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Chapter 180 – Disturbance

Ever since she came across Xiao Chen, Yan Qingcheng ran out of luck through and through. First, she was caught as a slave and was put in a difficult situation. Then, she was forced to train the Obliterate Demon Absolute God. On the surface, Xiao Chen was her vessel, but in reality, she was controlled by Xiao Chen. Since then, she was unable to do anything to him.

Although it was unlikely for Yan Qingcheng to harbor killing intent, every time she thought of these, she would still get so angry to the point that the roots of her teeth were itching. In the past, she also had an ambitious ideal, but now, she only had one desire; to master the Obliterate Demon Absolute God as soon as possible and break away from this awkward relations with Xiao Chen.

Looking at her former top ranked enemy getting stronger and stronger, Yan Qingcheng felt all the more powerless. She had already heard about Xiao Chen’s crazy action last night. In order to breakthrough the Ninth Celestial Layer, he went all over the place challenging the youth experts. He engaged in several life and death battle in one night, oppressing one powerful enemy after another in succession.

Although she didn’t get the exact information, Yan Qingcheng had an indistinct feeling that this hateful guy before her would most likely break through the bottleneck successfully. If that was the case, it would be all the more challenging to break away from Xiao Chen. The first requirement to break away from the restriction of the vessel was to surpass the vessel in power.

“Thank you!” Xiao Chen received the invitation card and said to Yan Qingcheng with a smile, “I’ll treat you to something another day.”

“Hmph!” Yan Qingcheng let out a cold humph. She shot a glance at him with her limpid water eyes. Then she swung her beautiful hips as she turned around. Her ice-cold voice contained a hint of taunting, “You are not thinking of inviting me to the Moonflower Castle to have a meal right?”

“Hehe…” Xiao Chen did not mind and said with a very sincere expression, “We are a family anyway, it’s the same wherever we go.”

Yan Qingcheng stamped on the ground with her slender body and turned around immediately, “Who are family with you?!”

Xiao Chen said very calmly, “The elders from your family said it with their own mouth that you are already betrothed to me. Because of this, someone tried to mount a sneak attack on me with the god killing weapon, Pasteur. I narrowly lost my life in the hand of this ancient weapon! This kind of thing already happened, there’s no way your Undying Sect can refuse to admit it anymore. Or did you have a sudden change of mind?”

“You…” Yan Qingcheng said furiously, “I never heard of this before. You better stop acting so shamelessly, otherwise don’t blame the Undying Sect for showing no mercy.”

“Very well, I will go to the Undying Sect with you now and ask your elders face-to-face. If they are not intent on marrying you off, then why are they setting me up like this?” Xiao Chen did not feel embarrassed at all and talked confidently.

If Yan Qingcheng was stronger, she really wanted to teach Xiao Chen a lesson or two. However, right now, she could only let out a humph, unfold the Undying Divine Wings, and run away without turning back.

“Go after her quickly!” Zhuge fatty said as he was wiping his drool.

“There’s no reason to chase after her now. If I have free time several days later, I will directly go to the Undying Sect to receive my wife.” Xiao Chen replied very bluntly, but nevertheless, he had an indifferent expression.

His voice transmitted clearly to Yan Qingcheng, who was flying in the sky. When she heard these words, her beautiful body inclined towards the side and narrowly fell from the sky.

“Xiao Chen, why don’t you drop dead and dream on!”

“Whether it’s a dream or not, you will know once you go back to your sect several days later.”

Looking at the absolutely beautiful figure making her getaway, Zhuge fatty said with envy, “To be able to marry a beauty as equally famous as Fairsnow, it’s worth it even if I end up dead.”


At the side, Fairsky directly sent the fatty flying again with a kick. “You ******* fatty, you really are the worst. For the past many years, you were actually fantasizing about my sister all along…”

“Filthy! This is called a secret crush, do you understand?” The fatty was explaining as he climbed up from the ground. He had a confident expression and did not feel embarrassed.

During the afternoon, the Honrado Auction House finally dropped their curtains.

The price reached in the auction was eight hundred thousand gold coins.

The instant they received this news, Zhuge fatty immediately jumped up and shouted, “Black-box operation, it’s definitely black-box operation!”

The fatty patted his thigh and said with certainty, “According to the momentum this noon, let’s not say one million gold coins, even reaching 1.5 million wouldn’t be that hard. How come it reached a deal with only eight hundred thousand gold coins? There must be some dark secrets!”

Fairsky was also very furious. He had once went to the scene to find out the situation. He knew this price level was relatively low compared to the actual value of the ancient spear Pasteur.

As a result, when the people they sent to find out the inside story returned, the two of them immediately became speechless. That was because the Zhuge family and the Fair family were suspected to be involved in this dark secrets.

Few big families in Celestial City worked together to manipulate the price under-the-table. Their powerful force made the other competitors choose to give up grudgingly.

Within the Celestial City, the old bastards from a few big families worked together to obtain the ancient spear Pasteur. They were preparing to do a collaborative research on this ominous weapon that was passed down by the ancient clan.

After all, the price of the ancient spear Pasteur was too high. Even the big families would feel dizzy just looking at the amount. That’s why they played this kind of dirty hand.

Zhuge fatty and Fairsky felt a bit awkward. After all, their respective families were involved.

Xiao Chen did not feel particularly furious. A lot of things in this world couldn’t be done in earnest, otherwise they would die an unsightly death.

However, the old bastards from the big families still gave Xiao Chen some face. They sent someone to pass on a message to Xiao Chen: Don’t need to worry about the true owner of the ancient spear Pasteur, we will take care of him.

Xiao Chen had yet to reach that height, so he didn’t know how would the elders cope with it.

Relatively speaking, this outcome was pretty good. He received eight hundred thousand gold coins without any foundation. No matter how they put it, this was still an extravagant amount.

However, Xiao Chen knew these large sum of gold coins would be spent like running water. That was because he wanted to buy spiritual items. And this time, he was no longer buying any ordinary old ginsengs or reishi mushrooms. He entrusted all the money to the fatty, telling him that if he wanted to buy, he should be buying those rarely seen spiritual items!

After hearing how Xiao Chen wanted to spend these money, the fatty still felt heartache even though the money was not his. He kept muttering to himself, “He’s really such a spendthrift! There are so many well off families in the south, but I have never seen anyone spending so crazily on spiritual items before.”

Without a doubt, Xiao Chen was a genuine spendthrift in the fatty’s eyes, and a crazy practitioner beyond redemption in the eyes of Fairsky.

“You sure there are really that kind of legendary items?” After all, the amount was too enormous. Even Xiao Chen was afraid of spending but getting nothing in return.

“As long as you are willing to pay, the goods will definitely be worth your money. In the Celestial City, there are at least fix to six rare spiritual items! What kind of place do you think is the south? A Pure Land where the spiritual items are growing within thousands of miles of territory, so of course they are the genuine articles! I am talking about those few over there, they are the most valuable treasure in this store. Each of them cost two to three hundred thousand gold coins. Even those big families would feel heartache to buy it. That’s why nobody is interested in them all along. Only a real spendthrift like you would spend money on them like it is nothing.”

According to his prediction, eight hundred thousand gold coins could more or less divinize three of his acupoints. However, he had to plan carefully and buy the right stuff.

I will let you handle this matter. I’m not afraid of spending, but you must make sure they are the genuine articles!”

Any ordinary spiritual items only had a little effect on Xiao Chen. What he required was an absolute gem like the dragon ginseng. However, those kind of things could only be found serendipitously.

“Alright, I will help you cut down the price of this Grade Nine Lotus in the next two days.” This was the first time the fatty was in control of this much gold coins. Although it was not his money, he still felt his back getting very stiff.

In the evening, the Celestial City burst into disorder. The ancient spear Pasteur had been stolen!

The representative of the buyer was turned into meat paste on the spot. It seemed like everyone was not able to react in time as a black shadow swept along with the bloody spear towards a distant location.

It was extremely noisy. A lot of experts were dispatched, but they were unable to catch up to that black shadow.

Only until the evening did the rumor spread out. The true owner of the ancient spear Pasteur made his move and got far away from Celestial City after snatching the bloody spear.

This night was just as noisy as the last.

Of course, the leading role tonight was no longer Xiao Chen. It was that super powerful warrior from the small tribe of the west. According to the grapevine, an old ******* from a certain family was heavily injured by the true owner of Pasteur. He was coughing out blood incessantly.

Although a lot of experts were chasing all the way, the outcome was very disappointing. They didn’t manage to get back Pasteur.

This was a sleepless night for many people.

However, Xiao Chen was sleeping very soundly. He already got hold of a huge amount of gold coins. Even the commission had already been paid for by the major families. The loss of the ancient weapon was no longer related to him.

The true owner made his move against the buyer and shifted his enmity to them. In regards to him, there were no better news than this.

The next day, this event was known by everyone in the Celestial City. The few major families lost their faces, but there’s nothing they could do about it. ⌈1

Leaving the south and go after him in the west? That’s impossible! Legend said that although the tribe was small, they were still the descendant of the ancient race. Even though their blood was already not as pure, they were still not a bunch that could be easily provoked.

“Interesting, so interesting!”

“Haha, this is a gargantuan mockery.”


Many people rejoiced in other people’s misfortune. There were also many people feeling very regretful. They were not able to keep the god killing weapon in the south, that’s such a pity.

The evening of the next day, that important banquet mentioned by the fatty was about to begin.

The venue; Mander family’s mansion.

The warbeast tournament was about to begin. Mander family, Zhuge family, and Fair family were the owners of three major warbeast castles in the Celestial City. The Mander family was in control of the Beast King Castle, the Zhuge Family was in control of the Amber Warbeast Castle, and the Fair family was in control of the Antarctic Warbeast Castle, they were in charge of the warbeast tournament this time. Before the tournament, they hereby conducted a banquet and invited many celebrities, as well as major competitors.

The starlight flickered in the night sky. Mander family’s ancient castle was imposing. It gave off a heavy pressure like a lofty mountain under the dim light of the night.

“Please present your invitation card.” The head of the imperial guard strictly inspected every guest’s invitation card at the entrance.

When Xiao Chen arrived with the fatty and Fairsky, they just happened to come across Hofmann and Lidong Bo at the entrance. When Hofmann saw Xiao Chen, his eyes turned red as he turned around to glare at him ferociously.

Endless stream of people were entering and exiting the ancient castle of the Mander family. Naturally, each and every one of them were aristocrats with some influence and powerful practitioners. Of course, there were no lack of upper-class women and young ladies.

The wide hall was a dazzling sight, it was not crowded even with several hundred people attending the banquet. The light spilled by the crystal chandelier made the hall incomparably gorgeous in contrast. Numerous aristocrats and practitioners were divided into groups of three or four. They bumped their cups repeatedly and had a lively chat.

In the front, there was a tall and extremely handsome youth with aqua blue long hair. Even if he was in a crowd, he still stood out from the masses. He possessed an indescribable temperament.

Obviously, he was very popular. There’s a lot of people surrounding him. More than half of them were female, he was surrounded by well developed young married women and good-looking young ladies. However, although these beauties were graceful, the passion in their eyes were not in agreement with their status.

“Did you see it? This is the freak from Mander family, Katalina’s flesh and blood brother.” Fairsky introduced to Xiao Chen.

This was not the first time Xiao Chen had heard people addressing Katalina’s eldest brother like this. This was obviously a handsome youth, but he was actually called a freak in the world of martial arts. It was easy to imagine how powerful and dreadful he was.

He had encountered him at the city gate of Celestial City once. That time, numerous Ninth Celestial Layer experts had clashed with Xiao Chen once, but this blue-haired youth didn’t attack him at that time. It made Xiao Chen unable to grasp his true strength.

“This guy… you actually dare to come to my house?!” A lovely young lady with blue hair flung her beautiful long hair with one hand and got in front of Xiao Chen while panting with rage.

“Why can’t I come? I received an invitation.” When Xiao Chen saw Katalina, he couldn’t help but recall that ‘event’ at the Paradise Spa, and a smile bloomed on his face.

