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Chapter 5 – Martialist? Truth Cultivator!

“What am I meant to do when you hibernate?” Xiao Chen gawked. Secretly in his heart, he was surprised that he could fly up the cliff. In Xiao Chens mind, even if his father and several qi masters were to try, it would be impossible for them to succeed. It seems as if his master was a really great person, yet he didn’t recognize earlier.

“According to the cultivation method you used, it was to strengthen your qi. But the cultivation I will be showing you will enhance your spiritual strength!” Tian Lao said “Also don’t worry, I will wake up after a short amount of time. Once you become a genuine cultivator is when I will awake. But right now, let me help you before things become too difficult. ⌈1

How do I cultivate?” Xiao Chen was confused “What sort of power?”

“Previously you were trying to cultivate qi, but there is also true qi. Both are very similar, but are worlds apart. Most cultivate qi to become true qi but fail to do so. Only those who have a spiritual root are able to!” Tian Lao said “A warriors training for the body and a monks training for breathing. I will refine a method of techniques to teach you, which you will cultivate in.”

Although what Tian Lao had said was simple, to Xiao Chen it was extremely shocking! Cultivating true qi? Was there truly such a thing? This was the first time he had heard of “true qi”, then again, to be able to cultivate true qi, one must have spiritual roots which was rarely found.

“Yes Master!” Xiao Chen excitedly said.

Tian Lao did not reply, but suddenly, Xiao Chen felt as if his mind was being stretched to its limit. Multitude of information regarding cultivation techniques appeared in his mind!

“I will be momentarily taking over your body” Tian Lao said this as he finished transferring the information to Xiao Chen. To Xiao Chen’s surprise, he could not control an inch of his body. All he could do was watch what his eyes could see.

“Master…How are you?” Xiao Chen asked through is mind.

“I’m fine, your body is truly weak. This is consuming more of my soul than I thought. We’ve only just met and you’re already causing so much trouble for me! Such a high cliff, truly bothersome.” This was all said by Tian Lao through his mouth, which made it awkward for Xiao Chen to hear his own voice.

Well…If I didn’t fall you wouldn’t have been able to inhabit my body!” Xiao Chen thought to himself.

“Ha-ha! Well said! In the past, I was seriously injured and pursued to this cliff. It was fate for you to be brought here.”

“Master was able to fly over the cliff?” Xiao Chen was a little surprised.

“At the time I was injured… No forget about it. It’s in the past.” Suddenly Tian Lao jumped and flew straight up the cliff.

Xiao Chen looked with amazement. With a single jump, he was able to soar this high. By cultivating true qi, who would be able to rival him?

“Different roads will converge. There’s not a set path to a destination!” Xiao Chens thoughts were as plain as day, Tian Lao spoke “Remember, do not underestimate a warrior, It was a warrior that beat me down this cliff.” ⌈2

“Hisss” Xiao Chen hissed as he felt that his good mood was washed away by Tian Lao’s words.

“Of course if I was not injured already, he wouldn’t have been able to kill me!” But Xiao Chen did not know whether to laugh or cry at his reply.

After Tian Lao spoke, he had landed on top of the cliff. Soon after, Xiao Chen was able to resume control of his body.

“Master, you are truly strong! With just one leap we were able to traverse up the cliff!” Xiao Chen was unable to hold in his excitement.

However, Tian Lao did not reply to Xiao Chen. An eerie silence could be felt.

“Master?” Xiao Chen called out once more.
But he received no reply. Xiao Chen then remembered the words that were spoken before, that for them to make it up the cliff, Tian Lao would use up all his soul power and enter hibernation. Only when Xiao Chen reaches a certain point in his cultivation, will he be able to supplement his master and wake him for his slumber.

Xiao Chen stood there thinking, he decided he would cultivate as hard as possible to achieve his goal as soon as possible.

Just a few hours ago, Xiao Chen was standing right where he was. The only difference is that he now has a goal and a way to achieve it. This had increased Xiao Chen’s morale and filled up his fighting spirit.

However as he ran away from the cliff, he was unable to see any taxi’s. This dampened his mood, thus he began his journey to school.


  1. TLN: Tian Lao is the spirit that inhabits him. I don’t think it was mentioned in Chapter 4. 
  2. TLN: I think they are calling people who practice QI warriors. 

Chapter 4 – Becoming an Apprentice

Xiao Chen can’t help but being afraid. Although he never experienced this type of thing, he has heard numerous people talking about it. In this moment a spirit has entered in his body. Of course, but, who possessed him?

“Possessed?” This rashly voice, like it’s was not worth, started to laugh. “Of course, just now I used the magic gate to enter into your body, because possessing your body was not the most appropriate thing to do, it leads to a lot of problems. I’m merely living inside. I only exist in your body and that’s all.”

“Ah…” Xiao Chen relaxes, after all, its appear that this spirit didn’t possessed him. If not, why he would explain me many things? And not only that, he found that he has yet his free will so he took a deep breath and asked: “Who spirit… are you? Why did you choose to enter in my body?”

“Who I am? There is no meaning for you to know in the meantime. As for the reason why I entered in your body, is because your physique and mine are similar. Just in the time that you jumped down to the precipice, my soul was there. So right away I deposited myself in your body!” That voice faintly explained.

“Similar physique? You still think about possessing me?” Scared, Xiao Chen jumped and said it angry! Still, he sighed with sadness. I didn’t die from falling to the precipice but instead I must be possessed by a spirit?

“Don’t get excited, Xiao Chen!” One more time the voice echoed but this time with some funny tone: “You have to thank me because if not were for me entering into your body in the air at the time that you were falling, you would be by now a meat patty!”

“Why… Why you know my name? You are able to read… my mind?” Xiao Chen frightened asked.

“You are forgetting something; I’m inside your body. As long as you think, I can communicate with you, so you don’t need to speak with your mouth.” This voice continued explaining: “As for possessing your body, I’m not really interested. And even though your body and mine resemble, they only look alike and nothing more! Is not good if I possess your body, your thoughts will be lost, or rather, they are going to fuse with mine and form a new person…”

“Although it happened this way… Thank you for saving my life.” He didn’t know why he was talking loud but perhaps is because it was inside of his body. That let feel to Xiao Chen that he was being sincere, that he wasn’t deceiving him.

“This old man didn’t save you for nothing!” This voice let feel Xiao Chen that he didn’t care about his gratitude. “I only save you to saving me! I have some unfinished business and I want you to help me to fulfill them!”

“What?” The mind of Xiao Chen was filled with emotions! “You said that you didn’t save me from your kindness? But that you had to!?”

“Oh… Your father is missing and you were expulsed from your clan, even they declined your marriage. And the one who was your little brother is now bulling you… Tsk… It seems that you had a miserable life since birth…” Suddenly, the voice with a sarcastic tone said.

“****! You *******, you are peeping into my privacy!” Xiao Chen was thoroughly angry, so much that he had the urge to beat someone. Even if he raised his fist, who’s going to hit? Don’t tell me that I have to punch myself? That wouldn’t be idiotic?

“I only looked casually, rest assured; I don’t have any evil intention. I only looked to your recently memories, and that’s all.” This voice said it indifferently.“ You have a good physique but yet, you’ve finished this way. Tsk, tsk, it’s really lamentable!”

“You old *******, what you think that you’re saying?” Xiao Chen was gnashing his teeth in anger, but he didn’t have any other choice but to have this spirit inside of his body. I cannot beat him and insult him… Because it appears that it doesn’t have any effect in this brazen old *******!

“You don’t want to become strong?” The voice didn’t said it like a joke, but it was full of temptation.

Xiao Chen who was thinking of insult him later, suddenly thought about the words of this spirit. “A good physique?” What is a good physique in your eyes? Xiao Chen is not idiot, so thinking about testing this voice, he said: “Don’t tell me that you know about a method to cultivate inner energy?”

“No!” This voice said quite straightforward.

“…” Xiao Chen had a suddenly impulse of walking away. “You are not going to ask what is?”

“Maybe, you are saying that there are other methods? You don’t have to cultivate inner energy to become someone strong?” The voice said like he was asking to himself.

“You… You are saying that do you have other way to cultivate, but that has the same effect as the inner energy?” Xiao Chen staring blankly asked at once.

“Hehe, that’s right!” The voice sure of what it said, said: “Otherwise, how can I let you help me to fulfill my wish? But everything depends of your talent?”

“Good. As long as you make me strong, in exchange I will fulfill your wish!” Xiao Chen slightly hesitated but then he made his decision. Sure of what he said, he said: “But before coming to an agreement, you have to let me handle a dangerous affair, if not, I can’t go!

“Hehe, certainly, that’s beyond my control. My first wish before dying was to accept a disciple. Xiao Chen, before accepting you as disciple you have to kowtow!” The laughter of that voice was filled with vulgarity.

“Becoming an apprentice?” Xiao Chen was staring blankly, but suddenly he understood that he was deceived: “I must become a disciple; you are my master now. But if I do what I want to do, where is our agreement?”

“When I said that this is a deal? You’re the one who said it!” The voice nevertheless continued speaking: “I will say again. Among my wishes, one of them was to have a disciple!”

“You…” Xiao Chen opened his eyes, stunned; he didn’t know what to say.

“Good. Frankly speaking, you are going to be my only and sole disciple. So how could I let you enter into a pit of fire? If you recognize me as your master, then you would gain only benefits!” That voice laughed.

“Good, I recognize you as my master!” Xiao Chen was thinking that he has no other choice but to only rely on this spirit. He trained more than ten years without effect. If there are other methods, he would have used them long ago!

“Good. Before becoming a disciple there is the ceremony. Forget about escaping, I can’t come out from your body and you can’t worship yourself!” Hearing that, Xiao Chen was fully satisfied: “You can call me master or Tian Lao.”

“Master, what should I do now? This precipice… How I can go back?” Since Xiao Chen naturally accepted this Tian Lao as his master, he was no longer confused.

“You don’t have to worry about returning!” Tiao Lao nevertheless said: “My spiritual force is already weak, but I can make you able to temporarily fly over the precipice but then I would exhaust all of my remaining spiritual force. Afterwards, I will enter into hibernation.”


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Chapter 3 – Possessed by a Spirit?

When going away from the food stall, the face of Xiao Chen was perplexed. Originally he thought that even if the hard work yielded no result, he will be the Xiao clan’s heir. As long as he marry Cheng Mengying and had children, then those children would put their foot on the martial road. In that way the Xiao clan wouldn’t say anything.

