse me!” Chen Yong wanted to hang up in sorrow, so it was a lie.

“Ai~ Wait a bit, are you Chen Weier’s older brother?” I suddenly remembered that I have my phone number to Chen Weier’s gege the previous night.

“Yes, it’s me! You can really help me?” Chen Yong noticed that the phone number was real, and said while unable to without his excitement.

“Let’s talk face to face, I’ll see you in the cold drinks shop in front of Fourth High in twenty minutes,” I hung up the phone, quickly got dressed and rushed towards Fourth High.

When I arrived, Chen Yong was already there, standing and looking around at the entrance of the cold drinks stall. Seeing I walked over, he asked, “Why is it just you?”

“What’s wrong with just me?” I asked weirdly.

“Didn’t you say someone can help me? Where’s the person?” Chen Yong was still looking behind my back.

“Can’t I help you?” I said in displeasure.

“You, a student ——“ But he swallowed the words that were at his mouth, because he saw the mobile phone in my hands, a student that could use a mobile phone that was several tens of thousands kuai, was definitely not a normal person right?

“Let’s go in and talk!” I pointed towards the cold drinks stall, and went inside first.

I ordered a coffee, then when I asked what Chen Yong wanted, Chen Yong looked all over the menu, and when he saw all the drinks were above ten kuai, he squeezed out a few words, “Then a cup of water!”

“Bottled water is eight kuai, sir!” The waiter said with a smile.

“What? Water cost money too?” Chen Yong exclaimed in surprise.

“Okay now, don’t be afraid since it’s my treat, give him a cup of water!” I said to the waiter.

“Ai! Never mind, I’ll have orange juice, this is eight yuan too,” Chen Yong quickly said.

“Okay sir,” the waiter left with a faint smile.

“I’m sorry, I let you see something unsightly!” Chen Yong scratched his head and said.

“Say it, what’s the deal with Yu Gang?” I immediately cut to the chase, I have no time to bullshit with him, I promised Zhao Yanyan to go on the rollercoaster with on in the cultural park during the afternoon.

“About that, my meimei agreed,” Chen Yong said awkwardly.

“What?? Your meimei will marry that lecherous man?” I jumped up and shouted.

“No, it’s just —— just sleep with him!” Chen Yong didn’t know who to answer, and said the phrase ‘sleep with’ in anxiousness.

I naturally understood Chen Yong’s meaning, ‘sleep with’ is just XXOO, this Chen Yong, he really disappoint me, he still agreed to Yu Gang’s demands in th end.

“You sold your meimei just for eighty thousand kuai?” What made me more angry was that, was Chen Weier’s first time just worth eighty thousand kuai?
“Is eighty thousand little? Didn’t you hear that Yu Gang say, ten thousand kuai can buy so many virgins!” What Chen Yong said was the truth, the most expensive would only be two thousand kuai at max.

“Then you already promised that Yu Gang?” I said agitatedly.

“Not yet, I —— I really can’t say it!” When Chen Yong said this, it was like he was in excruciating pain.

From the looks of it, this Chen Yong still has a conscience. A man being forced to sell his own meimei to save his father was because he had no other choice.

“How about this! Since you’re selling no matter who, what about selling her to me, I will use an even higher price,” I said slowly. At that moment, another plan had hatched in my heart.

“What? Sell to you?” Chen Yong looked at me in disbelief, and had his mouth wide open. He didn’t think I was that kind of person. Then he regained his composure, “Never mind, since it’s the same either way. How much can you pay?”

“I think I’ll give you two hundred thousand, go and help your father contact the kidney provider, tell me if it’s not enough,” I said calmly.

“Two hundred thousand! You didn’t make a mistake right?” Chen Yong opened his eyes wide and looked at me with an expression full of disbelief.


  1. N/a

Chapter 59 – Failed Heroic Rescue

“You’ll find a way? But can time wait? What can that hundred something kuai per night of you selling Mala Tang do!” That man said angrily.

At that moment, I finally caught the gist of things, so this man was forcing a marriage! Hehe, even the heavens are helping me, who’s going to help if I’m not?

Thus I walked over while pretending to be very cool, and stood beside Chen Weier, and said to the man, “We are in a lawful society! Forced marriages or arranged marriages and the sorts are not permitted, you have already broken the law, so I have the right to send you to the police station!”

This was a classic quote that I spend a while thinking about, originally I also wanted to beat up that man with Guo Qing, but then my glorious image in Chen Weier’s heart may be downgraded to a barbarian, therefore I thought about it for a long time and finally came up with this marvelous plan.

Just when I was proud of what I had said, I noticed both Chen Weier and that man were both looking at me with wide open eyes, as if I was a monster.

What kind of expression is this?” What’s so weird about a samaritan that acts as the hero to save beauty?

Just as I was confused, I saw the man scratch his head, and said with a weird expression, “Meimei, who is this person?”

Liu Weier’s reply was, “…”

Meimei? What’s this?

“The two of you ——“ I said unsure of what was going on.

“He’s my older brother!” Chen Weier glared at me and said.

“That’s right, who are you! What are you doing trying to interfere with our family business!” That man said with displeasure.

“Ah! I just thought that you were getting bullied by bad people,” I said embarrassedly.

“Heh! Even if I was bully by bad people, it doesn’t concern you, one look at you tells me that you have bad intentions!” Chen Weier said strongly.

How did I have bad intentions? This person really didn’t get things. I was going to save her out of goodwill, yet was treated as mule lung and liver.⌈1

Guo Qing and I left embarrassedly. ****, making a move without understanding the situation, it really was a failed heroic rescue.

Just when we left, we heard Chen Weier said to that man, “You don’t need to say anymore, I definitely won’t marry that Yu Gang!”

“Fine! Then drag it on, drag it till dad’s death! If you don’t agree, then I’m going to rob a bank tomorrow! I just can’t let dad pass away like this!” That man said emotionally.

It looks like Chen Weier is in some sort of trouble, and needed money real quick. However this Chen Weier was just too strong-willed, it’s already concerning human lives and she’s still thinking about her own happiness.

That night, I arrived at Chen Weier’s family’s Mala Tang stall again.

