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[Vol.2] Chapter 34 – Garden of Swaying Trees and Flowing Water

As I fixed my eyes on the crystals approaching at a high speed I let out a small breath and started to run with gentle movements.

 Now that I’ve removed Cherry Blossoms Prototype I can’t do much. Because I gave priority to the healing magic, I used less magical power than usual for body reinforcement.

 Though I take pride in the fact that among this area’s martial artists no one can catch up to my output even if they put their all into it. However, standing up to that powerful demonic beast, that’s just completely useless.

 Under the present conditions of all my abilities having declined, it’s impossible for me to smash those crystals like a while ago. Therefore, I actually can only use one method.

 It’s simple, really.

 I’ll continue dodging until my fist is healed. Other than that there’s nothing else I can do.

 Every hit would certainly cause a fatal injury so I have to avoid everything this rain of death, in which it wouldn’t be unusual to die in, has to offer without exception.

 That’s the way I chose.

 The flying crystals aimed at me as I was running and hit the ground at a tremendous speed.

 The sharp crystals shook the ground with its great momentum and deeply pierced into the soil.
……It’s not too difficult to imagine that being my body instead.

 If those crimson fangs where to hit — for example my abdomen, my bones would be smashed, my internal organs would be crushed and pierced, the wound in my torso would widen ending in cutting my body in two.

 Then it would just pierce the ground as if nothing happened. With only the bare minimum of magical power used to move my body it would just penetrate me as if I didn’t use any at all. That’s the offensive power that crystal hid.

 Every crystal approaching me held such a future for me.

 Thus, I had to dodge every one of those red crystals.

“(Good grief, how did that Alma break this?)”

 While those crystals aiming for my shadow hit the ground one after the other what incidentally floated through my mind was the face of my disciple.

 Although, I was watching her while I attended school, but the present Alma grew up so much, however, the past me …… can’t even walk shoulder to shoulder with the present me.

 Then how did you defeat Tarisberg? Where you just blessed with good luck — or is it this thing about the individual differences Monica was talking about?

 The word Tarisberg is said to be used to collectively refer to gigantic beasts which negate magic. They say that each one takes on a different appearance, their size and strength also seem to differ.
Then Alma’s opponent should have been somewhat weaker than this one.

 I dodged the accurately aimed crystal by somersaulting to the back and avoided the subsequent projectile reaching the ground by putting some power in my right hand and jumping to the right side.

 ……Fumu, although it’s not perfectly healed, looks like it recovered enough so that I won’t feel any pain if it’s something of this degree, huh?

 I glanced at the forest of red crystals which was created in the blink of an eye and raised my right hand, swung my dangling wrist.

 While I was thinking, both of my hands have recovered to some extent. However, looks like it will still take some time before I can use all my power, huh?

 After I checked the condition of my fist I looked up at Tarisberg. The reason for that was because I felt suspicious as the crystals that poured down on me like rain just a while ago suddenly stopped.

 I thought that if it finished I could quickly complete my fist’s treatment and be a little bit more at ease but, as I thought, that legendary beast isn’t lenient.

 There, crimson crystals were forming in rows again.

 ──While avoiding the attacks I noticed that the trajectory of the crystals Tarisberg shoots have two patterns.

 One is a bullet which has some aim to it, but it is shot disorderly as if “assuming that it will miss”.
As one can imagine, there’s no way those are going to hit if I stay completely still. Therefore, its aim isn’t the hostile individual, namely me, but an attack aiming for that area.

 It’s a seemingly meaningless attack. Its accuracy is even lower than a casually shot attack, like this it’s a technique that will never hit.

 However, combined with the other type, its effect is tremendous.

 The other trajectory is a simple and therefore powerful “precisely aimed” bullet.

 I’m interested how that giant is able to aim for such a small mark like me, but that’s fine.

 What’s important is that it aims for my approximate position.

 However, its trajectory is linear and other than troublesome magic it isn’t guided, so as long as one is agile enough it can be easily avoided.

 So those randomly shot crystals become troublesome.

 If you don’t move you won’t get hit, in other words, if you move there’s a possibility of getting hit.

 Move the target with precisely aimed shots and kill it with bullets purposely aimed loosely.

 This is very crafty for a new-born monster.

 It has a big body, can destroy the attributes’ power and it’s also clever.

 Having found one more reason for this monster being a monster, my mouth twisted into a smile.

 Cunning and brutal, splendid, splendid. Rather it seems to be without competition.
I confirmed my fist’s condition again. As before it’s not enough to crush the crystals with force, but precise movements are possible.

 Perfect, isn’t it?.……It’s just the right opportunity to try that out.

“–Original technique, “Swaying Trees””

 While remembering a certain woman I murmured that newly created name.

 It wasn’t really necessary for me to say it out loud as there’s no one who knows about the technique and no one can ask a beast who doesn’t even understand words.

 The stance used is “Flowing Water” which is excellent for receiving attacks. To avoid the intense “movements” of that barrage raining down since a while ago I have to be as “calm” as a clear stream.

 Very small, thin and weak magical power started to circle around me.

 It was basically like using magical power to build a defensive wall. However, it just doesn’t have any defensive properties to it. It won’t pose any hindrance so it’s as good as if nothing was there.

 It’s impossible to defend against those crystals coming this way with this. If I get hit directly it’ll end the way I just imagined.

 Then why did I stop walking?  

 ──It’s extremely simple, it’s no longer necessary to dodge.

The crystals aimed at me approached and broke through the magic I spread around me.

 Obviously. As I said some time ago, it doesn’t have any defensive properties.

 At this moment the crystal was an arm’s length away from me. It’s too late to try and dodge it now. If it was the same as before the crystal would simply drill through my body

 However, that won’t be my future. Even if it didn’t fulfil the role of Armor and it was already broken through.

 Still, this — is the strongest and most absolute defence I can use as of now.

 I guessed every possible attack and took the Running Water stance, excellent in receiving.

 I stretched out my hand to the crystal as the stance demanded — and swung my hand as if trying to swat away an insect.

 Just when I thought the crystal would shred the arm I launched at it, at that moment, the crystal finally broke with the attack power of “Cherry Blossoms Prototype”, as seen before.

 Like an insect which got hit away it missed its target and was send flying to a place somewhere behind me.

 A bulky, massive crystal gave off a huge sound behind me and pierced the ground.

“Kuku, as expected, looks like you were surprised.”

Looking at Tarisberg’s expression filled with hatred, I could clearly see bewilderment floating over it. Noticing that I laughed wickedly.

 As long as it has some intelligence it would be surprised.

 Regardless of the magical power I put inside my body, the magical power I expanded outside my body to receive the crystal was weak and even compared to the average person it was inferior.

 Even so, those crystal bullets which crushed trees and gouged out the ground were deflected with that minimum amount of magical power.

 Its surprise only lasted for an instant when a rage similar to the flames of hell appeared on Tarisberg’s face as if it’s most praised weapon got laughed at.

 In the next moment, all the crystals lined up in the sky were launched towards me at once.

 As I thought, there were two types of trajectories. So if I stay at this place I have to take on a part of that army.

 The thin magical power was still revolving around me.

 No matter how huge its mass is– those crystals are too small to kill me the way I am now.

 ”Swaying Trees” which spreads a thin film of weak magical power around me.

 Its nature is not “defensive” but “analytical”.

 I expanded my magical power which can be said to be a part of myself and made it surround me.

 Naturally, attacks aimed at me will first touch that magical flow before me.

 If it were only that, then this magical flow doesn’t have any meaning to it. There’s no way for it to stop the attack or weaken its power.

 However, the flowing magical power can accurately read the direction of the approaching attack.

 But just ejecting it doesn’t have that effect. It can only accurately read the strength and direction of a huge force touching it simply because the flowing magical power is in motion.

 And after I can see the powers flow I can swallow it using the Shijima style and manipulate it.

 ──Well, one would get it without me saying it, but I used Sonia’s “Fragrant Body” as basis for “Swaying Trees”.

 Although it’s not to the extent of Sonia’s Fragrant Body with which she can feel an attack’s origin and trajectory even with her eyes closed by reading the wind’s flow, it can read the all the trajectories of attacks while seeing them with one’s eyes and as long as one can grasp the flow of power this can show a great effect while using little magical power.

 I’m proud of this “Swaying Trees” which is like a big tree getting swayed by a rivers flow, not putting shame to the name “Flowing Water”.

 I deflected the approaching crystal with slight power.
 Something like changing the direction of powers is mere child’s play before the “Flowing Water” stance.

 I only have to slightly change the direction of said power without having to use any of my own power. With that alone I can make those crystals fly in a different direction without them ever getting to injure my body.

 How much time passed, I wonder.

 The crystal rain stopped leaving my surroundings to look like a pincushion.

 Nonetheless, the place where I’m standing, similar like a spotlight illuminating a dark stage, maintained a clean, circular shape.

“……Oh, ran out of ammunition, huh?”

 In the end I’m unhurt.

 The crimson crystals shot out with fiery passion didn’t give my body a single scratch and just made the ground look like Tarisberg’s back.

 If I knew “Swaying Trees” had that much of an effect I would have been great if I used it earlier, but unfortunately I can’t move my body as I please in the sky so it would be difficult to perform such precise movements even if I can read the attacks.

 At first glance it seems like the strongest defensive skill but it is still inadequate when compared with Sonia’s skill.
……Regretfully, it isn’t effective on enemies like Chester who can change the direction of their force in the middle of their attack.

 However, it’s true that it’s effective against long-ranged attacks. I became stronger again. One could put it like that.

 Now, while I was thinking those things──

 I repeatedly opened and closed my hand.……Perfect. I might even be able to fight Chester like this.

 I strongly clenched my fist and looked at Tarisberg.

 I felt like there was some perplexity mixed in that angry expression.

 Then I looked around incidentally.

 The mountains that were covered in trees looked tattered caused by the crystal bullets and Tarisberg’s own movements.

 All of that was aimed at me so this horrible sight the collateral damage, so to speak.

 ……I’d prefer to not cause any more damage to nature.

 Let’s end it this time for good.

I feel slightly reluctant, but this isn’t much different from torment.

 Additionally, right. It’s the individual differences. If an existence weaker than this one existed, then there surely is one exceeding this one getting born somewhere.

“I can’t, stop here”

 The magical power around my body snapped and sparks looking like scattering petals fell down.

 I changed my stance to “Surging Waves”.

 I can’t just stay here if I want to aim for the top and further above.

 I clad my body and reached heaven’s domain.

 The magical power exceeding my limits poured pain instead of blood into my muscles.

 A domain I never imagined reaching was now present in my body. Surely the world will spread out further beyond the clouds.

 If that’s the case then I have to blow those clouds away here and now.

“──Shijima style, secret technique “Inexplicable Change”.”

 With this I shall end it and move on to the next step.

 With clear intentions, I murmured the name of the domain I finally could reach my hand out to.


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[Vol.2] Chapter 33 – Crimson Crystal Dragon Fang

 I loosely clenched my fist without any clear form and drained the strain from my body.
 In front of this gigantic beast, I took the Shijima style’s offensive stance, Surging Waves.
 Even though I’m more proficient in Flowing Water rather than Surging Waves, Flowing Water is a stance one should only consider using against people even among the techniques from the anti-person combat focused Shijima style.
 Hitting, throwing and grappling. Among these three basic elements of martial arts, Flowing Water consists out of “throwing” and “grappling” movements which are tailored to deal with humanoid bodies and aren’t supposed to be used on such a non-standard opponent.
 Simply put, it doesn’t make any sense to use throwing or grappling techniques on such a bulky opponent.
 Nevertheless, it’s defensive and counter capabilities stay unchanged — in the end, they go hand in hand. Being up against that bulky body a drawn-out battle seems unfavourable as I don’t know how much damage it will do to the vicinity.

 ──Therefore, I took the Surging Waves stance.
 If it’s this posture with hitting as its main aspect I won’t have to change anything even if my opponent has a huge body.
 Though the way of fighting might demand a little change, but that is within expectations.

 Looking at me who now took a clear fighting posture Tarisberg raised a groan.
 Its expression was stained with anger so that even I, who is of a different species, could immediately understand it.
 Something along the lines of, that dwarfish creature is too cocky, huh? They certainly were feelings of killing, not suited for a match.


 The dark magical power surrounding Tarisberg swelled and its groan changed into a roar.
 Tarisberg kicked the land supporting its big body scooping it out and ran towards me.
 Behind its behaviour was only its intent to kill, but that charge with its overwhelming mass was stubbornly straightforward and rather monotonous.
That speed, however, was spectacular. This great mass and enormous magical power followed by that speed.
Everything was so straightforward, but all it made me think about was a simple death more than anything.
 If Magic and Sorcery don’t work stopping this would certainly be troublesome. Just this intense charge alone must have slaughtered many elves.

 It’s as though it could only see me. Tarisberg didn’t pay the trees any heed and just went through them as if it was out to conquer the wilderness.
 It’s different from the boar I fought the other day. As expected, it’s troublesome to take that head-on.
 It’s not impossible now if I activate “Cherry Blossoms Prototype” — but if I take that power head on I can’t avoid receiving damage. It’s not a wise choice to use this now that I have yet to uncover all of the enemy’s cards.

 Therefore I kicked the ground and flew high into the sky.
 It’s higher than Tarisberg’s body height so it looked somewhat shrunken.
 Needless to say, I’m out of the range of its charge. Tarisberg lost sight of my body again.

 However, this leap’s purpose wasn’t just to dodge the charge.
 When Tarisberg’s running body was right under me — I turned my legs towards the sky and folded them.
 As soon as I took a breath I released magical power from my feet. No, rather than release it should be called expansion, shouldn’t it?
 I made a scaffold with plain magical power something lesser than sorcery. Not to stand on, but to kick off from.


 After I put some spirit behind that short breath I instantaneously put force into my feet.
 As I leapt from the sky to the ground I swallowed the gravitational force and turned into a bullet.

 I fixed my posture mid-air and headed straight for Tarisberg’s back.
 I, who had a force far exceeding this small body’s weight behind him, landed feet first on Tarisberg’s back crushing its crystals.

 While raising a sorrowful voice Tarisberg’s body stiffened.
 With his forefoot raised, it stopped its charge and Tarisberg’s body stumbled.

 Putting power in my feet I remained on Tarisberg’s back and observed it.
 There were dark coloured crystals, which could be said to represent this creepy monster, growing on its back — Those who crumbled spew out magical power and disappeared as if they melted in the air.

 It’s more or less as Monica said.
 ”Dark Coloured Crystals” are said to not be able to keep its form and disappear by releasing its magical power when they are crushed to small pieces.
 I wanted to check it myself just to be sure, but the crystal growing on Tarisberg’s body are undoubtedly “Dark Coloured Crystals”.
 If that’s the case, then how much magical power does that monster have when it’s covered in this many crystals — looks like I probably shouldn’t go for a battle of attrition.

 And now another thing I wanted to try.
 I used some power and lit fire magic around my fist.

“……As expected, huh?”

 The fire magic after it was touched by the dark magical power emitted from the broken crystals disappeared and was neutralized as if it was blown out like a candle.
 ……looks like it’s true that Tarisberg is able to destroy magic.
 Rather, should we say that it has the power to dissolve the connections of processed magical power?
 Seeing as it didn’t interfere with Cherry Blossoms Prototype it won’t act on magical power used to strengthen one’s body. And — it doesn’t interfere with healing magic which is protected by a film of colourless magical power either.
 Looking at the power of the fire magic and the moment it’s neutralized, it seems like the ability of Tarisberg’s magical power is to invalidate the attribute of processed magical power.
That characteristic doesn’t really concern me, but it certainly is the natural enemy of the elves. As soon as that magical power which springs forth endlessly is touched Magic and Sorcery simply get destroyed.
 That means if it charges with that kind of magical power surrounding it like just now, ways to stop it are very limited.

 Looks like I ought to do something here after all.
 On Tarisberg’s back, I filled my open right hand with power. The bones gave off a dull sound as I clutched it properly, turning it into a weapon.
 There shouldn’t be any way for it to counterattack in this situation in which I took Tarisberg’s back.
 I put all my power into Cherry Blossoms Prototype and hammered my clenched fist down. This should determine it.
 I’d like to fighting more if I could, but this body isn’t mine alone now, the fate of this beautiful city rests upon my shoulders.

 Feeling bad for it is meaningless, huh? Even if it’s perhaps caused by the crystal fragments, this creature is like a lump of hatred. As long as it lives it has to curse every living being.
 If it’s like that, I’ll resolutely attack it. It was at that moment that my fist held a clear intent to kill.


 A voice filled with muffled resentment sounded and I covered my ears in the spur of the moment.
 This couldn’t be compared to the pain filled voice it raised before — feeling like my whole body was engraved with its resentment I unintentionally frowned.
 Even this roar is some kind of attack. As I thought about it, it created a dissonance appealing to the heart.
 However, the true value of that monster showed from this point on.


 I saw the crystals I just crushed by landing on them growing back from Tarisberg’s body again.
 How the hell did they grow back out in such a short time — This question floated through my mind for merely an instant, but after that, I had an unpleasant premonition running through me.
If I stay here something bad will happen. I didn’t have any basis for that. Strictly put it’s an instinct born from having fought for so many years, so I kicked the big dragon’s back without hesitation.
 Soon after having jumped up into the sky while feeling the intense burden of that excessive acceleration using “Cherry Blossoms Prototype” I knew my feeling was right.

 Dark coloured crystals were protruding from the big dragon’s back. A huge crystal as big as a human child was heading my way who was in the sky


 I unintentionally clicked my tongue faced with this unexpected action.
 The newly grown crystals gave off a dry sound like flint stones hitting against each other while they filled the sky and started to approach me. One should call that quantity over quality.
 It was a barrage of volcanic bomb like projectiles having huge mass and great speed. Clenching my teeth I enhanced the strength of Cherry Blossoms Prototype as the scenery drastically changed in an instant as if a disaster hit.

 I raised my concentration while gritting my teeth from the acute pain running through me.
 As the world slowed down I found a rather narrow open place inside that hail of bullets flooding towards me.
 I formed a scaffold with magical power, jumped to that open space and turned around towards an imminent bullet.
 If possible I wanted to get out of the attack’s range but that’s not possible inside this relentless sky.
 Avoiding this crystal storm is as challenging as trying not to get wet in a rainstorm.
 Therefore, I’ll just repel those that might become fatal and attack the others!


 The fist clad in Cherry Blossoms Prototyp’s glow drew traces in the sky.
 While hitting and sometimes repelling the bullets rushing towards me as I cut through the sky — I gradually approached the ground.
 The time it took me to fall felt like an eternity.
 I finally reached the ground accompanied by a sound that seemed like a chorus of screams similar to glass breaking.
 Those large mass/ high-speed crystal bullets left scars everywhere on my body.
 They were caused by shards of crystals I crushed, but the fist I used to destroy them was the most damaged.
“Gu, uh……”

 Even though I was strengthened by “Cherry Blossoms Prototype” the bones still broke and my fingers were crushed.
 Though I take pride in my high pain resistance, faced with this pain I still let out a slight sound.
 I clasped my fist — or should I say it was locked in that form? I could hardly even open the fist changed into something that seemed like an unshapely mud ball due to the fracture and pain.

