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Chapter 81 – Absolutely Brilliant Surprise

Wharton finally made his move!

Just at this time, the duration of the Sealed God light screen was over. This was a flawless trap.

All of them was for this single blade attack!

An almost transparent jade-like knife seemed to have pierced through the space and time. It was only as big as a thumb, and as long as a finger. The nip in the air gave rise to a bone-chilling fear. The prickling murderous aura actually assaulted Xiao Chen’s entire body from every direction. The tiny yet resplendent blade was about to make contact with his chest, unless he was a god, it was already impossible to avoid it!

Death was only a few inch apart from Xiao Chen, although he felt unwilling, he already didn’t have the strength to reverse the situation. He was unable to change the end result at this moment, he could only wait for his impending death. ⌈1

A sharp ringing sound echoed at the top of the summit, Xiao Chen was sent flying by an incredible amount of power. The sparkling clear throwing knife actually dropped towards the ground, it didn’t penetrates him. However, the powerful impact sent Xiao Chen flying for six to seven meter.

In that instant, everyone present held their breath, the two snowy peaks were dominated by absolute silence.

The legendary Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger that never missed the target actually fell onto the ground after making contact with the enemy. It didn’t penetrates the enemy’s body, this was simply inconceivable!

Xiao Chen stood straight, his lofty body was bursting with searing divine flame. He actually came out unscathed. His furious desire to battle was aroused. Xiao Chen coldly fixed his attention on Wharton in between the gap of the illusion. His pair of eyes were burning with undisguised fury. This carefully prepared attack nearly took his life.

He gently caressed the hole on his cloth, he could touch a few fragments as smooth as jade. That was the colored egg shells left behind by Keke after it was born. He never thought in the juncture of life and death, it actually blocked the legendary Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger.

When he gathered these multicolored egg-shell at the time, it wasn’t because he thought it was gorgeous. Xiao Chen wanted to keep this for Keke was because of two reasons. One, this was the only thing that was left behind by Keke’s parent. Two, Xiao Chen wanted to let someone with extensive knowledge see it in the future, perhaps they would be able to figure out Keke’s origin.

Never in his wildest dream had Xiao Chen ever thought the multicolored jade shell would be so hard. It actually blocked the unstoppable Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger. God knows how did Keke break out from these shells back then. This shell was comparably harder than adamantium by who knows how many fold!

Only now did people woke up from their daze, they started to make a clamor at the snowy peak on the opposite side. All of these was just too unbelievable.

Divine flame was throbbing outside of Xiao Chen’s body, the murderous aura soared to the sky. He closed in one step at a time, the snowy peak under his foot trembled with each steps he took. One after another huge cracks spread to all directions under his foot. The edge of the snowy peak produced a few cracking noises, countless icicles fell from the peak.

Although there were several hundred illusions, Xiao Chen had firmly locked onto Wharton and Carlos. One searing blade aura that seemed to have linked up with the heaven and earth slashed forward, sweeping away all the illusions ahead, even all the real spiritual attacks were intercepted.

Meanwhile, the three experts finally launched the real combined assault, in hope of eliminating Xiao Chen.

Yan Qing Cheng swooped down from the sky with glaring purple light, her target was undoubtedly Xiao Chen. The genius Illusion Master Carlos moved simultaneously with several hundreds illusion, one after another phantom besieged Xiao Chen. And the present day Flying Dagger’s successor, Wharton, executed the second resplendent blade attack. A speck of starlight illuminated the summit, it became the most dazzling point in the heaven and earth.

The more dangerous the situation was, the calmer Xiao Chen become. All of his actions were simple and direct, it’s time to get serious! With his right hand serving as a blade, he jumped up at once. A light beam soared towards the sky, and directly sent Yan Qing Cheng flying away. Then the North Star light screen trembled violently, it separated from his body, and swept across all directions. It destroyed the rain of light made out of spiritual energy, and then heavily hacked on that dazzling speck of sword radiance.


The legendary flying dagger was hit!

Within the dazzling multicolored radiance, the tip of the crystal clear knife sunk into the icy ground. After that, the North Star light screen also disintegrated, and faded away.

If Xiao Chen only survived due to mere luck last time, then this time he relied on his sharp intuition. He actually stopped the legendary flying dagger in midair!

The people on the other snowy peak couldn’t help but cry out in surprise.

The godly flying dagger skill had been passed down for many generations, the power will not be the same if used by different people. However, it was hard to say…… whether Xiao Chen could block the third or fourth attack.

After the fierce confrontation, the entire area entered a period of silence for a moment. The following battle will inevitably be a confrontation between dragon and tiger, this will be a life and death showdown between experts of Sixth Celestial Layer!

Xiao Chen’s situation doesn’t seem very hopeful, unless he find an opportunity to retreat, or else he will have to pay a huge price in this battle. However, sensing the murderous aura coming from him, nobody knows if he will fight or retreat.

“Roar……!” Just at this time, a loud roar could be heard from the back of the summit. As if the heaven and earth were shaking, the entire snowy mountain shook violently. A huge monster climbed up from the rear of the snowy mountain, it was as long as fifty meter, it looked as if it was carved out of glacial ice. Its entire body was as white as jade, yet it seemed very terrifying. It had a dragon head with one horn, a dark-blue wolf-like body, a huge crocodile-like tail, and it was covered with white scales that glittered like frost and snow from head to toe.

This was a Snow Jade Dragon! Most of the people recognized this legendary dragon. It lived in ice-cold area, and was fond of sleeping, it spent most of its time of the year sleeping. Legend says that even deities wouldn’t dare to disturb its sleep, otherwise it will freeze over a thousand miles of land in its rage. Everything in its path will be ripped apart, even deities would be considered lucky if they were able to escape.

The battle at the summit disturbed the dragon who were fast asleep in the icy cave below, it seemed incomparably furious now.


The Snow Jade Dragon’s roar was ear-splitting, a ten meter long huge claw that was flickering with cold and threatening rays of light slammed onto the ground viciously. Carlos, Wharton, Yan Qing Cheng, and Xiao Chen all dodged at lightning speed.


Along with the earth-shattering sound, the apex of the snowy peak was actually destroyed by that terrifying dragon claw in one fell swoop. This was seriously too shocking!


The Snow Jade Dragon faced upwards and let out a roar, it almost caused people’s eardrum to rupture. Many people blocked their ears in pain, if they were one step slower, they might have fainted and died on the spot.


It launched another fierce attack, the sharp gigantic claw viciously swoop down, the snowy summit was unable to bear it, another section of the mountain was destroyed. At the same time, endless amount of ice and snow in the entire area was roused up, it seemed as if a torrent of ice tsunami had been welled up in the vicinity of the snowy summit. This was way too terrifying, when this huge monster flaunted its strength, it was practically unstoppable.

Everyone at the other snowy peak immediately began to flee, they were extremely noisy. All of them wanted to leave this place as soon as possible. The genius Illusion Master Carlos, the Flying Dagger’s Successor Carlos, the exceptionally beautiful Yan Qing Cheng, and Xiao Chen ⌈2⌋ didn’t have the leisure to care about their life and death battle, they were just right beside the Snow Jade Dragon, they were exposed to the most danger. Each and every one of them raised their speed to the limit, and wanted to get far away from the exceptionally reckless dragon.

Carlos soared into the sky, Wharton directly jumped down the snowy peak, Yan Qing Cheng also soared into the sky, but the light wing at her back doesn’t allow her to take flight for a long time, she was swept by the torrent of ice tsunami stirred up by the Jade Dragon, and fell directly towards the direction of Xiao Chen.

Yan Qing Cheng’s finger was like a blade, one resplendent purple light was launched downwards in hope of penetrating Xiao Chen’s back. Those who had reached Xiao Chen’s level would be able to sense the dangers in their surrounding even in the middle of a chaotic situation. He reacted in almost an instant.

His body was like a flickering light and passing shadows, he left behind an afterimage in his original position, and avoided that approaching attack. After that, without giving Yan Qing Cheng the chance to balance her body, Xiao Chen coldly executed his most powerful attack, this was definitely a killing move with nothing held back!

The glaring light made people unable to look at it directly, seven dazzling energy waves rolled up thousand piles of snow, it was like the raging waves beating against the shore. One layer after another rushed towards Yan Qing Cheng, this was the power of Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer, Yan Qing Cheng did not have the capability to dodge, and was sent flying by the searing energy wave. She coughed out blood from her mouth unceasingly, her beautiful face was extremely pale.

Without taking any pity on her, Xiao Chen jumped down from the snowy peak, and disappeared on the scene. So what if she was the number one beauty under the heaven? Xiao Chen will not be lenient just because of this, an enemy will always be an enemy, he will not be swayed by any reason!

The Snow Jade Dragon’s roar shook the heavens, and caused the snowy summit to chip. The inexhaustible ice tsunami was like tens of thousands of horses stampeding down the mountain. The vast expanse of snow slide buried Yan Qing Cheng at the base of the mountain. ⌈3

The snow-white dragon let out a roar as it dashed towards the snowy peak in front. It chased after those practitioners that were escaping, this was a huge change of event, no one would have imagined there was such a terrifying dragon here.

The roar caused an avalanche to break out on the other snowy peak, it happened in an instant. But luckily those practitioners responded fast enough, and had already escaped from that area. Only seven to eight people were not so lucky and were buried alive.

Xiao Chen didn’t follow the masses, he selected a flat area, transformed into a light beam and buried himself deep in the snow. Rather than running away, it was better off to just hide quietly.

On the outside, the dragon roar pierced the skies, and the rumble of the avalanche resounded non-stop……

Only until the panicky yell gradually got further away did the dragon roar slowly calm down, and completely faded away soon after. The world slowly regained its former tranquility, the Snow Jade Dragon seemed to have returned to the icy cave.

Xiao Chen only came out from the deep snow after an hour later, and silently looked at the snowy peak that was rended by the Snow Jade Dragon. One could imagine just how furious was the Snow Jade Dragon just now, the dragons were truly a race that could cause even the deities to shrink back. Even after losing their magic power, their powerful physical body was still unparalleled.

The path of cultivation is endless, he still have a very long path to walk, just when will he attain enough strength to fight with this kind of race?


  1. Silva: Did anyone read the teaser yesterday? It was such a good teaser too, it’s a shame if you didn’t read it XD  
  2. Silva: Wait… why only Xiao Chen has no special title? You racist Chen Dong? 
  3. Silva: SHE’S DEAD!!! SHE’S DEAD, OH, OH, OH, SHE’S DEAD!!! Or is she? 

Chapter 80 – Cross Swords with Sixth Celestial Layer

God knows who was the very first to fall apart, and ran towards the bottom of the snowy hill in fear. Soon after, everyone started to flee in disorder, the Spell Master and Psychic in the sky were also trying to escape in a hurry.

Xiao Chen was too scary, he was practically a demon incarnate. With so many people besieging him, he actually managed to kill more than ten experts! He was as heartless as Asura from the underworld, completely blood-soaked and violent, he massacred without blinking an eye.

The bloody smell from the snowy peak assailed the nostrils, the blood had completely dyed this snowy world with its color. The bloody mist lingered on the summit, broken limbs and body were everywhere, this was the scene of a terrifying slaughterfest.

Xiao Chen leaned on the divine sword, the sealed god light screen already dissipated a long time ago. He was stained by blood from head to toe, but he still looked as imposing as an unsheathed divine sword!

Not a single voice could be heard from the two snowy peaks. It became extremely quiet for a moment, Xiao Chen’s strength and formidability caused many to feel fearful.

The majority of the people came to watch the battle, the people who wanted to conspire against him also turned somewhat taciturn. Even those who could cross swords with Xiao Chen have no choice but to reassess the situation.

Suddenly, a dazzling rain of light fell from the whole sky like the stars just at this moment. The target was Xiao Chen, even though the energy fluctuation was very far away, numerous audiences could still feel it, those energy-converted knife blades possessed power not inferior to Xiao Chen!

The divine swords were as dazzling as rainbow, Xiao Chen left behind multitudes of afterimages at the snowy summit, and the longsword in his hand emitted one after another blazing rays of light that clashed with the rain of swords. Just by relying on his instinct, he could tell that this is a powerful enemy! Presently, he still haven’t discover any traces of the opponent.

All of a sudden, it seemed like the divine sword in Xiao Chen’s hand had lose its power, the rain of swords were becoming much more concentrated, but those seemed like a mirage, those rain of swords were not really conjured by spiritual power.

“The genius Illusion Master, Carlos!” Xiao Chen immediately guessed who it was, even though he knew those were illusions, Xiao Chen didn’t dare to lower his guard, because the real rain of swords might be hidden within!

At the same time, Yan Qing Cheng rose from within the ice and snow, her devastatingly beautiful complexion was unreal, her purple dress fluttered along with the wind, she seemed much more spectacular on this snowy summit.

In that instant, the snowy summit was illuminated by a purple radiance. Yan Qing Cheng was like a fairy dancing in the breeze, she was flying at low altitude. Purple aura lingered on her entire body, and formed a pair of almost transparent purple wings which allowed her to fly for a short period of time. At this moment, she seemed really out-of-this-world.

The beautiful ⌈1⌋ Yan Qing Cheng transformed into a streak of purple light in the sky. She finally executed the legendary Undying Demon Technique, one after another purple radiance were launched from her two hands, they were launching towards Xiao Chen like purple lightnings.

Yan Qing Cheng was at Exuvia Fifth Celestial Layer!

This made Xiao Chen’s heart shivered with cold, no wonder she dares to challenge him to a “Hide and Seek” game. If he didn’t make a breakthrough to Sixth Celestial Layer, it is hard to say who will win.

And right now, his opponent was not only Yan Qing Cheng, the genius Illusion Master who was hiding in the illusion seemed to have reached Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer already! There’s not much he could do about that illusory spiritual attack. Moreover, the successor of Xiao Li the Flying Dagger did not show his face yet.

Xiao Chen decided to retreat temporarily, and take care of them one by one later! After all, one of them was a Sixth Celestial Layer Illusion Master, if they really crossed their swords, it will definitely be a fight between dragon and tiger. In addition to Yan Qing Cheng, and Wharton who hasn’t shown his face yet, this situation was anything but reassuring for Xiao Chen.

However, the genius Illusion Master Carlos finally began for real just at this time! Several hundred exact copy of a golden-haired youth appeared all around Xiao Chen. Without a doubt, those were all illusions, only one of them was the real Carlos among them.

Carlos’ appearance could not be considered handsome, but his temperament was outstanding. This kind of people was the so-called promising young talent, one could tell from a single glance that he will inevitably become very powerful, and soar the sky sooner or later. His blue pupils were as deep as the ocean, it made people dare not to meet him head on.

