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Chapter 26 – Five Large Sects

Very quickly, every plaza’s observation platform filled up with various aristocratic clan’s members. At this time, it was already noon.


In the wake of the ‘bzz’ sound, a ball of radiance appeared on the peak of every plaza’s center obelisk.

Besides the five big plaza’s, the other small aristocratic clans and loose cultivators gathering places also had a similar pillar, and it was also emitting the same radiance.

“What is this?” Xiao Xun looked at the ball of radiance and curiously asked.

“Young lady Xiao Xun, that is a type of DouQi technique integrated with ancient formations to create a broadcast image. Rumors say that only people in extremely high realms can employ this method.” Steward Qi preached his erudition.

Xiao Xun nodded. She knew what a technique was; Fan Clan possessed five rare DouQi technique books. They were Light Body Secrets, Explosion Art, Execution Secrets, Ruinous Murder Scripture, and Worldly Battle Emperor Fist. Among these, Light Body Secrets required one to be at least an Intermediate Warrior, so practically every junior in Fan Clan studied it, but everyone’s understanding was different. Explosion Art and Execution Secrets required one to be Great Martial Master. Fan Zhishen was only able to perfect his supreme “Sleeve Chain” skill after reaching the pinnacle in Execution Secrets. Currently, in the entire Fan Clan, only Clan Head Fan Xun trained in the Ruinous Murder Scripture because this technique’s requirement needed one to attain Battle King realm in order to practice it! As for the final Worldly Battle Emperor Fist, one just needed to listen to the name to know; the rank achieved had to be Battle Emperor. This is Fan Clan’s inherited clan secret, but many years had already passed with nobody training in it.

DouQi techniques also had grades. In Qifeng Continent, people generally divided it into these five levels: Low Grade, Intermediate Grade, Top Grade, Best Grade, God Grade. Fan Clan’s Light Body Secrets was a Low Grade technique while Worldly Battle Emperor Fist was a Top Grade technique and the other three were Intermediate Grade techniques.

The ball of radiance on top of the pillars slowly expanding, becoming more and more bright. Within the radiance, five silhouettes slowly appeared.

“This should be the people in charge for the Five Large Sect’s selection this time.” Fan Tianfeng informed the six juniors.

Fan Yanxing and the others lifted their heads made great efforts to look at those five people’s shadows.

The shadows of those people gradually became clearer. What they were met with was five people sitting upright on chairs in a row, looking down upon everyone underneath. At the leftmost was a person dressed in all black. The only thing that could be made out was that the person was a male because of how tight it wrapped around him. The only thing that was exposed was his nose and mouth, so how old he was couldn’t be made out. By his side was a beefy burly fellow. The edges on his face were distinct, his manner was calm, and with his grizzled beard, he looked about 50 years-old. His immense upper body had muscles bulging out, displaying his extremely rich explosive force.

At the rightmost was a ***** plentiful figure wearing a white-colored dragon palace clothing1. With bright eyes and a smile on her face, she unconsciously displayed a multitude of bearings. By this beautiful woman’s side sat a thin old man in a commoner’s clothing2 along with a straw hat. He had grizzled hair, a grizzled beard, a pair of lazy narrowed eyes as he drank wine out of a pot, seeming to completely not care about the selection.

And sitting upright between these individuals was a seemingly only 13 or 14 year-old youth. He donned a fire-red muslin clothing, had a short crew cut, and had a cinnabar embedded into his eyebrows. His eyes were clear and each hand had 8 golden finger rings.

“Huo Tongzi3, that’s Huo Tongzi!” Fan Tianfeng’s eyes suddenly contracted as she cried this out involuntarily.

The surrounding observation platforms also burst out in hubbub.

“Grandmother, who is Huo Tongzi?” Lu Feng opened his mouth to ask.

“In the Fire Large Sects, the strongest is Clean Buddhist Temple!” Fan Tianfeng explained: “Clean Buddhist Temple has experts in every generation. In these recent years, the most famous is this Huo Tongzi! Rumors say that he cultivates the Best Grade technique ‘Unaging Art’. He recovers his youthful vigor every 40 years; don’t just look at his youthful look, in reality he is already an old monster over 100 years-old.”

“How fierce!” The six juniors were endlessly astonished.

