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Chapter 68 – Dying From An Accident

“Travelling along at a regular speed?” After Chen Zhantian heard this, he couldn’t help but knit his brows. Not to speak of travelling along at a regular speed, what was abnormal was that with Chen Jinkun’s strength, making a split-second decision wasn’t difficult. Even if there wasn’t any help, wasn’t it impossible for him to make way to the bottom of a truck?

At this time, Shen Zhenghao inquired Shen Jingxuan after the event, then also walked over. He happened to hear that Captain Zhong’s words and couldn’t help but ask: “This accident, is there any other circumstances?”

Shen Zhenghao’s questioning words was precisely what Chen Zhantian wanted to ask. Although Chen Clan is powerful, it isn’t like they didn’t have any enemies; every large aristocratic clan was in a hidden competition. As for killing a successor of Chen Clan’s, suppressing Chen Clan, it wasn’t impossible. Especially seeing that Chen Clan and Shen Clan were cooperating, and that Chen Clan tempo of going to suddenly rise up, killing Chen Jinkun at this time was tantamount to stopping Chen Clan and Shen Clan’s cooperation.

“According to the words of the eyewitnesses, it was an accident.” Captain Zhong replied: “But our accident branch colleagues have already found the driving record apparatus inside the car. There are also people going to obtain the video recording of this intersection, everything will be concluded very quickly.”

Chen Zhantian nodded and let out a sigh: “Then I’ll be troubling you.”

That Captain Zhong didn’t say anything, only seriously nodding, then immediately busied himself with other matters.

“Brother Chen, restrain your grief and accept fate. This matter appears to truly be an accident.” Shen Zhenghao said.

“I also hope that it is an accident……” Chen Zhantian nodded and said: “Originally, you and I could tie the knot through a marriage. Who would have known that an unexpected matter like this would happen, Jinkun this child, how could he be this reckless……”

Chen Zhantian’s voice somewhat shook, but was actually able to control his sorrow because it was estimated that other clans received this message. He didn’t want other people to see a joke.

“Brother Chen, feel relieved, even if our two clans aren’t related through marriage, this friendship can still be tied. In the future, we can still help each other out!” Shen Zhenghao actually didn’t want this kind of matter to happen. Shen Jingxuan had just been engaged to Chen Jinkun, but now that Chen Jinkun was dead, he was very depressed. Thankfully he hadn’t spread news of Shen Jingxuan being engaged. In fact, if he let out a rumor, other aristocratic clan juniors would line up to marry Shen Jingxuan and take her back home.

But this involved an issue of face; Shen Zhenghao was also from a rich and powerful clan. Immediately being engaged to some other clan after the fiancé over here just dying wasn’t so much of a problem. But at that time, it would be inevitable that it would be impossible for them to cooperate with Chen Clan again. This wasn’t the situation that Shen Zhenghao wanted to see.

He didn’t like double-crossing people; since he said he would cooperate, then he would cooperate. Although they weren’t related by marriage, causing this cooperation to become not too solid, at the very least he temporarily couldn’t choose another clan. After this matter blew over, they could discuss it again.

“Ai, brother Shen having this degree of intention, our Chen Clan is very grateful. Brother Shen, this place is noisy, how about you bring Jingxuan back first? She has received a not-small frightening, and you guys staying here is of no use.” Chen Zhantian1 said.

“Okay, then we’ll go back first.” Shen Zhenghao nodded.

At this time, he also knew that he would’ve be able to help with anything by staying. Right now was Chen Clan’s sorrowful moment, their clan would need to talk over a countermeasure to deal with the situation.

Chen Jinkun had been considered and nurtured as Chen Clan’s third generation successor. Chen Clan’s cultivation resources were all tilted toward him, but now that he suddenly died, it was equal to disrupting Chen Clan’s deployment. At present, Chen Clan had to once again consider this as well.

The traffic accident scene was processed very quickly, but at this moment, Chen Zhantian already returned to Chen Clan. Inside Chen Clan’s meeting hall, Chen Clan’s old master, Chen Wushen’s, complexion was very unsightly.

At this moment, this originally spirited and very energetic old man suddenly aged a lot.
His hand was slightly trembling; he was somewhat unable to accept the fact before his eyes. The grandson he care for the most had died? Died like this?

Perhaps at this moment, within the entire Chen Clan, the happiest person was Chen Jinpeng! Even Chen Jinpeng’s father, Chen Huanling, didn’t wish for Chen Jinkun to die; a clan’s continuous development required an able person to operate it.

What kind of person his son was, Chen Huanling was very clear on. Naturally, it was the dandy type. His strength was inferior to Chen Jinkun, as well as his temperament, and nowadays, he would be other people’s little brother all day long. What future prospects could he have?

“Zhantian, just how did this situation come about, does the traffic police squad over there have a conclusion?” Chen Wushen sorrowfully asked.

“Father, there’s already a conclusion; it was an accident. Regardless of whether it is the surveillance camera nearby the street, or Jinkun’s driving record apparatus, both confirm that this was an accident, that nobody set up Jinkun.” Although Chen Zhantian was unwilling to be convinced, he still had to speak the truth from facts.

“Truly an eventful period! Originally, I thought that our Chen Clan and Shen Clan would be related through marriage and move a step forward, but now such a matter occurred……” When Chen Wushen heard that it was an accident, and also knew that other people had searched into it, he could only recognize it.

“Father, I think that our Chen Clan must put out a regulation. Jinkun died; although this is very sorrowful, I believe that we can’t give up the cooperation with Shen Clan!” Chen Zhantian2 said.

“Oh? How can we still cooperate?” Chen Wushen slightly stared.

“Jinkun is dead, but there’s still Jinpeng. In the future, our Chen Clan can only treat Jinpeng as the sole fostering target. The way I see this engagement, it can be shifted onto Jinpeng’s body!” Chen Zhantian proposed.

“Oh?” After Chen Wushen heard this, he gave an extremely praising gaze to Chen Zhantian. As Chen Clan’s second generation public affairs person, Chen Zhantian, this person, already had the consciousness of putting the clan first. If Jingpeng and Jinkun were fighting openly and covertly, of course Chen Jinpeng wouldn’t be able to shine. Chen Clan didn’t think that Chen Jinpeng had any future prospects; even Chen Huanling didn’t feel that his own son would cause any storms. He only wished for his son to stay under the protection of Chen Clan, and become a wealthy man.

Chen Jinpeng quivered from head to toe. Yes, now that Chen Jinkun is dead, the only remaining direct descendant of Chen Clan is me, if they don’t foster me, then who will they foster? Especially the engagement with Shen Jingxuan, it nearly made Chen Jinpeng cry out in happiness!

He was also secretly in love with Shen Jingxuan, but previously he felt that there wasn’t any hope, and only daydream about it in his heart. Never did he think that it would become reality.

“Jinpeng, this child, doesn’t have any capability……” Chen Huanling said somewhat anxiously. His own son, he was more clear on than anybody else.

“Second brother, Jingpeng, this child, is also one that we watched grow up. Though he’s slightly naughty and mischievous, if our Chen Clan doesn’t cultivate him now, then who will we foster? Don’t tell me, we should go groom one of those inadequate collateral relatives?” Chen Zhantian interrupted Chen Huanling’s words and said.

“Huanling, what Zhantian said is right. Whatever the case, Jinpeng is our Chen Clan’s direct descendant, as well as our sole direct descendant, if we don’t groom him, then who do we groom3? This matter will be set like this, in the future, Chen Jinpeng will be our Chen Clan’s third generation successor!” Chen Wushen said in the tone of making the final decision: “Zhantian, give a call to Shen Zhenghao in a moment and talk about the matter of the engagement. Even though we’ve discussed it over, if the other doesn’t agree, then we don’t have the means.”

Actually, Old Master Chen also knew that what Shen Zhenghao had a fancy for in Chen Jinkun was his Third Layer Inner Strength power. Chen Jinkun was different, but it could only be tested right now.

At this moment, Shen Jingxuan was sitting still in Shen Zhenghao’s car, taciturn and not speaking.

“Fortunately, Jingxuan, you guys weren’t formally engaged. Otherwise, having an unmarried ** reputation wouldn’t be so good to hear……” Shen Zhenghao said with lingering fear. If it was truly like that, it wouldn’t be so easy for Shen Jingxuan to marry into another person’s family. After all, these large clans all attached great importance to face.

“Dad, now that Chen Jinkun’s dead, does that mean this engagement is cancelled?” Shen Jingxuan really didn’t like Chen Jinkun, not a bit at all. Now that Chen Jinkun had died, apart from some sympathy, she didn’t have any other feeling.

“Jingxuan, you know that as a girl of Shen Clan, it’s impossible for you to make your own engagement. Only if you genuinely like a powerful great clan’s young master, then Shen Clan will support you.” Shen Zhenghao replied: “Relation by marriage, although it’s a very vulgar working method, our Shen Clan has been continuously developing to date. Though we aren’t able to tower above, with the several calamities we’ve withstood, what have we relied on? Isn’t it some external help? Where this external help comes from, is through the relations by marriage!”

“I know, but after this matter, can you give me some time to calm down? At least, before I finish studying, no more engagements, okay?” In front of bystanders, Shen Jingxuan seemed very attractive and dazzling, but behind their backs, she felt a lot of sadness without the freedom to act independently.

“Jingxuan, you should know that Shen Clan has started beginning to select the best third generation successor. Your younger brother is among the list of names for the clan to groom, but whether or not he’ll be able to rise above others, besides his own strength, depends on his influence. You are his older sister, if you can marry into Chen Clan, then Chen Clan will be our supporter.” Shen Zhenghao said: “Jingxuan, you know that once the next generation clan head is decided, the other candidates will be assigned outside. If they don’t have any matters, they may not return to Shen Clan as they wish. This kind of ‘leaving one’s native place’ taste is unpleasant, you also don’t want your little brother and us to separate, right?”

“This……” Shen Jingxuan had some hesitations. When it came to Shen Clan, the one she cared the most about was her younger brother. Her younger brother was her pride; his age was young, yet he was already a Fourth Layer Inner Strength Martialist. However, Shen Clan was a great clan with great assets. Shen Jingxuan’s younger brother wasn’t the only Fourth Layer Inner Strength child. If one wanted to rise above the others and become the clan’s successor, it was necessary for them to have external help. Sometimes, whether or not the external help was formidable immediately decided the position of the person.

Actually, this was understandable. This clan head’s connections were broad and was familiar with some powerful people. When the time comes that the clan meets trouble, the clan head could invite several fierce people over with personal connections, and settle the trouble.

Just as the father-daughter duo were speaking, Chen Zhantian’s call reached Shen Zhenghao’s side.


  1. TLN: Did you know that this was actually ‘Chen Jinkun’? Sometimes the author is high, just like how I am when I translate with 5 hours of sleep. 
  2. TLN: Funnily enough, this was ‘Chen Wushen’ instead of ‘Chen Zhantian’. 
  3. TLN: Sorry, having a bit too much fun with changing around the words. (e.g: cultivate, foster, groom) They all mean the same thing. 

21 Second Biological Weapon Eclipse

Kurifot continent.
Situated far enough to be called the farthest end of the world, lacking in sunshine, and surrounded by stormy seas, which makes sailing problematic.

In the first place, although it was named『Kurifot continent』by the demon race, humans refer to it as『Kurifot island』.
In the end, it was only that big.
It was only named as a continent to retain demon’s pride.

Precisely because of its worthlessness, the existence of demons was allowed here.
As long as they don’t leave the island, humans won’t eradicate them completely as a show of mercy.
For demons and their cult of power, it was a terrible humiliation.
That’s why demons spent the last millennium trying to come up with a way to eradicate humans.
On the other hand, it seems that humans nearly completely forgot about their existence.
A race that though against humans a long time ago, which now obediently lives on a faraway island — demons were remembered in such a way.
Which was, once again, irritating in its own way.

However, demons have finally completed their ultimate weapon, Iris Crisis.
She was ordered to eradicate humans and departed beyond the seas.

「–What on earth is happening? It’s been about five months since we sent Iris–there is no sign of her working at all. Two opposing armies destroyed by a mysterious force, cities disappearing overnight, are there any such good news? 」

The Great Demon King grumbled to his subordinates.

「No… such things…..」

A subordinate reported as sweat dripped from his forehead.

「Strange……If Iris were to work properly, something like humans would have been destroyed long ago. What happened……? 」

「If I might……apparently, the spies working undercover amongst humans managed to locate Iris-sama’s whereabouts but…….」

Hearing the report, the Great Demon King became excited.

「Oh, good job! So, what she’s been up to? Could it be, there are some especially strong beings amongst humans and she struggles to defeat them!?」

「……According to the spy’s report, she shut herself in an abandoned church where she eats and sleeps, eats and sleeps, every single day. Even more, it seems that she maintains a good relationship with humans living nearby……」

「Haaaaaaa!? What the hell is she thinking!?」

「Not only that, she made a human prepare her meals and clean the church…….to be honest, it doesn’t seem like she has any intentions to destroy them」

「This must be a lie, hey!」

The Great Demon King accidentally let out an undignified remark.
He cleared his throat and fixed his posture as if nothing happened.
At that time, an old demon shrugged his shoulders.
He was the director of Iris’ development project.

「Iris-sama, in the end, is just a prototype. Her specs might have been off the charts, however, you could also say that she didn’t have anything but those specs. If she doesn’t intend to destroy humans, she nothing more than a defective product. The decision to make 『second body』was indeed a correct one」

「Umu…….but would the second one be fine? Please spare me from the strong but useless ones」

「There is no need to worry. The one in the capsule was thoroughly educated」

「Ho, how exactly?」

「First, I let her eat sweets, which became her favorite food」


「After that, she wasn’t given any until the arrival of her withdrawal symptoms」


「In such a manner we imprinted the preciousness of sweets in her mind and continuously whispered『if you kill lots of humans I’ll give you some sweets』. Thanks to that, she can’t wait to go out and kill. The perfect anti-human biological weapon is finished! 」[1]

「I-I see………Well, the method doesn’t matter, as long as she kills humans that’s fine」

Although the Great Demon King said so, his face betrayed his doubts.

「Great Demon King-sama. Are you that unsettled? 」

「Ah, no, I mean. Did she turn out well in the face? 」

「Yes. Very much so. But that was to be expected. Let me show you the real deal. Eclipse-sama, please come here 」

Following the command of the development head, a girl appeared in the throne room.
She opened the door and walked inside.
However, even that little action carried with it a sense of incongruity.
Even though she stood right before him, her presence was exceptionally thin.
There was no sound of breathing, nor footsteps.

Her appearance didn’t help either.
She had white skin and silver hair, like that of the Great Demon King and Iris.
In addition, her whole attire was white.
Face – expressionless.
Even dolls have a bigger presence than she does.
One can easily perceive her as a glass decoration.

「So this is Biological Weapon Mk-2…….」[2]

「Yes. Same as Iris-sama’s, her creation was based on your genes. Her name is Eclipse-sama! 」

「I understand……even still, she’s quite the quiet fellow……completely different from Iris」

Iris too was calm while she was still inside the capsule but, the moment she came out,「I want to eat that」「What is that?」「Anyway, I’m sleepy」she couldn’t keep quiet at all.

「Kukuku……this is the result of my education. Eclipse-sama’s head is full of sweets and sweets only. Her sudden change when given sweets…….almost like she is a completely different person」

「Ho. I’d like to see that」

The development head’s words picked the Great Demon King’s interest.
The development head grinned and pulled out a lump of sugar.