Katalina’s lively big eyes immediately welled up with fury. She could guess what Xiao Chen was thinking from his expression.

“This repulsive guy is really too despicable!” Speaking until here, she turned around and shouted towards that blue-haired youth, “Big bro, come over here, this guy is bullying me.”

When the blue haired-youth heard these, he smiled towards the few girls beside him and walked towards Xiao Chen and company’s direction.

Not far away, Hofmann and Lidong Bo revealed a smile.

On the other side, Fairsnow and the other beauties also turned their head over to watch closely.


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Chapter 140 – The Rich Husband that Fell Down from the Sky

“About this… It’s a classmate in Liu Lei’s class,” Chen Weier immediately noticed that she said something wrong. She can’t tell her mother that her boyfriend has another girlfriend no matter what, although she was sold out in name, but any girl’s mother wouldn’t want their daughter to marry over to be a mistress.

“Oh,” Mother Chen didn’t continue asking, she just said. “Can that something software be worth so much?” Although Mother Chen also hurt people talking about computers, high tech, software and the like, but she was still questioning about something that couldn’t be touched selling for two hundred and fifty thousand.

“En, the money for father to get treated was only a part of it. Every time his software is sold on the market, he can get a portion of it, therefore as long as this software is not outdated, he can get quite a bit of money per month!” Chen Weier explained.

“Ah…!” Mother Chen was completely shocked, she could never imagine in her dream that money could be earned like this! They could just sit and wait to receive money at home, while she had to work hard to sell even one extra bowl of Mala Tang. The difference was too great right?!

“However, are you sure he really is that big boss that gave your older brother money?” Mother Chen still couldn’t accept it all of a sudden.

“Aiya! How could I be wrong! Mom, do you agree or not!” Chen Weier pulled on Mother Chen’s shoulder and acted spoiled.

“You are already sold to him, what’s there for me to agree or disagree about…” Mother Chen said with a smile.

“Mom you’re amazing!” Chen Weier happily kissed Mother Chen. Chen Weier had thought that her starting to date in high school and had intercourse with her boyfriend would have caused her mother to seriously scold her, she never thought that it would pass so easily.

But how would Chen Weier know that actually Mother Chen couldn’t be any happier! If what Chen Weier said was true, then it really was a rich husband that fell from the sky, the big boss that took out the money was actually Xiao Liu-tongxue, and it looks like Weier likes him quite a lot, it really is resolving two issues at once by them getting together.

“Then you’re saying that your older brother knew about this ages ago?” Mother Chen asked.

“Yeah! Even I only found out about it not long ago!” Chen Weier pouted and said in dissatisfaction. If it wasn’t for gege making decisions on his own, she would have been with the one she loved ages ago.

“This damn Dayong! He actually dared to lie to his own mom and meimei, watch how I take care of him later!” Mother Chen said as if she was angry, but she had an expression of joy.

Mother Chen already thanked all sorts of deities in her heart, today really is a great day, she could finally put down this knot in her heart, she couldn’t help but sigh, her daughter must have done a lot of good deeds in her (Weier) previous life for the heavens to give her such a good love life.

I waited a while in the big room, then saw the mother and daughter walk out full of smiles.

“Old Chen, let me introduce you, this Xiao Liu-tongxue…” Mother Chen smiled and said.

“I know, we’ve met last time!” Father Chen looked weirdly at Mother Chen.

“Old Chen, let me finish! Xiao Liu’s identity this time is different from last time, he’s coming to our home as our son-in-law this time!” Mother Chen continued.

“Son-in-law! You guys…” Father Chen had a face of confusion.

“Dayong, why aren’t you telling us exactly what happened to us!” Mother Chen scolded.

Chen Yong freaked and stood up from the stool, and sent a gaze towards me seeking help. Since we said it at the start that it was to be kept confidential, so Chen Yong didn’t dare to say anything without my permission.

Only after seeing me nod did Chen Yong saw out exactly what happened.

At this moment, Mother Chen fully believed everything Chen Weier just said, and thought that there isn’t anything worth being doubtful about anymore.

On the other hand, Chen Weier’s father didn’t show too much excitement, after all he is someone that has experienced life and death, and didn’t have lighter feelings on things, but he still had a smile on his face. Although he didn’t say anything on the surface about his daughter selling her body to get him treated, he still felt really guilty about it, now seeing that his daughter not only found a good home, but that contract is moot, he was a lot more relaxed.

Now that everything’s clear, everyone no longer acted so distant, Chen Weier had no qualms, and leaned her head on my shoulder, a smile appearing on her lips.

“Bomu, I came here firstly to tell you about Weier and my relationship, but more importantly, I have something to discuss with Bomu!” Seeing that the timing was about right, I changed the -topic.

“Discuss with me?” Mother Chen didn’t understand, what could I want to discuss with her about, could it be marriage? Impossible, just how old is Weier! What else can it be though?

“It’s like this, I heard Weier said that the Mala Tang you are selling is passed down from Bofu’s family?” I asked. When I heard Weier talk about it being a family secret recipe, I immediately felt that it was definitely a business opportunity. After a few years, all sorts of family recipe, unique snacks will be everywhere, how could I miss out on this chance!

“Yeah! The people that have ate our Mala Tang all can’t help but praise it, Xiao Liu-tongxue, didn’t you only meet Weier due to this Mala Tang!” Mother Chen immediately got proud of herself when she heard me mention the Mala Tang.

“It’s like this, Bomu. Since this Mala Tang is so popular, we have no need to wake up early and close late for the stall, we can completely turn it into a larger franchise corporation,” I raised my idea.

“Large corporation?” Making the Mala Tang big, it’s not like Mother Chen has never thought about it, ever since a young age, she was rather interested in running a business, and have sold stuff with her father from youth. After marrying into the Chen family, she heard about this secret recipe, and immediately decided to start selling in a stall at the market place. After that returnee customers gradually increased, Mother Chen also saved quite a bit of money, and prepared to get a larger shop to sell it in, who would have thought that Chen Weier’s father got sick. The savings over the year turned red over months like flowing water, where would she find the money to expand.

“En, I feel like the food industry has a lot of potential in the following years,” I spoke out about the experience in my previous life.

“That’s true, people are richer, and thus would naturally have higher expectation for what they eat!” Mother Chen nodded.

“So, Bomu, since we’re going to do this, we should make it big directly!” I said.

“Xiao Liu-tongxue-, your idea is good, but our family situation…” Mother Chen said awkwardly.

“Bomu, what I mean is that we should cooperate, I’ll spend the money, you should work. I have quite a bit of spare money on hand, if I don’t do something with it then it’d be a waste,” I said.


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Chapter 139 – The Shocked Mother Chen

Although both Chen Weier and I heard everything clearly, we just smiled and moved on. There were these kind of old men and women that liked to say random things anywhere you went, the mouths are on them, let them say whatever they want.

Since this time coming to Weier’s home, we had planned to show our hand to her parents, the two of us didn’t hide anything in front of everyone, and just intimately hand in hand into the courtyard.

“Mom, Liu Lei’s here!” Chen Weier pushed open the door to her home and said.

“He came! Come in quickly, come in quickly!” Mother Chen hurriedly came out from the room, but when she saw Chen Weier and I holding hands, she exclaimed, “You… you…”

“Mom, this is my boyfriend, Liu Lei! He came over to our home last time,” Chen Weier said with a smile of happiness, joy flickering in her eyes, her cheeks were red like a large happy. If it wasn’t for Mother Chen being there, I really wanted to go up and take a bite of her.

“Boy… Boyfriend! Weier, what did you say!?” Mother Chen freaked, and nearly fell over. I quickly went over to support her and said, “Bomu, Chen Weier is right, Weier and I, are already together.”

“Together? What’s going on? Xiao Liu, aren’t you younger than Weier? What’s more…” Mother Chen said, and looked towards Chen Weier in confusion.

Weier and I thought of where Mother Chen’s confusion lied at the same time.

“Mom, this is rather complicated, Liu Lei and I getting together was a complete accident…” Chen Weier explained.

“Weier, mom isn’t interfering with your live, you aren’t young, finding another half is normal, furthermore Xiao Liu-tongxue is so excellent, and has helped our family. But you are different from other girls…” Mother Chen finally said out the worry in her heart. Actually the first time she saw this male classmate beside her daughter, she felt that the boy wasn’t bad, after a few more contacts afterwards, she started to like him more and more. Sometimes she would even think how good it would be if this boy could become her son-in-law, but thinking about Weier’s current situation, she couldn’t help but give up these meaningless thoughts.

“Mom! Don’t say anything right now, let me explain!” Weier pulled Mother Chen into the room, and closed the door.

I smiled, this does save me some trouble, it was better to let Chen Weier explain to her mother, it was easier to communicate between them. On the other hand, I didn’t have anything to do, I walked into their home and saw that Father Chen could already sit up, and was talking with Chen Yong. Seeing me enter, he immediately greeted, “Xiao Liu-tongxue, you came!”

“En, how’s bofu’s body recently?” I asked.

“Not bad! I covered pretty well, and can already eat normal things normal! I went to the hospital for checkup last week, they said that there aren’t any major problems anymore, I just need to focus on resting,” Father Chen was much more energetic than the last time I came. “Ai? Where’s Weier and her mom?” Father Chen saw that I came in by myself and asked weirdly.

“They have some things to do in the other room, they’ll come over very quickly,” I explained.

Within the small room.

Mother Chen already recovered from the shock just now, and said solemnly, “What’s going on!”

Thus Chen Weier told her everything from how we skied together, to how we got ambushed by Li Shaojie, and fell down the cliff, into an ice hole, then miraculously floated to a lone island.

When Chen Weier got to the part where the two of us took of all our clothes, embraced each other and dried off by the fire, Mother Chen immediately reacted, “Then the two of you did what shouldn’t have happened?”

“En…” Chen Weier nodded with a red face. Of course she knew what Mother Chen meant by what shouldn’t have happened, she continued, “We thought we would never get back at the time…”

“Ai! Mom isn’t blaming you, but you already promised that big boss that paid to have your dad treated, saying that you would give your body to him, but now…” Mother Chen sighed.

“Mom, don’t worry about this! There just isn’t any big boss either, it was all made up randomly by my annoying gege!” Chen Weier said while giggling.

“Made up randomly!” Mother Chen was shocked once again, “If it was made up randomly then where did the money come from?”

“Actually that money was given to gege by Liu Lei, I only foud out afterwards,” Chen Weier said with a smile.

“What? Xiao Liu gave the money? Is that actually true? What does his family do?” Mother Chen asked in disbelief.

In 1995, Mother Chen wouldn’t believe that a high school student can casually take out two hundred and fifty thousand no matter what. She already felt like she was making a huge profit selling a bowl of Mala Tang for two kuai, this two hundred and fifty thousand was undoubtedly an astronomical number.

“His family? I think his parents work in a factory!” Chen Weier thought about and said. She wasn’t very clear about the circumstances, and only heard about it once from Zhao Yanyan.

“Work in a factory?” Mother Chen exclaimed. “His parents are factory directors?” Then she immediately thought that it isn’t right, even factory directors would have a salary normally, how could they have so much money. In Mother Chen’s mind, there wasn’t words like “corruption” yet, or else she would definitely have thought that my parents are corrupt.

“No, his dad is an engineer, his mom is a normal worker or something,” Chen Weier didn’t understand the meaning behind her mother’s words, and thought she was just casually asking about her boyfriend’s family background.

“Engineer? Normal worker! Then where did he get so much money? Weier, this isn’t a joke, is he lying to you?” The more Mother Chen heard, the less right it got, Father Chen also worked in a factory before he was sick and was a workshop director, he only got eight or nine hundred kuai per month, his parents are only an engineer and a normal worker, how could he take out two hundred and fifty thousand!

