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Chapter 28 – Token Transaction

At this moment, a clamor came from outside the great hall. It turned out to be Fan Tianlong’s three sons and one daughter, and Fan Tianfeng’s youngest daughter also came.

“The rest of you stay first outside the great hall.” Fan Xun said: “Let Fan Zhibin first come in!”

Fan Zhibin is Fan Tianlong’s eldest son, as well as Fan Yanxing’s father. He is 58 this year with a tall but not robust figure. His hair is an azure-grey color and his appearance is healthy. He is also another Great Martial Master in the clan’s third generation, whose cultivation reached the peak of Great Martial Master realm and is considered to be one step into Battle King realm. His cultivation was higher than Fan Tianhu and was basically on par with Fan Tianlong.

He strode in.

“Zhibin! Yin Tianxiong is handed over to you!” Fan Xun stated: “Within 5 days, I want to see his head!”


The next day and day after passed by tranquilly. On the fourth day, Song Clan’s Clan Head Song Qi left for Tian Clan to be a guest and prepared to receive his son Song Di, who unexpectedly lost his life on his way. No one caught sight of the murderer; the only thing that could be seen from the wound was that it was likely from the Soul-chasing Blade.

Both Tian Clan and Song Clan were greatly shaken. Although Song Clan was merely a very small clan, they were still in-laws with Tian Clan in any case, so Tian Clan’s Clan Head ordered for Yin Tianxiong to come to Tian Clan and explain himself.

Yin Clan felt that this matter was fishy so they played some tricks. They let Yin Tianxiong’s double off on the journey from the main road while the genuine Yin Tianxiong was secretly journeying in alleyways.

But the genuine Yin Tianxiong still met an interception on his way in the alleyways. Both sides struggled for 40-50 rounds, then Yin Tianxiong ultimately ran away with the shield of a war beasts’ suicidal attack, yet still died midway due to excessive blood loss.

Two deaths without witnesses, Tian Clan and Yin Clan could only guess and aim their spearpoint at Fan Clan.

For a period of time, turbulent times were to come.



The news of Fan Zhiyi’s death passed through Fan Tianfeng’s ear on the fifth day at Jadeite Mountain Range. But at this time, the selection still hadn’t finished, so even if she knew this piece of news, she still couldn’t leave.

One-third of the selection has passed by, who knows what kind of achievements that the children have accrued and how many of them are safe? Fan Tianfeng was faintly anxious in her heart.

At this time, Fan Yanxing and the others already reached halfway up the mountain, a place about 10,000 meters above ground. They were already treading on the cloud layer; this place’s air was thin and the temperature was unusually low. Fortunately, the six of them were cultivators, so travelling in this kind of environment was entirely not a problem.

In the first five days, every person participating in the selection was exceptionally cautious; when they fought, the main purpose was to probe out the opposing sides’ strength. Adding onto the fact that Fan Yanxing’s party was quite big and strength was pretty good, their journey was more of fear of injury than being injured. Fan Yanxing even obtained a total of 9 tokens from 4 small clans and a loose cultivator. The only one that suffered injury was the Thousands Li Shadowless Eagle and it was currently resting inside the seal crystal, thus unable to conduct any scouting out anymore.

The six people continued climbing upwards. After they crossed over a gigantic rock, their field of view instantly expanded; behind that gigantic rock was a more-than-200-meters square field of open space.

At this instant, there was already many people gathered here. Seeing Fan Yanxing’s group of six appear, the rest of them looked over in succession.

“People have come, hehe.” A young man sitting in the middle of the field gently chuckled. A group of 30 people crowded his surroundings, obviously one group. In their surroundings were still many people, with several groups of 7-8 individuals each with their own circle.

“Friend,” That young man in the middle, who was wearing gorgeous clothing and looking like a young master, looked at the leader Fan Yanxing and said: “I am Western Yu Clan’s eldest young master Yu Wenshun. I wonder how many tokens are in this friend’s hands? Would it be possible to give up these tokens to me? Yu Clan will be very grateful.”

Fan Yanxing and his group of six all stared blankly. They clearly didn’t expect that there would actually be someone blatantly setting up a token transaction. They hadn’t heard of Western Yu Clan before, at least not within the first 100 clans because the first 100 clans were large aristocratic clans and everyone had an impression of each.

Towards this kind of transaction, Fan Yanxing wasn’t even a bit interested. He directly brought the other five to pass through from the side.

“Friend, how come you aren’t speaking? Could it be possible that you’re worried that my Yu Clan won’t be able to pay the initial price? Don’t hesitate to speak whatever you want!” Yu Wenshun kept bothering.

“Exchange is also fine.” Lu Jing stopped for a moment and smiled: “We don’t want much, it’s possible as long as eldest young master Yu can bring an official disciple quota for exchange.”

Yu Wenshun complexion instantly became gloomy and he coldly said: “Friend, do you think your joke is very funny?”

“Because eldest young master Yu started joking first, I thought that you were fond of hearing jokes.” Lu Jing spoke back with neither respect nor disrespect.

The crowds of other groups all used a mocking expression as they looked over and calmly watched the situation developing.

“Younger cousin Jing, don’t be so long-winded with them.” Fan Yanxing spoke as he continued striding forward, soon about to pass through the center site.

Yu Wenshun’s eyes became cold and he gave the sturdy man next to him a signal with his eyes.

The sturdy man returned a slight nod.

Two assisting groups criss-crossed and closed in until there was 10 meters between them. Fan Yanxing didn’t even glance sideways, but Fan Ping and Lu Jing cautiously turned to look at the opposite party.

But the opposite party’s group of 30 didn’t make any detectable movements.

Just as Fan Yanxing stepped past and started to walk further away, that sturdy man suddenly got rid without any warning signs. But his target wasn’t Fan Yanxing, but rather the rearguard Lu Feng!

It seemed that he could see that Fan Yanxing wasn’t a pushover, but Lu Feng gave the impression that he was quite young, so he shouldn’t have any problems taking the initiative to handle him.

However, his plan to mount a sneak attack failed. In the instant that he began, Lu Feng seemed to grow an eye behind his back. Lu Feng quickly turned around and gave him a punch.

Bang! A tremendous noise sounded out and both sides retreated 5-6 steps.

Both sides were Martial Masters and evenly matched!

The sturdy man looked at Lu Feng in shock. He could roughly estimate that Lu Feng was very young and supposed that he was at most 20 years-old, but he didn’t expect that Lu Feng would be able to go fist to fist with him!

The surrounding onlookers cried out in alarm, then burst out in whispers immediately after.

“How fierce, this young, yet already a Martial Master?”

“These passer-byers cannot be despised……”

“It seems like they should be of some large aristocratic clan, I just don’t know which one……”

“The girl in the middle is quite beautiful!”

Xiao Xun, who was in the middle of the team, was even paid attention to and it momentarily caused her face to redden. Previously, she was surrounded by her elder brothers, but now, because of the sudden punch, her figure couldn’t help but appear.

“Although you’re young, you’ve already entered the threshold of Martial Master, not bad, not bad.” Yu Wenshun meticulously sized up the six individuals across from him once more. Finally, his gaze stopped over at Xiao Xun and he spoke: “I wonder which aristocratic clan juniors these friends are from?”

“Southwest Fan Clan!” Fan Zhong replied with a low muffled voice.

The surrounding people burst into lapses of whispers.

“Fan Clan? Which Fan Clan?”

“I haven’t heard of it……”

“I’ve actually heard of it, it should be one of the first 500 large aristocratic clans.”

“There are too many large aristocratic clans, who knows whether this Fan Clan is placed within the first 200 or last 400-500?”


“Friend!” Yu Wenshun stood up and spoke towards the leader Fan Yanxing: “From what can be seen, you are the strongest of your group. Let’s have a competition, shall we? The winner will take away all the tokens in the losers’ hands.”

“And if I don’t agree?” Fan Yanxing narrowed his eyes and counter-questioned.

“That’s beyond your control.” Yu Wenshun smiled: “Our group is 5-6 times larger than yours, you think you guys will be able to easily leave?”

Fan Yanxing’s eyes stared, human wave tactic? The opposite party actually wanted to bully the few with many?

“How do you want to compete?” Fan Yanxing asked after hesitating for a moment.

“Currently, we haven’t reached the final juncture and many large aristocratic clan experts are conserving their energy. I can see that we don’t want to pit our lives against each other.” Yu Wenshun said: “Both sides need not use their summon beasts, what do you think?”

“No need to use summon beast? The winner will take away all the tokens?”

“Yes,” Yu Wenshun nodded, then glanced at Xiao Xun: “But if this friend is willing to introduce your younger sister to me, I may only take half your tokens away.”

Chapter 27 – Family Crisis

“Okay! I request all participants in the audience to arrive to the blockade line at the foot of the mountain.” Huo Tongzi said: “Over there, disciples of the Five Large Sects will be providing participants with tokens. From the blockade line to 1 kilometer up the mountain is the safety zone, where battles and killing is prohibited. Bear in mind that if you lose the token, you aren’t eliminated, you just need to snatch a new token before the cut off time arrives. But if you’re dead or retreat back into the safety zone, then you will be disqualified!”

Fan Yanxing, Xiao Xun, and the rest all stood up and the atmosphere stiffened for a moment.

“Remember, a family mutually supports each other!” Fan Tianfeng urged for the final time.

“Yes!” The six people saluted to Fan Tianfeng and Lu Yuan, then resolutely walked towards the blockade line at the foot of the mountain.

An unending stream of people from all directions gathered to the foot of the mountain. They got a token from the sect disciples stationed at the blockade line, then entered the jungle in groups of 2-3 people. They all had to disseminate to various places as soon as possible while preserving themselves and ambushing other people.

Although there was a large number of people, Jadeite Mountain Range’s main peak was larger; just the blockade line was close to ten thousand meters long. Adding in the priority was on when the crowd arrived, after they entered the jungle, it was basically hard to run into each other.

Fan Yanxing’s group of six ran for almost twenty minutes before arriving at the blockade line, then receiving their tokens.

“Our group of six should first move together.” Fan Yanxing said: “Let’s first find a path to the summit of the mountain.”

“Okay!” The other five people nodded in favor. Over here, Fan Yanxing was the boss, so naturally everything was decided by him.

“Fan Zhong, Lu Feng, you two will be rear-guard. Xiao Xun, you will be in the middle.” Fan Yanxing arranged the lineup of their group. He was in the front, Lu Jing and Fan Ping were the wings, Xiao Xun would be protected in the middle, and Fan Zhong and Lu Feng were rear-guard.

“Cousin, do you think we should release our summon beasts ahead of time?” Lu Jing inquired.

“Hm……” Fan Yanxing hesitated for a moment before saying: “Let’s not use our summon beasts first in order to avoid exposing our strength. Little Feng, release your Thousands Li Shadowless Eagle first and make it scout out the area in front.”

Lu Feng compiled with the command. He took out a sealing crystal, recited the incantation and a light ray flew out of the crystal, which changed into an small ash-grey eagle. The eagle’s figure was slender and its wings exquisite. It lightly flapped and was already beyond 100 meters without the least bit of fluctuation in the atmosphere.

Thousands Li Shadowless Eagle is a unique bird from the southern part of Qifeng Continent. There was a very small amount of them, and they were also extremely difficult to capture. Fan Clan had attempted to catch one many times since their ancestors and it didn’t bear any fruit until Lu Yuan coincidentally chanced upon a wounded baby fledgling on an outing and saved it. Afterwards, the fledgling grew up and followed Lu Yuan. Later on, Lu Yuan passed it onto his youngest son Lu Feng.

Clan Head had once said that within the entirety of Qifeng Continent, the number of clans possessing a Thousands Li Shadowless Eagle shouldn’t surpass 100. Through this, it could be seen how rare this war beast was. This time, Lu Feng brought along this little eagle to scout out the enemy to occupy the upper hand.


Approximately two hours later, those participating all received their tokens and entered the mountain woods.

After that, the Clean Buddhist Temple disciple in charge of providing tokens returned to give Huo Tongzi the report that this time’s selection had a total of 10,448 people participating.

“10,448. En, the quantity isn’t small. Recording name disciples will be chosen one every 10 li, and official disciples are chosen one every 100 li1.” Huo Tongzi nodded and exchanged gazes with the other four sect officials: “After 15 days, let’s see how many people are alive……”



At this moment, in the southwest of the continent.

In Fan Clan’s Clan Head’s study room, Fan Xun held a teacup with fragrant tea in both hands.

“Calculating the time, the Five Large Sect’s selection should have begun.” Fan Xun said.

On the other chair in the study sat Fan Tianhu; he had come today to report some matters to the clan head.

Fan Tianhu nodded: “Yes, father. But we don’t know the rules of this time’s selection. We can only hope that Yanxing and the others will be able to get through it safely!”

“If we talk about the most promising, of course it would be Xing’er.” Fan Xun lightly tapped the table with his finger and said with hesitation: “But everything isn’t set in stone, maybe the others will also be selected.”

At this time, the sound of panic-stricken shouting came from outside the door.

“Clan Head! Clan Head! Things aren’t good!!!”

Fan Xun wrinkled his brows.

“What’s there to be alarmed about? Come in and say it!” Fan Tianhu said towards the door.

A servant pushed opened the door and knelt down after several steps. As he kowtowed, he cried out: “Clan Head! Eldest master Tianhu! Lord Fan Zhiyi, he……he was killed by someone!……”

“What?!!!” Fan Xun and Fan Tianhu simultaneously stood up pale with fright.

Fan Zhiyi is Fan Tianhu’s eldest son, as well as Fan Zhishen’s elder brother and Xiao Xun’s uncle. Although Fan Zhiyi’s moral quality was ordinary, cultivation was ordinary, and didn’t treat Xiao Xun too well, but in any case, he was a person of Fan Clan, a third generation master at Fan Clan! Yet suddenly dying like this, this could only be regarded as a thunderbolt coming down from a clear sky.

Fan Zhiyi’s corpse had already been moved and was currently at Fan Clan’s great hall.

Fan Tianhu stumbled into the great hall with two lines of tears streaming down his old eyes. He looked at his son’s corpse and choked on his sobs, unable to speak a word. From time immemorial, seeing your child die before you was this kind of sorrow!

In the great hall, Fan Zhiyi’s wife, second son Fan Tong, and third son Fan Ziyi knelt by the corpse, their tears long since created a river. Fan Zhiyi’s eldest son had saved Xiao Xun when he was younger, thereby receiving a serious injury that turned into an old ailment which prevented him from cultivating DouQi. He left to do external business at a young age, so he wasn’t able to come back in time——this was weight in Fan Zhiyi’s heart, as well as the reason why he wasn’t good to Xiao Xun. In addition, Fan Zhishen and his wife, as well as Minyue and Xiao Xun’s mother was present. Minyue held a four year-old child in her arms. Fan Zhishen managed to make Minyue’s little brother at his old age.

Fan Xun entered the great hall after Fan Tianhu. His expression was relatively calmer, but his tigerish eyes were tearful.

After a moment, Fan Tianlong also arrived. Then, Fan Tianhu’s fourth son Fan Zhikun, who was Xiao Xun’s father’s younger brother, brought his three daughters over with him——Fan Zhikun had a total of four children, which demonstrated how scattered Fan Tianhu’s line was, but the eldest son Fan Ping was participating in the sect selection.

“How did this come about?!” Fan Xun suppressed his sorrow and rage before asking this through clenched teeth.

“Clan Head!” Fan Zhishen raised his head to look at his grandfather: “It’s Yin Clan! I recognize elder brother’s wound, it’s Yin Clan’s Soul-chasing Blade!”

“Soul-chasing Blade? Are you certain?” Fan Xun’s eyes stared.

Fan Tianlong stooped over and attentively examined the wound, then stood up and said to Fan Xun: “Lord father, Zhishen’s judgement isn’t wrong, it indeed is the Soul-chasing Blade.”

“Soul-chasing Blade! Yin Tianxiong’s……Soul-chasing Blade?” Fan Tianhu bit his lip broken and a sliver of blood streamed down. Minyue’s mother and Xiao Xun’s mother hurriedly stepped over and supported their father-in-law.

Yin Tianxiong is a prominent character in Yin Clan’s third generation. His cultivation is the same as Fan Zhishen’s, both were Great Martial Masters but it was said that his cultivation base was more profound and already approached perfection. The weapon he used was precisely this Soul-chasing Blade. The Soul-chasing Blade’s blade point was extremely strong; when wounded by it, the wound would be badly mangled.

“Is this Yin Clan’s public declaration of war to us?” Fan Zhikun looked at Clan Head and his father.

“It is a declaration of war. But it really isn’t publically.” Fan Tianlong gave a deep sigh: “From the blade wound, we can be sure that it is from the Soul-chasing Blade. But we don’t have any decisive evidence because we can’t eliminate the possibility of other weapons that can create a similar wound! Therefore……”

“Therefore if we go take revenge, then it will become us publicly declaring war first!” Fan Zhishen supplemented his uncle’s words.

Fan Xun nodded. Yin Clan was really sinister, to viciously kill someone but not leave anything about the person behind. Moreover, Yin Clan and Tian Clan were currently connected through marriage, so declaring war to Yin Clan would be the same as declaring war to both Yin and Tian clans.

The kneeling down and sobbing Fan Tong suddenly stood up and turned to walk out.

“Where do you want to go?!” Fan Tianhu shouted.

“To go avenge father!” Fan Tong answered without turning around.

“Stay where you are!” Fan Xun glared and yelled in a fierce voice.

Fan Xun was the current generation Clan Head and his prestige amassed through the passing of time, so Fan Tong had no choice but to stop at his steps when these words were spoken.

With his gaze sweeping over everyone, Fan Xun continued speaking: “At present, it is our Fan Clan’s most critical time. But everyone cannot forget their places. Without my order, no one can act blindly!


  1. TLN: One every 10 li = Regular genius | One every 100 li = Cream of the crop genius. 

Chapter 26 – Five Large Sects

Very quickly, every plaza’s observation platform filled up with various aristocratic clan’s members. At this time, it was already noon.


In the wake of the ‘bzz’ sound, a ball of radiance appeared on the peak of every plaza’s center obelisk.

Besides the five big plaza’s, the other small aristocratic clans and loose cultivators gathering places also had a similar pillar, and it was also emitting the same radiance.

“What is this?” Xiao Xun looked at the ball of radiance and curiously asked.

“Young lady Xiao Xun, that is a type of DouQi technique integrated with ancient formations to create a broadcast image. Rumors say that only people in extremely high realms can employ this method.” Steward Qi preached his erudition.

Xiao Xun nodded. She knew what a technique was; Fan Clan possessed five rare DouQi technique books. They were Light Body Secrets, Explosion Art, Execution Secrets, Ruinous Murder Scripture, and Worldly Battle Emperor Fist. Among these, Light Body Secrets required one to be at least an Intermediate Warrior, so practically every junior in Fan Clan studied it, but everyone’s understanding was different. Explosion Art and Execution Secrets required one to be Great Martial Master. Fan Zhishen was only able to perfect his supreme “Sleeve Chain” skill after reaching the pinnacle in Execution Secrets. Currently, in the entire Fan Clan, only Clan Head Fan Xun trained in the Ruinous Murder Scripture because this technique’s requirement needed one to attain Battle King realm in order to practice it! As for the final Worldly Battle Emperor Fist, one just needed to listen to the name to know; the rank achieved had to be Battle Emperor. This is Fan Clan’s inherited clan secret, but many years had already passed with nobody training in it.