 I, who received more damage than I anticipated by that unexpected attack, cancelled “Cherry Blossoms Prototype”.
 My aim was to treat my broken fist.
 While deploying “Cherry Blossoms Prototype”, one has to constantly mobilize healing magic, but as the body is destroyed at the same rate as it is healed it’s not possible for the healing magic to lean towards the positive.
 Though one’s life isn’t endangered, it’s a huge problem as one’s offensive power declines.
 Still, I won’t be able to land the blow to finish off that monster with this fist. I strengthened my body to the limit with body strengthening magic and deployed healing magic with emphasis on my right hand.


 As I fixed my eyes upon it while cold sweat showed on my face, that huge beast neighed.
 It was a heartless voice, I could feel more hatred in it than in the beginning.
 ──Earlier, Tarisberg let the crystals on its back grow and shot them the moment I emitted thirst for blood.
 When I think about that groan of pain and that timing I don’t believe it’s a coincidence.
“It’s sensitive to a person’s malice…… or something like that?”

 Hearing that sound I changed my speculation in desperation while clenching my teeth feeling the pain in my hanging arm.
 In this state, it’s impossible for me to attack it until I finished my treatment. While dodging its attacks, I’ll prepare to counterattack. That’s it for now.
 I opened both my eyes wide, appearing as if I’m prepared for whatever might come my way.
 The time it takes for my fist to completely heal — should be about 2 minutes or so, huh? Until that time comes intense movements should be avoided.
The moment I thought that a scene I didn’t want to see for a while jumped into my eyes.
“Tch, what a pain……”

 Red crystals filled the sky as far as I could see.
 Are you telling me that those things not only grow on its back but can also be formed from nothing?
 And it can also shoot them.
 This is quite troublesome. I even said I hate long distance attacks.

 However, even if I complain it won’t change anything.
 In my present condition, I can’t fight that. I have to somehow deal with it though, huh.

 The red splinters lined up in the sky.
 Their arrangement was reminiscent of that dragon’s fangs.
 In order to focus on the approaching threat I took a small breath — then, like a closing jaw, the lined up
crystals were released.


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Chapter 91 – Smashing A Car + Slapping A Face

Xiao Chen and Tang Tang received the stall and packed the remaining deep-fried breadsticks and soy milk into several shares. The dough that wasn’t deep-fried was left to the grandma in the grocery store, then they went to school.

The several shares of breakfast were for Zheng Xiaokun1, Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei. In any case, Tang Tang and Cheng Mengying were now able to see face to face and also understood each other’s status, so there was no need to be secretive.

After entering the school gate, the two saw a golden bright glittering Porsche Panamera in the parking lot. This rank of car in Second High is relatively rare because Second High isn’t like First High, it doesn’t have too many wealthy students. Although there wasn’t a lack of aristocratic clan young masters, Yue Shaoqun belonged to those that were hypocrites, not wanting to drive this type of grand car in fear of people saying that he acts like a pretentious prick. On the other hand, Lou Zhenming wanted to drive this car but his father wouldn’t let him.

“Nouveau riche Jin Beibei’s car?” Tang Tang was surprised: “Is this supposed to be ‘Nouveau Riche Jin’ or ‘Nouveau Riche Jin Beibei’2?”

“Who knows, this girl likes doing wacky stuff.” Xiao Chen shook his head.

“Hey, what are your feelings on Jin Beibei calling you brother-in-law?” Tang Tang couldn’t help but ask as she had already held in this question for a day.

“Jin Beibei? Brother-in-law?” Xiao Chen stared in confusion for a second then immediately smiled bitterly: “What am I supposed to even feel? It needs Cheng Mengying’s recognition to be valid, she and I are matters of the past3.”

“Seems like you’re self-aware.” Tang Tang was very satisfied with Xiao Chen’s answer: “Don’t be angry, I’m just fearing that you’ll be trapped.”

“Relax, if there’s an opportunity, I’ll make Beibei recognize you as an older cousin.” Xiao Chen said with a smile.

“Daring to play a joke on me, be careful as I’ll be depending on you if I don’t get married in the future!” Tang Tang’s heart skipped a beat for no reason.

“Okay, I was fearing that I wouldn’t be able to marry a wife!” Xiao Chen actually nodded with deadpan seriousness: “I heard that a wife costs millions nowadays; you have to buy a car, a house, where would I get that money from? I also lose money instead of gain it, so I have to hurry and grab this offer.”

“Then it’ll be settled just like this!” Tang Tang heartily laughed.

Just as the two people were conversing, a Range Rover swept past Xiao Chen and Tang Tang. The car swept past so close that it almost stuck to Tang Tang, which caused Tang Tang to let go of the soy milk in her hands and nearly fall to the ground.

However, the soy milk actually smashed into the Land Rover car and covered the shiny car body with a milky-white sticky thing.

Xiao Chen creased his brows and was about to flare up, but Tang Tang pulled on his arm and hinted him to not be impulsive. Clearly, Tang Tang knew who the owner of this car was.

“Blind girl, look at where you’re going, did you not see my car coming over?” Xiao Chen didn’t want to find fault with him, but the person driving the car was unwilling to be forgiving. The person immediately stopped the car and pushed open the door to get out. But when he saw the people who “dirtied” his car was Tang Tang and Xiao Chen, he was actually shocked!

As for Xiao Chen, he also recognized who this person was; he was from the Four Large Aristocratic Clans and Five Small Aristocratic Clans’ Qi Clan, their little young master Qi Zhigao, and also Xiao Chen’s little sister, Xiao Xiao’s, pursuer. Before Xiao Chen was driven away from Xiao Clan, this kid readily called him ‘Brother Chen’ very respectfully.

Of course, that was all in the past. The current Xiao Chen had no relationship with Xiao Clan and was the target of scorn for everyone. If Qi Zhigao still respected Xiao Chen, then that would be strange! The original Xiao Chen was a waste, so it was even more impossible to respect him again.

With regards to Tang Tang, Qi Zhigao didn’t really care. She was driven away from Tang Clan and he’d heard that young master Qun thoroughly severed ties with her, so there was even less to fear. But for Xiao Chen, Qi Zhigao subconsciously gave a glance to the inside of the car.

At this time, the Land Rover’s copilot seat door opened and a 15-16 year-old young lady with big eyes jumped out. When Xiao Chen saw her, his look faintly congealed. This person was his younger sister, his Second Uncle’s child Xiao Xiao!

“Xiao Xiao, your……older brother dirtied my car, about this matter, what do you say should be done……” Qi Zhigao clearly hesitated due to Xiao Xiao, not daring to straightforwardly scold Xiao Chen.

Xiao Xiao gave Xiao Chen an icy, arrogant glance and snorted: “Isn’t this my waste older brother? Little Qi, why are you being serious with a waste, do you find it fun?”

“Ha, you’re right!” Qi Zhigao could hear disdaining towards Xiao Chen from Xiao Xiao’s tone. It seemed like they already didn’t have any relationship just like in the rumors, thus he spoke proudly towards Xiao Chen: “Considering Xiao Xiao’s face, I’ll let this matter slide by. Still haven’t quickly made yourself scarce?”

Xiao Chen clenched his fist, feeling a slight ache in his heart. In the past when he was in the clan, Xiao Xiao was very respectful towards him, her older brother, but now……

Xiao Chen smiled in self-derision. Xiao Xiao was Xiao Clan’s cultivation genius and was already a Third Layer Inner Strength expert when she was smaller. But because she’s a girl, she was bound to get married. Otherwise, the position of Clan Head would have undoubtedly been Xiao Xiao’s.

But even so, Xiao Xiao still had a very high status in Xiao Clan. Even inside the entire aristocratic circle, she also had a very high popularity with many pursuers. This Qi Zhigao was one of the excellent ones among her pursuers; he was young and possessed Third Layer Inner Strength power. Within the aristocratic clan junior generation, he was classified as a top existence.

“Tang Tang yeah? Wipe my car clean and you won’t need to compensate for my loss.” Qi Zhigao let off Xiao Chen, but his anger hadn’t scattered, so he vented on Tang Tang: “Of course, you’ll have to kneel and lick; lick my car clean!”

Originally, Xiao Chen wanted to let it pass, but after hearing Qi Zhigao’s words, a nameless fire fled out from between his ribcage4!

So what if Qi Zhigao possessed the strength of a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist? Xiao Chen was currently a Third Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator and had some immortal art abilities, so he had more than enough to meet a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist head-on.

He could endure anything else, but for some unknown reason, Xiao Chen was unable to tolerate it when it came to matters involving Tang Tang. An example was last time when he killed Chen Jinkun; it was actually a very dangerous action, but Xiao Chen still acted on it.

Some matters that touched upon Xiao Chen’s bottom line, Xiao Chen had to resist.

Tang Tang had been together with Xiao Chen these past few days and the two people could be said to be in harmony with each other; sometimes one movement or one expression was all that was needed to know what the other person wanted to do. Seeing Xiao Chen get angry, Tang Tang hurriedly pulled on him, hinting him not to be impulsive.

Originally, Xiao Chen already made an enemy out of Lou Zhenming. If a Qi Zhigao was added on top of that, then he wouldn’t be able to have peaceful days at Second High!

“Hu……” Xiao Chen took in a deep breath, then the smiling expression of the corners of his mouth lifting up flashed past. He directly struck Qi Zhigao’s Land Rover car, lifting up his leg and trampled down on the car. Instantly, a ‘bang!’ sounded out and the Land Rover car door suddenly caved in and a huge hole emerged.

Yet Xiao Chen didn’t seemed to be satisfied. He began continuously kicking and after several kicks, the Land Rover car’s door was kicked down. This still didn’t satisfy Xiao Chen as he kicked with even more vigor; the Land Rover was kicked beyond all recognition by Xiao Chen’s flying kicks!

Tang Tang was flabbergasted, she didn’t expect Xiao Chen to be this impulsive!

Xiao Xiao was also dumbstruck as she looked at this loser older brother with an unbelieving gaze. However, she knew about Xiao Chen’s work outs since young and understood where Xiao Chen’s brute force came from.

The most shocked was Qi Zhigao. He didn’t know what madness possessed Xiao Chen and looked at Xiao Chen stupefied: “You……what are you doing?”

“Didn’t you want to clean the car? I’m helping you clean it, using my foot as the cleaner!” Xiao Chen spoke as he kicked. The pretty decent car instantaneously became something that could be taken to a scrapyard.

“Are you seeking death?” Qi Zhigao finally recovered his mental facilities. Both his eyes turned scarlet-red and seemed to spray out fire: “Previously I didn’t want to pay attention to you because you’re Xiao Xiao’s former older brother, but since you don’t want the face I’m giving you, then don’t blame me for being impolite! Today you will stay here and be buried along with your dad!”

Xiao Xiao wrinkled her eyebrows as she looked at Xiao Chen. She didn’t understand what Xiao Chen was doing; was it to help Tang Tang out of a predicament?

She and Qi Zhigao were students of Second High’s junior high school section and usually didn’t have too many interactions with Second High’s senior high school section. The two schools’ school building and sports field were separate, with only the parking lot being shared, so this was the reason why she didn’t know of the going-ons between Xiao Chen and Tang Tang.

“Pa!” Xiao Chen gave Qi Zhigao a slap to his face and beat him stupid. Red blood flowed down the corner of Qi Zhigao’s mouth; this was his most unimaginable day. He was thinking, am I dreaming?

The past dandy young master Xiao Chen didn’t dare to hit him, but this ‘driven-away-from-clan’ loser surprisingly dared hit him? Certainly, Qi Zhigao wasn’t on guard, otherwise how would a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist be hit by someone like Xiao Chen?

As a matter of fact, he could also see that Xiao Chen wasn’t even a First Layer Inner Strength Martialist and only had a bit of brute strength. Thus, he was assured that he had the backing to chide Xiao Chen; the result was being hit while he was being inattentive.

“You can insult me, but it is absolutely not fine if you insult my father.” Xiao Chen coldly looked at Qi Zhigao……then suddenly turned around. This was a magnificent turning around catching the people present unaware and unable to understand what Xiao Chen wanted to do.

All they saw was Xiao Chen suddenly turn around to shout: “Young master Qun~ thanks for your warm hospitality these past few days, but I really think that I’m unsuited to stay in Second High; I’ll have to transfer schools, I’m sure we’ll meet again some day!”

Xiao Chen’s spiritual consciousness is quite strong; when he was trampling the car just a moment ago, he’d already discovered Yue Shaoqun driving over from a not so far away place. At this moment, after he finished slapping Qi Zhigao, Yue Shaoqun just happened to be driving by.

“Screech!” Yue Shaoqun stepped on the emergency break and stopped the car right next to Xiao Chen, then hurriedly got out and anxiously asked: “What happened young master Xiao, why do you want to transfer out?”

It wasn’t weird for Yue Shaoqun to feel nervous. He’d done many things these past few days, even offending his own little brother Lou Zhenming, all in order to suck up to Xiao Chen and make this kid solidify his status as Tang Tang’s boyfriend.

Now that this matter had progressed a little and Tang Tang’s grandfather even answered that he’d consider rescinding the engagement, how could he let this Xiao Chen actually transfer schools? Would that even be right to himself? If this Xiao Chen transferred schools, wouldn’t he go back to square one regarding the matter with Tang Tang?


  1. TLN: Did I ever say that I screwed up and the Deng was actually supposed to be ‘Zheng’? Yeah…I don’t know what I was smoking when I substituted it for Deng. 
  2. TLN: Tang Tang means ‘is the car her clan’s car that she vandalized or is it hers’. 
  3. TLN: Term used here is ‘老黄历’ which is sort of like the lunar calendar with fortunes on it(maybe a lunar almanac?). 
  4. TLN: The author was probably thinking about another way to write ‘heart’ and came up with this. It’s technically not wrong and he’s fulfilling his more word count = more money, so I really can’t blame him. I’m also being troll by translating it, so……haha. 

Chapter 90 – Kindhearted Lin Ke’er

Along the way, Lin Ke’er was slightly absent-minded. She was a kindhearted person; although she was very afraid of Xiao Chen in school, she also secretly felt grateful to Xiao Chen. This was a contradictory mentality but seeing that Xiao Chen could pull himself up by relying on himself right now, Lin Ke’er truly felt happy for him.

However, who was that plump sister next to him? In the past, Tang Tang wasn’t well-known on the morning market street. Xiao Chen’s deep-fried breadstick’s popularity was also a matter in the recent several days and Lin Ke’er’s family’s vendor stall was relatively far away, so not knowing Tang Tang was normal.

“What are you thinking girl? What’s occupying your mind? Are you dating someone at school?” Lin Mu1 said while glaring when she saw Lin Ke’er standing there daydreaming and not helping with setting up the vendor.

“Ah……n……no……” Lin Ke’er was frightened back into her body and hastily began to help her mother set up the vendor.

“Don’t mess around, you hear me? Your old mother is counting on you to return with a wealthy son-in-law in the future!” Lin Mu snorted: “Do you hear me?”

“I……I understand……” Lin Ke’er lowered her head and bit her lower lip, thinking about Xiao Chen……her response to him was that he was allowed to pursue her, but was he a wealthy son-in-law? Perhaps in the past……now……

Suddenly, Lin Ke’er discovered that she seemed to be thinking too much. This was a matter that hadn’t even begun to take shape, what was she randomly thinking for? What’s more, this was only her wishful thinking. Perhaps Xiao Chen’s courting was just something that he had done out of entertainment?

After letting out a sigh, Lin Ke’er started helping her mother to select spinach while Lin Ke’er’s father, Lin Dongliang, also began heating up the beef soup……

The sales of Xiao Chen’s deep-fried breadsticks were on fire and that drove on the sales volume of the soft tofu. In the past, there was only soy milk, so maybe some people didn’t buy any2, but now that there was soft tofu, those who didn’t like drinking soy milk now had another option.

It was just that Xiao Chen was even busier; deep-frying breadsticks and honey fruit over here and helping Tang Tang make soft tofu over there, leaving him no time to raise his head, so he was bustling around with his head down for an entire morning.

However, Xiao Chen felt that it was very fulfilling. Although there wasn’t much money to be earned, at least he was working to earn money. Xiao Chen felt that in his 18 years of living, these were his most enriching days.

Today, Second High had their exams and First High as well, so Lin Ke’er could go to school a bit later. Up until 9 o’clock, she stuck it out without breakfast.

When the customers lessened a bit, she suddenly raised her head, pursed her lips, and said to Lin Mu: “Mom……I’m hungry, I want to eat some breakfast……”

“Eat breakfast? Eat what breakfast? Isn’t there banmian right here? If you want to eat, boil yourself a bowl!” Lin Mu wrinkled her brows.

“I want……to go eat something else……” Lin Ke’er lowered her head, not daring to look at her mother as she spoke in a low voice.

“Something else? Your own home has stuff yet you want to eat something else? You think your family is very wealthy? You’re a rich second-generation, yes?” Lin Mu instantly pulled her face when she heard Lin Ke’er’s words.

“Settle down, wife, if Ke’er wants to eat, let her eat. It’s not a lot of money anyway.” Lin Dongliang took out 10 RMB from the money box, thought for a bit, then took out an extra 5 RMB and gave it to Lin Ke’er while saying: “Go, girl, it isn’t too busy right now.”

“You’re spoiling our child!” Lin Mu was a little unhappy seeing Lin Dongliang giving Lin Ke’er money, but didn’t go stop it again.

Lin Ke’er knew her home’s circumstances. Although they couldn’t be considered the worst on the morning market street, they absolutely weren’t considered well-off. They were a double unemployed family that depended on the morning market street meagerness to make a living. Luckily, Lin Ke’er’s grades were outstanding and was able to receive at least a 1,000 RMB scholarship every exam. Otherwise, she probably would have already dropped out of school.

Yet, in Lin Ke’er’s eyes, even if her family was in harder conditions, it wouldn’t be as hard as Xiao Chen’s condition. He had been driven out of his clan and had no source of income. In every single possibility, it was impossible for an aloof young master like him to come to the morning market street to sell breakfast. How much pain was a young master like him, who attached so much importance to face, suffering?

After a moment of hesitation, Lin Ke’er placed the baseball cap that she usually used when boiling noodles onto her head. She didn’t want Xiao Chen to see her; she feared injuring Xiao Chen’s self-esteem.

In the past, he was that arrogant; now, he degenerated to this state. Wasn’t it clear that he wouldn’t want any acquaintances to see this3? Lin Ke’er simply wanted to silently aid him.

Lin Ke’er tightly grasped the 15 RMB in fear of losing it. She usually didn’t spend any money in school; she had a transportation card4 for commuting and a food card for the school cafeteria, so she usually didn’t have any money to place in her pockets.

When she arrived in the vicinity of Xiao Chen’s breakfast stall, she saw a mountain of finished deep-fried breadsticks on the vendor stand. She suddenly felt a pang of sympathy in her heart. In her opinion, Xiao Chen was a pampered5 young master, where could he have made breakfast before?

This deep-fried breadstick is definitely unpalatable, that’s why there’s so many that haven’t sold!