“His money didn’t come from his parents!” Only now did Chen Weier understood her mother’s meanings, so she was doubtful of whether I could take out this amount of money or not! I didn’t have time to explain so much on the lone island, and lied to her saying that it was my New Year’s money. However, she also found out from Zhao Yanyan later that my money were earned by myself from the software I wrote.

“Didn’t come from his parents? Then where’s it from?” Mother Chen got more and more confused.

“He earned it himself!” When Chen Weier said this, her expression was full of pride. Her own hubby could earn money to support her, Chen Weier’s little girl’s vanity was also satisfied a little.

“Earned it himself! How is it possible! That’s two hundred and fifty thousand! Not twenty five kuai!” Mother Chen didn’t believe a child could earn two hundred and fifty thousand at all! Not to mention a child, even an adult might not earn that much in a lifetime.

“Yeah! I heard from Yanyan-meimei that he wrote a software, it sold really well!” Chen Weier said.

“Yanyan-meimei? Who’s that?” Mother Chen asked weirdly.


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Chapter 179 – Auctioning the Ancient Weapon

Pasteur’s ominous name had spread far and wide, it was a genuine good at fair price. In regards to the practitioners, it was a priceless treasure. If they could obtain it and exhibit one tenth of its might, their power would rise by one fold!

The ancient clans of the legends were an extremely mysterious and powerful race. Their populations were as sparse as the phoenix feather and unicorn horn. However, they were powerful enough to contend against the deities. Along with the vicissitudes of time, the aforementioned race vanished without a trace. It was very hard to find a pure-blooded ancient race anymore. However, their glory had never been forgotten by the people.

The ancient race possessed earth shaking ancient battle skills. The ancient weapons once used by them were very attractive to the practitioners. Reportedly, there were not more than five ancient divine weapons being handed down to the outside world. Pasteur being one of them.

If it was really put on auction, then it would undoubtedly cause a huge commotion! Let’s not even mention the others, many older generation figures would certainly join the fray as well. Legend has it that the ancient spear’s killing intent contained the inextinguishable spirit of the ancient race. If they could analyze one or two, then they would gain endless benefits. In addition, when the ancient spear reached its full potential, it was known to have the might to kill even the gods. It was unlikely for anyone to not be tempted by it.

“Do you guys really think that I can keep the ancient spear?” Xiao Chen was very calm. He knew that by keeping this hot potato, he wouldn’t gain the slightest benefit from it. On the contrary, he might invite more disaster.

Many people had guessed that he was from the depths of the south and had some connection to those few legendary existences. However, not everyone believed in this. In addition, the phoenix’s divine feather could force some super powerful warriors to fall back, but it couldn’t completely guarantee that everyone would withdraw because of it.

Especially Exuvia and Historia level practitioners. They hadn’t reached that kind of heights yet and didn’t know about those legendary existences, so they weren’t as apprehensive as the older generation figures.

Holding on to Pasteur would only bring more trouble than necessary. At the same time, would the real owner give up on the bloody spear because of this? Absolutely not! As long as he got the news, he would definitely make an appearance immediately. Perhaps, he might even be on the way already.

“Such a pity. It’s a god killing ancient weapon for god’s sake! A murder weapon handed down from the ancient race! The treasure everyone in the mainland yearns for, even in their dreams! To be unable to take hold of it, it’s really too regretful!” Obviously, after a burst of emotion, the fatty also called to mind the seriousness of the matter. However, the bloody spear was really too attractive. Even if he was not the one possessing it, he also felt very regretful. Especially when he thought about the divine blood flowing unceasingly on the ancient spear. If they could take control of it, the sense of accomplishment would be indescribable.

Xiao Chen grabbed the ancient spear Pasteur and said, “It seems like the so-called spirit of the ancient race was already wiped out by the others. I can only feel a weak trace and already memorized it. Now, this is just nothing more than an unstoppable ancient weapon for me. There’s nothing particularly special about it.”

“It possesses formidable power capable of killing gods! If we really put it on auction, it will definitely give rise to a huge commotion!” The beautiful Fairsky was also very excited. His glossy cheeks were flushed like that of a stunning beauty. His handsome face really made people feel that the heaven was unfair.

Fairsky and Zhuge fatty were definitely not slow on the uptake, they profoundly understood the seriousness of the matter. Just as Xiao Chen had said, perhaps the real owner of the ancient spear might already be on his way. As such, both of them used their connections and immediately set up the arrangements according to Xiao Chen’s wishes. The faster, the better. As for whether their families would also fight for it, that was not something they put into consideration.

Obviously, Xiao Chen’s plan was not as simple as fishing out all the major powers. This hot potato would certainly give rise to a huge wave. Many major powers might even fight on the spot. Maybe some people would even fight in secret.

Xiao Chen’s goal was precisely to stir up a disturbance! The more chaotic, the better!

On this very day, a huge commotion broke out in Celestial City. Someone actually wanted to sell the ancient race’s treasure! Pasteur’s ominous name had been spread for endless years, it was a famous treasure in the world of martial arts. Those news indeed caused countless people to lust after it.

As the warbeast tournament was fast approaching, the composition of the practitioners in the Celestial City at the moment was very complicated. There were a lot of outsiders. And adding the major powers that were complicatedly rooted at this locality, this news really caused an unusually lively sensation.

“Honrado Auction House” had more than a century of history. They already expanded beyond the south desolate region and had many branches on the mainland. Honrado Auction House was very imposing, with two guardian lion statues weighing more than a thousand tons located at both sides of the vermillion entrance. The lofty gate was similar to that of the castle’s and people were continuously going through the entrance.

Within the wide auction hall, there were more than a thousand seats. Although the news were spread out in a rush, it was already full house by the time of noon. The hall was a boiling cauldron of voices. Many big families had dispatched a representative. Of course, the majority of them were hermits. Almost everyone in the hall were practitioners.

“Are they really auctioning the ancient spear Pasteur?”

“I heard that this ominous weapon was in the hands of a small tribe at the western part. Legend says that they are the descendants of the ancient race. How is it possible for it to circulate around?”

“Someone must have taken it forcibly. Just which madman did it?”

“Just who would be this courageous? They actually dared to scramble for the ancient spear Pasteur. And moreover, put it on auction publicly. This is too crazy!”

“The ancient treasure will definitely make people fight over it. There will definitely be a bloodbath!”


As such, a lot of people were discussing about it.

Without a doubt, the mysterious seller was everyone’s focal point. The news regarding Xiao Chen consecutively challenging Ninth Celestial Layer experts last night was already spread among a small circle. His crazy action made many people endlessly shocked.

However, those who knew he had snatched the ancient spear Pasteur was only a handful. It didn’t get spread around.

Honrado Auction House’s operating capability was very efficient. In the shortest possible time, they had spread out the news across the entire Celestial City. Even more people were making their way towards the auction house. There was already no place to sit in the hall. The latecomers could only stand. In the end, even the place to stand had been filled to the brim.

Honrado Auction House did not hesitate to give their all to publicize the item. That was because this commission would bring them a large sum of money. Of course, the most important thing was still reputation! Auctioning the ancient spear Pasteur would bring about an unimaginable popularity for them! As such, they even invited a few beauties to emcee. At present, Fairsnow was taking the stage and was explaining the origin and might of the ancient spear Pasteur.

Fairsnow’s figure was slender and curvy. She was wearing a white one-piece dress which enhanced her beauty. Her refined manners caused all kinds of flowers to lose their splendor.

“I believe everyone has heard of the god killing ancient spear Pasteur…”

Actually, there was no need for explanation, everyone who arrived already knew about it. The beauties were only used to attract more eyeballs. It must be mentioned that the Honrado Auction House possessed great power, they were actually able to invite the most beautiful girl from the Fair family.

Afternoon, the auction started on time.

“Initial price is a hundred thousand gold coins. The minimum increment bid is one thousand gold coins…” Fairsnow’s voice was very sweet. With an agile movement of her hand, she pulled the yellow curtain behind her with a swish. Immediately, the ancient spear flickering with blood red radiance revealed itself.

A biting cold killing intent filled the entire hall in a flash. A mysterious expert shrouded by white mist carried Pasteur and walked to the center of the stage to put on a show for everyone.

With a light wave, a bloody divine qi soared up and penetrated the roof in a flash.


With a light sweep, a wide expanse of bloody wave surged forward in all directions. The entire stage was immediately submerged by the bloody light.


The instant the ancient spear was pulled back, all of the bloody light disappeared.

“I did not load it with any magic power at all, I only waved it a few times lightly. Its killing intent and might, everyone can very well imagine. This is Pasteur, the ancient spear that once killed the gods!” A muffled voice transmitted from the white mist. It made people unable to determine their age nor their gender.

Without a doubt, this was an expert. A powerful expert invited to secure the ancient spear Pasteur.

“Now, I will load it with magic power and let everyone see its true power.” Speaking until here, he grabbed Pasteur with both hands and soared into the sky. After that, his entire person burst out with resplendent divine radiance.

At the same time, Pasteur emitted a bloody light that caused the roof to vanish in a puff of smoke. A two meters thick bloody light beam soared into the sky. It was as if the light beam had pierced through the skies!

At this moment, many people in the Celestial City had seen this huge bloody light beam. Its power was really too intimidating. It caused many people to tremble with fear and almost crouch down on the ground.

Especially those in the auction hall. They felt all the more apprehensive. That sharp murderous aura, as well as that inextinguishable battle intent, it caused many people to limp weakly on the ground.

The soaring bloody light, an ominous weapon that once killed the gods, the ancient weapon possessed unimaginable power!

The hall turned extremely quiet. Only until the bloody light disappeared for a long time did people gradually come around. The divine blood was dripping from the ancient spear unceasingly. It made a lot of people hold their breath. It was too oppressive and shocking.

“I bid one hundred and ten thousand gold coins!”

“You want to buy Pasteur with only one hundred and ten thousand? I bid one hundred and fifty thousand gold coins!”

“One hundred and sixty thousand!”

“One hundred and eighty thousand!”

“I bid two hundred thousand!”


The situation was really too dynamic. Nobody increased the price by one thousand gold coins, they directly used ten thousand pieces as the unit.

The price increased unceasingly. The ancient spear seriously attracted too many people.

Many people only came to this place to watch the show, because it was simply impossible for them to place a bid on something that pricey. The front competed like wildfire, while many people discussed in a low voice at the back.

“Just who is this mother f—— spendthrift? They actually put Pasteur up for auction?!”

“What if it was obtained from a scramble? Of course there’s a need to sell it as soon as possible!”

“Who would be that courageous to fight over it? Do we have that kind of miracle man in the south who dared to go plunder Pasteur from the descendents of the ancient tribe?”

“What if someone from that tribe came to Celestial City with Pasteur…”

“Bringing Pasteur to Celestial City? That is a killing artifact for god’s sake! Don’t tell me someone wanted to make a big movement in the south? They wouldn’t be thinking of fighting over the Dragon Kings during the warbeast tournament right?!”

“Who can know for sure…”

“Just who would be this exaggerated? They actually dared to snatch the Pasteur from the ancient clan and put it on auction.”


Everyone wanted to know who was the seller, because this action was really too crazy.

“I bid four hundred thousand gold coins!”

“Four hundred and fifty thousand!”

“Four hundred and seventy thousand!”

While it was getting crazy in the auction house, Xiao Chen was calmly inspecting the Azure Dragon King’s injuries.

Other than the external injuries that it received from Tenax, its internal wounds were also very grave. This was the reason it was defeated so quickly last night. The condition of its injuries were very serious. Moreover, its spiritual sense was very messy, as if its awareness was being manipulated by someone. It had suffered an enormous psychological damage.

Xiao Chen frowned. Just who was that guy last night? It seemed like his goal was only to deliver the Azure Dragon King. He left and never returned after sending the Dragon King off. Just what did he wish to accomplish? No matter what, the most important thing at the moment was to give medical treatment to the Azure Dragon King.

Half an hour later, Xiao Chen sealed off the Azure Dragon King’s five senses and let it sink into deep sleep. Then he walked out from that room.