I handed over two huai and said, “One bowl of Mala Tang, no coriander.”

Chen Weier raised her head, and seeing that it was me, spaced out for a second, then said embarrassedly, “I’m really sorry about this morning, I was getting mad with my older brother, since you came, I vented everything out on you.”

I said with a smile, “It’s alright. What kind of gege would force their meimei to marry someone they don’t like?”

Chen Weier shook her head helplessly and said, “He actually is a good gege, it’s just that something came up for my family… Ai! Perhaps you also understand after hearing it all today, some things can’t be helped.”

Chen Weier gave me a bowl of Mala Tang, then returned the money to me, “Treat it as an apology, I’ll treat you to a bowl of Mala Tang! Don’t refuse!” Saying this, Chen Weier actually smiled, two faint dimples appeared on her face. This was the first tim I’ve seen smile appear on Chen Weier’s face, so she was actually so beautiful when she smiled.

I couldn’t refuse, so I pocketed the money, and accepted it.

At that moment, a few more guests came over, Chen Weier also went over to busy herself.

“Weier, I’ll ask you one last time! Now that Yu Gnag is also here, are you going to follow him or not?” A voice rang out.

It can’t be, such a coincidence! Chen Weier’s older brother is here again, and I was present once more.

“Ge, I said it already, I won’t marry someone I don’t like, just stop wasting your efforts!” Chen Weier shouted, but her hands were still handing those little metal baskets.

“Weier, think about it again! I can take out eighty thousand kuai! Think about it, with this money you can get your dad looked at!” The lecherously-looking man beside Chen Weier’s gege said.

“No need to think about it, I rather sell my blood than marry you!” Chen Weier roared.

“****! What are you ***** being cocky about! If it wasn’t for your ge’s face, would I take out eighty thousand kuai? I can few so many virgins with ten thousand kuai!” The lecherous man waved is sleeves and walked off.

“Yu Gang, don’t go, I’ll convince my little sister a bit more!” Chen Weier’s gege was just about to give chase, but was pulled back by Chen Weier’s mother. “Leave it! Stop forcing your meimei, I also know your dad’s illness, eighty thousand is only the surgery fee to change kidney, you don’t need any money to buy the kidney? What about the hospital expenses after the surgery? Do you think it’s enough just to sell your sister? That way you won’t only not save your dad, but also doom your meimei!”

“Mom, I know all that! But-but what can I do right now? We don’t have money, if someone was willing to buy my head, I would immediately chop it off for him!” Chen Weier’s gege sighed.

“Mom understands your filial piety, but don’t trouble your meimei anymore! She’s still young, and have a long road ahead of her!” Chen Weier’s mother said, “Okay now, hurry up and help out your sister, more customers are here.”

I sat there, and finally understood most of it after listening, so Chen Weier’s father is ill needs to change kidneys, but they aren’t able to take out that much money, Chen Weier’s gege was prepared to marry Chen Weier to the lecherously-looking man named Yu Gang in exchange for eighty thousand kuai of surgery fee. Eighty thousand Yuan, was only one hair from nine oxen, but to Chen Weier’s family, this is money can that save a life!

“We’re closing! Do you want to sleep here as well!” Chen Weier shouted beside my ear.

I raised my head, and noticed that most people have left the night market, Chen Weier’s mother was also busy packing up. Just now I went into deep thoughts without noticing, and didn’t think that such a long time passed in a blink of an eye.

I quickly got up, and handed Chen Weier the leftover plate, and left the Mala Tang stall. When I passed by Chen Weier’s gege, I hesitated, and said to him softly, “Come over for a moment.”

Chen Weier’s gege momentarily blanked, unsure of what I called him for, then after hesitating he still came over, and asked while frowning, “What did you call me for?”

I smiled faintly, and handed him a slip, then said softly beside his ear, “If you want to cure your father then call this number, and don’t tell anyone else!”

After this, I quickly left. On the slip that I gave Chen Weier’s gege, was my new mobile number.


Chapter 58 – A Cheng Yaojin out of Nowhere

However, that Yang-gongzi turned around, and was full of smiles towards Weier, “Weier, as long as you say it, you don’t have to do this kind of lowly jobs anymore, I promise you’ll have good things to eat if you follow me! Definitely much better than selling Mala Tang here!”

“Yang Kaiyuan, how many times did I tell you, don’t bother me, what’s so good about me, who’s a child from a poor family? I don’t want to live that kind of life you are talking about, I can’t, and I have no interest in it! I still have to do business, please don’t bother me!” Weier said coldly, I could tell that she was very disgusted about this Yang-gongzi.

“Sure, you want to do business right? Here’s two hundred kuai, I’ll take all your dishes! This time you have to talk with me right?” Yang Kaiyuan took out two hundred bills and slammed it on the table.

“I have no interest in your money, I have a lot of old customers here, after you buy it all, they won’t have any to eat! I’m not selling it to you!” Weier took up the money on the table and stuffed it back in Yang Kaiyuan’s hands.

“Another bowl of Mala Tang!” I walked over with a smile, and handed over the bowl in my hands to Weier, “Your family’s Mala Tang is so delicious! How wonderful would it be to eat it everyday.”

Yang Kaiyuan looked at me in disdain and said, “It’s sold out, didn’t you see I’ll take it all?” Yang Kaiyuan was very displeased by my sudden interruption, this made him feel awkward, he was holding two hundred kuai, it couldn’t pocket it, nor could he put it down, and could only vent his anger on me.

“Still the same as just now?” Weier finally grabbed hold of a chance to get rid of Yang Kaiyuan, and immediately helped me to pick the dishes.

“AI? Proprietress?! Is there anyone that does business like that? Isn’t there first come first serve? Didn’t you see I bought all of these?” Yang Kaiyuan felt like he lost a lot of face after Weier said that, and could only roar towards the proprietress.
“Yang-gonzi, don’t get angry, this student was here already,” the proprietress hurriedly explained.

“Heh! I’m telling you, don’t not take face when given it, it’s your fortune that our boss has his eyes on your daughter, if it wasn’t because boss’s attitude is good, I would have gotten people to close down your stall ages ago!” The lackey beside Yang Kaiyuan finally spoke.