After all, the life of a warrior is long. His father, Xiao Chen was rare genius of his generation so they would have patience with his grandson to grow.

So he had a plan. He would fake being an ignorant and incompetent rich boy. He would also pick hot girls and indulge himself in a life of debauchery.

Besides the inner branch of the Xiao clan, Xiao Chen successfully fooled all the people and nobody thought that Xiao Chen force himself to cultivate every day for ten years like a madman.

What he didn’t expect is that his father would disappear and Cheng Mengying’s uncle, the most promising youngster of his generation, would be also missing from the small team which his father led into the trial. The news from the outside world said that because the mistakes in making decision, Xiao Chen’s father, Xiao Feng, resulted in the whole trial team killed. They said that his father ruined the lives of those people and their future prospect in the trials.

Cheng master’s son was furious, so they put under pressure the Xiao clan, resulting in the expulsion of him from his clan!

The Cheng clan is an old martial clan, and can be compared either with the four big clans of the Songning city or the small five clan’s head. In the northwest is one of the very best, and it was natural because they were one of those few ancient martial clans on the Daxia Country but not only that, the clan was born here. They are a transcendent existence, a clan where the martial arts were passed through hundreds of years.

The Xiao clan, Chen clan and the Cao clan were that type of existence, but almost ten years ago, the Cheng clan rose abruptly as a clan. They also cultivate but the Chen clan’s heritage cannot be compared! There are nine clans on the Songning city, but the ranking is not always the same, they regularly held a clan meeting where they will be re ranked according to the comprehensive strength of each clan.

The ranking has always changed more or less but never the ranking of the Cheng clan!

Therefore, being married with the Cheng Clan would mean the rapidly advance of their respective clans. That’s what they thought and because the head of their clans, Xiao Feng and Cheng Zhenfei were training from childhood under the same person, from early they fixed a marriage for Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying.

“Kid, need a car?” In the moment when he was hesitating, a taxi stopped besides Xiao Chen. The driver estimated that because he was standing foolishly there, that maybe he was waiting for a car.

Xiao Chen looked blankly at him, but he still nodded. He didn’t want to stay anymore in the school, because if he stays he would be ridiculed. He wants a quiet place to think about the future.

Now that he was without clan, without father, he must plan his life all for himself.

“As you like, I need to find a peaceful place!” Xiao Chen opens the taxi’s door.

“A peaceful place? Kid, you have someplace in mind?” The taxi driver distracted asked.

“En, a place where you can’t find people.” He didn’t want to talk much; he went to the point and nodded.

Without asking why, the taxi driver launched its small car leaving behind the food stall.

Xiao Chen doesn’t know but not long ago after he left on the taxi, a black Audi car was behind them, the model was an A6L. It was pretty ordinary but if you don’t have a professional anti reconnaissance capability you wouldn’t notice it.

The taxi stopped on the edge of a cliff of the Longshan Mountain. This place was a tourist attraction. A company brought this place with the intention of developing into a business, however in this moment; this place is an unmanned place. In summer, lovers come here to have a love affair but now it was autumn, so the wind is quite big on the precipice. That’s why was actually uninhabited.

But for Xiao Chen, this place is perfect. It was possible to calm down his heart. The blowing wind was clearing his head.

What happened today was so much and because he was expulsed from his clan, he had much time to think about just before participating on the friendly match of basketball. Xiao Chen paid the driver and went to sit on the edge of the precipice. He was looking at a bottomless cliff, lost in his thoughts…

From now on what I’m going to do? I don’t have inner strength. Xiao Chen is no different to an ordinary person, but even in the clan, ordinary people were not expulsed, so he was inferior to them.

Originally, he was a good-for-nothing young master, but he thought that he was quite intelligent, fooling everyone, but now that he lost everything, he understood that he was only a little smart.

When Xiao Chen was contemplating the scenery, he does not know who but someone pushed him violently with a kick!

“****!” Xiao Chen curses in rage, his body was falling down slowly though the precipice. Who the hell can be so cruel?

Wind was whistling on his ears and the bottomless cliff left Xiao Chen forehead covered with cold sweat!

I’m going to die? Xiao Chen’s eyes flashed a hint of unwilling! After all, who is going to kill himself? The person who pushed him has inner strength. Xiao Chen felt that if they hadn’t used inner strength, then he wouldn’t fall so easily. The distance from where he sat to the precipice was at least two meters or more. Ordinary people would only make him stumble because it would be impossible to push him downwards the precipice given the distance!

Although all this years he couldn’t train inner energy, his body was sturdier than average people. That was the fruit of his effort, the effort of training every day in the night.

However, now this effort has become meaningless. He felt helpless seeing getting closer more and more to the end of the precipice…

“Bang——“ A loud sound. Xiao Chen felt all of his organs shattered, then, he lost consciousness…

He doesn’t know how many time passed, but suddenly, he heard a sound who let Xiao Chen absolutely terrified!

Because that sound didn’t come from hearing, rather, it comes from inside of his mind!

“Wake up… Wake up…” That sound was spinning on his mind. Scared, he did a great jump but he was not aware that he jumped suddenly!

“Who? Who is it?” Xiao Chen even forgot that he was pushed down from the precipice but also he didn’t have time to think about why he didn’t die. Rather, he looked everywhere looking for the sound source.

“I.” A somewhat old sound echoed again. Inmmedialty his face was covered with horror!

Because he practiced martial arts, Xiao Chen is not a coward, he already saw countless dead people, but the scene in front of him surpassed a normal situation!

“You… Who are you? Where are you?” Asked Xiao Chen shortness of breath.

“I’m inside of your body!” Said the voice.

“What… What joke are you saying?” Said Xiao Chen subconsciously, but he still looked down, lowering his head, looking at himself. But there was no difference on him

“You thought that I was joking? I’m a spirit/soul. In this moment I’m inside your body.” The voice said it indifferent.

“A spirit? In my body? I’m… possessed?” When Xiao Chen spat the word “possessed” his face turned white.


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Chapter 2 – Fiancée

Because the intense exercise and a little of hunger, Xiao Chen wanted to go to the school cafeteria to eat something. But when he went outside, he stopped his movement. On the cafeteria, the food was really expensive and he was not more the Xiao Clan’s young master. His bank card is already frozen and the sports car was left in where his clan was. In this moment, the ear of Xiao Chen was echoing with what his uncle said at noon: You are not more the Xiao clan’s young master, you were expulsed! None of what the clan has is yours!

These words, my uncle said these words? Even if I was expulsed, they didn’t left me anything. In this moment, Xiao Chen understood everything. That in the so called famous Xiao Clan there is no room for affection? Xiao Chen didn’t believe that these things could be able to happen in the clan.

He turned around and went to the food stall in front of the school. Before he “disdained” coming here to eat, because the cafeteria on the school could be compared with a five stars restaurant so it’s was natural that the price would be inconvenient high. Before Xiao Chen did not have concepts like money.

“What do you want to eat, schoolmate?” The food stall’s boss passionately asked Xiao Chen.

Even if he asked him passionately, Xiao Chen was confused with so many food names in front of him. He never ate these bizarre things. What is barbecue bibimbap? The barbecue is not Western-style food? So how can be this bibimbap?

“One portion of… Stir-Fried noodles with vegetables.” Xiao Chen can only pick something familiar to him.

“Good, wait a moment, right away!” The boss answered and went to start making the food.

The food came quickly. Xiao Chen was looking to the strange appearance of what has to be stir-fried noodles. It was called stir-fried noodles with vegetables, but scattered in the noodles were a few small squid, letting Xiao Chen with overwhelming feelings. But the smell was quite good? Xiao Chen was hungry so he didn’t bother himself and picked chopsticks and started to put the food in his mouth.

He was a rich boy before but he never ate these things, not because he didn’t wanted, but because he didn’t have the chance.

“Hm? This is not the Xiao clan’s young master? Why is he eating in this place? Don’t tell me that the rich have a repulsive preference?” A ear-piercing sound came to his ears, and the voice was familiar. The voice’s owner is Cao Yuliang. Cao Yuliang was the same that Xiao Chen and Chen Yipeng, one of the four big clans on the Songning City.

But the Xiao clan and the Cao clan doesn’t get along well. So between him and Cao Yulian, always is hostility because they were the same, a young master of a big clan whom couldn’t cultivate inner energy.

Coldly looking at Cao Yuliang, he stands up and asks the food stall owner, “Boss, how much is?”

A strong person doesn’t let others provoke easily and because Xiao Chen was expulsed from his clan, it was natural for Cao Yuliang to try to start a dispute, which was his purpose in being here. He believes that he has enraged me, only waiting for the chance of humiliating me, but Xiao Chen wouldn’t let him get away with it.

“The sea food is ten bucks.” The owner said.

“Good…” Xiao Chen brings his hand to his wallet, but he didn’t felt anything in his pocket. His complexion changes immediately! The wallet was missing! Don’t tell me that I lost the wallet on the basketball match?

“Ha! The great young master from the Xiao Clan has not money? Could be that he wanted to eat without paying? It’s no wonder why before Chen Jipeng also had to pay him his restaurant bill. If you want I can call him for you?” Cao Yuliang was joking while looking at Xiao Chen. He was already making gestures of bringing out his phone.

“Young Cao, the Xiao clan’s young master is planning to use a credit card! Because of his status, how would be possible for him to pay in cash?” One of the henchmen of Cao Yuliang said.

“But, ah, is pity that here doesn’t accept a diamond credit cards!” Another of the henchmen said.

“Boss… My wallet is missing. Can I pay you the next time?” Xiao Chen took a deep breath, telling himself on his heart that a tiger doesn’t need to fall to the level of a dog.

The boss saw Xiao Chen embarrassed look, that he seemed really have a trouble. And for his clothes he didn’t seem like he would eat and run. He was thinking that the money he needed to pay was not much so he said: “All right, next time!”

“Boss, that is not good! You don’t have to indulge yourself with this scumbag who eat and run! Look at this brat; with his clothes he resembles a swindler!” But Cao Yuliang stopped Xiao Chen from going out.

“Boss, this can’t be! You can’t tolerate such people eat meals and run away! If we say that also don’t have any money, then it’s all right? What is going to be of your business if it’s like this?” The followers of Cao Yuliang like parrots repeated.

“This…” Listening to Cao Yuliang and his followers, the boss hesitated. If he hesitates and pick a fight with them for letting Xiao Chen go away without paying, then his business days would be done.

“Boss, I will pay for him.” One clear sound echoed. That sound let Xiao Chen from his feet to his head shocked.