「Eclipse-sama. Let me give you this」

At that moment, the expressionless Eclipse opened her eyes wide and wrestled the lump of sugar from the hands of the development head.
She put it into her mouth and chewed with a loud crunching noise.


Indeed, it was a tremendous change of character.
Completely different from her expressionless self a second ago.
Eclipse revealed a smile of ultimate happiness, her cheeks turned red, and she said in a sweet voice.

「More, more! Give more! 」

「No, that’s it for now. You have a duty to fulfill」

「Why!? Meanie! Gimme! 」

「Not allowed. I won’t. Not giving any」

As the development head shook his head in denial, the blush disappeared from Eclipse’s face, along with her smile.

「…….Understood. Then I shall kill humans. Will I get sweets that way? 」

A voice sharp as ice.
As if her bright expression was never there.
Expression – bloodthirsty.
The eyes full of resolve to kill for sweets.

「Great Demon King-sama, what is your opinion? Should I order Eclipse-sama to eradicate humanity? 」

The development head sought approval.
Of course — almost answered the Great Demon King, but suddenly came up with a new idea.

「Wait. Before that, you should bring Iris back. As long as you re-educate Iris and attack together, you would finish much faster. If you don’t do that, it might escalate into something bothersome」

「I see. Indeed, even if Iris-sama has zero motivation, her specs are supreme. If she were to stand against the demon race, she would be a great threat. However, be at ease. Eclipse-sama won’t lose to Iris-sama. Probably」

「Mn? Did you just say probably…….? 」

「Ah, no. It’s alright. Both their magical power amounts can’t be measured by us, well, it should be around the same」

「Wait, wait, wait. If their magical power is above measurable, does that mean that we have no idea about the exact amount? It might very well be that Iris is overwhelmingly more powerful」

「No, no way. They shouldn’t differ that much. Most likely」

「It seems I have no choice but to trust your judgement」

The Great Demon King gazed at the development head.
And he looked away.
Apparently, he was fully aware.

「That being said, I can’t win against Iris. I have to rely on Eclipse………」

「You words hold true! Eclipse-sama, it’s time to depart! As long as you bring Iris back and destroy humanity together, you can have as much sweets as you want!」

「…..Roger. I’ll bring Iris back」

Eclipse’s magical power burst out of her body.
It erased light and turned it into shadow.

Erasing the opponent’s magical power, Eclipse Wave.

Even if Iris were stronger than her in regards to magical power, she would still emerge victorious — supposedly.


  1. For some reason, it’s strangely intimidating. 
  2. Took some liberty here. Hope you don’t mind. 

20 Harvesting Potatoes, Tasty

Jessica and Marion descended the hill in their dragon form and displayed themselves before the villagers. [1] As expected they panicked but Sheryl, being the lord, calmed them down.
She also told them about the fact that the two have already lost to Iris.
They didn’t have any hostility against this village in the first place.
And once Sheryl explained about their pledge of loyalty and reassured them, the panic subsided.

However, that by itself couldn’t win their complete trust.

The villagers were finally relieved once they saw their human appearance.


Following Jessica’s voice, the dragon pair transformed into humans.
Having seen this, the villagers lost their words.

First, they were surprised at them becoming humans.
Second, their human appearance was that of two beauties.

With men turning particularly attentive as a matter of course, even fellow women were attracted to them. At the very least, it was hard to perceive them as『enemies』.

In such a manner, Jessica and Marion were somewhat accepted by the villagers.

Of course, there were those who didn’t trust them.
Won’t they eventually turn back into dragons and go on a rampage or something along those lines.

However, the two worked hard to dispel their doubts.

Even though they became humans, they didn’t lose any of their power.
In light of that, they work speed was much faster than that of ordinary people. The two did as much work and roughly hundred people.
Thanks to that, the work was completed ahead of schedule.

After that, the two used their dragon forms to bring a giant rock from somewhere as a「Sign of Friendship」.
It was a beautiful piece of granite. I was about five adult males in diameter.

「There isn’t much building materials around here. If you need some, you can cut a part for yourself」

As Jessica said, there was plenty of wood but not enough stone around these parts.
As it stands, Sheryl brought some from the capital but, considering the future development, having local supply would make it much easier.

Eventually, they might build a wall, and having kilns and furnaces would be quite convenient. They would be able to make various good in the village. Maybe even foster their own ceramics craftsmen.
Besides, Sheryl was still a baroness, living in the same type of house as her subjects won’t be appropriate.
She should eventually move to a fine stone house of her own.

「Having dragons in our village is quite helpful」

Or so you could hear here and there.
After a month, there was no one in the village who still thought of the nonchalant Jessica and childish Marion as『enemies』.

Well then.
Since the field was ready ahead of schedule, Sheryl decided to cultivate potatoes according to her initial plan.

Iris watched over them together with Punigami from the top of the hill.
Everyone did their best.
It was worth to protect them as the Guardian Deity.

「Geez. Not working and relaxing on top of the hill all day……aren’t you embarrassed? 」

Arrogantly said Marion as she lazed next to her.

「…….Dragons have a mysterious sense of values. Is it normal for dragons to put themselves on a pedestal? 」

Iris let out a sarcastic remark.
However, she was sure that it was a sound argument.

「I’m not on any pedestal! Although I’m relaxing now, I plowed the field, carried rocks, and did all kinds of other things. There is only you. A person that doesn’t do anything! 」

「Me, you know. I made the lake appear, grew the forest, and revitalized the soil just by being here. From a certain perspective, I’m the biggest contributor」

「Even if you contribute, you aren’t working」

「Wrong. It’s much more important to produce results, not to work. 『Any effort deserves a praise, even if it doesn’t produce results』I this is how you think, I’m not going to reject it. Nevertheless being accused of『not doing anything and producing results』doesn’t sit well with me」

「Gunuu……so logical for a little girl…….」

「Fufu. Arguments of this caliber won’t be able to defeat a NEET, even without the logical armament」

「Don’t swagger!」

Marion interjected with an honest retort.
Because of her personality, her retorts are even more on point than Sheryl’s. Sheryl’s is more often than not on the other side of the retort, which makes it rather tiring.

「Hey, Marion. How long are you going to rest? You too should help us plant potatoes」

Then, Jessica appeared.
She was covered in dirt, there was no doubt that she worked hard in the field.
And even though the mother, Jessica, was hard at work, the daughter, Marion, didn’t move from Iris’ side.

「Mother, We, dragons, shouldn’t bother ourselves with such miscellaneous jobs as planting potatoes. There should be something more dynamic for us to do! 」

「Don’t force your strange logic. There were fields in the Village of Dragons and you helped me out. Come on, come on.  Mother understands that you don’t want to leave Iris-chan’s side but even I’m barely holding myself back」

「T-There is no such thing! It’s not like I want to be by Iris side! 」

「Then let’s hurry and go back to the field. Or could it be? Even the lord herself, Sheryl-chan, is sowing potatoes while you are idling? I don’t remember raising you this way」

「Uguh……I get it, I’m going! 」

Shouted Marion in annoyance.
She followed after her mother, however, then she suddenly stopped and turned towards Iris.

「I-I’ll come to play again, if I feel like it!」

Or so she said before running off.

「……Is this the rumored tsundere? 」


This must be so, said Punigami.
If Marion is tsundere that means she actually likes Iris.
Which makes it quite embarrassing.
Iris hugged Punigami and buried her face in his cool body.

Three months later.
By November, potatoes have been harvested.
As expected, almost every potato, grown on the soil, which sucked Iris magical power, turned out to be big.
Iris watched over the harvest from the top of the hill as her stomach made rumbling sounds.

Maybe because their heard it, Sheryl, Marion, and Jessica came running up the hill with a big basket.

「Iris-sama. Punigami-sama It’s long-awaited potatoes~~」

「Sheryl. How did you know that I waited for them? 」

「Yes. Even from below, I saw Iris-sama drooling」

「Eh, really!?」

「No, I’m kidding」

「……I hate Sheryl」


Hearing that, Sheryl turned pale in the face and jumped in horror.

「I’m kidding」

「Hoh……there was no need for such cruel revenge. Please, be more forgiving as the Guardian Deity should be」

「Abusing humans on a whim, isn’t that what the gods do?」

「Un…….Iris-sama is gradually getting used to her divine authority……..when did my humble Iris-sama……oyoyo」

Sheryl covered her eyes with her sleeve.
However, from her voice it was easy to understand that she didn’t actually cry.

「But I did indeed saw Iris-sama drooling」

「I saw that too. Fufu, as Iris-chan’s drool fell on Punigami-chan’s body, Punigami-chan absorbed it」 [2]

Said the dragon.

「I won’t be deceived. To use the same joke as Sheryl, you people have no originality」

「Ridiculous. We are dragons. Even in our human forms, our eyesight stays the same」

「……..Eh……I did? 」

「You did」

Marion gave a short confirmation.


Punigami too said「You saliva became my flesh and blood」.
He sounded proud for some reason.
Maybe because he sucked the saliva of the Demon King’s daughter.

「Wa, how embarrassing…….since it came to that, I have no choice but to go into seclusion」

「You can’t, Iris-sama. If you do, I won’t give you any potatoes. Look, they are freshly picked, right from the field~~」

Said Sheryl as she took out potatoes from the basket.
It was still unpeeled. A massive one. What an impressive potato it was.
However, there was steam rising from it. Just this alone was enough to ignite someone’s appetite.


The one who touched this steaming hot potato with her bare hands, Sheryl, raised a scream.
The long-awaited potato ended up on the grass.
Then, it rolled down the hill as it fell apart.

「Ah, please wait!」

Sheryl chased after the rolling potato in a hurry.

「…….What a stupid baroness」

As Iris spoke in frustration looking at Sheryl’s back, Marion curiously tilted her head.

「This isn’t that hot in the first place. You can easily hold it with your bare hands」

「That’s right, it’s only slightly warm for us dragons」

Having said that, the dragon duo grabbed potatoes with their hands and started peeling them.

「Judging me by dragon standards would be inappropriate. I’m just a weak feeble girl. Right, Iris-sama? 」

Sheryl, who came back with the potato, objected to Marion and Jessica.
However, regretfully, Iris couldn’t agree with her on this matter.

「Sorry, I too can hold it with my bare hands」

「Mumu, come to think of it, Iris-sama in the Goddess. My my, am I the only normal girl here? 」

I have a feeling that an idiot like Sheryl isn’t that common too.
Besides, Iris wasn’t the Goddess but the daughter of the Demon King.
That being said, pointing it out won’t make Sheryl believe it. Recently, Iris got tired of retorting and gave up.


「Of course, there is one for Punigami too. Here」

Iris peeled a potato and stuffed it inside Punigami.


「Ah, sorry, was it too hot? Fuu, fuu」

Punigami jumped away, so she pulled out and let it cool before doing it once more.


「This much should be just fine. Is it good? 」


It seemed to be very tasty.
Everyone, except Iris, was already in the middle of eating.
Joy was apparent on their faces.
Iris too bit down with a sense of defeat.

「Wafu wafu……hiya, delicious! And it was only steamed! Why is it so good!?」

Not too hard, not too soft, it had a nice texture.
It had a rich and sweet taste.
I want to eat my fill of these potatoes only!

「It must’ve happened because Iris-sama’s magical power permeated the soil」

「In other words, although indirectly, we are eating Iris-chan」

「If you think like this, it makes it rather creepy……….」

Marion stared at the potatoes and made a long face.

「How rude, my magical power is in a state of constant spillage, so everyone’s already permeated by it. It doesn’t end with only these potatoes! 」

As Iris objected, 「Come to think of it–」Sheryl realized.

「I’ve already talked about how amongst those people, who I brought from the capital, there were some mercenaries, right? They were saying something about their old wounds hurting but, since they came to this village, they feel exceptionally good. Could this change be brought by Iris-sama’s magical power too? 」

「Eh, no way. I don’t think that my magical power has such an effect…」 [3]

Iris chose to deny that. However, as it stands, she didn’t do any extensive research into her own magical power, so she couldn’t deny with absolute confidence.
What face would the Great Demon King make when he learns that Iris, who was created with the sole purpose of eradicating humanity in mind, spends her time injecting her magical power into potatoes?

Since she left the capsule, she only spent about half a month on the Kurifot continent.
Her relationship with the Great Demon King wasn’t that deep.
She didn’t know a great deal about him.
However, the other party was still a parent.
She didn’t want to purposefully make him sad.
That being said, she had no intention of destroying the human race, so she had no choice but to wait for the Great Demon King to give up.
Until that time, Iris would gladly live here as a NEET.


  1. And it’s Jessica again, people. 
  2. I’m disturbed. 
  3. I predict an army of superpeople nurtured by this village. 

19 Dragon Becomes a Villager

Sheryl, who was left sleeping on Iris’ bed, started muttering a few minutes after.

「Un, munyamunya…….Iris-sama is naked today as always……」

「What kind of dream are you seeing!? I’m properly wearing my pajamas! 」

Iris tried to protect her honor.
Then, Sheryl woke up and came back to reality.

「Good morning, Iris-sama. Is today 「naked but sometimes in pajamas」 day? 」

「Shut up! You aren’t wrong and this is irritating! 」


「I’m always naked, so we are comrades」Punigami tried to comfort her in a weird way.
Having been comforted by a slime on for such reasons, Iris felt as if she fell as low as possible.

「All of this happened only because Marion incinerated my clothes!」

「W-What!?  It was a duel, so it couldn’t be helped! It’s your fault for wearing clothes that easily burn! On a side note, the clothes worn by me and my mother are made from magical power. They can regenerate even after being burnt. How is it? Amazing, right? 」

Marion puffed her humble chest.

「Clothes made of magical power……so there was that option! I should utilize this next time! 」

「Do not!」

「Not gonna! After all, I don’t want to stay naked! 」

Let’s make a set of inflammable clothes from magma. With this, anti-naked measures should be completed.

「Well, leaving aside the problem of Iris-sama’s clothes………so, emm……..I seem to have a recollection of this person turning into a dragon…….was this a dream of mine? Dragons aren’t supposed to be friendly with Iris-sama in this place……..ahaha」

「Nope, I’m a dragon」

Said Marion as she swung her tail.

「Hieee…….it wasn’t a dream…….please don’t eat meee……..」

「I won’t! What do you think dragons are!? But don’t misunderstand, I’m only here to bring my mother back. I’ll go back in no time, you can relax」

「Ha……..I presume that this person is your mother then」

Being watched by Sheryl, Julia put her hand to her cheek and laughed. [1]

「That’s right. I’m Julia. This girl is Marion. We are parent and child.  I became Iris-sama’s servant」

Introducing herself as such, Julia began petting Iris’ head.

「Mother! I won’t become something like a servant! I’m going to bring mother back! 」

「Even if you say that……..then I have no choice but to bring Iris-chan to the Village of Dragons」

The moment Julia muttered so, Sheryl jumped out of the bed with a great momentum.

「I won’t allow that! Iris-sama is this land’s Guardian Deity! Without Iris-sama, all kinds of misfortunes are sure to fall upon this land! 」

As far as misfortunes go, I will probably revert back to the wilderness.
As for Iris herself, she had no intentions of leaving a place with such a luxurious bed.
Besides, leaving Sheryl alone so far in the game would be rather inhumane.
Even though she wasn’t a human.

「Hee……..Iris-sama is idolized as the Guardian Deity……..It seems that I have no choice but to stay here after all」

「Mother! Then I’ll live here until you leave with me! I lived here long before Iris came! 」

The dragon duo progressed with their conversation on their own volition.