The illusion made by Carlos enveloped the entire snowy summit. Sharp swords, long swords, lightning, heavenly flame, et cetera, attacks of every substances and energies were wrecking havoc on the summit. It seemed like several hundred people using all kinds of bizarre attack at the same time! The thunderous roar was ear-splitting, resplendent divine blade streak across the void, inexhaustible heavenly flame turned the sky scorching red, a wide expanse of brilliant light energy rained down like shooting stars.

Countless illusions surfaced in this ice and snow world, it was an extremely grand scene, it seemed like a big war was taking place, and not a battle between two individuals. This made everyone shake in their boots.

Such a formidable Illusion Master!

Xiao Chen was in deep trouble, he didn’t dare to neglect any of these attacks on the summit, because he was unable to tell which were real and which were illusory.

Genius Illusion Master Carlos lives up to his name!

The terrifying energy surged forward like a torrential river, it was rolling over and over like the vast ocean. The summit turned into a frenzy, it was extremely mind-blowing, it was already impossible to distinguish between reality and illusion.

Xiao Chen’s disheveled hair rose to the sky, his pupils were as bright as the stars, and his lofty body remained as still as a pine on the snowy summit. However, the divine sword in his hand already changed into hundreds and thousands of overlapping images. The resplendent sword aura already formed into a concentrated light net, and blocked off all the terrifying attack. Moreover, the Sealed God light screen emerged once more, it enveloped his body and stopped the endless barrage of energy.

If he could not find Carlos’ real body, then this battle will never come to a conclusion. His pair of eyes emitted a light essence, and tried to search for Carlos’ real body among the thousands of concentrated light screen. At the same time, he had to confront Yan Qing Cheng who was flying with a pair of light wing.

Only… even after consuming his power unceasingly, he was still unable to find Carlos’ real body. It was only because Xiao Chen’s life energy was far more vigorous than ordinary people, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to last this long. Endless divine radiance emitted from his body unceasingly, not only did he had to support the God of the North Star light screen, but first things first — he had to fend off layers upon layers of illusory attacks.

And finally, Xiao Chen discovered a loophole, a completely negligible loophole! With his sharp intuition, he caught winds of the indistinguishable heartbeat sound, and found the location of Carlos’ real body.

Xiao Chen sent Yan Qing Cheng, who was swooping down, flying with a single sword blow, his entire person transformed into a streak of light beam and dashed forward. His target was Carlos’ real body. Dozens of interweaving lightning charged towards Xiao Chen, even more raging inferno plunged towards him from all directions. He wanted to stop Xiao Chen from advancing, several waves of terrifying sword rain down one after another.

All of these spiritual attacks were real, none of them were illusions. Xiao Chen laughed grimly, he was even more certain that was Carlos’ real body. Xiao Chen swept the divine sword in an arc, dozens of light screen and the inexhaustible raging inferno were destroyed. His lofty figure was like a God of Death as he broke through the obstacle.

However, just at this moment, Xiao Chen felt the hair on his entire body was standing on end. An ominous premonition arose in his mind, he felt great dangers enveloping himself!

Even though he destroyed the rain of swords in front of him, one of them was especially bright. It was like a comet which had streaked across the vast sky from long distance. The brilliance caused him unable to open his two eyes, the long sword in his hand was shattered by that glaring light!

It was Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger!

The legendary certain kill throwing knife!


  1.  I feel like my translation do the Chinese counterpart no justice. In Chinese, this sentence says: Beauty capable of captivating even the birds and beasts. 

Chapter 79 – A Battle That Make One Cringe

The instigators were still hooting, but Xiao Chen quickly understood, the majority of the people also quickly come to realize; This kind of instigation won’t have much effect. Those who can enter the dragon island were not stupid either, who would willingly let others use them as tools?

It was obvious that those instigators were deliberately acting like this, they belong to a certain alliances, the head of those alliances wanted to take this opportunity to make their move. They wanted to incite people they could trust and test Xiao Chen’s strength, then they will kill Xiao Chen in the confusion. After that, the real experts will make their move and snatch the dragon eggs.

No matter where, there will always be a strive as long as people exist. The dragon island is the prime example, even in an unknown land, they will fight and scheme against each other, killing each other mutually, that is something that cannot be avoided. People’s heart and nature are very complicated, nobody can perfectly describe them.

The Spell Master and Psychic were scared of the avalanche, so they flew high up in the sky, and took the lead.

However, a miserable scream followed soon after, “AHHH!”

Xiao Chen actually soared into the sky, he jumped more than ten meter high, his entire body was throbbing with divine flame, he swept his right leg across, and actually sliced one Spell Master across the middle! The rain of blood swirled in the air, two halves of the body fell down from the sky.

That was too sudden, nobody ever thought Xiao Chen could actually be that fast, it almost seemed like he was flying. In an instant, he actually killed an Exuvia Third Celestial Layer Spell Master.

To actually get killed by a Martial Artist high up in the sky, this was an absolute disgrace for any Spell Master capable of flying. However, the deceased could not feel the shame anymore, he had consequently lost his life for eternity.

“Everyone together, there is nothing to be afraid of.”

“No matter how strong is he, there’s no way he can take on our numbers.”


Xiao Chen’s gaze was ice-cold, he already locked on to the few who were yelling. Even though he knew without them yelling, those who ought to come up will still come up. Nevertheless, he wanted to get rid of these few people first to show his determination.

And just at this time, more than ten Spell Master and Psychic already flew overhead of Xiao Chen. Even more practitioners that cannot fly climbed to the snowy summit, they surrounded Xiao Chen in the middle.

Divine radiance flickered in Xiao Chen’s pair of eyes, he was not fearful. Among these people, those who reached Exuvia Third Celestial Layer could already be considered an expert, there were only a few who reached Exuvia Fourth Celestial Layer. If he wants to get away, he can do so without a hitch.

Thunderous roars burst out from within Xiao Chen’s body, the “North Star Constellation” light screen actually appeared in front of him. This light screen was dubbed as the “Sealed God” by Xiao Chen.

When those Spell Master and Psychic in the sky shoot one after another divine radiance downwards, Xiao Chen left behind multitudes of afterimages like the shooting star. He easily dodged all the berserk energy storm. At the same time, the “Sealed God” light screen radiated with an incomparably dazzling radiance. It blocked a portion of the spells that were raining down on his, and he quickly rushed towards the practitioners who were besieging him on the ground.

Xiao Chen already rushed into the crowds, his target was those people who lit the fire. Using his palm like a blade, he chopped Yaluo De’s underling from the waist. The palm blade shone with glorious divine radiance, it was not stained by the blood at all.

Continuing on, Xiao Chen left behind an afterimage in the original place, and evaded everyone’s combined attack. He appeared in front of a member from Treant’s Valley. His left palm lightly streaked across, and a head with terrified expression flew sideways. It gave rise to a rain of blood, the dead body only fell towards the ground after Xiao Chen left.

A divine light flashed by with a “swish”, Xiao Chen break away from the mob, and appeared close to another member of the Nature Alliance. The North Star light screen in front of him blocked the glaring sword radiance from view. Xiao Chen swished past like a lightning, and that person’s body was actually divided into half. Xiao Chen bore through right between the two halves of the body.

Watery blood splashed everywhere! In just a brief moment, the snowy summit was filled with miserable shriek from time to time. The blood already dyed the snowy ground red.

The Spell Master’s magic attack, and the Psychic’s bizarre attack transformed into one after another terrifying light beam. The attack landed on the snowy summit hysterically, the divine splendor made this snowy summit appear incomparably dazzling.

The “Sealed God” light screen followed Xiao Chen closely, it kept rotating around with Xiao Chen as the center, and helped him block the infinite energy attack. Most of the attack from the Spell Master and Psychic in the sky were successfully disintegrated.

Xiao Chen’s strength caused everyone to feel shocked! They originally thought they could have suppressed him with numbers, but who would have thought they would suffer casualties as soon as it started. The Spell Master and Psychic would swoop down from the sky unceasingly, the terrifying spells were like a meteor shower, the bizarre attacks were more like a tide. The glaring lightning, flame, wind blade, and ice lance were wreaking havoc everywhere!

However, even all of these were unable to stop Xiao Chen. After reaching Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer, he can already completely bring the God of the North Star under control. He didn’t have to rely on luck like that time with Lawrence.

The North Star Constellation flickered and lit up the sky, the resplendent rays of light almost enveloped Xiao Chen’s entire body. After the spells and bizarre energies were assimilated by the sealed god light screen, the North Star Constellation became much brighter. In the end, blazing rays of light rose into the sky like a volcanic eruption. It swallowed up four Spell Master and Psychic who were swooping down.

That was a really shocking scene, there was a raging conflagration in midair, but that was not a flame, it was a resplendent ray of light. The sealed god light screen enclosed above Xiao Chen’s head, it crushed a few Spell Master and Psychic who rushed over here in an instant.

This made everyone once again realize Xiao Chen’s strength and formidability!

However, it is impossible for everyone to back out now. Since the situation was already like this, the Spell Master and Psychic in the sky, as well as the practitioners on the ground had no other choice but to let out a rallying cry and gang-up Xiao Chen.



The battle on the snowy summit was incomparably intense, the cry even shook the heaven. More than thirty practitioners were attacking Xiao Chen from all sides.

The audiences on the other snowy peak were very astonished, just what kind of realm had Xiao Chen reached? He was actually waging a war with all the outstanding heroes all by himself, his strength was really too astonishing.

The light screen formed from seven energy-converted stars was like a divine armor adorned on Xiao Chen’s body. The rays of light it emitted caused even the sun in the sky to lose its splendor! Xiao Chen’s hair was disheveled, he used the divine sword he seized by force to massacre the crowds.

The sword aura soared forth, weaving about in rage!

When Xiao Chen swept it around, nobody could stop it, everywhere the divine sword swept past, blood gushed out unceasingly. The light screen on his external body had already transformed into a bloody screen. A bloody mist lingered on the snowy summit, the pungent smell of blood was carried by the wind.


The divine sword was like a rainbow as it beheaded one fierce practitioner, plenty of blood splashed on the summit.


The iron sword was merciless, it cut off the body of one practitioner from shoulder to waist, the eerie white bones, and the scarlet blood were especially unpleasant to the eyes. It caused people to be terrified.


The blood-stained divine sword directly split open half of one practitioner’s skull. The white matter flowed out, and fresh blood rushed forth accordingly. The dead body collapsed on the ground, words can’t even describe how bloody and despairing the situation was.

Soon after, the blazing sword aura was raised to the sky, the dazzling light beam penetrated three Spell Master and Psychic’s body in that instant. A lot of blood gushed out from the bloody hole, and dyed the sky red.

This was an extremely desperate battle!

The heavens paled in fear at the blood-stained sword, when the North Star Constellation soared towards the heavens, even the clouds were blasted apart. Xiao Chen had absolute supremacy in this battle. After the North Star light screen dissipated, his long hair was also stained red by the blood. Blood were dripping from the tip of the divine sword, his hair danced hysterically with the wind, his sharp gaze and lofty figure, all of these were carved deeply into everyone’s heart. Even after many years later, this image will not be easy to erase.

Translator’s Note:

Rawr! Let the blood-fest commence!

Chapter 78 – Anything Could Happen

The bitter cold wind blew past Xiao Chen’s clothes, generating a flapping sound. His long black hair danced hysterically with the wind, his handsome face was very stern, his pupils emitted rays of light as sharp as the sword. At this moment, Xiao Chen’s lofty and unfaltering figure was deeply carved into everyone’s mind, he was like a monster, more like a demon!

“Goodness gracious, what did I just see?!”

“Too scary!”

“Divine Dragon Protection, unbelievable!”


The practitioners at the other snowy peak began to clamor.

Among the practitioners that were trapped on the dragon island, not only Xiao Chen was training diligently to improve his own ability. The other people also advanced by leaps and bounds, this was due to the huge pressure on every one of them. If they don’t make any progression, it signifies their death, because everyone knows only with enough strength would they be able to survive on this dragon island.

Recently, almost every practitioners have improved, Xiao Chen was not the only one that’s been getting stronger. Everyone had painstakingly worked hard to improve themselves.

When people saw Xiao Chen’s body was surrounded by the dragon shadows, they were shocked, but still somewhat dejected. This miraculous scene makes them realize just how big Xiao Chen’s improvement was.

However, it seemed like they were thinking too much, because even Xiao Chen himself did not know how it happened. The dragon shadows that were revolving around Xiao Chen already disappeared. He didn’t know why something like that happened just now, because when he attempted to summon them again, the dragons converted from light energy did not make another appearance.

Xiao Chen pondered silently, he felt that it must be due to the total discharge of the powerful energy he gathered after breaking through to Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer. After breaking through, he kept maintaining the ethereal state until those people infuriated him. The dragon power hidden within those divinized acupoints must have been aroused by his state of mind, which brought about that miraculous scene just now as a result.

He always knew the divinized acupoints would unleash a formidable power sooner or later. This might be the manifestation of his divine ability in advance.

Xiao Chen and numerous practitioners were standing on two separate snowy peaks, they looked at one another at a distance. God knows when the world had suddenly become silent, the morning sun gleamed on the snowy peak, the worldly essence lingered around unhurriedly, the intense clamor from a moment ago gradually calmed down.

“Xiao Chen, hand over the dragon eggs!” A yell suddenly resounded, this person was obviously a “spear” incited by others. Following that, the same speech resounded from other direction among the crowds. There were seven to eight people shouting altogether.

Xiao Chen’s gaze was like a torch, the two snowy peaks were very close to each other, he could see a few face clearly. Three from Yaluo De’s Nature Alliance, three from the Imperial Angel Zhao Lin Er’s Treant’s Valley Alliance.

Evidently, their goal was not the dragon eggs, Yaluo De and Zhao Lin Er wanted to incite people to take care of Xiao Chen. People were often blinded by greed, even if the majority of them seemed rational, some still got agitated, and started to hoot along with the rest.

“Hand over the dragon eggs!”

“The dragon eggs belong to everyone!”

“Don’t attempt to secretly take one for yourself!”


As Xiao Chen waved his right hand, a huge palm completely made out of divine radiance rushed towards the icy cave behind him. It grabbed the broken pieces of the Monarch Lion Dragon’s egg, and then tossed it towards the peak on the opposite side with all its might.

After the golden eggshell were injected with enough energy, it burst forth with resplendent rays of light, and produced a dazzling golden radiance. It flew towards the snowy peak on the other side like a meteor shower.