DouQi techniques also had grades. In Qifeng Continent, people generally divided it into these five levels: Low Grade, Intermediate Grade, Top Grade, Best Grade, God Grade. Fan Clan’s Light Body Secrets was a Low Grade technique while Worldly Battle Emperor Fist was a Top Grade technique and the other three were Intermediate Grade techniques.

The ball of radiance on top of the pillars slowly expanding, becoming more and more bright. Within the radiance, five silhouettes slowly appeared.

“This should be the people in charge for the Five Large Sect’s selection this time.” Fan Tianfeng informed the six juniors.

Fan Yanxing and the others lifted their heads made great efforts to look at those five people’s shadows.

The shadows of those people gradually became clearer. What they were met with was five people sitting upright on chairs in a row, looking down upon everyone underneath. At the leftmost was a person dressed in all black. The only thing that could be made out was that the person was a male because of how tight it wrapped around him. The only thing that was exposed was his nose and mouth, so how old he was couldn’t be made out. By his side was a beefy burly fellow. The edges on his face were distinct, his manner was calm, and with his grizzled beard, he looked about 50 years-old. His immense upper body had muscles bulging out, displaying his extremely rich explosive force.

At the rightmost was a ***** plentiful figure wearing a white-colored dragon palace clothing1. With bright eyes and a smile on her face, she unconsciously displayed a multitude of bearings. By this beautiful woman’s side sat a thin old man in a commoner’s clothing2 along with a straw hat. He had grizzled hair, a grizzled beard, a pair of lazy narrowed eyes as he drank wine out of a pot, seeming to completely not care about the selection.

And sitting upright between these individuals was a seemingly only 13 or 14 year-old youth. He donned a fire-red muslin clothing, had a short crew cut, and had a cinnabar embedded into his eyebrows. His eyes were clear and each hand had 8 golden finger rings.

“Huo Tongzi3, that’s Huo Tongzi!” Fan Tianfeng’s eyes suddenly contracted as she cried this out involuntarily.

The surrounding observation platforms also burst out in hubbub.

“Grandmother, who is Huo Tongzi?” Lu Feng opened his mouth to ask.

“In the Fire Large Sects, the strongest is Clean Buddhist Temple!” Fan Tianfeng explained: “Clean Buddhist Temple has experts in every generation. In these recent years, the most famous is this Huo Tongzi! Rumors say that he cultivates the Best Grade technique ‘Unaging Art’. He recovers his youthful vigor every 40 years; don’t just look at his youthful look, in reality he is already an old monster over 100 years-old.”

“How fierce!” The six juniors were endlessly astonished.

At this time, Huo Tongzi opened his mouth and a melodious resounding voice sounded out: “Everyone, welcome to Jadite Mountain Range. We five people will be hosting this time’s selection. I believe everyone recognizes this boy, so I will introduce the other four.”

He pointed at the burly fellow by his left and introduced: “This is Myriad Fist Sect’s Moyu Kui as well as one of the ten large aristocratic clans——Moyu Clan’s Clan Head’s younger brother.”

Afterwards, he pointed at the black-clothed man: “By Moyu Kui’s side is Amethyst Fiend Hall’s thirteenth protector, also known as “Ghost Frightening” Yin Yuliang.”

Immediately following that, Fan Zhong muttered: “His name is actually a good name4, but his entire person is somber.”

Lu Jing continued on: “Amethyst Fiend Hall is a seemingly quite demonic in itself……”

At this moment, Huo Tongzi pointed at the peasant-clothed old man: “This sir is probably known by many people; he is Heaven’s Will Valley’s old drunkard, Han Fengzi.”

“And the final person,” Huo Tongzi stopped for a moment and looked at that ******: “is region lord Situ Fang of Crystal Palace!”

At this time, all the plazas’ hubbub became louder and louder, nearly combining into 1 sound. This wasn’t surprising as these five people were extremely famous in their respective Five Large Sects. Each time Huo Tongzi had introduced a person, practically everyone cried out in surprise.

“These are truly characters that stand at the peak of Qifeng Continent……” Lu Yuan said with emotion.

Fan Yanxing and the other juniors’ visions all went towards that Han Fengzi because they now knew that one of their ancestors was once in Heaven’s Will Valley, but was later banished.

“Okay, please quiet down everyone.” Huo Tongzi said: “Next, I will announce the rules for this time’s selection!”

Huo Tongzi’s words immediately caused the audience to calm down; it could even be said to be complete silence.

“For the participation quota, each large aristocratic clans can have a maximum of eight people while small aristocratic clans can only have a maximum of two people. As for loose cultivators, those with invitations beforehand will be given priority.” Huo Tongzi said: “If my statistics aren’t unmistaken, there should be 493 large aristocratic clans, 3504 small aristocratic clans, and 827 loose cultivators here today. All the people participating in this selection will be bestowed a token. If you want to pass the selection, there are two ways to do it. One is to climb to the greatest point of Jadeite Mountain Range’s main peak, the other is to seize tokens from the hands of others. The limit is 15 days. When it becomes to the 15th day, everyone that was able to climb to the greatest elevation of the main peak will be received as official disciples! If the number of people on the summit exceeds 100, then the extra people will take slots away from those seizing tokens, and the remaining slots will be chosen as recording name disciples which there will only be a maximum of 1000. If the number of people on the summit is less than 100, the number of people with the most tokens will fill up the 100 official disciple slots, then the top 1000 will be chosen as recording name disciples. If there are those with the same amount of tokens, then the one that is closer to the summit will be chosen.”

The moment Huo Tongzi finished speaking, the audience made a commotion, moreover this time’s noise was obviously bigger.

There was only 100 official disciple slots and 1000 recording name disciple slots! This was truly going to be an intense competition; thinking about it, more than 400 large aristocratic clans, more than 3000 small aristocratic clans, in addition to loose cultivators, that meant the number of people participating was over 10,000, but there was ultimately only 1100 slots. This meant that there was a 90% elimination rate!

However, these rules were also very simple; either climb to the summit of the main peak or snatch enough tokens. But it was unknown what mysterious principles there were to climb to the summit of the main peak; it sounded extremely difficult to accomplish.

“There are only these many rules.” Huo Tongzi continued: “Oh right, there’s one more thing; it is forbidden to use flight war beasts and flying summon beasts to directly reach the summit of the main speak. Other than that, there is nothing else. The method doesn’t matter and life or death also doesn’t matter!”

“Let me add another point.” Crystal Palace’s Situ Fang spoke with a smile: “Those climbing to the summit of the main peak will be ranked in terms of advancement. The remaining people selected people will be chosen on the basis of token number. Within these 1100 disciples, each sect will be selecting 20 official disciples and 200 recording name disciples. Those that are ranked higher will have the power to choose their sects.”

Situ Fang’s supplement made the competitive atmosphere instantly soar. If there were previously thinking that it would be fine just to become one of the first 1100, then now it changed into doing their utmost to attain the position so that there would be more room for them to select.

The plaza’s atmosphere became unprecedentedly active!


  1. TLN: Search ‘Dragon Palace Clothing’ and you’ll see what I mean. Not everything is on images will be what I mean for you to see, but you’ll know what it is when you see it. 
  2. TLN: Search ‘ancient china peasant clothing’ to get a feel at what it’s trying to describe. 
  3. TLN: I assume his name is Huo Tongzi and not something like ‘Fire Boy’, though his name can mean that. 
  4. TLN: His name is composed of Yin = flourishing, abundant, earnest, hospitable, Yu = jade, Liang = good, virtuous, respectable. Add them together and you get something like “abundant with virtuousness and riches”. 

Chapter 25 – Sect Selection Begins

Time seemed to slip away, and in a wink, half a year went by.

The focus of the public’s attention, the Five Large Sect’s disciple selection was about to begin!

Within Fan Clan’s Clan Head’s study room, five youths stood in a line before Clan Head Fan Xun. They were the first five in the great competition held half a year back, Fan Yanxing, Fan Zhong, Liu Jing, Fan Ping, and Liu Feng.

Fan Xun’s gaze scanned each of them before nodding in satisfaction and opened his mouth to say: “Not bad, not bad. In half a year, everybody’s progress has been quite bountiful. At the beginning of next month is the Five Large Sect’s disciple selection day. Your grandmother Tianfeng will be leading you to go participate! You must remember that Qifeng Continent has innumerable small and large clans, as well as many talented loose cultivators. You guys cannot lower your guards. Fan Clan’s glory is depending on your six people!”

“Six?” All of them were startled. Although Fan Yanxing’s expression didn’t change, a flash of astonishment went past his eyes. How could there be six people? Wasn’t it obviously just five people?

Fan Xun clapped his hands. Then everyone watched Fan Tianhu bringing in Xiao Xun.

After disappearing for half a year, Xiao Xun’s temperament had a very big change. The first and most obvious point was that there used to be a trace of suffering in her eyes, but now it had disappeared. This was because she and Fan Minyue had reconciled, and after half a year of contact, the gap between the two people slowly mended itself. Second uncle was also much better to her. The second change was her becoming more mature and experienced. The half year of training made her shed the aura of a young girl and become more feminine. And the third change, which was also the most obscure point, was a slight hint of sadness in her features.

Lin Wei’s black curse!

In this past half year, she saw many, many black curse break outs. When she watched Lin Wei’s painful appearance, she cried in her heart and simultaneously felt powerless.

Afterwards, Lin Wei finally started to gradually adapt to this sort of pain. He found a kind of self-hypnotism that diminished the greater part of the pain. By depending on this method, he persevered and the curse break out frequency also gradually slowed down. Nowadays, it would suddenly break out every half a month.

Roughly a month ago, Lin Wei finally succeeded in advancing to Low Level Beastly Guard! With regards to him, this was a milestone-type breakthrough.

The clan inspected Xiao Xun’s training once every month for the past six months, and Lin Wei would also pass through the inspection every time.

As a result, Fan Xun decided to allow Xiao Xun participate in the Sect disciple selection with Fan Yanxing and the others!

Looking at Fan Yanxing and the others’ doubtful expression, Fan Xun said: “Xing’er, in last time’s great competition, you should have also felt the uncommonness of Xiao Xun’s summon beast, right?”

Fan Yanxing nodded and firmly said: “Yes, that summon beast made me feel that it was truly too excessive. It wasn’t like a summon beast, but rather like a human soldier!”

“That’s right. Therefore, I secretly arranged for Xiao Xun to also take part in the special training. However, she only enjoyed a half-person’s clan resources.” Fan Xun continued: “Her summon beast’s intelligence is extremely high. Not only can it advance through striking a war beast to death, it could also promote by striking a summon beast to death. All of this is unprecedented. Tian Clan even arranged for Tian Zhu and Tian Lang to come exterminate Xiao Xun, but luckily they didn’t succeed. This time, she will be going together with you guys. You six have to mutually support each other and share joys and sorrows, understood?”

“Yes, Clan Head.” Fan Yanxing and the others respectfully replied.


The place where the Five Large Sects were recruiting people was situated at the center of Qifeng Continent, a place known as ‘Jadeite Mountain Range’.

Fan Clan’s distance from Jadeite Mountain Range is approximately 30,000 kilometers. Using a flight war beast as a mount and travelling day and night, it would take roughly 5 days to reach there. The one bringing this group this time is Fan Tianfeng. Apart from Fan Yanxing’s group of six, there was also Liu Yuan and a steward accompanying them. Liu Yuan was currently a Martial Master. That steward’s surname was Qi and his true strength was on par with Venerable Xie, a Great Martial Master! Previously, steward Qi was also a part of Fan Clan’s secret strength.

The fifth day.

“Look! Jadeite Mountain Range is before us.” Fan Tianfeng stood on the flight mount and pointed at the front while speaking to the six juniors.

Xiao Xun immediately raised her head to look in the distance with her elder brothers. All she saw ahead of her was a continuous undulating mountain range, and the main peak in the middle was a tall mountain that pierced through the clouds. Giving a rough estimate, the mountain range was over 1,000 kilometers, and the height of the main peak was probably not less than 20,000 to 30,000 meters. And at this moment, on that mountain range was a dense and numerous crowd in many places.


Just as Fan Tianfeng was about to continue to fly forward with her juniors, a voice rang out. Then, a person mounted on a great blue bird appeared before everyone’s eyes. He was a little more than 30 and had thick eyebrows and big eyes with a tiny chin. He wore yellowish-white clothes, and on the clothing was an embroidery of a dragon.

“He is from the Five Large Sects, a disciple of Crystal Palace.” Liu Yuan, who was at the back, informed the juniors in a low voice: “This dragon clothing is the symbol of Crystal Palace.”

“En? That great blue bird?” Fan Yanxing’s eyes slightly shrunk.

At this time, Fan Zhong, Xiao Xun and the other several people also paid attention to that blue bird. They previously thought that it was an ordinary mount, but now that they closely looked at it, they discovered that it was unexpectedly a summon beast!

Blue Luan Bird, Attribute: Water, Rank: Blue-silver!, Status: Intermediate Beastly General!

Each of them sucked in a breath one after another. This was their first time seeing a blue-silver ranked summon beast. The amount of blue-silver summon beasts was very small. Generally, the higher the rank was, the slower and difficult its growth would be! For example, Fan Zhishen’s summon beast was a bronze ranked Low Level Beastly Commander, but Clan Head Fan Xun’s summon beast which hadn’t gone to battle for many years was reportedly said that its status attained Beastly King or stronger. However, its rank was merely common!

But this blue-silver ranked Luan Bird, once it ** advances to Beastly Commander, it would be able to sweep away all common ranked Beastly Kings! It would even be able to be evenly matched with a bronze ranked Beastly King!

Fan Tianfeng cupped her hands towards the arriving person and said: “We come from the Fan Clan in the southwest direction and have come to participate in the Five Large Sects selection.”

“So it was the southwest Fan Clan.” That person nodded and humbly returned the courtesy: “Follow me.”

His manner was ordinary and even brought a trace of arrogance with it. But there was nothing they could do, who allowed him to be a person from Crystal Palace? Crystal Palace stood at the apex of giant influences in the entire Qifeng Continent while Fan Clan was merely one of the innumerable aristocratic clans. In nicer terms, they entered the ranks of the first 500 large aristocratic clans in the mainland, but was still unable to compete with the Five Large Sects.

Fan Tianfeng and her party followed this person and flew to a gigantic plaza on the Jadeite Mountain Range’s main peak. This plaza was extremely vast and looked like a 5 to 6 kilometers square at a glance. In the middle of the plaza was an obelisk more than 1,000 meters tall and the plaza was divided into 100 regions, with each region being a 500 to 600 meters square. Each region had an observation platform and each rose up in succession from the plaza middle. Inside each observation platform were several dozen neat and tidy tables and chairs. And there were 5 of this kind of incomparably vast plaza in total! These were used to receive the first 500 ranked great aristocratic clans on the mainland. As for those outside of the first 500, then sorry, they wouldn’t be receiving you.

“You can rest here.” The person speaking to Fan Tianfeng and the others brought them to an observation platform: “The recruitment ceremony will begin at noon today. I will be taking my leave.”

After he finished speaking, that person didn’t wait for Fan Tianfeng’s reply and directly flew away.

“Truly impressive!” Fan Zhong’s eyes showed an envious look: “The Five Large Sects disciples are really different!”

“That is but of course!” Fan Tianfeng commented: “The five large sects are our mainland’s five major authorities! Each sect has extremely deep inside stories and their strengths are incomprehensible. Qifeng Continent’s ten major super-clans are formidable because there are many people in their clans that joined the five large sects. Our Fan Clan’s hidden resources are lacking in comparison. In the days of my grandfather, he became a disciple of the large sect Heaven’s Will Valley. Unfortunately, because he offended a disciple from those super-clans, he was driven out. From then on, there wasn’t anyone else capable of joining the five large sects.”

“Heaven’s Will Valley?” Fan Zhong was startled and asked: “Our clan once had this kind of past event?”

“It’s not something to be proud of……” Fan Tianfeng sighed: “Therefore, Clan Head didn’t speak a word of it to the younger generations in fear of you guys gossiping everywhere.”

After settling down the flight mount, Fan Clan’s participants sat down in succession. Xiao Xun sat at the outermost side, right beside steward Qi.

Xiao Xun curiously looked around everywhere and discovered that most of the 100 observation platforms were already filled up. In the sky, there were still various kinds of flight mounts continuously rushing around in every direction. This truly was Qifeng Continent’s most spectacular grand occasion!

Suddenly, a loathsome voice sounded out from the side.

“Oh! Isn’t this Fan Clan’s old lady Tianfeng?”

All of Fan Clan’s members’ expressions instantly changed as they turned their heads in the direction of where the sound originated from. What they saw was a powdered white-faced pot-bellied middle-aged man strolling over.

“Yin Chunfeng!” Fan Tianfeng glowered: “What have you come for?”

“Oh! Old lady Fan, what kind of tone is this?” Yin Chunfeng patted his belly and chuckled before he said: “I saw you arrive, so naturally I came to say hello.”

“Is that so?” Fan Tianfeng smiled angrily: “If I remember correctly, according to rank, it would only be right for you to call me auntie!”

“How can that be fine? Isn’t calling you auntie calling you old?” Yin Chunfeng shook his head.

The nearby Fan Zhong’s character was one quickly agitated. He suddenly stood up and angrily shouted: “Then what is the meaning of you calling her old lady? Aren’t you here to find fault with Fan Clan?!”

“Oh~!” Yin Chunfeng’s concentrated his gaze and spoke with an insincere smile: “Who is this? Making a big fuss towards me. Is this how you educate your Fan Clan?”

“Ah? You……” Fan Zhong was about to angrily rush over, but his shoulder was held down by a big hand. The person who restrained him was Liu Yuan.

“Sit down.” Liu Yuan pushed Fan Zhong onto the seat, then he looked towards Yin Chunfeng. In this place, he and Yin Chunfeng were considered the be of the same seniority, so he was the most suitable to speak.

“Hmm? Isn’t this kid Liu Yuan?” Yin Chunfeng was still speaking in a manner that seemed like he needed to be slapped. They were obviously peer of the same generation, so calling Liu Yuan ‘kid’ meant ‘you are still mooching off of Fan Clan?’

“Fan Clan is a large aristocratic clan, with 1 main family, 3 subordinate families, and many branches.” Liu Yuan gazed at Yin Chunfeng and slowly said: “Not only that, but Fan Clan also has numerous good talents. Old pal Chunfeng, are you interested in coming to our place to be a guest official?”

Yin Chunfeng’s cheek twitched. Making him, a person from Yin Clan, go be a guest official at Fan Clan, it was truly amazing that he was able to say this. It could be seen that this Liu Yuan was also an awesome articulation master!

Xiao Xun covered her mouth and secretly smiled.

Liu Yuan continued to “passionately” invite him: “Come come come! Old pal Chunfeng, sit by my side, let us have a good chat.”

Sitting with them? Only if his brain turned to ****! Yin Chunfeng instantly waved his hand and said: “No need, I still have some words to tell Fei’er. Our clan’s Fei’er will be getting married to Tian Clan’s son, so our strength will be rising, in this time’s selection, we will certainly be able to reveal our talents. When that time comes, there will be two simultaneous happy events in our clan! Old lady Fan should be able to do me the honor of drinking a cup of celebration wine, hahahaha……”

Yin Chunfeng spoke as he swaggered off.

Fan Tianfeng’s face darkened and she said: “Yin Clan is our enemy, and adding that Tian Clan is also standing on their side, this time’s selection is bound to be severely laced with danger. You few must properly show yourselves off and cannot lose Fan Clan’s face by all means!”