“Aiya, look at what it’s becoming, don’t get mad, don’t get mad, I’ll encourage Weier more when we get home tonight okay? Yang-gonzi, don’t hurry so much, since both sides have to be willing on this!” The proprietress quickly apologized.

“Fine, I’ll wait for you for a few more days! We’re leaving!” Yang Kaiyuan said. Then he waved towards the lackey behind him, both of them left together.

“Ai! Finally gone!” the proprietress sighed while looking at Yang Kaiyuan’s fleeting image.

“Auntie, what are they?” I took over the Mala Tang, and asked casually.

“Them, ai! Us small stalls just can’t piss them off! It’s like this, that Yang Kaiyuan set his sights on our Weier, and is hell bent on having Weier be his girlfriend. Weier doesn’t agree, and so he comes to find Weier every three or five days, at the start his attitude wasn’t bad, and just used all sorts of ways to woo her, we all thought he was a rather focused person in relationships, and so we didn’t pay much attention. But afterwards, this Yang Kaiyuan got more and more cocky, Weier refused, so he would take his lackeys here to cause trouble, causing our business to not be able to go on,” the proprietress sighed.

“Mom, how can you tell this thing to other people!” Weier said on the side with a red face.

“It’s alright, look, this guy doesn’t seem like a bad person, and mom really feel terrible, there isn’t anyone to talk to usually, so I just couldn’t help but say a bit more to him,” the proprietress smiled wryly.

“Since he’s like this, you can call the police to arrest them right?” I suggested. Although I know the police would usually be uninterested in these sort of things, but this was a solution, even if it’s not very effective, it could have a bit of a threatening effect.

“Call the police? That Yang Kaiyuan’s father is a police, I heard he’s also an important official! Who can civilians without money or power call? If we got into more mess because of it ——“ Having the proprietress say to it this point, I already understood the gist of it. Those people must be the kind of rich second generation, using his dad’s power, to bully other people. I’ve seen quite a lot of people like this, that Liu Kesheng was a typical example.

But how was Yang Shuguang an important official? Only a captain of the defense team, essentially a temporary job. I did hear that it’s only because his wife’s family has a lot of power that he can act so cocky.

“Ai, look, that’s the number three on the school beauty leaderboard, Chen Weier!” Guo Qing suddenly pointed to a girl at the school gate.

I gazed over, and couldn’t help but blank, isn’t this that girl I met at the Mala Tang stall? No wonder she was so pretty, she’s a school beauty! However Guo Qing’s tastes really had some issues, why was this Chen Weier only third? Although her clothes were a bit lame, but I can promise that if she dressed up, then her beauty would definitely be equal to Zhao Yanyan’s.

“Boss, this Chen Weier is a famous cold beauty! Although her family background isn’t good, but could still keep herself pure, she never had a boyfriend, and rejected who knows how many gongzi with money and power!” Guo Qing praised.

What he said was the truth, that Yang Kaiyuan did have at least 2000 kuai in his wallet, but Chen Weier didn’t even look.

“That’s why, Boss. If you can take her down as well, then I, your bro, will truly admire you!” Guo Qing still continued endlessly.

“Okay now, she’s a cold beauty, I don’t want to bump into a wall,” but honestly, I do wanted to try. I decided, I’ll continue to go and eat Mala Tang tonight.

As we chatted, we noticed something amiss, Chen Weier seemed to be arguing with someone.

“Boss, do you want to have a chance to be the hero and save beauty?” Guo Qing smiled lecherously.

“Even if I don’t, I can’t watch my classmate be bullied by others!” I said justly.

“****, never mind, if it was another person you really wouldn’t give a ****,” Guo Qing said, and walked with me to he school gate.

When we neared, I could faintly hear that man say, “Weier, don’t think about studying anymore!”

Weier clenched her teeth and said, “Don’t say anymore! I rather die than marry that Yu Gang or whatever!”

Why did another person pop out? Who was this Yu Gang? Who was the person in front of Chen Weier?

“Yu Gang already promised me! If you agree to marry him, he’ll take out eighty thousand kuai!” That man said.

“Mom and I will find a way for the money! I don’t want to joke about my happiness! It’s impossible for me to marry someone I don’t like!” Chen Weier said firmly.


  1. N/a

Chapter 57 – Mala Tang

“Whatever, I think it’s more like you are saying the grape is sweet while being unable to eat the grape, and still pretend like you’re giving I to me!” I pointed out Guo Qing’s thoughts mercilessly.

“Eh, about this, hehe!” Guo Qing immediately blushed.

“Guo Qing, stand up!” The moment the morning study period pasted, Ye Xiaoxiao appeared at the doorway to the classroom.

After heating that, Guo Qing stood up lazily. Ever since Guo Qing started hanging out with other delinquents in school, he was no longer so fearful of school leaders and teachers, and always showed of an uncaring attitude.

“Guo Qing, I heard you’re quite capable, and made a something school beauty leaderboard?” Ye Xiaoxiao looked at Guo Qing with a dark expression.

At that moment, I saw Liu Kesheng standing behind Ye Xiaoxiao. It really was this brat who told on him, his grandpa, he already has no way out and is still pulling these petty tricks.

Guo Qing also noticed Liu Kesheng, and glared at him furiously, scaring Liu Kesheng so much that he quickly ran back into the office.

“Can you zhi a sound?” Seeing Guo Qing stand there silently, Ye Xiaoxiao said angrily. ⌈1

“Zhi~!” Guo Qing used his mouth to make the sound. After a short silence, the entire class started laughing.

“You ——“ Ye Xiaoxiao said with a pale face.

“Me, what about me? Did you tell me to zhi a sound?” Guo Qing said uncaringly.

“I’ve never seen a student like you!” Ye Xiaoxiao stomped, so angry that she didn’t know what to say.

“Aren’t you looking at one?” Guo Qing said without any concern.

“What —— What do you think is the point of choosing this?” Guo Qing almost made Ye Xiaoxiao so angry that she went stupid, she finally remembered to ask Guo Qing’s purpose.