“This is the dragon egg that you guys want, I already treated it as my breakfast and consumed it. If you guys want a dragon egg, you could find one at the dragon’s nest, why must you all reap without sowing?” ⌈1

The crystal clear eggshell was like a fine jade, even though it was already not as dazzling as it was when it was still in a good condition, there was still a brilliance lingering about. Words couldn’t even begin to describe how miraculous it was, one could tell from a glance that it was a rare item.

Everyone was clearly stupefied by Xiao Chen’s words, does this person know how to use things sparingly?! He actually…… ate a dragon egg! This…… really made people speechless! This means that he had consumed a future dragon! ⌈2

Very soon, everyone believed that Xiao Chen was not lying. The dragon egg did not shatter due to the birth of the little dragon; Rather, it was broken by a human, because the crystal clear eggshell had some frozen egg whites sticking on it. ⌈3

Everyone had the urge to throw up blood, this Xiao Chen was really driving everyone mad. He actually treated dragon eggs as food, even deity wouldn’t have that much luxury!

“Xiao Chen, you *******!”

“Xiao Chen, this is taking it too far!”


Someone even called him a “good-for-nothing”, they loathed him to the extreme. It was a dragon egg for god’s sake! He actually treated it as a breakfast?!

“I risked my life to fetch the dragon eggs, it was only natural that I get to decide what to do with them. If you guys want to eat it, go get it yourself.”

Veins were practically popping out on everyone’s forehead, even those who were not interested in the dragon eggs also wanted to throw up blood. Who in their right mind would want to eat a dragon egg? This guy actually thought everyone came here because they wanted to eat the dragon egg, they believed Xiao Chen must be doing this on purpose, he was intentionally provoking everyone!

“Xiao Chen, you really are a *******!”

“Xiao Chen, you…… Do you think you’re a deity?! How dare you treat the dragon egg as nothing more but food?!”


The practitioners on the other side started to make a clamor. And this time, Yaluo De and Zhao Lin Er’s people began to incite everyone again.

“Yesterday, someone discovered Xiao Chen obtains more than one dragon egg, there must be more in the icy cave behind him.”

“Hand over the remaining dragon eggs!”

“Hand over the dragon eggs, you can’t hog them all to yourself, they belong to everyone!”


Xiao Chen turned around to order the three skeletons, “The three of you, take the dragon eggs and get away from here. Set out towards the depths of the snowy mountain!” Even if he didn’t have the “Dragon King Cultivation Plan” before, being forced by so many people now, he couldn’t help but give rise to that kind of intention.

The three skeletons didn’t move, they stood in their original position and looked at him silently. Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “There’s no need for you guys here, nobody can stop me if I want to retreat. More importantly, we cannot let them steal the dragon eggs we obtained through many trials and tribulations.”

The three skeletons no longer hesitated, their body glowed with the spiritual light, making their white bones sparkling clear in contrast. They looked like precious jade flowing with luster, they quickly rushed into the icy cave, then grabbed the resplendent dragon egg, smashed the icy wall on the other side, and ran towards the back of the snowy peak.

“Keke, you also leave this place.” Xiao Chen shouted at Keke who was rolling here and there on the snowy ground.

Keke didn’t seem to feel the tense atmosphere of the approaching war, it was playing around like a naive child. It shook its head like a plump little snowman, blinked its glittering big eyes, and looked at Xiao Chen.

“Keke, don’t you want to eat delicious food anymore? Don’t you want to get rid of your plump little belly anymore?

“Squeak……” Keke hanged its head down furiously, after that it curled up its plump little body into a ball, which looked exactly like a snowball. And it actually rolled down the mountain peak while chasing after the three skeletons like this. ⌈4

The people on the other snowy peak only saw three skeletons enter the icy cave, they didn’t know the three skeletons already escaped from the other side.

“Everyone go together, what is there to hesitate?!” The ones in the dark tried to incite the others again. However, no one dare to take the first step. After all, the avalanche just now was too shocking, if it happened again, they will die an unworthy death.

“There is nothing to be afraid of, the avalanche just now already caused the snow to slide down, let’s go together.” Someone finally took the first step. If someone took the first step, someone else will follow, dozens of people quickly rushed towards where Xiao Chen was located.

Regarding this group of people, Xiao Chen knew it was useless no matter what he said to them, everyone clearly understood what was going on, this can only be settled with one word, that is — kill! He coldly swept his glance at the practitioners rushing at him. His sharp gaze swept past everyone, but he did not find Yan Qing Cheng and the others. ⌈5


  1.  This proverb is the opposite of the English proverb ‘Reap what you sow’, which means the hard effort you put in will be rewarded. This proverb is about something unearned. To reap without sowing or to have the rewards without having put the effort in. 
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Chapter 77 – Realization

Right now, Xiao Chen felt as if his body was indestructible. With his every movement filled with power, he felt unstoppable. His body was also even more agile and nimble than before, any casual movements he made were as fast as lightning, he left behind one after another afterimages in the icy cave.

However, Xiao Chen heaved a sigh instead, he had reached the peak of Exuvia Fifth Celestial Layer, but it seemed like he was at the bottleneck. It was very difficult to step over this barrier, the most visible gain this time was the increase in strength and speed.

Xiao Chen had come to realize, in order to make a breakthrough, he had to train hard by himself, everything else could only be considered as assistance.

Xiao Chen walked out of the icy cave, he stood on top of the snowy summit to welcome the morning sun. The tranquil world of ice and snow made Xiao Chen feels extremely at peace. Ten million rays of multicolored sunlight shone on the snowy field, vivid colors circulated on the summit, and just at this moment, Xiao Chen suddenly had an epiphany.

Sunrise and sunset, the cycle of yin and yang, the dazzling morning sun, thriving with life force, burning fiercely, and extremely flourishing. Past its prime time, everything starts to decline, this is a cycle.

But after sunset, it didn’t completely come to an end yet, the sun will rise again after the darkness, and a new cycle will begin. Xiao Chen received a never-ending enlightenment, the flourish and decline of life force is an everlasting cycle.

Lately, Xiao Chen’s heartstring was tied very tightly, he always demanded himself to make a breakthrough, giving himself an immense pressure. This is already no longer the driving force that can push him forward, it is just like entering the declining phase after the golden age. The pressure has already become a shackle that’s preventing him from growing.

All living things under the heavens are composite of yin and yang, one cannot flourish for eternity. He had put a shackle on himself, this was obviously the reason why he was unable to make a breakthrough from the peak of Exuvia Fifth Celestial Layer. He must completely relax himself, let the darkness past as quickly as possible, and begin a new cycle full of vitality. He should not be resisting the darkness.

Just at this time, it seemed as if Xiao Chen had achieved supreme enlightenment. He completely relaxed, and freed himself from all worries. He lets his mind wandered in the void, passing through the four ocean and five sacred mountains, soaring to the Ninth Heaven and arrived in front of a castle. He discarded all train of thoughts in regards to training, his complicated mind had turned very simple. The dense fog gradually dispersed, allowing the tower of wisdom to let off brilliant rays…… At this moment, Xiao Chen’s entire person seemed very ethereal. He stood at the summit of the snowy mountain to welcome to morning sun, he had already blended with the nature.

The worldly essence entered from the crown of his head, and exited from the body. Endless amount of spiritual energy blended with Xiao Chen’s relaxed body, he found himself submerged in a fantastic state. Soon after, his body shook violently, it actually produced rumbling sounds, and burst forth with a dazzling radiance.

Even though Xiao Chen’s mind was wandering in the void, he could still clearly felt the transformation of his body. He actually made a breakthrough under this kind of circumstances!

He trained strenuously, yet he was unable to make any progress. However, as he was turning back leisurely, he actually made a breakthrough and entered a new domain.

He successfully advanced to Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer!

The radiance on his body gradually vanished.

Xiao Chen’s heart was at peace, like a well without a ripple. He still maintained that kind of ethereal state, but he could already comprehend to some extend. The dazzling morning sun is burning fiercely, but will decline once past its prime time, the flourish and decline of life force were not only limited to the changes of nature and meditation, it was applicable for everything…… One’s life is like a dream, joys and sorrows come hand-in-hand, who could live on happily in their whole life? The transformation of the world, the changes of time, who could ever hope to stop them?

A flash of insight is better than several years of bitter training. The transformation this time has a really big meaning for Xiao Chen. This was an understanding of the spirit, he has gained an all new understanding in the path of training.

Many alliances gathered in front of the snowy mountain, there were actually more than four hundred people here. The majority of them came to witness the battle, but there were also quite a few who came for the dragon eggs. Everyone entered the snowy mountain, and finally discovered the traces of Xiao Chen. Raising their heads to look at Xiao Chen who was on the summit of the snowy mountain, their face colors changed due to amazement.

Under the morning sun, Xiao Chen’s entire person was surrounded by a faint radiance. It made him look incomparably holy and auspicious in contrast. He practically looked like a deity who was about to split the dimension!

Some people were unable to remain calm, they shouted as soon as they saw Xiao Chen’s back.

“Xiao Chen, where are the dragon eggs you stole secretly?”

“The dragon eggs on this island belong to everyone!”


This kind of clumsy excuse made many of the audiences feel embarrassed for them, but the few dozen people in front did not feel as such. Many of them were already running towards the snowy peak.

Yan Qing Cheng, Carlos, and Wharton haven’t make their move, yet these people were already making their move. They feared to be outdone by others, they feared other people would get their hands on the dragon egg first. Dozen of practitioners shouted at the same time, they ran halfway up the snowy mountain very quickly.

Hundreds of people far behind the front line felt these people who are ******* for the dragon eggs were too shameless, they started discussing spiritedly at the back.

“How can people be so shameless!”

“Alas, this is the true nature of human!”

“This is nothing, they might do something even more excessive in the future!”

“No matter how powerful Xiao Chen is, fighting against this many is impossible!”


The yell coming from below made Xiao Chen awoke from the ethereal state. After understanding what was going on, he felt very angry, he just advanced to Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer, what was there to be afraid of? If they want to die, then come and get it!

Suddenly, Xiao Chen’s body emitted five dazzling rays of light that seemed to form a linkage with the morning sun at the East.

A few enormous dragon shadows emerged from his divinized acupoints. They were completely made out of resplendent divine radiance. The rays of light were incomparably glaring, the silver-colored Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon, the dark green Elephans Draco, the jasper-like Saber Dragon, and the golden Monarch Lion Dragon. With Xiao Chen as the center, the dragon shadows revolved around him, and let out an ear-splitting dragon roar! ⌈1

They are incomparably huge, they are dragons made out of light energy!

Everyone below was completely dumbfounded, they simply couldn’t believe their own eyes! Even Xiao Chen himself was bewildered, he didn’t know how it happened either.

The three skeletons rushed out from the icy cave, they were so shocked that their jaws kept opening and closing unceasingly. Keke was also filled with curiosity, it blinked its glittering big eyes and rolled around Xiao Chen repeatedly. ⌈2

The dragon roar pierced the skies, the enormous shadows continuously float in the sky, they made Xiao Chen looks like a demon god in contrast.


An ear-splitting noise broke out from the snowy mountain, a terrifying avalanche had taken place from the mountain peak Xiao Chen was standing at. It was like the galloping of ten thousand horses, it was like the thunderous roar of the angry waves, a wide expanse of snow rolled down the mountain like a thunderous wave.

The summit was the same as ever, the dragon shadows were floating around Xiao Chen, his entire body was throbbing with searing light flame, he watched everything unfolding before him calmly.

This was a huge disaster, it was completely caused by the dragon roar, Xiao Chen looked almost like a “demon” right now!

The practitioners at the rear immediately increased their speed to the limit, and rushed towards the snowy peak at the other side. They watched the avalanche below them in awe. Those who lusted after the dragon eggs, those who wanted to rush to the summit, and those who wanted to take the dragon eggs by force were all buried under the thick snow. Even if there were Spell Master and Psychic among them who could fly, they didn’t have enough time to get away. The big avalanche was too sudden, they were already halfway up the mountain, and it happened right in their surroundings, they didn’t even had time to respond!

The vast expanse of snow slide almost filled up the valley at the bottom. Everyone was completely dumbstruck, this was simply too terrifying! Xiao Chen actually buried dozens of practitioners under the sea of snow alive.


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Chapter 76 – Crisis

This area in the heart of the island were teeming with noise and excitement right away. Many alliances were very expectant, they knew a war was now unavoidable, Carlos and Wharton will definitely not let Xiao Chen get away with this.

Before Carlos came to the dragon island, he was already quite famous in the West, he was a young and talented Illusion Master in the West. And Wharton, he is the successor of Xiao Li the Flying Dagger, whose name would cause many people to turn pale. Their backgrounds are equally amazing. As for Xiao Chen, even though his name was never heard of before, his recent display of strength on the dragon island could only be described as strong and formidable. Their next confrontation will definitely be strife between dragon and tiger.

Regarding Yan Qing Cheng, her game of “Hide and Seek” with Xiao Chen was already in full swing, and with her identity as the Undying disciple, no one dare to underestimate her.

The unseen forces have begun to move!

And just at this day, the news regarding the Amethyst Dragon King spread out. Yan Qing Cheng, Carlos, and Wharton led a group to surround the young Amethyst Dragon King, but they were met with an intense counterattack. The young Syndicate Dragon King was incomparably mystical, all the weaker practitioners were killed during the break out. Even after Yan Qing Cheng, Carlos, and Wharton exhausted all their strength to inflict a fatal hit on the young Amethyst Dragon King, they were still unable to restrain it.

This news gave rise to a huge commotion, everyone’s purpose for coming to this island was to fight over the Dragon King, one must know after they mature, even deities will shrink back! If they can subdue the Dragon King while it was still young, then their future will be as easy as living in a fantasy.

But of course, the most powerful of them all is still the Ancestral Dragon, it is the emperor among the kings! The young experts once heard this before they came to the dragon island, the seal on the dragon island might be broken by the Ancestral Dragon. Without a doubt, that is something that will only happen several hundred years later. For a young Dragon King to grow up, at least a few dozen years are required, but for the king of kings, it requires ten times as much time.

All the practitioners on the dragon island are young men and women, even though it is impossible for them to leave now, if they can obtain a young Dragon King now, they will be an invincible force on this uncivilized island for many years to come. Everyone was boiling with desires.

Just at this sensitive moment, someone leaked out information regarding Xiao Chen, about how they saw Xiao Chen and the three skeletons making their way through the deathly still forest all the way to the West while carrying one multicolored dragon egg each. This news undoubtedly caused everyone to feel startled, just what is Xiao Chen planning to do now? He actually dared to steal the dragon eggs!