Actually, this was because Tang Tang prepared too much dough today. Moreover, it wasn’t mealtime at this moment, it was more of those going to work and going to school that were eating breakfast, the rush period between 9 o’clock and 10 o’clock. One would have to wait until noon for more guests.

Lin Ke’er didn’t directly walk over, but rather chose to walk over during the period of time when Xiao Chen was turned around to. She clenched her teeth, handed over 15 RMB to Tang Tang and said: “Give me one soy milk and with the remaining money……I want it all to be deep-fried breadstick.”

“Eh? You want so much?” Tang Tang stared blankly. One soy milk was 1 RMB, the remaining 14 RMB was to buy deep-fried breadsticks? Could all of this be eaten? How big was this person’s appetite? Tang Tang looked at Lin Ke’er’s dainty figure and gave a lot of salutes to her in her mind! If this was given to her, Tang Tang, and Xiao Chen to eat, they might be able to eat it, but……this person before her was also a rice bucket6? It didn’t seem like it.

“Umm……it’s for my entire family to eat!” Lin Ke’er also felt that her action was a bit shocking. Fearing Xiao Chen turning around, she hastily made up an excuse: “My family is also in the morning market, over there……”

“Oh……” Tang Tang nodded: “From the looks of your uniform, if you’re not in First High, that means you’re in Second High? We should be fellow students! Not only so, we are also people of the same trade, then I’ll give you a bit more. In any case, we won’t be sold out today and we have to take an exam soon.”

As she spoke, Tang Tang gave Lin Ke’er the quantity of almost three bowls of soymilk and 20 RMB’s worth of deep-fried breadstick.

“Thank you elder sister……you’re both in Second High?” Lin Ke’er carefully asked.

“En.” Tang Tang nodded. She didn’t recognize Lin Ke’er, but also didn’t guard against her.

Lin Ke’er saw that Xiao Chen was almost done and about to turn around, so she hastily took the stuff and turned to go: “Goodbye elder sister, I fear that my family over there is busy……”

“Oh, it’s no problem, see you.” Tang Tang didn’t suspect anything.

Xiao Chen turned around and immediately surprised to see the greater part of the deep-fried breadsticks gone from the stand: “So much was sold as I was putting things away?”

“En, a pretty and adorable younger sister’s family is also on the morning market street, so I gave a bit more.” Tang Tang replied.

“Oh.” Xiao Chen nodded and started to continue packing away the stuff.

Lin Ke’er carried the soy milk and deep-fried breadstick back to her family’s banmian stand. When Lin Mu saw how much Lin Ke’er brought with her, she immediately stared blankly, then spoke furiously: “Dammit girl, why did you buy so much? You spent all the money?”

“I……I……I heard that their deep-fried breadstick and soy milk are quite delicious, so I bought more to give mom and dad a taste……” Lin Ke’er lowered her head and didn’t dare look at her mother; this was her first time lying to her parents. In her opinion, Xiao Chen’s deep-fried breadstick definitely wasn’t delicious, otherwise how could there be so many leftover unsold.

“15 RMB is how much 2 bowls of banmian sell for, you black sheep of the family!” Lin Mu angrily said.

“Alright, it’s our child’s filial piety. Moreover, 15 RMB being able to buy so much is very cost-effective. We also sell wheat-based food and if we calculate the costs, this is simply no profit on their side. We’ve gained 2-3 RMB from this 15 RMB!” Lin Dongliang mediated with a gentle chuckle: “Girl, let’s eat together!”

“En, en!” Lin Ke’er let out a sigh of relief, but felt confused in her heart. Her father turned her aid to Xiao Chen into filial piety towards him, making Lin Ke’er feel uncomfortable. It was like deceiving her parents, but she couldn’t tell the truth.

Lin Ke’er knew that if she did say it, her family would definitely misunderstand her for puppy love; wouldn’t that be like asking to be beaten?

At this time, Lin Mu carefully looked over the deep-fried breadstick and changed her previous black face, instead becoming all smiles: “You really shouldn’t have spoke. They really gave a lot, I just happened to be hungry.”

When Lin Ke’er saw her mother not angry, she promptly looked for three bowls and poured the soy milk in them. Then, she picked up a deep-fried breadstick and sat on the side, eating in silence.

But after one bite, Lin Ke’er was instantly shocked! This deep-fried breadstick’s way of deep-frying was flexible and crisp, the heat control didn’t need to be said, there wasn’t any extra oil, and it left behind a lingering aromatic aftertaste!

This was the deep-fried breadstick that Xiao Chen deep-fried? Lin Ke’er originally thought that the deep-fried breadsticks weren’t delicious because they weren’t selling out, but she didn’t expect it to be this delicious, it truly made her feel that it was inconceivable.

“Huh? It really can’t be seen about how truly delicious this deep-fried breadstick is.” Lin Dongliang took a bite and praised it to high heaven: “Where did you buy this?”

“In the front, a plump elder sister sells it, it seems like she’s also a student.” Lin Ke’er responded: “She saw that I was also a student, so she gave me a lot more.”

“That’s great, you’ll go buy again tomorrow!” It wasn’t strange for Lin Mu to want to benefit from others because it would be out of question if she wasn’t careful with money with their noodle business: “Our family eating noodles all the time isn’t good, we should occasionally change flavors!”

“Oh……” Lin Ke’er actually couldn’t get herself to be happy. Although her mother allowed her to go buy again tomorrow, could she still go buy so much? It was probably not possible; when that happened, her mother definitely wouldn’t let her go buy in the future.

These deep-fried breadsticks seemed to be a lot, but it wasn’t much for a family of three. In particular, Lin Dongliang and Lin Mu naturally had a large food capacity with such a labor-intensive job in the early morning.

“I’m done eating, I’ll be going to school……” Lin Ke’er was very happy to see Xiao Chen today, but also a little nervous. Xiao Chen had transformed and was no longer that young master that didn’t shrink from any crime. Then……if he wants to pursue me, how should I respond to him?

Indeed, in Lin Ke’er’s eyes, the Xiao Chen in the past didn’t shrink from any crime and this was the reason why she was very scared of Xiao Chen.

Lin Ke’er was a bit worried about personal gains and losses.


  1. TLN: Lin Mu can also mean ‘mother Lin’ and ‘Mother Lin’ is the term LNMTL uses by the way. I will be using Lin Mu as a temporary name for Lin Ke’er’s mother, I guess. I might change after I find out what her real name is. 
  2. TLN: Refers to deep-fried breadstick. 
  3. TLN: Meanwhile, he’s like I give no craps. Pretty obvious from the attitude he gave Chen Jinpeng. 
  4. TLN: Term used here is ‘一卡通’ which is a Beijing transportation card (subway & bus), but I generalized it to transportation card because language barriers. As for me, I live in NYC, so I go by metrocard(which I’m not going to use as a term). 
  5. TLN: The phrase used here is ‘衣来伸手饭来张口’ which has the literal meaning of ‘clothes come, hands out; food comes, mouth open’ but can be translated into pampered because that’s basically the description of these actions. That is: when the clothes comes, the person just needs to dress; when the food comes, the person just needs to open his/her mouth to eat. 
  6. TLN: A way to call someone a glutton or useless. 

Chapter 89 – Nouveau Riche Jin Beibei’s Car

Since there was something to eat, the puppy quickly hobbled over in joy and gobbled down the food. It really was a good-to-provide-for dog.

“How adorable!” Cheng Mengying also pushed the door to come out and saw the puppy wolfing down the leftover food, so she bent down and stroked it.

The puppy seemed to know that Cheng Mengying was its “savior” and immediately swung its tail towards Cheng Mengying, showing its desire to be intimate.

Xiao Chen was slightly amazed, this dog’s memory was actually so good? Still able to remember the young lady?

“Jin Beibei?” Xiao Chen didn’t see Jin Beibei, so he spoke out thoughtlessly.

“Who knows what she’s fiddling with, messing with her car, that Porsche.” Speaking of the car, Cheng Mengying was somewhat helpless, she just didn’t know how to explain it to Shen Jingxuan.

“Oh……” Xiao Chen nodded. Jin Beibei was this kind of person, if there was something she liked, then her liking wouldn’t stop.

“Xiao Chen, how about we give it a name?” Cheng Mengying held up the puppy and showed how much she liked it.

It was very hard for Xiao Chen to comprehend why Cheng Mengying would like the dirty dog, but still said: “This dog is crippled, so how about we call it ‘Crippled Dog’!”

“Get out with your ‘Crippled Dog’, how come you’re now called ‘Loser Chen’ after dropping down!” Cheng Mengying glared at Xiao Chen: “Right now this lady is giving you an opportunity to help her name this puppy, so try again.”

“Then how about calling it ‘Goddess Dog’?” Xiao Chen looked at the young lady’s bad gaze and said with a forced smile: “Or calling it ‘Lai Fu’? ‘Wang Cai’? ‘Xiao Baibai’?1

“Xiao Chen, are your eyes blind? This dog is black, why would you call it Xiao Baibai?” Cheng Mengying became angry: “Also, Lai Fu, Wang Cai, can you not be so cliché? Goddess Dog, fancy that you can think of this? This dog is male, it even has a little jj2, why would you call it Goddess Dog……hiccup……”

Cheng Mengying was angered stupid by Xiao Chen and spoke incoherently in anger, even able to say ‘little jj’. At this time, her face suddenly became red and in order to cover up her embarrassment, Cheng Mengying said: “I feel that it should be called ‘Universe’s Super-Unparalleled Dog!”

“……” Xiao Chen felt that it was hard for him to catch up with the young lady’s train of thought: “What you say you want to call it is what it’ll be called it.”

“What’s this ‘whatever this young lady calls it is what it’ll be called it’? Xiao Chen, I’ll give you an opportunity to praise this young lady.” Cheng Mengying hugged Universe’s Super-Unparallelled nouveau riche dog and felt that the name she gave was very cool.

“It’s really pleasant to hear, Universe’s Unparallelled Super Dog.” Xiao Chen nodded.

“Wrong! It’s Universe’s Super-Unparallelled Dog, not Unparallelled Super Dog!” Cheng Mengying angrily said: “Say it again!”

“……” Xiao Chen was a bit sympathetic for Cao Yuliang. If he was able to successfully pursue the young lady, then his whole life would be destroyed. En, therefore it’s better that I be destroyed.

“Cousin Mengying, brother-in-law, quickly come and see my car!” Just as Xiao Chen was about to repeat the puppy’s name, Jin Beibei animatedly ran over and helped him out of trouble, making him let out a sigh of relief.

Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen followed Jin Beibei to the front courtyard of the villa to look at the car. They were scared the moment they took a glance; on top of the rear window, Jin Beibei stuck on several large glittering golden words: “Nouveau Riche Jin Beibei’s Car”.

“This car……” Cheng Mengying felt a bit out of place.

“This is so that if Chen Jinpeng gets the car back, it will have my mark on it!” Jin Beibei said complacently.

Xiao Chen looked at the dazzling “777” trademark on the car and became a bit speechless. Such an obvious identification mark was still present, how could Chen Jinpeng not recognize it? Moreover, this car’s color was limited edition and it was probably the only of its kind in Songning City.

However, compared to Chen Jinpeng, Xiao Chen still stood on Jin Beibei’s side.

After they finished looking at the car, Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei went upstairs while Xiao Chen returned to his own room. He began inspecting his body for any changes, but the examination disappointed Xiao Chen a little: “Tian Lao, how come I feel that there’s no clear effect after taking this auxiliary medicine?”

“What kind of effect did you want? Didn’t you listen to me? Truth Cultivation is like defying heaven and order, each step is filled with hardship. You becoming a Third Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator after several days is already very good!” Tian Lao rebuked: “Besides, you only took the medicine and still haven’t continued cultivating, where would the change come from?”

“That……is true.” Xiao Chen just remembered that he didn’t have time to revolve his mental mantra after tempering himself because Cheng Mengying called him for an outing. Moreover, if his strength was converted to a practitioner of martial arts, it would be that of a Third Layer Inner Strength Martialist’s; how could it be that easy to achieve3?

“However, there is a difference between a Martialist and Truth Cultivator; for a Martialist, it’s hard in the beginning, easy later, then hard again, but for a Truth Cultivator, it is always very difficult.” Tian Lao said: “Your current speed is enough for you to be burning incense.4

Xiao Chen nodded and sat down cross-legged on his bed, then began revolving his mental mantra and started cultivating.

Truly, one wouldn’t know if one didn’t cultivate. Once he started cultivating, Xiao Chen then detected a difference! Previously, when Xiao Chen absorbed the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth to transform into his Origin Qi, there was an indistinct feeling of feeling full, but now, it seemed like he was a hungry person that had just seen food, doing everything he could to absorb the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth with his entire body.

A night without words.

Early morning.

What made Xiao Chen disappointed was the fact that he hadn’t broken through to Fourth Layer Qi-Training. Xiao Chen did a simple tidy up of his room, then left for the grocery store near the morning market street.

When Xiao Chen arrived, he discovered Tang Tang in the middle of something, so he asked with a bit of curiosity: “What are you doing?”

“Making soft tofu sauce.” Tang Tang replied without raising her head: “Our current business is so good that if we don’t sell soft tofu, it would be a pity; we could be raising our daily income!”

“Okay.” Xiao Chen nodded: “Is there anything I need to do?”

“Oh, you should try learning it, I feel like the flavor of your creations will definitely be better!” Tang Tang was very confident about Xiao Chen’s cooking skills.

Xiao Chen nodded. Actually, the creation of soft tofu sauce was extremely simple. It only required several kinds of seasonings, then blending it together with some dried daylily and wood ear.

After he finished doing this, Xiao Chen began placing the things onto the tricycle. However, when he was placing the dough in, he suddenly felt his hands sink, so he asked with a bit of confusion: “Tang Tang, how come there’s so much dough prepared today?”

“There isn’t enough fried breadstick, honey fruits and so on for us to sell every day, so I prepared a bit more. In any case, if we don’t end up using it all, we can just give it to the grocery store grandma and it wouldn’t be wasted.” Tang Tang said: “The cost for these things is low and what’s fried becomes money!”

Seeing Tang Tang’s little miserly appearance, Xiao Chen felt a slight pang of pain in his heart. Her ability to unhesitantly give her hard-earned money to him and even not ask for it back made Xiao Chen very emotionally moved.

Riding the tricycle to the morning market street, Xiao Chen began a new day of business. Although he had earned 120,000 yesterday by helping a wealthy woman look for her dog, Xiao Chen knew that it was impossible to earn this kind of money every day. Steadily deep-frying breadsticks was better.

Xiao Chen and Tang Tang belonged to the relatively early group; there weren’t many people on the morning market street at this time. Xiao Chen moved the gas tank and other equipment, erected the vendor stall, and prepared to start a day of business……

Lin Ke’er was recently a bit depressed. Xiao Chen transferred out of First High without leaving behind any news. She was merely a girl from an ordinary family, so she simply didn’t have any news channels and naturally didn’t know that Xiao Chen had gone to Second High.

She had wanted to ask Xiao Chen’s friend Zhu Yingxiong, but didn’t go dare ask because she didn’t know whether Zhu Yingxiong was good or bad, whether he had defected or not. The matter of Chen Jinpeng’s betrayal made her really hate this person. In Lin Ke’er’s opinion, Chen Jinpeng was previously Xiao Chen’s little brother yet still betrayed Xiao Chen and this was unforgivable.

In the past, Lin Ke’er avoided Xiao Chen in fear of him requesting something from her, but now that Xiao Chen disappeared, Lin Ke’er felt a sense of emptiness in her heart. It wasn’t to say that she liked Xiao Chen, it was just that she felt that Xiao Chen was very pitiful. Xiao Chen assisted her in the past before; now that Xiao Chen was in a difficult situation, she should help him with her humble strength.

However, Xiao Chen didn’t appear at First High anymore.

Lin Ke’er was helping her parents push their three-wheeled cart5 towards the morning market street. Her parents were laid-off workers and did a small-scale business to earn a living, already operated a beef banmian6 business for many years on the morning market street. Lin Ke’er came here every day before school to help her parents do business.

This girl, at this age, was already beginning to bustle around for her family’s livelihood.

Just as usual, Lin Ke’er was at the back pushing the cart towards her family’s vendor spot when a breeze blew past and dispersed the beautiful hair on Lin Ke’er’s forehead. She subconsciously went to sweep her hair back into place, but this also caused her to unintentionally glance to the side, which made her see a familiar silhouette!

Lin Ke’er suddenly halted in her steps and covered her mouth in disbelief, to make herself not cry out in surprise!

It’s Xiao Chen! It’s really Xiao Chen!

Xiao Chen’s shadow long ago already left its mark in Lin Ke’er’s heart. Although it was the type where it was fear and protection against, it didn’t hinder her from suddenly recognizing Xiao Chen right now.

What is he doing? He’s actually setting up a vendor stall in the morning market? It was very difficult for Lin Ke’er to match up this bustling figure before her eyes and that campus dandy young master in her heart.

Where had the past Xiao Chen gone, the one gambling with with several little brothers, the one that would create awe wherever he went? And now, Xiao Chen was unexpectedly……he was preparing to deep-fry breadsticks?

“Dammit girl, what are you doing? How come you’re not pushing? Do you want to tire your old mother to death!” A harsh sounding voice echoed out and frightened Lin Ke’er, making her train of thought return to reality.

Lin Ke’er’s father had severe rheumatism, so he couldn’t pull the cart. He also didn’t have the strength to push the cart, so he had no other choice but to sit on the car with Lin Ke’er’s mother pulling the cart and Lin Ke’er pushing the cart. Lin Ke’er stop caused mother Lin to suddenly feel labored.

“Ah……sorry.” Lin Ke’er hurriedly exerted herself to push the car and took back her gaze off of Xiao Chen from her peripheral vision.

Lin Ke’er had never thought that Xiao Chen, an aloof young master, would be here selling deep-fried breadsticks as this was only something a poor person would do. Lin Ke’er once thought that she and Xiao Chen were worlds apart, but it didn’t seem so true at this moment.


  1. TLN: Lai Fu = Come, happiness | Wang Cai = Flourishing Wealth | Xiao Baibai = Lil’ White | Also, when Xiao Chen suggests calling it ‘Goddess Dog’, he means it in the form of “oh, this is Goddess XYZ, ruler of XYZ.” 
  2. TLN: JJ is slang for *****. 
  3. TLN: Some chapters ago, it was stated that Third Layer Inner Strength is the threshold for geniuses and you can only get an OP master if you’re a teenager and Third Layer Inner Strength. Therefore, it goes to show how hard it is for a Martialist(one who practices martial arts) to achieve this level. 
  4. TLN: “Burning incense” is also a way of saying that he’s so blessed that he should probably start worshipping his ancestors for his good luck. 
  5. TLN: This can also be called ‘tricycle’, but the reason I don’t put it as such is because the one Xiao Chen & Tang Tang use is more of a vehicle while Lin Ke’er’s family uses three-wheeled vendor stall. 
  6. TLN: Banmian 

Chapter 88 – Lost Car!

As he spoke, he prepared to stop a taxi but his words actually made Chen Jinpeng misunderstand. Chen Jinpeng blocked the redhead: “Boy, can you let me see the key in your hand? Did you take advantage of my thoughtlessness to slyly substitute my car key and wanted to steal my car?”