“Nothing much really, which school rule said I can’t select school beauties?” Guo Qing said shamelessly.

Ye Xiaoxiao pointed at Guo Qing with her finger with a red face, and couldn’t say a word, and was nearly about to cry.

Seeing Ye Xiaoxiao like that, I could felt a little like I couldn’t bare it. Ye XIaoxiao wasn’t actually that old, only twenty something, must have been a spoiled child at home, how can she deal with this!

Finally I stood up, and patted Guo Qing lightly, and said quitly, “Leave it, just apologize to Ye Xiaoxiao!”

Guo Qing turned around and looked at me, then looked at Ye Xiaoxiao, even though he didn’t want to, he still said, “Ye-laoshi, I’m sorry!”

I knew that Guo Qing will definitely listen to what I say, although this brat was normally laughing with me, but he already treated me as his Boss, his spine, he will definitely listen to me on important matters. Since the advice or decision I gave him was correct every single time.

Ye Xiaoxiao looked unbelievably at me, who stood up for her, then immediately switched to a thankful expression. If it wasn’t for me, she wouldn’t be able to deal with this in front of the entire class. YE Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but remember the stuff I wrote on the test paper, and her cheeks started blushing for apparently no reason. Why did the things did student do always seemed so surprising? On dealing with matters, he seemed even more mature than herself.

After Ye Xiaoxiao left, Guo Qing said in dissatisfaction, “Boss, why did you tell me to apologize to her? I haven’t apologized to anyone!”

“Okay now, just treat it like you apologized to m, that’s fine right?” I said helplessly, Guo Qing was definitely very awesome right now, there really wasn’t anyone in school that can’t not give face to him.

“Heh——, there’s eighty percent chance that your boss set his sights on Ye-laoshi, look at how intimately he called her, he called her Ye Xiaoxiao!” Before I replied, Zhao Yanyan interrupted from the side.

“It can’t be, Boss?” Guo Qing opened his eyes wide like he ate a fly, “What kind of taste is that? You don’t want all these school beauties, and instead is pursuing that old female teengaer?”

Old female teenager? Hearing Guo Qing’s evaluation, I didn’t know what to say. It seems like Guo Qing really have some issues with Ye Xiaoxiao. Was this an evaluation that a student should have towards their teacher?

When I left from Uncle Zhao’s mansion, it was already seven something.

Uncle Zhao more or less decided upon the factory, it was planned to be near Songjiang city. There was an ex-television factory, that was just shut down this year, some welding equipment could be used directly, we just have to buy a chipset production line. The television factory was originally run by the country, the factory also belonged to the country, due to Zhao Limin helping out, we were able to rent it without spending much money.

As I walked on the night street of Songjiang city, and looked at the little stalls and all type of food stalls on the sides of the street, this feeling was rather intimate. I often went to these places with Go Qing in the future.

When I walked in front of the familiar Mala Tang stall, my saliva couldn’t stop flowing, thinking about those comments I’ve seen on the internet in my previous life, such as Mala Tang was equal to waste oil plus E. Coli, just **** off.

“One bowl of Mala Tang, without coriander,” I handed over two kuai and said to the owner of the Mala Tang stall.

“AI, Weier, there’s a customer, get the stuff quickly,” after receiving the money, the woman that looked like an owner shouted.

“I’m coming, mom,” a young and pretty girl with a ponytail answered while she skipped over, a little apron was by her waist. I was actually a little spellbound, she was dressed simple without a single adornment, although her clothes were simple, but it didn’t cover that natural beauty, if Zhao Yanyan was a water lily that just bloomed, then the phrase “untainted despite coming from mud”[1] was tailor made for her. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe that such an extraordinary girl existed in this city.

“Want what?” The girl casually picked up a small metal basket and asked me?”

“What do you want?” The girl said softly once again after seeing I only stared at her like an idiot without any reaction.

I retracted my gaze in embarrassment, and quickly said, “Mushroom, kohlrabi, tofu skin and a bit of gluten.”

The girl familiarly grabbed a bunch of everything into the metal basket, and handed it to the woman on the sid.

“No coriander, what about chili and vinegar?” The girl poured the cooked Mala Tang onto a small plate.

“Yes, with a bit more chili,” I said.

I took over the Mala Tang, and sat on a small table by the road, and ate happily with the dust and car exhaust. The taste wasn’t bad, it looks like I have to come here more often! Actually I was very clear about it, that I was finding an excuse to look at this girl.

“Hey! Weier, you’re busy?” A disgusting sissy voice went into my ears, **** his brain, could he be the last eunuch in new Huaxia? Isn’t this making me vomit! I raised my head and looked over.

A very stylish teenager in his twenties was standing beside the girl called Weier, there were two lackeys behind him. It was obvious that he wasn’t a good girl, there was eighty to ninety percent chance that he was a rascal.

“Ai, it’s Yang-gongzi! Do you want Mala Tang?” The proprietress immediately went over.

“Go to the side, it’s nothing to do with you!” The teenager called Yang-gongzi, who gave off a delinquent feel, waved impatiently towards the proprietress, and didn’t treat her with respect at all.


  1. Zhi is the sound a mouse makes. 

Chapter 56 – School Beauty Leaderboard Incident

“Good! Uncle Zhao supports you, I’ll work for you from now on! Did you know? If this can all become reality, then the time for Huaxia to become the leading country of IT in the world will not be far away!” Zhao Junsheng said excitedly.

“But can you really take out the method to create the motherboard?” Zhao Junsheng asked.

“Uncle Zhao, don’t forget who designed this CPU!” I said with a smile.

“Yes yes yes! How could I not believe, look at me, always using an older mindset to think about problems, and think that our development ability in Huaxia is very small, but now that there’s a genius like you, I don’t need to worry!” Zhao Junsheng said happily.

I was so ashamed! These were all stuff I plagiarized from the future, in my era, any CPU cure data before P5 were already public, but I was called a genius just by taking the simplest out.

“Uncle Zhao, if you don’t have any problems, then let’s take 50% of the shares of the company each, I have to go to school normally, so the task of managing the company will fall upon you!” Since we’re all comrades, I know Uncle Zhao wouldn’t betray me.