The recent news regarding Yan Qing Cheng’s ambush on the Amethyst Dragon King caused many alliances to pay close attention to any related news. Very soon, many people suddenly understood, the reason Xiao Chen stole the dragon eggs was to obtain a Syndicate Dragon King!

Immediately after a Syndicate Dragon King is born, they are already very powerful despite being an infant. It is very difficult to subdue them, the failure of Yan Qing Cheng, Carlos, and the rest was a valuable lesson to learn from. Many people speculated that Xiao Chen might be executing the Dragon Cultivating Plan! It is unnecessary for a female dragon to breed the egg, the mystical dragon egg will hatch by itself under the bath of the worldly essence.

Many practitioners unanimously came to this conclusion, this is a very crazy plan! If Xiao Chen knew he was being misunderstood like this, he would certainly be dumbstruck. Raising dragons? ⌈1⌋ More like eating dragons instead!

Many young practitioners couldn’t sit around anymore, each and every one of their hearts are burning with desires. Many wished they could go find Xiao Chen to understand the situation. There are even some who wanted to imitate Xiao Chen to go and steal some dragon eggs. However, this is tantamount to seeking their own death, after the dragon eggs of the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon and Elephans Draco were stolen, all the dragons at the border region of the dragon island already raised their vigilance. And the incident just happened at the inner region recently, all the dragons are already on guard. Just at this day, many practitioners lost their life in an attempt to steal the dragon egg. This make the dragons to be more vigilant than ever. It was very obvious that Xiao Chen’s three times attempt had already sealed everyone’s opportunity.

Nobody dare to ransack the dragon nest anymore. However, humans are selfish creature, just thinking about the power of the Dragon King, they are unable to lay down their desires. All of them began to change their attention, some eventually thought of…… plundering Xiao Chen. The danger will be relatively smaller, and they would still achieve their goal.

Their heart couldn’t settle down for a moment.

Buddhist Yizhen was somewhat anxious, he wanted to send words to Xiao Chen, yet he was unable to find him. Buddhist Yizhen knew if someone was to instigate the search, most likely a huge group of people will go find him in order to plunder the dragon eggs. If that were to happen, even someone as strong as Xiao Chen would get caught up in a crisis.

The next day, what Yizhen was worried about came true. Many people were already instigating the search, they wanted to track down Xiao Chen and seize the dragon eggs. Yaluo De, the young expert from Jungle Tribe, was among them, he played an important role, he was the one who added fuel to the fire behind the scene. Yizhen suspected that Yan Qing Cheng, Carlos, and Wharton were also the driving force behind the scenes. After all, they just recently suffered a heavy loss.

However, each and every practitioners who come to the dragon island were not simple-minded, how could they not know someone was pushing them in the dark. As a result, many people proposed; Since the battle between Carlos, Wharton, Xiao Chen, and the rest is unavoidable now, why not just initiate the battle now? Many people will go with them to witness how they settle the dispute fair and square.

Many people lusted after the dragon eggs possessed by Xiao Chen. They wanted to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain, so they pushed Carlos, Wharton, and the rest to the front. This could be said to be a pretty good move.

Carlos, Wharton, and the rest were not really worried, since they planned to go after Xiao Chen in the first place. To be able to mobilize so many practitioners, this completely boosted their morale. Using these people’s desire to create such a powerful force will inevitably give Xiao Chen a huge pressure. In the end, even if they didn’t make their move, despite how these people seem to be upright now, they will still go after Xiao Chen’s dragon egg on their own accord.

Some practitioners from many alliances are secretly participating in this operation. Even if they look like they don’t care on the surface, saying everyone will go witness the decisive battle, many of them have ulterior motive.

Everyone passed through the deathly still ancient forest, and arrived in front of the snowy mountain very quickly. This spectacular sight caused everyone to feel endlessly surprised, they couldn’t help but stop their footstep in front of the snowy mountain temporarily.

At this time, hundreds of people gathered in front of the snowy mountain, and even more are still rushing over here. Of course, those who had a greedy mindset were only the minority, most of the people who came afterwards purely wanted to watch the battle. That was because Xiao Chen’s recent achievements were too magnificent, almost all the alliances who received the news were rushing over here.

Early morning at the snowy mountain, although there was sunlight, it was still very cold.

On a snowy peak, Keke was happily rolling around, it was not afraid of the cold, the snow felt as comfortable as a soft bed for the little critter. The three skeletons and Xiao Chen secluded themselves in an icy cave, and devoted themselves to meditate wholeheartedly.

The golden radiance caused this icy cave to dazzle the eyes, due to the refraction, brilliant lights and vibrant colors spilled on the snowy ground outside of the cave. It caused multicolored light to linger on this snowy world, and it appeared incomparably beautiful.

The life essence contained within the Monarch Lion Dragon’s egg was indeed incomparably dominating, the dazzling golden light steadily flowed into Xiao Chen’s body like a water ripple. Only after assimilating it for an entire night did the golden radiance gradually become dimmer.

The Shoulder Well Acupoint in Xiao Chen’s right shoulder was like a bottomless pit, it keeps depriving that tremendous life essence like it was nothing. All the dazzling golden radiance resembled rivers flowing into the ocean, all of them gathered at a single point! At last, they condensed into a resplendent light speck, the Shoulder Well Acupoint in the right shoulder had been divinized!

This result was not out of Xiao Chen’s expectation.

The Shang Hill Acupoint in the left foot and right foot, the Central Palace Acupoint in the chest, the Shoulder Well Acupoint in the left shoulder and right shoulder, five major acupoints in Xiao Chen’s whole body had already transformed into resplendent light specks, and were completely divinized!

Between the five major divine acupoint, some kind of connection seemed to have formed. A faintly discernible life energy was slowly circulating between the five acupoint. Xiao Chen could clearly feel the boundless life energy in his body.

Xiao Chen felt as if he had two lives at the moment! The exuberant life energy made his skin circulate with a glorious splendor. After a quick inspection, he found that even his flesh and bones were filled with plentiful of multicolored radiance. His body was flickering with the splendor of life, as if he was a gem that had been refined.

Every inch of his skin were brimming with power, it seemed as if his body was made out of adamantine. Xiao Chen could vaguely feel like he had a completely different body. ⌈2


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Chapter 75 – Entering the Snow Mountain

Keke also gathered over here, its glittering big eyes blinked a few times. It seemed to have understood something, so it lifted a huge tree that was much bigger than its body to chase and beat the three skeletons unceasingly.

“Hey, Keke, stop fooling around.” Xiao Chen hastily put a stop to it.

Keke discarded the huge tree, and took off the “treasured tree hat”, then it extended one tiny paw to point at the three skeletons. It seemed like it was silently denouncing their crime, the three skeletons stole its treasured tree once, and caused it to starve for several days after all.

The three skeletons open and shut their jaws with a “Clack! Clack!” sound, they never thought stealing the dragon eggs today would evoke Keke’s memories. In the end, they unanimously pointed their bony hands at Xiao Chen.

“Alright, if you want to vent your anger on them, we can put that off until later. For now, we need to get out of here as soon as possible.” Xiao Chen didn’t want to invite trouble upon himself, he lifted the golden dragon egg and left first.

In the dense primitive forest, Xiao Chen’s party bore through the mountains and climbed over the ridge, they cautiously avoided all kinds of vicious beasts, their speed was already raised to the limit.

Xiao Chen knew, not long later, the vicinity of the sacred mountain will inevitably become very chaotic. Four greater dragons will surely go berserk, perhaps it wouldn’t be safe even within the circumferences of ten miles.

While they were running at high-speed, Keke was the most relaxed, it just leisurely jumped from one crystal clear dragon eggs to another. The dazzling divine splendor caused it to shine with an even brilliant luster.

Xiao Chen and the gang didn’t dare to stop for a moment, they keep running westward until they pass through the deathly still forest. They only stopped to rest when they get close to the sea of bones. Within the quiet forest, four dragon eggs were flickering with a misty splendor. Only Keke was in high spirit, still hopping and skipping from one dragon egg to another like before.


A faintly discernible dragon roar was transmitted over here, following that, the roar of dragons and beasts resounded in succession from the direction of the sacred mountain. Even though they very far away from the sacred mountain, they could vaguely hear the uproar. One can easily imagine just what is going on at the vicinity of the sacred mountain, the sky and earth must be turning upside down by now.

“We cannot stay here!” Xiao Chen was scared that a few vicious dragons would chase after them, the second reason was that there were other practitioners roaming around the sea of bones. He decided to keep going westward.

When they are passing through the deathly sea of bones with thick baleful aura, Xiao Chen and the gang did not stop, they keep pushing their way through from the deathly still forest at the side. They keep going westward at lightning speed. At the west side is a piece of unending snow mountain, they can see it clearly from this place, it is simply a miracle for a snow mountain to exist on this hot and humid dragon island! Using this chance, Xiao Chen might as well go and explore the snow mountain.

“Quick, we will enter that mysterious snow mountain, it should be safest there.”

The unending snow mountain at the West, with the sea of bones at the center, and the mysterious sacred mountain at the East, the three location formed a straight line, they were only separated by the deathly still forest in between.

After passing through the deathly still and noiseless ancient forest, they passed through another few mountain woods full of vitality, Xiao Chen and the gang finally arrived in front of the snow mountain. This is absolutely not a hallucination, there really is a perpetual snow mountain in front of them. The spotlessly white snowflake danced in the air along with the wind, a chilly aura directly assaulted them.

Keke is brimming with curiosity regarding the snow mountain, seeing that snow-white world, it let out a cheer. It was the first to dash towards the snow mountain, it cheerfully rolled here and there on the snowy ground. With its hairy snow-white body, it could most likely camouflage itself within the pile of snow, and won’t be discovered.

Xiao Chen and the gang carried the dragon eggs and took large strides onto the snowy ground, the temperature rapidly decreased, the gas he breathed out from the mouth already became white, the chilly wind that carried the snowflakes directly breezed through the skin. Turning back to look at the hundred meter of grass-covered world out there, it really gives people a pensive feeling. The climate defies all common sense, this doesn’t seem like something that was formed with the power of nature!

On the surrounding of the deathly still forest, many alliances gathered there.

On the beautiful mountain peak with dense spiritual energy, even in front of the waterfall or ancient cave with lingering worldly essence, there are young experts training there. On this uncivilized dragon island, strength is everything. Only with enough strength would they be able live a peaceful life.

Today, Yan Qing Cheng, Carlos, and Wharton who had disappeared for many days finally returned, the peace that lasted for many days was finally broken. All the experts they took with them at that time were all gone, only the three of them returned, which led to another uproar, could they have fought with Xiao Chen?

At the moment, Yan Qing Cheng secluded herself in a flowery valley, the entire valley is filled with unknown flowers. The glistening green leaves emphasized the beauty of the multicolored flowers even further. The flower buds brimmed with an intoxicating fragrance.

Yan Qing Cheng was adorned with a purple dress, words can’t even begin to describe her beauty and elegance in this field of flowers. Her entire person was as hazy as an illusion, as if she was a fairy descended from the heavens. Her entire body was brimming with spiritual energy, with an appearance that could hide the moon and shame the flowers, the previously tender and beautiful flowers seemed to have lost their splendor.

Not far away from her, Spell Master Lande is sitting on top of a bluestone. His long golden hair is somewhat messy, the originally beautiful man is not as arrogant as before. After suffering a crushing defeat after that battle with Xiao Chen, he received a very heavy blow. However, he did not indulge himself in despair, in the course of recuperating, he also diligently trained hard. He attempted to condense the spiritual knowledge, hoping to become much stronger. He slowly described how Xiao Chen extinguished three powerful alliances a few days ago.

“What?!” Yan Qing Cheng’s jade-like body emitted one after another divine radiance, it caused the flower trees nearby to disintegrate into pieces. Her beautiful face was brimming with anger, her towering twin peaks violently jumped up and down.

“Xiao Chen actually eliminated everyone who left behind in the big three alliances in a single night?”

Lande bitterly nodded his head, and said, “That’s right, apart from me who hid myself in the flowery valley to recuperate, no one else is left.”

After quite a while, Yan Qing Cheng helplessly heaved a sigh, and said, “Seriously, this time…… Carlos, Wharton, and I encountered the Amethyst Dragon King again. Unfortunately, we suffered a disastrous loss, and still were unable to retain it.”

All the troops that were sent away were completely wiped out, and the alliance members that left behind in the camp were eliminated by Xiao Chen. This could really drive one crazy.

“It was that Qilin-like Amethyst Dragon King?” Lande’s thought’s stirred, when the Amethyst Dragon King appeared for the first time, it caused quite an uproar, but soon after, something big happened on the dragon island, the divine radiance sealed the island, which shifted everyone’s attention.

“That’s right.”

“That was but only a young dragon king, even three powerful experts like you guys were unable to capture it……” Lande was very shocked, his handsome yet pale complexion gradually regained some colors, he was somewhat excited, and said, “The legend was true, after they grow up, even deities would shrink back. If we can somehow subdue it……”

“If Carlos, Wharton, and I were to breakthrough another two Celestial Layers, then perhaps we would have a chance to force it into submission.” Yan Qing Cheng was feeling very regretful.

“There will be plenty of opportunity in the future!” Lande said while brimming with hope.

When Carlos and Wharton returned, they were unable to find any people from their own alliances. After they learned about the situation from other people, they almost went crazy. Xiao Chen is really too strong, he actually cleaned up their remaining troops, he is truly firm and decisive!

On this day, all the experts in this area could hear the bellow of rage, that was the bellow of someone who’s ⌈1⌋ driven to the brink of madness.


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Chapter 74 – The Dragon Egg of the King

Clearly, it is highly possible that Keke come from an uncommon race that is not fearful of dragons. However, Xiao Chen pressed it down in a hurry, he must not let this reckless little devil act arbitrarily. Even if it is a miraculous beast, it is still but a cub, how can it confront a Monarch Lion Dragon?

Keke resentfully snorted a few times before it jumped on top of Yanluo Wang’s head.

“You cannot act like that anymore, just how long ago were you born? That was an ancient beast, mind you. You wouldn’t even fit in the gap between its teeth! Wait until you grow up before you go show off your power, but now you cannot be reckless.”

“Squeak! Squeak……!” Keke waved its little paws fiercely to protest in anger. However, it appears more adorable instead, its glittering big eyes blinked a few times, its hairy body is flickering with a jade light, this little critter could even be said to be a goblet of spiritual energy.