“Yes!” Fan Yanxing and the five others responded in chorus.

Chapter 24 – The Suffering of the Black Curse Ability

“Fled?” Fan Zhishen wrinkled his brows. He just so happened not to be in the clan, but rather handling some matters 7 to 8 kilometers away from this place. After seeing the signal flare, he immediately hurried over and even summoned his Blaze Bull. However, he didn’t expect that he still allowed the enemy to escape.

“Father! They are people from Tian Clan, Tian Zhu and Tian Lang!” Fan Minyue said: “They came to kill younger sister Xiao Xun!”

Hmm? Fan Zhishen was startled in his heart, people from Tian Clan? Following which, he saw the appearance of Fan Minyue and Xiao Xun standing together side to side. My daughter called Xiao Xun “younger sister”? This is a matter that has never happened before! What is going on? Have the two of them reconciled???

“Xiao Xun,” Fan Minyue looked towards Xiao Xun: “Older sister was no good previously. A moment ago……thank you for before.”

Xiao Xun was slightly distracted, then she lightly shook her head: “No, previously……Xiao Xun also had incorrect places. We……are a family in any case……”

The two sisters both made self-criticisms. Although they were unable to completely unmask everything that happened in the past, since mental scars required time to heal, this was a good start in any case. The two of them had begun to attempt to accept each other.

“That’s right, how is Lin Wei?” Xiao Xun raised her head and looked at the place with strong sinister energy.

Most of the black gas had diverged, but there was still some residue. At this time, a golden ray suddenly appeared, a dazzling golden light! Xiao Xun, Fan Minyue, and Fan Zhishen were all familiar with this light ray——when Lin Wei had advanced last time, there was this kind of golden light.

“Heavens!” Fan Minyue covered her mouth in extreme amazement: “It can advance by killing a common war beast?”

Within the golden light, the antiquity rule descended and Lin Wei slowly floated up.

His aura began rising once more and broke through to High Level Beastly Soldier with irresistible force, then continued progressing until it stopped at great perfection High Level Beastly Soldier.

However, no one took note of the black stripe that appeared on Lin Wei’s right hand in the golden light.

When Xiao Xun noticed Lin Wei was advancing in the ray of light, she hurriedly de-summoned Lin Wei back to the other world.

After about 7 to 8 minutes, Fan Tianhu finally arrived.

“En?” What Fan Tianhu saw was a messy place. Venerable Xie sustained heavy injuries, so he was sitting on the ground healing himself with luck energy. Fan Zhishen and Fan Minyue stood secretly depressed by the side of the grey-eyed white tiger’s corpse. The little tiger was raised by Fan Zhishen since childhood and it was almost always together playing with Fan Minyue, so there was no need to state how deep the sentiment was. Xiao Xun chatted with Aunt Liu on the side. The Blaze Bull had already been de-summoned. But on the ground, there were two extra corpses. One was naturally Little Shao’s while the other was that Devil Wolf’s.

After taking a glance, Fan Tianhu understood of most it: “Relied on the wrong person, relied on the wrong person……” Fan Tianhu sighed.

“Devil Wolf……” Fan Tianhu shifted his gaze to the corpse of the Devil Wolf.

“Father sir.” Fan Zhishen walked over with Fan Minyue. Xiao Xun also walked over to pay respects to her grandfather.

Aunt Liu knelt down in place. Venerable Xie opened his eyes and wanted to get up to salute, but was stopped by Fan Tianhu.

“Old Xie, keep healing yourself with luck energy, there’s no need to be over courteous.” Fan Tianhu said as he turned to look towards Fan Zhishen’s group of three: “There is a Devil Wolf’s corpse here! Is it Tian Clan’s Tian Lang?”

“Yes, father.” Fan Zhishen replied: “Tian Zhu was also here.”

“Tian Clan……” Fan Zhishen hesitated for a moment: “Sigh, I understand. That’s right, before this Devil Wolf died, did sinister energy burst out of it?”

“Yes!” Xiao Xun hurriedly answered: “An extraordinarily strong ball of sinister energy hit Lin Wei.”

“Is that so? Where is Lin Wei right now?” Fan Tianhu closely questioned.

“After the fight, he advanced to High Level Beastly Soldier. Then I sent him back.” Xiao Xun replied: “Grandfather, does this sinister energy have any effects?”

“This sinister energy is unusually evil.” Fan Tianhu’s expression was extremely grave: “A Devil Wolf can only burst out this sinister energy once in its lifetime. Once it does so, there is bound to be a strong curse power.”

“Curse power?” Xiao Xun and Fan Minyue simultaneously cried out in fear.

Fan Zhishen stayed on the side without speaking a word; it could be assumed that he also wanted to know about this matter.

“One that receives the curse of the sinister energy will experience endless suffering through one’s lifetime. Once it flares up, one will lose to will to survive, but also be unable to die.” Fan Tianhu heavily said.

Losing the will to survive, unable to die!

These 8 words seemed as heavy as a thousand catties pressing down on Xiao Xun’s heart. Her body swayed and tears welled up: “Lin Wei……”

Fan Minyue hastily supported her younger sister: “Xiao Xun, don’t be anxious. Didn’t Lin Wei advance in that final moment? You saw it bathed in the golden light, maybe that sinister energy has already been dispelled.”

Fan Tianhu was somewhat surprised upon seeing Fan Minyue, seemingly unable to understand when the two sisters had reconciled. Following which, he recalled another issue.

“Minyue, how are you also here?” Fan Tianhu asked with wrinkled brows. Fan Zhishen had been nearby handling affairs, this bit he knew, so it made sense that Fan Zhishen would be here earlier than him after seeing the signal flare. But why was Fan Minyue also here? This place was obviously a secret training base, so except for the Clan Head and his three siblings, absolutely no other person should know about this place.

Fan Minyue gazed at Xiao Xun with complex emotions in her eyes, then turned towards Fan Tianhu and prostrated herself.

“Grandfather, Minyue is guilty. Minyue had previous bore a grudge against younger sister Xiao Xun, so she has been discreetly inquiring for her whereabouts these past few days until now, wanting to……wanting to discard her DouQi……but younger sister Xiao Xun’s heart was wide and disregarded the past enmity to help save Minyue. Minyue……Minyue really is ashamed. Please punish me grandfather!”

“Father!” Fan Zhishen hastened to kneel down. He knew that Minyue’s punishment this time would be very big: “Father sir! I have also made a mistake! Blame me, blame me, I haven’t taught her well during peacetime. I……I will substitute in for her punishment!”

“Get the hell up!” Fan Tianhu unhappily glared at him: “We’ll be putting the matter of punishment off for later, go deliver Old Xie back to heal.”

Fan Zhishen replied positively and set towards the direction Venerable Xie was in, then supported him and left in advance.

“You two……” Fan Tianhu’s gaze went back in forth between Fan Minyue and Xiao Xun. His expression went through many changes before he earnestly said: “Being able to set aside the past, this is a good point. We are all one whole family, so mutually competing against each other is very normal. However, one cannot walk the wrong road by all means, otherwise it will be too late for regrets afterwards. Xiao Xun’s summon beast is extremely special, so Clan Head specially approved to conduct a special training for it. This matter must be kept strictly confidential and cannot be told to anybody, Minyue, do you understand?”

“Minyue understands.” Fan Minyue nodded over and over.

“En.” Fan Tianhu nodded in satisfaction: “This place has already been destroyed, so Xiao Xun’s special training can only be changed to another place. But being the case that Zhishen also already knows about this matter, we’ll just simply arrange it to be in his training ground.”

“No no no.” Xiao Xun hastily said: “If we do it like this, it will influence second uncle’s cultivation.”

“Aiya, there’s nothing wrong with that.” Fan Minyue pulled on Xiao Xun’s hand: “Younger sister can just live at my place. This can also be counted as older sister making up for this past. Also, your mother has been thinking about you a lot.”

“Then we’ll arrange it like this.” Fan Tianhu waved his big hand: “Zhishen’s cultivation has already hit a bottleneck, so he won’t be using the training ground. Besides, in this past half year, everything has been done for your several people.”

“Grandfather, you said Xiao Xun’s summon beast is very special. Is this related to the reason why Tian Clan attacked this time?” Fan Minyue inquired.

“It’s possible.” Fan Tianhu stroked his beard: “What I don’t know is how this information leaked out. You two don’t need to manage this issue, we’ll deal with it. Come, first follow grandfather back home.”


Fan Tianhu’s words were actually not one bit wrong; a Devil Wolf’s sinister energy was truly evil. Lin Wei was currently losing his will to survive, but unable to seek death from the excruciating pain.

After falling out of the space vortex, the golden light surrounding his body quickly dissipated. At this time, an unbearable piercing ache began transmitting upwards from his arm. In Lin Wei’s entire life, even counting these years after transmigrating here, he had never felt such a terrible pain. It was like the skin on his entire body was being peeled off, then he was thrown to an anthill for millions of ants to bite him. This pain drilled into your muscles, went through your channels, permeated your internal organs, and pierced into your bone marrow!

Lin Wei wanted to cry out in pain but was unable to do so. He was covered with beads of blood from head to toe and the several times he was about to go into shock, he woke up due to the pain.

He rolled in pain, into the river from the meadow.

In the instant that his right hand touched the river water, the surrounding river water unexpectedly boiled and turned into a black vapor.

Plump Red was probably taking a stroll, so he hadn’t seen Lin Wei’s miserable condition.

After roughly a dozen minutes, Lin Wei’s mind cleared up a bit. This was also due to hurting for so long that he eventually adapted a little. He exerted all his strength to shake his head, then an insanely painful ache pierced his head and he nearly went into shock.

Why won’t I die? I would be better off dying!!!

The tremendous pain made Lin Wei want to seek death in order to extricate himself from the pain.

And at this moment, the river water at a place not far away rippled, then crashing noise resounded and a head popped out of the water, raising itself high.

Lin Wei’s shenanigans had finally alarmed a huge monster that was originally hiding underwater!

Single-headed Water Python! Attribute: Water, Rank: Bronze, Status: Intermediate Beastly Guard!

Although it was merely an Intermediate Beastly Guard and was a great distance away from becoming a Beastly General, it’s rank was bronze! Moreover, this kind of terrifying creature was enormous, so it couldn’t be weighed by its rank and status. It could be said that it could defeat 3 to 5 Vigorous Vajra Apes at the same rank and status!

Ssss——the water python closely observed Lin Wei and spat out its tongue.

Rank: Common, Status: High Level Beastly Soldier. And his size is even so small! But, how can he be a summon beast??? Fine, even if it is a summon beast, it’s just a High Level Beastly Soldier summon beast! The water python immediately evaluated in its heart. Since you’ve disturbed my rest, then I’ll take you to fill my stomach!

Lin Wei was still lying in the water with his left hand firmly clutching his right arm.

The water python attacked. It opened its bloody mouth wide and bit at Lin Wei.

Bzz! Lin Wei’s right arm suddenly trembled. There seemed to be something squirming beneath that black stripe. He cried out and his entire body went upright, then his right hand uncontrollably went towards the water python’s head.


Black gas, a strong black gas! It brought cruelty, pain, and inexhaustible hatred with it! This black gas disappeared in a flash, just as how an hour of fun goes by in an instant, and not a trace of it could be seen in the next moment. But it was in this instant that it seemed like the entire atmosphere of the space seemed to be holding a bomb, then it fiercely detonated!!!

After that, the water pythons movement stilled. It wasn’t that it didn’t want to continue attacking, but that it couldn’t. Because, it’s entire head was already gone.

The water python’s remaining body smashed into the water, causing a big spray, then the water became a blood-like color.

Along with this discharge, Lin Wei seemed to have felt his body become light. Then both of his eyes went back and he fainted in the water.

As for that black stripe, it was still on his hand, and still hadn’t faded away……

Chapter 23 – Burying The Hatchet

Clang! In another direction, Little Shao and Fan Minyue clashed with their swords once more.

The strength behind was fairly huge, causing Fan Minyue to nearly be unable to hold her sword.

They were both High Level Warriors, yet Little Shao’s DouQi cultivation and body strength surpassed Fan Minyue’s.

“Young lady Minyue, you should obediently stay and prepare to be captured.” Little Shao closed in step by step.

Strictly speaking, Fan Minyue and Xiao Xun were both young ladies of Fan Clan, so they received better DouQi training than other people. Because they possessed a better cultivation art, they had a more systematic training plan. But on Qifeng Continent, large aristocratic clans attached importance on summon beast training, therefore with regards to the two young ladies who originally contracted bronze rank summon beasts, the core of their training revolved around the summon beast and not their DouQi. Of course, the optimal situation would be having an equilibrium in cultivating DouQi and summon beast, but the number of people who could achieve this was truly too little. Generally speaking, only large sects had more profound DouQi methods and more exquisite sword arts and blade arts, as well as other ancient books on martial arts.

A summon beast in its initial stage had a quick growth; for example, Heavenly Wolf Guard became Heavenly Wolf General in just a several years time. In this time, the subject of training was naturally the summon beast. Only when the summon beast reached late stage would its growth start to slow down and the cultivator be able to spend more time on their own training. For instance, Fan Zhishen had become a Great Martial Master and perfected his sleeve-chain skill, but only after his summon beast’s cultivation hit a bottleneck. Clearly, Fan Minyue and Xiao Xun still hadn’t arrived at this phase, so they were a lot weaker compared to their summon beast-less contemporaries who just practiced martial arts.

Little Shao was obviously this type of pure martial arts. Of course, Venerable Xie was as well.

A silver sword light streaked through the air; Little Shao thrust his sword once more.

Fan Minyue blocked this stab very reluctantly, but didn’t dare to drop the sword in her hand. Clang! The longsword was cast flying, falling at a place more than 10 meters away.

“Ha!” Little Shao loudly laughed. He grabbed the opportunity to tread forward and jabbed his sword towards Fan Minyue’s throat.

No! Am I going to die? Fan Minyue unwillingly shouted in her heart.

Seeing that the sword point was already less than half a meter away from her neck, Fan Minyue despairingly closed her eyes.


In the instant that she closed her eyes, a crisp sound abruptly rang out.

What’s going on? The anticipated stabbing pain isn’t appearing. Who helped me block this strike?

Swiftly opening her eyes, Fan Minyue witnessed a scene that she would have never expected——it was actually Xiao Xun! In that extremely critical moment just now, in that moment of life or death, it was Xiao Xun who rushed over and saved her life! And at this moment, Xiao Xun and Little Shao were fighting each other.

Why? Why did Xiao Xun come to save me?

Fan Minyue stared distractedly at the scene, her mind blank.

Although the two of them were clan sisters, their situation was like water and fire. Fan Minyue’s previous Open-arm Devil Ape was seriously injured by Heavenly Wolf General, then Lin Wei killed the Open-arm Devil Ape afterwards. Ultimately, Fan Minyue brought the grey-eyed white tiger with the intent to discard Xiao Xun’s DouQi cultivation. Properly speaking, Xiao Xun should loathe her, so why did come to save her?

Fan Minyue foolishly stood in place watching Xiao Xun and Little Shao sparing no effort in combat. Then her gaze moved away and she saw Tian Zhu locked in battle with Venerable Xie. Moving her gaze once more, she saw Tian Lang firmly suppressing the completely disadvantaged grey-eyed white tiger.

All of the sudden, she comprehended something in her heart.

Yes, no matter how things are between Xiao Xun and I, it’s only an internal matter within the clan. In any event, we are still a whole family! Right now, when facing the colossus called Tian Clan, it’s natural that the our whole family shouldn’t show any problems externally. It seems like I’ve truly been blinded by my hatred. Something Xiao Xun was able to think and accomplish, I actually wasn’t able to realize until now.

From childhood to adolescence, Xiao Xun has truly been more beautiful than me. Her figure is also better, so I’ve always been jealous of her and wanted to surpass her by any means possible. But now that we’ve both been wounded in this meaningless internal discord, what have I obtained?

I just wanted to prove that I’m not worse than Xiao Xun. Thus I used all kinds of means……

Using these plans, have I truly become better than her?

No! Never. I’ve made a mistake……

I’ve erred……

I’ve been wrong……

A series of regrets floated through Fan Minyue’s mind. She discovered that her original intentions were just to prove herself, but after a string of strategies, she severely deviated from her original intentions.

Fan Minyue lifted her head, her gaze becoming firm. She quickly walked to the place where the sword fell and took up her own longsword.

“Younger cousin, what you can achieve, I can also achieve!” Fan Minyue loudly yelled as she ran over and thrust her sword at Little Shao.

Yes, Xiao Xun, you are able to disregard our former hatred and come save me. I, Fan Minyue, am not any worse than you, I’ll be better than you!


Lin Wei’s dagger pierced the devil wolf’s abdomen.

Sssik! A half-meter long gash appeared.

The devil wolf struggled in pain and actually freed itself from the restraint rope. The instant that it broke free, its forepaws struck Lin Wei’s face and slapped his entire body flying.

Bang! Lin Wei flew out for quite a distance before smashing into the ground. When he crawled up, blood was already across his entire face and he was seeing stars. Damn, I’ve underestimated this devil wolf’s strength! Lin Wei opened his eyes with great effort and witnessed the devil wolf standing up, but the gash on its abdomen was very wide. Blood flowed out and even its intestines fell out.

The devil wolf panted for breath. It could feel its life flowing out but it still had the strength to fight.

Unparalleled hatred and rage flooded its heart. Even if it had to die, it would kill the abominable summon beast before it!

“Devil wolf!” In the distance, Tian Lang discovered the devil wolf’s miserable condition and couldn’t help but ache in his heart. He heavily bombarded the grey-eyed white tiger with powerful blows, then wanted to leave to help the devil wolf.

Who would have expected the grey-eyed white tiger to tightly bite his leg, causing him unable to get away.

Lin Wei used one hand to wipe away the blood on his face while slowly retreating. He could feel the devil wolf about to start a life or death struggle and this fight would inevitably be earth-shattering.

The devil wolf bared its teeth and the sinister energy intensified by a bit. It closely observed Lin Wei with eyes filled with inexhaustible hatred.

Suddenly, without any indication——just as Lin Wei was wiping his eyes——the devil wolf used all its power to leap forward.

Lin Wei was frightened at first but calmed down shortly after. As he sped up retreating, he rapidly shot out arrows. However, the devil wolf didn’t have the slightest intention to dodge. It allowed the arrow to pierce into its left shoulder and kept rushing over, disregarding it. Its speed hadn’t lowered at all!

Whoosh, whoosh!

Lin Wei shot out two arrows simultaneously.

The devil wolf still took it head on!

One arrow hit its nose while the arrow blinded its right eye!

“Awoo!” This time, the devil wolf howled out painfully and its speed slowed down subsequently.

But it was already less than three meters away from Lin Wei at this time!

Lin Wei switched his bow for his dagger and prepared for close quarters combat.

Seize the opportunity, I must seize this opportunity! As long as I stab into its vital point, it should immediately drop dead! Lin Wei thought to himself.

Two meters!

One meter!

When the devil wolf’s massive head was almost within reach, Lin Wei lifted up his dagger.

But the following action was completely out of line with his anticipation.

In an instant, the strong sound of an apex sinister energy explosion echoed out. The sinister energy, which brought turbulent waves of hatred, an unceasing torrent of resentment, and a haunting curse along with it, suddenly engulfed and swallowed up Lin Wei! The enormous might that the sinister energy had continued to spread out until it finally covered a little less than half of the training grounds, not stopping for a long time!