“Aiya, Xiao Liu, what’s the point of giving me shares! The technology of the company is yours, the money is yours, Uncle Zhao is just helping you manage it! What’s more is that as long as your Bomu and I have enough money to spend then it’s fine, what use are the shares!” Zhao Junsheng refused.

Then we negotiated over and over, then finally I pretended to be angry and said, “Then 20%! Uncle Zhao, if you don’t even take that then I’ll won’t feel at ease!”

Zhao Junsheng knew that he couldn’t refuse anymore, and thus finally said, “How about this! I’ll take the 20%, but will transfer it to under Yanyan!”

Since Zhao Junsheng said it like this now, I couldn’t really say anymore, transferring it to under Yanyan was no different from holding 100% of the shares myself.

Uncle Zhao and I then discussed about the corporation name, and finally decided upon continue using the name Shuguang. Firstly because the name Shuguang had a bit of fame in Huaxia, secondly it was because Shuguang represents hope, and was hinting at a new hope for Huaxia’s IT industry.

I didn’t tell Zhao Junsheng about cooperating with Microsoft yet, because this was way too much of a surprise!

With Uncle Zhao helping me managing the company, I didn’t have to worry anymore. The technology I supplied would definitely earn money, this would mean that I would have more time to do other things.

Grandpa Zhao reported my final decision to the higher ups, although they felt a bit of regret, but they were still overall please, since Shuguang is a people’s business. The higher ups also decided that they will give a suitable amount of support, and make the processes and simple as possible, as long as we don’t go against the principles then they will give the green light.

In the following days, Zhao Junsheng was first engrossed with things like registering the company etc. Due to the higher ups giving a heads up, even if they didn’t who wouldn’t dare to not give face, unless they don’t want their jobs anymore since a provisional official’s son was going to do the procedures. Therefore everything went unusually smoothly, within a week, all types of documents were in hand. Zhao Junsheng’s Tianheng Computers was changed into Shuguang Software, some of the people that were in the hardware department were transferred to the newly established Shuguang Microelectronics Limited. Then Zhao Junsheng had to employ people, find a place for the office and contact manufactures, and was completely overloaded with work.

In comparison, I was much more free, everyday I just needed to go to school, get off school. Underneath the halo of the first in the year, teachers in every subject all turned a blind eye towards my bad habits such as sleeping in class.

“Boss, the newest School Beauties have been chosen!” Early in the morning, Guo Qing said to be lecherously.

“****, are you a large speaker, broadcasting everywhere in the morning,” although I was very interested in Guo Qing’s news, my Yanyan was right next to me, it wouldn’t be good if I acted too enthusiastic right?

“Hai —— hai, it’s —— beauties, us normal men would all be interested, unless Boss you’re not a man?” Guo Qing laughed sinisterly, and turned his head to Zhao Yanyan and said, “Dasao, is Boss a man?’

“Go die!” Zhao Yanyan blushed and said, “Do you think he is being so perverted?”

I was about to faint, you can’t not leave any face for me right? I raised my first and punched Guo Qing, and extracted my angry all on him.

“Just say it if you have something to say!” I said.

“Hehe, us first years really don’t lack beauties, completely outmatched the previous years’! The top of the leaderboard is from our first year!” Guo Qing said mysteriously.

“Can you brat just say everything in one go, are you out of breath?!” I hate his hesitant speech, I didn’t get annoyed with him infrequently over this, I didn’t think he would still be like this after I got reborned.

“About this! The first place is of course Dasao, Boss you have good fortune in romantic affairs, being able to hold a beauty, you are really the pride of us men…” Before Guo Qing finished, I cut him off impatiently, “What’s wrong with you? Where did all this bullshit come from!”

“Hehe,” Guo Qing laughed a little then continued, “In second place is Liu Yue, from Second Year Class Six. The third is Chen Weier, Third Year Class One. The fourth, is also in our First Year, in Class Ten, called Xu Ruoyun.”

Xu Ruoyun? Isn’t that Geezer Xu’s granddaughter? How was she in our school? But think about that chick’s looks, it really does stand out, although it was different from Zhao Yanyan’s glamour, but it was another type of beauty, it was naturally to get on the school beauty leaderboard. As for that Chick Xu, I think I should stay as far away from her as possible, I keep on feeling that this chick’s hostility towards me was very strong.

“Who chose these school beauties?” I really didn’t understand how there could be people thinking about this in our school.

“Of course it was by this one —— the boss of Fourth High, no that’s not right, it’s Laoer, that lead our brothers and chose it,” Guo Qing was the true boss in school now, but because of my existence, he didn’t feel right calling himself Boss, and so immediately lowered himself to Laoer. However why does this Laoer sound so weird.

“It really was you, what are you doing this far?” I asked.

“Ha, isn’t that just making it more convenient for you, Boss, to chat up girls, now that the number one school beauty is taken down by you, there are three more beauties that you haven’t succeeded with yet. Comrade, you still have to work hard!” Guo Qing handed me a slip with the school beauties’ name and class.

“Then why don’t you work hard yourself?” Although I said this, I still received the note from Guo Qing.

“Of course I should leave the chance for Boss!” Guo Qing said sincerely.


  1. N/a

Chapter 55 – Complete Control

“Yes, just slightly more advance than their product,” I intentionally made it sound casual.

“Slightly more advance? Liu Lei! Do you know what this means? What sort of company is Intel? The boss of central possessing units, the leading sheep in technology! It’s impossible for businesses in our country to follow their *****, you are actually saying slightly more advance?” Zhao Junsheng exclaimed in disbelief.

“Uncle Zhao, what are you so worked up about?” I felt confused about Zhao Junsheng’s actions, was there a need for this?

“How could I not get worked up? Liu Lei! If you started your own business within the country to manufacturer this new type of CPU ourselves, then Huaxia’s economy will rise alongside it, us Huaxia will also becoming one of the lading countries in technology!” Zhao Junsheng said with regret.

So Zhao Junsheng got worked up because of this? I only sold the technology for the most ancient Pentium MMX, technology like Centrino and Intel Core that came later were all imprinted in my brain, I could have them produced as long as I have money.