In regards to auctioning Pasteur, Xiao Chen did not do it on impulse. Would they feel grateful if he returned it to them? Definitely not! He already killed their people, there was nothing more to discuss!

So what if he was the one selling it? Who asked them to not be stern with their disciples and let them “randomly wave” a lethal weapon everywhere. Xiao Chen had seized the ancient spear after receiving a sneak attack, nobody could say anything regarding this.

Of course, the real owner definitely had no time to care about these. Thinking of a method to get back the ancient spear was his first priority.

It could be expected that the family who ultimately obtained the ancient spear would be a powerful figure. Otherwise it was impossible for them to take possession of it as this would only serve to make an enemy out of the real owner.

Money, Xiao Chen must earn it. Situation, he must throw it into disorder. Revenge, of course he must give it back. One stone three birds, of course he must sell it.

“It’s too crazy! It has already exceeded six hundred thousand gold coins!” Zhuge fatty was very excited. The fat meat all over his body was trembling as he rushed in.

Soon after, Fairsky also returned and said excitedly, “If this keeps up, even millions wouldn’t be impossible! This is too crazy!”

“At the moment, the overwhelming majority of the people don’t even know who the seller is yet. However, you have already become a millionaire in Celestial City!” The fatty was drooling as he said this to Xiao Chen with a smile, “You must invite me to Moonflower Castle three times every month. Otherwise I will publicly declare you as the seller!”

“Filthy!” Fairsky clicked his tongue disdainfully.

“And you are not filthy? You frequently come to the educational street to peek at the female students!” Zhuge fatty retaliated.

“I am merely admiring them, I didn’t have any dirty thoughts. But yours is an undisguised filthiness!”

“The fatty is indeed filthy.” Xiao Chen nodded his head. Then he asked Fairsky, “How old is your older sister?”

“What did you say? Don’t even think about it!” It was as if he had stepped on Fairsky’s tail. His eyes immediately sharpened.

“I am only admiring her. I didn’t have any dirty thoughts. What you are thinking is filthy!” Xiao Chen replied casually.

Hearing his own words being used against him, Fairsky’s beautiful face was brimming with rage. He warned, “Xiao Chen, I am warning you. Don’t you dare touch my sister!”

Zhuge fatty sneered at him, “You address her as older sister, and you sound so serious about it too. You were only born fifteen minutes later than Fairsnow. And who was it that said he couldn’t wait for his ‘younger sister’ to get married as soon as possible because he couldn’t win in a verbal argument a few years back.”

“******* fatty, scram!”

The fatty’s mouth was very undisciplined, he chuckled as he told Xiao Chen, “Fairsnow is a peerless beauty in the south. Along with Yan Qingcheng who just arrived at Celestial City, they are known as the two pearls of the south. Bro, I think if you put some effort into it, you have a very high chance of becoming Fairsky’s brother-in-law.”

“Fatty, I will kill you!” Fairsky was in a rage. At the same time, he turned his head to look at Xiao Chen and said, “If you dare to touch my sister, I will kill you at all cost!”

“This guy likes a challenge. The more challenging it is, the more he likes it.”

Just at this time, a sweet scent was carried over by the wind. The peerless Yan Qingcheng pushed the door open and entered with graceful steps.

Her purple dress made her seem like a person in a painting. Her perfect figure was like the proudest masterpiece of the heaven. Her black hair flowed down like a waterfall and her pupils were very deep. Her snow-white skin was as smooth as fine jade. Seeing her after a long while, Yan Qingcheng appeared more beautiful than ever. Her entire person seemed like a goblet of intelligence. She possessed an indescribable spiritual energy.

“I received orders from the sect to deliver an invitation card to you.”

It was very breathtaking. The fatty was unconsciously wiping the corners of his mouth, fearing that his drools would leak out unknowingly. In the end, he covered it up with a cough, “I already got an invitation card for Xiao Chen. We will definitely participate in that banquet tomorrow evening.” Speaking until here, he whispered to Xiao Chen, “The beauties of the south will gather at the banquet. At that time, Fairsnow will…”

“Fatty, you go to hell!” Fairsky sent the fatty flying with a kick.


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Chapter 138 – I’ll use his surname

I turned around and went into my room, found the envelopes that was holding my pocket money in the drawer, then gave it to my mom in the kitchen and said, “Mom, I barely used my pocket money, use it first. You don’t have to give me any either, I’ll naturally ask you for it when I need money!”

I received the enveloped while being really worked up, she didn’t say anything for a long time. After a while, she said to my dad, “We really raised a good son!”

“Leilei, why does dad think you aren’t the same after entering high school?” My dad suddenly said.

Not the same? I freaked, they can’t have noticed the fact that I was reborn right?

“How… am I not the same?” I asked carefully.

“I can’t explain it clearly, I just feel like you grew up. You know you have to study, you know about filial piety towards your parents, and most importantly you know to find a girlfriend…” My dad said with a smile.

I let out a sigh of relief, and said while chuckling, “Yeah, people have to grow up!”

I looked at my watch, it was almost time, Chen Weier should be here already, thus I just told my parents that Zhao Yanyan was waiting for me downstairs and hurried down.

Watching my fleeting image, my mom said weirdly, “Yanyan is downstairs? Why doesn’t she come up? She even have the key to our home.”

I dad also said in confusion, “Yeah, look at how the brat hurried downstairs, do you think he’s hiding something from us?”

“Yeah! Something’s wrong!” My mom’s expression also got more serious.

“There’s definitely something wrong!” My dad stood up as he said it, and walked with my mom to the balcony…

When I got downstairs, Chen Weier had already arrived. She was wearing the light blue down jacket that she bought with Zhao Yanyan a few days back, and was breathing into her hands, jumping on the spot. It must be because of her feet being cold.

“How long have you been here?” I went up and asked.

Chen Weier jumped into my embrace, and said aggrievedly. “It’s been a long time! My hands are about to freeze off, help me warm them up!” With that, she reached her hands into my clothes.

“Then why didn’t you wait a while in the stairway!” I used my hand to cover Chen Weier’s frozen red cheeks with my heart aching.

“Ai~! I’m just a little wife, no one loves or cares about me, I can only stand in this freezing land. How could I be like Yanyan-meimei, already having your home key,” Chen Weier said meaningfully.

I sweat! Isn’t the chick Zhao Yanyan just causing pointless trouble, isn’t telling her all these just making her jealous?!

“Ai? What is it? You’re angry? I’m kidding with you, I never wanted to fight over anything with Yanyan-meimei! You did buy me with two hundred and fifty thousand, even if you treat me as a maid, I won’t have any complaints!” Chen Weier said while smiling.

Although she said this, I still know that, which girl truly doesn’t care about these things?

“Don’t worry, Weier, one day you will also openly marry to my home,” I hugged Chen Weier and said seriously.

“En…” Chen Weier nodded, her hand in my clothes started acting up.

“Aiya, where are you grabbing, it’s going to freeze me to death!” I shouted out in surprise, Weier’s icy hands slid down…

“Haha, it is to freeze you to death,” I walked out of the entrance to my family’s compound hand in hand with Chen Weier.

At this time, I still didn’t know that, on the balcony of a building not far away, a man and a woman were spying on me with binoculars.

“Old Liu, is that girl Zhao Yanyan?” The woman asked nervously.

“It doesn’t seem like it!” The man said.

“Then what are you looking at, quickly let me see!” The woman grabbed the binoculars over.

“They hugged together!”

“That chick looks pretty good from this distance!”

“Leilei this heartless person, can he face Zhao Yanyan? See if I break his leg when he comes back.”

“Let’s ask him clearly when he gets back!”

“Ask for what, I’ll use his surname if I don’t beat him to death!”

“Old Liu, you got blinded from anger right? He had the same surname with you from the beginning!”


I walked out of the courtyard, and arrived at the Industrial Bank in front of my home, I took out my Jetta from the warming garage. Since Shuguang and the Industrial Bank were related companies, a lot of Shuguang’s accounts for funds are at the Industrial Bank, therefore the main bank manager also directly allowed me to park in the branch near my home.

“Why did you park the car here?’ Chen WEier looked weirdly at the guard that was smiling to me.

“Oh, the branch manager is Uncle Zhao’s friend,” I explained.

Chen Weier’s home wasn’t far from mine, it only took ten minutes on car, so we arrived at the bungalow area near the market place very quickly. This was already the last undeveloped area in Songjiang city, the reason was because it was really too poor here.

When I drove the car at the entrance of the quadrangle, several old men and women that were exercising in the morning look at the car that stopped in the bungalow area in shock. You have to know that in this bungalow area, there was barely any car.

“Which family does the car belong to? And it’s rather new!” An old lady said.

“It can’t belong to our area right, who can buy a car in the bungalow area,” Another old lady said.

‘That’s true, the people here can’t even afford houses, how could they have the sapre money to buy a car!”

“The car costs several tens of thousands right?”

“Several tens of thousands? The factory owner of Dongzi’s factory next door also bought one of these cards! The brand is called something like “Jieda”! It needs a hundred something thousand!”

“Jieda? Was it produced the same place as the liberation cars?”

“It seems like it!”

The old men and old women chatted randomly.

Chen Weier opened the door and got off the car first, I locked the car door and got off as well. When did the electronic remote for the car appear? Why isn’t it popularized yet, it is really tiring having to use the key to lock the car door all the time.

“Quickly look, it’s that Old Chen’s family’s daughter?” An old lady looked using a gaze as if she discovered a new continent.

“Don’t say it, it really is! Who’s the man beside her?”

“How do I know, look at how intimate their actions are, their relationship is definitely not normal!”

“Old Chen’s family’s daughter’s beau right?”

“Beau? Old Chen’s family’s daughter is only in third year, why would she find a beau?”

“Then who knows, look at that man, he looks dignified and is also driving a car, it’s clear that it’s a big boss!”

“It can’t be a rich man she got with right?”

“That’s very possible, I heard that Old Chen used a hundred something thousand for his illness, his family’s is broke to the core, they can’t possibly take out so much money!”

“Girls right now, they really are open…”


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Chapter 137 – Love is Blinding

Today is a very important day, today was my second time visiting Chen Weier’s home, but my identity was different. Today Chen Weier and I want reveal it all to her parents.

A lot of Shuguang’s project would only be done once, and we just needed to count money after producing it. There was already a large amount of usable funds in my hands, a lot of the projects in my plans could be started at will, including will estate. In these years, the people that throw out more money would find it easier to make it big.

Chen Weier got to my home in early in the morning, of course she didn’t dare to directly go into my home and climb into my blanket like Zhao Yanyan, my mom definitely can’t accept it in that case. Since two daughters-in-law were rather surprising in this not very open era. I didn’t have much issues with it, I was just scared that my mom would treat Chen Weier as the third party that was destroying Zhao Yanyan and my relationship, then that would really be suffering for the girl.

“Ai!” I heard my mom sigh on the table when we were eating breakfast.

“What is it, mom?” Seeing my mom’s worried look, I couldn’t help but ask.

“I don’t know what’s going on with your dad’s factory…” My mom complained.

However, before she said half of the matter, my dad interrupted, “What are you doing saying so much in front of our son! It’s matters between adults!”

“Your son has another half already, you’re still saying he’s young! She should also know some about the family situation, what’s more is that if our family continues on like this, we would have problems living!’ My mom scolded my dad, causing him to immediately shut up.

“Dad, mom, what’s with you guys? What happened to our family?” When I was saying this, I frantically searched through the large incidents that happened to our family, but there wasn’t anything, there didn’t seem to be anything that would cause our livelihood to be in trouble, could it be something sudden?

“Who knows what happened to your dad’s factory, in this recent period of time, don’t mention owing them salaries, the yearend bonus hasn’t even been paid yet, it’s nearly New Year, aren’t they not letting people live anymore?” My mom said angrily.

“What’s the use of getting mad at me! Factory Director Zhang said the factory has no money, an engineer like me can’t make any decisions!” My dad also sighed.

“You got really lucky since I married you! Ignoring how you have such a low salary, you can’t even get a cent back right now!” My mom said angrily.