It actually wasn’t strange for Chen Jinpeng to misunderstand. This redhead had come in holding a Porsche car key, but there simply wasn’t another Porsche in the vicinity. Moreover, as soon as he left, he said that his friend drove it off, how could there be such a coincidental matter?

From what Chen Jinpeng could see, it was definitely this fellow wanting to steal his car, so he substituted the key. And when seeing that he, the genuine car owner, hadn’t left, the guy instantly made up a casual excuse to leave!

“You, who are you? Are you sick? What car have I stolen from you?” The redhead angrily glared and said: “Buddy, look at my clothes, do you not see ‘newly rich’ from head to toe? Look at these clothes all inlaid with gold leaf, look at this gold necklace, how long it is, it’s able to wrap around my neck five times! Look at this watch, Patek Philippe! Brother is rich, it’s you who has a fake key for acting cool and unable to open the car door. Don’t frame brother, beat it!”

“Screw off to the side.” Chen Jinpeng was still a Second Layer Inner Strength Martialist; after he snatched the car key from the redhead’s hand, he pushed him into a tumble.

“You……do you dare wait for me!” The redhead wasn’t a fool. Chen Jinpeng was obviously very strong, so he left behind a threat before immediately leaving quickly with the two prostitutes.

Chen Jinpeng held the redhead’s car key and carefully examined it, but it had only been two days since he bought his car and couldn’t remember the marks on his own car key. It was just Chen Jinpeng subconsciously believing that the redhead had slyly swapped his car key!

Moreover, when he saw the redhead dejectedly walk away, he even more felt that the redhead had a guilty conscience! Would a normal person be willing to let the matter go after someone snatched their car key?

Therefore, Chen Jinpeng was absolutely certain that the redhead had his key. He vigorously pressed down on the unlock button on the remote control and the result was……“bang!” and a flame burst out from within the remote control, suddenly burning Chen Jinpeng’s hair!

“****, what kind of toy is this!” Chen Jinpeng threw away the remote control in his hand and jumped up and down in place as if his life depended on it.

Psssh——”A bucket was thrown onto Chen Jinpeng’s head. It turned out to be Jin Beibei, who picked up the mopping bucket at the entrance and lifted it before covering Chen Jinpeng’s head with it. The sewage water inside the bucket flowed downwards past his shoulders……

“Who? Who?” Chen Jinpeng made threatening gestures as he cut a sorry figure while removing the bucket on his head and threw it on the ground; on his hair and face was pitch-black sewage.

“Lil’ Jinpeng, there’s no need to thank me, this is something I should do.” Jin Beibei said.

“You……” Chen Jinpeng didn’t couldn’t really say anything. Although Jin Beibei covered his head with sewage, it had helped him extinguish the fire in the end! At this moment, Chen Jinpeng finally understood what item that the redhead had been holding. It turned out to be a cigarette lighter that imitated a Porsche car key: “Deceptive toy, actually holding a lighter to deceive me!”

“Jinpeng, although you’ve already replaced your elder brother as clan successor, you don’t need to worry so much. Even if you don’t have a sports car now, you will definitely have one in the future. There’s no need to bring out a fake car key, it’s not good to do such.” Shen Jingxuan suddenly opened her mouth at this time, sincerely speaking to Chen Jinpeng: “I believe that you’ll definitely have one in the future!”

“I……” Chen Jinpeng wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry after hearing Shen Jingxuan’s words. Clearly, Shen Jingxuan had misunderstood him to not have a car, but he still firmly insisted on acting cool: “This……really is my car!”

“En, I understand.” Shen Jingxuan’s faint smile was like a cleansing spring breeze.

“I……” Chen Jinpeng didn’t know which words would fix this situation, so he could only say: “Then I’ll send you back to your dorm.”

“En, okay.” Shen Jingxuan’s face still hung the smile: “Mengying, Beibei, Xiao Chen, I’ll be going ahead, see you next time.”

“Okay, (^_^)/~~1 baibai~.” Cheng Mengying waved.

“See you again sister Jingxuan.” Jin Beibei also waved, then said to Xiao Chen: “Sister’s husband, let’s go.”

When the calm and steady Shen Jingxuan heard Jin Beibei’s latter sentence, her steps became a bit unsteady. First calling her “sister”, then calling Xiao Chen “sister’s husband”? What was with this relationship?

Chen Jinpeng didn’t think so much; he was still thinking that Jin Beibei was messing with Xiao Chen. He already lost a lot of face just a moment ago and didn’t want to lose face here, so his only thought was to quickly leave.

After waiting for Chen Jinpeng and Shen Jingxuan to leave, Jin Beibei pulled out a remote from her pocket and softly pressed it. Chen Jinpeng’s Porsche Panamera’s headlights flashed and Jin Beibei directly opened the car door to sit inside: “Yeah! Nouveau riche Jin Beibei ver. Porsche has arrived!”

“Beibei……you?” Cheng Mengying was startled, giving an astonished look to Jin Beibei.

“The car key was switched by her.” Xiao Chen shrugged. Xiao Chen had seen her petty maneuver when Jin Beibei dropped the car key onto the floor before, but Jin Beibei was someone on his side, so he naturally wouldn’t expose her.

“Beibei……isn’t this a bit bad?” Although Cheng Mengying was very proud, she was actually still a good person. She thought that this and a car thief was no different.

“Hmph, who let him snatch my car and still act cool in front of me, this is the bad luck he deserves!” Jin Beibei, this demoness, paid not the slightest bit of attention: “Besides, I saved his life a moment ago otherwise he would burn to death. A car for his life is very cost-effective, simply greatly cost-effective!”

“Hehe, I also think so.” Xiao Chen smiled. He discovered that he was as black-bellied as Jin Beibei the majority of the time.

“You……” Cheng Mengying didn’t expect for Xiao Chen to approve of Jin Beibei’s procedure: “Chen Jinpeng is Jingxuan’s fiancee in any case, I just feel that this isn’t too good.”

“Don’t worry, even brother-in-law is supporting me. Cousin, board quickly! I want to carefully enjoy this, I like the feeling of pursuing speed!” Jin Beibei spoke excitedly.

“What brother-in-law, can you not speak randomly? Don’t you know that speaking thoughtlessly in front of Chen Jinpeng could harm Xiao Chen?” If it wasn’t brought up, Cheng Mengying wouldn’t have thought of it, but once mentioned, she would become a bit annoyed: “And there’s also you, Xiao Chen! Are you not aware that you are attracting hatred by echoing Jin Beibei? You think Chen Jinpeng won’t bear a grudge in his heart?”

“Haha, don’t I look like a fool being duped by Jin Beibei?” Xiao Chen gave the young lady a faint smile.

Cheng Mengying obviously wasn’t stupid, so she spoke with surprise: “You mean to say that he’s disinclined to lower himself to your level?”

“More or less.” Xiao Chen shrugged and didn’t speak out his suspicions about Chen Jinpeng that was buried in his heart. These were all matters without evidence and Xiao Chen didn’t want the young lady to be worried. En, yes, I can see that the young lady is a rough, caring person: “I’ll drive Beibei’s Beetle back.”

Cheng Mengying had no solutions, so she could only get onto Jin Beibei’s Panamera and Xiao Chen followed them from behind.

On the road to deliver Shen Jingxuan back, Chen Jinpeng heard that Jin Beibei dropped his car key onto the floor. He scolded her in his heart, it can’t be that this ** girl dropped and broke my car key? Thinking of these matters, he prepared to go back to call a 4S shop to come tow his vehicle.

But when he finished returning Shen Jingxuan back to her place, he was stunned to discover that his car disappeared!

“****, my car?” Chen Jinpeng went two times around the cafe and didn’t see his car, so he immediately became dumbstruck.

“Pengzi, what are you doing?” At this time, an Audi A8L stopped by Chen Jinpeng’s side and the driver’s window rolled down, exposing Cao Yuliang’s face. He quite liked this seemingly high-end, stylish class car and usually wasn’t fond of driving a sports car.

“Ah, it’s Brother Liang!” Chen Jinpeng was still very respectful to Cao Yuliang. Although he had recently become superior, his foundation in the circle of aristocratic clan juniors was unstable after all. If he wanted to smoothly blend into the upper class, he had to depend on Cao Yuliang: “I lost my car, the one I just bought!”

“Which? The Porsche?” Cao Yuliang stared blankly: “How did you lose it?”

“It was stopped right here, my key isn’t that effective, the matter goes like this……” As he spoke, Chen Jinpeng spoke the matter of drinking coffee together with Shen Jingxuan, Cheng Mengying, Jin Beibei, and Xiao Chen.

“Oh? You and Xiao Chen ate food together? You’re saying that when Cheng Mengying goes out, she brings Xiao Chen along?” A smear of coldness flashed through Cao Yuliang’s face.

“Brother Liang, you’ve misunderstood. There’s absolutely nothing between Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen. The situation at the time was like this, Jin Beibei called him brother-in-law and Xiao Chen beamed with joy, then when he was speaking with me, he still used his previous acting-like-a-boss tone of voice. I estimate that he was unable to bear the shock and has mental problems now, living in his imaginary world, fantasizing that he’s still the previous young master Xiao!” When Chen Jinpeng saw Cao Yuliang’s expression become unwell, he knew that Cao Yuliang misunderstood, so he hastily explained: “Shouldn’t you already know what kind of person Jin Beibei is? She was definitely playing Xiao Chen and Xiao Chen unfortunately believed her words. Oh right, later Xiao Chen and Jin Beibei were gorging themselves and his image was destroyed, I feel that Jin Beibei was just looking for a fool to be her playmate.”

“Ahhh, going by your words, it truly is this matter!” Cao Yuliang let out a sigh of relief: “So you’re saying that Xiao Chen has a mental disorder?”

“It can’t be said to be a mental disorder, it’s not that serious, it’s just a slight bit of delusion disorder.” Chen Jinpeng said: “This sort of person simply isn’t your, Brother Liang’s, match. There’s no need to respond to him in the future, it’s impossible for him to be together with Cheng Mengying.”

“Yeah……” Cao Yuliang sunk into contemplation and said after a while: “Let’s return to school, you can make someone search for your car tomorrow, how could it be stolen by a little thief.”

“En, there’s nothing to fear about a poor LOSER.” Chen Jinpeng nodded as he boarded the car.


After returning home, Xiao Chen searched for some uneaten leftovers and brought it to the villa’s backyard to place it aside for the picked-up dirty dog.

It really didn’t need to be said that this puppy wasn’t noisy. It was so hungry that it couldn’t cry out, so Xiao Chen nearly forgot about its existence. If not for helping a wealthy lady search for her dog in the morning, Xiao Chen would have neglected it.


  1. TLN: The author placed an emoji here so I shall keep the emoji there. 

Chapter 87 – Car Key Isn’t Working Properly

“Did you not see Jin Beibei call me brother-in-law!” Xiao Chen complacently responded.

Cheng Mengying faintly creased her brows. Xiao Chen usually wasn’t this stupid at home, what was wrong with him today? He could even speak these kinds of words? She couldn’t help but cough twice to hint Xiao Chen from arbitrarily speaking.

It wasn’t that Cheng Mengying looked down upon Xiao Chen, but rather feared that these words would spread to Cheng Clan. If so, wouldn’t that be equal to harming Xiao Chen?

But when this coughing noise passed through Chen Jinpeng’s ear, Chen Jinpeng nearly sprayed spittle in laughter! Indeed, this boss has been immersed in his perverted self-delusions! Brother-in-law? You actually believe Jin Beibei’s words? I heard that ** specializes in tricking people and derives joy from it, you truly cannot be more foolish than this!

In Chen Jinpeng’s point of view, Xiao Chen was unable to endure the shock and became a little mentally ill! It was right after he thought about it; an aloof young master suddenly becoming a goddess’ servant and in order to survive, he had to go sell breakfast in the morning market street. With Xiao Chen’s arrogant mind, it would be strange if he wasn’t insane!

Not to speak of Xiao Chen, Chen Jinpeng also thought that he would be unable to bear it.

Thinking that Xiao Chen was a little mentally ill, Chen Jinpeng was disinclined to lower himself to his level: “Haha, then congratulations young master Xiao, you’re my previous boss no matter what. Now that you and I now hold beauties to marry, we’ve achieved our dreams and can be considered to share the same joy! But it seems like you previously liked Jingxuan? It’s hopeless for you now, since you’re eating meat, you should leave your little brother, me, some soup to drink!”

Chen Jinpeng’s move was nothing less than wicked and poisonous. In his opinion, he and Shen Jingxuan could be considered both in name and reality while Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying were simply not together. If Cheng Mengying directly refuted it at this time, Xiao Chen’s shock would be fairly immense and perhaps Xiao Chen would be sent straight to a psychiatric hospital.

Of course, this move seemed to not gain the expected effect. Although Cheng Mengying wrinkled her brows, she didn’t flare up. Thus, he mentioned the former matter of Xiao Chen pursuing Shen Jingxuan.

In the past, Chen Jinpeng was Xiao Chen’s little brother, so he naturally understood the affairs between Xiao Chen, Cheng Mengying, and Shen Jingxuan. He knew that it was because of this matter that Cheng Mengying was brooding.

Once he mentioned it again at this time, it was reckoned that Cheng Mengying would definitely be in an extremely bad mood. There was previously no way to deal with Xiao Chen, but now it was different; she was Xiao Chen’s master and could go vent her anger on Xiao Chen after returning.

“That’s not correct, maybe you’ll die the same way your brother did, then wouldn’t I have an opportunity?” Xiao Chen said matter-of-factly.

“……” Chen Jinpeng completely felt no angry feelings at this moment, but rather deep sympathy! In his eyes, Xiao Chen was already an imbecile and his delusion illness was already in a quite serious degree.

Normally, it was impossible for Xiao Chen to be unaware of his situation, but his current display totally didn’t seem like he was a young master in dire straits. Like, he believed that he was still the past young master Xiao. If this wasn’t living in a delusion and imagination, then what would it be?

Therefore, Chen Jinpeng didn’t feel like saying anything. What common language could you have with a mentally ill idiot? If you mocked him, he wouldn’t be able to hear it1; it was practically preaching to deaf ears.

Thinking to here, Chen Jinpeng sat down and simply didn’t respond to Xiao Chen. Instead, he shifted his attention to Shen Jingxuan: “Jingxuan, your coffee’s cooled down? I’ll get a new cup for you.”

“No need, thank you.” Even though Shen Jingxuan didn’t like Chen Jinpeng, her tone was still gentle and made Chen Jinpeng feel fluffy upon hearing it.

Xiao Chen breathed in deeply. Shen Jingxuan’s voice was always this pleasant to listen to, but the previous young master Xiao’s delusion was enough, now……

“Little Chenzi, don’t be so pessimistic, you’re a Truth Cultivator!” Tian Lao’s expecting-too-much voice sounded out: “I really feel like I’m losing face with a disciple like you.”

“Tian Lao, if I were a Seventh or Eighth Layer Inner Strength Martialist, it wouldn’t be a problem for me to marry two wives. But right now, you should speak based on strength! When you were a Truth Cultivator, was your awesomeness all false?” Xiao Chen was a bit dumbstruck.

“Uh, doesn’t this just mean that I have very high expectations for you, hoping that my disciple can turn into a dragon2.” Tian Lao said with a bit of embarrassment.

Chen Jinpeng had come here to act cool, but was helpless as his only acting cool target was Xiao Chen, who didn’t coordinate from the start. Besides, Chen Jinpeng felt no sense of achievement by acting cool at an idiot. As for the remaining Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei, Chen Jinpeng would practically be courting death if he acted cool with them. Just as he was depressed, a red haired man sat down at the table next to them. He was wearing a golden jacket and wore a large golden chain around his neck. ‘Pa’, the guy placed a Porsche car key onto the table and mumbled: “It’s really hard to park around here, I hope my Porsche isn’t scraped!”

This redhead clearly wasn’t a student in the vicinity and had come here to pick up girls. Anyway, there were really some people going over to strike up a conversation. Two girls with skimpy outfits walked over and sat by the redhead’s sides.

“Big brother, treat me to a cup of coffee~.”

“Big brother, you’re quite handsome, let’s become friends!”

Chen Jinpeng then reacted. He had brought his Porsche Panamera to show off to Shen Jingxuan. It was just that he was stirred up by Xiao Chen and forgot about this matter. Thus, he also hurried to slap his Porsche car key onto the table: “It is indeed quite hard to park around here, I also had to look for several places before stopping. Right, Jingxuan, how about I bring you to go for a spin later?”

“This……” Shen Jingxuan didn’t really want to go out with Chen Jinpeng, but when thinking of her family’s arrangements, she could only sigh: “Just around this place’s vicinity……”

At this time, the server came over with the dishes that Jin Beibei had previously ordered one by one. This cafe near the school was actually also a western restaurant. The flavor was pretty good and was quite authentic, a deep favorite of the high school students.

Jin Beibei wasn’t a First High student in the past, so it was her first time coming. Seeing the pretty good pictures on the menu, she ordered a big pile of them, but didn’t think that they would also be so delicious: “Brother-in-law, eat this one, this one is tasty!”

“Mm-mm!” Xiao Chen also took an equal portion and ate.

Chen Jinpeng looked at Xiao Chen and disdainfully shook his head. Not only was his mind ill, he also had a huge food illness.

Cheng Mengying watched Xiao Chen, who had his mouth full and oil leaking from the corner of his lips, and slightly frowned. Xiao Chen wasn’t like this at home, how come he was like the reincarnation of a hungry ghost? It was really disgraceful!

“Brother-in-law, help me get that lobster!” Jin Beibei pointed at a place not far away.

“Okay, lobster is delicious!” Xiao Chen brought the lobster over.

“Mm-mm!” Jin Beibei ate with big bites.

Xiao Chen was very satisfied with Jin Beibei’s coordination, or rather, Jin Beibei’s original nature was so. Xiao Chen suspected everyone at this point and the traitor Chen Jinpeng was also one of his suspected targets, so he was playing the fool to numb this fellow.

Anyway, the young lady was exceptionally intelligent; she quickly sensed that something was off. Is Xiao Chen acting? There’s really this possibility, but what’s the benefit of him acting like this? Of course, Cheng Mengying didn’t think that Xiao Chen was guarding against Chen Jinpeng.

The most surprised was Shen Jingxuan. Today’s Xiao Chen and the impression of Xiao Chen she had were two entirely different people, like opposite extremes. The Xiao Chen from before was arrogant and insolent, but today, although it couldn’t be said that today’s Xiao Chen wasn’t arrogant, today’s Xiao Chen made her feel very strange!

Although Xiao Chen even acknowledged that he liked her, Shen Jingxuan didn’t feel the slightest bit of admiration from Xiao Chen. This was a type of girl’s intuition. Chen Jinpeng naturally couldn’t feel it, but Shen Jingxuan felt that Xiao Chen already seemed to be ignoring her.

“Young master Xiao, have you not eaten in these past few days? Your hunger isn’t light!” Chen Jinpeng finally couldn’t help but to mock.

“I had no money, selling deep-fried breadstick every day isn’t much income. Now that there’s little brother treating, I’m eating a bit more!” Xiao Chen spoke unclearly as he ate: “Thanks for your warm hospitality!”