Thus I said, “Uncle Zhao, let’s not talk about whether our country can manufacturer things to the standard, even if we can import the production lines from other countries, what about money? Selling the entire Tianheng may not be enough to just buying this production line!”

“But-but giving the technology to foreigners like this, I’m not comfortable about it!” Zhao Junsheng knew that I was telling the truth, yet still couldn’t help but sigh emotionally.

“It’s alright, Uncle Zhao. I am already starting to develop the next generation of CPU, I believe I can present the complete development data soon,” I comforted him.

“Really? That’s great!” Hearing me say that, light returned to Zhao Junsheng’s eyes.

Just as we were chatting, Grandpa Zhao came down from upstairs and said to me, “Liu Lei, I already explained your situation to the higher ups, there isn’t any problem with unfreezing your account, but——”

“Grandpa Zhao, please just say it out whatever it is,” I said.

“It’s like this, after the higher ups heard that you developed a CPU, they immediately asked if you can donate this technology to the country,” Grandpa Zhao said.

“I’m afraid not, I already signed a contract with Intel, doing so would be illegal,” I explained showing an expression of difficulty.

“I know, that’s why I already rejected them for you, actually the higher-ups mainly want me to ask if you have any plans to start a CPU manufacturing company in our country,” Grandpa Zhao said to me.

“I do have the plans, I was just talking about this with Uncle Zhao, but we don’t have that much fund!” I spoke the truth, the money on hand wasn’t enough, using it to invest into some established industry was more than enough, but it probably wasn’t able to do anything when invested on the manufacturing of the CPU.

“What if the country invested?” Grandpa Zhao said emotionlessly.

Investment from the country, that sounds nice, but it would mean that the properties of my corporation will be completely changed, from a private company to a governmental business.

It’s not like there aren’t advantages, at least when it come to policies with the country behind my back. However at the same time there are a lot of disadvantages, the initiative of the business will not be in my hands, CPU manufacturing was even more profitable than money, while Grandpa Zhao was in power he would be able to block off a lot of things for me, but once Grandpa Zhao retired and gave up his power, then my gold egg-laying corporation will find it hard to not be targeted by corrupted officials, and will result in a restricting of the business, when that happens, it will probably be broken down into pieces like Hu Xueyan’s Hu Qingyu Hall at the end of the Qing dynasty.

Now that I thought of that, I made the decision immediately, “I understand Grandpa Zhao’s goodwill, I will definitely invest and build a factory in Huaxia, but I just want to develop my specialty without restraint, and don’t want to be involved in politics, and don’t want to be restricted.

Grandpa Zhao nodded and said, “Fine, I won’t force it since you have your own ideas, just remember to keep the country’s profit in mind, and contribute more to the nation!”

Zhao Junsheng agreed with my viewpoint very much, no matter what, the initiative of businesses should be in our own hands, or else it will easily become chicken ribs.⌈1

The eight hundred million can at most buy a normal CPU production line, of course this was limited to producing the Pentium MMX series, there aren’t more advance technology right now even in other countries, so the production line could not exist. What can I do with my money? I can produce CPU, what about other related products? Oh yeah, the motherboard, the chipset! I remember in my previous life that VIA Technologies started off with manufacturing chipsets, and because the third largest CPU manufacturer in the world, although they were commonly in lawsuits with Intel due to patent issues, but it didn’t affect it’s speed in making money. Furthermore, I didn’t need to worry about the patent at all, I was the one who developed Pentium MMX in this life, and I only gave the authorize Intel to use it, and didn’t sell off the rights. Therefore Intel shouldn’t be able to say anything even if I manufacture the corresponding chipset, and mine would definitely be original! Just like Intl’s original chipset in my previous life.

“Uncle Zhao, have you thought about restructuring the company or establishing a new one?” Since Uncle Zhao know about my things and this father-in-law and I were on the same side, I told him my ideas without hiding anything.

“Hehe, Xiao Liu means for me to work for you right?” Zhao Junsheng said while laughing.

“How could I, Uncle Zhao, I don’t mean it like that!” I quickly side, actually that was what I meant.

“It’s okay, Xiao Liu, since you have the ability, it isn’t a loss to work for you! What’s more, what’s the point of making money this life? Isn’t it just to save up some dowry for Yanyan! It looks like I have no need to,” Zhao Junsheng looked at me and snickered.

“Hehe,” I laughed dryly, unsure of what to sure.

“Okay, Xiao Liu! Say it, there is nothing to hide between us father and son in law, what do you have in plan for the future?” Zhao Junsheng said.

“It’s like this, Uncle Zhao! I want to establish a computer chipset manufacturer, in other words, I want to manufacture north and south bridge chipset. We can’t afford to manufacture CPUs, but we have more than enough funds to manufacture motherboards! Also Uncle Zhao, don’t continue on with your Tianheng Computers, you can restructure it into a large software company that designs large graphic and office software, and even our own operating system if possible!” I told him my primary thoughts recently.


  1. Something that is quite worthless, but you’ll find it hard to give up 

Chapter 54 – Grandpa Zhao

“Hello, Uncle Zhao, what’s the situation?” My was waiting so much that my heart felt like it was burning, and hearing the phone ring, I immediately grabbed it.

“…” The other side was silent for a while,” Is it Mr. Liu? I am Xu Zhongbang.”

“Oh, Mr. Xu, hello, what do you need me for?” I was just worried about my account right now, and wasn’t in the mood to think about other things.

“It’s like this, our Windows 95 has already been pushed onto the market, I have a few official copies to gift to you, it’s a commemorative edition,” Xu Zhongbang said.

“Oh, this isn’t desperate, let’s talk about it after a few days,” I wasn’t interested in the commemorative edition of Windows 95 right now, and just want to end our call quickly.

“Okay,” Xu Zhongbang said, “Also another thing, Mr. Liu, please give us a bank account so we can send your share of the profits over.”

“How about this, Mr. Xu, help me open an account in Switzerland, and just directly send it over there,” I said. My account was frozen, how would I dare to get them to send the money there?