「Sheryl. Present me with your opinion as the lord」

「Emm…… people are always welcome to our village…….as for dragons……..emm, you won’t rampage, right? 」

「We won’t. Didn’t we behave at the lake a while back? 」

「Mumu, indeed. That was you being considerate! 」

「That’s right」

「I see,  then it’s okay!」

Sheryl gave her a thumbs-up.

「Is it fine deciding so carelessly…….?」

Even Iris became worried.

「Isn’t it fine? Julia-san is a good person……a good dragon, at least she seems to be. Marion-san too seems to be nice! 」

「I-I’m not nice at all!」

Said Marion as her face turned red.
Her expression was indeed nice.

「Well then. For your housing, we are going to erect a temporary tent……but how are we going to explain Marion-san’s tail and horns to the rest of the villagers……..?」

Sheryl thought with her hand on her chin.

「Can’t you just say『dragon』and be done with it? If you deceive them and it comes out it would become troublesome」

「Umu….however, dragons caused such a panic by simply appearing, and when it comes to living beside one……..we need something to convince everyone. For example……they submitted to Iris-sama’s strength, beauty, and cuteness and became the Dragons of Justice! Or something like that」

「Ara. Isn’t it how it went in reality? After all, we did lose to Iris-chan」

「Ha! So it was like that! If we include this episode, the villagers should be convinced! 」

「Even though I’ve been alive for three hundred years, I never lived amongst humans. I look forward to it」

「Eh, you are so beautiful at three hundred years old!? Please, tell me your secret」

Sheryl’s eyes turned round.

「There are no secrets. Dragon have long lifespans, that’s it」

「Does that mean that Marion-san is much older than me……..?」

「No, I’m fifteen」

「She was younger than me! What are the principles behind dragons’ growth!?」

「Let’s see.  I grew properly until twenty and, from then on, I aged veery slowly, I guess? If you care about your health, you can live for at least a thousand years」

In short, it resembled demons.

「A thousand years……amazing…….」

Having been overwhelmed by the word『thousand』, Sheryl had a clueless expression on her face.
That being said, Iris had the same expression.
Most likely, Iris would live just as long but, having been born only recently, she had no idea what a thousand years feel like.

「Let’s come to the village and tell everyone about me and Marion losing to Iris-chan and swearing loyalty」

Julia seemed to be having fun.
Perhaps she liked the idea of a dragon-human cultural exchange.

「Mother! I don’t want everyone to know about my loss! It’s embarrassing! 」

「Me too…….I’m embarrassed to become the main topic in everyone’s conversations」

Marion and Iris both objected.

「In the first place, telling everyone about your defeat, won’t something like that hurt your dragon’s pride!? Even though you always told me to cherish our pride, Mother! 」

「Eeh, pride is important. That’s precisely why. For every monster, finding the right demon to serve in the greatest honor. Right, Punigami-chan? 」


「That’s right, that’s right」Punigami nodded in response.

「What are you doing, Mother…….getting all friendly with this slime……I don’t think of this defeat as an honor! This, this……..kuh, I’m tempted to pet and hug her! I won’t succumb! 」

Marion was very busy getting red in the face, trembling, worrying, and being angry all by herself.
Living a life so full of emotions must be pretty tiring.
Iris once more affirmed her decision to live a vegetative indoors life.


  1. Who the hell is Julia, right? Well, sit back and listen, my friend. For some reason, the author changed Jessica for Julia in this chapter. I was, of course, “What the hell?”, and went to double-check earlier chapters in the raws. It was totally Jessica. Now it’s Julia though. Why? No clue. 

18 Gathering at the Church

「I-Iris-sama is back! Iris-sama are you okay? 」

When she came back, Sheryl waved her hand as she came out to greet Iris.
The villagers joined her in waving their hands.

「Ou, there are no dragons! Were they defeated!?」
「So small yet able to defeat a dragon, two at that……」
「She is indeed not a human but the Goddess……」
「So divinely naked!」
「Naked hooray!」

Everyone hoorayed in Iris’ direction.
At that moment, Iris remembered that her clothes were incinerated by Marion.
In other words, her shameful appearance just went public.


Because of a sudden embarrassment, she took Punigami and flew towards the church at a tremendous speed.
With a speed enough to tear the grass away from the ground by sheer wind pressure.

Then she entered the church and shut the door.
Wore her pajamas, hugged Punigami, and crawled into the futon hiding even her head.

「I was seen……..I was seen by everyone…….」

Iris was on the verge of death because of her embarrassment.
At that time, there was an intense knock on the door.

「Iris-sama! Please open! Why have you suddenly shut yourself in!?」

It was Sheryl’s voice.

「Ah, I won’t! I won’t leave the church for a while! 」

「How long is this 「for a while」?」

「Until everyone, who saw me naked, die of old age!」

「Who many decades would that be!? Don’t say strange things and please open」

「Don’t wanna!」

When Iris shouted in a loud voice, Sheryl became quiet.
Unexpectedly, she didn’t persist.
Iris felt a little lonely.
However, she didn’t know what kind of face to make when she meets her.
The mental damage won’t recover without at least one week inside.


However, suddenly the futon was pushed away.
And the first thing she saw was Sheryl’s face.

「Uwaaa! Eh, why!? There is a barrier on the door! How did you get in!?」

「Fufufu, from the back door」

Sheryl responded with a proud face.

「Back door……I didn’t check that one……」

「Iris-sama. Instead of sleeping, you should investigate the place you live in a bit more」

「You make a sound argument……how impudent of the likes of Sheryl! 」

「Mm? I feel like I’ve been treated unreasonably…….! 」

Sheryl puffed her cheeks.
Her face was amusing, however, hiding took a priority.
Iris hid in the futon again and turned into a ball.

「Geez, Iris-sama. There is no need to exaggerate so much over exposing yourself. Punigami-sama thinks so too, isn’t he? 」


「See. Even Punigami-sama thinks the same」

「……Casually assuming at your own convenience…….Then let me ask, are you fine with the villagers seeing you naked? 」

「Of course…….it’s e-embarrassing! 」

Sheryl raised a scream.


「H-However……Iris-sama’s naked/clothed ratio is rather high! Isn’t it a bit too late for that!?」

「Sheryl and I are both girls, so it’s fine! There were plenty of men amongst the villagers……..ah, I can’t be a bride anymore…….! 」

「Mm? Does Iris-sama want to become a bride? 」

「No, not particularly. Just tried saying……and earn a pity point」

「So that’s what it was. If Iris-sama were to become a bride and leave somewhere, it would be quite troubling. Please stay here forever. Or, maybe, you may consider becoming my bride? 」

「Like I said, we are both girls………」

「Fufufu, just said for the sake of saying♪」

When she poked her head outside, there was Sheryl with a mysteriously triumphant look on her face.
As Iris saw that, she felt stupid for hiding in the futon, breathed a sigh, and crawled out.

(Mm? With this, Sheryl’s goal is achieved? In other words, she won? So there is a basis for her triumphant expression……..?)

「She is not to be trifled with!」

Iris shuddered.


Sheryl tilted her head in curiosity.


And Punigami said that it was a decade too early to become a bride.

「It’s alright, Punigami. I don’t think about becoming a bride anytime soon」


「Ah, right now, Punigami-sama said『I’m glad, I’m glad』!」

「Wrong.『If you all don’t marry, I’m gonna take you two for myself』he said」 [1]

「Hard-boiled slime!?」


「W-What is it this time……..?」

「Why are you falsifying my statements?」

「So it was a lie!」

「Un. I’m glad, I’m glad was the right one」

「Mumumu. Iris-sama’s statements lost a great deal of trustworthiness. The next time I’m going to just let it flow past me」


「I’m joking」

「…….It’s Sheryl’s statements that don’t have any trustworthiness to them」

As they were engaged in a banter, two new figures entered the church.

「Coming in」

「Mom, let’s go home. Let’s not bother with her」

Just from the voices, it was clearly Jessica and Marion.

「I-Intruders!? Just how did they!?」

Sheryl stood up.

「From the back door」

Nonchalantly answered Jessica.

「I-I see… was my blind spot! 」

Sheryl nodded as if convinced.
Even though she herself entered that way.
Is it a case of memory loss?

「So, who the two of you might be? This is the church of our Guardian Deity, Iris-sama. Only those approved by Iris-sama can be here. No, in the first place, this is my land. Suspicious people should go away, fuuun on you」

Sheryl used「fuuun on you」as an expression of her anger.
It looked stupid to the extreme.
She didn’t look like much of a noble.
Perhaps, her maid history was so long that her noble aptitude dropped to 0000. [2]

「We are not suspicious people」

「Every suspicious person says that!」

「Eh, but, in the first place, we are not “people”. Right, Marion? 」

「Of course. We are great dragons! Don’t lump us with the likes of humans! 」

As Marion said that, Sheryl「Ha? 」opened her mouth wide.

「Dragons…..what are you saying? You are humans however I look at you」

Indeed, a dragon under transformation magic could only be seen as a human.
However, there was one incompetent dragon mixed in.

「Sheryl, look at her head」

Iris pointed out.

「Ha……there are horn-like ornaments. How cute」

「Also, there is something growing from behind」

「Ha……there is a tail-like ornament. This is also cute」

“What about those?” Sheryl soundlessly asked.
However, once she saw that tail moving, her expression transformed in an instant.

「I-It moved!? Eh, is it real!? She is from a tribe that has a real tail! 」

「As I said, we are dragons」

In the end, Marion straight-up admitted to being a dragon.
However, Sheryl didn’t believe yet again.

「My, my. You are too insistent on your joke. As for the dragons, they came to this village just a while ago. It’s a sensitive topic right now. You shouldn’t speak about dragons carelessly」

As Sheryl failed to accept the truth, Marion said in frustration.

「Such an ignorant woman! Hey, come here! I’ll show you a proof! 」

「Wa, wa!」

Marion pulled Sheryl by her hand and dragged her outside through the back door.

「Ara. Marion is always so short-tempered」

Jessica chased after her daughter.
Since they were worried, Iris and Punigami followed after them.

And as they came out, sure enough.
There was a figure of Marion in her dragon form standing on the grassland.


To make things worse, she let out a scream.
Even though the villages just celebrated the dragon’s disappearance.
If it goes like this, there will be another panic.
Presently, the Lord, Sheryl, stood before Marion with spinning eyes letting out a soundless scream.

「Hawawawa, there is a dragon in front of me…….hawawawa, please don’t eat me……..」

Then Sheryl passed out and fell on the grass.
Marion, apparently not expecting her to faint, became flustered.

「A-Are you okay!? Mother, what should I do!?」

「That’s because you scared her. For now, return to your human form and tend to her」


Marion, who once again turned into a human, carried Sheryl inside the church.
However, perhaps calming the villagers down should be a priority.
Though Iris, but didn’t have the guts to come down the hill and explain the situation.
Instead, she loudly screamed「I, Iris, somehow dealt with the dragon, so it’s safe! 」
With this, it should be okay. Probably.

It came to my knowledge that apparently some people don’t know that even bookmarks worth 2 points.
Not only evaluation, even bookmarks can become points! [3]


  1. I laughed out loud at that, which is very uncharacteristic of me. Why did I spend my time to make this!? 
  2. I didn’t read it myself but, apparently, this is a reference to the author’s other work: Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo!? 
  3. Author’s message, in case someone doesn’t understand. 

Chapter 10 – Sect’s Receiving Disciple

The might of the two skills’ collision was greatly astonishing; the sound’s noise was so loud that even the deaf would be able to hear it. The fluctuation wave extended in all directions at terminal velocity, affecting the cliffs and vegetation in the surrounding of the ravine.

Right after the fluctuation wave from the attack dispersed, while the result was still undecided, Lin Wei’s silhouette appeared in a distant place. He ran over there at a lightning speed, and the Vigorous Vajra Ape that was chasing him from before had unknowingly disappeared without a trace at this moment.

The dust gradually scattered.

The Open-arm Devil Ape and Heavenly Wolf General’s figures once again appeared.

He saw the Open-arm Devil Ape sprawled facing downwards on the ground. On top of its head, on its right shoulder, and on its back were several visible bone-deep claw marks. Among these, the most terrifying one was on its head; it was practically already a broken skull with the injury reaching its brain. On the other hand, Heavenly Wolf General’s chest, abdomen, and four limbs were all hit by stone gravel, creating rivers of blood. Its abdomen was even pierced through by a block of stone!

“Heavenly Wolf General! Persist in living!” Lin Wei yelled. Then he accelerated his speed once more, rushing to Heavenly Wolf General’s side in a flash. He carried it on his shoulder, then left the scene rapidly.


The direction Lin Wei fled in was towards the back of the lake, but this time he turned towards the southeast. Previously when he ran about ten li, he had cast off the Vigorous Vajra Ape chasing him.

Lin Wei took a moment to compose himself. He wasn’t flustered, rather, he advanced in a straight line in a specific direction. Due to carrying Heavenly Wolf General on his shoulder, his speed was influenced. On top of the journey being smooth, the Vigorous Vajra Ape gradually started approaching. 100 meters, 50 meters, 20 meters……

After Lin Wei ran over an open space filled with withered dead leaves, the Vigorous Vajra Ape also ran over. It felt the ground sinking, then a large area of the ground broke. It howled in grief and fell down immediately afterwards. Below it, there were unexpectedly several buried sharp wooden stakes. At once, the Vigorous Vajra Ape’s heart was pierced through.

Lin Wei returned to the side of the pitfall, took a look, then turned to rush to the direction of the lake. Heavenly Wolf General’s injury was quite serious, so he had to hurriedly find a safe place to settle it down, as well as safely meet up with Plump Red. Although Plump Red’s status was lacking a lot compared to the Vigorous Vajra Ape, fire attribute has a natural restraint to gold attribute. Adding on the fact that Plump Red only need to run away and not fight, along with the help of Lin Wei’s completed traps, it shouldn’t be too hard for Plump Red to escape safely.

As expected, Plump Red returned to the cave before darkness. It received a small injury, but its entire bear1 seemed very spirited. It seemed that real combat had a very big effect to its advancement. Otherwise, it was unknown how much time it would take before it could break through to High Level Beastly Soldier.

Lin Wei began using some flowers and plant juice that he recognized in these past seven years to Heavenly Wolf General’s wound to disinfect it. After what should be staunched was staunched, what should be wrapped was wrapped. As for the wound from its penetrated abdomen, there wasn’t any better solution at present. Firstly, there wasn’t any needle and thread or any other tools to use to sew it up. Secondly, Lin Wei also didn’t have that skill.


Heavenly Wolf General light-headedly fell asleep. Lin Wei dragged his exhausted body out of the cave mouth, then leaned on a stone to rest.

The greater part of the sneak attack plan had succeeded; the Open-arm Devil Ape already received heavy losses. The only defect in what otherwise would have been perfect, was that it wasn’t thoroughly disposed of. But by his side, Heavenly Wolf General received a serious injury one more time. From this aspect, it could be said that both of them had lost.

Sigh, what could Master Xiao Xun be doing right now? Lin Wei lifted up his head and dazedly thought.


Just like Lin Wei, Xiao Chen was also gazing at the night sky in her garret. However, she was thinking more about Heavenly Wolf General. After all, she and Heavenly Wolf General had been together for seven years, so the emotions between them couldn’t be compared to a several days old newcomer.

“Sky wolf, where are you right now? Are you doing fine?” Xiao Xun muttered: “Could it be that……we can’t meet each other ever again2?”