Chen Jinpeng shook his head and felt that it was a little insipid. After waiting a while, Xiao Chen and Jin Beibei finally finished eating, then he got up to go pay the bill. He was actually scared that Xiao Chen and Jin Beibei would continue eating. It wasn’t that he was afraid of wasting money since this thing simply didn’t waste much money, but it was that it mainly wasted time. He was still thinking of going for a spin with Shen Jingxuan.

“Brother-in-law, look, that’s my long-awaited Porsche car key!” Jin Beibei picked up Chen Jinpeng’s car key and looked at it left and right before incautiously, ‘pa’, dropping it onto the ground.

“Beibei, stop moving around, what if you fall and get injured?” Cheng Mengying chided.

Jin Beibei stuck out her tongue in embarrassment, then bent down to pick up the car key and placed it back onto the table.

Chen Jinpeng finished paying the bill, then picked up the car key and left to walk towards the cafe entrance. Shen Jingxuan, Cheng Mengying, Jin Beibei and Xiao Chen followed behind.

After leaving the cafe, Chen Jinpeng confidently pressed on the car key and waited for the nearby Panamera’s headlight to flash. But what he didn’t expect was that Panamera didn’t have any reaction at all.

“Hm?” Chen Jinpeng stared blankly and pressed the unlock button on the key towards the Panamera again, but the car still didn’t have any response! Chen Jinpeng was a little anxious: “****, it can’t be out of energy?”

After speaking, he continuously pressed several times, but even though the light on the indicator was flashing, the car didn’t have any signs of activity. After a moment of helplessness, Chen Jinpeng carefully inspected his remote and discovered nothing wrong with it, instantly becoming helpless and brows of sweat lining his brows.

This was his first time asking Shen Jingxuan to go for a spin. If a problem arose with this car, how would he be able to solicit her? Chen Jinpeng gave Shen Jingxuan a somewhat awkward look: “It might be signal interference……”

Right at this time, the redhead that was sitting next to them also came out while embracing two prostitutes and holding the Porsche car key in his hand. When he walked to the entrance and saw Chen Jinpeng standing there pressing the key, unable to open his car no matter how much he pressed. He was instantly dumbfounded and thought in his heart, it can’t be that this dude is also acting cool?

“Huh? My Porsche? It might have been driven off by my buddy!” The redhead spoke the the two prostitutes in his embrace: “Forget it, let’s call a taxi!”


  1. TLN: As in, person wouldn’t understand the meaning behind the words. 
  2. TLN: I had a very funny moment translating this line since ‘turn into a dragon(成龙)’ in Jackie Chan’s Chinese name. So, ‘hoping that my disciple can become Jackie Chan’ was what I was thinking of putting. 

Chapter 86 – Boss and Little Brother Meet Again

However, when Shen Jingxuan saw Xiao Chen following, she was a bit astonished, but still gave Xiao Chen a friendly nod.

Xiao Chen deeply sucked in a breath. His sentiments towards Shen Jingxuan was very complex. It could be said that Shen Jingxuan was his goddess in his time at First High and Xiao Chen truly pursued her, but it never bore any fruit.

That time’s Xiao Chen and his current thinking was completely different; he believed that the young lady was an item in his pocket, so he neglected her. After having more contact with her, Xiao Chen discovered that she was also a goddess.

Now, when Xiao Chen saw Shen Jingxuan, his thoughts of admiration became much more faint. If it was said that the young lady and he still had a little hope, then he would become estranged with Shen Jingxuan and there would be no entanglements with her in the future.

“Mengying, sorry for inviting you so late.” Shen Jingxuan spoke a little apologetically.

“It doesn’t matter, we have a car in any case and coming over is convenient.” Cheng Mengying sat by Shen Jingxuan’s side and pulled her hand: “How is it with Chen Jinkun’s matter?”

“What else could it be? The final verdict was unexpected traffic accident.” Shen Jingxuan didn’t have any affection towords Chen Jinkun, but felt a little sorry for his untimely death.

“Then since it’s like this, are you now free?” Cheng Mengying hurriedly asked.

“How could it be so easy?” Shen Jingxuan forced a smile and said: “The clan made me choose Chen Jinpeng and Chen Clan also has this wish……”

“Chen Jinpeng?” Cheng Mengying stared blankly for a moment, then remembered the scene of running into him while buying a vehicle. Originally this fellow was not only a top seat, but also inherited his big brother’s engagement: “This person, you would be better off with Chen Jinkun!”

“Your words are true, but there’s nothing that can be done about it, it’s a decision from within the clan.” Thinking of these, Shen Jingxuan had a slight headache: “Forget it, let’s just watch how it goes, how are you nowadays? Are you fine with Xiao Chen?”

“Him? He’s quite good, he’s more comfortable than me every day. He’s just transferred yet has already picked up Second High’s school flower.” Cheng Mengying gave Xiao Chen a mocking look.

But when she looked over, Cheng Mengying discovered that she had preached to deaf ears; at this moment, Xiao Chen and Jin Beibei were sitting opposite of them and studying the menu!

“Brother-in-law, this looks like it’s delicious!” Jin Beibei was pointing and discussing her findings with Xiao Chen.

“This one isn’t bad either?” Xiao Chen pointed at another area and said.

“……” Cheng Mengying was speechless. These two fellows were really gluttons, talking about what was delicious and what wasn’t after arriving at the cafe.

Shen Jingxuan was a bit astonished. After Xiao Chen entered the cafe, apart from the initial courtesy and her nod, he lowered his head to look at the menu with Jin Beibei. Was this still that Xiao Chen that she was familiar with?

The previous Xiao Chen would have placed all his attention on her as long as he saw her, including that final basketball competition at First High!

But today……if it was said to be a sense of loss, it would be insufficient, Shen Jingxuan had no feelings for Xiao Chen. She didn’t have any in the past and wouldn’t have any at present. It was simply that Xiao Chen’s change made her feel very incredulous.

If not for seeing Xiao Chen selling breakfast in the morning market street before, Shen Jingxuan would have thought that Xiao Chen was deliberately treating her coldly in order to attract her attention!

Shen Jingxuan’s strange gaze made Cheng Mengying misunderstand that she also felt that Xiao Chen and Jin Beibei were impolite. Coming here to study delicacies? What went on in these two people’s heads?

“Cough cough, Beibei, Xiao Chen, pay attention a bit. This isn’t home, there’s an outsider present, don’t lose face like this!” Cheng Mengying warned.

“It’s alright~, in any case, sister Jingxuan isn’t an outsider!” Jin Beibei finished speaking and continued study-guessing: “Brother-in-law, look, this steak is pretty good!”

“It’s fine, Mengying. Beibei’s right, I’m not an outsider. Whatever you guys want to eat today, I’ll treat.” Shen Jingxuan faintly smiled, then lowered her voice: “Right, why is Beibei calling him brother-in-law?”

“Beibei likes joking, it’s not like you don’t know.” Cheng Mengying shrugged with a slightly red complexion.

“You have feelings for him?” Shen Jingxuan was a bit surprised at seeing Cheng Mengying’s bashful appearance.

“H-how could that be possible? When he was Xiao Clan’s eldest young master before, this young lady didn’t even look at him. Now that he’s a servant, how could he match this young lady!” Cheng Mengying hastily denied.

Shen Jingxuan smiled and was about to say something, but her cell phone suddenly sounded out. Shen Jingxuan took out her cell phone and her complexion slightly changed: “It’s Chen Jinpeng……”

“Answer it, it’s not like you can always reject.” Cheng Mengying suddenly recalled her previous self. At that time, Xiao Chen never gave her a call. Sometimes, she would even anticipate his phone call! Looking again at Chen Jinpeng pursuing Shen Jingxuan, it was simply the difference between heaven and earth!

Hmph, this time around, the situation is in this young lady’s hands. Since you previously disregarded this young lady, then this young lady will now make you unable to forget her for a lifetime!

“Hello, Jinpeng, what’s the matter?” Shen Jingxuan’s voice was perpetually this genial. Even if she didn’t like Chen Jinpeng, her tone made a person very comfortable upon hearing it.

“Jingxuan, where are you? I’ll come to you and give you a pleasant surprise!” Chen Jinpeng had just purchased a car and was preparing to show it off. In the past, he simply didn’t have any cars. There was only his departed elder brother’s knock off old sports car that was given to him, but the property right still wasn’t his. Now that he finally had his own car, he prepared to take Shen Jingxuan out to catch the wind.

“Ah? You……want to look for me now?” Shen Jingxuan was slightly startled, she didn’t think Chen Jinpeng would want to come: “I’m outside drinking coffee with friends……”

“That’s fine, I’ll come pay the bill! Who’s there?” Although Chen Jinpeng could hear the reluctance for him to come in Shen Jingxuan’s voice, he still spoke shamelessly. His greatest characteristic was shamelessness; at the time when he was Xiao Chen’s little brother, how could it be fine for his face to not be thick?

“This……there’s Cheng Mengying, Jin Beibei and……Xiao Chen……” Shen Jingxuan could do nothing but speak. She could only hope that after he heard Xiao Chen’s name, he would become embarrassed and not come.

“A-ha, my previous boss is also present, then I should even more so come!” When Chen Jinpeng heard Xiao Chen’s name, his self-confidence inflated even more as he prepared to go humiliate Xiao Chen: “Is it the cafe near school? Wait for me, I’ll be there in an instant!”

“Okay……” Shen Jingxuan forced a smile. It couldn’t be helped; she could only respond positively. She held the cell phone and gave a somewhat apologetic and embarrassed look to Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen: “Chen Jinpeng said that he wants to come pay the bill, what do you guys think……”

Cheng Mengying wrinkled her brows. It was with great difficulty that she had gotten together with her best friend. If an outsider was added in, there would be many words that would be hard to say! Naturally, at this time, she already considered Xiao Chen as one of them. A personal manservant could be disregarded.

However, this, after all, was her best friend’s fiancé. Cheng Mengying could be too excessive and merely gave a slight nod.

On the other hand, Jin Beibei couldn’t care less: “Come treat us~, yipee, hurray! Brother-in-law and I were just studying tasty stuff and feared that we wouldn’t have enough money. Now there’s a rich guy coming, this is really great!”

“Tell him to be careful when coming over, so that he doesn’t die like his brother.” Xiao Chen faintly said.

Shen Jingxuan’s call wasn’t closed, so when Chen Jinpeng on the other side heard Jin Beibei’s words, he was immediately feeling a bit unhappy, when did I become a rich guy? But after he heard Xiao Chen’s words, he almost threw down his cell phone in anger!

Xiao Chen, this is what you’ve brought upon yourself. You even dare to threaten me? Let’s see how I’ll humiliate you in a while!

“Yeah~, don’t die from a traffic accident by all means, I’m still waiting for him to pay the bill!” Jin Beibei nodded and spoke in deep approval of this thinking.

Chen Jinpeng wished that he could kill Jin Beibei and Xiao Chen.

“En, then come, we’ll wait for you here.” Shen Jingxuan didn’t repeat Jin Beibei and Xiao Chen’s words and merely assumed that Chen Jinpeng could also hear them.

“Good, make Xiao Chen wait for me!” Chen Jinpeng said while fuming with rage and clenched jaws.

Chen Jinpeng’s voice was very loud, so Shen Jingxuan believed that Xiao Chen could also hear it. She hung up the call a bit helpless and looked at Xiao Chen, but saw that he and Jin Beibei were still studying the menu without regard for others!

It was very difficult for Shen Jingxuan to understand Xiao Chen’s current mentality. He had no backer, had no martial strength, and was serving as Cheng Mengying’s manservant. Yet, he was still so merry; offending Chen Jinpeng but still as indifferent as before. How powerful was this person’s heart?

Before long, Chen Jinpeng arrived. When he saw Xiao Chen, his eyes seemed to be shooting out flames. He nearly rushed to give Xiao Chen a flying kick, but he endured it when thinking that his fiancée Shen Jingxuan was by the side. After all, Shen Jingxuan didn’t like violence.

But when Chen Jinpeng saw the four people already fill up the four-seat half sofa, half chair table, his look became slightly ugly. He had no place to sit!

“Jinpeng, you’ve come, please sit!” Xiao Chen pointed at the air near the table and spoke with the manner of a boss: “I heard you intentionally came to treat me, your boss, to a meal, I am very happy!”

Shen Jingxuan was surprised for a moment. She thought in her heart, how come Xiao Chen was still using his previous behavior? Could it be that he didn’t fear Chen Jinpeng and Cao Yuliang1?

“Brother-in-law, this is your little brother? Hey little brother Chen, I want to eat this, this, this, and this!” Jin Beibei crazily pointed at the menu, selecting one by one what seemed delicious from her and Xiao Chen’s previous study.

Chen Jinpeng was about to speak some words of hardship, but swallowed his words. Didn’t I come to treat? It was even more impossible for him to turn around to leave, he was here to foster some feelings with Shen Jingxuan. So at this time, he could only act very gentlemanly and called for the server: “Server, add a chair for me. Also, whatever this young lady selects, bring two!”

“Jinpeng, you’ve become very different now that you’ve turned into a nouveau riche, my boy!” Xiao Chen clapped Chen Jinpeng’s shoulder while donning the appearance of earnestly guiding him.

“Haha, it’s the same as always. How could I be as comfortable as the current young master Xiao? I heard that you rent together with your fiancée? It’s sure to be very pleasurable every day?” Chen Jinpeng didn’t forget to speak sarcastically about Xiao Chen’s manservant identity.

“It’s fine.” Xiao Chen profoundly nodded.

“Since it’s like this, have you already gotten Cheng Mengying?” Chen Jinpeng watched Xiao Chen’s feeling-good-about-self appearance and sneering in his heart. You’re such a dumb ****, if not for your previous identity as Xiao Clan’s eldest young master, you wouldn’t be able to live until now.


  1. TLN: Zhao Yuliang -> Cao Yuliang. Decided that no one remembers him, so I’ll just change his name. Also makes it easier for me to translate. 

Chapter 85 – So Who Is More Attractive?

“This……” Just as Xiao Chen was about to speak, he felt a fierce gaze from the young lady’s eyes. Xiao Chen hurried to say: “As for attractiveness, your cousin is a bit more attractive.”

“Hmph, it can be considered that your eyes haven’t gone bad!” Cheng Mengying was evidently quite satisfied with Xiao Chen’s answer: “This young lady also thinks this.”

“Not fun, cousin and brother-in-law are acting together to cheat people.” Jin Beibei puckered her lips: “As the saying goes, a woman’s chest is the greater 7 points of beauty.”

“It’s ‘a woman’s whiteness is 3 points beauty’.” Cheng Mengying corrected her.

“Right, I’m also white and my chest is big, 3 plus 7 is 10, which means extremely1 beautiful.” Jin Beibei said as-a-matter-of-factly: “Cousin Mengying is at most 7-8 points.”

“Xiao Chen, tell this young lady how many points she is.” Cheng Mengying was about to blow her top.

“You’re both 10 points, okay? I’ll be returning to decoct medicinal herbs and will not be chatting with you guys.” Xiao Chen felt that he shouldn’t participate in this matter. Next time I come home, I’ll dig out my eyes. If you look at the big chest again, then you’re looking for trouble.2

However, these past few days of co-renting made Xiao Chen truly see his “fiancée” young lady’s other aspect! He previously thought that she was cold and aloof, but now that he understood more, he knew that she was just a proud princess disease girl who could also be very cute! She wasn’t really being cold and aloof, it was just that no one understood her.

“See? The eyes of the masses are sharp; your chest is merely larger, my chest tying with yours is proof I am more attractive!” Cheng Mengying complacently said. She depended on Xiao Chen to recover from her small chest inferiority complex with great difficulty.

“He’s brother-in-law, of course he would speak for you. If he was your brother-in-law, I would already be 20 points.” Jin Beibei spoke without minding it.

“He’s looking at my face when he gave you 10 points. If he wasn’t your brother-in-law, then he would give you 1 point.” Cheng Mengying said.

“Cousin Mengying finally recognized him as brother-in-law, 1 point, just one point, haha.” Jin Beibei grinningly said.

“You……I’m angry at you!” Cheng Mengying didn’t think that she would be tricked by Jin Beibei.

Xiao Chen returned to his room and placed all the medicinal herbs into the electric earthenware pot. It really couldn’t be said enough about how convenient Ye Xiaoye’s thing was. If it was changed to the previous Xiao Chen, perhaps he would really use the old method of decocting medicinal herbs.

“This auxiliary medicine also takes five hours?” Xiao Chen asked in his heart.

“That’s right, it’s also five hours.” Tian Lao said: “After taking it, you have to train yourself in the tempering method I gave you. This way, your body will thoroughly absorb all the medicinal properties.”

“Okay.” Xiao Chen nodded and set up the electric earthenware pot. This electric earthenware pot had this advantage: just in case you forgot, it would automatically stop and prevent your medicinal decoction from becoming burnt.

After handling this, Xiao Chen went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. This evening, they didn’t need to eat instant noodles due to the pile of delicacies they packed away from this afternoon; it would be ready to eat after warming it up.

Perhaps because it was still early, Jin Beibei didn’t immediately leave after eating today, instead she continued on playing that exercise game with Cheng Mengying.

Xiao Chen’s medicinal soup was about done and he didn’t dare continue watching the shaking breasts in the living room, so he immediately returned to take the medicine. Of course, Xiao Chen also thought: for the future, should I place a surveillance camera in the living room in the name of security? Naturally this was only a thought, Xiao Chen wouldn’t do something so despicable.

After taking the medicinal decoction and downing it in one gulp, Xiao Chen began to exercise himself through the tempering method Tian Lao had given him. Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei were making a ruckus in the living room, yet Xiao Chen movements didn’t seem so abrupt……

Seeing a layer of blackish-purple greasy paste again, Xiao Chen was a bit surprised. Before he took the third medicine, this phenomena hadn’t appeared on Xiao Chen’s body, yet now that he changed to a new auxiliary medicine today, it unexpectedly appeared.

Seeming like he knew Xiao Chen’s thinking, Tian Lao opened his mouth to say: “For each stage, there will be a phase of Bone Marrow Cleansing; you are a human, not an immortal. You eat grains and other foods every day, not to mention the intake of automobile exhaust, smog, and dust. These are all toxins that must be discharged from your body.”

“You’re peeping at my thoughts again.” Xiao Chen depressedly went to take a shower……

Not long after Xiao Chen finished his shower and was in the middle of wiping himself, the door was suddenly pushed open and gave Xiao Chen a scare! How come there are so many female rogues in this villa? It shouldn’t be Ye Xiaoye, right? Seems like I’ll have to lock the door next time. Xiao Chen hurriedly placed the bath towel before his body.

“Brother-in-law, what are you doing? Quickly tidy up and go out with us!” Jin Beibei shouted as she pushed the door open, but when met with Xiao Chen’s appearance, she instantly opened her eyes wide: “Can’t look, can’t look, pink eye, pink eye……”

But although such were her words, Jin Beibei’s eyes were still wide open, scanning Xiao Chen up and down.

“Uh……Beibei, can you step back for a while?” With Jin Beibei standing here, Xiao Chen couldn’t move. He also couldn’t put on his clothes because once he moved, he would be exposed.