“Your factory isn’t much better, paying two months of salary for three months, and you’re still talking about me!” My dad retorted unhappily.

“So what, at least I can bring money back! What about your factory? Three months! They only gave out five hundred kuai of aid in three months, what is it enough for? It’s not even enough to buy groceries!” My mom said.

“Okay now, dad, mom! Stop arguing! It’s not something you can chance, who would have thought that a large factory run by the government would have a day of unable to pay? When you just started working, the factory was an iron rice bowl, the best job! And now, those little businessmen and peddlers all became entrepreneurs, and the workers in the factory has become a job of the lowest level,” I started saying. I also know what my mom and dad were talking about at the time. It was in this time during my previous life that the electronics factory my dad was in started going downhill, being short of funds, and owed the employees’ salary, this was just the situation on the surface, the real reason was that the money would go into that factory director Zhang’s pocket, I think not long later, he would take the money and go on a run.

Should I remind my dad a bit? However, I immediately got rid of this thought, I hinted it at my dad the first day I was reborn, but he didn’t believe factory directory Zhang was that kind of person at all. And now, the money in my hands were already enough to buy tens of thousands of electronic factories like the one my dad was in, from my perspective, it was better for my dad to be laid off. Then I can help him find some easier job, I don’t want to lose this very important person to me like in my previous life.

“Heh! My son is still knowledgeable, much better than you, say, how did I fall for you then, if I married Xiao Zhao, I would be having a great life, I meant even be spending a rich wife’s life at home every day!” My mom glared at my dad, and once again used her ace.

“But isn’t he my son too! No matter what, I also did half the work! If you married Xiao Zhao can you give birth to such an excellent son! Isn’t it our old Liu family’s inheritance!” My dad immediately softened after hearing that “Xiao Zhao”, and said shamelessly.

“What are you saying, not watching what you say in front of the kid, what do you mean your work, how could you say something like that!” My mom said with a red face.

“You said it yourself that our son grew up! What’s more, could this brat be unclear about the stuff about men and women?” My dad looked at me with a strange expression.

“Hai… Hai! If it wasn’t for our son, I would have gotten divorced with you long ago, what did you think! Even now, the ones pursuing me are down to the see already!” My mom coughed twice and said.

My mom was definitely not boasting, although my mom’s appearance couldn’t be said was the most beautiful in the world, she was unarguably a beauty. Zhao Yanyan’s mother was already considered pretty among the people in their age group, but she still had a distance away from my mom. Of course, the mature Zhao Yanyan was an exception.

I was also very confused at the start, how did my mom, being so pretty, set her eyes on my dad, of course as my dad’s son, I couldn’t say this idiotic question out loud.

It was just like why Zhao Yanyan would set her eyes on me, when I got with Zhao Yanyan, I didn’t accomplish anything. That’s why a lot of the times they say live is blinding.

“Oh yeah, Leilei, leave this month’s pocket money okay, since it’s the holidays,” My mom hesitated a bit, then finally said.

Pocket money? I immediately remembered that my mom would always give me two hundred kuai of pocket money ever since I started middle school, she would use a sealed envelope to give it to me. Actually I don’t need to use this money at all, in order to prevent my mom from being suspicious, I still gladly accepted it, then casually throw it in the drawer.

“Also, we don’t disagree with you going out to play with Zhao Yanyan, but young people are too wasteful going in love, try to save some whenever you can!” My dad also said on the side.

“I disagree with this!” Before I said anything, my mom first started, “Where am I going to find such a good daughter-in-law, she is completely devoted to our family’s Leilei, we can’t let her suffer at all!”

“But from my perspective, Zhao Yanyan’s family background is so good, she must spend a lot at a time, I’m worried we can’t afford it,” My dad said quietly.

“Dad, mom, don’t worry, Yanyan and I don’t spend a lot money when we’re together!” I thought quickly, but I still thought in my heart, we actually spend a lot. We just spend several tens of thousands a few days ago, of course this isn’t counting in the Mercedes we trashed.


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[Vol 1] Chapter 16 – Chatting at Ease

After defeating the scorpion, they returned to Hajime’s base after retrieving materials and meat from the scorpion and cyclops. They were troubled by the sheer size of the bodies, but after Yue who was exhausted after using highest grade magic drank some blood again, her strengthened body recovered splendidly in a flash and exhibited superhuman strength. Between the two of them, they were somehow able to bring the items back.

Incidentally, Hajime originally wanted to use this sealed room as their base, but the idea was discarded after Yue adamantly refused. It was no wonder. She had been imprisoned there for who knows how many years, it was only natural that she didn’t want to stay there much longer. In order replenish their supplies, they must stay there for a period of time. Hence, it would be better for her mental health if they left this sealed room as soon as possible. Just like this, they were currently chatting with each other while Hajime was replenishing his supplies.

“In that case… doesn’t that mean Yue is at least 300 years old?”

“…Breach of etiquette.”

Yue stared at Hajime with reproachful eyes full of criticism. Talking about a female’s age seems to be a taboo no matter of whichever world it was.

From his memories, Hajime recalled that the vampire race perished after a large scale war three hundred years ago. Yue had probably lost her sense of time after being sealed in that dark room for such a long time. It wouldn’t be surprising if anyone said that she had been sealed for a much longer time than that. She was sealed when she was twenty, to be called over three hundred years old after she was released, how could she accept.

“Do all vampires live for so long?”

“…I’m special. 【Regeneration】, prevents aging…”

According to her, after her inherent magic — direct magic manipulation and 【Auto-Regeneration】 — awakened at the age of twelve, she seemed to have stopped aging. Ordinary vampires also appears to live much longer than other races since they sucked blood. Even so, about two hundred years was the limit.

By the way, the human’s average lifespan was 70 years, demonkin around 120 years, while demi-human’s lifespan was dependant on the race. There are elves who lived for hundreds of years.

Yue was considered one of the strongest of her time in only a few years after she awakened to her atavistic powers. At the age of seventeen, she took the throne as the Queen of Vampires.
Indeed, her magic that melted the scorpion’s shell was an attack that had little to no time delay. Moreover, she also had an almost immortal body. To the point that she would be called either a 【God】 or a 【Monster】. Yue was without a doubt, the latter.

Her uncle who was blinded by greed, started spreading rumors that Yue was a monster. He tried to kill her in the name of righteousness, but because of her 【Auto-Regeneration】, he failed and hence, could only seal her in the underground instead. Yue was so shocked by the sudden betrayal that she did not put up much resistance and was put under some sort of sealing spell amidst the confusion. By the time she regained her self, she was already in the sealed room.

Therefore, that scorpion, the sealing method, and how she ended up in the abyss, she was completely clueless. Maybe there’s a way out! Hajime, who held that kind of expectation, drooped his head in disappointment.

He also heard something pertaining to Yue’s powers. According to her, Yue seems to have an aptitude for all attributes. When Hajime became aware of this, he muttered to himself with a blank expression, “What, this cheat…” However, Yue was weak in close combat. All she could do was run around with her strengthened body as she rapidly fired off spells. Despite that, in the face of her powerful magic, it wasn’t really that big of a handicap.

By the way, Yue was able to cast magic without any incantation, but she would mutter the names of the spell out of habit. Many people used unique activation words or actions to supplement their magic and get a clearer image. Yue was no exception.

As for her 【Auto-Regeneration】, it was classified as a Unique Magic. As long as she had any remaining magic power, she wouldn’t die unless she was turned into ashes in an instant. Conversely, self-regeneration wouldn’t work if she sustained any injuries in the state of magic depletion. In other words, because her magic power had been drained after being sealed for all those years, Yue would have died if the scorpion had hit her.

“Next… the key point, do you know anything about this place? Or any escape routes to the surface.”

“…I don’t know. But…”

She also seemed to not have any knowledge about this labyrinth. While feeling apologetic, she continued her story with what she knew.

“…It was said that one of the liberators made this labyrinth.”


Hearing an unfamiliar term, Hajime stopped with his transmutation work, so as to not make any disturbing sound as he turned his line of sight towards Yue. She, who had been watching Hajime work, also shifted her line of sight. After nodding her head, she continued her story.

“Liberators… they are the followers of God that challenged him during the Age of God… Legend says they intend to destroy the world.”

Since Yue was an expressionless girl who didn’t talk much, her explanations took a bit of time. On the other hand, Hajime still needed more time to resupply. He realized his firepower was insufficient due to the fight with the scorpion. As a result, he was currently developing a new weapon. While working carefully, he was poised to listen to her.

According to Yue, during the Age of God, seven followers betrayed the god and plotted to destroy the world. However, when their plan failed, they each fled to the ends of the world. Those “ends of the world” were reportedly the current Seven Great Dungeons. This 【Orcus Great Dungeon】 was one of them. It is said that in the deepest part of the abyss was where the liberator lived.

“…If it is there, there might be a way out…”

“I see. There is no need to expend so much effort to climb up the abyss. If it is a magician from the age of gods, it wouldn’t be weird if they had some sort of teleportation magic to take them to the surface.”

Hajime loosened up his cheeks when the possibility was presented before him. He then returned his eyes back to the work in his hands. Yue also turned her eyes back to his hand.


“…Is it that interesting?”

“…… (Nods! Nods! Nods!)”

Yue did not say anything, she just nodded her head strongly to express herself. The image of her wearing that oversized coat and the way her small hands were holding onto her knees was very charming. In addition, her unbelievably well-featured appearance made her look very cuddable.

(But, three hundred years old. As expected of fantasy world. Loli-granny really exist…)

Even if his personality changed, Hajime hadn’t forgotten his Otaku knowledge. As he unintentionally thought of something like that, Yue reacted to it.

“…Hajime, thinking about something strange?”

“Nope, what’s up?”

Hajime deceived her, but he felt that Yue’s — or more precisely the woman’s — sharp intuition was something to be afraid of. His inner self broke out in cold sweat as he continued to work in silence. Yue left it off at that and asked a different question.

“…Hajime, why are you here?”

It was a natural question. This abyss was a genuine land of demons. Other than magic beasts, there was nothing else.

Yue had mountains of question for him. Why can he manipulate magic directly? Why can he use so many types of Unique Magic? How can he eat the flesh of magic beasts and still be okay? What happened to his left arm? Is he really a human? What is the weapon he is using?

Bit by bit, Hajime answered all the questions patiently. Perhaps Hajime might be longing for a conversation himself, he did not seem annoyed at her questions. Looking from certain aspects, Hajime seems to be very fond of Yue. Maybe she was the last resort to prevent him from falling into complete darkness. Perhaps Hajime had already realized this unconsciously.

Hajime started with when his class was summoned to this world. How he was called incompetent by everyone, and how he fell into this abyss after he was betrayed by an unknown classmate during the battle against the Behemoth. The transformation after eating magic beasts. The desire to fight the Talon Bear. About the potion (This is what Hajime called the Sacred Water). About how he developed the modern weapons by basing them on the weapons he had seen in his homeland. As Hajime recounted the events one by one, sniffles could be heard from Yue unwittingly. What happened? When Hajime lifted his head to look at Yue, she was weeping. Startled, Hajime instinctively reached out and wiped off her tears.

“What happened all of a sudden?”

“…Sniffs… Hajime… in pain… I also feel painful…”

Apparently, she was crying for Hajime. He started to stroke her head with a bitter smile after he got over his shock.

“Just forget about it. The business with my classmate is inconsequential. Don’t worry about the small stuff. After getting my revenge, then what? Rather than that, I want to put all my energy in surviving and finding a way home.”

Yue produced a nasal sound. She seemed to be feeling very comfortable with Hajime’s caressing and narrowed her eyes like a cat. However, after she heard Hajime said he wanted to go back to his homeland, she jolted momentarily.

“…Going home?”

“Hm? To my original world? Of course. I want to return… I changed a lot but still… home… I want to return home.”

“…I see.”

Yue looked down with a sunken expression. Then muttered to herself.