It was Chen Mengying, she was one from the five small clan of the four big clans, the eldest daughter from the Chen clan’s head. But her identity was his fiancé, or he should say his former fiancé!

“Although he was your fiancé, Mengying, he was expelled from his clan, so why are you going to pay for him?” The complexion of Cao Yuliang’s face changed slightly. He didn’t expect that a new issue would arise because this is not what he wanted to see: “Of course, I will not let you sympathize with him, but let me tell you this, I will let the Chen Clan be aware of this, and certainly our grandfather…”

But Cheng Mengying didn’t respond Cao Yuliang instead she took out of a hundred dollar bill and handed to the boss.

“Take my money.” Xiao Chen eyes glanced at Cheng Mengying going away. He shook his head, this time he did not care about the self-respect that he had to possess being the Xiao clan’s young master. Nobody considers him as the young master, only like a target to ridicule, so what if they put airs of importance?

Before his disguise, Xiao Chen was too lazy to pretend in front of Cao Yuliang.

“Good.” The boss didn’t think more and returned back ninety dollars to Xiao Chen.

“Hahaha, you really are a hopeless case. You would ask for money to a woman? You are hopeless, Xiao Chen! If I were you I would be better dead than doing that!” Cao Yuliang was making big noise. Perhaps was to make Chen Mengying deliberately hear, but even so, she was walking in a relaxed way, without the slightest pause like she didn’t heard nothing!

Xiao Chen was coldly looking on the Cao Yuliang’s eyes. “If you came to eat then sit down, if not, be like a good dog and don’t block the road.”

“What did you say!?” One of the henchmen of Cao Yuliang came out and was about to puch Xiao Chen.

“Forget it. What meaning is in beating someone who fell down? Let him get lost.” Cao Yuliang waved his hands then he sat on the next table and said: “Boss, one roasted beef over rice.”

Some of his little brothers also despise seeing Xiao Chen so they sat beside Cao Yuliang.

Xiao Chen had to admit, Cao Yuliang is in some ways was better than him, at least he knows what there is in this small store…

Looking the figure of Xiao Chen walking away, Cao Yuliang had a fierce expression when looking at Xiao Chen but immediately he changed it! You want to fight with me? If what you want is a fight, I will give to you!


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Chapter 1 – The Young Master in Dire Straits and The School’s Prettiest Girl


A burst of applause came from the stands when Xiao Chen sent flying the basketball from his hands. Their applauses were ear-piercing and reached Xiao Chen’s ears.

Blocked! The way he took the ball humiliating Xiao Chen, let Xiao Chen with the mouth open when looking at Chen Jinpeng!

Inner energy! Chen Jinpeng was secretly using inner energy!

Under normal circumstances it’s unlikely for warriors to use their inner energy. Because, what is the meaning of using it in a friendly match? Otherwise, unless the other party provokes them, warriors disdain using their inner energy to bully people.”

Xiao Chen looked gloomily at his side; looking like Chen Jinpeng snatched the ball to the extent that he even forgot that his hands were swollen! Chen Jinpeng was formerly his little brother, ah, so this match was under his hands?


Moments later the sound of a whistle was heard together with sounds of cheers due to Chen Jinpeng succeeding in shooting at the last moment!

He used again inner energy! Xiao Chen knows that if from the far distance where Chen Jinpeng was, the only way to succeed would be using inner energy!

“Chen Jinpeng… You are quite good…” Even if Xiao Chen was mentally strong, but with one blow after another, he was unable to restrain his anger coming out from his chest!

“What are you looking? You still believe that you are the Xiao clan’s young master? You were expulsed from your clan, so looking at one place to hide you came running to this sport ground to oppress us? You still think that you are the center of attention? If it were not by your daddy being close and bribing your teammates you would have lost every time. What do you think that you were?” Chen Jinpeng was ridiculing Xiao Chen. In his eyes, he was superior and Xiao Chen was like an ant!

“Match-fixing ah? It’s no wonder why he lost so miserably. Xiao Chen still believes that he is the center of attention but he was always a waste!” Hearing his classmates in this moment, Xiao Chen understood that what Chen Jinpeng was doing. He was starting a crusade against him.

“You are a scumbag ah, you’ve been fixing matches. Now I know why his skill was so bad after Chen Jinpeng took his ball each time. Indeed, he is a huge trash!”

In the past, these people wouldn’t have dared to go against Xiao Chen in that way. Xiao Chen is currently attending a nobility school, and although the families of those people were wealthy and respectable, but to compare them with the Xiao Clan which is one of the four big clans on this Songning City, it was like the sky and the earth!

But Xiao Chen was expulsed from the Xiao clan, and not only that, he was deeply hatred by one of the heads of the four big clans, the Chen clan. So no matter if what Chen Jinpeng said was true or false, these people would follow him like parrots!

Xiao Chen was looking coldly at everyone on the sport ground, nevertheless he didn’t say anything. They don’t know what they say. In fact, Chen Jinpeng’s skill with the ball was inferior to Xiao Chen’s skill and he was only able to beat him because he used inner energy!

But, who is going to believe that? How many people of them know what inner energy is? And even if they were aware of the inner energy, who would come to save him of this predicament? He was no more the Xiao clan’s young master. Now that the Xiao clan’s head was missing, the formerly little brother, stepped over taking the head…

“Sigh…“ Xiao Chen shakes his head. Why? Why I was expulsed from the Xiao clan? It’s because I couldn’t train inner energy? Xiao Chen put great effort training since childhood, but who looked at him?

Xiao Chen is the master’s only son, but because his physique was bad, from the beginning he wasn’t able to cultivate inner energy.

This year Xiao Chen endured great pressure. The heir of all the four big clans must be an outstanding warrior. Only a warrior would be able to defeat the rest and push their family forward.

Before, Xiao Chen didn’t had other choice but to assume the appearance of a young master so he spent money like water, if not they wouldn’t be able to save their face and the other three clans together with other five small clans would laugh when looking at the waste heir.

Being incapable of protecting himself, he had to make others believe he was harmless.

He worked hard to cultivate every day for ten years in the dead of the night on the Xiao clan’s basement. From it came a sound of exercise, however, he hadn’t received nothing from the heavens in return of his great effort.

His father went missing and next he was expelled from the clan, even the marriage with the Chen clan was withdrawn. He was still a guy without the ability to protect himself!

Xiao Chen takes a deep breath. Regardless of his previous display, the Chen son’s head hates him but people who hit a person who fell down can be found everywhere.

The basketball match had finished and everyone on his side had dispersed. The people who wanted to have a relationship with the Chen clan went to celebrate alongside Chen Jinpeng.

“Xiao… Xiao Chen.” The somewhat nervous voice but still pleasant for the ear was accompanied by a beautiful image of a woman which appeared in front of the Xiao Chen.

This person who was wearing a school uniform is a simple and plain girl. Although she was simple, she could not hide her natural beauty.

“Lin Keer?” In front of his eyes is the commoner girl who was regarded as the most beautiful of the school. And it was natural for her stand in front of Xiao Chen, because before, she was pursued and harassed by Xiao Chen.

Actually, you could say that Xiao Chen is Lin Keer’s benefactor. Behind the school, in an alley, she encountered a hoodlum who wanted to harass her. Just in time, that scene caught the eye of Xiao Chen. He ordered to Chen Jinpeng and a few of his guys to stop the hoodlum and beat him. As result, the scene looked like a hero saving a beauty.

And although she is grateful, she didn’t expected that the next day she would be pursued in the school by Xiao Chen. He sent her love letters and roses, so the heart and soul of Lin Keer who only wanted to study diligently collapsed.

And the only thing that she could do was to hide from Xiao Chen.

Fortunately for her, Xiao Chen was only a playboy and contrary to what you would expect he didn’t make of the issue a big one.

That she came to find him, let Xiao Chen startled.

“I… I heard that you were expelled from your clan… And not only that, they canceled the marriage…” Lin Leer face was red, even she stuttering when speaking: “But… You don’t have to give up and fell in despair. If you don’t give up and study hard, making a great effort, then you will be able to become an outstanding person… Then… at that time, I… I will let you chase… chase me…”

After finishing her words, she seemed to have spent all the force of his body. On her forehead also appeared sweat. His delicate face was covered with crimson. After lowering her head, she didn’t dare to look at the Xiao Chen’s eyes. Turning around, she started to run…

Seeing her walking away, Xiao Chen can’t help but force a smile. He sighs at this kindheartedly and innocent small girl. Again he can’t help but sighs with sorrow. These years she only thought that I was playboy? Probably she thinks that I’m depressed?

Xiao Chen doesn’t know but inside of the school, a small scale rumor has started to spread! Lin Keer may have heard the rumor, so she plucked up courage to find Xiao Chen.

For this simple Lin Kerr, how much courage she needed to speak these few words?


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Chapter 178 – The Descendant of Deity

The last few who intruded did not say a single word and directly pounced towards Xiao Chen. They were merciless and aimed for a fatal blow all at once. The sword-qi were exceptionally dazzling in the night sky.

Xiao Chen couldn’t remain sitting anymore. He stood up and grabbed the ancient spear Pasteur as he took a step forward. He waved the ancient spear with momentum of total annihilation. The thunderous storm roared as bloody light filled the entire sky.

“Pfff! Pfff!”

The blood splashed everywhere as four corpses fell on the courtyard. They were each around thirty odd years. Their throat seemed to have been cut by a knife blade as the bloody spear swept past. These four practitioners were more or less around the level of the Sixth Celestial Layer. As far as Xiao Chen was concerned, they were nothing. They were obviously dispatched by their sect to interfere with Xiao Chen’s breakthrough.


The Azure Dragon King let out a roar and pounced over. The target ———— Tenax! Azure divine radiance flashed like a raging inferno. Its pair of eyes were ice-cold, as if it had already forgotten it was once acquainted with Xiao Chen.

Tenax proudly swung its head as it let out a dragon roar and pounced over.


The person in the shadow flew upwards swiftly and disappeared in a short while. It seemed like he was only delivering the Azure Dragon King to this place.

The Azure Dragon King let out a muffled roar. Its pair of dragon eyes were actually filled with bloodlust. The two Dragon Kings clashed fiercely. One after another, green divine radiance burst out unceasingly. The Azure Dragon King had obviously unlocked quite a few divine abilities peculiar to the dragons. This one odd year, its power had advanced by leaps and bounds. It was no longer the same little cub from the Dragon Island anymore. Moreover, its tail had already evolved into the Ancestral Dragon tail.