“Beibei, what are you doing, quit dallying around and quickly tell Xiao Chen to get ready!” After Cheng Mengying finished putting on her coat, she saw that Jin Beibei still hadn’t come out of Xiao Chen’s room. She was a bit anxious, so she quickly went up and walked in. The young lady was immediately dumbstruck; what was going on here?

Aa——” Cheng Mengying subconsciously closed her eyes and dragged Jin Beibei out. Xiao Chen took this opportunity to quickly close the door and lock it.

“Beibei, what were you thinking!?” Cheng Mengying knew that this matter couldn’t be blamed on Xiao Chen. What problem was there for the other party to undress in his/her own room? But Jin Beibei stood there watching and even involved Cheng Mengying! This almost drove her mad: “Was it very good-looking? I feel like you and Xiao Chen really are an innate pair; he looks after you, you look after him. One day he’ll see you without clothes and you’ll let it pass!”

“Is cousin Mengying feeling jealous?” Jin Beibei watched the berserk Cheng Mengying and actually beamed: “Relax, I’m just replacing cousin Mengying for checking!”

“How am I related to your checking?” Cheng Mengying promptly asked as she saw Jin Beibei quibbling.

“When I saw brother-in-law run so quickly today, I knew that he shouldn’t have any issues in that field. However, this could only prove the aspect of his endurance and couldn’t illustrate his size. Therefore, I stealthily went to face the danger of pink eye in order to help cousin verify how big brother-in-law’s asset is……” Jin Beibei looked very righteous as she spoke very seriously.

“Then did you see it?” Cheng Mengying thought, does Jin Beibei not have a sense of honor and shame?

“No, unfortunately brother-in-law’s response was too quick and the key point was instantly hidden by the bath towel.” Jin Beibei spoke regretfully: “It seems like there are only two possibilities……”

“What two possibilities?” Cheng Mengying bore her anger and spoke with confusion.

“Either brother-in-law’s that is too small and was embarrassed to let me see, or brother-in-law’s that is too big and was afraid of scaring me.” Jin Beibei analyzed.

“Since you’re so curious, how about speaking about this to grandpa Jin and establishing an engagement? You can just marry him and skip the analysis, going straight into testing the size!” Cheng Mengying sometimes did speak about some private issues on men and women with Jin Beibei. After all, they were going through puberty and it was normal to have a night chat in her boudoir. However, today’s topic already exceeded the range that she could bear.

“Then I even more so have to inspect, this relates to my lifetime’s happiness!” Jin Beibei said: “Oh right, cousin Mengying, didn’t you help Xiao Chen with a blow*? Don’t you know his size?”

“Beibei, how do you want to die?” The top of Cheng Mengying’s head was about to be ignited by the true fire of Samadhi and she was about to explode.

“Nothing, I didn’t say anything……” Jin Beibei shrunk back. She was still quite afraid of Cheng Mengying’s anger. Although she was fearless and drove others mad all day long, Cheng Mengying was her older sister in their childhood, so she revered her all along and only dared to grumble in a low voice: “Dare to do but not dare to confess……”

Cheng Mengying was about to say ‘you can be considered tactful’ when she heard the first half of the words, but when she heard the latter half of the words, she nearly exploded again. Fortunately, Xiao Chen finished wearing his clothes and walked out. When he saw the pair, he was confused and didn’t know what was going on: “What’s up with you guys? Where are we going?”

“Jingxuan has come. I’ll give you the opportunity to accompany us!” Cheng Mengying gave Xiao Chen a look and overbearingly said. In reality, it was because the sky’s color was already dark and Cheng Mengying thought that she and Jin Beibei wouldn’t be safe as a pair of girls.

“Okay.” Xiao Chen nodded.

“Hmph, answering so happily after hearing Shen Jingxuan coming?” When Cheng Mengying saw Xiao Chen answer so refreshingly, she was suddenly a little unhappy.

“I was thinking that accompanying this young lady this evening is quite a happy matter.” Xiao Chen forced a smile and spoke in compliance to Cheng Mengying’s temperament.

“Uh-huh, you can still be considered tactful!” Cheng Mengying instantly felt happier after hearing Xiao Chen’s words: “You know whose manservant you are!”

“I’m sitting in the back?” Xiao Chen looked at the Beetle parked in the villa’s couryard and was a bit depressed; sitting in the back row with his build was too vexing.

“Please board.” Cheng Mengying directly opened the car door.

Xiao Chen helplessly crawled into the back row: “Oh yeah, Mengying, don’t you have an Audi A5? When can you drive it?”

“That’s a family vehicle, I usually don’t drive it, next time we go back to Cheng Clan.” Cheng Mengying also truly felt that Jin Beibei’s Beetle wasn’t convenient for long journeys. Before it didn’t matter because it was just their pair of girls, but now that there was an extra attendant Xiao Chen, it was a little crowded.

The place where Shen Jingxuan made the appointment was a doorway cafe. In the past, Cheng Mengying and Shen Jingxuan would occasionally come here to drink some things. First High and Second High’s examination times were the same, so there was no problem with Shen Jingxuan inviting Cheng Mengying here tonight.

In the vicinity of First High, Xiao Chen didn’t need to meticulously avoid the master-servant relationship with Cheng Mengying. In any case, he didn’t know many of his personal enemies. Xiao Chen followed behind the young lady and Jin Beibei to enter the cafe, and immediately saw Shen Jingxuan beckoning to them at a half sofa, half chair table3.


  1. TLN: “10 points(十分)” can also mean “extremely”. So if you read the Chinese, it’s like a pun. 
  2. TLN: Inner monologue towards his eyes. 
  3. TLN: It’s a tables that’s has one side as sofa while the other side has chairs. 

Chapter 84 – Xiao Chen Is Misunderstood

“Uhh……right!” Thin Monkey hastily nodded. He guessed that Lou Zhenming wanted to avoid the blame.

“Is that so? Before you promised to give me 100,000 RMB.” Xiao Chen said.

“Euh……there was this matter?” Lou Zhenming stared blankly. He didn’t think that Xiao Chen would actually follow up with his lie, but he also couldn’t exactly say that he didn’t say it before, right? He had just said that he had been possessed, so if he rejected this, wouldn’t that mean that he was exposing himself? Thinking up to here, Lou Zhenming turned to look at Thin Monkey.

“Umm……I had diarrhea, so I don’t know?” Thin Monkey wasn’t sure whether to agree or disagree.

“Young master Lou, could it be possible that you want to renege on your debt and was pretending to be possessed to deceive me?” Xiao Chen immediately shook his head with a disappointed face and said: “Forget it, you aren’t trustworthy. In the future, I won’t hang out with you, don’t look for me after we finish tomorrow’s exams.”

“Hey, don’t……” Lou Zhenming was frightened. If he didn’t find him after tomorrow’s dismissal, wasn’t that the equivalent of not going to go underground illegal boxing? Then wouldn’t his previous arrangements become null? It couldn’t be helped, Lou Zhenming could only clench his teeth to say: “Fine, 100,000 RMB, but I don’t have it right now, can you wait several days? Next month, my father will give me an allowance, I’ll give it to you then!”

“That’s good enough. Then I’ll go and look for you to hang out tomorrow.” Xiao Chen nodded and turned around to leave.

“****!” Lou Zhenming angrily gnashed his teeth as he watched Xiao Chen’s departing back, then glared at Thin Monkey: “See? This is what you brought about. In the future, if you eat whatever stinky tofu again, I’ll throw you into a manure pit and leave you there!”

When Xiao Chen returned to his seat Deng Xiaokun was in the middle of saying something to Tang Tang. When he saw Xiao Chen, he asked: “What was Lou Zhenming looking for you for? I didn’t think he would even use such a low-level method, trying to frame you of cheating? Is he not aware that you’re a bookworm?”

“When I went there just now, he didn’t acknowledge it and said that he was very forgetful, not knowing what had happened. This person is sick, so we don’t need to manage him.” Xiao Chen shook his head. He certainly didn’t believe that Lou Zhenming was sick, but between 100,000 RMB and exposing him, 100,000 RMB was more important.

“Ah?” Deng Xiaokun was instantly surprised: “He’s still able to speak these words? Lou Clan’s future is hopeless. Oh right, Tang Tang and I were thinking of going to the bookstore to buy some review materials, want to come with?”

“I won’t be coming.” Xiao Chen was currently thinking of rushing over to the ******** to buy some medicines in order to reach a higher strength as soon as possible.

“That’s fine, when we’re done buying, we can lend it to you for you to take a look. In any case, you aren’t far from us.” Deng Xiaokun nodded.

On the other hand, Tang Tang gave Xiao Chen a somewhat helpless look and used a finger to point at Cheng Mengying. Clearly, she misunderstood Xiao Chen and thought that he was following his goddess home.

Xiao Chen wanted to rebut, but it wasn’t easy to explain, so he put his backpack onto his back and left the classroom.

But before he walked too far, the sound of a text message sounded from his cellphone. He took it out for a look and saw that it was from Jin Beibei: “Brother-in-law, cousin Mengying asks whether or not you want to ride with us?”

This incoherent text message could only be sent by Jin Beibei; one moment, brother-in-law, the next, cousin Mengying, but in reality these two people didn’t have any relationship.

“No need, I’m going to buy a bit of medicine, you guys go back first.” Xiao Chen returned a text message, then casually erased the message. The less people knew of the relationship between him and Cheng Mengying, the better.

Xiao Chen jogged ahead and noticed Jin Beibei’s red Beetle from his peripheral vision. It seemed like it slowed down a bit, then disappeared at the corner of the block.

Regarding Xiao Chen’s early arrival at the ******** today, Hong Yan was evidently quite astonished. Her big eyes sparkled as she looked at Xiao Chen: “Are you here to buy medicine? Should I call grandfather?”

“Yes, I’ll be troubling you.” Xiao Chen withdrew his vision on Hong Yan and gave a smiling nod. Every time he came to the ********, he felt that seeing Hong Yan was a delightful matter. This girl was a very classical beauty, a contrast to the modern aura of the city, yet didn’t appear incompatible. Instead, she seemed like a corner of tranquility in a noisy area.

Hong Yan placed down the book in her hand to go call for her grandfather. Xiao Chen’s vision fell onto the book that Hong Yan placed down, 《Thousand Medicinal Herbs Imperial Edict》? This name made Xiao Chen slightly distracted, what ancient book was this?

Those ancient medicine books, Xiao Chen had heard of to some extent, like Compendium of Medical Herbs 1596, Yellow Emperor’s Internal Canon, but he had never heard of this ‘Thousand Medicinal Herbs Imperial Edict’! Compiler Lin Dongfang? What kind of person was this Lin Dongfang? Could it be that this person was a medical expert?

While Xiao Chen was marvelling over this, Hong Yan was already bringing over old Chen. When Hong Yan saw that Xiao Chen was stealing a glance at her book, she faintly knit her eyebrows: “Peeping at another person’s thing isn’t good.”

“I was just curious, what you, as a girl, was reading, I thought you would be reading some romance novel……” Xiao Chen said with an awkward smile.

“What’s a romance novel?” This answer made Hong Yan slightly puzzled.

“Romance novel?” Xiao Chen didn’t know how to explain this. Was this classical beauty before him truly unaware or purposefully playing him? But seeing her big eyes filled with innocence and curiosity, seemingly like she wasn’t lying, could it be that she was really unaware? “Well, books that describe stories of men and women’s love……”

“You mean…..Jin……** Mei1?” Hong Yan’s, who didn’t use any cosmetics, face immediately blushed as she widened her eyes at Xiao Chen, looking at Xiao Chen as if looking at a lecher.

“Pfff……” Xiao Chen slapped his own forehead, was Jin ** Mei a romantic novel? Fine, it could be considered an ancient times love, but……he wasn’t referring to this!

“Okay, Yanyan, go and read, I’ll go get his prescription.” Grandpa Chen chuckled as he spoke to Hong Yan, not explaining it either.

In Hong Yan’s childhood environment, there simply wasn’t any romantic novels. Inside the Hidden Scriptures Pavillion, there were only cultivation and medical records. As for classical masterpieces, there were only a few and Jin ** Mei was one of them. Hong Yan was disobedient as a child and felt that medical records were boring, so she stealthily went to steal some story books to look at. By casually stealing like this, she stole a book of Jin ** Mei……thus, Jin ** Mei became little Hong Yan’s young lady enlightenment teacher2……

However, Hong Yan ultimately didn’t have the courage to finish it. Every time she read it, she felt like a fire was burning inside of her body. There was a kind of unspeakable feeling, comfortable, yet uncomfortable? In any case, when she read it for too long, she would feel an electric shock go through her. Sometimes, she would even leak a little and it made her feel ashamed, as if she was doing some very evil wrongdoing!

As a result, she didn’t look at it afterwards. When she grew up a bit, she slightly understood some things and became more embarrassed to look at it.

This matter was a secret hidden away at the bottom of Hong Yan’s heart with no one knowing about it. But today, Xiao Chen’s sudden words made Hong Yan subconsciously think that Xiao Chen was speaking of Jin ** Mei. This type of secrets-being-seen through feeling made Hong Yan’s heart pound incessantly.

Hong Yan was thinking: Could it be that Xiao Chen has also read it? Did he deliberate speak of it and is thinking of ** me?

Hong Yan’s original good impression of Xiao Chen instantly placed him into the ranks of lechers. If Xiao Chen knew of this, he would be crying ‘injustice, injustice!’

When Hong Yan was leaving, she didn’t forget to glare at Xiao Chen. A classical beauty’s glare had a special bearing, but Xiao Chen was confused, when did he tease this little classical beauty?

“Old gentleman, this is 120,000 RMB.” Xiao Chen placed the 120,000 RMB that he earned from that wealthy woman in the morning onto the counter: “I’ll be troubling you to grab the medicine!”

“Oh? You collected it so quickly? Young fellow, you can’t be deliberately pretending to be poor before me?” Old Chen looked at the money on the counter with amazement. Of course, he was just joking, from observation, he could make out that Xiao Chen was truly short of money.

“How could that be possible……” Xiao Chen was immediately embarrassed: “This is earnings from helping a person in the morning.”

Old Chen nodded and didn’t ask any further. Instead, he received the money and rapidly helped Xiao Chen take the medicine, finally taking special care to cover the medicinal herbs before handing it over to Xiao Chen.

“Many thanks.” Xiao Chen nodded. This auxiliary medicine being worth 120,000 RMB as the price after a discount, so Xiao Chen couldn’t thank the old gentleman enough.

“The following auxiliary medicine will be worth 200,000 RMB, this is also the lowest price.” Old Chen gazed at Xiao Chen and said: “Although I am the manager of this ********, I am not the boss, so I can’t do too many transactions that make a loss.”

“I understand, you’ve already taken care of me a lot. I will try to think up a solution.” Xiao Chen didn’t feel the slightest bit of surprise, but this price of 200,000 RMB made him suck in his tongue. This was an astronomical figure for the current him.

Old Chen didn’t speak any further. Xiao Chen left the ******** and quickly walked home.

Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei were playing a new movement video game in the living room. When Xiao Chen entered the entrance, he immediately saw those shaking breasts, much more real than whatever DoA3; Jin Beibei was truly impressive. Xiao Chen thought: Before, if I really married Cheng Mengying, would Jin Beibei be the dowry? It appeared to be right, freely shaking around, it would certainly be very pleasurable.

Marring the older cousin and getting the younger cousin as the dowry, this wasn’t a rare matter within these ancient martial aristocratic clans which retained ancient traditions and customs. A dowry was normal, but naturally, this was only limited to weak clans. For Jin Beibei, the eldest young lady of Jin Clan, she simply didn’t need to be dowry.

“What are you looking at, your eyeballs are about to fall out. Is it very attractive?” When Cheng Mengying saw Xiao Chen’s foolish, starry-eyed look, she instantly felt unwell in her heart. Is this young lady that unappealing? In First High, you looked at Shen Jinxuan, in Second High, you look at Tang Tang, now at home, you look at Jin Beibei, what kind of venting is this?

“Uh……it’s not bad……” It was hard for Xiao Chen to answer; if he said it was attractive, the young lady would scold him, but if he didn’t say that it was attractive, Jin Beibei would be unhappy, so he could only compromise.

“You’re looking at me?” Jin Beibei used her hands to support her chest, her face red with excitement4: “Brother-in-law, am I more attractive than cousin?”



  1. TLN: Jin Ping Mei, translates as ‘The Plum in the Golden Vase’ or ‘The Golden Lotus’, I prefer the latter. Link: Jin_Ping_Mei 
  2. TLN: Quite hard to translate into English. It’s sort of like how modern-day parents teach their children roles of men and women, as well as sex education(sometimes, usually taught by schools). 
  3. TLN: Reference to Dead or Alive breast physics. 
  4. TLN: Excitement from exercise. 

Chapter 83 – I Forget Things

“I actually have a good plan, when it comes time for me to text Teacher Lei, I’ll also text Xiao Chen. Then we can report Xiao Chen for looking at his cell phone during an exam and when the teacher sees the exam answers in his cell phone, it would be like yellow mud falling onto the crotch of his pants, even if it wasn’t his fault, it would still be his fault1!” Thin Monkey, as he was Lou Zhenming’s number one trusted advisor, had a pretty good brain and quickly thought up a way to fix up Xiao Chen.

“This is a pretty good plan. When it comes time for you to report, I won’t be able to step in because I am currently pretended to have friendly relations with Xiao Chen.” Lou Zhenming said after thinking for a moment.

“Okay, Brother Ming.” Thin Monkey nodded.

The afternoon exam was English, a subject that Xiao Chen previously wasn’t good in. However, this class was just a relatively more things to remember subject. Xiao Chen took several days to memorize most of the material and after the exam paper was given out, Xiao Chen started to write at a tremendous speed. Although Xiao Chen currently try for this 10,000 RMB scholarship, he couldn’t exactly score too badly or else it would be easy for him to be expelled. He currently had no background, so he had to carefully consider several matters.

After testing more than half the exam, there still remained half an hour.

“Phbbbt——” The noise of a fart sounded out, then under the astonished gaze of all the students in the class, Thin Monkey held his stomach as he ran to the restroom while all the surrounding students held their noses.

Lou Zhenming sat right behind Thin Monkey and almost threw up from the smell of the fart!

Initially, he didn’t think too much into it, but after waiting 10 minutes and Thin Monkey still hadn’t come back, Lou Zhenming became a little worried! They had agreed to report Xiao Chen 20 minutes before the exam finished, this way it more or less secured the possibility of Xiao Chen copying off of Tang Tang. This way, it would make his expectation fall from the clouds; this feeling would definitely make Xiao Chen wish he was dead.

However, Thin Monkey went to the bathroom and still hadn’t returned after their agreed upon time was reached. Lou Zhenming anxiously looked out the door repeatedly, but didn’t see Thin Monkey’s shadow and his neck almost fell from stretching.

“Lou Zhenming, what are you doing? Not carefully taking your exam, instead glancing around?” At this time, school administration had placed Director Xu as head proctor and he happened to be examining each classrooms’ situation. As he entered Third Year First Class’s classroom, he saw Lou Zhenming looking all over the place, so he immediately shouted out in askance.