“Okay, then that’s it! I’ll call you after doing all that, but Mr. Liu should buy a mobile phone, this would make contacting you more convenient,” Xu Zhongbang said.

Buying a mobile phone was a pretty good advice, or else it was hard not to raise my parents’ suspicions always calling my home.

The phone rang again, I picked up the phone, “Hello, who are you looking for?”

“Xiao Liu, I’m Zhao Junsheng!” I finally got the call.

“Uncle Zhao, what is it?” I asked.

“Xiao Liu, tell Uncle the truth, how much money is there in your account,” Zhao Junsheng asked.

“About this ——“ I stayed silent for a while, since Zhao Junshng asked like this, it means that he already knew, I had nothing to hide anymore, and so I answered honestly, “A hundred and sixty million.”

“What?!” Although Zhao Junsheng knew already, but hearing me say it from my mouth still shocked him quite a bit, “Where did this money come from?”

“I earned it!” I answered.

“You earned it? How could you earn so much money? Xiao Liu, tell Uncle, did you get bewitched by bad people or was threatened? If you tell Uncle the truth, Uncle will help you!” From Zhao Junsheng’s point of view, I was impossible for a kid to earn money that a lot of people can’t even manage to earn in a lifetime.

“I did earn it! Ai, it’s hard to explain over the phone…” I explained.

“Wait a bit, I’m going to tell Old Gao to pick you up, we’ll go over to my dad’s together!” Zhao Junsheng said.

It can’t be? Actually telling me to meet Zhao Yanyan’s grandpa!

“This one is Liu Lei right?” The moment I entered Zhao Yanyan’s grandfather’s home, the kind old man I saw when school started came out.

Able to receive Zhao Yanyan’s grandfather’s personal welcome, this honor wasn’t small! I frantically said, “Hello Grandpa Zhao! I am Zhao Yanyan’s classmate Liu Lei.”

“Good! The young man looks like a talent, no wonder my darling granddaughter always talk about you!” Grandpa Zhao said while smiling.

I sweated, he could even say stuff like that, a typical old but not respectable! However I still wasn’t sure if Grandpa Zhao knew Zhao Yanyan and my relationship, it was better so speak less. Thus I said, “Hehe, thank you Grandpa Zhao for the praise, Zhao Yanyan and I are deskmates.”

“I know, I know! And also first in the year!” Grandpa Zhao added.

“Dad, let Xiao Liu go into the house first, no matter what it is we can’t stand at the door!” Zhao Junsheng saw me still standing at the door, so he got me a pair of slippers.

“Right, what Junsheng said is right, Liu Lei, let’s go in and talk,” Grandpa Zhao pulled me into the living room with a smile.

Zhao Yanyan was also in the living room, and after seeing me enter, she ran up the stairs with a blush. Grandpa Zhao’s home was a typical duplex mansion, but it wasn’t weird for provisional officials to live in these type of houses, this was a necessary treatment.

“Hehe, my family’s chick is shy!” Grandpa Zhao said humorously when he saw his granddaughter run upstairs while blushing.

I really didn’t know what to say, I was even a bit confused about the purpose of me coming here right now. Why does it feel like Geezer Zhao is interviewing for his grandson-in-law?

Just as I was embarrassed, Grandpa Zhao begun, “Liu Lei, I don’t want to get involved between you and Zhao Yanyan. However, as an elder, I have to take responsibility for my own granddaughter, I hope that you will not walk onto an evil path!”

Walk onto an evil path? I immediately understood, Grandpa Zhao was indicating about that huge foreign fund that was in my bank account.

“Grandpa Zhao, I earned that money!” I said openly.

“Child, it’s not that I don’t believe you, are you clear about how large this sum of money is?” Grandpa Zhao asked.

“About eight hundred million Huaxia currency,” I said without a hint of fakeness.

“Eight hundred million! This money is enough to start a riot! Can you tell me how you earned this money?” Grandpa Zhao beat around the bush.

I already predicted that this would occur, it was fortunate that I brought the Intel and Seagate contract over. No explanation would be as effective as these two paper contracts, black words on white paper, and the certificate from the notarial office.

As Grandpa Zhao looked over the contract, his eyes received a smile of relief, “Liu Lei, why didn’t you say so earlier! You got this old man here worried for nothing! You made all these technology?”

I nodded and said humbly, “I just like to occasionally mess around, it’s just little things!”

“You can’t say that, it probably isn’t so simple for Intel to be willing to pay and buy it right? I do know a little about this Intel, the world’s number one CPU manufacturer, I think even those old fellows in the Academy of Sciences wouldn’t be able to make something that would cause them to be interested, not to mention this technology sold for a huge price of 150 million!” Grandpa Zhao didn’t doubt this at all now, since the contract was there, and there was the certificate from the notarial office.

“I said all I need to be said, Grandpa Zhao do you think my account——“ My money, of course I had to get it back quickly.

“Hehe, I couldn’t tell that Liu Lei is also a little money lover! Okay, I’ll immediately make a call for you,” Grandpa Zhao laughed out loud as he walked up the stairs.

What do you mean money lover, who wouldn’t be worried about so much money?

“Xiao Liu, how was it with my dad?” Zhao Junsheng saw that his father went up the stairs, and immediately entered the living room. His father needed to talk to Liu Lei alone just now, so he (Zhao Junsheng) didn’t know if the situation was clarified.

I smiled, then pointed to the two contracts on the teapoy and said, “Uncle Zhao, see for yourself!”

Zhao Junsheng took over those two contracts, his eyes immediately popped out, and said surprisingly, “You sold technology to Intel?”

I nodded, “It’s the design data for a new CPU I designed in my spare time.”

“New CPU? You developed it?” Zhao Junsheng looked at me in disbelief.


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Chapter 53 – Frozen Account

“Lei Fubai? That director of the board of Lei Corporation Lei Fubai?” I said in surprise. Lei Fubai could be said as an incredible person in Huaxia.

Yet, although Lei Xiaolong is Lei Fubai’s precious son, but how did Zhao Yanyan immediately think that the person that caught me was Lei Xiaolong? There was definitely more to it.