And on the other hand, Tenax did not burst out with any divine radiance. It was completely relying on the unique dragon martial skill to fight at close quarters. It was like a seasoned practitioners, every step it took was extremely profound. One couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration. Those were the most effective footworks. And its attack was also incomparably sharp. The claws, the tail, the head, and even its horns were moving in sync. Each part of its body was a sharp weapon in its own right. As it clashed with the Azure Dragon, even if it was facing one dragon magic after another, it did not fall behind a tiny bit. On the contrary, it was steadily pressuring the Azure Dragon King!

The dragon martial skill was an extraordinary skill!

Keke moved back to Xiao Chen’s side, sweeping all directions cautiously with its big black eyes.

There were only two more enemies left at the site. One of them was that rough-looking middle-aged man. In fact, his power was definitely at the Historia realm. Otherwise it was impossible for him to show up. Just the energy fluctuation emitted by him was already enough to destroy a pavilion.

The other one should be a young girl. Although her body was covered by a black fog, Xiao Chen was still able to make out her silhouette. At present, his spiritual sense was especially keen, he had already realized this was a very beautiful girl. It’s just that… the other party was intentionally concealing herself, so it was not possible to see her hazy visage clearly.

The golden-furred ape beside the mysterious girl looked very powerful. It’s just that… its expression was too vicious. It stared at Keke coldly, as if it wanted to devour the little critter.


The snow-white little critter panted with rage. It was a very discontent tone. It waved its little beast paws without restraint. The rainbow-colored light screen quickly launched towards the one meter tall golden ape.

In that instant, the golden light flashed. The ape’s body seemed to have transformed into metal. Moreover, inexhaustible amount of divine flame was rising from its body. It let out a growl and also waved one of its beastly claw.

The golden ray of light transformed into a light blade and ruthlessly cut towards the rainbow-colored radiance.


A dull noise transmitted from the sky. The rainbow-colored light screen was temporarily held back by the golden light blade.

This made Keke really angry. Its glittering big eyes burst forth with two divine glints. It was no longer looking lively and mischievous. In a flash, it became serious and earnest as it pushed its little beast claws forward with all its might. The rainbow-colored radiance instantly increased in size dramatically and kept the golden light under control in a short while. After that, it was launched towards the golden ape.

Xiao Chen was very shocked. Although Keke had gained the upper hand, it was already enough to tell how powerful and terrifying the golden ape was. It was actually able to hold Keke back, even for a short while. This had never happened before. One must know that nobody below the demigod level had ever blocked the rainbow-colored radiance. It was always one swipe, hundred down. As long as the rainbow-colored divine radiance was launched, nobody could stop it.

What kind of sacred beast was this? It was actually so mighty. Its divine ability was really exceptionally powerful.


The golden ape faced upwards and let out a long howl. The golden light all over its body became brighter. It forcibly stopped that rainbow-colored light screen that was about to cover it up, making the rainbow-colored light screen unable to touch it for the time being.

With a soft sigh, that mysterious girl started to talk, “Is it possible to make the snow-white little critter stop? I actually don’t have any evil intention. I just wanted to test Goldie’s strength.”

The voice was very sweet and very pleasant to listen to. Under normal circumstances, this should be a peerless beauty.

However, tonight was too delicate. Who could say for sure she was really not an enemy? Even if she’s a peerless beauty, she’s nothing more than a skeleton in front of Xiao Chen at present. He remained unfazed. Everyone who arrived at this place had temporarily been labelled by him as enemy.

Xiao Chen ignored the words of the mysterious girl.


The rainbow-colored radiance fell down and instantly enveloped the golden ape. It was being trapped within the rainbow-colored radiance, unable to move an inch. Following closely, Keke waved its hairy little beast paws and lifted the golden ape into the air from a distance. The rainbow colored-radiance firmly imprisoned the golden ape. Then it was ruthlessly smashed onto the ground by Keke.


The smoke and dust filled the air as the golden ape jumped up. It faced upward and let out a furious roar. The golden fur all over its body erected. It looked very violent. One after another, golden rays — that looked like sword-qi — rushed out from its body.

“Goldie, don’t move!” The mysterious girl stopped the furious golden ape. She extended one of her lily-white hands to quell its anger. Only then did the golden ape slowly calm down.

However, Keke hardly appreciated the kindness. It was waving its little beast paws angrily, about to make its move again.

Xiao Chen hastily put a stop to it. As long as the mysterious girl no longer made her move, he was also unwilling to continue this massacre.

Now, the middle-aged man standing at the side let out a sneer, “I originally thought you only have a rare Dragon King at your side. Never have I thought that pampered little critter is also this powerful. I really underestimated you.”

“Squeak…” Keke felt that it had been disrespected. It was shouting furiously, as if it was saying, “What about you?!” Then it waved its little beast paw with a whoosh and firmly trapped the middle-aged man within the rainbow-colored radiance.

The middle-aged man had an inconceivable expression. He finally experienced the snow-white little critter’s power first-hand. However, he did not believe it was able to seal a Historia level expert like him.

But now, it was too late for regret!

“How is this possible? It’s still so young!” This was the lamentation in the heart of the Historia level expert.


Keke smashed the Historia level expert onto the ground all of a sudden. After that, it imprisoned him again with the rainbow-colored divine radiance, lifting him into midair and smashing downwards repeatedly. Even an ironman would break into pieces like this.

After a few dozen times, the middle-aged man was already bleeding from his nose and mouth.

Xiao Chen made Keke stop and asked the middle-aged man, “Which clan are you from? I’ll only ask this once, silence means death!” It was very straightforward, he didn’t drag the issue.

“Hmph!” The middle-aged man gave a cold snort in return.

Xiao Chen did not say any more nonsense, he directly walked in front of the rainbow-colored light screen and brandished the ancient spear that once killed the gods in his hand. With a “Pfff,” the ancient spear pierced the middle-aged man’s chest. Blood gushed out non-stop.

He didn’t pierce the heart, but it was also a deadly blow.

“Don’t kill me! I am from the Reagan family, I am Hofmann’s uncle! Among the few corpses in the courtyard, two of them are also from my family.” In the face of death, the middle-aged man no longer have an air of arrogance. Not only did he straightforwardly declared his identity, he also provided unnecessary information.


Xiao Chen shook the spear in his hand and directly pierced the middle-aged man’s heart. The middle-aged man let out a miserable shriek. The glint in his eyes gradually became dimmer as he muttered under his breath, “You are so ruthless… I already told you everything, yet you still killed me…”

“I told you, I will only ask once and didn’t want to talk nonsense. I gave you a chance, but you didn’t grasp it. I killed you as promised.” Xiao Chen directly split him in half with the divine spear. After that, he muttered, “This enmity with your family is set in the stone!”

On the other side, Tenax and the Azure Dragon King had already decided victory or defeat. Tenax defeated the Azure Dragon King with the dragon martial skill. It tore apart a large area of flesh and finally used its pair of horns to launch a divine radiance that knocked down the Azure Dragon King.

During the entire fight, Tenax only used the dragon magic once, it was indeed incomparably proud.

“Keke, seal it and don’t get it get away!” Xiao Chen shouted.

Keke launched a divine radiance and enveloped the Azure Dragon King in a flash, sealing it for good.

Xiao Chen knew something must have happened to Lawrence. And relying on his instinct, he felt that a problem had also arises with the Azure Dragon King. They must not let it go and search for clues in the future.

The courtyard finally became quiet.

The mysterious girl said with a very pleasant voice, “Your Dragon King seems to be different from the other Dragon Kings.” However, she was more concerned about Keke. She softly sighed and said, “This cute snow-white little critter is also out of the ordinary. It actually defeated Goldie.”

Xiao Chen didn’t say anything, but Keke was very discontent. It clicked its tongue as it cast a glance at the golden ape with its big black eyes.

This manner immediately made the golden ape furious. If it was not stopped by the mysterious girl, it absolutely wanted to settle this with the snow-white little critter once and for all.

“If you know about Goldie’s origin, then you might not despise it as much anymore.” The mysterious girl seemed to be very fond of Keke. She spoke softly, “Goldie is the descendant of a deity.” ⌈1

Hearing this, Keke was not bothered by it, but Xiao Chen was very shocked as he asked, “There’s a divine isle hovering in the depths of the south. The descendant of the deity you are talking about, are you referring to one of those young sacred beasts found at the vicinity of the deity’s historical remains?”

“That’s right, Goldie is one of them.”

Xiao Chen couldn’t help but look at the girl in a new light. She actually subdued the descendant of a deity. One must know that a lot of older generation figures were fighting over them at that time.

As if she could read Xiao Chen’s mind, the girl explained, “It was subdued by my elders. The other one is not the same race as Goldie. It was took away by other people.”

“You come here tonight only for testing Goldie’s strength?” Xiao Chen asked.

The girl was very magnanimous and her voice was very sweet, “My information network spread far and wide. I have received the true information of what happened on the dragon island. I know there’s a snow-white little critter that possesses great magical power. As such, I wanted to bring Goldie here and let it have a contest with the snow-white little critter.”

These words made Keke feel very snug. It showed a rare bashful expression and blinked its glittering big eyes unceasingly.

“With the snow-white little critter’s current strength, it is enough to rank among the top ten of the young sacred beasts on immortal’s mainland!”

The mysterious girl had a very high evaluation of the snow-white little critter, but on the other hand, Keke was dissatisfied. Only top ten? It would be more appropriate to say it was number one. Keke puffed its chest out proudly.

As a result, it was kneaded in the head by Xiao Chen, who was full of smiles. Keke immediately let out a resentful squeak.

Xiao Chen was very happy. Even the descendant of deity was defeated by Keke. This little critter had unlimited potential! Maybe it might be an exotic beast on the same level as the Ancestral Dragon!

“Xiao Chen, are you willing to go to the north with me? I can give you riches and honor.” The mysterious girl started to talk. She seemed to be very serious. ⌈2

“Riches and honor are earned through hard work, not given by others.” Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “I am used to this easy-going lifestyle, I don’t want to be constrained by others.” He could already tell that the mysterious girl had an out of the ordinary status. He didn’t want to be linked together with any large conglomerate or nation.

However, that was only his thinking for the time being. Who could say for sure what would happen in the future?

The mysterious girl nodded. She took Goldie along and left without speaking.

Only a few corpses were left in the courtyard as it regained its former tranquility.

Xiao Chen held on to the ancient spear Pasteur as he stood there. The divine blood flowed down from his hands unceasingly. The sacred writings on the ancient spear emitted bewitching radiance that reflected upon the starlight.