“Lin Wei!” In another place, Xiao Xun was shocked and heartbroken upon witnessing the scene.

“Devil wolf!” In a more distant place, Tian Lang was also pale with fright.

Although a common war beast didn’t have any abilities, it had the possibility to possess a unique skill. For example, a black spider’s spider silk or a devil wolf’s sinister energy. While spider silk can be used regularly, a devil wolf’s sinister energy can only explode once in its lifetime!

Indeed, this was something nobody had expected.

Of course, this was also something that nobody knew would become an important turning point in Lin Wei’s destiny!



An incensed Tian Lang finally smashed the grey-eyed white tiger’s head into pieces. However, he also paid a heavy price——right before it died, the grey-eyed white tiger broke his shoulder into pieces with a swat and even tore open his chest, exposing the ghastly sight of his bones coming out.

He originally wanted to subdue this grey-eyed white tiger, but as things usually turn out to be contrary to what one wants, he finally had to strike it dead.

“Guys, retreat!” Tian Lang swiftly roared. Although he bore an injury, he could still display 50 to 60 percent of his fighting power. He turned around and dashed in Xiao Xun and Fan Minyue’s direction. At this time, Little Shao was being attacked by the two women on both sides and was almost unable to persevere.

Suddenly, a ball of white silk sprayed out from behind Tian Lang and stuck onto him, then pulled backwards fiercely, causing him to fly away.

“Big brother! What are you doing?” Tian Lang discovered this ball of silk was sprayed out by the black spider, so he couldn’t help but be startled when asking.

“Leave! An expert has arrived!” Tian Zhu furiously threw several poisonous darts at Venerable Xie, then began retreating rapidly on the black spider. In his fight with Venerable Xie just now, he was struck several times and his five viscera and six bowels were either ruptured or shifted.

“How could it be so quick?” Tian Lang was greatly surprised. From the time when the signal flare was shot until now, not even 10 minutes had passed.

“Little Blacky’s judgement is never wrong! If we don’t go now, then it’ll be too late!” Tian Zhu didn’t explain any further and brought Tian Lang onto his black spider mount before fleeing into the distance.

“Save me……” Seeing Tian Zhu and Tian Lang leaving, Little Shao was instantly worried and instantly shouted for help.

And it was this instant that caused him to expose a fatal gap. Xiao Xun and Fan Minyue simultaneously seized this opportunity; their swords flew over and pierced Little Shao’s DouQi defense and stabbed into his chest!

At the same time——


A slender chain dropped from the skies, making a ‘clang!’ sound as it nailed itself onto the ground. Shortly after, accompanying an intense shout, an enormous figure also dropped from the skies, causing a loud ‘bang!’ as it smashed into the training grounds and created a large hole!

A pair of robust and powerful horns, lava-like colored skin, four sturdy limbs, a pair of glaring eyes, and a mouth spitting out white air. In an instant, the temperature of the entire training grounds suddenly rose and seemed to have become a giant oven!

Blaze Bull! Attribute: Fire, Rank: Bronze, Status: Low Level Beastly Commander!!!

Immediately after the Blaze Bull appeared, a person dropped down from the long chains.

“Father!” Fan Minyue cried tears of joy.

The person who arrived was Fan Minyue’s father, Xiao Xun’s second uncle, Fan Zhishen! And that Blaze Bull shockingly was his contracted summon beast!

Chapter 22 – Lin Wei VS Devil Wolf

Little Shao!!!

The one that stabbed towards Fan Minyue just now was actually silent and invisible Little Shao!

Immediately, Fan Minyue understood everything——Little Shao was a secret spy that Tian Clan dispatched to hide within their clan; he was an internal traitor. No wonder Tian Zhu and Tian Lang could so accurately find this place. One has to know that in order for her to scout out this place, she had to look all over for a little over ten days. And since she was someone from Fan Clan, she had an easier time obtaining the information. However, Tian Zhu and Tian Lang, if they didn’t have Little Shao as a planted agent, even if they had the time period of 3 to 4 months, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to find out where Xiao Xun was.

“Little Shao! You!” Venerable Xie and Xiao Xun were alarmed and angry.

Although they were separately entangled with Tian Zhu and the devil wolf, what happened to Fan Minyue was still seen by them.

Among them, Venerable Xie was furious. Little Shao had already done odd jobs under him for a full three years, yet he unexpectedly hadn’t discovered any hint of Little Shao being an internal traitor.

Little Shao held a sword in his hand and spoke with a hint of madness: “Young lady Minyue, don’t think of leaving today.”

While he was speaking, Little Shao once again pushed his body forward.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

He pierced forth thrice, each aiming for Fan Minyue’s throat, heart, and kidney, and each being fatal moves.

Fan Minyue, who had barely blocked the sword strike, immediately fell into a disadvantageous situation.

Quite powerful! Little Shao was also a High Level Warrior with swordsmanship higher than Fan Minyue.


As time passed by, the battlefield situation became increasingly worrisome.

Besides Venerable Xie and Tian Zhu still being on equal grounds, Xiao Xun and Fan Minyue were gradually becoming tired. Even the grey-eyed white tiger was starting to be completely suppressed by Tian Lang!

But at this moment, a red signal flare suddenly soared into the air several hundred meters away. The speed of the signal flare was insanely rapid, whizzing several kilometers into the sky, then fiercely exploding.

“What?!” Tian Zhu and Tian Lang’s expressions changed.

Venerable Xie and Xiao Xun were delighted in their hearts. Clearly, this meant that Aunt Liu discovered the situation over here, then ran several hundred meters away to ignite this signal flare.

The signal flare would quickly be discovered by the next sentry, prompting it to immediately shoot a signal flare as well, passing on the message to the next sentry……through this transmission, it would take only seven times before the clan headquarters, which was about 15 kilometers away, would receive the message. However, if the clan experts wanted to rush over, they would take at least 20 minutes!

“Quickly conclude the fighting!” Tian Zhu said to Tian Lang: “As long as all of these people are killed before their clan experts catch up, they won’t know that it was done under our hand.”

Tian Lang was currently keeping the grey-eyed white tiger under control, using both hands to hold the white tiger’s humongous mouth. After hearing what was said, he nodded and turned his head to yell at the devil wolf: “Little Blacky, dispose of Fan Xiaoxun as soon as possible.”

The devil wolf let out a long howl, then raised its front claw and swatted towards Xiao Xun. Its speed was extremely quick, as if it were lightning!

Xiao Xun reluctantly kept off the attack with her sword, but was unable to fully negate the humongous strength behind it. She was swatted flying, her back was ruthlessly smashed onto the wall.


Tian Zhu’s concealed weapon finally broke through Venerable Xie’s defence, cutting Venerable Xie’s left sleeve, as well as leaving behind a gash on his left arm.

Venerable Xie’s complexion distorted. He swiftly used his right hand to cover up his left arm and sealed his left arm’s DouQi and essence blood’s operation. After sealing his left arm, although it prevented the poison from spreading, he caused his fighting strength to drop by a level.

Their situation became exceptionally bleak!

“Lin Wei!!!” At this critical moment, Xiao Xun finally yelled Lin Wei’s name. Despite the current Lin Wei still being very weak, the current situation was very hopeless. An extra helper would be an extra force! Even if she could escape by herself, it would be better than them entirely dying.

Lin Wei——

Lin Wei————

Lin Wei——————

Xiao Xun’s scream seemed to penetrate time and space, directly arriving into the other world.

As she was shouting, both her hands were quickly making hand signs.

“Xiao Xun!” Lin Wei had been passing his time in anxiety, until he at last saw the familiar vortex appear above the top of his head. At the same time, he sensed Xiao Xun’s impatient summon. Xiao Xun, she’s in danger!

Lin Wei didn’t dare to have the least bit of hesitation. He immediately jumped, rushing into the vortex.

When he could once again see light, Lin Wei saw a scene that scared him witless——Xiao Xun was once more swatted flying by the devil wolf. On her arm was a wound and specks of blood sprinkled into the air.

“*******!” Just as Lin Wei was about to hit the ground, he seized the opportunity to shoot out an arrow. At this moment, he was less than 40 meters away from the devil wolf.

From this distance, it was a 100% hit chance!

The arrow’s velocity was extremely quick; just as the devil wolf perceived that something was off, its head was hit by an arrow. Lin Wei intended for the arrow to strike its eye, but since the devil wolf wasn’t a completely stationary, the arrow slightly deviated and didn’t hit the targeted eye, but rather its ear.

A pang of unbearable pain came from the devil wolf’s ear, causing it to cry out in pain and suddenly turn its head. It ferociously whipped its gaze towards Lin Wei, this sudden enemy.

There were all kinds of beasts on Qifeng Continent; monster beasts, devil beasts, and summon beasts from the other world. Each possessed a certain similar characteristic. In the split-second that the devil wolf saw Lin Wei, it determined that Lin Wei’s strength was inferior to itself. Being injured by this puny opponent, to this arrogant devil wolf, was simply an extraordinary shame.

The devil wolf violently roared, abandoned Xiao Xun, and immediately rushed over towards Lin Wei.

What a quick speed. Lin Wei rapidly judged that this devil wolf’s linear speed was much faster than his own. If he wanted to beat it, he had to fight while moving and display the superiority of his flexibility.

Aim the bow, fire the arrow! Two arrows were shot out.

Perhaps because of the previous arrow creating an extremely painful wound to the devil wolf, when seeing those two arrows shooting over, the devil wolf shivered in its heart and promptly dodged sideways. It was also at this instant that its speed decreased, and Lin Wei took this opportunity to increase the distance between them.

Just like this, one was pursuing and one was running.

Several minutes later, Lin Wei was making use of all kinds of topography covers and archery to disturb the devil wolf, causing it to be unable to get close. However, besides the first arrow piercing the devil wolf’s shoulder, he wasn’t able to create any further injury.

Suddenly, Lin Wei saw an equipment stand at the side of the training ground, and a light went off in his mind. He retreated by tumbling, withdrawing to the side of the equipment stand, then took down some things from the top at lightning speed.

When the devil wolf saw Lin Wei stop for a moment, it sped up once more. It was just one movement, but it finally pulled the distance between it and Lin Wei to roughly 10 meters.

At this time, Lin Wei turned around and slid to the side, simultaneously throwing out something slender from his right hand.

Whoosh! That slender object precisely struck the devil wolf’s running forelimbs. In that instant of collision, this thing flexibly wound all of the devil wolf’s four limbs together.

Restraint rope! What Lin Wei tossed out was a restraint rope! Moreover, in the instant that he tossed it out, he made an evasive movement in advance——he slid to the side, then rolled while he was at it.

Though the devil wolf’s four limbs were suddenly tied up, the immense forward force was simply unable to be stopped. While it was falling down, it forcefully crashed into the equipment stand. The entire stand was smashed into pieces and all sorts of weapons sprinkled the ground.

After Lin Wei rolled out of the devil wolf’s dive, he didn’t flee any further. Instead, he took out the dagger that he carried and took big strides towards the devil wolf, then ferociously stabbed towards its abdomen. Quick, accurate, and ruthless!

The current Lin Wei wasn’t that previous useless Beastly Servant for a long time now. If his own strength was insufficient, then he would use tools and tactics to make up for it! This was the place where he differed from other summon beasts, war beasts, and even many people1. For example, for people like Xiao Xun who practice DouQi cultivation, they were inclined to carry out fighting using DouQi and believe that high DouQi talent was the root of a person’s growth.

But Lin Wei was obviously different. In his seven years at the other world, he had to make use of all kinds of weather conditions, favorable locations, items, traps, and the like in order to fight against higher leveled life forms! Drawing support from external factors was already ingrained in him and became one of his survival skills!

Sssik! The sound of the dagger entering echoed out.


  1. TLN: In this case, humans. 

Chapter 21 – Making War

Tian Zhu slapped the eight-legged black spider’s head and its eight scarlet eyes closed.

“Hehe, don’t be offended……” Tian Zhu opened his mouth to say. His voice seemed to make this area’s temperature drop a lot: “Our esteemed Clan Head has commanded to invite young lady Xiao Xun as a guest.”

Guest? Tian Clan’s Clan Head invited Xiao Xun as a guest?

Furthermore, he made these two individuals go invite?

Xiao Xun and Venerable Xie glanced at each other. No, there had to be some inside story!

“Tian Clan’s Clan Head invitation makes Xiao Xun feel very honored.” Xiao Xun clenched the sword in her hand and replied: “But, Xiao Xun is currently burdened with an important matter, and it is inconvenient for her to immediately leave. Two honorable seniors, please return back and report to your Tian Clan’s Clan Head that Xiao Xun will personally visit in a few days time.”

“Oh? How come I don’t feel that young lady Xiao Xun is burdened with any matter? I feel that young lady Xiao Xun is very idle.” Tian Zhu was still speaking lazily.

“Xiao Xun really has an important matter, but it is temporarily unsuitable to say.” Xiao Xun could feel her palm getting slightly sweaty.

“Hehe, I can help you with whatever!” Tian Zhu’s eyes moved again, using an unbridled gaze to Xiao Xun’s towering chest: “Young lady Xiao Xun is as beautiful as a fairy, whatever matter you have, I can assist you! How about it?”

Xiao Xun felt a burst of disgust at that gaze and hurriedly shook her head: “There’s no need. I appreciate your good intentions, but please return senior.”

“Haha, brother, I told you earlier that your request wouldn’t work.” The tall and stalwart figured Tian Lang opened his eyes and smiled: “You’re better off being direct. Truth to tell you guys, we brothers came to take young lady Xiao Xun’s life. However, we didn’t expect young lady Fan Minyue to already be present, in addition to a Great Martial Master! But it doesn’t matter, it just means that we need to use a little more effort. Today, you guys shouldn’t think of leaving!”

Venerable Xie and Xiao Xun’s complexion slightly changed and their hearts finally sunk.

Fan Minyue’s brows creased. Now that things came to this, she finally sensed something fishy. Her mind was clouded by hatred before, so she wasn’t able to think properly. Thinking about it now, the clan secretly arranging for Xiao Xun to be here seemed to be for giving her special training. And there was also Tian Clan’s Tian Zhu and Tian Lang, who came with the intent to kill Xiao Xun.

Xiao Xun, when had she become so important?

No, not right. Xiao Xun is still that Xiao Xun; she’s merely a High Level Warrior.

The problem lies in her summon beast! What was so special about the summon beast that advanced to Common Rank, Intermediate Level Beastly Soldier?

“There is no hatred between Xiao Xun and Tian Clan.” Xiao Xun said: “And has never met you sirs. Why must you take my life?”

“This, we also don’t know.” Tian Lang shook his head: “Clan Head’s command, we can only follow as subordinates, how would we dare to ask the reason. The three of you, do you want to take your own lives, or should we brothers do it?”

Words came to an end. The atmosphere froze for a short while.

Venerable Xie narrowed his eyes. He rapidly calculated both sides’ fighting power. He could handle one enemy, the grey-eyed white tiger could reluctantly stall one. They could only do it like this, and had to do it like this to allow for the two young ladies to possibly escape. It was a pity that he had just wounded the grey-eyed white tiger just before, otherwise its fighting power would be a bit better. As for Little Shao, there was no way to take him into consideration. Slaves like them, there had long since had the awareness to sacrifice themselves for their masters.

Venerable Xie, Fan Minyue, and Xiao Xun exchanged glances with each other. The two girls understood his meaning. Fan Minyue slightly leaned her body, facing a direction that was easier to flee in while taking out a pill and hiding it in her hand.

But Xiao Xun was somewhat hesitant. She wasn’t willing to make Venerable Xie go all out for her. Moreover, she wasn’t willing to leave Little Shao behind.

Venerable Xie coughed several times, then slowly walked forward a step and turned his eyes to Tian Zhu and Tian Lang. He clasped his hands in ritual and said: “The two sirs are pillars of Tian Clan, how can I, so old and feeble, match up to the two sirs? This old man boldly requests the two sirs to be magnanimous. Whatever you desire, gold, silver, jewels, rare medicinal ingredients, or heavenly treasures, please casually say……ATTACK!!!”

Venerable Xie was originally speaking unhurriedly, but after speaking up to here, his eyes suddenly widened and he yelled out “ATTACK”. It was like a thunderbolt coming down from a clear sky!

At the same time that he yelled out this word, his accumulated strength burst forth!

Concurrent with Venerable Xie’s violence, Fan Minyue threw the pill in her hand towards the grey-eyed white tiger.

“Little Tiger! Go!” As she issued the command, she began rapidly retreating in the opposite direction.

Even after witnessing all of this, Tian Zhu’s expression didn’t change. Instead, the corner of his mouth slightly rose: “Haah, childish……”

The grey-eyed white tiger scrunched its shoulders and raised its head, accurately catching the pill and swallowing it. The pill contained an enormous medicinal efficacy, which was released and caused its inner injuries instantly be suppressed.

“Roar!” Shouting with its head up high, the grey-eyed white tiger pushed down powerfully with all four of its limbs, leaping towards higher placed Tian Lang. As a loyal contracted war beast, its master’s safety, its master’s commands, they exceeded its own safety the entire time. Although it felt immense pressure from Tian Lang, it still fired towards the opposite party without regard for danger.

“Haha! Grey-eyed White Tiger! Not bad! This war beast is mine!” Tian Lang heartily laughed. His sturdy body soared down from the devil wolf’s back, welcoming the pouncing white tiger.

A war beast equivalent to an Intermediate Level Beastly General and a half-step Great Martial Master cultivator directly met each other force by force!

The muffled sound of ‘bangbang’ echoed out, both of Tian Lang’s hands and grey-eyed white tiger’s front paws collided with one another.

The grey-eyed white tiger opened its bloody mouth wide, then bit towards Tian Lang’s face.

Tian Lang laughed grimly. His upper body abruptly twisted weirdly, avoiding white tiger’s deadly bite. Then he suddenly pushed his forehead forward, ruthlessly smashing into the side of white tiger’s face.


The grey-eyed white tiger’s canine was directly knocked out!


On the other side, Tian Zhu and Venerable Xie were also already going palm-to-palm.

The turbulent DouQi exploding forth from the split-second that the palms collided pushed both sides backwards simultaneously.

Speaking on terms of his own strength, Venerable Xie was stronger than Tian Zhu. On the other hand, Tian Zhu was a half-step into Great Martial Master realm expert. Moreover, he and the black spider had lived together for long enough to make them closely linked. He could use the attack he received and shift the greater half onto the black spider, while simultaneously utilizing the power within the black spider. But in the first contest just now, both sides too an equal share of damage!


The black spider faced the spinneret gland at the tip of its abdomen forward and shot forth white silk.

However, Venerable Xie had long ago guarded against this. He lightly tapped his feet on the ground and easily evaded this lump of spider silk.

“Great strength! Who could have thought that Fan Clan had concealed talents.” Tian Zhu eyes opened up, finally no longer shipping out a lazy appearance. At the same time, both his hands turned over and two strangely shaped concealed weapons appeared in his hands. The concealed weapons were sharp thorns bearing hooks, suffused with a serene blue radiance. One could tell that it was poisonous at a glance.

Go! Tian Zhu’s wrist shook, and the unusual concealed weapons drew two strange arcs, noiselessly attacking towards Venerable Xie.


During the time that Tian Lang was meeting the grey-eyed white tiger, his devil wolf mount, who brought a black energy with it, pounced towards Xiao Xun!