With regards to Director Xu, Lou Zhenming was still very afraid of him. As long as this guy gave his father a call, then when he returned home, he would be beaten up for a good while. Lou Zhenming hastily said: “N-……nothing, I finished writing so I was just casually taking a look……”

“Casually taking a look? It isn’t that you want to copy?” Director Xu glared at Lou Zhenming.

“How could that be possible……but I did just see fellow classmate Xiao Chen playing with his cell phone……” When Lou Zhenming saw Director Xu, he was reminded of being humiliated in the cafeteria and because his heart was anxious since Thin Monkey hadn’t come back, he reported Xiao Chen in a moment of excitement.

Cheng Mengying wrinkled her brows. She was aware of Xiao Chen’s academic record; he was first from the bottom year after year in First High, so it was impossible for him to have any good achievements after transferring over to Second High. Could it be that he really was cheating?

Tang Tang was frightened. Second High’s school regulations were very strict; cheating on an exam was a demerit the first time and they would be persuaded to give up the third time. Xiao Chen had transferred for a few days, so wouldn’t this be a major demerit?

“Xiao Chen, were you playing with your cell phone?” Director Xu knew Xiao Chen had a relationship with Cheng Zhongming, moreover he had just obtained Cheng Clan’s investment. In the next school director meeting, it was possible for him to be appointed vice-principal, so he naturally couldn’t offend Xiao Chen at this time.

Although Xiao Chen was Cheng Mengying’s servant, beating a dog required the consent of the master.

“Playing with my cell phone?” Xiao Chen was somewhat puzzled in his heart, was this Lou Zhenming ill? One moment he would be fine, the next he would be ill, wasn’t this just falsely accusing him of cheating during an exam? But Xiao Chen hadn’t played with his cell phone at all the entire time, so there was nothing for him to fear: “Director Xu, I haven’t played with my cell phone, I’ve been answering questions the whole time.”

Although Lou Zhenming regretted his impulse, he couldn’t make any concessions at this time and could only brace himself to say: “Informing Director Xu, I saw Xiao Chen playing with his cell phone a moment ago!”

Director Xu knit his brows. He couldn’t side with Xiao Chen under the eye of the public, so he had no other choice but to say: “Xiao Chen, take out your cell phone for me to take a look.”

“Okay, no problem.” Xiao Chen was actually indifferent as he pulled out his cell phone from his pocket to give to Director Xu.

Director Xu took Xiao Chen’s cell phone and browsed through his call record and texts, then placed it onto Xiao Chen’s desk: “Lou Zhenming, there’s nothing in Xiao Chen’s cell phone. Even if he was playing with his cell phone, couldn’t it have been him looking at the time?”

“Impossible!” Lou Zhenming was originally expectantly looking at Director Xu. In his opinion, as long as Director Xu saw the texts, Xiao Chen would be toast. However, his desired outcome didn’t occur and he suddenly became anxious as he directly got up, picked up Xiao Chen’s cell phone, and read the text message record.

“Huh??” Seeing that there was no recent texts in Xiao Chen’s cell phone, Lou Zhenming was instantly stunned as he became frantic: “Impossible, it should definitely be there, how come it’s not there?”

It wasn’t weird for Lou Zhenming to become frantic; Xiao Chen hadn’t even turned on offline mod. In addition, he had been watching Xiao Chen the entire time from the corner of his eyes and hadn’t seen Xiao Chen take out his cell phone to delete messages. In fact, his idea was to report Xiao Chen when he took our his cell phone for a better effect.

“What nonsense!” Xiao Chen creased his brows: “Director, you see……”

“Lou Zhenming, have you vented enough?” Director Xu wasn’t too happy at this moment. In his opinion, this was definitely Lou Zhenming taking revenge for Xiao Chen cheating a meal off of him.

“Impossible, I received it, why haven’t you received……geh!” Lou Zhenming suddenly realized his slip up.

“You received?” Director Xu turned his head and coldly looked at Lou Zhenming: “Bring out your cell phone for me to examine.”

“This……my……my cell phone doesn’t have anything good to look at……that, Director Xu, nevermind, I’ll go back to answering questions……” Lou Zhenming subconsciously wanted to leave.

However, he was held by Director Xu and his cell phone was taken out of his pants pocket. Director Xu rapidly browsed through it and when he finished reading, his face had already become incomparably gloomy: “Lou Zhenming, it seems like you’re the thief crying thief, yes? You yourself used your cell phone to cheat, yet you still falsely accused a classmate? Your exam is invalided this time and you will accrue a major demerit. If this happens again, you will be directly expelled!”

“I……” Lou Zhenming truly wanted to cry but had no tears. He scolded Thin Monkey in his heart. It would’ve been fine for him to take a dump at any other time, but he had to go at the most critical moment. In the end, Lou Zhenming reported Xiao Chen without being clear on anything and instead threw himself in.

“Hmph!” Director Xu coldly snorted and left Third Year First Class. As for Lou Zhenming, he couldn’t only resentfully return to his seat and feel more resentful the more he thought.

After Director Xu left and the exam ended, Thin Monkey walked in with a pale face.

“Thin Monkey, where the **** did you go? Did you get dropped into the toilet?” Lou Zhenming was angered upon the sight of Thin Monkey.

“Brother Ming, I had diarrhea……” Thin Monkey wasn’t aware of the matter of Lou Zhenming’s exam becoming invalid, but he did know that according to their agreement, he should have reported Xiao Chen. But in the end, he hadn’t come out of the restroom: “In fact, when you, Brother Ming, and Young Master Qun were eating, I myself had nothing to eat, so I bought several strings of fried stinky tofu and fried wool egg2 and when I finished eating, everything went up **** creek.”

“You……” Lou Zhenming didn’t know what to say after hearing this: “When I saw that you didn’t come back before, I became anxious and reported Xiao Chen on my own. In the end, Xiao Chen’s cell phone didn’t have any text messages, and Director Xu discovered that my cell phone did. I’m screwed this time since my score was invalidated and I accrued a major demerit!”

Getting marked a major demerit wasn’t what Lou Zhenming feared; with his status and background, even if he accrued 100 major demerits, it would be impossible for the school to expel him. But the key problem was that once his father Lou Siwen knew of it, then he was screwed.

If it was a demerit due to a scuffle, then it could be forgotten because Lou Clan mingled with the underground, so fighting was a common occurrence and Lou Siwen wouldn’t care about it. What Lou Siwen cared about was Lou Zhenming’s academic record. Cheating in this exam would be enough for Lou Zhenming to be beaten black and blue.

“Ah? It can’t be, I made Teacher Lei give him a text message!” Thin Monkey was bewildered: “It’s impossible for Teacher Lei to forget.”

“I am also confused, Teacher Lei is very reliable when engaging in business, could it be that Xiao Chen’s cell phone is out of credit?” Lou Zhenming was extremely befuddled.

Just at this time, Xiao Chen was smiling as he walked over and sat right next to Lou Zhenming. This seat was previously Ma Gangmen’s seat, but he had been in the hospital for the past few days, so the seat was empty.

“Young master Lou, were you the one who sent me the answers on my cell phone?” Xiao Chen raised his cell phone and let Lou Zhenming get a look at the text message.

It could be considered that he avoided a calamity before; due to the matters of finding a dog in the morning, his sim card was new and he forgot to replace his old sim card. He felt like something was wrong after finishing the exam, so he walked over after trading sim cards.

Not long after he exchanged it, Xiao Chen received a text message with the answers to the English exam just then! Xiao Chen glanced over it and saw the amount of correct answers weren’t too low, at least 80% of them were correct.

“Ee……” Lou Zhenming was flabbergasted as he rigidly watched Xiao Chen’s cell phone screen! Isn’t this the English exam answers from the exam just now? Moreover, this sender is Lei Dianfeng’s dummy cell phone! Lou Zhenming recognized the cell phone number, but why did Xiao Chen only receive it now?

Could it be signal delay? Thinking about it, there was only this possibility. Lou Zhenming suddenly had the urge to cry. His report on Xiao Chen didn’t succeed and he got in trouble instead, but the worst part was that the little bit of friendship he built up with Xiao Chen was destroyed just like that!

No good, absolutely no good, he still needed to make Xiao Chen go to the underground boxing stage to do illegal boxing, their relationship couldn’t be broken off this manner! Thinking up to here, Lou Zhenming gave a puzzled look to Xiao Chen: “Young master Xiao, what are you talking about? I have a little personality disorder, did I send you answers a moment ago? I don’t remember, I can’t remember anything! Thin Monkey knows that I’m sometimes like this, sometimes I don’t know what I’ve done the moment before, just like something’s possessed me……”


  1. TLN: The phrase is kind of hard to understand, but basically, the yellow mud part is a reference to a stain on his academic career, and the second part is what it is. Original second part was ‘even if it isn’t ****, it would still be ****’. Made no sense, so I changed it to a phrase that made sense. 
  2. TLN: Took the direct translation of the food, don’t even know how to translate it. Here’s the phrase if you want to Google it: 炸毛蛋 

Chapter 28 – Token Transaction

At this moment, a clamor came from outside the great hall. It turned out to be Fan Tianlong’s three sons and one daughter, and Fan Tianfeng’s youngest daughter also came.

“The rest of you stay first outside the great hall.” Fan Xun said: “Let Fan Zhibin first come in!”

Fan Zhibin is Fan Tianlong’s eldest son, as well as Fan Yanxing’s father. He is 58 this year with a tall but not robust figure. His hair is an azure-grey color and his appearance is healthy. He is also another Great Martial Master in the clan’s third generation, whose cultivation reached the peak of Great Martial Master realm and is considered to be one step into Battle King realm. His cultivation was higher than Fan Tianhu and was basically on par with Fan Tianlong.

He strode in.

“Zhibin! Yin Tianxiong is handed over to you!” Fan Xun stated: “Within 5 days, I want to see his head!”


The next day and day after passed by tranquilly. On the fourth day, Song Clan’s Clan Head Song Qi left for Tian Clan to be a guest and prepared to receive his son Song Di, who unexpectedly lost his life on his way. No one caught sight of the murderer; the only thing that could be seen from the wound was that it was likely from the Soul-chasing Blade.

Both Tian Clan and Song Clan were greatly shaken. Although Song Clan was merely a very small clan, they were still in-laws with Tian Clan in any case, so Tian Clan’s Clan Head ordered for Yin Tianxiong to come to Tian Clan and explain himself.

Yin Clan felt that this matter was fishy so they played some tricks. They let Yin Tianxiong’s double off on the journey from the main road while the genuine Yin Tianxiong was secretly journeying in alleyways.

But the genuine Yin Tianxiong still met an interception on his way in the alleyways. Both sides struggled for 40-50 rounds, then Yin Tianxiong ultimately ran away with the shield of a war beasts’ suicidal attack, yet still died midway due to excessive blood loss.

Two deaths without witnesses, Tian Clan and Yin Clan could only guess and aim their spearpoint at Fan Clan.

For a period of time, turbulent times were to come.



The news of Fan Zhiyi’s death passed through Fan Tianfeng’s ear on the fifth day at Jadeite Mountain Range. But at this time, the selection still hadn’t finished, so even if she knew this piece of news, she still couldn’t leave.

One-third of the selection has passed by, who knows what kind of achievements that the children have accrued and how many of them are safe? Fan Tianfeng was faintly anxious in her heart.

At this time, Fan Yanxing and the others already reached halfway up the mountain, a place about 10,000 meters above ground. They were already treading on the cloud layer; this place’s air was thin and the temperature was unusually low. Fortunately, the six of them were cultivators, so travelling in this kind of environment was entirely not a problem.

In the first five days, every person participating in the selection was exceptionally cautious; when they fought, the main purpose was to probe out the opposing sides’ strength. Adding onto the fact that Fan Yanxing’s party was quite big and strength was pretty good, their journey was more of fear of injury than being injured. Fan Yanxing even obtained a total of 9 tokens from 4 small clans and a loose cultivator. The only one that suffered injury was the Thousands Li Shadowless Eagle and it was currently resting inside the seal crystal, thus unable to conduct any scouting out anymore.

The six people continued climbing upwards. After they crossed over a gigantic rock, their field of view instantly expanded; behind that gigantic rock was a more-than-200-meters square field of open space.

At this instant, there was already many people gathered here. Seeing Fan Yanxing’s group of six appear, the rest of them looked over in succession.

“People have come, hehe.” A young man sitting in the middle of the field gently chuckled. A group of 30 people crowded his surroundings, obviously one group. In their surroundings were still many people, with several groups of 7-8 individuals each with their own circle.

“Friend,” That young man in the middle, who was wearing gorgeous clothing and looking like a young master, looked at the leader Fan Yanxing and said: “I am Western Yu Clan’s eldest young master Yu Wenshun. I wonder how many tokens are in this friend’s hands? Would it be possible to give up these tokens to me? Yu Clan will be very grateful.”

Fan Yanxing and his group of six all stared blankly. They clearly didn’t expect that there would actually be someone blatantly setting up a token transaction. They hadn’t heard of Western Yu Clan before, at least not within the first 100 clans because the first 100 clans were large aristocratic clans and everyone had an impression of each.

Towards this kind of transaction, Fan Yanxing wasn’t even a bit interested. He directly brought the other five to pass through from the side.

“Friend, how come you aren’t speaking? Could it be possible that you’re worried that my Yu Clan won’t be able to pay the initial price? Don’t hesitate to speak whatever you want!” Yu Wenshun kept bothering.

“Exchange is also fine.” Lu Jing stopped for a moment and smiled: “We don’t want much, it’s possible as long as eldest young master Yu can bring an official disciple quota for exchange.”

Yu Wenshun complexion instantly became gloomy and he coldly said: “Friend, do you think your joke is very funny?”

“Because eldest young master Yu started joking first, I thought that you were fond of hearing jokes.” Lu Jing spoke back with neither respect nor disrespect.

The crowds of other groups all used a mocking expression as they looked over and calmly watched the situation developing.

“Younger cousin Jing, don’t be so long-winded with them.” Fan Yanxing spoke as he continued striding forward, soon about to pass through the center site.

Yu Wenshun’s eyes became cold and he gave the sturdy man next to him a signal with his eyes.

The sturdy man returned a slight nod.

Two assisting groups criss-crossed and closed in until there was 10 meters between them. Fan Yanxing didn’t even glance sideways, but Fan Ping and Lu Jing cautiously turned to look at the opposite party.

But the opposite party’s group of 30 didn’t make any detectable movements.

Just as Fan Yanxing stepped past and started to walk further away, that sturdy man suddenly got rid without any warning signs. But his target wasn’t Fan Yanxing, but rather the rearguard Lu Feng!

It seemed that he could see that Fan Yanxing wasn’t a pushover, but Lu Feng gave the impression that he was quite young, so he shouldn’t have any problems taking the initiative to handle him.

However, his plan to mount a sneak attack failed. In the instant that he began, Lu Feng seemed to grow an eye behind his back. Lu Feng quickly turned around and gave him a punch.

Bang! A tremendous noise sounded out and both sides retreated 5-6 steps.

Both sides were Martial Masters and evenly matched!

The sturdy man looked at Lu Feng in shock. He could roughly estimate that Lu Feng was very young and supposed that he was at most 20 years-old, but he didn’t expect that Lu Feng would be able to go fist to fist with him!

The surrounding onlookers cried out in alarm, then burst out in whispers immediately after.

“How fierce, this young, yet already a Martial Master?”

“These passer-byers cannot be despised……”

“It seems like they should be of some large aristocratic clan, I just don’t know which one……”

“The girl in the middle is quite beautiful!”

Xiao Xun, who was in the middle of the team, was even paid attention to and it momentarily caused her face to redden. Previously, she was surrounded by her elder brothers, but now, because of the sudden punch, her figure couldn’t help but appear.

“Although you’re young, you’ve already entered the threshold of Martial Master, not bad, not bad.” Yu Wenshun meticulously sized up the six individuals across from him once more. Finally, his gaze stopped over at Xiao Xun and he spoke: “I wonder which aristocratic clan juniors these friends are from?”

“Southwest Fan Clan!” Fan Zhong replied with a low muffled voice.

The surrounding people burst into lapses of whispers.

“Fan Clan? Which Fan Clan?”

“I haven’t heard of it……”

“I’ve actually heard of it, it should be one of the first 500 large aristocratic clans.”

“There are too many large aristocratic clans, who knows whether this Fan Clan is placed within the first 200 or last 400-500?”


“Friend!” Yu Wenshun stood up and spoke towards the leader Fan Yanxing: “From what can be seen, you are the strongest of your group. Let’s have a competition, shall we? The winner will take away all the tokens in the losers’ hands.”

“And if I don’t agree?” Fan Yanxing narrowed his eyes and counter-questioned.

“That’s beyond your control.” Yu Wenshun smiled: “Our group is 5-6 times larger than yours, you think you guys will be able to easily leave?”

Fan Yanxing’s eyes stared, human wave tactic? The opposite party actually wanted to bully the few with many?

“How do you want to compete?” Fan Yanxing asked after hesitating for a moment.

“Currently, we haven’t reached the final juncture and many large aristocratic clan experts are conserving their energy. I can see that we don’t want to pit our lives against each other.” Yu Wenshun said: “Both sides need not use their summon beasts, what do you think?”

“No need to use summon beast? The winner will take away all the tokens?”

“Yes,” Yu Wenshun nodded, then glanced at Xiao Xun: “But if this friend is willing to introduce your younger sister to me, I may only take half your tokens away.”

Chapter 27 – Family Crisis

“Okay! I request all participants in the audience to arrive to the blockade line at the foot of the mountain.” Huo Tongzi said: “Over there, disciples of the Five Large Sects will be providing participants with tokens. From the blockade line to 1 kilometer up the mountain is the safety zone, where battles and killing is prohibited. Bear in mind that if you lose the token, you aren’t eliminated, you just need to snatch a new token before the cut off time arrives. But if you’re dead or retreat back into the safety zone, then you will be disqualified!”

Fan Yanxing, Xiao Xun, and the rest all stood up and the atmosphere stiffened for a moment.

“Remember, a family mutually supports each other!” Fan Tianfeng urged for the final time.

“Yes!” The six people saluted to Fan Tianfeng and Lu Yuan, then resolutely walked towards the blockade line at the foot of the mountain.

An unending stream of people from all directions gathered to the foot of the mountain. They got a token from the sect disciples stationed at the blockade line, then entered the jungle in groups of 2-3 people. They all had to disseminate to various places as soon as possible while preserving themselves and ambushing other people.

Although there was a large number of people, Jadeite Mountain Range’s main peak was larger; just the blockade line was close to ten thousand meters long. Adding in the priority was on when the crowd arrived, after they entered the jungle, it was basically hard to run into each other.

Fan Yanxing’s group of six ran for almost twenty minutes before arriving at the blockade line, then receiving their tokens.

“Our group of six should first move together.” Fan Yanxing said: “Let’s first find a path to the summit of the mountain.”

“Okay!” The other five people nodded in favor. Over here, Fan Yanxing was the boss, so naturally everything was decided by him.