The shifty eyes of the white-shelled tortoise on the pavilion were perfectly round. It was looking at those sacred writings without batting an eye. After that, it racked its brain as it revealed a pensive look.

Under the moonlight. Xiao Chen’s entire body was flickering like a gem. His bones produced “cackling sound” as the broken bones were reconnected. His flesh squirmed as his corporeal body was undergoing a transformation!

The true evolution towards Historia domain had begun!

Endless brilliance had enveloped him. At this moment, the holy aura filled the entire courtyard. Even the starlight in the sky seemed to have become dimmer.

“Cough…” The cough of an aged man resounded as a shadow appeared under the grape vine frame. The new arrival muttered under his breath, “I have returned. The protection of the phoenix clan? Hah! I don’t really believe they possesses that great of a magic power and is really capable of finding out everything that happened tonight.”

The terrifying vibe shrouded the entire courtyard in a flash. The splendor on Xiao Chen’s body was suppressed and became dimmer.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Three human figures jumped into the courtyard ⌈3⌋. It was actually Qinguang Wang and the other two skeletons! Following closely, a grey-haired old man with childish face walked into the courtyard. He was precisely that old Psychic who took away the three skeletons. He was all smiles as he said to the shadow under the grape vine frame, “You really don’t believe the phoenix clan is capable of it? All your moves and everything that happened tonight will be recorded clearly. The phoenix girl will come and find you to settle this score sooner or later.”

“I am very unwilling to let it go like this!”

“Your child is really too bossy and lack discipline. Otherwise, why did five Historia level experts have to die like this? Unable to distinguish right from wrong, unable to recognize others’ good intentions.” The old man was all smiles and looked very benevolent. Then he continued, “Of course, this young fellow is also very excessive. He is very heartless and should be punished.”

The shadow under the grape vine turned his head around and asked Xiao Chen coldly, “Are you really from the depths of the south?”

Xiao Chen’s expression was indifferent, neither servile nor overbearing as he said, “That existence in the depths of the south had once given me a pointer or two. Other than that, we don’t have much of a relation.”

Hearing these, that shadow under the grape vine frame turned around and left at once. He rose into the sky like a wisp of smoke and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Hehe…” The benevolent old Psychic walked over with a chuckle. He patted Xiao Chen’s shoulders twice, then he turned around and left with the three skeletons.

Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang gesticulated towards Xiao Chen unceasingly. Meaning: We will come find you again after learning some powerful divine abilities. After that, they waved at Keke and Tenax to say good bye.

That figure under the grape vine frame had left and returned, but this time, he had left for real. Xiao Chen knew it was finally safe for tonight!

Exuvia and Historia level practitioners might not know what did the multi-colored divine feathers on the rock represent, but that figure under the grape vine frame definitely knew!

The starlight was really bright tonight. Xiao Chen bathed in the holy radiance of transformation and stood at the courtyard with the ancient spear like that for one night.

This night, was bound to be a very unusual night. The event regarding Xiao Chen challenging several Ninth Celestial Layer experts at night-time was already known by many people.

It would inevitably cause some groups to flare up.

As expected, Zhuge fatty immediately ran over the next morning, making a big fuss.

“Brother, you are too strong! You are too strong! Your crazy play during the night caused many families in the city unable to sleep! You are too strong…” The fatty was so excited that he didn’t even know what he was saying anymore. In the end, there was only that one sentence: “You are too strong…”

Soon after, the beautiful Fairsky also ran over. After he saw the ancient spear Pasteur, he was so shocked that his eyes almost popped out. He cried out in surprise, “This mother f— is… the ancient spear Pasteur?!”

“There’s an important banquet tomorrow. I got this invitation card for you at the last moment. I will take you there tomorrow night.” The fatty was talking endlessly. In brief, he was already a little high early this morning.

“The two of you help me do something first.” Xiao Chen continued, “Help me put this ancient spear up for auction.”

“Are you crazy?!” Fairsky and the fatty were stupefied and shouted simultaneously.


  1. Silva: The descendant of Sun Wukong?! 
  2. Silva: OoOoh~ It’s a confession! 
  3. Silva: LIKE, OMG, THREE MORE?! And then… 

Chapter 136 – It’s all true

“Oh yeah, didn’t you say you wanted to find me for something? What is it?” I adjusted my emotions, and broke through the awkwardness. Calling me so early in the morning, it was natural for Xu Ruoyun to have something very important, of course I wouldn’t be stupid enough to think that she just wanted me to pretend to be her boyfriend.

“En, then let’s talk about serious matters,” Xu Ruoyun nodded, and returned to normal. She said seriously to me, “Liu Lei, I have one thing I always wanted to ask you, can you answer me honestly?”

“What is it? Ask. As long as it’s not making me sell out national secrets, I will tell you,” in order to ease the atmosphere, I joked.

I didn’t think that my words actually had the opposite effect, Xu Ruoyun glared at me unhappily, “I’m talking serious matters with you, can you not joke?” Xu Ruoyun already recovered from the state just now, and her attitude to me become extremely cold again.

“En, ask,” I immediately serious solemnly.

“Did you write that Shuguang input method yourself or not?” Xu Ruoyun asked.

“Shuguang input method?” I momentarily blanked, why was it Shuguang input method again? Why did this chick just had some special feelings for my input method! I remember that when I was with the little chick Xu the last few times, she always asked me about this input method, could it be… I immediately thought of the incident that was getting really controversial on the newspaper about Shuguang input method being plagiarized a few days back…

“I wrote it myself!” I hesitated a bit, then said without a doubt. “Why are you asking me about this?”

“Because someone told me that your input method was plagiarized, and I saw on the newspaper several days back…” Xu Ruoyun explained. “However they suddenly clarified the next day.”

“I wrote that input method, I authorized the rights to Microsoft,” I felt like there was nothing to hide now, and so I told little chick Xu.

“Ah?! You authorized it?” Although Xu Ruoyun knew about the general matters from the clarification on the newspaper, but she still couldn’t help but gasp.

Since the newspaper did not go into detail, and it just said that Shuguang and Microsoft were cooperating. What kind of company was Microsoft, it was the head of the software industry, they would actually use a high schooler’s authorization.

“Yes. Windows 95 decided to use this input method that has already gotten a little famous in the mainland market in order to better get into the mainland market, since the people that have gotten used to it wouldn’t want to give up what they have gotten used to,” I explained calmly.

“Then why didn’t you take out these prove to shut the people saying stuff up!” Since little chick Xu said this, it means that she has already accepted my explanation in her heart.

However, are things like evidence really taken out so easily? I do have the contract with Microsoft, but it isn’t good to publish it, but it wouldn’t be good to show it to the public, it’s all because I put sensitive numbers like percentages into it due to wanting to lessen the troubles, the money these number represented was billions or even tens of billions, if it was shown to the public, it would be a bit too shocking.

Although Shuguang Corporation has developed stably in this time period, no one on the outside knows exactly how much Shugaung has, if the amount was really shown (despite it actually only being a small portion of it), it was hard to avoid some groups or organization continuously try to get sponsored, it would be way too troublesome.

“After a bit more time, people would most likely forget about this case, so what’s the need to make this extra move. What’s more, that’s Shuguang Corporation’s issue, I’m just a software developer, how could I say anything,” I didn’t want to spend too much time on that.

“That’s true. However doesn’t Shuguang Corporation belong to Yanyan-jie’s dad? Just have a word with him!” Xu Ruoyun suggested.

“Never mind, doing that will only make others think we’re petty,” recently, I found that I really was a bit tired, I randomly got a bunch of enemies after getting reborn, causing the troubles to be endless, I really was a bit tired. Actually sometimes if it isn’t anything huge, as long as it doesn’t threaten the interests of myself and my family, there is no need to take revenge.

“Liu Lei, but I always feel like someone is the mastermind behind it, I feel like the article was written by someone Li Boliang found,” Xu Ruoyun suddenly said quietly to me.

“Li Boliang?” I suddenly thought of the angry teenager just now, it might really be possible after hearing her say that.

“Yeah! Because the morning the newspaper came out, he came to me and bragged. Li Boliang normally doesn’t read the newspaper, if that aricle had nothing to do with him, how could he know about this first thing in the morning!” Xu Ruoyun analyzed logically.

****, I wanted to let this fellow go, but it looks like I have to find a chance to take care of him, he nearly caused huge troubles for me just with an article, thank god I found out about it early, or else the reputation of Shuguang would really be ruin by him.

Yet I still said, “Never mind, it’s already passed.”

Xu Ruoyun nodded thoughtfully, and said, “It would be good if Li Boliang was half as generous as you.”

I’m generous? It’s more like you don’t know me right? Although I don’t plan to get revenge for everything in the future, but I’m just a ***** if I don’t get even with him after causing me so much trouble.

Li Boliang was half as generous as me? What did she mean by this? Did she mean that if Li Boliang had a bit of generosity she would have agreed with Li Boliang? My heart tensed for no reason. Then by accident the coffee spoon in my hand fell into the cup.

“What happened to you?” Xu Ruoyun also noticed by abnormality.

“Nothing,” I mocked myself. “I was just a bit not careful.” What does it matter to me if she agreed with Li Boliang or not! What am I getting worried about no reason.

“You’re jealous!” Xu Ruoyun suddenly said to me.

“No!” I denied subconsciously.

“Haha! You really are!” Xu Ruoyun said while giggling. “Okay, I already told you the news, I should get going! Remember to pay the bill!”

Saying that, Xu Ruoyun stood up, and took up the little bag and put it on herself, then prepared to leave. She walked a few steps, then turned back around, and said quietly to me, “Liu Lei, everything I said just now was true!” After that, she quickly ran away.

True? What was true? Was it Li Boliang? I shook my head weirdly, and got the waitress to get the bill.

I walked out of the door when I suddenly realized it, then looked unbelievably in the direction Xu Ruoyun went! True… What she said was true, could it be that “I love you”?

This chick actually confessed to me, and it’s true? All of a sudden, my mind went blank with a “hong” sound.


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Chapter 125.5 – The Scene in the Bathroom / Peerless Girls (NSFW)

I quickly stripped off all my clothes, pushed open the door to the bathroom and dashed inside. The result was me seeing a scene that nearly made me spit out blood! Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier, one standing up while the other was squatting down, Chen Weier had her legs open, the tummy slightly raised, and Zhao Yanyan was squatting on the floor, looking carefully, and could occasionally use her hand to touch it a bit with a face full of curiosity.