It is impossible to continue explore this place anymore, the ancient castle on the sacred mountain is far from only this building. That place is too bizarre, Xiao Chen didn’t want to throw his life at this place. He turned around to look at the majestic sacred mountain that was shrouded by a dense fog, as well as that faintly discernible deathly aura around the mysterious castle, then they walked towards the opposite direction.

All of a sudden, Xiao Chen could hear a “rustling” noise from the distant mountain woods. A fishy smell assaulted his nostrils, he hurriedly ran towards the mountain woods nearby with Keke and the three skeletons.

Under the bright moonlight, a terrifying huge monster got here at high-speed. It was flickering with golden-bright radiance under the moonlight, it was actually a ten meter long golden centipede! Its body might possibly be as thick as a water bucket, poisonous gas spread out in its immediate surrounding.

Not long ago, Xiao Chen saw this centipede in a swamp once, he didn’t expect it would also be attracted by the historical sites on the sacred mountain. Xiao Chen didn’t want to come into contact with that monster, perhaps even a fierce dragon would take a detour once they encountered this centipede.

“Snap! Snap……!”

When that terrifying poisonous insect moved, hundred pair of legs moved simultaneously. The place that it passed, regardless of the ground, or the solid rock, all of them would be cut apart by its incomparably sharp legs.


In another mountain woods not far away, a similar noise could be heard, Xiao Chen felt goose bumps rising on his body. If there are still other poisonous insects such as this one, then this place is really too dangerous!

“Go! Quickly!” Xiao Chen took the lead and ran far away.

Poisonous insects like to roam about at night-time, god knows when will a huge ancient scorpion eventually show up at this place. Even though the strength of fierce insects such as the ancient centipede and so on are not comparable to the dragons, their toxicity is incomparably frightening, and very hard to deal with.

Xiao Chen and the gang covered several miles in a short time, only when they arrived at the root of the Heavenly Tree did they stop for a rest. After arriving at this place, they no longer have that kind of bizarre feeling. Moreover, they actually didn’t hear the roar of the wild beasts at night, the splendor of the hazy moonlight make this place seems harmonious and peaceful.

Early morning, the birds started to sing, the refreshing fragrance of flowers was carried by the wind, the specks of morning radiance seemed to have embedded this exuberant mountain woods with one after another golden edge, the silk-like mist gradually dispersed.

This is a morning with fine sunny weather, the mountain range is thriving with life.

After Xiao Chen washed his face beside a clear spring, he started to prepare breakfast for himself. At the same time, he was also thinking what to do next. There are too many ancient beasts in the vicinity of the sacred mountain, but how could they just return from the rare mountain empty-handed? He felt that at the very least, he must acquire at least one dragon egg.

Seeing Xiao Chen eat the tender-grill meat, Keke slipped away as if it had never seen anything, what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over. ⌈1⌋ It left this place that was filled with the alluring aroma of the meat. The three skeletons are still meditating as usual, the lotus insignia on their foreheads emitted a glorious radiance, their bones are looking more and more like white jade.

Xiao Chen bring the three skeletons to roam about in the vicinity of the mountain range early in the morning. They unexpectedly discovered seven to eight dragon’s nest, and within each and every one of those valley, there are dragon eggs! Could it be that this is the breeding season of the dragons? Then he suddenly recalled that the Syndicate Dragon King and Ancestral Dragon will show up soon, and the dragons in this place are obviously those kind of uncommon greater dragon. Perhaps a Syndicate Dragon King will arise from among these eggs.

For the entire morning, regardless of the vicious dragons or the ancient beasts, none of them showed up in front of the sacred mountain. After Xiao Chen finish exploring, he returned to the roots of the Heavenly Tree to train. Only until the noon did they hear the dragon roars resounded from that huge and mysterious mountain. Xiao Chen decided to make his move now.

“We will leave this place soon.”

According to the plan, each skeletons had received their respective mission from Xiao Chen. They will split into three groups, and steal one dragon egg from each valley respectively. Xiao Chen will personally go to the Monarch Lion Dragon’s nest to steal one golden dragon egg. After that, they will assemble at the root of the Heavenly Tree. ⌈2

“The uncommon greater dragon, their eggs are highly valuable. Even though there are two to three eggs in each nest, one is more than enough, don’t take more than that. It is important to leave some behind, we must not let the kings of dragon race go extinct.” ⌈3

The spiritual flame of the three skeletons were pulsing unceasingly in their eye sockets. If they had eyeballs, he reckon they would already roll their eyes a long time ago. Want to steal dragon eggs say what “leave some behind”, seriously……

After that they moved to their respective location, and entered the mountain woods in succession.

The Monarch Lion Dragon’s nest is build within an exuberant valley, apart from its area of activity, other places are not damaged, the plants are easily distinguishable, and it is full of vitality. Two golden dragon eggs are hidden among the flowers and trees, they are perfectly concealed.

It is not necessary for a female dragon to breed the dragon eggs. The rich vegetation in this place haven’t been destroyed, the golden dragon eggs about the size of a millstone have crystal clear eggshell. They are flickering with glorious radiance, they appear especially mystical among the fragrant flowers and plants. Due to the existence of the dragon eggs, brilliant radiance lingered on the surrounding flowers and plants, and they seemed out of the ordinary.

These are but the dragon eggs of the most powerful Monarch Lion Dragon, Xiao Chen believe among these two dragon eggs, a Syndicate Dragon King will most likely emerge from one of them! Or perhaps both of them will be Dragon Kings! He lifted up one of the golden dragon eggs that flickered with divine radiance, raised his speed to the limit, and ran away from this valley. If by any chance the Monarch Lion Dragon was to return, even having ten lives will not be enough.

Very soon, the three skeletons also returned with results to show, the mystical dragon eggs shone with resplendent radiance.

How could the vicious dragon ever thought someone would be so extremely daring, normally not even the beasts would dare to approach their nest, even the birds do not dare to fly over. Their nests are like the forbidden areas to all lower life forms, they had nothing to worry about.

The one Qinguang Wang carried back is the egg of the Tyrannical Dragon, the crystal clear green dragon egg flickered with divine radiance, it is as eye-catching as a green moon. The one Yanluo Wang carried back is the egg of the Saber Dragon, an intoxicating radiance lingered on the jasper-like eggshell, it looks exactly like a spiritual jadeite. The one Lunhui Wang carried back is the egg of the Thunder Dragon, it is enveloped by a purple radiance, the huge egg is extraordinary beautiful, it was as if the egg was carved out of an amethyst.

In addition to the golden dragon egg brought back by Xiao Chen, they have four dragon eggs in total. When the four dragon eggs are laid out together, they are truly dazzling. The divine splendor set this place bright in contrast to the surrounding, there are ten thousand rays of multicolored radiance, and thousands of colorful ray. It was so dazzling one could barely open their eyes.


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Chapter 73 – A Glimpse of Hell

Everything seemed so strange and terrifying, one must know that the Monarch Lion Dragon possess unmatched strength. It actually disappeared wordlessly like that, it did not seem like it even had the time to struggle.

It seemed like the three skeletons could feel something, divine radiance started to lit up like a throbbing flame from the lotus insignia on their foreheads. They vigilantly swept their eyes all over the place, and got into battle position.

Keke directly jumped on top of Qinguang Wang’s skull, its snow-white body actually emitted waves after waves of multicolored radiance. It stared at the sacred mountain without even blinking its glittering big eyes.

An incomparably bizarre aura spread out from the sacred mountain, enveloping the endless mountain woods. The sacred mountain become even more indistinguishable, even if one was standing on the right spot, even if the moonlight was bright, the imposing sacred mountain in front still become fuzzier, it was as if it was enveloped by a thick fog that could never be lifted.

The aura emitted by the sacred mountain makes one feel very uneasy. It seemed like an eerie field with floating corpses everywhere, it made people feel a chill down their spine.

The snow-white fur all over Keke’s body was standing on end, with a “swish” it actually dashed forward. Its target was actually the terrifying sacred mountain ahead. Xiao Chen hastily went after it, the three skeletons looked at each other in dismay, and also followed after them. However, Keke was really too fast, Xiao Chen was actually unable to catch up to it immediately.

But fortunately, Keke stopped right before the sacred mountain’s foot. Xiao Chen immediately grabbed this hairy “little snowball”, it was rare for it to not make a threatening gesture, it just quietly stared at the sacred mountain before its eyes.

Seven to eight huge monolith are standing tall and upright at the foot of the mountain, each measuring up to fifty or sixty meter tall. They casted huge shadows on the ground, it was extremely frightening. The diagram of the vicious dragons were carved on the face of the lifeless monolith, the craftsmanship is remarkable, the carvings seemed incomparably realistic, the Tyrannical Dragon, Monarch Lion Dragon, Saber Dragon, Thunder Dragon……… they were all here!

After arriving at the foot of the mountain, they did not need to change their position anymore, they could see the sacred mountain from every spot. After getting here, Xiao Chen was unable to stop himself from moving forward. Even though he knew it was going to be very dangerous, his desire to explore the unknown was much stronger.

“I will come back after twenty meter.” He reminded himself like this, he very much wanted to know why the Monarch Lion Dragon became soundless in the twinkling of an eye. He wanted to see what kind of secret this sacred mountain was hiding.

One meter, two meter…… ten meter……

Xiao Chen kept going until twenty meter, but nothing had happened. But of course, twenty meter is nothing to the sacred mountain, it was but only a little higher than the foot of the mountain.

There was literally no plants on the sacred mountain, its entire body was dark red in color, as if it had been contaminated by watery blood. In front appeared the first ancient and mysterious castle. It just stood there majestically, the damages from the passage of time was clearly visible, it gave people a really bizarre feeling.

At the same time, due to the deathly silence on the sacred mountain, as well as the indescribable sensation, it made the huge castle seem somewhat bizarre.

Twenty meter, twenty five meter…… thirty meter!

Xiao Chen was already completely mesmerized, he forgot the twenty meter bottom line he set upon himself, he really wanted to enter that ancient castle that seemed like it might collapse any given time to take a good look.

Just when he was about twenty meter away from that magnificent castle, Xiao Chen felt as if he had suddenly been thrown into a bottomless abyss. The moonlight in his immediate surrounding disappeared instantly, he was surrounded by deathly stillness in a flash. He felt as if he was falling into the underworld!

However, for a brief moment, dazzling rays of light suddenly burst forth in the endless darkness. Xiao Chen was wrapped up by the resplendent radiance, and then he got pulled into the light.

Xiao Chen immediately broke out in cold sweat, he returned to the moonlit sacred mountain in the blink of an eye. What happened just now?

He noticed that the hazy radiance is still enveloping his body, and not far behind him, Keke who is on top of Qinguang Wang’s skull, is currently waving its little paws, and used the divine radiance to pull him back.

It was Keke who saved him!

After retreating for five to six meter, Xiao Chen arrived next to the three skeletons and Keke. He already calmed down, but he still didn’t know what happened just now, why did he suddenly feel like falling into a bottomless abyss?

“Keke, what did you guys see just now?”

Keke is making a threatening gesture on top of Qinguang Wang’s skull, seemingly trying to describe something. Xiao Chen was unable to make head and tail out of it, he failed to understand what Keke was trying to say.

“Let me try it again, if something happens, you need to be swift.” Even though Xiao Chen felt this place was incomparably mind-boggling, he didn’t feel extreme fear. He walked forward one more time, but nothing happened this time. Keke also curiously walked over there, it was jumping and hopping all over the place, ⌈1⌋ but nothing happened at all.

Xiao Chen once again tried to make his way towards the ancient castle. This time, he suddenly felt his blood run cold after advancing ten meter. In that instant, he felt like he had entered the bottomless abyss again. The soundless abyss is somewhat frightening, not a single trace of light could be seen, he was falling towards the underworld brimming with the aura of death!

However, the divine radiance is one step faster, Xiao Chen was once again pulled back under the moonlit night by Keke.

Cold sweat rolled down from Xiao Chen’s face, he felt a slight chill down his spine. It felt as if he really made a trip to the underworld just now, he didn’t dare to try it one more time. He backed away slowly, and took a quick glance at the ancient castle that was almost within reach before he left with large strides.

“Let’s go, this place is too bizarre, we cannot stay here much longer!” Xiao Chen made a firm decision to retreat.

There are not many ancient castle at the bottom of the sacred mountain, only from halfway up the mountain did it gradually starts to increase in number. If in the vicinity of every castle is this bizarre and frightening, then this sacred mountain is a really ominous place!

The dense aura pervaded in the vicinity of the sacred mountain, Xiao Chen and the gang already arrived at the foot of the mountain. Even though Keke seemed very interested in this huge mountain, it was rather quiet and didn’t try to charge in.

Just at this time, a sky-piercing dragon roar sudden break out, the forest tree swayed hysterically! For such an ear-piercing dragon roar to break out in the middle of a quiet night all of a sudden, it was somewhat frightening. Xiao Chen hastily block up his ears, so as to avoid his eardrum from rupturing. He turned his head around to watch, and only saw the Monarch Lion Dragon that disappeared at the sacred mountain earlier suddenly reappeared!

It reappeared in the thin air close to the castle just now, the brilliant golden light flickered all over its body. It immediately scuttled down from that place, its fifty meter long huge body was like a small hill. The moment it landed at the foot of the mountain, many small cracks appeared.

The Monarch Lion Dragon appear somewhat dispirited and listless. It didn’t stay in place for too long, an incomparably menacing fiendish aura rushed forth, and gave rise to a bloody gale. It immediately dashed out of this mountainous region, causing the earth the tremble endlessly.

Keke seemed very discontent with the Monarch Lion Dragon’s roar, it seemed like a very upset little critter. It let out a few snarl towards the back of the Monarch Lion Dragon, it even crouched low and bend its body forward, like it wanted to chase after the dragon.

This make Xiao Chen feel endlessly amazed, this little muddle-head is really mysterious. It was not fearful even under the formidable might of the Monarch Lion Dragon, if it was any ordinary beasts, they would already be crouching on the ground, and trembling in fear. After all, even if the dragons had lost their Magic Power, they are still the king of beasts. Moreover, that was the Monarch Lion Dragon, one of the overlords among the dragon race!


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Chapter 72 – Sacred Mountain

The Tyrannical Dragon and Monarch Lion Dragon were very close to one another, but they actually did not start a strive. What made people even more amazed was that there was still another powerful dragon nearby. A Saber Dragon that looked like a green jade mountain was standing on an elevated position, and roaring while facing the sky.