Killing Xiao Xun was the goal of their trip!

Sparks flew as Xiao Xun took out a longsword and pierced it towards the devil wolf’s head. She was going to stake it all! This devil wolf’s fighting strength was a rank lower compared to the grey-eyed white tiger, in addition, it didn’t have a skill, so perhaps she had the strength to stake it all!

All at once, the three sides engaged in their respective battles.

With such a chaotic situation, nobody was paying attention to Fan Minyue. She was happy in her heart as she sped up and evacuated while watching the several people battling. P
On one side was the one who made her lose her summon beast, Xiao Xun, and on the other was a person from Tian Clan, which publicly broke off the engagement. Fan Minyue couldn’t help but maliciously curse in her heart: Best if they die together.

Once again falling back a few steps, it seemed like she would momentarily leave the fighting ring. Suddenly, an ear-piercing ‘whoosh’ came from the side of her body.

Fan Minyue was startled. Her battle instincts prompted her to instantly move backwards, allowing her to evade this extremely deadly and fatal sword.

“Who is it!?” Fan Minyue looked in the direction that the sword came in and saw someone she didn’t expect to see: “It’s you!!!”

Chapter 20 – Tian Clan

Xiao Xun launched a fierce offensive.

However, Fan Minyue’s movement wasn’t slow. In the split second that she saw Xiao Xun take out her sword, she immediately circulated her DouQi and rapidly retreated. In these circumstances of being without a summon beast, she was fully aware at this moment that she absolutely wasn’t Xiao Xun’s match.

“Younger cousin Xiao Xun, your match is not I! Little Tiger, go!”

The grey-eyed white tiger roared and its four limbs suddenly sent out strength. It leaped up and threw itself towards Xiao Xun.

Although human DouQi cultivation ranks and War Beasts’ strength ranks didn’t strictly correspond, in any event, an Intermediate Level Beastly General’s strength wasn’t something that the current Xiao Xun could contend against.

If Xiao Xun didn’t dodge it and instead met it head-on, then there was going to be only one outcome; that is, Xiao Xun would violently die on the spot. Even if she luckily survived, then her meridians would shattered and her DouQi would be abolished! But if she avoided it, there was Venerable Xie and Little Shao behind her. What could she do?

During Xiao Xun’s moment of hesitation, the grey-eyed white tiger already arrived before her like a whirlwind.

It lifted its enormous tiger paw up high, the sharp claws coldly flashed!

Die! Fan Minyue hysterically yelled in her heart. She seemed to be able to foresee Xiao Xun’s delicate body being torn apart by the grey-eyed white tiger’s claws, her blood spraying towards the sky.

The tiger claw whizzed downwards!!!

Xiao Xun despairingly closed her eyes.

But at this time, a withered old palm came from behind her without any indication, and swatted away the tiger paw that was about to strike Xiao Xun.


An explosion-like sound echoed out so loudly that even the deaf would be able to hear it. That gigantic grey-eyed white tiger was actually sent back by this withered old palm! Its four limbs held the ground, but it slid 10 meters before it finally stopped.

Who was it?!!

Fan Minyue and Xiao Xun were incomparably shocked as they turned their heads to take a look. Then, their gazes arrived at Venerable Xie who was behind Xiao Xun. His body was clearly stooped as he serenely stood in place, with a palm still raised in the air and his upper body slightly swaying.

“You, you……” Fan Minyue was already frightened speechless. She absolutely hadn’t thought that this seemingly old housekeeper actually was a deeply hidden expert.

To be able to repel a war beast with strength equivalent to an Intermediate Level Beastly General with a palm, one’s strength had to at least have strength equivalent to a Grand Perfection Martial Master, or even a Great Martial Master!

Venerable Xie coughed and slowly said: “Young lady Minyue, anyone can make mistakes, you should forgive them when possible. This place is what Clan Head handed over to this old man to be in charge of. If you want to look for trouble and Clan Head blames me, this old man won’t be able to take it upon himself.”

The fright in Fan Minyue’s eyes slowly faded away, and what replaced it was the color of venomous hatred: “What a good housekeeper……if I’ve guessed correctly, you were specifically sent by grandfather to protect Xiao Xun?”

“This old man has been in charge of this place for more than 30 years, and has been this place’s housekeeper all along. If young lady Minyue doesn’t believe it, then you can go ask Clan Head.” Venerable Xie replied.

Fan Minyue rapidly breathed in and out several times. The current situation already exceeded her predictions. She didn’t expect that she wouldn’t be able to handle Xiao Xun after bringing the grey-eyed white tiger. At this time, it seemed like she had to request her father to personally go into action, and only then would Venerable Xie be surpassed.

However, if she turned around to leave now, Xiao Xun would be transferred to another place. If she wanted once again find out where Xiao Xun was, it certainly wouldn’t be so easy!

What to do? What to do? Fan Minyue’s mind was rapidly making calculations. What means could she use to delay them and secretly contact her father to rush over as soon as possible?

Just as Fan Minyue was thinking up a plan, the grey-eyed white tiger on the side suddenly roared and once again pounced towards Venerable Xie——the pride in its heart caused it to not allow itself to be beaten back by such a thin old man’s palm. Moreover, its first attack wasn’t the full extent of its power. This time, it would use its whole power and stake it all to see whether it or the old man was stronger!
“Evil creature!” Venerable Xie’s eyes flared up and clenched both his fists, then began revolving his DouQi.

“Great Martial Master!” Fan Minyue cried out in fear after sensing Venerable Xie’s vigorous aura surge out violently and DouQi leaving his body.

It was unexpectedly a Great Martial Master! In the clan, besides her grandfather, the generation with three people, and the two people in her father’s generation, there was an additional Great Martial Master!

As Fan Minyue was crying out in fear, Venerable Xie’s DouQi once again collided with the grey-eyed white tiger. This time, that grey-eyed white tiger was struck flying. It flew over 20 meters before it finally smashed into the ground. It coughed out blood and its mind was going in circles; it wouldn’t be able to stand up for a short while.

On the other hand, Venerable Xie merely stepped back 5 or 6 steps before steadying his posture.

“Venerable Xie, are you all right?” Xiao Xun ran to Venerable Xie’s side and asked with deep concern.

Venerable Xie lightly shook his head, sighed, and said: “Ai, now that I’m old, I can’t be compared to what I previous was! Cough cough, Little Shao, see the visitor out……this old man’s body is unwell, so I won’t be seeing off young lady Minyue.”

Seeing Little Tiger’s current state, Fan Minyue knew that she had lost. She resentfully clenched her teeth and slowly retreated as she said: “Good! Good! You are very good! Xie Wenbin, you have offended your superior, I will tell my father about the truth.”

But at this moment, a sudden extremely dreary and blood-curdling screech sounded from above the people!

The blood-curdling screech was so terrifying that it made one’s hair stand on end.

Afterwards, a person’s shadow dropped down and heavily smashed down at the center of the training ground.

Everyone simultaneously turned to take a look at the center and saw that the fallen person only had half the body left. The gash was bloodied and gory, and blood was incessantly spraying out.

“Young lady……” He looked up at Fan Minyue with great difficulty, then breathed his final breath.

Fan Minyue used her hand to cover her mouth.

This person was her and Fan Zhishen’s trusted aide. He was the one that was secretly making inquiries about Xiao Xun’s hiding place. He was also the person that Venerable Xie saw. But he died so tragically. How could it not be bone-chilling?

Following right after, a lazy voice came from above——

“Oh? Fan Clan’s two young ladies are here.”

“Who is it?!!” Venerable Xie’s eyebrows jumped and he suddenly turned his head to look above.

“Hehe……” While languid laughter sounded out, the grey-eyed white tiger tore open a giant hole from the top, and what appeared were two people riding on war beasts.

One was riding on a gigantic eight-legged spider. This person’s appearance was thin and his hair reached his shoulders. His eyebrows slender and quite high up while his eyes were a deep black. The bridge of his nose was quite high and he had a 八-shaped mustache above his thin lips.

The other person rode on the back of a devil wolf emitting strong sinister energy. This person appeared tall and sturdy with a practically ** upper body. He had a square face with a broad forehead and tigerish eyes that contained demons, along with short hair that seemed like steel needles.

It’s actually these two?!! Venerable Xie’s pupils fiercely contracted and his complexion instantly became gloomy: “Tian Zhu, Tian Lang1……which wind blew you brothers here?”

Tian Zhu, Tian Lang?!

Hearing these two names, Xiao Xun and Fan Minyue were greatly startled.

Tian Clan was a more formidable great clan compared to Fan Clan, as well as more mysterious. Each of Tian Clan’s assigned Clan Heads were quite young when entering, resigned around the same time that previous generation’s Clan Head resigned, and all went into the ancestral forbidden ground to go into seclusion. After generations upon generations, the number of experts Tian Clan had stored up was something that nobody could imagine!

Tian Zhu and Tian Lang were Tian Clan’s current two experts that the common people knew about! The two of them were a half-step into Great Martial Master rank, and when coordinating with their formidable war beasts, they could fight against a Great Martial Master on their own. Let alone, the two of them moving together and fighting together.

Hearing Venerable Xie’s interrogation, Tian Zhu’s eyes moved downwards. This movement seemed to make his appearance come to life. Then, his gaze finally shifted to Venerable Xie.

Tian Lang didn’t even glance sideways. He shut his eyelids, as if to rest.

Although they didn’t speak, there was an intangible pressure sent out. This pressure did not come from their strength, rather it came from their constant bloody slaughtering.

Tian Zhu’s gaze stopped over on Venerable Xie for a long time, then slowly moved to Xiao Xun. At this time, the eight-legged spider he was riding suddenly opened its four pairs of red eyes and fixed its gaze on Xiao Xun.

Xiao Xun couldn’t help but tighten her stomach and drew back a small step.


  1. TLN: Both their names have 天(Tian) in it, signifying that they’re most likely from Tian Clan. Moving onto the second part of their names, it’s Zhu as in ‘spider’ and not ‘pig’, and Lang for ‘wolf’. Yes, this ‘Tian Lang’ has the same name as ‘Heavenly Wolf General’ or as Xiao Xun called it, ‘Sky Wolf’. 

Chapter 19 – Exposure of the Secret Training Ground

Daybreak. The bright vermillion sun had just began slowly rising into the sky. The warm sunlight began sweeping away the accumulated evening mist.

Behind a gigantic rock by the riverside, inside the shrubbery, there was a small concealed cave. At this time, the foliage by the cave entrance rustled, then separated to the left and right. Immediately after, a sharp-eared head popped out.

“The sun has risen!” Lin Wei turned his head and shouted: “Plump Red, quickly get up! Hurry and prepare breakfast!”

“I……sleep again……sleep a little more……” Inside the cave came Plump Red’s drowsy reply.

“Aiya, stop sleeping, hurry up.” Lin Wei urged: “Quickly make some roast fish. Xiao Xun should be summoning me very soon!”

“Let me……sleep more……” Plump Red was still dawdling in bed, unwilling to get up.

Lin Wei shouted out several more times, but had no choice stop——if Plump Red was unwilling to get out of bed, an Immortal would be hardpressed to wake it up. In the end, he found some berries with great difficulty to cram into his belly. Then he did some morning exercises and warm-up exercises, and waited for Xiao Xun’s summon.

Including the Green Jade Single-Horned Immortal’s pursuit from last time, ten days had already passed by. The two of them had travelled 400 to 500 kilometers, and as for where they currently were, they absolutely didn’t have any idea. They only knew that they ought to have left that Intermediate Level Beastly General’s domain.

During these ten days, Xiao Xun summoned Lin Wei in the early morning every day, then sent him back in the evening.

Within these several days lied Lin Wei’s greatest encouragement; he discovered that the Mind’s Eye state came back!!!

As long as he was in Qifeng Continent, he could already enter that state in less than a minute. Moreover, he didn’t need to close his eyes like before——compared with using his eyes, his Mind’s Eye became even more fine and concentrated. In the state of not closing his eyes, what his naked eyes could see and what the Mind’s Eye could feel superimposed and gave him an even more unusual feeling.

His intuition told him that if his status upgraded, the range of his Mind’s Eye would further increase.

At that time, the things that his naked eyes couldn’t see, he should be able to clearly feel.

Lin Wei knew that at the same time that he was training, so was Xiao Xun. She was currently a High Level Warrior, just one step away from Martial Master. Yet this one step was like a wide trench separating the two, and it was unknown how many people were stuck at this step. Other people could train together with their summon beasts because their summon beasts were powerful enough, moreover they had a corresponding battle skill. When training together with one’s summon beast, both sides are able to advance simultaneously.

But Lin Wei was different. His rank and status were both quite low, and he didn’t have his own summon beast skill. This made it exceedingly difficult for him and Xiao Xun to do collaborative combat. Thus, his current top priority was to upgrade his actual combat ability. This way, there would be a possibility for him and Xiao Xun to fight side-by-side.

Of course, in Qifeng Continent’s history, there were cases where one wouldn’t need to fight because one’s summon beast was too strong, and only needed to rely on the summon beast to sweep away all enemies. Though this kind of people did exist, they were of the minority.

Lin Wei lifted up his head to look at where the sun was. He reckoned in his heart that it should nearly be time, so he stood up and shook his limbs, preparing to welcome the arrival of the summoning vortex.

Five minutes later, there wasn’t the slightest movement.

Ten minutes later, Plump Red crawled out from the cave yawning. Apart from this, there still wasn’t any movement.

Thirty minutes later, Plump Red already returned after eating breakfast. But the summoning vortex still hadn’t appeared.

What’s going on? A sudden thought popped up in Lin Wei’s mind. Could it be that Xiao Xun has met with mishap?


Going back to one hour ago.

Xiao Xun finished her morning exercises, ate breakfast, and was going to the training grounds as usual. She was a bit earlier than usual. She did some simple warm-up exercises to aid in her digestion, then began to summon Lin Wei.

One has to say that Xiao Xun’s figure is really perfect. Her breasts were an extremely spectacular sight to behold, and her butt was plump and upwards rising. In addition, when wearing skintight training clothing, all of her devilish figure could be seen with one glance. Her tall and straight twin peaks followed her movements, bouncing up and down. Little Shao, who was outside the training grounds, didn’t even dare to look, having no other choice but to honestly turn his back.

Not long after, Venerable Xie suddenly ran in with an anxious face.

“Young lady Xiao Xun, things aren’t good.”

“En? Venerable Xie, what happened?” Xiao Xun stopped and stood up to ask.

Venerable Xie walked just before Xiao Xun with his complexion slightly sunken: “Our place is possibly already unsafe……”

“Unsafe? What do you mean?”

“When I was patrolling just a moment ago, I discovered a figure of someone in our clan.”

“Someone in our clan?” Xiao Xun was immediately confused.

“Yes, I recognized this person.” Venerable Xie answered: “He is a foreign affairs worker, and frequently runs errands outside the clan. But in reality, he is Lord Fan Zhishen and young lady Fan Minyue’s agent, and has learned scouting and tracing from a young age.”

Second uncle and older cousin’s agent? Xiao Xun was startled in her heart.

“Your meaning is, second uncle and older cousin Minyue are trying to find out my whereabouts?” Xiao Xun asked: “Can it be……that he’s just luckily passing by?”

“It ought not to be by chance.” Venerable Xie shook his head and said: “In these previous 10 days, he’s appeared twice within the vicinity of 4-5 li.”

Already appeared twice? So this time is the third time? That is to say, it truly isn’t a coincidence.

Xiao Xun muttered to herself for a short period, then opened her mouth to say: “So, Venerable Xie, what is your meaning?”

“Let’s first evacuate, we have to leave this place.” Venerable Xie replied without the slightest hesitation: “Your special training is Clan Head’s command and is highly classified information. I cannot let you be discovered.”

“Good, I’ll listen to you……” Xiao Xun nodded.

“Then follow me. Little Shao, hurry and go to the secret training ground’s entrance. Start the mechanism and seal the entrance!” Venerable Xie instructed.

“Yes!” Little Shao answered.

However, just as Little Shao prepared to turn and leave, a voice suddenly sounded out without any warning——

“You want to seal the entrance? No need. I, have already come in!”

This voice was so familiar that Xiao Xun’s complexion immediately changed.

Venerable Xie’s complexion became gloomy.

A slim figure appeared. She came over step by step, slowly towards the training ground.

The person who came, naturally, was Xiao Xun’s older cousin, Fan Minyue!

She walked to the edge of the training ground and stopped her steps. She shot a glance at the three people above, finally stopping on Xiao Xun’s body.

“Younger cousin Xiao Xun, we meet again, haha!” Fan Minyue said with an insincere smile.

“What are you doing here?” Xiao Xun coldly asked.

“Younger cousin, I’m simply passing by. On the other hand, what are you doing in this kind of ‘all black, no daylight’ place?” Fan Minyue narrowed both her eyes. Hatred surged up towards Xiao Xun in her heart and she was almost unable to suppress it.

Venerable Xie composed himself. He knew that he had to obtain face at this point.

Taking a few steps while facing forward, Venerable Xie respectfully gave Fan Minyue a ritual and said: “Young lady Minyue, I1, Xie Wenbin, am the housekeeper here……”

Fan Minyue suddenly turned her head fiercely and a cold light flashed through both her eyes. With a stern voice, she shouted: “Us two sisters are speaking, where is it a slave’s turn to interrupt?”

“Older cousin!” Xiao Xun’s delicate body flashed in front of Venerable Xie to cover him: “Venerable Xie is this place’s old housekeeper and has achieved high merits through hard work. Don’t make things difficult for him, tell me whatever words you have!”

“Good! Good! Good!” Fan Minyue said several “Good”’s in a row, then clenched her teeth and said: “Then I’ll tell you. I’ve come this time to destroy your DouQi cultivation! If you summon that garbage summon beast, I might as well dispose of it! Little Tiger, tear this place apart!”

Little Tiger?

Xiao Xun’s complexion abruptly changed.

A tiger’s cry sounded out from on top of the training ground.

After that, loud noises of ‘bang bang bang2’ came from above. The entire underground training ground began shaking and stones of various sizes started to fall from above.

Rumble! Another loud sound rang out. A crack was created on the roof of the training ground by an immense strength’s attack, and sunshine shot in through the crack.

Finally, another sound echoed out. The entire training ground’s roof was smashed down. At the same time, an enormous silhouette emerged before everyone’s eyes——

It was an enormous fierce tiger with a length of 6 meters. Brown stripes were mixed in with its snow-white fur, its mouth’s canines and four limbs’ claws were especially eye-grabbing. Its eyes were a grey color and contained a faint trace of baleful qi. A grey-eyed white tiger is an Intermediate Level Demon Beast in the Western Myriad Beast Mountain Range. Its attack power is extremely strong and is equal to a Common ranked Intermediate Level Beastly General, but doesn’t have a ability nor innate skill.

This grey-eyed white tiger was well-known as one of Fan Zhishen’s contracted War Beast, but she didn’t expect that it would be here with Fan Minyue!

Xiao Xun’s pupils constricted. It seemed like there was going to be no way to solve this matter amicably. After quickly stretching her hand out to her side and taking out the long sword, Xiao Xun stimulated the DouQi in her body and an aura immediately surged out. High Level Warrior! Moreover, an extraordinary perfection High Level Warrior!

Fan Minyue’s pupils slightly shrunk, Xiao Xun’s DouQi cultivation exceeded her expectations. She was also a High Level Warrior, moreover, when she advanced to High Level Warrior, Xiao Xun was still an Intermediate Level Warrior. She didn’t think that Xiao Xun would surpass her cultivation within such a short time.