Chen Weier shut her eyes in embarrassment, pursed her lips and said, “Okay now, Yanyan-meimei, have you looked at it enough!”

“Wait a bit, let me study it a bit more!” Zhao Yanyan said, her voice full of excitement. “Weier-jiejie, your spot is so weird, it’s not quite the same as mine!”

“Aiya, what’s the difference! Please Yanyan-meimei, this is so embarrassing!” Chen Weier said coquettishly. Suddenly she remembered that that person also said that her place was a little different, and couldn’t help but blush.

“Don’t move, don’t move, your place is so interesting!” Zhao Yanyan reached out a finger, and starting flicking it back and forth.

“Ah… En… Don’t—— Don’t move, I’m begging you Yanyan-meiemi, this feeling… is so weird…” Chen Weier’s body started wiggling with the pace of the movements of Zhao Yanyan’s finger.

How could Zhao Yanyan give up seeing Chen Weier’s expression, she continued to slide it up and down.

“Ah… Yanyan-meiemi… I can hold it anymore! I can’t stand it, don’t… don’t move!” Chen Weier called out coquettishly, her beautiful body wiggled endlessly.

“Weier-jiejie, what happened?” Seeing Chen Weier’s expression of suffer and enjoyment, Zhao Yanyan thought it to be really weird.

Although Zhao Yanyan was very familiar with the thing between men and women, it was only limited to love and intimacy between them. Now that she saw Chen Weier’s expression and moan, Zhao Yanyan couldn’t help but link it to the scene of her having sex with Liu Lei on the bed. She couldn’t help but get suspicious, could girls touching teach other also bring pleasure? Thinking to that point, her hands started speeding up. Her little hands moved back and forth on Chen Weier’s lower body.

“Don’t… En… Ah…” Chen Weier’s lewd moans echoed in the bathroom.

“Ah——!” Chen Weier suddenly screamed out, then her body immediately slacked. She only felt like she was about to go to the bathroom, when a lower body squirted out a transparent liquid uncontrollably, it shot out about a meter and hit the bathroom wall.

Zhao Yanyan looked at Chen Weier in shock, her pair of hands covered in the liquid Chen Weier squited out.

“Yanyan-meimei, you… you’re terrible, you actually made me pee, if hubby knows, then wouldn’t I be embarrassed to death!” Chen Weier clenched her teeth. However the feeling justl now was great, it was like she was about to fly into the sky.

“Why is this thing so sticky?” Zhao Yanyan played around with the liquid that was accidentally stuck onto her hands, it doesn’t look like pee.

“En?” Chen Weier said after hearing what Zhao Yanyan had said, then she looked down, and looked at the liquid on Zhao Yanyan’s hands.

At that moment, I was already dumb-shocked by the two girl’s actions! The lesbian scene I saw in **** had occurred live in front of me! Not only that, what made me even more excited was that the chick Chen Weier actually *********! This was best among women, I actually got it! I gulped, and swallowed a large mouthful of saliva.

Although the sound of water I the bathroom was very loud, the two beauties still heard by gulp, and turned around in surprise.

“Hubby?!” Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier called out at the same time.

The feeling of two beauties calling me hubby at the same time was great, I walked over with a smile, and teased Chen Weier, “How is it, did Yanyan make you feel good?”

I didn’t lack enjoyment of Zhao Yanyan’s little hands, in this period of time, whenever Zhao Yanyan was on her period, she would always use her hands to help me. Although this was the first time Zhao Yanyan touched girls, but I still had confidence in the speed of her hands.

“Ah!” Chen Weier immediately used her hands to covered her face, and said embarrassedly, “You.. You saw everything just now?”

I smiled and nodded, and asked, “Yanyan, what exactly were you doing?” Although as the incident developed, it turned into Zhao Yanyan using her hands to help Chen Weier climax, but this definitely was not their original intential.

Chen Weier had already turned around then, she blushed so much that it had already reach her chest. I think that if there was a hole in the ground right now, she would definitely crawl into it without hesitation.

“I just feel like Weier looks different to mine down there…” Zhao Yanyan didn’t care, she had been with me a long time, and has done a lot of embarrassing things, so she didn’t’ had a hint of Chen Weier’s awkwardness.

I sweat… So she was researching about this! This little chick Zhao Yanyan actually also have curiosity about these things!

“Then let me help the two of you see exactly how you are different!” I said lecherously, then subtly gave a queue to Zhao Yanyan. Chen Weier had just become my woman today, although she has already accepted me mentally, she would definitely not agree servicing me with Zhao Yanyan. Therefore, I had to slowly breakthrough the last line of defense in her heart, and the first step is to get rid of the embarrassment from within.

How could Zhao Yanyan not understand my perverted thoughts, she glazed sideways at me fiercely. However, the best part about this chick was that she would pay attention to the bigger picture, she still giggled and said, “Hubby, then… look!” Saying that, she said to Chen Weier, “Weier-jiejie, turn around quickly and get Liu Lei to help us see!”

How could Chen Weier expect Zhao Yanyan to say that. She stomped her feet and said shyly, “Yanyan-meimei, how could you agree with his unreasonable request! This is too embarrassing!”

“Hai… Hai…! Weier, this is where you aren’t right! Didn’t I also say that your place is different from other people’s? This is with a scientific spirit and not with any other thought!” I said shamelessly.

“That’s right, Weier-jiejie, I didn’t notice anything just now either, so let’s get Liu Lei to help us -look! What’s more, both of us are his people, what’s there to be embarrassed about?” Zhao Yanyan added. However, she glared at me. Then -whispered beside my ear, “I’ll help you pervert this once, but I will not let you go if you bring any other women home.”

Although Zhao Yanyan had said it strictly, I wasn’t that afraid. At least there is a Xia Jing that has been authorized.

Zhao Yanyan was still very unwilling, -she had just washed with Zhao Yanyan, she never would have thought that Yanyan would insist on looking at her lower body. She refused, but then Yanyan used the authority of the first wife. She even said that she (Weier) has to listen to her at home. Weier couldn’t help it, and thought that since they were both women, looking was fine. However, Zhao Yanyan actually did that to her, she didn’t push her away, but even enjoyed it. Thinking about it made her feel ashamed, what’s more was that the appearance just now was all scene by her loved one, he must that of her as a slutty woman. How would Chen Weier dare to turn around!

However, Zhao Yanyan still pulled Weier over, pushed her on the side of the bathtub, and sat down on the side. Chen Weier couldn’t help it, so she closed her eyes. Yet her legs were shut tight.

I leaned down, and get close to Zhao Yanyan’s sweet bud. Her eyes unconsciously looked up, and saw that the chick Yanyan was also blushing. So she wasn’t as daring as I imagined.

I lightly kissed down. Zhao Yanyan’s body shuddered, and shouted, “Hubby, no… it’s dirty!”

I didn’t stop the movement of my mouth at all, and starting sucking on Yanyan’s place…

“Hubby… Heh…. En…” A faint moan passed out from Yanyan’s mouth.

I started licking more furiously, and full immersed myself in Yanyan’s fragrance of a teenage girl.

“Ah…!” The powerful stimulation caused Zhao Yanyan to shut her legs tight unconsciously.

At the start, Chen Weier could still peacefully close her eyes, but then hearing Zhao Yanyan’s wail of enjoyment, she couldn’t help but look over. She was immediately shocked by the lewd scene! He was actually licking Yanyan-meimei’s place! Chen Weier originally got so shy that she wanted to turn around immediately, but it was like her eyes were glued to there. She couldn’t even leave.

Looking at Yanyan-meimei bite her lips, and the happy expression of her licking her lips, her heart was a bit moved. Was she like that just now? Is she feeling what she (Weier) was feeling just now? Thinking about that, Chen Weier’s body heated her, the tightly shut legs couldn’t help but start rubbing against each other.

The more she rubbed, the worse Chen Weier felt, she felt as if infinite ants were crawling over her body, the suffering was really hard to stand. How good would it be if he also licked my own place. However, the moment this thought was made, it was refuted by the logic in Chen Weier’s heart. How would I be so shameless, already wanting it after being finished by Yanyan. Chen WEier quickly closed her eyes, and tried to suppress the lulst in her heart, but that lewd scene still spiraled in her mind.

“Ah—— Hu!” Zhao Yanyan shouted, then let out a long sigh. I know the chick reached her climax. However this chick Yanyan’s body was too sensitive, it wasn’t even ten minutes.

Although it was something exciting to have a girl’s body be sensitive, it can’t be too sensitive! Ever since I noticed that I have superpowers, my ability on the bed on better and better. Zhao Yanyan, who was originally my equal, was gradually unable to keep up. Every time it would be to the point that I am unable to bare to continue on with the chick. But Zhao Yanyan would stubbornly work with me until my final burst.

This was also one of the reason why I wanted to get Chen Weier in here as quickly as possible.

“Weier, it’s your turn!” I said to Chen Weier with a naughty smile. I have seen all of Weier’s expression just now, although she acted really calm in front of me, I knew that she couldn’t wait in her heart!

As expected, Weier’s body shuddered after hearing what I said, but she didn’t say anything extra.

I know Weier was rather shy, and trying to make such a pure girl act like a **** in front of me was worse than killing her. I lightly separated Chen Weier’s legs, Weier resisted a little, but I still pushed it open.

This was the first time I observe Weier’s secret garden in such close proximity, my breathing hastened, and I kissed it without hesitation.

“Hubby… Ah…” Chen Weier wanted to push me away, but the waves of pleasure from her lower body caused her to just enjoy it. This was a pleasure that would make her seem like she was flying when it reaches it’s peak.

Chen Weier hated herself, she actually just wanted this moment of enjoyment! What’s the difference between that and a ****, but even though she knows that, she still full into it and could not pull herself out. Chen Weier felt like she was like a ****.

At the start Chen Weier could still suppress her lust, preventing herself from calling out. But as she was stimulated more and more intensely, she finally let out loud moans.

“Ah… En!” Chen Weier’s face was peach red, her body wouldn’t stop trembling, suddenly she pushed me away, “Hubby, I can’t hold it…”

I was pushed by half a step by Chen Weier, and before I could react, I saw Chen Weier squirt out a pillar of transparent liquid, although it wasn’t as far as what I saw just now, it all sprayed on top of me.

After squirting, Chen Weier continue to tremble and didn’t calm down from the excitement just now.