“…I don’t have a place… to return…”


Seeing Yue like this, Hajime stopped brushing Yue’s head and started to scratch his head. He wasn’t that dense. He had more or less felt that Yue was viewing him as a new place to return to. That was the whole reason why she asked him of a new name. Because of this, if Hajime left this world, Yue would be alone again.

Hajime thought to himself: “Even though I have already decided, that I will do anything to reach my goals, but it looks like I’m still too naive,” while he stroked Yue’s head.

“Ah~ If that’s so, want to come with me?”


Yue opened her eyes wide in surprise at Hajime’s words. She was gazing at Hajime with her moistened red eyes that looked restless. Hajime got flustered and started to speak rapidly.

“No, I mean, to my homeland. Well, that’s a world with only average humans. It might be inconvenient for races other than human, with the family registration and whatnot… also, with my current state, I’m not really sure what will happen… but in the end of the day, what is it that Yue want to do?”

Yue was stunned for a while, but when her mind eventually caught up. She timidly asked, “Is that okay?” However, she couldn’t hide the expectations dwelling in her eyes. Her eyes were literally sparkling, Hajime could only nod his head with a forced smile. As if her expressionless face until now was a lie, a smile bloomed on her face. Hajime was mesmerized. When he noticed he was lovestruck, he shook his head in a flurry.

Unable to look at Yue, Hajime devoted himself to his work. Yue took great interest in his work. However, the distance between them had shortened, almost to the point of sticking close together…
Hajime told himself not to mind about it.

“…What, is this?”

Little by little Hajime was finishing up different parts with the transmutation. On the side there was a one meter long cylindrical pipe, a red bullet about twelve centimeters in length, and others parts scattered around.

This was the new weapon Hajime started developing as his new trump card, since Donner was lacking in necessary firepower.

“This is… an Anti-matter Rifle: Railgun version. You saw my gun, right? This is an even more powerful version. The bullet is specially made.”

Just as Hajime said, when all the parts were assembled together, a 1.5 meter long rifle was created. Hajime was considering what he could do to increase the firepower of his guns. Electromagnetic acceleration and combustion charge was the limit for the Donner. The final verdict was that, Donner couldn’t be improved much further anymore. So he had to create a new gun.

Naturally the answer to increase the power was a larger caliber, and the length of the barrel. And the result, was an Anti-matter rifle. It could only load up to one shot but its theoretical power is enormous. In brief, its maximum output was ten times the destructive power of Donner. When an ordinary person fired with Donner, the repulsive force was enough to crush half of their body. Donner was that kind of monster gun.

The gun’s name: Schlagen. In theory, it was about ten times more powerful than Donner… roughly. It was made with the scorpion shell. When he analyzed the shell with 【Mineral Appraisal】, this was the result:

Shtar Ore

High magic affinity. A special ore where its hardness is increased by the amount of magic power used.

Apparently, that scorpion’s hardness was due to Shtar Ore’s property. It probably had a massive amount of magic reservoir to fuel that armor.

Hajime was thinking, “If this is an ore, will I be able to process it?” He gave it a try and was able to accomplish it effortlessly. If that’s the case, he could easily break through the shell with his transmutation! Recalling the hard fought battle before, Hajime felt weak in the knees. This had turned into one of his bitter memories.

Hajime had gotten his hands on a lot of excellent materials to work with, so the result was still all right. He could use these materials to make a sturdier barrel. While Hajime was consoling himself with this, he fired Schlagen. Since he now had more experience compared to the time when he made the Donner, the work progressed more smoothly.

He paid particular attention to the bullets. The bullet was made out of Taur Stone coated with Shtar ore. It could be considered a full metal cover… or something like that. In each cartridge, combustion powder was installed with a suitable ratio of compression. After one bullet was completed, as long as he had enough materials, he could use Transmutation Subskill, [+Replicate Transmutation], to mass-produce the bullets effortlessly.

While Hajime talked with Yue endlessly without getting to the point, Schlagen was completed. The gun had a very powerful and brutal form. He finished his work as he indulged with self-satisfaction. After he finished the gun, Hajime started to feel hungry, so he began preparing the meal by grilling the scorpion and cyclops meat.

“Yue, the meal is almost ready… Would it upset your stomach by eating this? That pain is not to be made fun of… no, vampires should be fine with it, right?”

Since his daily meal consisted of magic beast meat, Hajime thoughtlessly invited Yue to eat with him. However, what if something happened to her after she ate it. While thinking like this, Hajime cast a glance at Yue.

Yue stopped playing with Hajime’s invention and shook her head to say, “I don’t need the meal,” to Hajime.

“Well, since you survived for 300 years without eating, I guess there’s no problem… Won’t you feel hungry though?”

“Yes… but, it doesn’t matter anymore.”

“Doesn’t matter anymore? Did you already eat something?”

Her empty stomach had already been satisfied? Hajime looked at Yue with an astonished gaze. Yue pointed at Hajime.

“Hajime’s blood.”

“Ah, my blood. Does that mean a vampire don’t need a meal other than blood?”

“…Food can also provide nourishment… but drinking blood is more effective.”

Seems like vampires could survive with just blood. She had sucked Hajime’s blood earlier and was satisfied with it. Yue stared at Hajime who looked convinced. For some reason, she was licking her lips.

“…Why are you licking your lips?”

“…Hajime… delicious…”

“D-Delicious you say. I thought that I would taste terrible considering I’ve eaten so much magic beast flesh…”

“…Mature taste…”


From Yue’s description, his blood had a heavy, deep taste similar to a bowl of soup made with all kinds of herb and meat. The first time she had sucked his blood, she fell into a trance. This wasn’t his imagination. Having such a fine meal after starving for so long, getting infatuated was within reasons.

However, Hajime wanted to stop her bewitching lip licking. He realized Yue was past her prime. However, that childish figure coupled with the lewd act, it made Hajime unable to calm down in a certain sense.


“…Please spare me from this.”

In all sorts of meaning, she might might be the most dangerous partner. Hajime broke out in a cold sweat.


Omake (Not related to the main story)

Kaori: “…Tsk.”
Shizuka: “K-Kaori? You just clicked your tongue…”
Kaori: “Eh? What’s the matter Shizuku-chan?”
Shizuka: “N-No. It’s nothing…”
Kaori: “…Thieving Cat.”
Shizuka: “Kaori?!”
Kaori: “Fufu, it’s nothing, Shizuku-chan. I just felt like someone was threatening my position.”
Shizuka: “I don’t think this can be considered nothing…”


Chapter 10 – Caught In a Dilemma

“Right, for example Transformation, Stealth, Tracking, Targeting, Healing, Farming(Ripening Planting), Pill Refining….” Tian Lao replied: “I can transfer all layers of every corresponding spell and how they are used to you.”

  Tian Lao’s voice faded, Xiao Chen’s mind flashed, there was another scroll, recorded above, was each layer’s comprehension of spells and methods use. Xiao Chen saw that the First Layer Qi-Training spells could be used, ****, there’s nothing at all!

“Tian Lao, this First Layer Qi-Training, how is there nothing?” Xiao Chen asked depressedly.

  “A First Layer Inner Qi fighter just has to keep fit and can display the limits of their physical prowess. This is pretty fierce is it not?” Tian Lao counter-asked.

Xiao Chen was surprised for a moment, then nodded his head! Indeed, a fighter’s Inner Qi was divided to First Layer, Second Layer up to Tenth Layer.

 First Layer Inner Qi, achieves a strong and healthy body, is able to display their full strength, that is to say, it can display 100% of a normal human’s strength, while Second Layer Inner Qi, can display twice the physical limit, Third Layer Inner Qi can do three times, and so on!

And so, even if it is equal to a Third Layer Inner Qi expert, there is also a gap, but this gap isn’t particularly wide, those able to cultivate a fighter’s Inner Qi, generally their physique isn’t weak, the displayed limits of power are about the same, of course excluding the fighters with Inborn Divine Strength, these fighters, once they start cultivating, they would become kings of the Martial World!

Inner Qi is common practice for a fighter’s Kung Fu, similar to mental mantra, even if there is a difference, it is basically about the same, so it’s fairly easily to distinguish, even those who don’t practice Inner Qi, when fighting an Inner Qi user, they can determine the strength level of the fighter.

Of course unless they were ordinary people that didn’t understand fighting, but Xiao Chen’s First Layer Qi-Training isn’t the same, this is a very vague concept, Xiao Chen himself felt his own strength limit, it wasn’t as Tian Lao said, he thought that First Layer Qi-Training had no use, it was just the start!

Thinking up to here, Xiao Chen’s excitement rose, and punched the wall of the dormitory as he passed by!


A loud sound, the dormitory wall splintered and began to fall into pieces. Although it was thick concrete and wasn’t damaged, this is only in the case of a normal person’s strength limit, if one wants to punch down concrete, then better have Inborn Divine Strength.

“Hiss——” Xiao Chen sucked in cold air, he didn’t think he could cause such a loud sound, this big sound during the quiet early morning was unusually loud ah! Didn’t know if others would consider it an earthquake?

Anyway, Xiao Chen clearly felt, this was really the strength of a First Layer Inner Qi fighter, he could elevate his strength to its limit, these ten years, the height that Xiao Chen couldn’t reach. ⌈1

“Tian Lao, this ‘Final Battle to Control the Heavens’, is simply too powerful!” Xiao Chen said excitedly.

“It’s ‘Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra’….” Tian Lao said while perspiring.

“Isn’t what I’m cultivating ‘Final Battle to Control the Heavens’?” Xiao Chen nevertheless replied.

“Okay then, it is.” Tian Lao wasn’t clear on what Xiao Chen’s mental mantra was.

Xiao Chen felt as if his body was reborn, for these ten years, it had never been this comfortable during the morning! There was still time before class, still a few hours, calm down, think about what happened yesterday.

Father disappeared? Nevertheless, before confirming this news, father had disappeared for more than 6 months, many people said that father’s team fallen from the sky, but Xiao Chen didn’t believe his father would fall from the sky.

Inside Xiao Chen’s heart, his father was a role model, as well as the target of his efforts. Although Xiao Feng’s qualifications were inferior to Chen Mengying’s brother-in-law, Chen Family’s younger generation of talent, Xiao Feng and Xiao Chen were the same, absolute effort, this allowed him to become one of the best experts of the younger generation!

 The trial was worse than father’s strength so it should have been a successful return, but father didn’t come back, so Xiao Chen felt it a bit strange, with father’s strength, there shouldn’t be any surprises! That is to say, father’s squad falling from the sky, and yesterday’s Xiao Chen jumping for the suicide was similar, there were people putting out false information!

But yesterday’s matter, it gave a wake-up call to Xiao Chen, there were people who wanted him dead! These people, didn’t know if there was a connection with father’s disappearance?

Xiao Chen knew, every puzzle, can be determined only after he caught the culprit! It was just that, Xiao Chen was current out in the open, the enemy in the dark, this school, the people who disliked Xiao Chen was too much, it would be a bit difficult if Xiao Chen wanted to ferret out this person.

If not for Xiao Chen’s childhood cultivation of a calm countenance personality, yesterday’s fight, would already be enough to get him down, if he really was a useless idiotic dandy, maybe he probably would have already done suicide. ⌈2

When the news spread throughout the school that Xiao Chen did suicide, no one suspected Xiao Chen’s suicide, instead it was weird that Xiao Chen didn’t do suicide! Have to say, the manipulator behind the scenes is really sinister, killing him, and framing it with suicide.

Seeing it was almost time, Xiao Chen washed his face, got out of the dormitory, and went in the direction of the classroom. Along the way, there were fingers constantly pointing at Xiao Chen, maybe due to the satisfaction from the information that Xiao Chen was expelled from the Xiao Family had emerged today.

However Xiao Chen ignored it, only secretly frowning in his heart, under such circumstances, finding the people who want to harm me is difficult, at least Xiao Chen can see now, everyone couldn’t possibly be his killer, but only the people who disliked him.

 “Look, isn’t that Young Master Xiao Chen? Where are you going so urgently ah?” A playful voice passed through Xiao Chen’s ears, this is Zhao Yuliang’s sound.