“Watch out for my sword!” Xiao Xun tenderly shouted, then took the initiative to launch an attack. As she was thrusting her sword, she told Venerable Xie and Little Shao: “Venerable Xie, Brother Shao, you guys go first!”


  1. TLN: Giving someone a ritual in Chinese is that respectful bow with one hand enclasped over the other. Also, when he says ‘I’, it’s the ‘I’ that refers to him being an old man. 
  2. TLN: Any K-Pop fans? Pretty old song now, tbh. 

Chapter 18 – Basic Completion of Archery

“Archery pays particular attention to eye, hand, and intention unification.” Xiao Xun said as she stood by Lin Wei’s side.

These were the words that Xiao Xun’s archery teacher emphasized when she began learning archery in her childhood. Perhaps it could be said that every person that practiced archery on Qifeng Continent knew these words.

However, though there were a lot of people who knew these words, those that could truly achieve it were few and far between!

This was because Qifeng Continent respectfully focused on fostering summon beasts and cultivated DouQi. Archery, it was an unpopular thing. Even though archery was a skill that all large aristocratic families trained in quite completely, it merely acted as an auxiliary course to take during one’s childhood in the family.

Lin Wei forehead became filled with black lines when he heard this.

There’s still an eye, hand, and intention unification? Wasn’t this too idealistic? Whatever, I’m someone who has studied the ‘Materialistic Dialectics1’……

Lin Wei took out an arrow and unhurriedly pulled the bowstring.

Eye, hand, and intention unification……

Intention, what must be concentrated on?

Lin Wei began to slowly get rid of all the distracting thoughts in his mind2. His eyes closely observed the target 40 meters away, so much that even his breathing began slowing down. Gradually, an unusual grandeur emitted off Lin Wei’s body. He seemed to have integrated his whole self into the bow and arrow.

Yes! Just like this! Xiao Xun wanted to call out in excitement, but she knew that she couldn’t make a sound at this moment, so she balled up both her hands and jumped in place.

But this jumping wasn’t important. It was her ample spheres that undulated like waves, as well as bounced, that was important3.

The distance between she and Lin Wei was actually quite close. It was near enough for this scene to fall into the corner of Lin Wei’s eyes——Lin Wei’s thoughts hadn’t been completely cleared away, so when he received this incomparably alluring disturbance, his whole body trembled. His hand loosened and the arrow immediately shot out.


The arrow brushed past the target.



Lin Wei blushed in shame. Ai, I’ve shown something really shameful. But Xiao Xun’s also at fault, jumping for no reason at the crucial moment.

Let’s do this again!

He took out an arrow once again. This time, Lin Wei learned from experience; he simply closed his eyes in advance.

Slowly, his mind became tranquil. After that, a kind of marvelous feeling suddenly appeared.

Originally, as a result of him closing his eyes, his surroundings was shrouded in darkness. But at this time, his surroundings seemed to slowly reappear from the darkness, just like how powdered sugar made its way out of a sieve. It became increasingly larger and concentrated, as well as increasingly clear.

What is going on?

Could it be that this is the legendary ‘Mind’s Eye’???

Lin Wei was somewhat mystified, but he tried hard to immerse himself in this state, to sense everything in his surroundings.

Bow, arrow, quiver……appeared one by one. Even the number of arrows in the quiver could be obtained, and the hairs of the feather on the arrow tail completely reappeared.

Xiao Xun, who was on his side, and Little Shao, who was a dot in the distance, also reappeared. Although they reappeared, the two of them weren’t as clear. As living people, the edges of their figures were even fuzzier. However, he could feel a fireball-like aura. Of course, that was their body’s heat radiating outwards.

The targets 40 meters away appeared. Due to the distance being far, the target was only a rough shape.

After a while, some scattered targets that were even farther away appeared, as well as some equipment at the edge of the training ground.

After it approximately extended to 70 to 80 meters, everything beyond it was shrouded in darkness and nothing could be felt……

It seems like this is the limit of my current capabilities. Lin Wei thought in his heart. But what is this state? Could it be my own skill as a summon beast? Or perhaps a talent that the antiquity rule granted me?

What Lin Wei didn’t know was that this wasn’t a skill, nor a talent. One has to know, everyone cultivates DouQi on Qifeng Continent. Not only does DouQi exist within the human body, but also between heaven and earth. Lin Wei turned into one of Qifeng Continent’s summon beast, and due to his constitution being extremely extraordinary, it invisibly produced a resonance with the DouQi between this heaven and earth. The so-called ‘Mind’s Eye’ was nothing but this resonance being manifested.

Of course, if other people were made aware of this scene, their eyeballs would absolutely fall onto the floor. This was because even if a person earnestly cultivating DouQi on Qifeng Continent wanted to achieve this resonance, they would have to at least attain Great Martial Master rank or higher for it to be possible——it must be taken note that it was just a possibility!

Lin Wei’s eyes were still closed as he calmly released the second arrow.

Whoosh——the arrow cut through the air like lightning and accurately pierced the red dot in the center of the target!!!


In the evening, Lin Wei returned to the other world.

“Returned? Come! Eat fish!” Plump Red was sitting on a rock by the riverside as it saw Lin Wei drop down from the space vortex, then calmly handed over a roast fish.

In these past few days, the two of them left their original domain and went a hundred or more kilometers in the northeast direction——at the present time, they already left Heavenly Wolf General’s territory but were still inside the territory of that Intermediate Level Beastly General whom they had never seen before. On this journey, they followed the river flowing southwards and rested in covert places as much as possible. When Lin Wei was summoned by Xiao Xun, Plump Red stopped in place to wait for him.

Lin Wei took the roast fish and gave it a bite: “Oh, Plump Red, your fish roasting skill has regressed. It’s a little burnt.”

Plump Red showed innocence on its face: “Can’t blame me……my fire, these days, too hot.”

After Plump Red had advanced, that trace of blue flame caused its flame to abruptly rise quite a lot in temperature. This lead to Plump Red burning fish if it didn’t pay careful attention when roasting fish.

“Then you must be more diligent!” Lin Wei put out a sincere and earnest appearance: “You must practice a lot and make great efforts to master your current flame. Once you can roast fish well, that means your ability is practiced!”

“Really?” Plump Red expressed doubt. Roasting fish could perfect its ability?

“That’s only natural. Haven’t you heard of the ‘Every Way Is Natural’?” Lin Wei shook his head as if to show off his knowledge: “Listen to me, nothing will go wrong. Did you know? Today I, hehehe……”

Plump Red watched Lin Wei suddenly laugh and couldn’t help but bewilderedly ask: “Today you, what happened?”

“Hahaha, today I learned a new skill. I’ll demonstrate it for you. Carefully watch, don’t be scared by me.” Recalling that controlled Mind’s Eye state, Lin Wei couldn’t help but be complacent. In any case, Plump Red was his most intimate friend, so showing off wasn’t something he couldn’t do.

After taking the bow off his back, Lin Wei drew out an arrow. When he returned this time, he brought back a quiver with a total of 30 arrows from Qifeng Continent.

After closing his eyes, Lin Wei began silencing his thoughts.

Gradually, everything in his surroundings became quiet……

Naturally, it wasn’t like everything was quiet. What disappeared was merely the distracting thoughts. The ‘chuun chuun’ sound of the brook’s running water, the sound of the swaying tree leaves and grass in the surroundings, the sound of birds and insects crying out, and the sound of Plump Red’s breathing became even clearer.

Lin Wei’s entire body and mind was already in the state of ‘emptied mind with no distracting thoughts’.

However, the surrounding things hadn’t reappeared. He had closed his eyes, yet all around was still a calm pitch-black darkness.

What’s going on?

Lin Wei opened his eyes and caught sight of a confused Plump Red looking at him.

How come I haven’t entered Mind’s Eye state? Lin Wei stared blankly as he stood in place. It shouldn’t be, I indeed got rid of all distracting thoughts a moment ago, that emptied mind state was the same as before, the only thing missing is everything in the surroundings reappearing.

“Let me try one more time.” Lin Wei said to Plump Red, then took in a deep of breath and closed his eyes again.

Five to six minutes later, he resentfully opened his eyes again.

Another failure!

Lin Wei felt like he had fallen into a foggy place.

Due to the fact that he wasn’t aware that the previous ‘Mind’s Eye’ state was caused by resonance with DouQi, as a result, he didn’t understand why he failed after returning to the other world. The reason was quite simple——there was no DouQi in the other world, DouQi was a type of energy specific to Qifeng Continent. Perhaps the other world had its own energy, but it was very clear that this energy wasn’t something the current Lin Wei could poke his nose into. Lin Wei was currently a summon beast from Qifeng Continent; any summon beast would have high affinity with the energy of their master’s continent.

This was what the antiquity rule decided, and adding Lin Wei’s unprecedented transmigrated constitution, this was what enabled him to he able to resonate with DouQi in such a short amount of time. Naturally, this resonance was still very weak, with a scope merely limited to things near him.

“I’ve regressed……” Lin Wei muttered to himself. He couldn’t think up any clear reason, so he had no other choice but to draw this kind of conclusion.

“What regressed?” Plump Red was completely unable to understand.

Lin Wei pretended not to hear Plump Red’s words. He lifted up the bow in his hand and aimed at a tree trunk about 40 meters away: “Let’s give it a try……”

He pulled the bowstring to the limit, then let go of it. The arrow flew out, then accurately hit the targeted tree trunk.

Huh? My archery itself has progressed. Both of Lin Wei’s eyes brightened.

Let’s try several more arrows! The greater half of Lin Wei’s confidence was restored and he continuously shot out four arrows. Every arrow hit the center of the target!

Plump Red’s eyes brightened in response to Lin Wei’s stunning skill.

Lin Wei pat his belly. With regards to his display, he was quite pleased. Just as he wanted to turn around to say some lines to show off to Plump Red, suddenly, a sharp cry sounded out from the rear-most tree trunk that he shot at. This cry was incomparably ear-piercing. It was like the sound of metal rubbing against one another, as well as the sound of glass breaking.

This sharp cry was so sudden that Lin Wei and Plump Red were frightened to quivering, then they saw an enormous green beetle crawl out from behind the tree trunk. After that, it smashed the tree trunk into bits.

Green Jade Single-Horned Immortal, Attribute: Wood, Rank: Common, Status: Low Level Beastly Guard!

This Green Jade Single-Horned Immortal was clearly agitated by the five arrows that Lin Wei had just shot. At this moment, it was abnormally livid with anger, seeming like a small mountain rushing at Lin Wei and Plump Red to crush them!

“Wah! Run for it!” Plump Red was frightened enough to throw down his roast fish and turn around to escape.

“Hey, wait a little! Wait a bit!” Lin Wei pulled on his bow: “Don’t fear, watch me. My archery has achieved basic completion, and it just so happens that I can use it to practice my skill!”

While he was confidently nocking an arrow, the Single-Horned Immortal was already approximately 30 meters away.

“Truly not a problem.” Lin Wei mischievously smiled, then released the arrow.

Dang! The arrow shot out accurately hit the Single-Horned Immortal’s head. However, Lin Wei’s smiling expression frozen in the next second——because he saw that arrow not even pierce in a fraction, instead immediately bouncing off. Taking another look at the Single-Horned Immortal’s head, he also noticed that there wasn’t even a trace left behind!

Eh, how can it be like this?! Lin Wei stared distractedly.



Inside this part of the jungle, there were continuously repeating sounds of fright and sounds of running away. It was going towards the northeast direction, continuing on for a very long time, veeeery long time……


  1. TLN: Search it up if you want to know what it is. My summary would be that it’s a text based on idealism. 
  2. TLN: Harder than written/said. 
  3. TLN: Sort of implied in the raws, so I put it in. 

Chapter 17 – Stormy Situation Arises Again

Pitch-black, jet-black darkness.

This place was Fan Clan’s most secret training base. This place was more than dozens of times bigger than Xiao Xun’s training ground. In the middle of this space stood 50 to 60 bronze metal puppets. At this very moment, the majority of these metal puppets were scattered and smashed. Although a small part could still be considered to have all four limbs intact, they were all lying down on the ground, full of cuts and bruises.

Above the puppets stood a tall and resolute silhouette.

Outside the border of the space stood two respectful young servants. Because it was really too pitch-black, they simply couldn’t see that silhouette at the center of the space, but this didn’t hinder them from worshipping it deep in their hearts.

“Little Six!” That silhouette opened its mouth and said.

“Young master Yanxing, please give instructions!” Little Six quivered in excitement, then deferentially kneeled down.

Yes, the one training in this secret base was the number one person in Fan Clan’s fourth generation——Fan Yanxing. Only he was qualified to enjoy the most of the clan’s training resources!

“I’ll be finishing here today.” Fan Yanxing said: “Go inform Master Zhao that these puppets need to be completely fixed. Tell him to add more mithril and meteoric iron to the body surface and joints. Starting from tomorrow, I want to challenge double the difficulty.”

“As you bid! I1 will go handle it!” Little Six accepted the order. He stood up, lit a torch, then quickly left running.

“Little Seven, are there any important clan matters?” Fan Yanxing said as he took the towel that the young servant proffered to wipe away his sweat.

“Yes. Indeed there’s a major event!” Little Seven lowered his voice and said.

“Ah? Say it.” Fan Yanxing’s eyebrows jumped.

Little Seven thought about how to word it, then said: “Tian Clan, broke the engagement.”

Tian Clan? Broke the engagement? Fan Yanxing knit his sword-like eyebrows. ‘Tian Clan’s eldest son and his family’s Fan Minyue had drawn up a marriage.’ This piece of news had been spread long ago, so many honored and prestigious big clans also knew about this matter. Now Tian Clan actually broke the engagement? Wasn’t this embarrassing Fan Clan?

“It’s not only this,” Little Seven continued speaking: “Tian Clan, Tian Clan decided to become related by marriage with Yin Clan!”

“What?!” Fan Yanxing angrily opened his eyes, a threatening cold light bursting forth from both his eyes. Fan Minyue’s summon beast dying in the great competition, so her strength plummeted, therefore Tian Clan broke the engagement. If it was like that, although it wouldn’t make sense morally, at least it was excusable. However, they unexpectedly turned their heads to become related by marriage with Yin Clan! Who didn’t know that Yin Clan and Fan Clan were foes for generations. Tian Clan and Yin Clan becoming related by marriage was no different from the two of them collaborating to give Fan Clan a heavy slap to the face, then ruthlessly stab a knife into them!

“Young master, I heard……Yin Clan’s second young lady’s summon beast broke through to Intermediate Level Beastly General.” Little Seven revealed everything he knew.

“I see.” Fan Yanxing gently nodded with a cold gaze.

Tian Clan is truly a practical clan. It seems that they will do anything to make their next generation bloodline quality attain the best. But like this, Fan Clan will turn into the biggest laughingstock. Clan Head Fan Xun absolutely won’t let this kind of situation happen!


Fan Yanxing’s guess was correct. Just as this piece of news was about to spread, Fan Xun dispatched his second son Fan Tianhu to go negotiate with Tian Clan. Fan Tianhu is Fan Minyue’s grandfather, so him personally acting was appropriate. This time, the instruction that Fan Xun issued out was: The one whose manner stays unyielding, will definitely be the one who controls the situation the least!2

However, Tian Clan’s response was still hard for Fan Tianhu to guard against——it was different from Fan Clan, Tian Clan’s Clan Head replacement was much earlier. The current Tian Clan’s Clan Head was Tian Clan’s eldest son’s father, the current 59 year-old Tian Kui. According to superiority in the clan, he and Fan Zhishen were of the same generation, so he was Fan Tianhu’s younger generation. But when Fan Tianhu went to the Tian Clan this time, the person receiving him was someone ranked even lower than him3——this person was called Song Di, Tian Clan’s young master who was of the same generation with Fan Yanxing——Tian Kui and Tian Clan’s eldest son Tian Yun weren’t even present.

That young master said that Tian Kui and Tian Yun had gone to Yin Clan to discuss the wedding, and that the elders in the clan went out to manage some other matters. Then, he took out an secluded old ancestor’s decree from long ago, stating that this time’s relation by marriage with Yin Clan was the instruction that old ancestor left behind. And the engagement drawn up with Fan Clan last time was Clan Head Tian Kui’s decision, but because it contradicted the old ancestor’s decree, they couldn’t act upon it. At this point, he expressed his apologies to Fan Tianhu and advised that their Clan Head should personally pay a visit. Then, he finally said that if Fan Tianhu was anxious to meet Clan Head, then he could go to Yin Clan.

Go to Yin Clan? Fan Tianhu naturally wouldn’t go.

Tian Clan was clearly showing that they would stubbornly refuse to admit the truth by letting a younger generation receive him, but there was also a decree from an old ancestor on the same generation as Fan Xun. This made Fan Tianhu have a headache.

“Tian Yin?” Fan Tianhu inquired.

Tian Yin was Tian Kui’s father, the former Clan Head of Tian Clan.

“After maternal grandfather resigned from Clan Head, he secluded himself in the clan’s restricted area along with the old ancestor.” Song Di smilingly replied, his face showing an expression seeming harmless to both humans and livestock.

“I must to take away the decree!” Fan Tianhu stated.

“Without the old ancestor’s permission, even if the decree is taken away, it will be reduced to ashes.” Song Di continued to smilingly speak.

Ultimately, Fan Tianhu returned with a bellyful of ire. This time, Tian Clan didn’t make a person on the same status as him come to apologize, nor did they make public that decree. In the end, the one suffering would still be Fan Clan.


Bang! When Fan Tianhu returned to the clan, he angrily threw down a teacup.

Fan Zhishen stood underneath with an ashen face.

“Grandfather, father, don’t tell me that this matter will be let off like this?” Fan Minyue said with an unwilling heart.

“What is there to do?” Fan Tianhu was also angry, but had no place to vent it: “Tian Clan is originally more formidable than us. This time, they clearly showed that they didn’t want to give us a statement! Zhishen, you are also responsible for this matter!”

“Father, I……” Fan Zhishen opened his mouth in attempt to explain.

“Hmph!” Fan Tianhu ferociously glared at his eyes. Without giving him an opportunity to explain: “Originally, Tian Yun fancied Xiao Xun, but you stopped it, ultimately facilitating Minyue and his marriage. Don’t think I don’t know!”

“Father, with Xiao Xun’s current trash summon beast, Tian Clan would still break the engagement.” Fan Zhishen compensated himself.

Trash? Hmph, Clan Head is currently in the middle of secretly training Xiao Xun. Fan Tianhu snorted in his heart, but he was unable to speak out these words.

After resting for a moment, Fan Tianhu stood up: “Regardless of how it is, the matter has a great influence on our Fan Clan. I still must go to Clan Head’s place to discuss a countermeasure. You two need to honestly stay at home for me!”

After Fan Tianhu finished speaking, he stormed off in a huff.

“Father!” Fan Minyue cried out in grievance.

Ai, now that things have gotten to this point, I’m powerless to reverse the situation.” Fan Zhishen sighed: “After Tian Clan becomes our enemy, my daughter, don’t harbor any fantasies.”

Fan Minyue clenched her teeth and said: “It’s all Xiao Xun’s, that smelly girl, fault! If not for her killing my summon beast, would my engagement be broken off? I’m so furious, I definitely won’t let her off!”

Fan Zhishen shot a glance to her eyes and pretended to carelessly ask: “How is your investigation going?”