Outside the window came a burst of cool wind. Xiao Xun tightened her front piece3 and exposed a trace of sorrow in her eyes. At this moment, the outside door of the garret was pushed open and a mature beautiful woman walked in. “Xiao Xun, it’s this late, why haven’t you gone to sleep?”

“Mama,” Xiao Xun replied: “I can’t fall asleep. Why haven’t you also rested?”

The mother walked to the front of Xiao Xun, then affectionately stroked her daughter’s cheeks. “I saw that your room’s lights were still on, so I came to take a look.”

Xiao Xun hugged her mother, leaning her head on her mother’s shoulders.

The mother funnily looked at her daughter’s childish intimate actions, softly patted her back, and asked: “Why can’t you fall asleep? Thinking about Lin Wei?”

Xiao Xun shook her head: “No, I’m thinking about Sky wolf……”

The mother let out a sigh and said: “My child, I know that the sentiment between you and Sky wolf are deep. Your father left early, you had no playmate as a child. Sky wolf was the companion that accompanied you for the longest. But Xiao Xun, you cannot immerse yourself in the past. Right now Lin Wei is your summon beast, have you thought about it? If you can’t shift your attention to Lin Wei, then how should it grow? In the future, how should you grow?”

In Qifeng Continent, it wasn’t that everyone could only have one war beast, it was that those others could only be regarded as “Contracted War Beast” or “Sealed War Beast”. These were those various kinds of beasts that the people of the continent caught; ‘Monster Beasts’, ‘Magic Beasts’. They used spells from the ancient times to set up a contract or used seal stones to apply the seal.

Summon beast, in the true sense of the term, used a kind of incomparably age-old divine ceremony. During the ceremony, if your aptitude was outstanding enough, then the antiquity rule would open a vortex channel for you and send a summon beast that suited you from another mysterious space! Only this could be considered a true summon beast. It followed antiquity rules by using your body measurements to choose. As long as its aptitude was outstanding enough, it would get an extra gift and skill! But this sort of true summon beast, every person could only have one.

As far as Xiao Xun was concerned, her summon beast changing from Sky wolf to Lin Wei, without a doubt, this was an extremely painful shock. Although she had other war beasts, her summon beast downgrading from Beastly General to Beastly Servant made her future in the clan already unoptimistic.

As a just-20-years-old girl, how could she not feel sad, how could she not pace back and forth?

At this very moment, her mother’s words was like a cool and refreshing spring, spreading through her mind.

Xiao Xun bit her lip, stayed silent for a moment, then said: “Mama, I know what I should do……”

The mother-daughter duo relied on each other for survival, for a very long time, a very long time……


The next day, a piece of information disrupted Xiao Xun’s resolve and plan to prepare to avoid from fighting.

Qifeng Continent’s Five Large Sects Alliance released an announcement, stating that they would open their gates to receive disciples after half a year. The five large sect’s receiving disciples standard is very rigorous. On a whole, every major aristocratic clan had to do all it could to grow one generation of an extremely talented loose cultivator to be selected.

Soon after, Fan Clan’s Clan Head Fan Xun released an order: The upcoming great competition will be used as an important competition to filter out the clan’s cream-of-the-crop younger generation. In this time’s great competition, the first five people who win will obtain the clan’s overall resource support. After half a year, they will go participate in the five large sect’s disciple selection.

This opportunity was the one Xiao Xun had been waiting a very very very long time for——starting from when she had just contracted her summon beast, she had been waiting all along for the five large sects to recruit disciples. In Qifeng Continent, aristocratic clans could only be considered as local tyrants in a rural place, while the five large sects were in the most pinnacle apex positioned giants. Only by joining a sect could one’s ability truly soar. The Xiao Xun who had lost her father as a child, especially long for this. She earnestly wished for being able to change her and her mother’s status at home with her own hard efforts. If she succeeds, then those upper echelons in the clan wouldn’t dare to uninhibitedly bully their mother-daughter pair.

The time left to the great competition in the beginning of next month was a short six days. Within this time, she had to make Lin Wei rapidly grow and make herself become even more formidable. Only then could she go contest for the position of the five seeded players! ——This was simply an impossible mission, but she had no other choice. She could only resolutely give her all in this fight!

Thus, at first thing in the morning, Xiao Xun arrived at her training room and summoned Lin Wei to begin training. It wasn’t only her; the entire clan’s several dozens youth generation all began immersing themselves in training hard. Of course, the overwhelming majority of the youth generation were males. After all, in the area of summon battles, males had superiority. And it seemed as if the majority of the youth generation’s women were destined to marry into a rich and powerful clan, especially Fan Minyue, who was to marry into Tian Clan, was happily at ease. The clan’s great competition this time was merely a way to escape from this custom, and even more to enjoy watching a bustling scenery. These past few days, Fan Minyue didn’t even feel like progressing in her cultivation, thinking that such violence didn’t suit her, this about-to-become rich and powerful clan’s young madam. At present, the only thing she wanted to do was to ruthlessly humiliate Xiao Xun during the great competition.


  1. TLN: The raws says ‘entire bear(整只熊)’, which I assume to be the author being funny because Plump Red is a ‘Red Bear’. 
  2. TLN: The phrase ‘ever again’, strictly translated, is supposed to be ‘in the future’ or just ‘again’. However, taking into consideration that it’s a young adult that just “lost” a longtime friend, I loosely translated it to ‘ever again’ to make it sound more “real”. 
  3. TLN: Front piece of this

Chapter 9 – Sneak Attack

Three days later, Lin Wei returned to the other world once more.

“What?” When Heavenly Wolf General heard Lin Wei’s news after returning, it stood up its body: “That villian, wants to fight with master again?”

Actually, what Lin Wei had said was that Fan Minyue was planning on challenging Xiao Xun in the clan’s great competition next month. But because of the circumstances of his current fighting strength, Xiao Xun was already prepared to avoid battles as a matter of fact. However, Heavenly Wolf General’s comprehension ability clearly wasn’t too strong; it subconsciously thought that this fight was already imminent.

Even so, the counterpart’s summon beast was precisely that fearful Open-arm Devil Ape. The result of this fight was already set in stone.

It was reckoned that the Devil Ape only needed to cry out once to blow Lin Wei face-down——the disparity between a Beastly Servant and Beastly General could be said to be the difference between heaven and earth!

Heavenly Wolf General paced back and forth inside the cave. To the side, Lin Wei and Plump Red were looking at each other in blank dismay.

“Heavenly Wolf General, it’s actually not necessary……” Lin Wei opened his mouth and said.

“I!” Heavenly Wolf General suddenly turned its head, a firm look appearing in its eyes: “I will kill it!”

“Who?” Lin Wei and Plump Red asked in unison.

“Open-arm Devil Ape!” Heavenly Wolf General gnashed its teeth and said: “Kill it! Kill it! This way master will be safe!”

Kill Open-arm Devil Ape? It was already impossible for Heavenly Wolf General to become Xiao Xun’s summon beast, so since it was like this, it prepared to directly kill the Open-arm Devil Ape in the other world! Without doubt, this was the best method. But the question was——was it possible to kill it? In last time’s fighting competition, Heavenly Wolf General had been defeated by the Open-arm Devil Ape and even suffered injuries……wait a minute! Lin Wei recalled Heavenly Wolf General’s reserved pressure boundary; could it be possible that Heavenly Wolf General already made a big breakthrough? If it’s like this, then killing that Devil Ape boss isn’t necessarily impossible.

“Do you have assurance?” Lin Wei’s heart was full of expectation as he rather nervously asked.

Heavenly Wolf General was silent for over ten minutes, then shook its head and said: “It very strong. I, don’t have certainty……”

No certainty? How is this possible? Could it be that merely achieving ‘reserved pressure’ was, in reality, no fighting strength promotion at all? Lin Wei’s heart slightly sunk. Although Xiao Xun prepared to avoid battles, it couldn’t be considered a long-term plan in the end. According to his growth speed, it was feared that he was incapable of being assistance to her in short-term. If Heavenly Wolf General could settle the Open-arm Devil Ape over here, then he would be able to win a very long buffer time for himself.

Reserved pressure……reserved pressure……wait, I got it! A thought flashed through Lin Wei’s mind.

“Sneak attack! We can set up a sneak attack!” Lin Wei slapped the ground and stood up.

Damn its grandmother, relying on my knowledge as an outstanding student in the supreme educational establishment in Huaxia1, designing a sneak attack plan is nothing. How could it be that I would be afraid of indefinite odds against a self-important bluffing Devil Ape?


On this day, there is a clear sky and gentle brightness, cotton-like floating clouds floating about. The emerald-green forest under the sunshine appeared especially lively and flourishing.

The Open-arm Devil Ape’s governance in this area was already ten days. The former Heavenly Wolf General’s subordinates were basically purged within a radius of 10 li2. All the life forms’ activities once again resumed normal orbit. Not slow, not anxious, regarding the majority of the life forms, a change in rulers had no substantive influence on them.

It was unknown from which area of the forest that it started, that this piece of news began spreading, stating: Heavenly Wolf General appeared in a small mountain cavity over twenty li east from the lake.

This piece of news spread around very quickly until it passed through the Open-arm Devil Ape’s ears. Then, a large group of Vigorous Vajra Apes soon after killed towards that mountain cavity. After a chaotic spell, it was ultimately confirmed that it was only a frail elderly Iron-back Wolf, but its appearance was actually quite similar to the Heavenly Wolf General. Since it was a mistake, it was only natural to drop it at this point.

After an interval of two days, another piece of news disseminated, stating: This time, Heavenly Wolf General truly appeared in a river’s ravine southwest of the lake.

As a result, the Vigorous Vajra Ape army once again pounced towards that ravine. After a thorough search, there wasn’t even a trace of the Heavenly Wolf General. However, they did discover a cave with some excrement and wolf fur remains.

The following day, another piece of news disseminated, stating: More than ten li southwest of that canyon, Heavenly Wolf General appeared again. It seemed to be wounded and is escaping this forest.

This time, the Open-arm Devil Ape practically sent all the Vigorous Vajra Apes out, only leaving several of them behind to take care of things. After a while, it simply left one behind to take care of things and brought two Vajra Apes with it to go over.

To reach its destination, the quickest path was to pass through that ravine. When the Open-arm Devil Ape led two Vigorous Vajra Apes through the ravine, it discovered that two figures stood in the middle of the road. One was a tall-figured, Intermediate Level Beastly Soldier statused Red Bear. The other figure seemed rather strange; one of its front claws was holding a long wooden stick. The wooden stick’s tip was exceptionally sharp, but its status was unexpectedly Beastly Servant. Quite obviously, the ones blocking the road were Red Plump and Lin Wei.

When the Open-arm Devil Ape saw Lin Wei, it couldn’t help but be startled for a moment. This was because, as a summon beast itself, it could see that Lin Wei was unexpectedly a summon beast! A Beastly Servant level summon beast!

“You are forbidden to chase to kill Heavenly Wolf General!” Lin Wei loudly shouted out.

“Right!” Plump Red braced itself to agree, but its legs couldn’t help but tremble.

“Kill them!” Open-arm Devil Ape shot a despising glance at them. From what it could see, that Red Bear was a waste, and that strange looking summon beast’s status was too low and also a waste.

The two Vigorous Vajra Apes responded by immediately raising their bodies and beating their chest. Then, after letting out a loud bellow, they went in different directions and threw themselves at Plump Red and Lin Wei. Plump Red let out a wailing shriek, then opened its mouth, sprayed out flame, turned around and took to its heels and ran away3. Meanwhile, Lin Wei took a step backwards and suddenly ran in another direction to evacuate. These days, the effects of Xiao Xun’s trainings finally appeared. His running speed had been upgraded by several-fold compared to before.

Plump Red and Lin Wei respectively4 went to the left and right, drawing away these two Vigorous Vajra Apes in these two directions. Everyone, my dear readers, you’ve guessed correctly, this is exactly Lin Wei’s plan; fortunately, the Open-arm Devil Ape happened to have two Vajra Apes by its side. If the amount of Vajra Apes were more, then he would have to use alternative plans. If it was like that, the work would be a little more complex.5

The Open-arm Devil Ape disdainfully sneered and prepared to continue hurrying on. At this time, above the left side’s cliff, an old hoarse yell suddenly yelled: “I want, to prevent you from killing Heavenly Wolf General!”

Along with this exclamation, a rather conspicuous stooped figure threw itself down. The Open-arm Devil Ape raised its head to take a look and just happened to meet the sun’s blazing light. That figure came over extremely quickly and it6 saw a lump of black shadow raiding at a high speed. Although the Open-arm Devil Ape couldn’t see clearly, in its’ perception, it could make out that this figure’s aura was very weak. Although it was much stronger than the two wastes from before, it was at most at the level of an Intermediate Level Beastly Guard.

The Open-arm Devil Ape didn’t have any time to think; it tightened its gigantic hand into a fist and immediately pounded over. Although this fist wasn’t all of his strength and was only 50% of its strength, its7 might was still enormous and brought the ‘sousou’ sound of fist wind. In its opinion, its counterpart was only at the level of a Low Level or Intermediate Level Beastly Guard, and it was absolutely impossible for it to dodge its fist. It8 thought that it would spray blood as it moved backwards five steps with its life bereaved, dying a horrible death, not even having any dregs remaining.

Yet, just as its gigantic fist was on the verge on contacting that shadow, the shadow suddenly sped up. It saw the shadow lower its waist, then instantly smashed a huge fist over from underneath. At the same time that the left claw was going over at the speed of electricity in the form of a fist, the right claw’s cold tip flashed directly to the Open-arm Devil Ape’s ribcage.

Just at this time, Heavenly Wolf General’s aura and pressure suddenly burst out. The Open-arm Devil Ape was dumbstruck upon this discovery; the target of its chase to kill was unexpectedly right before its eyes. It wanted to retreat, but there already wasn’t enough time. Heavenly Wolf General’s long and sharp claws pierced through its skin, ferociously penetrating its left lung.

However, the Open-arm Devil Ape was worthy of being called ‘Devil Ape General’; after it bellowed out in pain, it counterattacked. Its right fist whizzed forth with the complete entirety of its strength, while at the same time, its left chest muscles sent out force to make it hard for Heavenly Wolf General to smoothly withdraw its right claw.


The fist struck Heavenly Wolf General’s body and the Heavenly Wolf General’s four steel-like long and sharp claws broke apart, then it seemed like an artillery shell as it was sent flying.

Heavenly Wolf General fell onto the floor and spit out big mouthfuls after big mouthfuls of blood. The Open-arm Devil Ape wanted to approach to pursue and attack it, but it trembled due to the pain from the wound in his left lung and could only stop.

The current situation was that both sides were seriously injured. On the surface, Heavenly Wolf General’s injury seemed a little heavier, but the Open-arm Devil Ape’s injury in its left lung brought an immense influence to its breathing and moving.

“Kill you! Kill you! ……” Heavenly Wolf General widened both of its eyes in anger, swaying as it stood up. Afterwards, its left claw began fiercely vibrating at a high frequency and its body also started to be suffused with a metallic radiance.

Seeing this scene, the Devil Ape stared blankly at first, then immediately howled violently. Both its arms buffed up and then it half-squatted, urgently breathing as its whole body produced a yellow-earth colored ripple.

Skill! This was a summon beast’s unique skill! Although Heavenly Wolf General was deprived of its summon beast identity, it had retained its skill. But in the other world, very few summon beasts could actually utilize their skills because there was no coordination with their master. Thus, the skill’s effect would greatly fall.

“Aooo! Sky Wolf’s Vajra Blade Edge!” Heavenly Wolf General loudly shouted and waved its vibrating-at-a-high-frequency left claw.