It could extend up to forty meter long, to describe its appearance more accurately, it looked like a huge crocodile with half of its body upright. But of course, there was a really big difference, on top of its head was a really sharp jasper horn of about ten meter long. This was the divine sword that it was born with, it could even be said that nothing can bar its path. This was also the origin of its name, the Saber Dragon.

Moreover, on both sides of its body, there were rows of sharp bony outgrowth. Each and every one of them was a few meter long, it could prevent a powerful enemy from getting close. If necessary, it could even be used to clash against the enemy, it was a formidable weapon! Even though the Saber Dragon’s size fall short of the Tyrannical Dragon and Monarch Lion Dragon, with so many sharp horns all over its body, it still wouldn’t fall behind the other two if they were to fight.

These three dragons were the kings among the dragon race, and there were still a few more dragons snarling in the mountain range nearby. It indicated that they were most likely not weaker than these three dragons. Moreover, there were clearly other ancient beasts here that were capable of standing off against the fierce dragon. Xiao Chen could vaguely see a few monsters already.

“What are they doing? Why are they all gathering here……” Xiao Chen’s mind was filled with questions.

“Squeak……!” Keke jumped on top of Xiao Chen’s shoulder, and used one tiny paw to point ahead, seemingly trying to express its opinion.

Xiao Chen found that it was actually pointing at midair, he felt incomparably astonished, and asked, “Keke, why are you pointing at the sky, there are no giant birds nor Winged Dragons there?”

Keke blinked its glittering big eyes, and kept squeaking while pointing at the midair.

“Keke, what are you doing?” Xiao Chen was puzzled.

Keke felt like it wasted its energy, it angrily used its tiny paws to pull Xiao Chen’s hair, and then jumped down from his shoulder. It ran towards the direction of the three skeletons.

Xiao Chen shook his head in puzzlement, but just at this time, he suddenly found an incomparably magnificent mountain in midair. It was a breathtaking and ancient sacred mountain.

Xiao Chen was gobsmacked, how did this happen? However, when he stood straight and raised his head to watch, that huge mountain suddenly disappeared.

“The angle of view?!” Xiao Chen started to move his footstep, changing his position continuously. After a dozen of tries, he finally saw that hazy sacred mountain again.

“Strange, could there be some kind of divine formation at work? Otherwise, how could it bring about this kind of result. The same region could actually only be seen in a few spots.”

That sacred mountain left a deep impression in Xiao Chen’s heart, it was really too magnificent. Even on the one thousand five hundred meter tall Heavenly Tree’s stump, they had to raise their head to watch.

The mist was very cloudy there, not a single vegetation nor birds and beasts could be seen. One could already feel it from a distant, that place was deathly still. One could see many broken historic sites, such as the majestic castles, but due to the vicissitudes of time, some of the magnificent buildings were already collapsing.

The sacred mountain was grand and lofty, it possessed a majestic aura. From halfway up the mountain until the top were filled with the ancient ruins, it emitted an awe-inspiring and deathly still aura, making that place seems incomparably mysterious.

And those vicious dragon as well as the ancient beasts, were located at the foot of the sacred mountain.

It was very obvious, the reason they gathered here must be due to the sacred mountain.

The dense fog sealed the sacred mountain, the roar of the dragons and beasts made people feel demoralized.

Xiao Chen kept moving around on the surface of the broken ancient tree. He only found three spots where he could see the sacred mountain within hundred meter square. This was very miraculous, according to his speculation, there must be a divine formation sealing that place.

“Keke, you seen that sacred mountain before?”

Keke shook its head, it jumped on top of Lunhui Wang’s skull with a swift sound, and once again sized up the sacred mountain curiously.

“Were those monsters always there before?” Xiao Chen asked one more time, he really wanted to know if those ancient beasts just recently got here, or were they always pacing back and forth around the sacred mountain.

Keke nodded its head, that means to say this region had always been the settlement of the ancient beasts.

“It seems like that sacred mountain did not just appear recently, those ancient beasts must have known about it a long time ago.” Xiao Chen couldn’t help but think, this is a sealed dragon island, countless years ago, those dragon race were capable of flaunting their strength before the deities! If that was the case, those ancient and mysterious castle on top of the majestic sacred mountain, if they were not built by the dragon race, then they must be the castle of the ancient deities!

And there was a Heavenly Tree in front of the sacred mountain, one couldn’t help but be lost in boundless fanciful thoughts. The dragons were sealed on this island most likely had something to do with the Heavenly Ancient Tree.

Xiao Chen’s party climbed down from the Heavenly Ancient Tree, they stealthily moved towards the direction of the sacred mountain. Naturally, they took the long way around those ancient beasts, they had no choice but to avoid those vicious dragons and beasts.

Only, after they circled around a large area, and once again got close to the sacred mountain that was concealed in the empty sky, they found that there were vicious beasts around no matter from which direction. Looking from a distant, the shadow of a huge monster could be seen swaying in the mountain woods. A cruel fiendish aura pervaded in the woods, that must be a terrifying beast that had killed myriads of living things.

Xiao Chen grudgingly become aware that they were unable to get near the sacred mountain. There were monsters roaming around in all direction. Whether Keke was really a muddle-head, or it really had nothing to fear in Heaven or Earth, it actually wanted to force its way through. If not for Xiao Chen who pulled it tenaciously, this little critter would already run over there like a wisp of smoke.

It was already nightfall, the beastly roar had become much fewer, the mountain range trembled violently, many monsters had left that place while letting out a snarl. Each and every one of them returned to their nest respectively.

The moonlight was as gentle as the water, Xiao Chen and the gang decided to make their move, they would seldomly get this kind of opportunity. He decided to get close to the sacred mountain during the night. The forest trees were very sparse in this mountain range, the area without any vegetation was stepped on by the monsters until it became as hard as the rock. Those were the path of the ancient beasts.

The imposing sacred mountain in front of them was intermittently visible. The bright moonlight lit up the area, the mountain ranges in the vicinity seemed as if they were covered by a layer of hazy veil.

“Roar……!” A loud roar suddenly resounded, it almost caused Xiao Chen to go deaf. The leaves flew about everywhere in the mountain range, the inexhaustible fiendish aura spread over a large area. That Monarch Lion Dragon was actually still here. It was facing the moon and letting out a roar while facing the direction of the sacred mountain. Almost all the faint yellow radiance from its head to toe had transformed into a dazzling golden light. An inexhaustible bloody odor pervaded the air, it was clearly the evil aura that comes together with a killing machine.

It seemed like it wanted to dash up the sacred mountain. After the series of roar, it suddenly scuttled across the ground, it truly felt as if the heaven and earth were shaking, even the mountain ranges in the vicinity were trembling. The mountain-like Monarch Lion Dragon knocked down endless amount of forest trees. It emitted a resplendent golden light, and dashed up the sacred mountain. However, the draconic roar suddenly faded away, the presence of the Monarch Lion Dragon was gone in a short while.

A fifty meter long dragon just evaporated in the thin air!

Not even a single sound could be heard, it was deathly silent!

The Monarch Lion Dragon disappeared without a trace, it was as if it had charged into an unknown world.


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Chapter 71 – Den of Vicious Beast

Seeing Keke act like this, Xiao Chen also felt a bit sour, the three skeletons squatted around the little critter. In their eyes, the way the reckless little devil acted was very strange.

“Wuwu……” As if Keke had been wounded, it curled into a snow-white pompom and started to whimper.

Xiao Chen may treat his enemy as cold as steel, but he was still sincere to the people around him. Even though Keke was a little critter, they had spent a long time together, he had already thought of it as a fantastic “child”.

“Keke, don’t be scared……” Xiao Chen crouched down, and pulled Keke into his embrace.

As if Keke had found something to rely on, it sobbed incessantly, and buried its head deep within Xiao Chen’s embrace. It appeared as miserable as the first time Xiao Chen saw this little critter, resembling a child that had been abandoned.

“Clack! Clack……!” The three skeletons looked at each other in dismay, they were always wary of this little critter, but the scene before their eyes made them incomparably astounded.

Xiao Chen attempted to inquire over and over again, after spending a great amount of time, he could more or less figure out what was going on. Keke seemed like an “abandoned child”. It knew that it was born from here, but it had never met its parent before. As soon as the pitiful thing was born, it climbed down the divine tree and lost its way in the mountains. After that, it wandered to the border zone of the island.

And today it had found its way back, but it never thought it still wouldn’t be able to see its parent at this place. This made the little critter, with abundance of emotion, to feel very disappointed, that’s why it felt so wronged.

“Keke, don’t be disappointed……” Xiao Chen smiled, and said, “I am the same as you, I can never be together with my family again. We will be a family from now on. You are one valiant little monster, you must not feel aggrieved like this, you must be strong.”


Xiao Chen’s words immediately changed Keke’s mood as expected, it furiously brandished its little paws, baring its fangs and claws to threaten Xiao Chen. Apparently, it was very dissatisfied to be addressed as a “little monster”. Xiao Chen found this method to be very effective, it immediately shifted Keke’s attention.

“Let’s go and take a look at the nest of the little monster, and also the origin of the divine sapling.” Xiao Chen carried Keke, and wandered around the broken tree with the three skeletons.

Keke furiously jumped down from Xiao Chen’s body, then it happily ran towards the heart of the broken tree like a wild colt. It really was a child, it recovered from its disappointment so quickly.

The surface of the broken Heavenly Tree was incomparably flat and smooth. Xiao Chen was shocked to discover that there were some shattered eggshells in the heart of the stump. It was as crystal clear as seven-colored divine jade, a faint multicolored radiance was lingering on the eggshells.

Keke was a little reluctant to leave and mischievously rolled around the broken jade-like shell. Xiao Chen couldn’t help but open his mouth widely in shock, Keke was actually born from a divine jade-like colored egg!

Keke looked like a little lion, and also somewhat like a little tiger, it was covered in a snow-white fur that was as bright as jade from top to bottom. No matter how you see it, the little critter doesn’t seem like it was born from a colored egg. It would make sense if it was covered in scales from head to toe, but the fact really isn’t so.

It has such an impressive origin! Xiao Chen believed Keke’s origin wouldn’t be so simple. It might be the descendant of some super powerful monster. Otherwise how could it be born in a nest full of dragons and ancient beasts around! The roar of dragons and beasts kept resounding in the vicinity.

Keke who was rolling around the broken jade-like shell suddenly recalled something. It took off the “treasured tree” from its head, and planted it beside the broken shell. The divine sapling immediately rooted itself on the surface of the black jade-like stump.

“Are you telling me, the divine sproutling was excavated from here?” Xiao Chen looked at Keke in awe.

Keke nodded its head strongly, its big glittering eyes blinked a few times.

The Heavenly Tree was already dried up and dead, the divine sproutling was unable to draw out any life energy from it. Xiao Chen was immediately dumbfounded when he saw the divine sproutling, this…… divine sproutling was born from the stump, it was as if the spring had comes upon a withered tree, it seemed to have evolved and entered a different stage of Nirvana. This divine sapling seemed like a different tree species from the ancient Heavenly Tree! This is a genuine divine tree not only in name, but also in reality, no wonder it did not die even after it had been uprooted.

However, the sapling was a little unfortunate, it became the “ration” of this abandoned child in the end. After Keke was born, it survived by sucking the energy from these jade leaves. After roughly understanding everything, Xiao Chen couldn’t help but heave a sigh, could it be that Keke’s parents deliberately left this “ration” behind for it?

A mysterious little beast, it most likely wouldn’t be much weaker than those legendary Syndicate Dragon King. Xiao Chen thought of that kind of thing.

“Hehe……” Keke was rolling back and forth between the broken shell. It seemed like it had completely got over its disappointment, it giggled in a cheerful mood like it always did in the past.

“Time to get up, don’t roll around anymore.” Xiao Chen pulled Keke up from the ground, then he gathered the pile of colored shells in the same place, and said, “This is your identification, I will keep them for you.” He tore a piece of cloth, and wrapped the eggshell within before he attached the cloth to his back.

“Roar……” The powerful dragon roar caused the mountain ridge in the vicinity to shake. High up in the sky, the burst of sound wave was especially great, they could clearly feel the quiver in the stream of air.

“Let’s go over there and take a look.”

The dragon roar came from the mountain range in the East, Xiao Chen and the gang walked over on the surface of the ancient Heavenly Tree’s stump. When they arrived at the edge, they surveyed the scene from an elevated position.

A few huge monsters with scales all over their body, flickering with hazy divine radiance, are currently moving about at the mountain range in a not so distant place. They are only a few hundred meter apart from one another, but they didn’t get into a strive, this is a very abnormal scene. Those are but a few vicious dragons! They are normally very tyrannical and won’t let other ancient beasts enter their territory.

Xiao Chen was incomparably shocked, he already saw that greenish Tyrannical Dragon clearly, its huge draconic body could extend up to fifty meter long, the indistinct green divine radiance made it appear especially terrifying.

Not far away from the green Tyrannical Dragon, there was a huge monster just as big. Its imposing demeanour was not inferior to the Tyrannical Dragon, as if it was made out of brass, it was flickering with a light yellow radiance from head to toe.

It looked exactly like a mighty lion, but it couldn’t be a lion, it was covered in dragon scales that were flickering with yellow radiance from head to toe. Its lion head was very fierce, the pair of blue eyes were as imposing as the will-o’-wisp. Its “lion’s mane” was completely made up of huge bony outgrowths!

Four of its thick and powerful claws were like four huge pillars, each one required seven to eight people to wrap their arms around it. From its entire body, except for the glittering yellow scales, and that crocodile-like giant tail, this vicious dragon looked exactly like a gigantic lion.

Xiao Chen recognized it at a single glance, that was the legendary Monarch Lion Dragon, it was absolutely not weaker than the Tyrannical Dragon. It was uncommon even among the powerful dragon race.

The Tyrannical Dragon and Monarch Lion Dragon were very close to one another, but they actually did not start a strive. What made people even more amazed was that there was still another powerful dragon nearby. A Saber Dragon that looked like a green jade mountain was standing on an elevated position, and roaring while facing the sky.


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Chapter 70 – Heavenly Tree

After pushing their way through a wide expanse of primitive mountain woods, Xiao Chen and the rest are gradually getting close to their destination.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” Keke jumped on top of Xiao Chen’s shoulder, and pointed at a mountain range in front of him.




Suddenly, a draconic roar was transmitted from that mountain range. It caused the entire mountain to shake, the forest trees to wave around hysterically, and dead leaves to swirl in the air.

There are definitely more than one ancient dragon there, judging from the sound, there are actually around seven to eight dragons!

Xiao Chen grumbled inwardly, it seems like he really walked into the den of monsters. Keke’s origin appeared to be extremely big!