“From daughter’s secret investigation these past few days, it can basically be determined that Xiao Xun has been sent to a secret place.”

“Sent to a secret place?” Fan Zhishen stroked his beard and wrinkled his brows: “What’s the point of sending her to a secret place?”

“Hmph, isn’t this clear?” Fan Minyue curled her lips and bitingly said: “Grandfather is being partial. He is worried that we will be harmful to her, so he’s protecting her.”

“I don’t think that it’s so simple.” Fan Zhishen looked into his daughter’s eyes: “Have you found out where she was sent off to?”

“I currently still haven’t found out where. But there will be some clues left behind anyhow. Give me a week and I will definitely be able to look up where she is!” A trace of ruthlessness passed through Fan Minyue’s eyes.


Inside the secret training ground, Xiao Xun began Lin Wei’s special training.

Lin Wei stood perfectly straight in the center of the training ground, curiously looking at the archery targets that Xiao Xun was setting up on another side.

The target was approximately 40 meters away from Lin Wei, and there was a 10 meter spacing between each target.

“Today, we will start practice on shooting arrows!” Xiao Xun finished placing down the archery targets, turned around and said to Lin Wei.

Lin Wei nodded and took the bow he was carrying off his back, then took out an arrow.

“Wait a moment.” Xiao Xun smiled as she watched Lin Wei. Then she turned around and went to ask Little Shao: “Brother Shao, I will be troubling you to bring that bow over.”

“Okay, young lady Xiao Xun.” Little Shao responded. Roughly 3 to 5 minutes later, he came back running with a bow in his hand, then stopped in front of Lin Wei to hand it over.

Lin Wei extended his hand and grabbed the bow to put into his hand.

As Lin Wei began, he secretly called out in his heart: How heavy! Compared to my former bow, this new bow’s weight is much heavier. Moreover, the entire bow’s body has a bone-penetrating ice-coldness. With Lin Wei’s attentive sight, he could see a fluorescence from one end of the bow to the other.

What a good bow!

A goods’ true value can only be determined through comparison. Now that there the situation where he could compare and contrast, Lin Wei instantaneously thought that his former bow was truly very trashy.

“Try drawing the string of the bow.” Xiao Xun said with an expectation look in her eyes.

Lin Wei took a deep breath. His left hand held the bow while two fingers on his right hand held the bowstring. He used a slight amount of force, but immediately felt a powerful resistance——quite obviously, the bow was a great bow, but it required much higher strength compared to before!


The bowstring made a trembling sound, then was pulled longer by Lin Wei.

Finally, Lin Wei managed to pull this bow ⅔ of the way. This was already the limit that the present him could attain. However, Lin Wei could sense that even though it was currently only at ⅔ of the maximum draw, once he released it, it would display a shooting force that far surpassed his former bow!

It seemed that if Lin Wei wanted to pull the bow to its limit, he would have to upgrade his strength a bit further.

Xiao Xun let out a sigh of relief. She was still quite satisfied with Lin Wei’s performance.

“Next, we’ll first practice on fixed targets 40 meters away.” Xiao Xun smilingly said.


  1. TLN: As you know, polite terms and formal terms don’t translate well into English. In this case, the ‘I’ is said ‘小的’, which is a way to say ‘I’ to speaking to someone superior. It’s the kind of talk that a servant would to his master. 
  2. TLN: Basically saying that if one side is unwilling to bow their heads a bit for a compromise, then that side will be the side that loses the upper hand. 
  3. TLN: Tian Kui 

Chapter 16 – Heavenly Wolf General’s Departure

Starting from the next day of the great competition, the focused on Fan Yanxing and the other four’s special training began in secret.

As for Xiao Xun, after several days, she was secretly sent to a training location outside the clan castle and began her special training.

“What? Xiao Xun disappeared?” Hearing the servant’s report, Fan Zhishen stared vacantly.

“Yes, master. It is said that third lady also doesn’t know where she went, and only knows that eldest master arranged Xiao Xun to go out to handle matters.” The servant replied. The third lady he talked about referred to Xiao Xun’s mother, and the eldest master was naturally Fan Tianhu.

“Went out to handle matters? This simple?” Fan Minyue wasn’t convinced as she waved to the servant: “Okay, you don’t need to manage the following matter. I’ll personally go ascertain where she went.”

“Minyue, if you really want to investigate, then take caution. Don’t let your grandfather find out.” Fan Zhishen warned.

“Daughter knows in her heart.” Fan Minyue responded. A sharp light flashed through her eyes.


Xiao Xun was currently in an underground training ground. The training ground wasn’t very big, but it was still bigger than the training room she had before. There were all kinds of equipments and facilities all around, and an ignited brazier with a slightly dim ray.

Three people stood in front of her. One was a 50 years-old or so elder, one was a 30 years-old or so woman, and the other was a 20 years-old or so young person.

“Young lady Xiao Xun, I am the housekeeper here. You can call me Old Xie.” The old woman introduced herself.

Xiao Xun politely called: “Venerable Xie, hello.”

Venerable Xie didn’t think Xiao Xun would be so polite. She was distracted for a moment, then promptly waved her hand: “Young lady Xiao Xun, old servant doesn’t dare accept.”

Old Xie and Venerable Xie1, when the order was reversed, the meaning became vastly different.

“I’m doing what I’m supposed to do, Xiao Xun asks you to take care in the future.” Xiao Xun’s face hung a sweet smile.

“Young lady Xiao Xun, your words are heavy……” Venerable Xie inwardly nodded in her heart and didn’t bother with the matter of address. She continued on introducing to Xiao Xun: “This is Aunt Liu, she will be responsible for your daily life.”

“Aunt Liu, please treat me kindly.” Xiao Xun sent her regards to Aunt Liu.

Aunt Liu hurriedly bowed to return the greeting: “Young lady, feel relieved that your daily life will be completely handed over to me later.”

“And this is Little Shao, tell him if you have any odd jobs or petty matters you need to run.” Venerable Xie continued presenting.

“Brother Shao, please treat me kindly.” Xiao Xun smiled towards Little Shao.

Little Shao blushed and lowered his head, not daring to look at Xiao Xun: “Young lady, if you……you have any matters, don’t hesitate to tell me!”

“Young lady Xiao Xun, this training ground is specially customized for you.” Venerable Xie said: “Here, we have the complete set of training equipments and facilities. There are 18 magic beasts at the level of Beastly Guard and 3 magic beasts at the level of Beastly General, the strongest one being an Intermediate Level Beastly General. These will be your sparring partners. In addition, within the scope of the clan’s allowance, you have a considerable sum of gold coins that can be used to purchase any required heavenly materials or earthly treasures.”

Xiao Xun inwardly exclaimed in surprise when she heard this. When the clan wanted to fully cultivate the younger generation, the amount of resources moved really made one speechless. And she only had half a person’s resources, not to speak of how much more her 5 elder brothers had. However, she also knew that these resources weren’t given for free. Before she came, her paternal grandfather Fan Tianlong had told her that there would be an inspection one month later. The result of that inspection would decide whether or not the clan would continue to provide her resources.

Furthermore, she was different from the other five elder brothers. Xiao Xun’s training was extremely secret, so the elders in the clan wouldn’t come over to give pointers. In addition, Xiao Xun’s summon beast’s special attribute made it so that no one could guide her. Thus, Xiao Xun’s training program had to be drawn up by herself. Venerable Xie and the others were simply there to offer assistance.

Using her lush and jade-like finger to point at her adorable chin, Xiao Xun thought for a little bit, then said: “Then……Xiao Xun needs several days to think up the following training problem. In these few days, Venerable Xie and Brother Shao can rest first, when Xiao Xun has finished thinking, you will immediately be notified. Xiao Xun will trouble Aunt Liu for the next few days.”


After Lin Wei returned to the other world for three days, Heavenly Wolf General finally woke up.

“You……became a Beastly Soldier?” This was its first words after it woke up and saw Lin Wei.

“Uh……as you see, yes.” Lin Wei spread out both his hands and shrugged his shoulders.

“……” Heavenly Wolf General foolishly stood in place staring blankly, it clearly was unable to understand the scene before its eyes.

“Ai, let’s not speak of me.” Lin Wei waved his hands, then moved to the front of Heavenly Wolf General: “How do you feel right now?”

Heavenly Wolf General propped up his forepaws on the ground and sat up, then felt its own body. Its right hand claw was already broken off, appearing very uncoordinated.


It used its’ paw to cover the former wound on its abdomen. It seemed to still ache a little, but the formerly pierced wound already miraculously healed.

Could this be a gift that Heavenly Wolf General received after becoming a summon beast? Lin Wei secretly conjectured in his heart.

“Open-arm Devil Ape?” Heavenly Wolf General asked about the matter that it cared about the most.

“This is the good news I wanted to report to you.” Lin Wei clapped his hands. He said with excitement and bit of proudness: “It——died!”

“Died? Good.” Heavenly Wolf General nodded.

Five seconds……

Ten seconds……

One minute……

“Eh……how come you’re not reacting? How come you’re not one bit surprised?” Lin Wei’s forehead was full of black lines2. He originally thought that Heavenly Wolf General would be shocked, so he bragged. In the end, Heavenly Wolf General’s faint response was above his anticipation.

“Master, safe……” Heavenly Wolf General slowly crawled up. It looked at its’ broken off right hand claw, showing lament in its eyes, but even more proudness.

“Wait wait wait wait……” Lin Wei somewhat understood: “You can’t be thinking that the Open-arm Devil Ape was killed by you, right?”

“In the future, master will be depending on you!” Heavenly Wolf General fiercely patted Lin Wei’s shoulder.


****! I still haven’t shown off……

Lin Wei howled in his heart. Ai, let it be, with its IQ, communicating with it is really strenuous!

Heavenly Wolf General looked at the outside of the cave and started slowly stepping towards the outside.

Lin Wei and Plump Red looked at each other, then followed it out.

Outside the cave mouth, the sun shined brightly, birds sang, and the fragrance of flowers floated around. Heavenly Wolf General went to stand on top of a protruding rock and raised its eyes to look into the distance. From here, one could see the neverending vast verdant forest in a place far away, one could see that beautiful sapphire-colored lake, one could see countless flying birds and walking beasts living satisfied lives under the sunshine.

This place, was the vast territory that Heavenly Wolf General once governed!

Heavenly Wolf General stood still there for a long time, looking at everything, calm and unmoving, motionless.

Lin Wei and Plump Red arrived behind it and overlooked everything with it.

Open-arm Devil Ape once destroyed this ‘everything’, but now, Lin Wei and the others seized it back.

“Heavenly Wolf General, this once again belongs to you.” Lin Wei opened his mouth and said.

Heavenly Wolf General didn’t respond. After a full five minutes, it turned around and said: “I will be leaving here.”

“Ah?” Lin Wei was taken aback: “Why?”

The ******* has already been killed, shouldn’t now be the time to enjoy the fruit of victory? Why instead do you want to leave? What situation is this?

Heavenly Wolf General didn’t elaborate any further. It bent its waist, felt the soil on the ground, and muttered: “I, must leave.”

Lin Wei was unable to comprehend why Heavenly Wolf General would talk like this. Actually, Heavenly Wolf General was also unclear. This was one of those mysterious directions that Heavenly Wolf General heard summoning him from a place far away. It was currently the only non-summon beast with a skill in this other world, unusually special. It didn’t know what was waiting for him on the path in front him, but it felt that it should conform to this feeling.

The other world was very great and wide. Their place here was so small that it couldn’t be considered a small corner.

What things were in the outside world?

Heavenly Wolf General didn’t know. Lin Wei and Plump Red didn’t know even more.

Thus, on this ordinary afternoon, this land’s original supreme governor left quietly without most life forms knowing the circumstances.

Lin Wei and Plump Red sent it off in a place very far away. Finally, Heavenly Wolf General gave the two of them a hug, then went along in the direction of the setting sun and disappeared from their field of view.

The next day, Lin Wei and Plump Red returned to the lakeside. This place was still as lively as it was in the past.

Various kinds of beasts walked to and fro. Clever Turquoise Wind Foxes, mischievous Small Leaf Long-Armed Apes, plump Horned Hippopotamuses, carefree Brown River Racoon Dogs……and the Iron-skin Rhinoceros that he recognized the earliest that year. Its life was very free and restrained, so much that it stayed over at Intermediate Level Beastly Soldier all these years.

After seeing Lin Wei’s status, it expressed enormous surprise and closely examined what was going on. After Lin Wei roughly explained the matter, it said that it completely couldn’t understand it.

Good, Lin Wei couldn’t help but laugh, sometimes the slow-witted have their advantages, yes?

On the second day of Lin Wei and Plump Red’s return to the lakeside, Plump Red finally broke through to High Level Beastly Soldier. After it broke through, the flame that it sprayed was no longer just red; there was blue color inside the red.

“Plump Red,” Lin Wei patted Plump Red’s shoulder: “Let’s go out to temper ourselves!”

“Temper ourselves?” Plump Red was perplexed.

“Right! Just like Heavenly Wolf General!” Lin Wei jumped onto a large stone, then pointed into the distance: “The outside world is so large, don’t you want to go out to take a look?”

“No……” Plump Red subconsciously shook its head, but in the end it still hesitated: “En……going to take a look is fine……”

“Great, then it’s decided like this.” Lin Wei clapped his hands and excitedly said: “We have to pack up, we’ll set off today!”

He tidied up his bow and dagger, wrapped up some medicinal herbs, sharpened some bamboo into simple bamboo arrows, and snapped off the longspear’s spearpoint to exchange for a spearhead made of stone. Lin Wei went to an area 5 li away. In this place, he needed to say goodbye to a benefactor.

“Grandpa Treant, I have been receiving your care these years. I am now preparing to leave here.” Lin Wei saluted towards the Hundred-Year Treant and said.

“Little guy, Intermediate Level Beastly Soldier?” The Hundred-Year Treant opened its mouth and said. Its voice was still as ancient as before, and filled with a trace of gratification.

“Yes, I want to go temper myself. I might not come back for a very long time.”

“Go, go.” Hundred-Year Treant encouraged: “A good youth aspires to travel far and make their mark. If you meet any challenges, then go to the local treant clan to request help! Our treant clan is numerous, so long as there is a forest area, there will surely be our forms. I have currently reached the 700 year-old threshold, perhaps the next time you come back, I will be a High Level Beastly Guard! Haha.”

“Then congratulations in advance!” Lin Wei felt heartfelt happiness for the Treant: “I’ve remembered what you said. In that case, I’m going!”

Lin Wei finally bowed to the Hundred-Year Treant, then turned to leave.

Let’s go, it’s time to leave this land I’ve lived on for seven years.

Other world, we’re coming!


  1. TLN: In Chinese, the characters are the same. So, the pinyin would be ‘lǎoxiè’ and ‘xièlǎo’ respectively. The former means ‘Old Xie(informal)’ while the latter means ‘Venerable Xie(formal+polite)’. 
  2. TLN: Means he was frustrated. Like when you wrinkle your forehead enough to make the crinkles visible as black lines. 

Chapter 15 – Great Competition Ends

“Formidable!” On the side, Lu Jing exclaimed in admiration: “Although older cousin Yanxing’s Wind attributed White Mane Lion’s forte is also speed, compared to the Lightning attributed Peregrine Falcon, it pales in significance.”

“Indeed. Moreover, one is a land beast and another is a bird. The Peregrine Falcon’s speed advantage is very big.” Fan Zhong rarely reached a consensus of opinion with Lu Jing.

On another side, Lu Feng said: “Ziqi’s progress is extraordinarily fast. According to his present fighting strength, he should have 40-50% assurance to challenge the fourth or fifth places. Why did he have to go challenge older cousin Yanxing?”

Lu Jing shook his head and said to his younger brother: “Him challenging older cousin Fan Ping is a little too early. As for fifth place, didn’t you want to challenge fifth place? He’s giving the opportunity to you.”

Lu Feng’s body shook and he went silent.

“You don’t need to think too much, Ziqi is still very young, he has more opportunities in the future.” Lu Jing said: “We’re both older older than him by ** years. From now on, we need to strive diligently.”

With regards to Lu Xing’s lineage, the people of this generation were fairly weak, but their hearts were all together and cohesiveness was stronger. And unlike the other two branches, it didn’t have conflict and in-fighting between brothers and sisters.

“Look, older cousin Yanxing still hasn’t counterattacked.” Fan Zhong pointed at the center stage: “It seems that he’s thinking of using this opportunity to give Ziqi some pointers.”

“Being able to get older cousin Yanxing’s pointers is also Ziqi’s good fortune. Otherwise, if older cousin Yanxing immediately used his trump card, perhaps Ziqi would lose by several moves and lose self-respect.” Lu Jing said with a smile.


“Ziqi, your speed is quite good.” Fan Yanxing opened his mouth and said.

In that period of time just then, the Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon already executed more than 10 attacks, but every time, it could only leave behind several shallow wounds. These wounds healed very quickly. The lightning that the Peregrine Falcon released had a paralysis effect that became increasingly smaller with regards to Fan Yanxing.

“Older cousin Yanxing, please give me pointers.” Ziqi respectfully asked.

“Then release its skill.” Fan Yanxing lightly said: “Let me experience your strongest attack.”

Lu Ziqi nodded and put on a solemn expression: “In that case, please be careful older cousin. My Lightning Falcon’s skill is called ‘Thunderclap Shuttling’! Start!”

The Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon returned a response, then circled above Lu Ziqi. Every time it circled, the lightning surrounding its body increased by a tenth. When it circled for the fifteenth time, the dozens of electric arcs converged and sent out an astonishing might.

“Go!” Lu Ziqi pointed at Fan Yanxing. The Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon directed the turbulent thunderbolt towards Fan Yanxing. The speed was incomparably quick and arrived in nearly a blink. Furthermore, in that final split second, the Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon unexpectedly became invisible, changing from a corporeal state to an energy state!

However, surrounding Fan Yanxing’s body, there seemed to be an additional invisible shield layer that appeared at some unknown time. That thunderbolt and the protection shield met each other, then immediately separated, but the powerful energy attack still pushed Fan Yanxing backwards more than 10 meters.

When the thunderbolt completely dispersed, Fan Yanxing released the shield in front of his two arms. Although there was the protection field, both of his small arms were partially burnt black.

“Ziqi, the might of this move is pretty good.” Fan Yanxing massaged his already numb arms: “Wait until your Peregrine Falcon advances into Beastly General. Perhaps then, its strike would be able to cause me to temporarily lose attacking power on both my arms.”

Lu Ziqi’s heart was moved, but he wasn’t contented because he was very clear on this older cousin’s strength. Even if both of his arms lost fighting power, the other parts of his body were also formidable attacking weapons.

“Speaking of the shortcomings.” Fan Yanxing continued: “Before the skill is employed, the Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon speed is very quick, yet its injury output is insufficient, making it hard to pose a threat to your opponent. And even though its skill is very powerful, it only goes in a straight line and has no flexibility. Fortunately, its speed is quick enough and should be difficult for the opponent to avoid. But, the might is still lacking a bit as before.”

“Older cousin, what you’ve said is very right, uncle has also told me this.” Ziqi responded: “He suggested that I walk the path of an assassin, but I felt that it was too dark and gloomy, and didn’t suit me.”

“You might as well try to train the Peregrine Falcon’s crowd control ability. As for this ‘Thunderclap Shuttling’, think up a way to heighten its might, then it could act as a trump card.”

“Crowd control ability?” Lu Ziqi stared blankly: “But if it’s like that, then won’t the normal attack power be lower?”