It could be seen that the four blade edges rapidly took shape in the air, moreover, a layer of metallic luster spread out in a flash. It seemed like the four were true existing metal blade edges. They cut open the air, whirling towards the Open-arm Devil Ape!

“Devil Ape’s Ground-shattering Strike!” The Open-arm Devil Ape also let out a thunderous roar and both its fists smashed the ground. The entire ground exploded with a rumbling and countless pebbles quickly flushed over.

Both of their skills practically and physically clashed each other!


  1. TLN: An old name for China. I believe that it’s still being used in China though. 
  2. TLN: 1 li is about 500 m. Therefore, basically 5 km. 
  3. TLN: Sorry for the amount of commas. 
  4. TLN: Doesn’t specify which went left and which went right, but assumed that it’s respectively. 
  5. TLN: It’s an author’s note right in the middle of the text without writing an author’s note or parenthesis to signify that it’s an author’s note. 
  6. TLN: Open-arm Devil Ape (Devil Ape General) 
  7. TLN: The fist 
  8. TLN: Open-arm Devil Ape (Devil Ape General) 

Chapter 67 – Chen Jinkun’s Death

Shen Jingxuan couldn’t help but smile. With regards to Jin Beibei, this small clown, she thought that it was quite interesting.

“Oh oh oh, no, my meaning is, that there was a loud matter. My return by running a moment ago, nearly made my chest run away, but the major event isn’t this……” Jin Beibei waved her hand, took in big breaths, then said: “Chen Jinkun……died in a car crash!”

“What?!” Cheng Mengying and Shen Jingxuan simultaneously widened their eyes. Chen Jinkun died in a car crash? When did this happen? True or false?

“Beibei, don’t speak irresponsibly……” Cheng Mengying wrinkled her brows. Although she knew that Jin Beibei definitely thought Chen Jinkun wasn’t pleasing in her eyes, and even though Cheng Mengying didn’t want to acknowledge it, she had to recognize it. Jin Beibei’s impression with regards to Xiao Chen seemed pretty good because she had never seen Jin Beibei be so harmonious with any other boy. Therefore, it was absolutely possible for Jin Beibei to put her dislike onto Chen Jinkun due to the previous unpleasantness. But hate is just hate, it’s can’t start a cursing rumor, right?

One has to know, Chen Jinkun was Shen Jingxuan’s fiancé in any case.

“I haven’t spoken irresponsibly! Just a moment ago, I went strolling on the morning market street to see if there were any good things and as a result, I heard a loud ‘bang!’ sound; a silver sports car was squeezed into a garbage truck’s butt.” Jin Beibei animatedly said: “Damn, at that time, I was thinking ‘which dumb****1 drove their car and died such a miserable death, brain pressed into fragments’……but when I carefully took a look, I thought, ‘isn’t this Chen Jinkun’s Bugatti Veyron?’ Then I hurriedly ran back to disclose information……”

“Is what you’re saying real?” Although Shen Jingxuan didn’t like Chen Jinkun, it couldn’t be helped that she didn’t like him. After all, Chen Jinkun was already her fiancé, so Chen Jinkun dying at this time was a major event with regards to Shen Clan’s opinion. Under this situation, Shen Jingxuan had no choice but to attach great importance.

“How can I possibly play a joke oh……” Jin Beibei said, then turned her head to look at Xiao Chen: “Brother-in-law, the public restroom is by the street over there, you went to the restroom just a moment ago, right? You should’ve also saw it, right?”

Jin Beibei’s words made Xiao Chen’s heart go ‘thump’. Just a moment ago, Jin Beibei said that she had seen a car crash and promptly ran back. This immediately made Xiao Chen feel that it was fishy; he was also on the street over there, moreover, on the bench that was a little farther away from the street. He had also come back after the traffic accident occurred, yet Jin Beibei unexpectedly came back later by several minutes compared to him, and ran back gasping for breath. From the aspect of ‘time’, it was a little suspicious.

But it was possible that Jin Beibei was struck dumb at that time, that her mind was overloaded when she recognized that it was Chen Jinkun’s vehicle, so there was the possibility that she was slow-witted for a moment. Adding that there was a lot of people in the surroundings to that, it was impossible for Xiao Chen to note whether there was or wasn’t a Jin Beibei.

However, Jin Beibei’s sudden interrogation made Xiao Chen feel, Jin Beibei seems to be pointing at me?

“I immediately came back. Chen Jinkun died? That’s truly a good matter.” With regards to Chen Jinkun’s death, Xiao Chen displayed a very cheerful mood.

Jin Beibei actually didn’t ask Xiao Chen anything again. Instead, she turned to Cheng Mengying and asked: “Really unlucky, cousin Mengying, what do we do now?”

“Mengying, I’m truly sorry. I originally came to see you today, but who would have know that this matter would happen. After several days, I’ll come to see you again. This matter here, I have to handle it with the people in the clan.” Shen Jingxuan said with a dignified expression.

“Okay, you should quickly go. No need to manage me, I’m fine.” Cheng Mengying also understood how big of a matter this event was. Chen Jinkun was the younger generation that Chen Clan put emphasis to groom, reaching Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist at a young age. This already achieved the Martialist Guild’s standard for doing obeisance to a master. So long as he became 18 years-old, he could immediately do official obeisance to a master. His future prospects was promising, not inferior to Cheng Clan’s Cheng Zhongqian!

Cheng Zhongqian’s disappearance giving rise to an extremely large earthquake in Cheng Clan was something Cheng Mengying was very clear on. It was so much that Xiao Chen became a scapegoat. Although Chen Jinkun’s place in Chen Clan wasn’t like Cheng Clan’s inside information2, it was feared that it would be very difficult to give up this matter.

Shen Jingxuan left, leaving Cheng Mengying feeling pretty awkward over here. Leaving wasn’t good, but staying wasn’t good either, and she didn’t know what to say to Xiao Chen.

“Brother-in-law, give me a round of soybean milk!” Jin Beibei was hungry from running, so she directly ran to Xiao Chen’s vendor ** edge and spoke. Shen Jingxuan had left and Chen Jinkun was dead, so she didn’t need to put up an act.

“A round of soybean milk3?” Xiao Chen was startled for a moment. These words were somewhat ambiguous, but he also understood Jin Beibei’s nature. He nodded and picked up a cup to prepare to fill with soybean milk, then asked: “Do you want deep-fried breadstick?”

“No, I’m not hungry, I already ate breakfast. Maybe cousin Mengying might want?” Jin Beibei replied.

“Oh.” Xiao Chen smiled and picked up a plate, put two deep-fried breadstick and two soybean milk on it, then handed it over to Jin Beibei: “Give this to the young lady. There’s a table to the side, you guys can sit there and eat!”

At that back of the morning market street, there was a row of free tables and chairs supplied by the marketplace. Every month, every stall ** would pay some use fee and management fee. Although they had to pay up, they didn’t need to feel anxious about being tidied up, and could feel relieved to engage in business. Therefore, Tang Tang was very happy to hand over this money.

“Brother-in-law, I don’t have money oh. Based on our relationship, you won’t collect my money, right?” Jin Beibei carried the tray and cheerfully walked away.

“Broke an engagement, yet calling brother-in-law so intimately, shows clearly that she wants to mooch a meal!” When Tang Tang heard that Jin Beibei wasn’t giving money, she muttered this somewhat out of sorts. Of course, it was unknown whether she was feeling out of sorts due to not being given money, or Xiao Chen being called ‘brother-in-law’.

“I’m content.” Although Tang Tang’s voice was small, Jin Beibei had heard it: “Besides, cousin has broken her engagement yet I haven’t, didn’t you hear sister-in-law is……”

“Beibei!” Cheng Mengying covered Jin Beibei’s mouth with her palm and stared in her eyes: “Don’t speak irresponsibly, are you going to eat or not? If you’re not going to eat, leave!”

“Eat oh, eat oh.” Jin Beibei took one of the things to eat.

“Haha, why should I use any strength to shout with a small girl.” Xiao Chen helplessly shrugged his shoulders: “Beibei, this person, is still pretty good and can be considered a friend. How can I take her money? Moreover, it’s just a name.”

“I understand……” Tang Tang let out an inward sigh in her heart4. It seems like Xiao Chen still likes Cheng Mengying, otherwise when Jin Beibei calls him ‘brother-in-law’, why would he be so happy? It’s clearly because he wants to become this ‘brother-in-law’!

Xiao Chen had lowered his head and occupied himself with kneading dough, so he didn’t see Tang Tang’s expression. Naturally, he didn’t know that Tang Tang had misunderstood.

However, Xiao Chen suddenly discovered that his mental fortitude had become high at some unknown time; he had killed someone just a moment ago. Although it couldn’t be considered homicide, and that it was just Tian Lao moving his hand and invisibly killing, it was Xiao Chen’s idea in the final analysis. Yet Xiao Chen was currently exceptionally unperturbed.

After going through life or death situations, Xiao Chen looked indifferently upon many things. Depending on others was ‘nothingness’; only depending on oneself was ‘real’5. He originally thought that the clan and his father was this lifetime’s greatest supporters. But now that he had been abandoned by the clan and his father went missing, his own strength was his top priority.

Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei sat on the table by the side, lowering their heads to eat breakfast. Cheng Mengying didn’t know what to say; Tang Tang being here made her feel very awkward.

“Cousin Mengying, brother-in-law seems to want to **!” Jin Beibei said as she looked towards the busy Xiao Chen and Tang Tang.

“You should care about something more useful.” Cheng Mengying didn’t want to bring up this topic: “Have you finished eating? If you’re finished eating, we’ll go back!”

“Oh, I already finished eating, it’s cousin Mengying that hasn’t finished eating.” Jin Beibei pointed at the deep-fried breadstick in Cheng Mengying’s plate and said.

“I’ll pack it up!” Cheng Mengying replied.


Shen Jingxuan looked at the traffic accident site and was scared silly. She had already contacted her father Shen Zhenghao.

Shen Zhenghao is the person in charge of Songning City in Shen Clan. Although Shen Clan is a colossus, its foundation wasn’t in Songning City. Even though it put many investments in Songning City, if it truly wanted to establish themselves here, it would have to establish an aristocratic clan branch. That meant that it had to win over the support of some local major influences.

Shen Clan thought highly of Chen Clan and it naturally wasn’t because Chen Clan was very formidable; on the contrary, Chen Clan wasn’t the most formidable. What it cared about was that Chen Clan’s young master didn’t have an engagement!

Of course, the one without an engagement wasn’t just Chen Clan. Rather, it was also because of the strength that Chen Clan’s Chen Jinkun possessed, so much so that he could loftily regard other aristocratic clan juniors. It was these two conditions that made it6 agree. In that way, Chen Jinkun naturally became Shen Zhenghao’s chosen object. This is also how Shen Jingxuan became engaged.

However, what he didn’t expect was that just as this matter was settled, Shen Jinkun would unexpectedly die! Wasn’t this too coincidental?

When Shen Zhenghao arrived at the scene, Chen Jinkun’s father, Chen Zhantian, had also just arrived. Although Chen Zhantian was a person who practiced martial arts, now that his son had died an unnatural death, it as hard for him to resist the sorrow in his heart, causing his entire person to shiver.

He7 nodded towards Shen Jingxuan, then quickly stepped straight to the site of the traffic accident. But over here, the traffic police were already processing the traffic accident.

“I am the deceased’s father……how did this come about?” Chen Zhantian asked the traffic police handling the accident.

Chen Zhantian is Songning City’s celebrity, the chairman of Chen’s Public Security and Products Conglomerate. A lot of police equipment was manufactured from Chen’s Conglomerate, so the team leader in this traffic police squadron naturally recognized Chen Zhantian.

This accident is very important; just the value of vehicle that caused the accident was worth several million. Therefore, this team leader personally handled the accident. However, what he didn’t expect was that the person who died in the accident was actually Chen Clan’s young master!

“President Chen, you’re saying……the one that died in the accident is……” Captain Zhong became scared, he didn’t expect that the influence of the deceased was very large.

“Yes, so how did this come about?” Chen Zhantian didn’t wish to get angry, after all, these people were unrelated. He wanted to clarify the truth of the matter, as well as draw support from these people.

“President Chen, it’s like this: according to the eyewitnesses’ statement, your son’s car was originally travelling along at a regular speed, but it suddenly went out of control, making its way to the back of the garbage truck……” Captain Zhong presented.


  1. TLN: The Chinese is “傻X” and it definitely means ‘傻屄(stupid ****, dumbshit, etc)’. 
  2. TLN: Just a comparison between Cheng Zhongqian and Chen Jinkun’s positions in their clans. Cheng Zhongqian > Chen Jinkun in terms of how important they were. 
  3. TLN: Possibly an allusion to *****. 
  4. TLN: So I saw someone on NU subtly flame a translator for translating the words ‘he ran quickly’ into 3 sentences. To be honest, it’s up to us translators whether we want to simplify the text or leave it as it is. I think the majority of translators would agree that most of the text should be left alone, leaving you readers with a shitton of words to read, even though it may be only describing one action. This is because leaving it mostly true to the raw text is a form of respect to the author for writing such wonderful bullshit. In addition, even if it’s redundant, it’s hard to translate it into English without sounding redundant. If you’re reading this and thinking ‘wtf, that’s bs’ to the previous sentence, you should try translating. Otherwise, carry on and sorry for disturbing your reading of the chapter~ 
  5. TLN: I think this is a reference to Taoism(Daoism). 
  6. TLN: Shen Clan 
  7. TLN: Shen Zhenghao 

Chapter 66 – Major Event Occurs

“You……” Tang Tang didn’t think that Chen Jinkun1 would directly begin and was dumbfounded for a moment.

Originally, Xiao Chen wanted to disguise himself and used his ‘readily-available’ anger-restraining young master exterior, but at this moment, Xiao Chen truly was at his last straw. Those bills that hit Tang Tang’s face seemed to be hitting Xiao Chen’s heart. He was unable to deal with any offending Chen Clan or not, in any case, he already offended several clans, so he might as well add a Chen Clan. Xiao Chen easily lifted up the deep fryer that was deep frying deep-fried breadsticks, then went to splashing it towards Chen Jinkun’s head!

Tang Tang didn’t expect that Xiao Chen would make such an extreme action. She recognized Chen Jinkun, and knew that if Xiao Chen really poured this boiler oil, then even if Chen Jinkun was a Third Layer Martialist, he would be scalded. Being disfigured was a definite, so Tang Tang anxiously held Xiao Chen from behind at once: “Xiao Chen, don’t be impulsive……”

But Chen Jinkun was also frightened; he didn’t expect that Xiao Chen would unexpectedly dare to do such. He thought that Xiao Chen would be an enduring turtle all throughout! A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him; although he was very angry, while Tang Tang was being a cushion, he took advantage of this opportunity to avoid this and hurriedly left the deep-fried breadstick stall **.

“Hu……” Xiao Chen set down the deep fryer and let out a mouthful of foul air. Although he had that moment of impulse a moment ago, in this moment, he had already calmed down. There were plenty of methods to deal with Chen Jinkun, and it wasn’t necessarily to insist on giving people a reason to injure him.

“Xiao Chen, what do you want to do! This much money, we can also earn, it’s nothing serious!” The one who received grievance was Tang Tang, but it was also Tang Tang consoling Xiao Chen.

In a place not far away, Cheng Mengying and Shen Jingxuan were feeling embarrassed and at a complete loss; they didn’t think such a matter would occur. Without doubt, they also understood that Chen Jinkun’s way of handling things was indeed somewhat excessive.