I have seen plenty of scenes like this in **** during my previous life, but that were mostly fake. I also found similar information on the internet, and found out that very little women would squirt when having their ******. However, this type of girl was not more plentiful than giant pandas, and you would be lucky to meet one. I didn’t think that one would appear before me.
“Did… Did I pee onto you?” After a long while, Chen Weier calm back to herself from the happiness just now, seeing that I was covered all over, she said nervously to me.

Chen Weier couldn’t face herself anymore, she couldn’t hold it in twice, and this time she got it all over her loved one, would he dislike her?

“Hubby, do… do I have some sort of sickness. Why… why am I unable to resist peeing every single time!” Chen Weier looked at me worriedly.

“Sick? How could you have some sort of sickness, Weier! This is a normal biological reaction!” It seems like sex education was really lacking in this era! If it was a few years alter, a lot of girls would know about female ***********.

“But… but why doesn’t Yanyan-meimei!” Chen Weier still didn’t believe it.

“About this… not every girl would do this!” Thus I told Weier about what I read on the Internet in my previous life. “Actually in 1982, in a book “The G Spot and Other Recent Discoveries about Human Sexuality” published by the Americans Ladas, Whipple and Perry, it is mentioned that certain females would squirt out a large amount of transparent liquid from the urethra, this is a normal biological reaction, commonly called ***********.”

Zhao Yanyan also paid close attention and listened on the side. She stepped on me and asked, “Why do you so much about this?”

“I… I read it in a book store!” I answered casually. Don’t mention that this book isn’t in bookstores within the country, even if there was I wouldn’t go and look.

“Then… that means I’m not sick?” Chen Weier was still not relieved, she then frowned, “Hubby, I have this issue, would you dislike me?”

Dislike? What a joke! I can’t even wait to treat her as a treasure. I’m afraid that in a few years, this sort of girl was worth even more than virgins.

“Weier. How should I say it! Actually I not only not dislike it, but would feel even more excited!” I answered with a honest expression.

“Really?” Chen Weier finally released her tensed eyebrow, and showed a long awaited smile.

“Hubby…” Zhao Yanyan suddenly called coquettishly, and her body wrapped over here, and said to me, “Hubby, do me again, I want to try if I can… shoot that thing out!”

I chuckled, tapped her head and said, “This sort of thing is just a coincidence, why are you trying it!”

“I just feel like you seem to really like it, I’m scared that you won’t like me in the future!” Zhao Yanyan said like she was wronged.

“How could I! Our family’s Yanyan also have her virtues!” I laughed.

“What virtues?” Seeing that I said she also had virtues, Zhao Yanyan immediately got happy.

“En… such as your body is much more sensitive than Weier’s!” I said that as my pervert hers climbed onto her breasts.

“Hmmph! Take it away!” Zhao Yanyan hit my hands coquettishly. Then she said to Chen Weier, “Weier-jiejie, let’s go and wash. Don’t care about this bad guy. He made our lower body so wet, it feels so terrible!”

But how could I just let them go? My little brother was standing up straight a long time away! I hugged Zhao Yanyan from behind, and took the chance to push my little brother in fiercely.

“Ah…!” Zhao Yanyan moaned. “Don’t mess around, I’ll let you have enough after washing!”

I didn’t care so much, let’s talk about after washing after washing!

Zhao Yanyan’s spot was made infinitely wet by me, I moved forcefully without any foreplay.

“Ah.. Ah Weier-jiejie… Quickly come and help me…” Zhao Yanyan warbled.

However, Chen Weier stood on the side. She turned her head around, without making any move. Actually Chen Weier also wanted to help. The problem was that she couldn’t help at all.

“Heh!… Ah Weier-jiejie, don’t get cocky, it’ll be your turn later!” Zhao Yanyan clenched her teeth and said lying down on the stone steps.


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Chapter 177 – Opening up the Body’s Treasure

Pasteur, the ancient spear with flowing divine blood, was thrusted on the bluestone floor in front of Xiao Chen. The divine blood dripped unceasingly, then the blood transformed into specks of red light and disappeared in thin air. It was constantly overflowing with killing intent that came from the distant past.

Without a doubt, the ancient spear that had once killed the deities possessed an unimaginable power. However, the two brothers were unable to manifest its true power. It was truly what they call ‘falling into oblivion’ at their hands.

Xiao Chen had reason to believe this kind of ancient spear was not something they could control. Their master or family elders must be somewhere in Celestial City. Moreover, it seemed like they might be up to something. Otherwise, why would they bring the god killing weapon to this place?

At present, Xiao Chen didn’t want to think over these too much. He sat cross-legged in the courtyard and slowly immersed in the mysterious, yet profound state.

Millions and millions of starlight sprinkled down. The starry sky seemed to be closing in. In front of Xiao Chen was one resplendent ray of light after another streaking across the sky. Those were the shooting stars as they faded away, those were the fallen lives, those were the shattered dreamland…

Xiao Chen’s spiritual sense seemed to have streaked past the nine layers of heavens and passed through the outer space. It was as if he had entered that boundless starry sky. His spiritual sense was condensing, as if it was transforming into a resplendent star in the sky.

He seemed to have rose to the cluster of stars. This kind of feeling was really too strange. It seemed as if every star was corresponding to the life on earth. Could it be that the stars were really closely bound to the life on mother earth? It was certainly not like this. It was merely because of the cause and effect of all living things.

Xiao Chen’s spiritual sense seemed to cut open the dense fog in the starry sky as he gradually rushed towards a treasure flickering with bright divine radiance.

That’s right, he suddenly realized, this was not whatever starry skies, it was his sea of consciousness! He was getting close to the sealed treasure!

Was the human’s sea of consciousness corresponding to the universe? Why was it so similar to the cycle of the cosmos? Could it be that every living things was a standalone little universe by itself? That seemed to be the case, it really had striking resemblance.

Wouldn’t that mean everyone was made up of a universe of their own?

Xiao Chen’s train of thought was caught up in a labyrinth as he roamed in his sea of consciousness. Rushing over the North Star Constellation, jumping over the Royal Amethyst Star, looking down at this universe from a great height, then looking up at the vast sea of stars, he felt he was so very tiny at this place.

Was this the sea of consciousness sealed in the depths of human body? No wonder it was sealed, this place was really too vast, it was very easy for people to lose themselves at this place. It seems like the human’s potential was really unlimited. In regards to the big universe from the outside, the sea of consciousness could correspond with them one by one.

The world was just as big as the volume of the mind. All living things lived in thee heart. As Xiao Chen looked up at the starry sky, he had an indescribable feeling.

The door to the treasures was embedded in the middle of this sea of stars. Just how majestic and boundless would the other side of the door be? He no longer thought of himself as tiny, because all of this was contained in his mind, grasped by him, controlled by him.

A towering castle stood in the middle of the sea of consciousness. Xiao Chen rushed over there in a straight line, pushing open the gate of the castle……

Keke was bored to death as it yawned ⌈[^1]⌋. Its hairy head touched the ground from time to time. Obviously, it was already tired beyond recognition. On the other side, Tenax was quietly crouching on the flowerbed. Its pair of eyes in the darkness seemed like two glittering pearls.

As for the white-shelled little tortoise, it had a posture that would cause people to cough out blood. Although it had the tortoise shell, its movement was unusually nimble. It was actually lying on the back, with one leg crossed over the other! ⌈[^2]⌋

Two of its tortoise legs were very long. Its legs were falling forwards and it seemed to be very relaxed. One of its tortoise arm was resting under its head. The other tortoise claw was grabbing onto a reishi mushroom it had stolen from who knows where. It was gnawing at the mushroom with great relish. From time to time, it would secretly look all around. Its pair of tortoise eyes were like glittering black gems. It was rolling its eyes to cast a glance at all directions.

This… was practically not how a tortoise would act! Its deceitful appearance was no different from a sly human!

Tonight, the moonlight was gentle, the starlight was resplendent.

The breeze brushed past lightly, the fragrance spread from the cluster of flowers and plants.

A slight air splitting sound transmitted from beyond the courtyard. The sleepy Keke immediately roused up from its sleep. Its glittering big eyes were perfectly round as it fixed its attention ahead.

With two whooshing sound, two human figure jumped over the wall and entered the courtyard.

When Tenax was about to make its move, Xiao Chen made his move first.

The bloody spear that was thrusted into the ground suddenly blossomed with dazzling bloody light. The murderous aura soared up. With a “clang”, the ancient spear Pasteur lifted up from the bluestone floor by itself. Then it transformed into a frightening light beam and left behind a bloody red afterimage. With a “Pfff,” the two who just entered the courtyard were pierced!

The blood splashed everywhere. After the ancient spear Pasteur pierced the two, it transformed into a bloody light beam again, and with a “ringing” sound, it was thrusted into the bluestone floor in front of Xiao Chen.

“Air… airborne fencing?!” The two of them had an unfathomable expression. Their eyes widened in front of the death’s door, wanting to grab on to something. After all, they were Exuvia Fourth Celestial Layer practitioners. Although they were far from comparable to the Ninth Celestial Layer expert like Xiao Chen, but… a single encounter, just a single encounter! And they were ruthlessly killed. This made them unable to accept the truth!

Could it be that Xiao Chen had really broke through to Historia realm? That was their last question before death.

Although Xiao Chen was opening up the treasures in his body, he could still feel everything happening on the outside world clearly. The method he used to kill the two was enlightened by Dugu Jianmo. If his spiritual sense was powerful enough, every tangible thing in the vicinity could become his weapon.

This was the great power of the spiritual sense. His spiritual sense continued to absorb the essence of the treasure in his body, becoming all the more condensed and powerful!

Xiao Chen knew, the event regarding him challenging Ninth Celestial Layer experts in the night would definitely alarm a lot of people. Some people could guess that he wanted to make a breakthrough. In order to prevent him from smoothly breaking through to Historia realm, they might even come to exterminate him at the most crucial moment!

The breeze brushed past, the fragrance of flowers covered up the stench of blood. Xiao Chen’s heart was very calm from start to finish. The road to immortality was a very harsh road. Who knows just how many people would die midway.

Xiao Chen’s spiritual sense was sharper than ever. After entering the grand and lofty castle in the sea of consciousness, he felt a subtle change was taking place in his body.

The flow of blood suddenly speed up. Vaguely, he could hear a rumbling sound transmitting from his blood vessels. That was a sound produced by the flow of blood. It clearly transmitted into the sea of consciousness.

There was also the thumping sound of the heart, the trembling sound of the internal organs…… At this moment, he felt one divine radiance after another rushing out from the treasure’s door, flowing into his flesh, baptising his internal organs. Even his bones were not left out as they was submerged by the divine radiance.