Xiao Chen stopped in his tracks, looked up, and coldly stared at Zhao Yuliang. With Xiao Chen’s strength now, he could easily beat Zhao Yulian up, and although Zhao Family was flamboyant, Zhao Yuliang was the same as his former self, he wasn’t a cultivating Inner person, but, Xiao Chen feared Zhao Yuliang’s little brother Chen Jinpeng!

Chen Jinpeng was equivalent of a Second Layer Inner Qi fighter, also Xiao Chen was reluctant to prematurely show off his strength, who knew if there were two people, or, if they were watching in the vicinity?

If they know that I already have First Layer Inner Qi strength, they might want to kill me right? Changing his mind quickly, Xiao Chen couldn’t think of any means.


  1. TLN: Using ‘elevate’ and ‘height’ was a really bad joke on my part… 
  2. TLN: Dandy is playboy or someone who just spends their parents money 

Chapter 9 – Big Matter!

“Little Chenzi, not bad ah, breaking through the First Layer of Qi-Training so soon? I thought you would require a few more days!” This sudden sound, during the quiet morning, scared Xiao Chen’s heart to almost exploding.

This is Tian Lao’s voice! After Xiao Chen recognized the voice, and let out a sigh: “I say, Tian Lao, will you stop frightening me, don’t you know that if you suddenly speak, someone can be scared to death? Also, don’t call me Xiao Chenzi, it sounds like an eunuch’s name….”

“Then next time, when I want call attention to you, should I speak?” asked Tian Lao jokingly: “Xiao Chen, Little Chen, Little Chenzi, is there a difference?” ⌈1

“….” Xiao Chen was speechless, you want to call attention to me, but suddenly don’t want to talk? But thinking about it, Tian Lao and my contacts, is only speaking, so what does he want? As for what Tian Lao calls me, there aren’t any other people anyway, so let him.

“Never thought that ah, your XiaoZi’s strength is very pure, after just breaking through First Layer Qi-Training, it astonishes me.” Tian Lao wasn’t just a bit surprised, but astounded, suddenly cried “Hey”: “Not right, XiaoZi, didn’t you cultivate the mental mantra I gave you? Your strength and my strength aren’t the same ah….” ⌈2

“Naturally, but isn’t it the same as your awakening?” Xiao Chen, a bit surprised, said.

“Can use, I also wonder why you can use, however it certainly isn’t!” Tian Lao said with certainty: “Your body’s strength, absolutely is different from my strength, are you sure you cultivated the mental mantra I gave you?”

“It isn’t a lie!” Xiao Chen rolled his eyes: “If I had other mental mantras, I would have already been practicing, why would I push myself down a cliff? My practice, definitely is the ‘Final Battle to Control the Heavens’ that you gave me!”

“What?” Tian Lao was stunned for a moment: “What ‘Final Battle to Control the Heavens’, what thing is that?”

“The mental mantra you transferred into my mind ah!” Xiao Chen replied.

“Pff….” Tian Lao nearly laugh-sprayed upon hearing this: “What battle, it’s called ‘Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra’, it’s a mnemonics mantra, not a battle mantra, Xiao Chenzi, you’re blind ah!”

“Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra?” Xiao Chen was dumbfounded, looked carefully in his mind sea, that ‘Mantra’ certainly wasn’t a ‘Mantra’ chant, but the words were really similar, just a little different, Xiao Chen’s first impressions, looking at ‘Final Battle’, just always considered it ‘Battle’, that is to say, this word, is read backwards?

“Xiao Chenzi, don’t you know that these mental mantras are antiques? It’s to be read right to left!” said Tian Lao helplessly: “How can there be such a strange name, in addition to ‘Final Battle to Control The Heavens’!”

“This….Tian Lao, let me ask, those following mental mantras, each of them are read right to left?” Xiao Chen’s mind was a little apprehensive, and hurriedly asked.

“Yeah….” Tian Lao said up to here, then changed his tone: “I say….you’re not cultivating left to right are you?”

“Right….” Xiao Chen wanted to burst into tears, I’m ******, what is the matter ah, no one ever told me, that mental mantras have to read right to left ah!

These words occupy one line, each mnemonic not occupying more than one line, so when Xiao Chen was reading, nothing was out of the ordinary, so such cultivation continued, but, Tian Lao told him, he was practicing backwards….

“Then you can also cultivate?” Tian Lao felt it was a bit unbelievable, this is too genius right?

“If not by cultivating, then how did you awaken?” Xiao Chen was a little anxious: “I say Tian Lao, you aren’t misleading people? You won’t say that it’ll lead to a stupor? Currently I’m practicing backwards, there’s no harm right?”

“What do I know….” Tian Lao’s voice was somewhat odd: “Who would have thought, your cultivation is cultivating backwards, this is the first time I’ve heard of this! Moreover, you don’t understand Antique knowledge?”

“Then what should I do now? Should I re-cultivate?” Xiao Chen asked with a bitter smile.

“That is absolutely impossible!” Tian Lao immediately said: “Every cultivation insight, can only practice one mental mantra, being faithful, should you change to a random mental mantra, then practice both mental mantras lightly, it can lead to an overstation to a disabled person! Therefore….you can practice backwards, then just continue to practice, I also don’t know what will happen….”

“What do you mean, will I not be able to become an expert?” Xiao Chen’s heart tightened upon hearing this, was unwilling, a good opportunity in front of oneself, but now wasted, this is really ****** up.

“This isn’t easy to say….however, your backwards cultivation, I actually remembered a matter….” Tian Lao said.

“What matter?” Xiao Chen asked.

“A long long time ago….when I was small, when I did obeisance to the sect, during the time my Master gave me the ‘Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra’, he said some strange words….” Tian Lao thought of some past events, said with some sorrow: “He said to me, ‘Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra’, following a rule has an opposite rule since time immemorial, although he studied it for a lifetime, without knowing the essence of this sentence, but I still have not understand, it could be possible that he meant, this ‘Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra’, can be cultivated backwards?”

“….” Xiao Chen’s heart was moved, but then he shook his head, it was too crazy: “Tian Lao, are you comforting me?”

“Not comforting, perhaps, your way of cultivation, is correct?” Tian Lao was also a bit confused: “But, in any case, you’re a First Layer Qi-Training expert!”

“First Layer Qi-Training, what rank is it?” Xiao Chen asked.

“Generally speaking, First Layer Qi-Training, in terms of strength, is approximately equal to a First Layer Inner Qi expert!” Tian Lao said.

“What?!” Xiao Chen was shocked: “Tian Lao, you mean, my one night cultivation, is equal to a First Layer Inner Qi expert?”

“It isn’t equal, it’s approximately equal.” Tian Lao replied.

“In other words, it’s a bit away compared to a First Layer Inner Qi expert?” Xiao Chen was thinking, just missed a bit is worth ah, my one night caught up with other people’s long time of cultivation.

“I say Xiao Chenzi, when did your thinking change ah? I have already told you, we are those who cultivate true virtue in order to fight those stronger. Right now you’re almost a First Layer Inner Qi expert, but your ability in magic is in fighting nothing else!”

“Magic?” Xiao Chen gave two hollow laughs, his problem wasn’t his change of thinking, but that First Layer Qi-Training was too easy to reach, it let Xiao Chen subconsciously think that a First Layer Inner Qi expert wasn’t powerful.


  1. TLN: First ‘Xiao Chen’ is his name, but second and third are endearing and joking names 
  2. TLN: XiaoZi means ‘kid’ 

Chapter 8 – First Time Possessing Strength

Xiao Chen’s dormitory was separated to the other dorm rooms, but Xiao Chen had been enrolled for three years and had not lived there, inside, the furniture was covered in a thick layer of dust. Fortunately, this was still his dorm, otherwise Xiao Chen would have to sleep on the streets.

The dormitory was paid when he was admitted, so Xiao Chen did not need to worry about payments.

Dust on the furniture, Xiao Chen refused to pay attention to trivial matters and sat cross-legged on the bed. Ready to begin cultivation, with the mantra given to him by Tian Lao. After all, he yearned for strength for too long, and now had the opportunity turn his situation around, made Xiao Chen impatient.

Xiao Chen sat there and started to recall the cultivation method, Xiao Chen did not know how the method was passed on, just as he recalled, suddenly in his mind a formula scroll appeared!

The scroll was vivid, as if he had seen it before. Presumably, this was Tian Lao’s knowledge, but he still did not know how it transmitted into his mind.

“Battle to seize the heaven?” This name is quite strange! However, Xiao Chen did not care too much, generally methods would have strange names. For example he read a book called “Personal biographies of the master’s school.” Novel, which had a forest God practicing what was called “shaft driving the dragon”. However, the mantra had a better name “battle to seize the heaven”, which rather made it fierce, and allowed one to soar through the clouds. ⌈1

Xiao Chen started to recall information on “battle to seize the heaven”, although this and his previous cultivation methods were different, Xiao Chen was still familiar with the acupuncture points and meridians to circulate the energy into.

Although Xiao Chen thought that this “battle to seize the heaven” was somewhat strange, he had not come across anything similar to it and braced himself to practice.

According to Tian Lao’s information that was left behind in Xiao Chen’s mind, to cultivate true Qi, the first step is to form Qi in its gas state, in accordance with the mantra, let the gas cycle through his meridians. As long as he is able to succeed in doing so, it will equal to him setting foot at the threshold of cultivating true Qi.

It was difficult at the start, but for a madman like Xiao Chen, it was nothing. To make the body produce qi in its gas form, even for an average person, after getting used to it, how trivial is it? Especially when Xiao Chen had practiced in his basement for several years, comparing each other, this was nothing.

Once again, Xiao Chen tirelessly started the cycle of the mantra, although he felt no changes to his body, Xiao Chen though that Tian Lao would never deceive him, therefore he repeated the mantra over and over.

Eight, nine, ten, eleven and twelve cycles were completed until it was morning. Although Xiao Chen repeated the cycle of the mantra, he suspected that “battle to seize the heaven” was unsuitable for him to practice. After such a long time, it had not responded to him, was his qualifications too poor or was he practicing it wrong.

Just as Xiao Chen was doubting the mantra, his chest felt slightly cool, then he felt this air flow from his chest and spread along his meridians and in his mantra, the air was getting larger

At this moment, Xiao Chen wanted to scream. He successfully cultivate his Qi into gas form, which would mean that he was able to cultivate true Qi? Thinking of this, Xiao Chen clenched his teeth and repeated the cycle of the mantra once more, circulating the Qi throughout his meridians.

With the increase of Qi in Xiao Chen’s body, Qi started to circulate through his meridians, this made Xiao Chen cry out in pain. This was the first time Qi circulate through his meridians, the feeling of being pierced did not stop Xiao Chen from continuing.

Since childhood, Xiao Chen believed in the words “no pain, no gain” ⌈2

That is why Xiao Chen, for several years, continued to exercise in his basement diligently. But sometimes it’s not that one cannot achieve it in a certain way. ⌈3

Xiao Chen’s physique was unable to cultivate Qi, therefore when he was able to feel Qi, Xiao Chen was excited, even if he was in incomparable pain.

Finally, under Xiao Chen bearing through the pain, he could feel all the meridians in his body filled with Qi. Even though he kept circulating the Qi through is meridians, Xiao Chen sense that his meridians weren’t being torn and in pain, instead a warm comfortable feeling passed through his meridians.

Xiao Chen did not know how long the Qi had been circulating through his buddy, but it suddenly stopped, rapidly welling up in his dantian All of the built up Qi gathered in his dantian, Xiao Chen thought that it would explode, but instead started to compress, turning Xiao Chen’s face red.

Won’t have problems? Xiao Chen clenched his teeth not knowing what do to, he wanted to stop the mantra, but did not dare to as he knew far too less. Practising with great difficulty, and able to form Qi, Xiao Chen was unwilling to give up. ⌈4

“Bang!” Xiao Chen felt he body shake, as if something broke in his body, pain surged throughout his body, but as if something broke, a pleasant sensation was released.