Of course, in Cheng Mengying’s heart, she still felt somewhat uncomfortable. What is Xiao Chen’s meaning, to seethe with anger for young beauties? First Lin Ke’er, then Shen Jingxuan, and now Tang Tang, am I really that inferior? How come he doesn’t get angry for me? In any case, am I not his previous fiancée?

On the other hand, Jin Beibei was engrossed in looking at Xiao Chen, looking pensive.

“Hmph! Xiao Chen, you’re good. I came with good intentions to cheer you on and deliver you money, and you guys give this attitude! I feel that it would be better if your breakfast stall wasn’t open! Tomorrow I will call over my buddies to come over; let’s see how you do business then!” The ‘buddies’ that Chen Jinkun were speaking about naturally was a group of dandies. These people didn’t excel in anything else besides stirring up trouble with people. If these people came, how would Xiao Chen be able to do any business?

With regards to Chen Jinkun’s manner, Cheng Mengying was somewhat unhappy, but she couldn’t publicly express support to Xiao Chen. But at this time, Chen Jinkun pointed his attack at Tang Tang: “Fat girl, are you Xiao Chen’s girlfriend? It seems like he quite cares about you? Very good, tomorrow, maybe he’ll be even more concerned about you!”

To speak about how Chen Jinkun usually was, it could be said that he was a relatively steady person. Although he somewhat had the aura of a dandy, he still knew propriety. Today he was truly angered to stupidity and spoke these words. Of course, it shouldn’t be thought that he had said these words casually, because he kept his promises!

“Jingxuan, Cheng Mengying, wait here for me, I’ll go to a five-star hotel to buy breakfast. We can eat over here and let Xiao Chen, this kid, take a look. If there’s no butcher, how can I eat a plucked pig?” After Chen Jinkun finished speaking, he furiously got into his Bugatti Veyron. The engine rumbling sounded out, but the car was unable to directly leave the morning market street.

Chen Jinkun couldn’t endure this tone. Formerly, he didn’t deal with Xiao Chen because at that time, there was the halo of Xiao Chen being the eldest young master of the Xiao Clan. But now, there weren’t many taboos. As long as he didn’t move Xiao Chen in front of Shen Jingxuan and Cheng Mengying, it was fine.

“Is this Chen Laosan? I am Chen Jinkun!” While Chen Jinkun was on the car, he directly dialed the telephone of one of Chen Clan’s disciples, Chen Laosan.

“Young master Kun, it’s me, what instruction do you have?” When Chen Laosan received Chen Jinkun’s call, he promptly became incomparably respectful. He knew that Chen Jinkun was Chen Clan’s next generation successor, so if he wanted to continue staying in a prosperous position in Chen Clan, it was necessary for him to curry favor with Chen Jinkun.

“Find several people for me to come to the morning market street tomorrow and smash Xiao Chen’s vendor stall. Smash the people into handicaps, but don’t kill them. The fat girl on the side, find some little brothers to gangrape2 her!” Chen Jinkun instructed with a cold voice.

“Xiao……Xiao Chen?” Chen Laosan stared blankly for a moment. He naturally knew Xiao Chen, and also knew the grudges between Xiao Chen and Chen Jinkun. Even now, the second young master Chen Jinpeng and Xiao Chen’s falling out matter, he also knew. But he was bewildered, how did Xiao Chen end up going to sell breakfast?

“Right, Xiao Chen is in the morning market street selling breakfast. You go fix him up for me!” Chen Jinkun replied: “Okay, do the matter like this!”

“Yes, I understand!” Chen Laosan is one of Chen Clan’s work affairs disciple. He operated a public security firm under his hand and its3 nature was half white, half black. For this kind of matter, Chen Jinkun naturally would call on him.

After hanging up the call, Chen Jinkun started the car and left for the five-star hotel to buy breakfast4……

But on the side, Xiao Chen seemed to be calmly deep frying deep-fried breadsticks, but vicious qi suddenly burst forth in his heart! The words that Chen Jinkun had spoke inside the car, Xiao Chen had heard them clearly. He’s a Truth Cultivator; this distance was no problem for him.

With regards to finding trouble with him, Xiao Chen actually didn’t feel anything; different situations called for different actions. But Chen Jinkun’s last couple of words caused Xiao Chen’s just-suppressed anger to burst out again.

You want to put your hands on Tang Tang? Look for some people to gangrape Tang Tang? Very good, let’s see if people listen to your words once you’re dead! In Xiao Chen’s eyes right now, there already wasn’t any clan restriction. If you want to mess with my friend, I’ll kill5 you first.

“Tang Tang, substitute me for a while, I’m going to the restroom.” Xiao Chen said to Tang Tang without batting an eyelid.

“Okay.” Tang Tang simply didn’t think too much. After all, after a person eats mixed grain rice, who wouldn’t need to go to the bathroom? Last time, Xiao Chen had also gone to the bathroom.

Cheng Mengying watched Xiao Chen leaving and clenched her teeth: “Xiao Chen……”

When Xiao Chen took a look at the young lady, how could he know understand her meaning? He gave her a faint smile, expressing that it was sufficient goodwill. This made Cheng Mengying’s heart relax, apparently Xiao Chen understood her difficulties.

However, Xiao Chen didn’t have any extra time to say anything with Cheng Mengying. He feigned the appearance of his stomach hurting and hurriedly left the morning market street.

“Tian Lao, which direction did he go in?” Xiao Chen inwardly asked.

“He went to the left of the morning market street.” Tian Lao naturally knew Xiao Chen’s thoughts: “I say Little Chenzi, you aren’t going to move him on the main street, will you? The receiving party is but a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist. Although you have odds of success, your odds of success isn’t that too large.”

“There’s no need to move him, it’ll be fine if you, Tian Lao, lend me a hand in a moment.” Xiao Chen wasn’t foolish. Fighting Chen Jinkun on the streets, wasn’t that equivalent to exposing his strength to the public? The current Xiao Chen didn’t want to prematurely expose his strength.

Xiao Chen came out of the morning market street, then walked to the left-hand direction, searched for a covert roadside bench, and sat down. Since Chen Jinkun had left from this side, then he would definitely return from this side, so Xiao Chen absolutely didn’t need to be worried about not seeing Chen Jinkun.

Chen Jinkun was fearing that Shen Jingxuan and the others would be waiting for too long, so he hurriedly came6 and hurriedly went. He bought four sets of high-quality soybean milk and deep-fried breadsticks at the hotel, then immediately drove the car back. His vehicle was a sports car, and because there weren’t many cars on the road first thing at dawn during the weekend, the sports car’s superiority was very obvious.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen opened his eyes. In the distance, a silver Bugatti Veyron had already entered the scope of his perception. This actually was thanks to Chen Jinkun; if not for his vehicle being extremely dazzling, it wouldn’t have been this easy for Xiao Chen to discover it.

“Tian Lao, help me make Chen Jinkun drive his car to knock against that garbage truck on the opposite road.” A cold and detached glint flashed through Xiao Chen’s eyes.

“Haha, I knew that you, Little Chenzi, wouldn’t be so impulsive. Just a moment ago, I was puzzled, what you wanted me to help with, so it turns out that you wanted me to help you like this!” Tian Lao was previously a person from the Cultivating World, and over there, there were no cars and such, so he simply didn’t think of the matter of making Chen Jinkun dying via traffic accident. Therefore, he was very baffled, but with the response right now, it turned out that Xiao Chen wanted to kill him without touching him.

Influencing a Third Layer Martialist was an instantaneous decision. With regards to Tian Lao, it could be said to be something very easy. Chen Jinkun’s silver sports car suddenly changed direction, made a beeline for the opposite road, and stopped on the roadside. Just at that time, the garbage truck’s rear end knocked against it.


The traffic accident happened in a split second; it was but a wink of labor. The Bugatti Veyron was totally destroyed under the truck’s rear end, and Chen Jinkun head was also instantaneously crushed by the impact.

In a flash, the roadside was drenched with blood. Beside the truck, the worker operating the garbage truck’s rear loader was already terrified upon seeing the bloodstain and fragments on the ground, not knowing what to do.

In the end, a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist was too weak. By being crushed under pressure, there was absolutely no hopes in returning alive.

Xiao Chen was disinclined to take more than one glance. He got up from the bench, then quickly ran towards the morning market street.

After returning to the breakfast stall, Xiao Chen feigned a nonchalant appearance. Seeing Tang Tang rushing around and brow beaded with sweat, a burst of a peculiar feeling appeared in his heart. It was still the working people that were the most lovely: “Tang Tang, is it too busy? I’m here.”

As Xiao Chen was speaking, he skillfully took the work in Tang Tang’s hands. Meanwhile, both Cheng Mengying and Shen Jingxuan were somewhat awkwardly standing in a place not far away. They couldn’t exactly leave, yet they couldn’t exactly not leave. They also didn’t know what damnable thing Chen Jinkun was doing, leaving for so long and not returning.

As for Jin Beibei, it was unknown where she went. It was reckoned that she had gone to stroll along the morning market street. She previously hadn’t come to this kind of place, so she was naturally full of curiosity.

After a while, Jin Beibei suddenly ran back panting with both her hands supporting her chest, gasping for breath: “Not good, not good, a major event occurred! My chest nearly ran off……”

Although Jin Beibei’s voice wasn’t loud, it still attracted several nearby young men’s peculiar visions. Cheng Mengying’s face immediately blackened and she glared at Jin Beibei’s eyes: “Beibei, are you sick? Can your chest running away be considered a major event? Won’t there be no problem if you don’t run?”


  1. TLN: The author put ‘Chen Jinpeng’ here haha. 
  2. TLN: The Chinese raw says ‘轮’, which can mean ‘to take turns’. When looking at possible words it can form, ‘gangrape’ popped up and this is most likely what Chen Jinkun means. 
  3. TLN: The public security firm. 
  4. TLN: Somewhere along the line, Chen Jinkun turned off his car engine… 
  5. TLN: Another translation would be “I’ll mess with you to death first.” 
  6. TLN: Sorry if you clicked on this, but ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). 

Episode 84 Let’s Make Her Our Pet!

As the three were engaged in a staring contest, Ferris came back from the capital. Ferris stood petrified once she laid eyes on the fairy dragon.

「It’s my first time seeing a fairy dragon with such colorful and magnificent wings」

「Does that mean something?」

「The more colorful the wings are the more talented a fairy dragon is supposed to be. This child seems to have quite the talent」

「When I met it, it didn’t have one wing. It also lost all of its horns」

「Strange. For us, dragons, the horns are as valuable as the life. For it to lose them………it must have encountered a strong monster. I’m going to ask」

Ferris stared fixedly at the fairy dragon. It seems that they were engaged in telepathy. Ferris’ face gradually turned serious as they talked.

「Are you an idiot!? Go ahead and rest! 」

Then, out of nowhere, she grabbed it by its horns and started swinging it around. The dragon let out a scream in response.

「Ferris, that’s enough!」

Having heard my voice, Ferris stopped. Then, she threw the dragon on the table, stared at it once again, grinned, and laughed. For some reason, Itora was rejoicing at the side.

「Kiyuo! Kiyua, kiyua, kiyuaaaa」

The dragon burst into tears. Oi, Ferris, what have you done?

「It’s alright. Just a little scolding. This one’s story? Ah, it’s okay if you don’t hear it. It’s incredibly stupid」

「Kiyua, kiyukyukyu, kiyukyukyukyukyu? Kiyukyukiyu, kiyu, kiyu」

She desperately tried to somehow appeal to me but, regretfully, I couldn’t understand a thing. [1]

「Ferris, just what did this dragon say?」

There was a nice follow-up from Rico.

「Ah. It’s an incredibly stupid story. Well, if it’s big sister Rico, I might as well tell」

Rico and Ferris looked at each other. And, gradually, Rico’s face stiffened.

「……..There is no need to tell Rinos. Ridiculous」



The dragon’s wings dropped on the ground and she lowered her head in disappointment. Somehow, it made my chest hurt.

「Rinos-san, what are we going to do about this dragon?」

「What do you mean?」

「Make a steak or smoke…….stew is also okay」

「Eh! Are you going to eat her? You are a dragon, right? Won’t that count as cannibalism? 」

「Since we aren’t of the same subspecies, it won’t. Rather, she is just a right prey」

「Agya! Gya! Kiyua」

The fairy dragon seemed to be angry. Ferris breathed out and

「You still don’t understand. That’s why you can’t」

Having said that, Ferris took the fairy dragon by the horns and threw her out. As expected of a dragon, she flapped her wings and avoided the collision with the ground. Ferris headed outside as she stripped herself of one piece of clothing after another until she became naked. Then, she turned off her human transformation before the fairy dragon.

「Kya, kiyuaaaaaaaaa!!!!!」

Seeing Ferris in her kukulkan form, the fairy dragon let out a loud scream. At that moment, my chest became heavier and, before I noticed, there was the fairy dragon there. Such incredible speed. The dragon hid her face in my chest as she trembled all over. Oh, how adorable. I tightly embraced the dragon.

「Rinos, can I count on you to not spoil her too much?」

Rico made an exasperated expression.

「I don’t understand her circumstances. However, you can’t treat this dragon as pitiful」


Just what on earth is happening? For now, let’s appraise this fairy dragon.

حب الملوك (Fairy Dragon, 7 years old) LV10
HP: 89
MP: 874
Wind Magic LV1
Recovery Magic LV1
MP Recovery LV3
Presence Detection LV3
Mana Detection LV3
Body Strengthening LV1
Dragon Magic LV1
Flight LV5
Purification LV4
Covert Action LV4

Wind and Thunder

Wind and Thunder………Flight LV5

She has a name but I can’t read the letters. [2] Why is it? That being said, such skills in just 7 years. MP is abnormal. Flight skill also reached counter-stop, which explains her speed.

However, without being able to communicate with this dragon, I can’t do anything.

「Oi, Ferris, how does one use telepathy?」

「…….Just talk to the other person inside your head. 『Rinos-san, Rinos-san』or something like that」

Let’s try talking to Ferris inside my head. There was no reaction at all. She said that telepathy is a type of dragon magic if I remember correctly. Since it’s magic, let’s use some MP. In other words, should I use mana to carry my words? For now, I concentrated my mana in Ferris’ direction. I concentrated. I concentrated.

『Ferris has hair growing on her ***』

「Eh! Really? 」

……..It seems that I’ve succeeded. Ferris didn’t realize that it was telepathy, turned her butt towards Rico, and tried to confirm. While she’s at it, let’s try again.

『Oi, fairy dragon, can you hear me?』

『Eh? This voice, could it be? 』

『Yeah, it’s me, Rinos』

『Rinos…….I’m Shinjo』


『Un, I was told to use it as the Goddess』[3]


『Un. Once I become bigger, I’d have to be the Goddess』

『And why was such a dragon in that place?』

『Emm. I got bored with studying every day. I’ve come out to play』

『Aren’t you going to go back home?』

『Un, I don’t want to go back. Then I got hungry and went searching for food, found a place with delicious water and flowers, and stayed there』

『Then why were you so injured?』

『I got hurt when I tried to leave my home. I couldn’t fly that well, it was such a disaster』

A dragon nurtured to be the Goddess……I can feel myself getting involved in something troublesome.