The lotus insignia on the foreheads of the three skeletons suddenly flickered, they vigilantly watched their surroundings. Their joints were producing creaking sounds, they clearly felt the dangers ahead.

“Keke, you really lived in a den of monsters before? Just what kind of little monster are you?”

Keke seemed extremely dissatisfied that Xiao Chen called it a little monster, it angrily jumped onto Xiao Chen’s head, and then it scratched his head frantically, causing Xiao Chen’s long hair to become a complete mess.

“Alright, alright, you win.” Xiao Chen hastily grabbed the little critter, and put it on the ground.

After they entered the mountainous region, they could clearly make out a lot of huge paw prints. Without a doubt, all of them belong to the fierce dragons! After passing through a mountain range, Xiao Chen saw a very shocking scene, there was a black mountain ridge flickering with black radiance continuously cut across a few mountain range! The entire mountain ridge is flickering with specks of light, it is actually as sparkling and translucent as a black jade.

Keke cheerfully jumped back and forth between Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang’s head. It seems like they have already arrived at its place of origin. After that, it jumped down joyfully, and ran towards the black jade mountain ridge. Xiao Chen and the three skeletons followed closely behind, since they are already here anyway, it is impossible to stop now due to the roar of dragons in the vicinity.

But, when they get close to that black jade mountain ridge, Xiao Chen was completely dumbfounded. He found that the so-called black mountain ridge actually looked like…… a tree trunk! A chunk of it was lying flat on the mountains, it was actually a huge tree trunk flickering with black radiance!

After they got nearer to the mountain ridge, Xiao Chen was shocked to find that the black mountain ridge was really a tree trunk. One can find several huge twigs separating from the trunk along the way.

This is simply inconceivable!

The tree trunk is actually as bulky as a mountain ridge, if this huge tree that is flickering with black radiance is still alive, if it is still standing, just how tall would it be? Perhaps it might even pierce through the skies! This can be rated as a Heavenly Tree!

Not far ahead from here is a piece of collapsed mountain region, it seems like a terrifying earthquake occurred here. Almost all the mountain peaks had already crumbled, even the towering rocky mountains were full of huge cracks, most of the area already sank down. If not for those crumbled rocky mountains, this place can be considered an extremely big basin. It is very bizarre within the basin, although it is filled with rocks, and even if there are soil, no plant is growing at all, it is a piece of dead land.

And the Heavenly Tree only extended until here, any traces of that incomparably big treetop were already gone a long time ago. It seems like it was buried along with the collapsed mountain region ahead. People couldn’t help but be lost in thoughts, and suspect if some kind of big disaster had broken out in this place before. Something big enough that could cause endless amount of mountain peaks to collapse and the Heavenly Tree to fall.

“Eh, where did Keke go?” Xiao Chen suddenly found that Keke had disappeared.

“Clack! Clack……!” Lunhui Wang moved its lower jaw up and down, and pointed at the other side of the divine tree, hinting that Keke had rushed to the direction of the tree roots.

“Let’s go, we also go take a look.” Xiao Chen and the three skeletons quickly ran after Keke.

Even though that black jade-like Heavenly Tree already dried up a long time ago, and toppled over the mountain range, it is still as high as the mountain peak, it really is too humongous. It is like a mountain ridge across the horizon, it is even more imposing than most of the mountain range here.

Xiao Chen and the others make their way through the dense mountain woods, they advanced for no less than eight to nine miles before they finally arrived near the ancient tree’s roots. And this eight to nine miles does not represent the entirety of the tree trunk. After all, there are still the trunk, and the crown that was completely destroyed.

The Heavenly Tree’s roots are just as stunning, the stump on the surface is actually as majestic as a mountain. Regardless of the thickness and height, it is comparable to the mountain range in the vicinity, it is a truly shocking scene! Few enormous roots that are exposed on the ground practically looked like one after another mountain ridges, they didn’t even enter the underground at the distant mountain, one couldn’t help but feel flabbergasted looking at this scene.



The draconic roar transmitted from nearby, it seems to come from seven to eight fierce dragons. Not only that, there were also the shriek of other monsters, it is as ear-splitting as the heavenly thunder. They dared to make a sound in the dragon’s territory, they must be some ancient beasts not inferior to the fierce dragon!

This place is really as Xiao Chen had expected, it really is the den of monsters!

“What about Keke, where did it go?” Xiao Chen looked everywhere, he was truly worried that Keke had entered the mountain range, into the territory of the vicious beasts.

“Clack! Clack……” Qinguang Wang moved its lower jaw, and pointed at the Heavenly Tree’s stump.

The divine tree’s stump emits the same black radiance, it is as crystal clear as a black jade. Xiao Chen raised his head to look, only to discover Keke is climbing up the smooth mountain-like tree trunk like an agile monkey. It already climbed close to one kilometer.

The three skeletons were also eager to give it a try, they wanted to climb up and get to the bottom of this matter. Xiao Chen laughed and said, “Alright, let us go up and take a look at this little monster’s nest.”

Only someone with their ability would be able to climb up the tree trunk, normal people wouldn’t be able to do it. That is because the tree trunk is as sleek as a jade, it is hard to exert any strength.

The divine tree’s stump is about one thousand five hundred meter high, and most of the mountain range on the Dragon Island are lower than one thousand three hundred meter. The tree stump is a little taller than all the one thousand meter tall mountain range nearby. When Xiao Chen and the rest climbed up the tree trunk, they were shocked once again. He found that the peak of the stump is incomparably smooth, as if it was cut off by a sharp weapon. There can’t be any other reason!

The divine tree’s trunk is as thick as a mountain, it was chopped off in half, this is really too inconceivable. People couldn’t help but associate it with many many things……

The surface is extraordinary wide, and is also flickering with black radiance similar to the color of the tree trunk, it resembles a tall mountain with flat roof. Keke seems overwhelmed in the distant place, it is moving around without an aim. Xiao Chen walked over, and found its glittering big eyes were filled with a perplexed look. It looked just like a child who lost its way home, it is somewhat delicate and charming.

“Keke, what is going on?”

There was hardly a time where Keke was not mischievous, but now it is quietly leaning down, and curled up into a ball, it actually started to make a sobbing sound. It resembles a lonely child who had just lost its mother. It is just lying there motionlessly, tears are actually rolling down from its big eyes. ⌈1


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Chapter 69 – Approaching Keke’s Old Home

A monster capable of controlling the gale! Xiao Chen shouted in dismay loudly, if his conjecture was not wrong, this is undoubtedly a huge snake! According to legend, a divine snake who had reached enlightenment was capable of separating the plants, and made a path for itself.

Xiao Chen embraced Keke and ran away as soon as he turned around, the three skeletons followed closely behind. Like a few streak of light smoke, they escaped from that area in the blink of an eye. Through the dancing tree shadows, he turned his head around to watch, he could only see a huge green snake rushing out from the bamboo forest, with body as thick as a house!

The part of its body that was raised high up into the sky was already ten meter tall, the green scales were flickering with a terrifying light, each scale was as big as a palm-leaf, its huge head in the sky was looking down on the herd of wild elephants. Its washbowl sized bloody-red eyes were emitting a terrifying fiendish ray. The thick venomous fangs in its wide mouth were all about half a meter long, all of them looked like an incredibly sharp sword. Its scarlet forked tongue was about four to five meter long, extending and retracting indefinitely, it was incomparably terrifying!

It directly throw its long body across the bamboo forest to the other side of the river bank, it resembled a huge dam blocking the path of the wild elephants. And around the huge snake, on the tip of the bamboo branches, and among the underbrush, there are infinite numbers of tiny green shadows wiggling around, there are actually so many tiny green snakes!

In a distant place, Xiao Chen couldn’t help but suck in a mouthful of cold air, this giant green snake is actually a Trimeresurus!

Viper Trimeresurus, they are normally only half a meter long. Even though they are very small, they are extremely poisonous. It is very rare for them to grow up to two meter long, and now this enormous Trimeresurus is actually as thick as a house, and its huge body is hidden from view by the bamboo forest, who knows just how long is actually is!

This is really too frightening, it is very hard to imagine just how long it had lived!

This is most likely a monster that had lived on since the ancient times! It definitely have enough strength to confront some of the fierce dragons!

Having their escape route completely blocked off, the wild elephants’ sad calls penetrated this entire area. In the end, half of the herd turned around and rushed towards the river. At the same time, the huge Trimeresurus also started to move.

As soon as its head stretched forward, the five meter long forked tongue immediately caught a wild elephant. After that, it opened its huge mouth to the extreme, the thick and sharp venomous fangs flickered with terrifying rays, and swallowed the entire elephant head in a single bite.

The scene is extremely bloody and scary, the huge snake’s venomous fangs immediately paralyzed the wild elephant’s body, making it lose its ability to struggle in an instant. After that, it devoured the fresh elephant bit by bit!

A snake devouring an elephant!

The huge Trimeresurus that lived since the ancient times, actually devoured a wild elephant, this is really too shocking and terrifying!

The herd of elephants ran away in a panic, some of them fled into the river, and was carried downstream, some of them rammed against the dam-like body that was blocking their path, they wanted to force their way through and get away from here.

When the huge green shadow flipped over, a gale rushed forth from the bamboo forest, carrying with it a fishy smell that made people want to vomit. The earth trembled constantly, the bamboo forest swayed hysterically, endless amount of bamboo leaves fluttered in the air. The huge snake winded its body around four wild elephants in a flash.

The wild elephants uttered a sad call, they struggled to get free, but in the end they lost their strength, and became motionless.

That huge bloody mouth once more open up to the limit, devouring the four elephants one after another. This bloody and cruel scene caused the other elephants to feel incomparably frightened, all of them were trembling in fear. In the end, they crouched down on the ground, and wailed unceasingly.

The ancient snake, Trimeresurus, seemed like it didn’t want to completely exterminate them, five elephants were already enough to satisfy its hunger. Its huge body slowly moved towards the depths of the bamboo forest, gradually disappearing in the shadow of the woods.

It was as if the herd of elephants had been granted an amnesty, they ran for their life in a panicked state. The earth started to tremble, the forest trees on the riverside swayed hysterically, the dead leaves filled the whole sky!

Xiao Chen’s entire body was shaking to the core, after this event he finally knows, even if an area seemed tranquil and peaceful, it is still just as dangerous. One couldn’t help but be cautious on this island, there are too many ancient beasts concealing themselves in the endless mountain woods!

Keke struggled free from Xiao Chen’s both hands, it climbed up the top of a green bamboo like an agile monkey to look at the giant snake. Regarding this, Xiao Chen was already used to it. Even though Keke looked like a lion and a tiger, it was capable of walking upright. Sometimes it even resembled a little monkey, this little critter is really such a freak.

“Squeak! Squeak……” It mumbled to itself excitedly, as if it was trying to express its happy mood.

“What’s going on, Keke?” Xiao Chen looked towards it in amazement.

Keke nimbly jumped down, it pointed at itself and the divine sapling, and then towards the mountain woods in front. This made Xiao Chen feel completely puzzled, he spent a lot of time to get the rough idea, ahead of them should most likely be the divine sapling and Keke’s old home!

“Keke, you were born from here?” Xiao Chen looked at it in amazement, he always wanted to know the origin of this little critter. Who knows, maybe the secrets surrounding Keke would come to light if they went to explore its place of origin.

Keke blinked its glittering big eyes, and nodded its head strongly. At the same time, it is also pointing at the divine sapling. One can see that it is very excited.

Xiao Chen also felt a little happy, if the divine sapling really originated from Keke’s native place, then could there be some more treasured trees there? The three skeletons also surrounded them, it seemed like they also hope to visit Keke’s place of origin.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” This time, Keke walked in the front. It seems like it wants to lead the way.

Xiao Chen laughed out loud, seeing how this little critter is so eager to get home. Most likely it lost its way at that time, that’s how it ended up in the outer region of the Dragon Island. This little critter is really such a muddle-headed.

Keke is simply too fearless, it actually wanted to directly push its way through the ancient snake’s habitat. Xiao Chen hastily blocked its path, and then they took a detour. This make the little critter keeps squeaking unhappily. He really can’t figure out if this little critter is not scared of the vicious snake, or is it really a little muddle-head.

The vicious beasts are increasing in numbers as they keep going, Xiao Chen couldn’t help but doubt, did Keke come from the nest of a vicious beast? On the way, they discover many terrifying monsters, some of them are even bigger than ancient dragon. They are absolutely capable of striving against the vicious dragon!

Suddenly, a gale was raised abruptly, the giant trees in the mountain woods trembled, the leaves swirled in the air, many beasts ran away in a frenzy. Xiao Chen raised his head to see, only to discover a huge bird flying past at high-speed while sticking close to the mountain woods. It is covered by bright fiery feathers from head to toe, its body is actually about the same as the Sacred Dragon, its body is about ten meter long, and its pair of wings could stretch up to thirty meter long! ⌈1

Keke is not scared in the slightest, it is curling up like a snow-white pompom and rolling on the lawn excitedly. This shows that they should be close to its home now.

After advancing for another mile, when they pushed their way through a gloomy swamp, they found a ten meter long golden centipede with body as thick as a water bucket. It is currently curling up in the gloomy woodland. This is really too shocking, a centipede can actually grow up to this extent, this is simply inconceivable! This is definitely a terrifying poisonous insect that had lived since the ancient times. Perhaps even a vicious dragon would take a detour once they encountered it!

The woodland is extremely gloomy, the huge centipede is flickering with a bizarre golden luster. Its outer shell is as hard as steel, Xiao Chen saw how it easily snapped a giant ancient tree, it is like an unstoppable giant metallic creature! Its several hundred pairs of insectoid legs were as sharp as knife, it just lightly wiggle around, and the rocks in the swamp were chopped into pieces.

Xiao Chen was convinced, that Keke’s old home should be a den of monsters, there were more and more ancient beasts around here.


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Chapter 68 – Movement in the East

“Is it not possible now?” Xiao Chen laughed.

“Hehe, so it turns out you are actually not honest. I always thought you were a decisive, and cold-blooded expert.” Rowena is absolutely a beauty through and through, her flirtatious expression emitted a peculiar charm. Even if Xiao Chen had willpower as strong as steel, his heart couldn’t help but waver.

Rowena left with a flirtatious expressions, she walked as leisurely as a lotus, graceful and elegant, her slender leg, perfectly round buttocks, delicate waist, and indistinct curve, gave Xiao Chen an incomparably sexy view of her back. ⌈1

That was indeed an extraordinary beautiful woman with unlimited charm. Her lovely side already far surpassed her own beauty, even though her appearance is not comparable to Zhao Lin Er and Yang Qing Cheng, her enticing ability already far surpasses them. ⌈2

Xiao Chen looked at his own heroic figure reflected on the creek, and quickly calmed down. The both of them were only trying to use each other, their alliance is nothing but for show.