By now Xiao Chen had stopped cultivating the mantra, if he kept at it, who knows what would happen later, power is important, but so was his life.

After stopping the mantra, Xiao Chen quickly checked his body to see if there were any problems, but as Xiao Chen began to check his ears, suddenly a voice rang out, giving Xiao Chen a scare!


  1. TL: Imo “Battle to seize the heavens” sounded better… 
  2. TL: Do remember this is set in modern day era. 
  3. TL: More than one way to succeed. 
  4. TL: Originally said practiced for such a long time…but it like seem he only practiced for a night.. 

Chapter 7 – The Young Lady’s Concern

Once they had seen each other, Xiao Chen did not bother to greet him, he simply wanted to go back to his room and practice the mental mantra. Strength, this is what he had always wanted from birth, now that it was so close, how could he not worry about it. ⌈1

Xiao Chen did not want to talk to Chen Jinpeng, but seeing that Chen Jinpeng widened his eyes in horror like he saw a ghost, pointed at Xiao Chen and said “You…You…You’re not dead ?”

Xiao Chen was quietly looking at Chen Jinpeng, while maintaining his composure he replied “Chen Jingpeng, is something wrong with your head? You’re the one who died”

Xiao Chen was pushed off the cliff, only himself and the person who pushed him knew, unless the person who pushed him was connected to Chen Jinpeng. ⌈2

Xiao Chen was not stupid, his father had gone missing, expelled from the Xiao family, could not cultivate Qi and was pushed off a cliff by an unknown assailant. All of this was too coincidental, like an invisible hand behind the scene.

But to find out what truly happened, Xiao Chen must become stronger. For that to happen, while he’s weak he must maintain his image of being a playboy.

“What’s this?” Chen Jinpeng had not cared that Xiao Chen scolded him; in fact he was still shocked. The rumour that Xiao Chen jumped off Longshan cliff to commit suicide had long spread through the school. So initially when Chen Jinpeng saw Xiao Chen he was scared, but after, confirmed he was not a ghost. Chen Jingpeng sneered “Not dead, you certainly have good luck.”

At this time, Cao Yuliang walked over and saw Xiao Chen, a hint of surprise flashed through his eyes “Xiao Chen, a taxi driver said that you jumped off Longshan Cliff to commit suicide, it seems that those rumors were not true!”

“Big brother!” Chen Jingpeng said, he hurriedly threw Xiao Chen under the bus and said “Big brother, just before Xiao Chen dared to scold your subordinate by saying I was brain dead, what should we do?”

“Well now, we are at school.” Cao Yuliang beckoned with his hand, of course if they were not present at school he would act, but Cao Yuliang saw Cheng Mengying coming their way.

“Dreams do come true!” Cao Yuliang was currently feeling great; Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying had broken off their engagement, meaning he could freely pursue her.

Cheng Mengying paid no attention to Cao Yuliang, she saw Xian Chen, which was the reason she walked over. Cheng Mengying was confused in her mind, why did she walk over? Did she care about Xian Chen?

Before, Xiao Chen was pursuing Lin Keer and Shen Jingxuan while engaged to her, she had wanted to strangle him. She was his fiancée and he gave her no face by doing so. But when she heard Xiao Chen committed suicide, Cheng Mengying’s anger dissipated and worry filled its place.

“Eh… Why should I care about him? Yes, he used to be my fiancé, but now that engagement has been broken, meaning I have no responsibility towards him.” Cheng Mengying kept this in her heart.

But on the surface, she gave Xiao Chen a cold glance and said “Hmph! Good that you didn’t commit suicide or people would think that Cheng Jia persecuted you to death!

After she finished saying that, Cheng Mengying did not stay, turned around and left. Cao Yuliang thought that Cheng Mengying despised Xiao Chen, half followed and flattered her by saying “Ahh Miss Mengying, if that Xiao Chen fellow had died, your reputation would have been affected. I’m truly worried that when he does die, that people will berate you!

Cheng Mengying did not even look at Cao Yuliang, as she proceeded straight to the entrance of the school to enter her car.

“Xiao Chen, take it.” The one who spoke was Shen Jingxuan, she had passed an envelope to Xiao Chen, smiled, turned around and left.

Cao Yuliang’s attention was on Cheng Mengying, who naturally did not pay attention to them. But Chen Jingpeng saw, he held Shen Jingxuan in his heart. But she was also in the eyes of his brothers pursuit, thus he can only endure.

Xiao Chen took the envelope, which had the lingering warmth of Shen Jinguan. He did not consider that Shen Jingxuan liked him, as she could be said to be a noble lover, as she was kind to everyone. She would often take part in charity events and so the money she gave could be regarded as nothing.

Moreover this matter was incited by Cheng Mengying, this is what Xiao Chen believes. Only Cheng Mengying knew that he could not pay for his meal.

“Oh…” Xiao Chen put the money away, although it was not much, it would be used for food and clothing. It looks like his ex-fiancee’s heart was quite good, but was covered by her indifference.

This was especially prominent with Shen Jingxuan, as if Cheng Mengying treated her like she did to others, they would not be good friends.

Although he received money, he was not happy. This was because the news of him had spread around the school. Who was it that spread the rumour? Cheng Jingpeng? Cao Yuliang? Or was it the driver?

Who wanted to harm him? The taxi driver was probably an excuse; the rumour must have been spread by the murder. At best the taxi driver was told where to go, as why would he drive to Longshan cliff out of everywhere else?

Of course there’s a possibility that it was a coincidence, but he needed to focus on who spread the rumor at school.

“Sigh… One step at a time.” Xiao Chen thought that he should first increase his strength and then slowly find out the person who plotted against him. At the same time he was puzzle. Who would bother to kill a playboy? What advantages would that bring them?

Xiao Chen walked all the way back to his room, while being constantly pointed at. Xiao Chen turned a blind eye to these people, as he watched the rumors of him being alive spread.


  1. TL: Mental mantra was the cultivation technique that Tian Lao passed onto him. 
  2. TL: At this time he doesn’t know that the news about him had spread. 

Chapter 6 – The News from Campus Spread Too Fast

“Did you hear? That trash Xiao Chen committed suicide by jumping off a cliff!” This had quickly spread around campus and at this moment, people who knew Xiao Chen had formed smalls groups to discuss it.

“Did you hear the news about Xiao Chen?” After a student had heard the news, he said loudly “If I was expelled from my family, was a useless trash and was exposed of spending money on match-fixing, I would have also committed suicide!”

“Yes, without the blessing from his family, Xiao Chen is just trash…No that’s not right, even trash is better than what he is!” Another student joined in. Those students who were jealous of Xiao Chen previously, had now started to berate him.

“Xiao…Xiao Chen committed suicide?” Lin Keer had just entered the room and heard her classmates discussing the news of Xiao Chen. After hearing another group discuss it, her face paled as she continued to listen.

“Yes!” An admirer of Lin Keer replied as he paid no attention to her reaction. “But it’s great news! That ******* Xiao Chen won’t be able to harass you and now you’re free to be pursued by others!”

The adorers name was Dou Xiaonan. He was the young master of a medium sized family, who felt he was superior to others. But before the news of Xiao Chen, he would not dare act this way around him. To him, Lin keer had become Xiao Chen’s private goods, but now that he’s gone, he’s able to pursue her. ⌈1

“Who…Who said this?” Lin Keer looked at Dou Xiaonan as if he was lying. She couldn’t believe that Xiao Chen had committed suicide, she had just talked to him a few hours ago. How could he do this?

“It is said that a taxi driver had dropped him off at Longshan cliff.” Dou Xiaonan knew these were just rumours, but in his heart he wished that it was the truth. Adding fuel to the fire, he looked at Lin Keer and said “After the basketball tournament, Xiao Chen went to eat but had no money. This resulted in Cheng Mengying paying for his meal, this would have dealt a huge blow to Xiao Chen’s pride. In which he asked the driver to drop him off at Longshan Cliff and then jumped off.

Dou Xiaonan saw that this news had shaken Lin Keer. He had thought that it was because she was too happy that Xiao Chen had died and felt relieved.

As Lin Keer listened to Dou Xiaonan, her mind had gone blank. She did not dislike Xiao Chen, on the contrary she was very grateful towards him. Even if Xiao Chen had pestered her by pursuing her, he had not made it difficult for her at all, nor did he do anything to embarrass her.

Xiao Chen was her saviour, could he not overcome what had happened to him? Lin Keer could not understand, even if he wasn’t a part of the Xiao family, he could have become outstanding through his own efforts.

“Lin Keer, why do you not speak? Is it because you are too happy?” Dou Xiaonan thought that she was happy to hear the news and to be able to chat with him. But he would never expect that she was lost on how to handle what had just happened.

Lin Keer started crying, she could not accept it! Not because she liked Xiao Chen, but because she though Xiao Chen was a good person.

“Dou Xiaonan…. Is what you said the truth?” Another student asked as he overheard their conversation.

Of course! That taxi driver is always waiting outside our school’s entrance. He’s here every day, if you don’t believe me go ask him yourself.” Vowed Dou Xiaonan.

Cheng Mengying had also heard of the news regarding Xiao Chen. But her first reaction was not to talk about it with other but doubt it. Even if Xiao Chen committed suicide, how would the news spread so quickly?

She did not believe that the taxi driver would wait for Xiao Chen after he had been dropped off at Longshan Cliff. That he would leisurely watch him jump off the cliff. This made Cheng Mengying not believe what she had heard.

Certainly the news about Xiao Chen was false. Though she did not like the relation between her and Xiao Chen, she still knew the personality of the playboy. Even though Xiao Chen paid no attention to her in the slightest and pursued other women, she still knew of his mischievous actions. ⌈2

“Daydreaming about Xiao Chen?” Shen Jingxuan jokingly said. She was one of Cheng Mengying’s friends and had witnessed Xiao Chen harass a girl. Shen Jingxuan did not belong to one of the nine families, but from a mystical family. This made her the object of pursuit by sons from influential families.

Unlike Cheng Mengying who had a cold personality, she was warm to everyone, making people feel like spring’s breeze had swept over them.

“What do you think about the news? With this you will have lost a suitor, meaning less trouble for you.” Cheng Mengying did not want to admit that Xiao Chen had also pursued Shen Jingxuan, while he was engaged to her.

“I hope that the rumours are false, Xiao Chen was already born with bad luck.” Though Shen Jingxuan was concerned, she did not hold Xiao Chen in a special place. ⌈3

Cheng Mengying knows Shen Jingxuan’s personality, in truth, she also hoped that Xiao Chen has not died. Even though she dejected the engagement between her and Xiao Chen, as Shen Jingxuan said, he simply had bad luck. ⌈4

If were not for his grandfather, Xiao Chen would not be so unrestrained. Therefore Cheng Mengying always felt gratitude towards Xiao Chen, however did he ever put her in his eyes? ⌈5

Shaking her head, Cheng Mengying walked over to the book shelve to read and to forget about these things.

While the news was spreading around school, Xiao Chen had started to run back. This journey required him to run over twenty kilometres, though it would be difficult for normal people, every night for the past ten years he exercised to try cultivate his inner-energy. This naturally made his body very strong, if not he would be dead before he ran the whole way.

Certainly he could run halfway and use the remaining $40 or so dollars for a taxi. But currently Xiao Chen needed the money, so he continued to run. ⌈6

After sometime, Xiao Chen had made it to the school. To his surprise, the first person he bumped into was Chen Jingpeng!


  1. TLN: Dou Xiaonan = Small South 
  2. TLN: Slightly veered off from original translation. But made it in a way that made more sense as it previously disrupted the flow. 
  3. TLN: Referring to him not being able to cultivate inner-energy as “born with bad luck” 
  4. TLN: When it says “she also hopes…” It’s referring to her (Cheng Mengying). 
  5. TLN: Basically Xiao Chen not making trouble for her, thus her gratitude. 
  6. TLN: Remember, saving money is key!