「Oi, Ferris! This dragon says something about the Goddess」

「So you’ve found out…….Wait, telepathy? 」

「Yeah, I’ve grasped it」

「As expected of Rinos-san…….Yes, she is qualified to serve the Dragon King. I heard that a child with such qualities is born once every 1000 years. Once he grows up, he becomes the head of a tribe and serves the Dragon King’s as a messenger」

「Is it alright for her to be here?」

「It’s not. Because she escaped, fairy dragons might be abandoned by the Dragon King. She is truly stupid. She abandoned the future of her tribe to escape herself. Even though serving the Dragon King is a guarantee of a tribe’s prosperity……Indeed, the training is hard. Even my own training was hard, forget about those like her. However, she ran away. She will definitely be killed, even if she came back. In that case, being eaten would be a good ending, as far as the tribe goes, her existence would be shameful」

「I see…..Un, I wasn’t that diligent myself, after all. It’s not like I can’t relate to her」

「Do not joke. In order to gain such skills, Rinos-san must have definitely trained hard」

「U~n. In my case, I didn’t have a choice in order to survive. People are often like that. Won’t learn until they feel a sense of crisis」

「Sense of crisis……It’s true that she doesn’t have one. Besides, despite my objections, she wanted to stay at Rinos-san’s place forever, quite an impudent fellow. She even dared to pick a fight with me. She doesn’t know how high the sky is」

「Was she hurt because she was attacked by some monster?」

「Since she was an existence of utmost importance, she most likely lived inside a protective barrier. I think that she lost her horns and a wing trying to break out. It’s a heavenly punishment. Still, she survived through that. It’s said that a dragon that lost its wings and horns usually loses its sense of direction……..」

『Oi, dragon, you did well living through that』

『It was such a disaster. I had no idea where I was』

『What did you do about your meals?』

『Emm, I lured the food by producing its favorite scent』

『Producing smell? Can you make any kind of scent? 』

『Yes, I can. I can imitate anything』

『Can you make this powder?』


At the fairy dragon flapped her wings, black powder appeared on top of the desk. When I tried to smell it, it had a scent just like vanilla. Let’s try the taste……Tastes like vanilla. Apparently, this dragon is capable of producing vanilla beans.

『What other kinds of scent can you make?』

『A lot of them. The water and flowers around here are delicious, so, if it’s something that smells nice, I can make it』

……She might be unexpectedly useful. However, it wasn’t like I had no concerns. Let’s confirm with Ferris.

「Won’t the Dragon King become enraged if someone kills her?」

「I don’t think he will. After all, she is a runaway」

「Will he come here to kill her?」

「I don’t think he will. Probably, he won’t have any interest」

「Then is it okay to let her stay?」

「Are going to let this coward be your friend?」

「More like a pet」

「Pet……You mean, she will be even lower than a slave? Rinos-san is, of course, the owner but, in general, she is everyone’s property, right? If it’s like that then I won’t object」

「What do you think, Rico? It seems that this dragon can produce a good-smelling powder from her wings. Ah, if that were to happen, I might love Rico even stronger. This would be Rico’s……. 」

「Let’s keep her!」

An immediate answer. Rico’s eyes are scary.

『Do you want to stay in my place?』

『Un, you gave me some incredibly delicious food, fixed my wings, this place seems safe, and I can eat delicious things』

『My home is not a place where you can stay idle. You will have the lowest position amongst all of us. If you listen to my comrades and, of course, me, I don’t mind letting you stay』

『Un, I understand, I’ll listen』

『From now on you should call me Master and you can’t be selfish anymore. If you won’t listen to big sisters, I’m going to eat you, got it? 』

『Uuu…….got it』

『Not「Got it」! I understand! 』

『I understaand』

Ferris glared at the dragon with an intense face. Ferris, stay! Stay!

「Let’s give her a name for now. Let’s see……your name is Fairy」


『Thank you very much!』

『Thank you very muuuch』

Ferris seems to be a good choice for a teacher, so let’s leave it as it is. However, with Ferris being angry while naked, it was quite a surreal sight.

「How about wearing some clothes, Ferris? That being said, your transformed body is truly well made. Smooth skin like that of Rico’s and, although the chest is small, a well-proportioned body」

「…….big sister Rico, can I remove your clothes? 」

「No. Not in this place」

「Then when you take a bath」

「I-I won’t show my figure to anyone but Rinos!」

「But you are bathing with big sister Mei!」

「Me-Mei is okay!」

「Why am I not okay? Let’s enter together」

「No! I’m not going to show you! 」

Apparently, the female team went in a weird direction. However, the blushing Rico was so cute that I pledged my heart to her once again at night.


  1. And from this sentence forward “it” is officially established as “she”. 
  2. Apparently, it’s arabic for: love Kings (Google Translate), Grain of the kings (Systranet), Jatropha (, doesn’t help, right? 
  3. Not sure about that godly part of her background. 

17 Monster’s Instinct?


After the fight concluded, Punigami came back from the distance.


It was horrible of you to ditch me, he said in anger.

「Sorry sorry. But you might have died if you were to be caught in the crossfire, Punigami」


「You don’t have to try so hard」


I’m strong, even though I look like that, said Punigami.
But, no matter how big, slime is still a slime.
Iris wished for his to avoid fighting and work only as a hugging pillow and the bath.


「Mn? Why is Jessica kneeling? I don’t really understand myself, but……I received a pledge of allegiance when I defeated them……」

As Iris was explaining, Marion clung to her mother’s back and spoke in despair.

「Mother! Why are you bowing before her!? You don’t have to be so subservient just because you’ve lost! What happened to the dragon’s pride!?」

「Marion. You are young, so it doesn’t seem that you realized yet……dragons…, monsters have a certain instinct. The instinct of obeying a demon that is stronger than you」

「What’s that all about!? I don’t want to see my strong and cool mother bowing before someone! 」

「Sorry, Marion……mother, when it comes to Iris-chan, can’t help but want to take care of her. Cooking a meal and making her say『Aan』, change her clothes, bathe together, sleep together, I can’t stop wanting that! 」

「Noooo, I don’t want to see mother so pathetic, nooo!」

Marion collapsed on the ground with her giant body and threw a tantrum like a spoiled child.
The tremors must have reached the village.

That being said, is Jessica really that pathetic for desiring to take care of Iris?
On the contrary, it matches her nonchalant character perfectly.
Although, there was a difference in their builds, she had no idea how Jessica planned to actually realize all of this.

「Emm…….just for a reference, how are you planning to sleep together? 」

Iris asked.

「Ara, there is no problem. Ei, Henshin! 」[1]

Along with her exclamation, Jessica’s whole body was enveloped in red light………as she transformed into a human woman.
She seemed to be around her thirties by the human standards. Of course, a beauty.
Her long red hair covered about half of her back.
She was dressed in a one-piece dress and had an apron.
She did look like a mother.

「Wa, amazing! A human however you look at it! 」


Punigami was shocked.

「Fufufu, it’s transformation magic passed down among the dragons. It is hard to feed yourself when you are in that form, so a lot of us live this way……..Iris-chan? Why are you hiding in the slime’s shadow? 」

「No…..I’m just bad with humans……even though I understand you’re not one」

Having heard Iris’ confession, Marion opened her eyes wide.

「What!? You are bad around humans!? I’ve heard something nice! Henshin! 」

Marion too transformed into a human.
Her hair was red as her mother’s but it was tied into twin tails. [2] She was fifteen by human standards, from the looks of it. Of course, a beauty.
Her white blouse suited her black jumper skirt. [3]

「How about this! Scary, right!?」

Marion puffed her humble chest as she spoke triumphantly,

「Ah, Marion isn’t scary」


「You have two horns on your head……there is a tail stretching from under your skirt. I can understand that you aren’t a human from the first glance. From this perspective you slightly resemble my father, it’s a bit nostalgic 」

The Great Demon King had two splendid horns growing on his head.
Truth be told, Iris too had two tiny horns. However, they were small enough to be concealed inside her hair. With her growth, they might become bigger.

「Be scared of me too!」

「You can just erase your horns and tail with magic」

「I’m bad with transformation magic, so I caaan’t!」

「Mm……stay as bad as you are forever」

「As if! I’m going to eventually master transformation magic and make you afraid of me! 」

She said as she stomped on the ground.
Since she became human-sized, the ground didn’t shake anymore.

「Ara, Marion. So you are motivated to practice transformation magic seriously. Mother is happy. You won’t become a true dragon if you can’t transform. She didn’t want to practice transformation magic before, just as I went harder on her, she ran away from home…..」

「Ah, that’s why Marion was all by herself on that hill」

「M-Mom, do we have to have this conversation right now!?」

Marion swung her hands in the air.
Her tail was also moving around.

「Ah, those tail movements are cute. As I thought, you should stay bad at it forever」

「Shut up, shut up! I will definitely scare you! Then I’ll defeat you while you’re afraid and release my mother! 」

「Even if you say that…..」

Iris did not intend to restrain Jessica, on the contrary, she wanted for her to return to her dragon village or whatever it was.
While they were at it, Jessica hugged Iris from behind and started patting her head.

「Ah~~ I can’t resist, this is the monster’s instinct」

「……..Jessica-san, is it truly an instinct? Maybe, you just want to pat my head? 」

「There is now way that’s true」

Sweetly said Jessica.
Really, she just wanted to pat Iris.

「Mother, are you still here!? She just has slightly beautiful silver hair, cute, and small! You just want to take her home! 」

「Marion. It seems that you can’t resist the instinct too」

「Hah!? Damn it……I was tempted by a mysterious power! 」

Marion pointed at Iris with a red face.

「No, I didn’t do anything……」

She had no recollection of doing something like that, only confusion.


Punigami raised a voice of anger and hit Marion with his squishy body.

「Wha-What is this slime! That was the most pleasant body slam!  What are you trying to do!?」

「Em, he is angry since he doesn’t want you to take me away」

「I won’t take her even if you offer! I shall not succumb to your temptation! 」

「As I said, no one tempts anyone……」

「I-I won’t yield……I won’t…..damn, my hand moves on its own」

Marion’s hand stretched towards Iris’ head.
However, Marion trembled in desperately as she fought against herself.

「Fufufu, you struggle in words but your body is honest. It’s okay, Marion. Iris-chan in a demon, so it’s a matter of course for us, monsters, to obey her. Be honest with yourself」

Said Jessica, who didn’t stop patting Iris all this time.

「Mother……she is completely brainwashed……kuh, I won’t forgive you, Iris! 」

「Un……I can’t participate in this any longer, so I’m going back to the village. Punigami, let’s go」


Iris escaped from Jessica’s embrace and climbed on Punigami.
As always, she took off together with Punigami and flew in a direction of the village.

「I-Iris-chan, wait」

「Mother, you don’t have to chase after her!」

In the end, two of them, still in their human forms, grew wings from their back and chased after her.
Apparently, both of them had a nice feeling about that village.


  1. As a fan of Kamen Rider, I’m won’t translate this word, nope, not gonna. 
  2. Of course. Of course, it is. 
  3. And I have no idea what kind of skirt it is. 

16 Receiving a Pledge of Loyalty

Iris took some distance from the village and landed on the ground.
There was still no grass around here, only wilderness.
In other words, it was okay to rampage on a big scale. It won’t bring any harm to nature.
Marion and Jessica landed too following Iris.

「Fufun. Are you okay with such a deserted place to be your grave? 」

Said Marion in a voice full of confidence.
That being said, only her voice was full of confidence as her limbs kept trembling.
Most likely, she tries to show off before her mother.
It’s kinda cute.

「Well then, the one, who loses his consciousness or dies, loses. Since I’m going to be present, do your best, you two」

As usual, Jessica nonchalantly said something dangerous.
Iris didn’t plan to die as well as she didn’t plan to kill someone for such a stupid reason.
Let’s somehow make her cry and admit defeat.

「All right then. It’s going to be dangerous, so Punigami should stay away」


「Eh, Punigami, you want to fight too? You can’t. Here, don’t be so persistent…ei! 」


Iris gently pushed Punigami away.
Since his body was round, he rolled away in an amusing manner.

「Alright. Let’s begin」

「Y-You can come at me anytime!」

Marion’s voice wavered ever so slightly.
Perhaps, her trauma from the previous two times was showing itself.
Most likely, she planned to have Jessica fight instead of her when she came back home in tears.
However, Jessica, who deeply cherished her pride as a dragon, didn’t agree to this and put Marion through hellish training as she tried to arrange a rematch–or so Iris speculated.

With her being so pitiful, let’s end this swiftly.


Iris energetically jumped and headbutted Marion.


Marion let out a scream of pain.
However, that wasn’t an end of Iris’ assault. She grabbed Marion by her cheeks and twisted.

「Atatatata, itatatata!」

「Do you surrender, do you surrender!?」

「Not yet!」

「Such a stubborn fellow!」

「It huuuuurts, moooooom!」

Marion was completely in tears.
Iris felt like she became a bully.
However, if she were to give up so quickly, Jessica won’t forgive Marion.

「Marion, do your best」

Jessica swung her tail as she tried to encourage her daughter. It seems that she wanted for this to keep going.

「Uu……how about this! 」

Marion rolled on the ground trying to crush Iris between her and the ground.
However, no matter how heavy the dragon is, it won’t be enough to cause Iris to collapse.
She didn’t mind and kept twisting Marion’s cheeks.

「It huuuuurts! Mou! Let go, let go of meeee! 」

「I will when you surrender」

「Mother will be angry if I give up!」

Marion screamed as she rolled around.
A considerable centrifugal force was applied to Iris’ body.
Nevertheless, she didn’t let go.

「Uwaaaa, you are too persistent for a little girl!」

Marion flapped her wings as she screamed and made an acrobatic turn in the air.
Then, she followed by spitting fire from her mouth.


Iris, who was near the mouth, was hit by tremendous heat.
That being said, that was nothing more than just fire. 「Achichi」would be enough even without a barrier.

「Ah, my clothes caught on fire because of my carelessness!」

「Ahaha, idiot, idiot! Nudist! 」

Marion said as if she was having fun.

「W-What did you say!?」

Iris’ clothes completely vanished in the fire.
That was my only pair.
I only have my pajamas beside that.

「I won’t be lenient anymore!」

The angry Iris released a strong slap on Marion’s cheek.
It was accompanied by a deafening sound.
Marion’s screamed「Hogo! 」her eyes turned white, and her giant body fell on the ground.
The ground trembled and a big cloud of dust appeared.
In the middle of it, Iris grabbed Marion’s tail and pulled with all her might.
Marion turned into a curved shrimp! [1]

「Hogyaaa! You can’t, stooop, a dragon’s body doesn’t bend that way! 」

「I will if you give up」

「Give, I give up! I surrender! So stop hurting meee! 」

Once she heard that, Iris let go.
Having regained her freedom, Marion ran towards her mother in tears.

「Motheeer, sorry, I lost!」

「Alright, alright. Although it’s regretful, you did your best. Iris-chan is just slightly overpowered」

Surprisingly, Jessica didn’t scold her defeated daughter but instead patted her on the head with her wings.
She seemed to be the type of dragon that could give her approval if you approached the matter seriously.

「All right then. My daughter did her best…….and now it’s my turn.  Fight me, Iris-chan! 」

「Un…..sounds troublesome…..」

Somehow, Iris expected such a development.
With Jessica showing so much concern about dragons’ honor, she couldn’t go back defeated.

「Well. it’s okay, I guess. But would that really be the last time? 」

「Yes, that’s fine. You should stay back, Marion……well then, here I go」

Red magical power gathered in Jessica’s mouth.
Dragon Breath……or so Iris thought.
Several magic circles materialized around her.
Twenty four in total.
Red magical power overflowed from the magic circles as they released scorching beams at Iris.

