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I Was Killed by My Classmates and Became God’s Gofer

God's Gofer I Was Killed by My Classmates and Became God’s Gofer (クラスメイトに殺された時、僕の復讐は大体達成された) is a Japanese Web Novel written by Himezaki Shiu (姫崎しう).

Category: Fantasy, Gender Bender

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Makoto is summoned to another world with his classmates and gains the skill Contract. Realizing quickly that he had gained this skill, he made a contract with the king to ensure the safety of his classmates in case the Kingdom of Flaus, the kingdom that summoned his classmates as heroes, had some nefarious plans for them. However, his classmates, who are unaware of his true skills, begin to bully him for taking the liberty of doing so.

The bullying intensifies day by day, and Makoto, having reached his limit, decides to take revenge by having his contract expire and his classmates fall into disgrace by his death. Finally, after being falsely accused and stabbed by a classmate, Makoto is convinced that the Kingdom of Flaus is not a benevolent country, and he ends his life feeling satisfied.

After his death, he is picked up by God and learns that the world will collapse in the near future. He is then not asked to prevent the world from collapsing, but rather to rescue spirits captured by people before the world collapses. Makoto descends into the world again as the demi-god Finis.

With a power unrivaled by any other, Finis travels around the apocalypse, witnessing the conclusion of his vengeance and the end of the world itself.

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