This was a transformation, this was a sublimation, this was an evolution!

This was the process of breaking the shackles of human body, transcending oneself, and taking a step into the whole new world.

Xiao Chen’s spiritual sense became keener than ever. He saw a goldfish in the lotus pond waving its tail, stirring up a few tiny specks of dusts at the bottom of the pond. He saw a night orchid slowly blooming among the flowerbed, with very slight amount of pollen falling from the pistil. He saw a nocturnal bird in the sky, flying gracefully with an insect in its beak. And that the insect’s leg was encroached by a little bit of blood.

Although those sceneries were very far away and very minute, everything in the surroundings appeared as clear as day in Xiao Chen’s mind. The minute world seemed to be just before his eyes.

Forge ahead!

The power of the treasure was opening up!

He’s about to step into the doorstep of Historia!

Just at this time, in front of that grape vine frame at the courtyard, a shadow appeared. That shadow seemed like it appeared from the thin air. It was very sudden.

There’s no life fluctuation transmitting outwards, no ripples of life, if not because of the pitch-black human shadow at that place, others were practically unable to tell someone was standing there.

Tenax slowly pressed onward. Keke also raised its guard. The two sacred beasts felt dangers approaching.

All of a sudden, two divine radiance burst out from under the grape vine frame, directly launching towards the rock in the garden. Looking at that multicolored feather pinned on top of the rock, an elderly voice transmitted outward, “Multicolored divine feather, the phoenix clan…”

The powerful pressure pressed down like Mount Tai. The entire courtyard was silent, as if everything had been sealed by an unfathomable power.

It lasted only for a while, then that mountain-like pressure suddenly disappeared. The shadow under the grape vine frame disappeared without a trace, as if it had never been there to begin with.

The cool breeze flowed, carrying with it, the fragrance of flowers and plants.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Three people jumped into the courtyard, separating into three direction and surrounded Xiao Chen from all sides.


Divine light flashed. Keke had made its move. The rainbow-colored light screen was launched forward and shrouded the three who just entered the courtyard like a tornado. Tenax was nodding its head and wagging its tail as it rushed over, leaving behind a silvery light.


The miserable shriek resounded. The three of them were ripped apart by Tenax.

It’s coming!

The dangerous moment was coming!

Xiao Chen knew, those who received the news were going to make their move from this moment onward.

The bloody mist drifted in the air. Without making any sound, on top of that white marble bridge at the courtyard, someone shrouded in shadow appeared there. With great astonishment, beside him was actually a Dragon King!

It was an Azure Dragon King flickering with green dragon scales. Its battle intent was soaring as it stared at Tenax unwaveringly.

Was this not Lawrence’s Azure Dragon King? Why did it appear at this place? That person shrouded in shadow was definitely not Lawrence. Their aura was completely different! ⌈[^3]⌋


A long laugh transmitted over. Another figure jumped into the courtyard. The arrival was a middle-aged man. The powerful pressure emitted by him made the pavilion nearby collapse.

“Roar…!” A deep and low beast roar resounded as a golden furred ape jumped into the courtyard from a different direction. It was only one meter tall, but it seemed to be very sturdy and fierce. Its gold fur was glorious and dazzled the eyes. Its ice-cold pupils emitted two cold glints as it gazed at Keke fiercely, without batting an eye. Noiselessly, a shadow appeared beside the golden ape. That person’s body was entirely shrouded by hazy fog and their visage couldn’t be seen.


[^1]: Silva: Damn, even I yawned when I translate this…
[^2]: Pew-weet~
[^3]: Silva: Oh crap… what happened to Lawrence…

Chapter 135 – Xu Ruoyun’s Confession

“Don’t ‘you… you…’, quickly order something to drink,” Xu Ruoyun actually blushed.

“Oh… okay,” I don’t know why, but looking at the Xu Ruoyun in front of me, I felt a special feeling in my heart.

“I’ll have a cup of Cappucina,” I said to the waitress.

“Kapocainao? What’s that?” The waitress repeated weirdly.

“Pu—— Haha,” I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Xu Ruoyun looked at me sideways, then said to the waitress,” He wants Kabuqinuo!”

The waitress nodded and left, when she left, her murmured, “Kabuqinuo is Kabuqinuo, why would you say Kapocainao…”

I shook my head speechlessly, the Songjiang city in 1995 didn’t have those proper coffee shops like in the future, the coffee shops right now was primarily selling juice and cold drinks, and had more of a Huaxia culture.

This waitress actually didn’t know what Cappuccino was.

“You’re showing off you that you know English!” After the waitress left, Xu Ruoyun glared at me in dissatisfaction.

“E…” I really didn’t know what to say, I would always order like this in my previous life.

“I’m sorry, calling you out to drink coffee with me so early in the morning,” Xu Ruoyun said with a smile.

“No problem, you’re Zhao Yanyan’s good friend!” I said perfunctorily. What did the chick ask me to come out for? She can’t have just wanted to get me to treat her to coffee right!

“Oh… I thought the two of us are good friends,” Xu Ruoyun said disappointedly.

“Yeah, of course we are,” Seeing her like this, I immediately added. However I regretted it right after saying that, I clearly saw a hint of craftiness flash across her eyes.

“Liu Lei, do you remember when we first met?” Xu Ruoyun drank a mouthful of coffee and said.

“… That time when we were going to Yanjing?” I asked.

“En, I felt like you were so annoying at the time, always picking out other people’s bad points,” Xu Ruoyun said with a red face.

“Did I?” I was already really confused due to this chick, so I said casually.

“You forgot?” Xu Ruoyun said in disappointment.

“No, no, how would I forget. Who made it so that you were so rude to your grandpa!” I remembered how disrespectful the little chick was on the train.

“En, you had even scolded me justly at the time, you were so cool!” Xu Ruoyun said with a red face.

“Hehe…” I laughed dryly and didn’t know what to say. Why do I feel like the atmosphere is so weird? This chick can’t be crazy right? Is her brain messed up or am I day dreaming!

Suddenly, Xu Ruoyun said loudly, “Liu Lei, I love you.”

I looked dumbly at little chick Xu, what is she doing? It’s like she’s confessing to me? ****, was I hallucinating because I didn’t sleep well last night?

However, I don’t know why, but I felt a hint of sweetness in my heard, could it be that I had fallen for this chick that was normally rude to me?

Just as my mind was wandering, I heard a roar. I looked towards the direction of the voice, and noticed a man was standing beside us, his face full of anger.

Of course, this angry teen was Li Boliang.

“What are the two of you doing?” Li Boliang pointed at us and shouted. “Ruoyun, you really fell for this man! You disappoint me too much, you actually fall for such a piece of trash!”

“Who did you say is trash?” I raised my head and looked coldly at Li Boliang. He has the right to like and pursue Xu Ruoyun, I have no way of interfering with that, but I naturally would not allow him to say I’m trash for no reason.

“Heh, who knows,” Li Boliang snorted. “Making a Shugaung input method, it is someone else’s, but you had to say it’s your own.”

“Whether it is mine or not, the newspaper already clarified,” I said emotionlessly. If it wasn’t for the fact that Xu Ruoyun didn’t have much to do with me, I would have slapped this Li Boliang already.

However, I felt there must be more to it to Xu Ruoyun’s sudden confession.

“Newspaper? You just bribed the press,” Li Boliang twitched his mouth. “The truth is above arguments, why would the press say that before? Why did they apologize due to pressure later? A smart person would see the issue with it in one go.”

“Think whatever you want, I don’t want to explain these things to some extremist like you,” I eyed Li Boliang, then said faintly. It’s his problem however he wants to think, I can’t control him.

“Heh, Xu Ruoyun, I won’t give up!” Li Boliang knew that he was losing in reason, and can’t argue with me, so he just said hatefully. “Liu Lei, watch out! We’ll see!”

After that, he walked quickly out of the coffee shop.

Why did Li Boliang appear here? Also what did the thing Xu Ruoyun said to me mean? I looked at Xu Ruoyun with a face full of confusion.

The chick was already completely red, she stayed silent for a moment, before slowly saying to me, “Liu Lei, just now… just now the situation was rather special. I accidentally bumped into Li Boliang in the coffee shop, he said a lot of stuff like how he likes me, basically he just wouldn’t let go -of me, and he just had to make me agree to be his girlfriend. In the heat of the moment, I lied to him and said that I already had a boyfriend, Li Boliang didn’t believe me, so I could only tell him that I came here for a date with my boyfriend,” Xu Ruoyun paused a bit before continuing. “Then, you know everything that followed, he just had to wait and see who my boyfriend was. The situation as rather tense just now, so I couldn’t tell you earlier, and could only act out the scene just now.”

After Xu Ruoyun said this, I instantly understood everything! So she was acting the whole time! My brain buzzed, and my heart instantly had a feeling of loss.

Although I knew everything that happened was rather weird just now, but I still had some unusual feelings. I even had a wishful thought that everything that happened would be real.

However, everything was just a lie, I became Xu Ruoyun’s shield, this made me a bit furious in my head, I was used by her from the start, yet I still laughably thought that it was real! I was really too dumb, too naïve…

However, it wasn’t really much after thinking through it, having Xu Ruoyun think of me to be her shield also proved her trust towards me, and I can’t disappoint this trust, thinking about that, the issue in my heart also dissipated a little.

“Sorry… I…” Seeing that I was expressionless, and my face was rather dark, Xu Ruoyun thought I was angry, and carefully apologized to me.

“It’s alright,” I chuckled while my emotions returned to normal. I already had Yanyan and Weier, two spectacular women, what’s the point in thinking so much about useless matters.

“…” After saying that Xu Ruoyun’s face was also bright red, and she felt extremely embarrassed. After all, she had just said “I love you” to me in front of so many people.


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Regarding ‘Missing’ Sections in the Recently Released Chapters

Okay, so I’ve gotten complaints in the comments, and on NUF accusing me of skipping sections etc. Or renaming the novel.

No I’m not. If you people would just read the Index, the title is also called “Rebirth to Chase Beauty (重生追女记)”. This was the original title of the series, before “Very Pure and Ambiguous (很纯很暧昧)” was written.

Now, about the ‘missing sections’ that people are putting in the comments and the so-called R-18 scenes. They were removed when the author went back and edited the story. What you people are copying off piaotian or other rip-off sites are old versions of the novel. Continue reading Regarding ‘Missing’ Sections in the Recently Released Chapters