“Fan Zhong, Lu Feng, you two will be rear-guard. Xiao Xun, you will be in the middle.” Fan Yanxing arranged the lineup of their group. He was in the front, Lu Jing and Fan Ping were the wings, Xiao Xun would be protected in the middle, and Fan Zhong and Lu Feng were rear-guard.

“Cousin, do you think we should release our summon beasts ahead of time?” Lu Jing inquired.

“Hm……” Fan Yanxing hesitated for a moment before saying: “Let’s not use our summon beasts first in order to avoid exposing our strength. Little Feng, release your Thousands Li Shadowless Eagle first and make it scout out the area in front.”

Lu Feng compiled with the command. He took out a sealing crystal, recited the incantation and a light ray flew out of the crystal, which changed into an small ash-grey eagle. The eagle’s figure was slender and its wings exquisite. It lightly flapped and was already beyond 100 meters without the least bit of fluctuation in the atmosphere.

Thousands Li Shadowless Eagle is a unique bird from the southern part of Qifeng Continent. There was a very small amount of them, and they were also extremely difficult to capture. Fan Clan had attempted to catch one many times since their ancestors and it didn’t bear any fruit until Lu Yuan coincidentally chanced upon a wounded baby fledgling on an outing and saved it. Afterwards, the fledgling grew up and followed Lu Yuan. Later on, Lu Yuan passed it onto his youngest son Lu Feng.

Clan Head had once said that within the entirety of Qifeng Continent, the number of clans possessing a Thousands Li Shadowless Eagle shouldn’t surpass 100. Through this, it could be seen how rare this war beast was. This time, Lu Feng brought along this little eagle to scout out the enemy to occupy the upper hand.


Approximately two hours later, those participating all received their tokens and entered the mountain woods.

After that, the Clean Buddhist Temple disciple in charge of providing tokens returned to give Huo Tongzi the report that this time’s selection had a total of 10,448 people participating.

“10,448. En, the quantity isn’t small. Recording name disciples will be chosen one every 10 li, and official disciples are chosen one every 100 li1.” Huo Tongzi nodded and exchanged gazes with the other four sect officials: “After 15 days, let’s see how many people are alive……”



At this moment, in the southwest of the continent.

In Fan Clan’s Clan Head’s study room, Fan Xun held a teacup with fragrant tea in both hands.

“Calculating the time, the Five Large Sect’s selection should have begun.” Fan Xun said.

On the other chair in the study sat Fan Tianhu; he had come today to report some matters to the clan head.

Fan Tianhu nodded: “Yes, father. But we don’t know the rules of this time’s selection. We can only hope that Yanxing and the others will be able to get through it safely!”

“If we talk about the most promising, of course it would be Xing’er.” Fan Xun lightly tapped the table with his finger and said with hesitation: “But everything isn’t set in stone, maybe the others will also be selected.”

At this time, the sound of panic-stricken shouting came from outside the door.

“Clan Head! Clan Head! Things aren’t good!!!”

Fan Xun wrinkled his brows.

“What’s there to be alarmed about? Come in and say it!” Fan Tianhu said towards the door.

A servant pushed opened the door and knelt down after several steps. As he kowtowed, he cried out: “Clan Head! Eldest master Tianhu! Lord Fan Zhiyi, he……he was killed by someone!……”

“What?!!!” Fan Xun and Fan Tianhu simultaneously stood up pale with fright.

Fan Zhiyi is Fan Tianhu’s eldest son, as well as Fan Zhishen’s elder brother and Xiao Xun’s uncle. Although Fan Zhiyi’s moral quality was ordinary, cultivation was ordinary, and didn’t treat Xiao Xun too well, but in any case, he was a person of Fan Clan, a third generation master at Fan Clan! Yet suddenly dying like this, this could only be regarded as a thunderbolt coming down from a clear sky.

Fan Zhiyi’s corpse had already been moved and was currently at Fan Clan’s great hall.

Fan Tianhu stumbled into the great hall with two lines of tears streaming down his old eyes. He looked at his son’s corpse and choked on his sobs, unable to speak a word. From time immemorial, seeing your child die before you was this kind of sorrow!

In the great hall, Fan Zhiyi’s wife, second son Fan Tong, and third son Fan Ziyi knelt by the corpse, their tears long since created a river. Fan Zhiyi’s eldest son had saved Xiao Xun when he was younger, thereby receiving a serious injury that turned into an old ailment which prevented him from cultivating DouQi. He left to do external business at a young age, so he wasn’t able to come back in time——this was weight in Fan Zhiyi’s heart, as well as the reason why he wasn’t good to Xiao Xun. In addition, Fan Zhishen and his wife, as well as Minyue and Xiao Xun’s mother was present. Minyue held a four year-old child in her arms. Fan Zhishen managed to make Minyue’s little brother at his old age.

Fan Xun entered the great hall after Fan Tianhu. His expression was relatively calmer, but his tigerish eyes were tearful.

After a moment, Fan Tianlong also arrived. Then, Fan Tianhu’s fourth son Fan Zhikun, who was Xiao Xun’s father’s younger brother, brought his three daughters over with him——Fan Zhikun had a total of four children, which demonstrated how scattered Fan Tianhu’s line was, but the eldest son Fan Ping was participating in the sect selection.

“How did this come about?!” Fan Xun suppressed his sorrow and rage before asking this through clenched teeth.

“Clan Head!” Fan Zhishen raised his head to look at his grandfather: “It’s Yin Clan! I recognize elder brother’s wound, it’s Yin Clan’s Soul-chasing Blade!”

“Soul-chasing Blade? Are you certain?” Fan Xun’s eyes stared.

Fan Tianlong stooped over and attentively examined the wound, then stood up and said to Fan Xun: “Lord father, Zhishen’s judgement isn’t wrong, it indeed is the Soul-chasing Blade.”

“Soul-chasing Blade! Yin Tianxiong’s……Soul-chasing Blade?” Fan Tianhu bit his lip broken and a sliver of blood streamed down. Minyue’s mother and Xiao Xun’s mother hurriedly stepped over and supported their father-in-law.

Yin Tianxiong is a prominent character in Yin Clan’s third generation. His cultivation is the same as Fan Zhishen’s, both were Great Martial Masters but it was said that his cultivation base was more profound and already approached perfection. The weapon he used was precisely this Soul-chasing Blade. The Soul-chasing Blade’s blade point was extremely strong; when wounded by it, the wound would be badly mangled.

“Is this Yin Clan’s public declaration of war to us?” Fan Zhikun looked at Clan Head and his father.

“It is a declaration of war. But it really isn’t publically.” Fan Tianlong gave a deep sigh: “From the blade wound, we can be sure that it is from the Soul-chasing Blade. But we don’t have any decisive evidence because we can’t eliminate the possibility of other weapons that can create a similar wound! Therefore……”

“Therefore if we go take revenge, then it will become us publicly declaring war first!” Fan Zhishen supplemented his uncle’s words.

Fan Xun nodded. Yin Clan was really sinister, to viciously kill someone but not leave anything about the person behind. Moreover, Yin Clan and Tian Clan were currently connected through marriage, so declaring war to Yin Clan would be the same as declaring war to both Yin and Tian clans.

The kneeling down and sobbing Fan Tong suddenly stood up and turned to walk out.

“Where do you want to go?!” Fan Tianhu shouted.

“To go avenge father!” Fan Tong answered without turning around.

“Stay where you are!” Fan Xun glared and yelled in a fierce voice.

Fan Xun was the current generation Clan Head and his prestige amassed through the passing of time, so Fan Tong had no choice but to stop at his steps when these words were spoken.

With his gaze sweeping over everyone, Fan Xun continued speaking: “At present, it is our Fan Clan’s most critical time. But everyone cannot forget their places. Without my order, no one can act blindly!


  1. TLN: One every 10 li = Regular genius | One every 100 li = Cream of the crop genius. 

Chapter 82 – Lou Zhenming’s New Plan

Because of all kinds of affairs, the atmosphere in the car wasn’t too harmonious. No one spoke again until they stopped in the school parking lot. After Tang Tang got out, she gave a faint sentence of thanks and quickly walked towards the sports field to wait for Xiao Chen.

Cheng Mengying watched Tang Tang’s figure and slightly knit her brows, then hmph’d and pulled Jin Beibei towards the school building.

“Cousin Mengying, are we not going to look out for brother-in-law?” Jin Beibei questioned.

“What’s there to look, his physical strength is good, he won’t die.” Cheng Mengying expressionlessly responded.


At this moment, Lou Zhenming and Thin Monkey happened to be sitting by the flowerbed in front of the parking lot. Lou Zhenming watched Cheng Mengying’s departing figure and a smear of infatuation flashed past his eyes: “Where is that dumbass1 Xiao Chen?”

“Jin Beibei’s car is small, and with how fat Tang Tang is, she has no other choice but to sit in the copilot seat. That leaves Cheng Mengying sitting in the back, but would it be possible for her to sit together with Xiao Chen? I reckon he was thrown onto the road?” Thin Monkey gave his guess.

“En.” Lou Zhenming was very satisfied with this: “I suppose this poor-*** Xiao Chen can’t even fork out taxi fare.”

“Brother Ming, will we just forget about it like this? Wasn’t Yue Shaoqun unreliable? Not only did he not teach Xiao Chen a lesson, he made us lose 1 million!” Thin Monkey angrily complained. He had put the previous cafeteria dining to heart; he originally thought that he would be able to eat well, but the result was Xiao Chen gathering up the food and walking away.

If it was before, Lou Zhenming would definitely stop Thin Monkey from speaking about Yue Shaoqun like this, but today, Lou Zhenming also had his own opinion: “Forget it, depending on others is inferior to relying on yourself. This kid Xiao Chen is clever in trivial matters and has a little skill, so these small schemes won’t be able to fool him. This kid was also previously a young master, not a country bumpkin, so if we want to give him a hard time, we have to properly consider everything!”

“Indeed, this kid can be considered a hardened person. I heard that he was previously a loser young master, but his people-hitting skill is pretty ferocious. He was able to hit Gangmen into the hospital and he still isn’t able to leave the hospital!” Thin Monkey nodded: “Brother Ming, I think that in order to fix up Xiao Chen, we have to be ruthless. An average person isn’t his opponent, but isn’t the underground boxing stage in our Lou Clan’s domain? We can go make Xiao Chen fight in the underground boxing……”

“Your meaning is to make him die in the underground boxing stage?” After Lou Zhenming heard this, his eyes brightened but then he wrinkled his brows: “But the key is how we will dupe him. This kid doesn’t seem like a fool, so it’s impossible for him to go just because we said so.”

“Brother Ming, isn’t this simple? What does this kid Xiao Chen lack the most? It’s money! When the time comes, we’ll tell him that the underground boxing stage has a pretty big bonus that can be attained. That way, we won’t need to worry about him not taking the risk!” Thin Monkey evilly cackled and said: “Besides, we can weaken the boxer’s strength in the underground boxing stage!”

“Actually, we don’t even need to weaken them. The boxers in the underground boxing field basically haven’t even reached First Layer Inner Strength and their strengths aren’t even on par with Ma Gangmen. It’s impossible for that poor-*** Xiao Chen to let off such a good money-making opportunity. When that time comes, we’ll let him win a few rounds, then let an expert Martialist go into action and directly get rid of him.” Lou Zhenming quickly drew up a plan. He came from an underworld clan, so killing a person wasn’t considered anything new.

Yue Shaoqun didn’t want to kill Xiao Chen but Lou Zhenming didn’t care. What Cheng Clan or Xiao Clan, if they were truly concerned about Xiao Chen, then Xiao Chen wouldn’t be his current appearance.

As the two of them were conspiring, Xiao Chen happened to be walking in from the school entrance with Tang Tang. Lou Zhenming gave a meaningful glance to Thin Monkey and the two people got up to walk towards Xiao Chen.

Running back from Jade Sea Sky Palace wasn’t considered anything for Xiao Chen. When he saw Tang Tang waiting for him at the school entrance, he felt warm in his heart. But when he saw Lou Zhenming walking over, Xiao Chen narrowed his eyes.

Xiao Chen was certain that the matter at noon today was Lou Zhenming wanting hoodwink him. If not for Xiao Chen recently advancing to Third Layer Qi-Training Truth Cultivator, then he truly would have been ensnared.

“Isn’t this young master Xiao? Did you eat well at noon?” Lou Zhenming did his utmost to make his expression seem as enthusiastic as possible: “The matter at noon truly was unlucky. The bowl broke from a moment of not being careful, but it’s just 1 million, not a big deal!”

“Since young master Lou is so well-off, then how about giving me a bit?” Xiao Chen didn’t expose him. The purpose behind transferring to Second High was to be low-key; Xiao Chen didn’t want to become enemies with Lou Clan after just transferring. Doing so simply didn’t benefit his investigation for the behind-the-scenes culprit. Moreover, he still wasn’t clear on whether Lou Zhenming’s hostility towards him was because Cheng Mengying or another matter.

“Ha……my hands can’t be so loose these days. Although 1 million isn’t regarded as much in my Lou Clan, young master Xiao should also know that our allowance isn’t much……” Lou Zhenming had been worrying that he wouldn’t be able to find a topic to bait Xiao Chen with, but Xiao Chen’s words were like delivering a pillow just as one got sleepy and inspired him: “But if young master Xiao is short of money, I actually know a way to earn money. Gangmen previously made quite the sum through this method.”

“Oh? Then let me have a listen.” Xiao Chen naturally didn’t think Lou Zhenming was here peacefully or had good intentions. Of course, this didn’t stop Xiao Chen from listening to it as a joke.

Tang Tang signalled Xiao Chen with her eyes, hinting him to not walk too close with Lou Zhenming, but felt helpless as Xiao Chen ignored it.

“In the west part of the city there is an underground boxing stage where you can do illegal boxing. As long as you win, you can obtain a 100,000 RMB reward. Gangmen previously won two rounds and won 200,000 RMB.” Lou Zhenming vividly described: “Young master Xiao, I can see that your skill isn’t weak. Ma Gangmen isn’t your opponent; if you are short of money, you can go try it! Naturally, you must be fearless of death, after all punches and kicks don’t have eyes.”

“Underground illegal boxing stage?” Xiao Chen’s heart suddenly jumped. This wasn’t because of the 100,000 RMB reward per round, but because of the Peak Third Layer Inner Strength expert that had come to kill Xiao Chen a few days ago. In that person’s pocket was a record card-like item which had “Number 3 Boxer, Vicious Wolf” written upon it. At this point, Xiao Chen could guess that this person was either a boxing athlete or an underground illegal boxing boxer! And right now, Lou Zhenming mentioned this underground boxing stage, with all these laid out, how could there be no connection?

Could it be that the one called ‘Number 3 Boxer, Vicious Wolf’ was someone Lou Zhenming looked for? After carefully thinking about it, he felt that this possibility was very large; Lou Zhenming belonged to Lou Clan, which started out as underground, and the underground boxing stage was one of the categories that underground gangs managed!

Thinking up to here, Xiao Chen actually wanted to go in order to get to the bottom of this; he really wanted to know who the one targeting him from behind was!

“That’s right young master Xiao, you should know why our clan does. This venue’s boss and my clan have some friendly relations, so if you want to go, I can bring you to experience it! Just think about it, you have nothing to lose by getting up on stage to hit a few rounds.” Lou Zhenming persuaded.

“Then I’ll go take a look……” Xiao Chen “hesitated” for a moment while his face showed an interested expression.

“Great, let’s first take the exam. When we finish exams tomorrow, I’ll bring you over!” Lou Zhenming knew when to stop. For this kind of thing, the more you spoke, the more you were bound to slip up. He was already very excited in successfully tricking Xiao Chen into underground boxing. From his point of view, he was truly a person talented in conning people; after all, wasn’t Xiao Chen fooled by him in a short time?

Lou Zhenming brought Thin Monkey away, then Tang Tang angrily stamped her foot by Xiao Chen’s side: “OK, Xiao Chen, it seems like you’ve increased your capability? Underground illegal boxing, you even dare go fight, do you not want your life? What, do you think that the small amount earned by selling breakfast is wronging you?”

“Oh, I thought that his ‘radiant with delight’ expression was quite amusing, so I went along with his trickery.” Xiao Chen shrugged.

“Haha, I was thinking that you coveted that 100,000 RMB!” Tang Tang let out a sigh of relief: “Seems like you aren’t a death-seeking idiot.”

Lou Zhenming walked with complacence as he thought that he succeeded in duping Xiao Chen.

“Brother Ming, I think that your acting a moment ago is worthy of an Oscar; it was extremely successful, that dumbass Xiao Chen was instantly fooled!” Thin Monkey praised.

“Didn’t you say that he’s a fool with nothing but money in his eyes? He is currently short of money; if we take hold of this point, we can play him to death!” Lou Zhenming felt that he was quite intelligent. He discovered that even without Yue Shaoqun’s help, he was still very fierce.

“Indeed, that Xiao Chen is a dandy with no IQ if we consider his previous status as young master Xiao. If he was replaced with Brother Ming, with such an attractive fiancée, the beauty would have already been married!” Thin Monkey deeply believed this.

“Haha, perhaps he has an issue with his tastes, like Tang Tang?” Lou Zhenming guffawed after he finished speaking.

“That young master comes from a loser life. Right, Brother Ming, I have already reached an agreement with Teacher Lei for this time’s examination, to help you cheat, so you should get a pretty good score.” Thin Monkey said.

“Oh?” Lou Zhenming’s eyes brightened: “That’s truly very good, if I can pass each test on the examination, my father will be happy and might reward me several million!”

Lou Siwen hoped that Lou Zhenming would become a cultured person. As the saying goes, a gangster isn’t fearful, but a cultured gangster is! Lou Siwen, who mixed with the underworld, believed this point and placed his hope on Lou Zhenming, but Lou Zhenming repeatedly disappointed him. This boy simply wasn’t suited for studying.

“Haha, I suppose that kid Xiao Chen will become our class’ first from the bottom this time. At that time, Brother Lou doesn’t need to say anything because it will be impossible for him to settle down.” Thin Monkey ridiculed as he thought about Xiao Chen.

“If you didn’t speak, I wouldn’t have thought about it; do you think that kid will copy Tang Tang?” Lou Zhenming put himself in Xiao Chen’s shoes; Xiao Chen wasn’t young master Xiao anymore, so if this kid continuously tested first from the bottom, then it was estimated that he would be expelled by the school. Therefore, in order for Xiao Chen to reverse this situation, he had to copy Tang Tang!

“Brother Ming, your meaning is to accuse Xiao Chen of copying to the teachers?” Thin Monkey suddenly thought of this.

“Let’s hold back this move. I just fear that Xiao Chen doesn’t dare go boxing. In that case, our plans would have been drawn up for no reason, so we’ll first look for trouble in school if he doesn’t dare go!” Lou Zhenming thought of the incident in the cafeteria, when Xiao Chen used Director Xu to suppress him. Since you used school rules to mess with me, then I’ll give you a taste of your own medicine: “But we have to emphasize evidence in order to do it in 1 go. We can’t let him have any space to quibble!


  1. TLN: The raw says “SB” which I assume is an acronym for the Chinese phrase “傻逼” which translates into English as ‘fool’, ‘dumbass’ or the like. I think I might have used dumbass for another phrase, but if you think you have another word for dumbass that works for daily life conversation, comment it.