“If it’s possible to trap the enemy, why would there be a need to injure the enemy? Look at paternal uncle Zhishen.” Fan Yanxing said: “Of course, whether or not your Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon will be able to achieve crowd control all depends on your excavation.”

Lu Ziqi became silent and looked pensive.

Fan Yanxing slightly smiled, removed the fusion skill, and began walking towards the outside of the stage.

Seeing that Fan Yanxing was going to leave, Lu Ziqi smilingly shouted out loud: “Older cousin Yanxing, we’re still in the middle of a competition, if you leave like this, then it will be considered my win!” This sentence covered everything about a 17 year-old youth’s temperament.

Everyone in the audience burst out in laughter.

Fan Yanxing also dumbly laughed, then shook his head and said: “In that case, take a good look younger cousin!”

As he was speaking, Fan Yanxing’s body smoothly turned into his fusion body. Both of his legs pushed off the ground and he clashed towards Lu Ziqi.

Lu Ziqi promptly revolved his DouQi in preparation for defending, but who would have known that his DouQi wouldn’t revolve at all. When Fan Yanxing was a bit more than 10 meters away from him, he saw Fan Yanxing’s sunken shoulder rise and a thread of formidable qi attacked. It directly struck his chest, then made him fly out, finally falling outside the stage.

From the beginning of Fan Yanxing changing bodies to Lu Ziqi falling outside, it wasn’t even a full four seconds!

The whole audience was completely silent. After ten seconds, they burst into thunderous applause.

Fan Xun nodded in satisfaction: “Good! Xing’er’s DouQi outer release has already reached greater competition, advancing to Great Martial Master is just around the corner.”


After this liveliness, the competition still had to continue. Lu Feng challenged fifth place. Both sides were engaged in a long violent battle and it was difficult to decide victory or defeat. Strictly speaking, Lu Feng was slightly disadvantaged, but the opposite party was unable to cope with him.

When Fan Tianfeng prepared to declare that it was a draw, fifth place Fan Tong suddenly declared defeat. His reason was that although he slightly superior, he was older than Lu Feng by eight years, so he should give this valuable quota to the younger Lu Feng. His words lead to the whole audience’s long-lasting applause.

Finally, Xiao Rong and Lu Feng compared notes.

Hence, the great competition ended like this. The first five in descending order was Fan Yanxing, Fan Zhong, Lu Jing, Fan Ping, and Lu Feng. Among them, Fan Yanxing and Fan Zhong were part of Fan Tianlong’s lineage, Lu Jing and Lu Feng were part of Fan Tianfeng’s lineage, and the fourth place Fan Ping and originally fifth place Fan Tong were part of Fan Tianhu’s lineage. Of course, Xiao Xun would take up half a quota, but besides the Clan Head and second generation, no other person knew about this matter.


After the great competition concluded, Fan Minyue followed her father to return home.

“Father.” Fan Minyue indignantly said: “My Devil Ape died in vain like this?”

Fan Zhishen had a calm and collected overcast face. He looked at his daughter’s eyes and said with a heavy voice: “Since Clan Head spoke, even if we can’t swallow it, we must swallow. That ******* took seized the opportunity, my three chains gave it benefits.”

“Clan Head is clearly siding with Xiao Xun that smelly girl.” Fan Minyue angrily said.

“Don’t be angry. On Qifeng Continent, there are many precedents of summon beasts dying. As long as you advance to Martial Master in the future, you’ll have another opportunity to contract a summon beast.” Fan Zhishen said: “Besides, wait until you marry into Tian Clan, what use would you have for a summon beast then. Tian Clan has great riches and influence, when you become the wife of the house, you can tidy up that silly girl with a simple hand turn.”

Fan Minyue no longer spoke. The front portion of what father had said was knowledge she already knew. In Qifeng Continent, summon beasts could die, but the rule gave the people many contracting opportunities. When one became a warrior, one would have the opportunity to contract one’s first summon beast. At Martial Master, there was a second opportunity. Battle King was the third, Battle Reverend was the fourth, and War God was the fifth. However, one’s summon beast either had to die, betray, or be expelled before attempting another contract. In other words, everyone could only have one summon beast at max.

The back portion of father’s words suited Fan Minyue’s intentions. Although her innate talent was high, she felt that cultivation was too arduous. Marrying and acting as a rich and powerful woman was the life that she should have.

“Someone come.” Fan Zhishen shouted. A servant responded and came over.

“What instruction does master have?”

“In these next few days, go pay attention to Fan Xiaoxun’s1 movements. Her every movement, you must report to me truthfully.”

“As you bid, master.”

After the servant withdrew, Fan Minyue curiously asked: “Father, what’s the point of monitoring Xiao Xun?”

Fan Zhishen stroked his chin: “At today’s martial arts competing stage, it was a little fishy. First, Clan Head prevented me from killing her summon beast, then on the second round, father called her out. After a while, she forfeited……I feel that there is some inside matter……”


On another side, the clan’s highest level convened for a small conference.

“Lord Father,” Fan Tianhu opened his mouth and said: “According to our clan’s present resources, focusing on training five people is already the limit. If we distribute half a person’s share to Xiao Xun, I fear……”

Although the decision was made by their old father, the interests of the entire clan also had to be considered. Xiao Xun was Fan Tianhu’s granddaughter, so these words could only be said by him.

Fan Xun became quiet for a moment, then said: “Start using the surrounding resources. Every region must be collected, start collecting for a month first. These resources cannot be flow into the clan, so as to avoid dropped a matter for derision. I am quite expectant towards Xiao Xun’s summon beast, it truly is very communicative and intelligent. You might not be clear on what this signifies, but in history, every summon beast with demon-like intelligence have at least achieved the level of Beastly King in the end!”

“But it can only advance by means of battling and striking to kill a powerful enemy, its limitation is quite large. Moreover, its growth road will be fairly rough.” Fan Tianlong supplemented.

“Opportunity always coexists with challenge. Xiao Xun, this child’s, disposition is pretty good. Let’s first resolve it like this, and look at how far she can walk……” Fan Xun said: “Xiao Bin died early, these years their mother-daughter duo truly suffered hardship. Of course, the ‘sects receiving disciples’ in six months will mainly depend on Xing’er and the other four.”

“Father, do you know how much disciples the five sects will be receiving this time?” Fan Tianlong asked.

“There still isn’t any definite news, but it is rumored it will be 100 official disciples and 1,000 informal disciples.” Fan Xun replied.

“The amount isn’t much.” Fan Tianfeng wrinkled her brows: “There are thousands upon thousands of aristocratic clans on Qifeng Continent, and there are hundreds of large aristocratic clans. Those situated at the summit, the top aristocratic clans, will take up half of the quota. The remaining aristocratic clans can only drink the soup.”

Fan Tianhu nodded: “Yes, that time they were receiving disciples 20 years ago, the quota was less and our clan wasn’t able to even take up one.”

“This time, our most promising is Xing’er. We must first guarantee that his resources are provided for first. Any objections?” Fan Xun looked at his three children.

“We’ll solemnly obey Lord Father’s instruction.” Fan Tianlong, Fan Tianhu, and Fan Tianfeng simultaneously answered.


  1. TLN: Apparently, she does have a surname and her name is actually ‘Xiaoxun’, not ‘Little Xun’ because the Xiao in ‘Xiaoxun’ is ‘小’, which means ‘little, young, etc’. Thank god I decided to just translate it as Xiao huh. I will be referring to her as ‘Xiao Xun’ when there only those two characters are written, and refer to her as ‘Xiaoxun’ when there is ‘Fan’ preceding it. 

Chapter 14 – Advancement to Beastly Soldier, Yanxing Goes To Fight

This time, Lin Wei’s harvest was very big. He thought that his training and taking of tonics would be unable to advance his status, and absolutely didn’t think that he would advance two grades after striking to kill Open-arm Devil Ape, even rising in rank. Advancing while fighting! So it was like this! Lin Wei finally understood that his advancement style was different from other summon beasts. Other summon beasts required a long term cultivation process to slowly accumulate energy within their bodies, before going through a qualitative change after it accumulated to a certain degree, then complete their advancement. However, he was different. Only after gaining victory in a fight would he be rewarded by the antiquity rule, thereby achieving status promotion!

With regards to Lin Wei’s advancement, in the audience on the scene, over half of the people half-understood what was going on. Only Clan Head Fan Xun, the second generation’s three brothers and sisters, the overwhelming majority of the third generation, as well as well-known figures within the fourth generation like Fan Yanxing, Fan Zhong, and Lu Jing could understand the mystery.

“Xiao Xun’s summon beast, isn’t ordinary……” Fan Tianlong couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

“En……truly unusual.” Fan Xun said: “Tianhu, go speak with Xiao Xun. No matter how it’s arranged, we have to increase a quota for her and give her half of the total resources that will be given to the other five. Let’s take a look at whether or not her summon beast’s growth can give us a pleasant surprise. Make her not breathe a word of this and don’t let anyone else know.”

“Yes! Father.” Fan Tianhu became stern and complied. Then he walked forwards several steps, loudly speaking to Fan Zhishen who was on the stage: “Zhishen, you may not get rid again. This time’s competition fight is very fishy. Minyue’s summon beast has already died, so drop it at this point. This stage, can be considered Xiao Xun’s victory!”

“Father!” Fan Zhishen angrily exclaimed.

“This is Clan Head’s meaning!” Fan Tianhu’s thick eyebrows crinkled: “You must do as instructed.”

Clan Head’s meaning? Fan Zhishen’s tigerish body shook and he looked towards his grandfather on the master seat. He didn’t dare to act again, hurriedly and honestly drawing back. Fan Minyue also followed her father to leave. While she was leaving from the front of the stage, she glanced at Xiao Xun and Lin Wei with incomparable resentment.

After Lin Wei’s advancement, he tightly closed both his eyes, seemingly trying to understand the change after his status advancement. When Xiao Xun saw this scene, she immediately reverse-summoned him, delivering him back.

This bout of fighting unexpectedly resulted in Open-arm Devil Ape’s death and Xiao Xun being victorious in the end. The martial arts competing stage buzzed for a while, then quieted down. The following competitions were carried out in succession, following from the 22nd place starting a challenge, then the 21st place……

The matches had victory or defeat. For the first round of battles, some people drew a bye1, some people were challenged multiple times——the ones repeatedly challenged were primarily the current fourth place and fifth place. But this kind of ‘drawing a bye’ and being repeatedly challenged situation was very low. After all, there was the additional rule that the only ones capable of challenging them had to be within the top 10. After the first round of fighting, Xiao Xun already advanced to 14th place. Everyone could make out that her summon beast was situated in an advancement comprehension state. Thus, during the first round’s follow up matches, no one went to challenge her again.

After the first round, only 11 people remained. In the first five, the fourth place was replaced by someone while the other four people’s positions were steady. Moreover, what was interesting was that in this first round of challenges, some powerful contestants had challenged the top five, but were defeated. At the present time, the remaining six people in the rankings weren’t all from the top. In here, Xiao Xun was ranked 6th. This signified that in the next round, she possessed the privilege to challenge the first five.

However, when the second round began, Xiao Xun either had to receive a challenge or go challenge someone higher than her, but everyone didn’t know what situation her summon beast was currently in. Whether or not it had woken up from the advancement comprehension state. For a moment, all felt somewhat apprehensive. Xiao Xun also inwardly worried.

“Miss Xiao Xun,” At this time, a servant ran over: “Lord Tianhu allows you to come over.”

Grandfather’s looking for me? Xiao Xun was startled. What matter is there for grandfather to look for me at this time? Although she was doubtful at heart, she still immediately got up to leave with that servant.

Several minutes later, news that Xiao Xun forfeited the competition was disseminated and the remaining 10 individuals would continue the second round.

Everyone had a burst of understanding. It seemed that Fan Tianhu had convinced Xiao Xun. Thinking about it, it was correct. In the situation where the summon beast probably couldn’t come out to battle, she would indeed be unable to continue competing.

“Good, carry on with the second round.” Fan Tianfeng said: “The rear five places can challenge the first five places and will decide the final rankings!”

The 10th place was the only girl apart from Xiao Xun and Fan Minyue. She stood up and stepped out, then gave a bow to Fan Tianfeng and said: “Xiao Rong knows that her strength is insufficient and that being able to enter the second round is already to be content with. Grandma, is it possible for Xiao Rong to challenge the 7th place, older cousin Feng?”

Fan Tianfeng looked at Lu Feng on her side and replied: “According to the rules, you should want to challenge the first five. But if you are determined to challenge Xiao Feng, grandma can give her consent. However, Xiao Feng should be wanting to challenge the first five. Your challenge will undoubtedly affect his physical strength. You can wait for Xiao Feng’s challenge to finish, then seek to compare notes with him.”

“Yes, Xiao Rong will comply with your instruction.”

The following 9th placed person was originally external surnamed servant’s son. Because his father was loyal and devoted and achieved many meritorious deeds, he was specially granted the ‘Fan’ surname. Since then, he was no longer a servant, but rather a clansman. He challenged 5th place and was ultimately defeated.

The 8th place youth followed on to challenge 4th place, and after a bitter struggle, he also lost.

After that was 7th place’s Lu Feng, he proposed that he wanted to challenge 5th place. In order to be fair, Fan Tianfeng arranged this fight for later on.

Finally, it was 6th place’s Lu Ziqi. He was the most promising youth in Fan Tianfeng’s lineage, with strength second only to the current third place’s Lu Jing. He walked forward several steps towards Fan Yanxing, slightly bowed and said: “Ziqi requests older cousin Yanxing to give some guidance!”

Fan Yanxing opened his eyes and looked at this younger cousin. Lu Ziqi didn’t glance away, meeting Fan Yanxing’s gaze.

All of the sudden, the audience became excited. They originally thought that they wouldn’t see the first 3 places fight in this time’s great competition because their superiority was very obvious, but they didn’t expect that this 17 year-old Lu Ziqi would unexpectedly be brave enough to challenge the number one person in the fourth generation!

Seeing Lu Ziqi’s calm appearance, Fan Yanxing inwardly applauded him in his heart. On the spectator’s stand, Fan Xun, Fan Tianhu and Fan Tianfeng nodded in succession.

“Tianfeng,” Fan Xun said: “You raised a good grandson!”

Fan Tianfeng was slightly excited; this was her lineage. The most outstanding youths were Lu Jing, Lu Feng and Lu Ziqi. Lu Jing and Lu Feng were sons of the eldest son Lu Yuan, and Lu Jing currently sat stable on 3rd of the younger generation. Lu Ziqi was her second son’s youngest son. Looking at Lu Ziqi, she remember her husband and second son. Her husband in those years was a monstrous loose cultivator. During the time he passed by Fan Clan, he deeply fell in love with her, finally marrying into her family and became Fan Clan’s son-in-law. Her second son’s talent was higher than her eldest son, Lu Yuan, and was the number one person in the third generation at that time. But in one of the outside explorations, the father-son duo went missing and from then on, there were no messages.

Fan Clan’s rules were extremely tolerant. Even though they were cousins with another surname, they were still regarded as clansmen and treated impartially.

“Ziqi, good kid!” Lu Feng walked over and patted his younger cousin’s shoulder. Then, he drew back to where the other people were, giving space to Lu Ziqi and Fan Yanxing on the central martial arts competing stage.

Everyone held their breath and waited. The scene rapidly became quiet.

“Older cousin Yanxing. Ziqi knows that you already reached the instantaneous summoning realm. Little brother is untalented, so he has to summon in advance.” As Lu Ziqi was speaking, he made hand signs. He was also a high level warrior, but the DouQi in his body was higher than Xiao Xun, so his summon speed was also a lot faster.

The vortex channel opened and an electrical flash shot out, then stopped on top of Lu Ziqi’s head; it was a small-bodied bird. The feathers on its entire body were like electric needles, both its eyes were scarlet red, and it had a blue beak and black claws. This was Lu Ziqi’s summon beast——Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon2! It was lightning attributed, Bronze ranked High Level Beastly Guard. Don’t feel that this Peregrine Falcon’s status isn’t high, its unique lightning attribute and high-speed flight ability was enough for it to jump ranks and fight. It is the type of summon beast that all people would have a headache about when meeting it.

Fan Yanxing’s facial features became solemn. He reached out with his hand to untie the training garment on his upper body. He wouldn’t lower his guard just because there was a disparity between him and Lu Ziqi. His standard of conduct required him to treat every fight with all his effort. Moreover, since Lu Ziqi challenged him, he also had to express sufficient respect.

“He3!” Fan Yanxing loudly shouted and his ** upper body began to violently change——his muscles rapidly swelled, his skin began taking on a golden-brown hue, and a white mane came out of his back and cheek while his ten fingers became incomparably sharp. At the same time, Fan Yanxing’s aura rose little by little and very quickly broke through to Great Martial Master level!

On the spectator stands, Fan Xun clapped his hair: “Good! Xing’er’s summon beast Fusion skill has improved again!”

Fan Tianlong, Fan Tianhu and Fan Tianfeng also repeatedly nodded.

Fan Yanxing’s summon beast was a type of commonly seen White Mane Lion. It was Wind attributed and there was nothing special about it, but in the flash that his contract succeeded, the skill that the antiquity rule bestowed to the summon beast was very extraordinary. Naturally, it was the rarely seen ‘Fusion’ skill. The summon beast didn’t need to go out with its main body to fight, rather, it fused with its master. This kind of fusion wasn’t a simple one plus one equals two, but rather a superimposition effect!

From then on, Fan Yanxing practiced his summon beast’s Fusion skill with single-hearted devotion. In the end, he actually practiced to the point where he could summon in a flash and fuse, just like a moment ago. No one saw him make hand signs, nor caught sight of the summoning vortex, but in that split second, the summon beast came and fused!

“What a formidable aura!” Beside the spectator’s stand, Fan Zhishen’s concentrated his gaze: “This aura already achieved the degree of Intermediate Level Great Martial Master and is equally matched with me.”

At his side, Fan Minyue hadn’t spoken. She still hadn’t extricated herself from the pain of her summon beast dying. Seeing the majestic Fan Yanxing, she suddenly recalled to mind the engagement she had with Tian Clan’s son. Tian Clan is a slightly stronger and powerful clan compared to Fan Clan. It is said that Tian Clan’s eldest son’s summon beast already attained the level of High Level Beastly General. It was unknown who was stronger if he and Fan Yanxing competed.

Confront Fan Yanxing’s aura that was bursting out, Lu Ziqi’s complexion lost some color. However, he didn’t have the slightest bit of fear, on the contrary, he took the initiative to launch an attack.

“Lightning-Evading Falcon! Go!” Lu Ziqi commanded.

The Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon shook its wing, sent out a sharp and clear chirp, then turned into a streak of lightning charging to one side of Fan Yanxing. Lu Ziqi moved the DouQi in his body and coordinated with the Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon’s distant appearance.

The Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon’s speed was very quick and instantaneously brushed past Fan Yanxing.

No one saw what had happened clearly, but a moment later, two claw scars appeared on Fan Yanxing’s left arm and blood spilled out. Not only that, but near the wound was a small electric current flitting by, causing Fan Yanxing’s arm to become numb.

The Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon actually held the superiority on the first exchange!


  1. TLN: No, not bye as in ‘goodbye’. It’s a sports term meaning ‘free pass’. 
  2. TLN: Mentioned in Chapter 1. 
  3. TLN: Said with ‘h’ sounding like the h in how and the ‘e’ sound like ‘uhh’.