Their power was in a different league compared to Marion’s Dragon Breath.
However, in addition to the twenty four beams, there was one more coming from Jessica’s mouth.
Quality and number, both were absolutely different from Marion’s.

A world-shaking explosion occurred.
However, Iris completely guarded against it with her barrier.
Not even a single spark landed on her.

「Ara…..I must admit I didn’t expect you to guard against it……」

Jessica let out a voice of hesitation.

「Jessica-san is indeed in a different league compared to Marion. However, as an opponent, you are no different. Alright, let’s end this」

Iris unleashed rainbow-colored magical power from her body.
Then, she cast a gravity manipulation spell.
She increased gravity ten times below Jessica’s feet.


Jessica couldn’t endure the sudden weight and collapsed on the ground.
She did her best to stand up but she felt ten times heavier than usual.
It wasn’t that easy to stand with these conditions.


Marion approached her mother trying to save her.
However, because of that she was hit by the tenfold gravity and sprawled right next to her mother.


「Marion! Kuh……this gravity magic…..isn’t supposed to last for long, I think…….! 」

Jessica, even in pain, created twenty four magic circles one again and bombarded Iris.
But every single one of them was deflected by a barrier and didn’t reach her.

「I can’t be…..using gravity magic and defensive barrier at the same time…….moreover, this magical power……Iris-chan, are you a demon……..?」

「So you’ve found out.  Yes, I’m a demon. The daughter of the Great Demon King. What are you going to do? Do you still want to fight? I still have some strength to spare」

Iris strengthened the rainbow-colored magical power radiating from her body as a display of power.
The wilderness shined brightly.
Even Iris considered it too bright, so she closed her eyes.

「No…..I surrender……It’s my loss」

And so it was settled.
Iris returned the gravity to normal.
After that, Jessica raised her body……however, she immediately lowered her head and said in a submissive voice.

「Iris of the demon race. I hereby swear loyalty to you」

「Un. Don’t mess with that village anymore…..wait, loyalty!?」

The conversation became complicated once again.
Come to think of it, at first, Punigami tried to pledge his allegiance too.
Perhaps, it’s normal for monsters to pledge themselves to demons.
Even though eating and sleeping were all Iris wished for.


  1. Some meaning was lost in translation but, basically this means: overwhelmed by someone’s power/assumed this pose

15 Dragon’s Mother

As Iris, Punigami, and Sheryl relaxed on top of the hill, two giant shadows approached them from the distance.

「Eh, what on earth are those !?」

Not being able to believe her eyes, Sheryl rubbed her eyes as she asked Iris.
However, with Iris’ eyesight being exceptional, she was quick to identify those shadows.
One of those shadows was especially familiar.

「Dragons. Red dragons. Two of them are heading our way」

「Uhiyaa, dragons! Dangerous, disastrous! Why are such strong monsters heading towards our place!?」

Sheryl let out a scream as she ran around the grassland.

「Un…….one of those dragons lived here before I came」

「Eh, did the dragon live here before!?」

「Un. I said that I wanted to live here and we fought each other…….then I pushed her away and she escaped crying」

「Sound like a child’s quarrel! That being said, Iris-sama is strong enough to push away a dragon, isn’t it? Amazing, as expected of the Goddess-sama! Hiyu, hiyu! 」

「No, I’m not the Goddess but the Demon King’s daughter」

「You keep saying it」

Sheryl wasn’t the one to believe it.
It’s not like there would be anything good from making her believe but if Iris didn’t correct Sheryl, she would end up being a liar.

「So, why is the dragon, which flew away crying, back again?」

「Who knows……? She came once more after she flew away crying. At that time, she released the Dragon Breath so I made an ice wall to deflect it but she ended up ramming it and was unable to separate. Then she began freezing and I saved her……but she spat something like 「Remember me! 」 and flew away. Maybe she brought her friends to express her gratitude? 」

「Lame! That dragon is too lame! Ah, the image of the dragons in my mind is crumbling……….! 」

「That might be true……the dragons that I saw before gave me a noble impression……maybe they are comparatively dumber on this continent」

Iris is a former resident of the Kurifot continent, the home of the demons.
Iris spent most of her time in the capsule but, before she came here, she went around the continent.
Besides demons, there were many monsters on the Kurifot continent that pledged their allegiance to them.
The dragons that she saw there gave her a dignified impression.

However, the dragon that was driven away by Iris twice had no such thing as dignity.
On the contrary, she seemed even dumber than Sheryl.

「Indeed, according to you she seems rather dumb…….as if, it’s not the time for idle conversations! Even if she’s dumb, she is still giant. By just walking around, she would destroy all of our painstakingly built houses! Everyone, ran away! Dragon alarm! 」

Sheryl screamed loudly as she ran down the hill,
Apparently, the people below still weren’t aware of the dragons.
However, hearing Sheryl, they looked up and a panic occurred.

There were those, who threw away their tools and tried to run away, as well as those, who instead took the tools to face the dragons.
Both of those behaviors were reckless.
Humans can’t outrun the dragons and they can’t be defeated with farming tools.
Such things should be obvious but the panic disrupted their thought process.

Just as the situation was about to escalate, the Lord, Baroness Sheryl Silverlight, threw herself in the middle of it. Causing even more panic by running around and screaming.

「She’s an idiot, isn’t it?……..」


Iris and Punigami, who were watching from the top of the hill, let out an exasperated voice.
This isn’t how a good lord should behave.
However, considering that they had dragons approaching their village, that couldn’t be helped.
The difficulty was too high right from the beginning. The opponent far outclassed them.

「I have no choice but to lend a hand…..Punigami, let’s go」


Iris sat on top of Punigami as she descended the hill.
At the same time, the dragons descended too.
The dragons landed right on the bank of the lake. Thanks to that, the building and the fields weren’t destroyed. However, if the dragons ever move or breathe fire everything will be mowed down.
Iris was going to stop them before that happens.

Or so she was determined to do but there were no signs of movement from them.
One of them let out a threatening roar.
However, the one that let out that roar was the one that was driven away by Iris before, the other one remained silent.
I don’t understand.
Why did they even come?

「Hey, dragons! If you keep standing here, the villagers are going to freak out! 」

Iris, who reached the lake, ended up saying something ridiculous.
Even though she resolved herself to be more intimidating.

「Ah, here you are, silver-haired shorty! It’s time to settle this! 」

The dragon that discovered Iris said something stupid.
This dragon is the one that fought Iris before.
Since she was a tad smaller than the other one, Iris temporarily named her『Dragon (small)』

「Settle what? You lost to me twice and run away crying」

「I-I didn’t cry!」

「You did」

「I didn’t!」

Dragon bawled in a girly voice.
She was about to cry again, even though she said that she didn’t.

As the dragon exposed her shameful side, the other dragon finally acted.
This one was slightly bigger, thus『Dragon (big)』.

「Hey, you can’t cry like that in public. You’ll bring shame to our species」

Dragon (big) said in a calm and slow woman’s voice as she hit Dragon (small) on the head with her wing.

「Hurts! Stop it, mom……don’t chide me in front of her! It’s embarrassing! 」

「It’s was already embarrassing enough. Get a grip. I don’t remember raising such a crybaby」

「But….she’s strong……」

Cutely muttered Dragon (small) as she lowered her head in dejection.

「It can’t be helped then. Ara, excuse me. Emm, are you the child that defeated my child? 」

Dragon (big) gazed at Iris.

「T-That’s right…… child? Does that mean that you are her mother? 」

「Yes, I am. My name is Jessica. This child is Marion. Best regards」

「Ha…… regards…..I’m Iris Crisis. This one is Punigami…….」


Iris didn’t expect to hear a self-introduction from a dragon, so she subconsciously introduced herself.

「So polite.  So small and already so outstanding. So small yet able to defeat my child. So cute」

「Wait, mom, I didn’t lose! It was a strategic withdrawal! 」

Dragon (small), Marion, desperately tried to come up with an excuse.
Nevertheless, such an excuse did little in the face of her mother, Jessica.

「Lying is improper. Just when I thought that you left home for too long you came back crying and said『Mom, I was bullied by a human』……reflect on your behavior at least a little! 」

「Uu…….I’m sorry…….」

Marion hung her head again and started crying.
Once tears fell on the surface of the lake from the eyes of the dragon, they caused large ripples to spread

「Em…….If it’s a parenting issue, can you please argue somewhere else? 」

Iris was unable to watch them any longer and timidly intruded.

「Ara, sorry. I showed you an embarrassing scene. Actually, I came here to see you, Iris-chan」

「Ha…… see me…….what is it………? 」

As for Iris she only wanted to sleep when she wished and eat when she wished, she didn’t plan to have dealings with dragons.
She wanted to finish this as soon as possible and go back.

「It’s nothing complicated. We, dragons, have our great strength as a selling point, you know? Because we are strong, no one dares to approach our home and, when people see our appearances, everyone looks at us in awe. If rumors spread that one of us lost to a cute girl like Iris-chan, people would look down on us. With that being the case, could you consider another round between you and Marion? 」

Jessica nonchalantly said something dangerous.

「Etto… other words, you are here to pick a fight……..?」


It was hard to understand because she was so nonchalant but, apparently, it was truly the case.

「I don’t really mind having another bout……but what if I win? 」

「You have great confidence in yourself. However, my child is truly strong once she gets serious. Right, Marion? 」

「Of course! I trained with my utmost effort since our last meeting! 」

「That’s right. I made sure to train her well」

「Uu…..I’m having flashbacks about that hellish training…….shiver

Maybe because her training was that great, Marion trembled all over.
Because of that, the water in the lake overflowed and hit the villagers.
They, who silently watched the entire conversation between Iris and the dragons, screamed and run away from the wave.


The loudest scream was that of Sheryl.
Still, she didn’t escape first and tried to bring up the rear.
It was completely useless but her spirit was deserving of a praise.

「Un……I’ll give you what you want, so let’s change the place. The village will be in shambles if we fight here」

「Just what I want! I’m going to show you how I powered-up! 」

「Marion, do your best」

Iris, although experiencing a great lack of motivation, still agreed to fight the dragon.
This is the third time.
Oh, how I wish to make it the last one.
Well, today she has her mother accompanying her, so I should form any unnecessary karma.
Believing it to be true, Iris took Punigami with her as flew away from the village.


First Arc

14 The Village Has Been Formed

The time passed quickly and, it was half a month since Sheryl begun the construction of the village.
It was August according to the calendar.

The lines on wooden houses took shape.
As of now, they were busy plowing the fields instead of completing their houses.

Iris relaxed using Punigami as a chair as she watched the hardworking villagers.

After all, she was the Guardian Deity.
That’s why it was probably one of her duties.
Having judged that there was no need to directly help them, she was idle.
Iris’ laziness absolutely wasn’t the reason for that.

「Iris-sama, you have nothing to do today as well」

Sheryl, who came running up the hill, said impudently to Iris’ face.

「I’m not free. I watching over the development from here. Ah, so busy, so busy」

「I see! Iris-sama is so diligent!」

「…….I apologize. I lied」

「I know!」

Sheryl displayed a carefree smile.

「……Your faith keeps getting weaker day by day. Even though you were so polite at the beginning…….maybe I should leave this place and settle somewhere else」

Joked Iris as Sheryl’s face turned blue.

「Wait, wait, wait! I will apologize! I’m deeply regretting my misconduct, please don’t go anywhere! The water in the lake is good, the trees in the forest are sturdy, mushrooms are plentiful……all of these exist without a doubt thanks to Iris-sama’s magical power! Here, I brought a cookie! It’s delicious, if you stay here, all kinds of sweets will come your way!」

Saying that, Sheryl took out a cookie from her usual basket and tossed it inside Iris’ mouth.

「Munch munch……」

「Is it good?」


「I’m glad. With this, the Silverlight barony is safe!」

Laughed Sheryl as she took a cookie cramp from Iris’ cheek and licked it.


「Does Punigami-sama wish for a cookie as well?」


「Yes, here it is」


Once Sheryl put a cookie inside Punigami, he trembled in happiness and digested it in a blink of an eye.
His color changed to cream, like that of a cookie.

「Since when can you understand Punigami’s words, Sheryl?」

「No, I didn’t understand a thing, it was just a feeling. Somehow I can understand what he thinks by just looking at him!」

「Just by looking…….does she understand or not」


「Ah, Punigami-sama said that he wants another cookie!」

「Wrong. Punigami asked『What are you going to cultivate of that field?』」

「Un…….I was almost right……」

「Not even close. You were completely wrong. That last time was just a coincidence」

「So I was seen through……」

In the end, that was a limit of Sheryl’s intuition.


「So, what are you planning to cultivate?」

「Ehh, potatoes at first. It only takes three months to grow, if we plant it right now it would be possible to taste our own potatoes by the end of the year」

「Hee. Can’t wait. What else?」

「After potatoes we are going to plant wheat. In we plant it at autumn it should be possible to harvest it about the same time the next year」


「Then it would be cabbage, tomatoes, green pepper, and so on!」

「How greedy……maybe you should start with only potatoes and wheat?」

「Yes.I’m hoping to do just that in our first year. This land is full of Iris-sama’s magical power, I’m sure that it would give birth to very delicious potatoes and wheat! I would definitely sell well!」

「Will it really go so well?」

When you try to stretch yourself too thin, you can easily fail at everything.
Especially considering that it was Sheryl’s first year as the Lord.
Since Iris accepted the title of the Guardian Deity, she wished for Sheryl to find success.

「If you fail and go bankrupt you can always pluck more elixir grass around here」

「Thank you very much. However, sustaining myself only on the elixir grass……besides, its market price will inevitably fall if I sell too much」

「I see. There is such a problem about rare goods」

When Iris went to sell the elixir grass, she only brought ten stalks with her.
However, the amount of money required to sustain a territory is of a completely different scale.
In case Sheryl won’t be able to succeed, there would be a need to buy food from the outside.

Adding to that, Sheryl has great ambitions.
She even mentioned winemaking in one of their previous conversations.
It would require all kind of equipment.
Trying to cover the cost with only the elixir grass…..will definitely cause the market to collapse.

「We’ve already sold about a hundred of them」

「Yes. Thanks to that, I was able to purchase the food, clothes, and tools for my people. I can’t express my gratitude enough」

「I didn’t do anything…….I just slept and the elixir grass appeared…..that being said……is it about fifty people? You did well finding so many. Do you have some sort of connections?」

「It’s not about connections. I just went around the capital’s bars asking for people willing to live in a new village. Travelling mercenaries about to settle down, those who lost their homes, or those who just want to change things for themselves, you can always find these kinds of people!」

「…….Sheryl. You sure have guts」

「Maids can’t live without guts!」

Said Sheryl with a composed expression as she pounded her chest.

「No, aren’t you a Lord right now instead of a maid?」

「Wa, I almost forgot! I seem to lack awareness of that fact」

She muttered as she stuck out her tongue. [2]

「Bu despite that, you have a proper development plan for your territory」

「Of course. I dreamed innumerable times about reclaiming my ancestral land! My delusions are complete! All that’s left is turning them into reality!」

「So it was like that….I hope for your delusions to become real one day……..」

「There is no need to worry. There was no such a cute Guardian Deity as Iris-sama or your kin, Punigami-sama, in my delusions. In other words, the reality is even better than my fantasies」

Having said that, Sheryl embraces Punigami and Iris from behind and fell on the grass.


「My my. Never did I expect to participate in a territory’s development…….」

Iris voiced her complaints.
However, there was no trace of her desire to leave this land any longer.

That being said, she won’t go down the hill to interact with other people any time soon.


  1. Talking with her mouth full. 
  2. Tehepero.