The news of Xiao Chen destroying three alliances in a single night gave rise to a huge wave. His strength makes everyone realize that this youth who did not join any alliance is not to be trifled with, he is not someone they should provoke! Speaking from a certain point of view, Xiao Chen’s name had already been carved deeply into everyone’s heart, he had already become the main topic discussed by everyone.

Many people are aware that when Yan Qing Cheng, Carlos, and Wharton return, there will inevitably be a big storm. They will definitely not leave the matter at that, a lot of people are expecting a battle from breaking out, it will certainly be a showdown of the highest level.

Undoubtedly, Xiao Chen had already become a well-known figure on the Dragon Island. It caused many alliances to pay close attention to his action, and he attracted the sights of every young practitioners, male and female alike.

Xiao Chen naturally knew people were talking about him. These past two days, he kept roaming around the assembly point of the alliances. He was closely paying attention to the current situation. And then, after having a meat feast with Yizhen and Yichi to his heart’s content, he left this place.

Yan Qing Cheng and the rest should be back soon, Xiao Chen decided to disappear for a period of time, seizing every moment to train, and let them be driven to madness by themselves first. After finding the three skeletons in the deathly still forest, they went to the sea of bones. Xiao Chen wanted to go give Lawrence a greeting first, but he found that Lawrence had already left this place.

And the other practitioners who were the first to enter the depths of the Dragon Island had also disappeared without a trace. It is probably due to the practitioners from the outer region moving here, more and more people are showing up here frequently, this is no longer a good place to train quietly.

The figures around the vicinity of the divine monolith are mostly practitioners that entered afterwards.

Xiao Chen retrieved Keke, who was fast asleep, from within a pile of the Tyrannical Dragon’s skeleton that was close to the divine monolith.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” Since its good night sleep was disturbed, Keke fiercely waved its little paw, and squeaked resentfully.

“Keke, how about I bring you to eat something good?” Xiao Chen began to release an “aromatic bait” in order to take Keke away. This snow-white, hairy tiger-like, and lion-like exotic little critter, is really too marvelous. Xiao Chen wanted to keep it beside him no matter what.

This is something that cannot be helped, this little critter was not really following him all along, it only followed him due to curiosity. He must constantly let this little critter experience something new.

Hearing that it can enjoy some delicious food, Keke’s big glittering eyes immediately flickered with one after another tiny stars. ⌈3⌋ It keeps blinking its eyes incessantly, it couldn’t help but swallow its saliva with a “gulp”. ⌈4

Xiao Chen couldn’t help but smile all of a sudden, this little critter is really too funny. But just at this time, Keke lowered its head dejectedly, stroking its plump little belly in agony. At that time, it devoured too much Sweet Dew of Life, it is still not completely digested yet, so it is unable to enjoy the delicacy.

“I have a way to help you get rid of your sufferings, but it will certainly take some time.”

The light immediately returned to Keke’s eyes, it keeps squeaking, as if it was questioning whether Xiao Chen really had the ability to do it.

“Don’t worry, I can definitely help you resolves your problem. But of course, I need your treasured tree.” Xiao Chen pointed at the ‘treasured tree hat’ that Keke wore on its head.

Keke immediately took off the treasured tree, and tossed it over to Xiao Chen without a care in the world. If the divine sapling had intelligence, it will inevitably wish to cry, the little critter doesn’t seem to care about it at all.

“We cannot do it here, we need to find a quiet place so we won’t be disturbed. Besides, I also need some time to think.”

Just like that, Xiao Chen and his party began their journey. The little critter would turn around to look at the divine monolith from time to time, but it still left this place in the end. In the depths of the island, they can hear the dragon’s roar from time to time, Xiao Chen wanted to try his luck, and see if he can retrieve a few dragon eggs. ⌈5

While they are making their way through the deathly still forest, Xiao Chen felt extremely baffled. This place is so exuberant, yet it is so quiet, not even a bird could be seen, could it be because it is close to the sea of bones?

The tall ancient trees in this area require a few dozen people to wrap their arms around it. The trees are definitely a few millennium old, they are not one bit inferior to the trees in the treant’s valley. But not a single treant is roaming around, evidently no treant had ever successfully evolve from here.

This time, Xiao Chen did not go to the northern side, towards where the alliances are inhabiting. They left from the other side of the deathly still forest, on the east side. They walked for a few dozen miles before they finally left this incomparably quiet forest.

Arriving at the outside world brimming with vitality, one could feel the differences right away. A small stream is flowing with “Drip! Drip! Plop! Plop!” sound, the heavily scented fragrance of flowers, the cheerful birdsong, as well as the roar of the beasts, all of them make this world appear full of vitality.

Even though they could hear the roar of the dragons resounding from the mountains from time to time, they still couldn’t pinpoint the exact location after walking for dozen of miles. Terrifying beasts on the other hand, they encountered a lot of them. Most of them are some kind of ancient beasts, Xiao Chen suspect some of them could even contend against a fierce dragon!

Soon after, Xiao Chen discovered a river in the mountain woods, he followed the river eastwards. The green bamboo gradually become more on both sides of the shore, while the other forest trees gradually become lesser.

It lasted until they advanced for another few miles, their surroundings already turned into a wide expanse of bamboo forest. In this area, the monsters have become lesser, while there are more herbivorous animals.

The green bamboo, bluish-green river, and low shrubs. In addition to the melodious birdsong, and the moose-like animals that are not frightened by human, all of them make this place seem very harmonious and peaceful. On this Dragon Island filled with monsters, it is very rare to find this kind of peaceful zone.

There are twenty plus wild elephants on the other side of the riverbank drinking water, their pure white tusks are flickering with a faint luster. The sturdy body of the elephants lining up in a row resembled a lofty wall.

But just at this time, the pack of elephants suddenly become restless, it seems like the wild elephants had been frightened by something, all of them released a long trumpet as they turned around to flee right away.

Xiao Chen clearly felt something abnormal, he could feel a fishy smell assaulting his nostrils. A gale suddenly blew from the bamboo forest in front, a path actually appeared in the middle of the bamboo forest, all the bamboo automatically fell towards both sides, it appears incomparably bizarre. ⌈6


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Chapter 67 – Stunning Beauty

The next day, most of the alliance had received the news, everyone was incomparably shocked.

They could not make out Xiao Chen’s appearance clearly on the dark rainy night, but with that tall and straight figure, as well as that terrifying strength, the first thing that came to people’s mind was him.

When the news spread out, the founder of the Phantom Alliance, Carlos, and the founder of the Throwing Knife Alliance, Wharton, will definitely bring a few experts to join up with Yan Qing Cheng. It was very easy to guess that Xiao Chen did this on purpose.

This time, Xiao Chen’s terrifying strength really caused many people to shake in their boots incessantly.

Xiao Chen is taking a stroll in the mountain forest after the rain, and breathing in the fresh air. He let the three skeletons return to the deathly still forest to continue their training. He continued to search for Spell Master Lande in the area where many of the alliances are gathering together, all in accordance to the information leaked by one practitioner at death door. Unfortunately, he was unable to find any clue.

This important figure from the Undying Alliance, even though he had suffered a serious injury from the battle last time, he was still able to escape last night’s massacre. From start to finish, Xiao Chen was never able to find any traces of him.

The sun already rose a long time ago, the torrential rain last night made the sky appear even brighter. The cries of the beasts resounded in the ancient forest, hundreds of birds are singing among the exquisite flowers and trees, different areas have different scenery.

Even though he was roaming around an area where a lot of alliances are gathering together, Xiao Chen painstakingly concealed his tracks, so he was not discovered. It lasted until he was enjoying his lunch beside a jasper-like streamlet, the others only realized he was here due to the smoke raised by the bonfire.

An elegant and lovely figure passed through the emerald-green forest with graceful steps. She walked past the fragrant flowering shrub, she arrived at the flowing streamlet, and appeared before Xiao Chen.

This extremely heavenly and lovely woman possesses an irresistible temperament and charm, the word “beautiful” and “charming” can’t even begin to describe how truly enchanting she is. Her flirtatious expression, her gentle and lovely bearing, it was as if she was the incarnation of spring water itself, she can be said to be the most beautiful woman of her generation. ⌈1

Her delicate and exquisite body was faintly discernible under the almost translucent silky black long skirt. Her curvy body, as well as her exposed skin are flickering with an enticing luster, people couldn’t help but be lost in fanciful thoughts.

“Brother Xiao, move aside. Sitting beside a creek alone, are you not going to welcome me?” Her pair of lips are rosy and seductive, her jade-like teeth were exposed when she smiled. Her mesmerizing eyes under the long long eyelashes contain an irresistible charm.

So what if she is the most beautiful woman under the heaven, with Xiao Chen’s personality, it is impossible to entice him with charisma. Xiao Chen smiled as he looked at her, and said, “You must be the founder of Red Powder Alliance, Rowena ⌈2⌋, correct?”

Rowena smiled gently, it was truly enticing, that tender and loving face was like a combination of the spring water’s tranquility and beauty, she was extremely lovable. Her delicate and charming face was so beautiful that it was practically a beauty extract.

“I didn’t expect Brother Xiao actually knows my name.”

“Each and every member of the Red Powder Alliance is graceful and beautiful, and the beauty of founder Rowena can even turn all living things upside down, how could I not know.”

The breeze gently brushed past, and the rippling of the creek-side flowers created waves of fragrance. Rowena’s silk dress fluttered in the wind, clearly revealing and outlining her beautiful and sexy figure. Her slender jade-like legs seemed to be completely made out of gold. Her round and full buttocks provoked countless wild and fanciful thoughts from afar. Her small waist was slender and soft. ⌈3⌋ Her well-rounded and plump boobs were sticking up on one end, it let one’s imagination roam wildly.

Rowena smiled charmingly and said, “Turning all living things upside down…… Is Brother Xiao secretly mocking us as vixen?”

“No way, I am honestly praising you.”

“Hehe……” Rowena laughed cutely, her exquisite body is like a delicate willow brushed by a light breeze, “We sent someone to invite Brother Xiao before, but Brother Xiao looked down on weak woman like us, and didn’t take notice of us. Therefore, I came to find you personally today.”

“Lord Rowena, you are making things difficult for me. Your union is full of beautiful woman, how can a lone man like me join?”

“Brother Xiao, you are not frank enough. Last time we obviously did not request you to join Red Powder Alliance, we only want to ally ourselves with you. You cannot pull out like this.”

“If that is the case, then it must be my negligence, that was wrong of me.” Xiao Chen nodded his head and laughed, then he said, “If we form an alliance in the dark, then I have no qualms about it. One more friend, one more route to take. Since we are trapped on the Dragon Island, we ought to be looking out for each other. However, I am a trouble maker, some people always come to find trouble for me, are you not worried that they will bring some inconvenience for you?”

“How could I not.” Rowena cast a glance at Xiao Chen shyly, it was a bewitching and amorous glance. Any average person would have their heart stolen at that moment, “Those people you offended all have great influence. The Undying disciple Yan Qing Cheng. The young expert from the Barbarian Tribe, Chaos. The young expert from the Jungle Tribe, Yaluo De. And now you even offended the genius Illusion Master Carlos, as well as the successor of Xiao Li the Flying Dagger, Wharton. One after another harder to deal with.”

“Since you knew, you still want to form an alliance with me?”

“Wouldn’t it be better to provide help in somebody’s hour of need instead of decorating something that is already perfect? If we extend our goodwill after you have overcome your adversity, you might not have good impression of us. And since your circumstances is not favorable at the moment, if I form an alliance with you, and help you in a desperate situation, I presume you wouldn’t not do anything when I run into trouble in the future?” These words from Rowena are very “practical”, but only in this way could they show their sincerity. If they tried to deceive Xiao Chen, it will only earn his disdain. Both of them are intelligent people, they knew this method is the most effective to earn one’s trust.

“Oh? That means you want to form an alliance with me now, stand on the same battlefront, and make an enemy out of Yan Qing Cheng and the rest?” Xiao Chen repressed his smile and looked at Rowena.

“Hehe, I suspect I won’t have a long life.” Rowena laughed gently, then she said, “We will form an alliance in secret, unless one of us get caught up in a life or death situation, we need not help each other. I am serious, if one day, you really are at death’s door, I will come to help you.”

Xiao Chen finally laughed, she is a practical diplomat who loves to gamble. Rowena evaluated his formidable strength, she doubt Xiao Chen will get caught up in a sticky situation during this time of crisis. She might not even need to help him, and forming an alliance with him now is most ideal. She wouldn’t have to waste any resources, and would gain a formidable ally in the future, she has hit a jackpot!

“Very well, then we will form an alliance in secret. Who knows in a few days later, Yan Qing Cheng, Carlos, and Wharton might push me to the brink of death. I might need to come and seek asylum from you.”

Rowena’s lovely expression flipped for a moment, but she quickly recovered, and smiled, “I believe in your strength, you will certainly come out unscathed.”

Xiao Chen smiled, and didn’t say what he was thinking of. This exceptionally beautiful girl has most likely formed an alliance with many people in secret. But it is not possible for him to point it out so bluntly, he still had to “sincerely” cope with it on the surface.

The fishes are swimming here and there in the clear streamlet. The fragrance of the flowers and plants on both sides of the shores pervaded the air. This place is peaceful and lively.

The bare arms of Rowena are as delicate as clear water, they are suffused with an enticing luster, revealing her incomparably appealing youthfulness. Her neck is as white and smooth as a swan, the color of her lovely face is like a flower in full bloom, she laughed and said, “From henceforth we are allies, but this is a secret only between you and me, you cannot let anyone else know.” ⌈4

“Of course, this is a secret between you and me, but it is not really necessary for you to form an alliance with me. An incomparably beautiful woman like you, nobody would have the heart to kill you.”

“Woman like me. Hehe. Is in more dangers than you could imagine. I always feel like I am surrounded by a flock of wolf, who knows when I will be swallowed.” Rowena started to giggle, and said, “That’s why I need to get ready as soon as possible. Hehe. Who knows when will I be forced to find a backer to support me soon.”

Of course Xiao Chen knows what she meant by backer. Among the beautiful girls who delved into the Dragon Island, perhaps a majority of them will meet this kind of fate.

Rowena smiled gently and said, “Xiao Chen, I wish you will become stronger and stronger. I might come and find you to be my backer.”


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