“Yanyan, are you lying to me about something?” I suddenly asked.

“N-No!” Zhao Yanyan denied immediately.

“You already knew Xia Jing right?” I thought of the expression that Xia Jing showed when she saw Zhao Yanyan.

“En, she came to Songjiang that time to, and I also know that she and Lei Xiaolong had an infant matrimony,” Since she saw that I noticed, Zhao Yanyan stopped hiding anymore.

“Then you’re still telling me to sleep with her?” I was freaked out, thank got I didn’t XXOO with Xia Jing, or else wouldn’t I be hunted down daily by people from the Lei family?

“Because I hate that Lei Xiaolong, he was already engaged with Xia Jing, and still pursued me,” Zhao Yanyan’s face was filled with disgust when she mentioned Lei Xiaolong.

****, what kind of reason is that, you hate Lei Xiaolong so you tell me to XX his fiancé, no wonder she was so quick to accept it on this thing regarding Xia Jing. Isn’t this the same as telling me to die? Truly a woman’s view!

“Do you miss Xia Jing?” Zhao Yanyan saw that I wasn’t speaking, and thought I was thinking about Xia Jing again.

“A little,” I answered honestly. Who wouldn’t miss it if a little beauty just disappeared like that.

“Then I’ll tell Grandpa, and get him to tell the Xia family to cancel this marriage,” Zhao Yanyan said naîvely.

I was about to faint, let’s not talk about the success of this first, if Grandpa Zhao found out his granddaughter was helping her boyfriend to pursue other woman, wouldn’t he kill me first. Isn’t this pushing me into the fire!

“Leave it, we’ll talk about this later, if we can meet then it’s for the best, if we can’t then never mind,” I remembered the promise Xia Jing gave me again…

“Leilei, Xia Jing was taken by the police,” my mom said to me when I got home at night.

I knew this already, so I nodded.

“Ai, when someone came to our office and said that they were looking for Xia Jing to me, I didn’t want to tell them at the start, then found out that they were all police afterwards, so I handed Xia Jing over,” my mom muttered to herself.

This Lei Xiaolong really have his ways, and actually got a few fake police to scare my mom, and got Xia Jing this way.

“Leilei, did you ask where Xia Jing’s home is, when you’re on holiday, your father and I will take you to find her, I see that you two get along quite well,” my mom didn’t give up, from her perspective, Xia Jing will be her daughter-in-law in the future, and she didn’t think that the duck in her hands just flew away like this.

“Leave it mom, Xia Jing has a infant matrimony, her family background is better than ours, how can she get be interested in me!” I said this, but I thought proudly in my heart that she did get interested in me.

Xia Jing did leave for some time, although I would still occasionally think about the little beauty, and think about the excitement on those two nights, but I know these things can’t be forced. Zhao Yanyan didn’t tell me Xia Jing’s real identity in the end, but I could guess that the little beauty’s family was either rich or royalty.

Originally I thought things calmed down, but I didn’t think problem would find me again. Today I received Zhao Junsheng’s phone call the moment I got home.

“Xiao Liu, what did you do recently?” Zhao Junsheng asked anxiously on the phone.

“Nothing much?” I asked weirdly, was it because of Xia Jing? However there shouldn’t be any contact between Zhao Junsheng and Xia Jing.

“I received joint notice from Huaxia Bank and Huaxia People’s Bank today, the anonymous account I opened for you was frozen!” Zhao Junsheng said.

“What? Frozen?” My heart wavered, my hundred and sixty million were still in there!

“Yeah, I thought it was weird too! Logically speaking this type of anonymous account shouldn’t be traced to the account opener, but they found me today!” Zhao Junsheng said weirdly.

“… Do you know their purpose?” I said after a slight pause. Ai! Huaxia’ banks! It looks like I have to get a Swiss account

“Not sure yet, I only got the notice when I got off work, I think I’ll ask my old man later, and see if he knows about this,” Zhao Junsheng said.

“That’s okay, please hurry, my money!” I said regretfully, if all be damned my money was done for.

Zhao Junsheng hung up, then immediately called his own father.

“Hey, dad, an anonymous account of our company’s was frozen, do you know about this?” Zhao Junsheng asked.

“Your company? You said that account is your company’s?” Zhao Limin asked weirdly.

“Yeah, that account is Xiao Liu’s, Yanyan’s classmate that I mentioned to you before, the boy that developed the Shuguang Input method,” Zhao Junsheng explained.

“Is there some mistake? The account that is being investigated has a large amount of foreign money, no matter how profitable that input method is, it can’t have earned a hundred something million right?” Zhao Limin asked suspiciously.

“What, a hundred something million?” Zhao Junsheng freaked after hearing that, the net worth of his company was only so much, and could be counted among the top companies in the country in 1994.

“And it’s USD!” Zhao Limin said.

“Ah!” It was Zhao Junsheng’s turn to get short circuited, he was now wondering if the account his father was talking about and Liu Lei’s one were the same one.

“How about this, I’ll ask for you. Wait for my phone call,” Zhao Limin said then hung up.

Fifteen minutes later, the phone on Zhao Junsheng’s desk rang.

“Hey Junsheng, are you guys doing something behind my back?” Zhao Limin said serious and bluntly.

“Behind your back? What happened? Dad, do you not believe me? If there’s anything, then just say it!” Zhao Junsheng said anxiously.

“This account is your Tianheng Computer’s, and it does belong to the Liu Lei that you said, there is a hundred and sixty million USD inside! It was also I who reported it to the higher ups, you should know the severity of this issue, hopefully it’s not related to terrorist organizations, contact Liu Lei quickly, and see if this child was bewitched by some terrorist powers, I don’t want him to go on a misguided path! I have faith in this child!” Zhao Limin said slowly.

“I understand!” Zhao Junsheng hung up the phone with a solemn expression.

Zhao Junsheng understood his father’s meaning very well, he also understood the hidden issues that this large fund will bring in the hands of a terrorist organization. However he couldn’t understand no matter how he thought about it, how that seemingly genius young man could be related to this large amount of money.

Zhao Junsheng thought about it for a long while, then finally picked up the phone on the desk.


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