At this time, Huo Tongzi opened his mouth and a melodious resounding voice sounded out: “Everyone, welcome to Jadite Mountain Range. We five people will be hosting this time’s selection. I believe everyone recognizes this boy, so I will introduce the other four.”

He pointed at the burly fellow by his left and introduced: “This is Myriad Fist Sect’s Moyu Kui as well as one of the ten large aristocratic clans——Moyu Clan’s Clan Head’s younger brother.”

Afterwards, he pointed at the black-clothed man: “By Moyu Kui’s side is Amethyst Fiend Hall’s thirteenth protector, also known as “Ghost Frightening” Yin Yuliang.”

Immediately following that, Fan Zhong muttered: “His name is actually a good name4, but his entire person is somber.”

Lu Jing continued on: “Amethyst Fiend Hall is a seemingly quite demonic in itself……”

At this moment, Huo Tongzi pointed at the peasant-clothed old man: “This sir is probably known by many people; he is Heaven’s Will Valley’s old drunkard, Han Fengzi.”

“And the final person,” Huo Tongzi stopped for a moment and looked at that ******: “is region lord Situ Fang of Crystal Palace!”

At this time, all the plazas’ hubbub became louder and louder, nearly combining into 1 sound. This wasn’t surprising as these five people were extremely famous in their respective Five Large Sects. Each time Huo Tongzi had introduced a person, practically everyone cried out in surprise.

“These are truly characters that stand at the peak of Qifeng Continent……” Lu Yuan said with emotion.

Fan Yanxing and the other juniors’ visions all went towards that Han Fengzi because they now knew that one of their ancestors was once in Heaven’s Will Valley, but was later banished.

“Okay, please quiet down everyone.” Huo Tongzi said: “Next, I will announce the rules for this time’s selection!”

Huo Tongzi’s words immediately caused the audience to calm down; it could even be said to be complete silence.

“For the participation quota, each large aristocratic clans can have a maximum of eight people while small aristocratic clans can only have a maximum of two people. As for loose cultivators, those with invitations beforehand will be given priority.” Huo Tongzi said: “If my statistics aren’t unmistaken, there should be 493 large aristocratic clans, 3504 small aristocratic clans, and 827 loose cultivators here today. All the people participating in this selection will be bestowed a token. If you want to pass the selection, there are two ways to do it. One is to climb to the greatest point of Jadeite Mountain Range’s main peak, the other is to seize tokens from the hands of others. The limit is 15 days. When it becomes to the 15th day, everyone that was able to climb to the greatest elevation of the main peak will be received as official disciples! If the number of people on the summit exceeds 100, then the extra people will take slots away from those seizing tokens, and the remaining slots will be chosen as recording name disciples which there will only be a maximum of 1000. If the number of people on the summit is less than 100, the number of people with the most tokens will fill up the 100 official disciple slots, then the top 1000 will be chosen as recording name disciples. If there are those with the same amount of tokens, then the one that is closer to the summit will be chosen.”

The moment Huo Tongzi finished speaking, the audience made a commotion, moreover this time’s noise was obviously bigger.

There was only 100 official disciple slots and 1000 recording name disciple slots! This was truly going to be an intense competition; thinking about it, more than 400 large aristocratic clans, more than 3000 small aristocratic clans, in addition to loose cultivators, that meant the number of people participating was over 10,000, but there was ultimately only 1100 slots. This meant that there was a 90% elimination rate!

However, these rules were also very simple; either climb to the summit of the main peak or snatch enough tokens. But it was unknown what mysterious principles there were to climb to the summit of the main peak; it sounded extremely difficult to accomplish.

“There are only these many rules.” Huo Tongzi continued: “Oh right, there’s one more thing; it is forbidden to use flight war beasts and flying summon beasts to directly reach the summit of the main speak. Other than that, there is nothing else. The method doesn’t matter and life or death also doesn’t matter!”

“Let me add another point.” Crystal Palace’s Situ Fang spoke with a smile: “Those climbing to the summit of the main peak will be ranked in terms of advancement. The remaining people selected people will be chosen on the basis of token number. Within these 1100 disciples, each sect will be selecting 20 official disciples and 200 recording name disciples. Those that are ranked higher will have the power to choose their sects.”

Situ Fang’s supplement made the competitive atmosphere instantly soar. If there were previously thinking that it would be fine just to become one of the first 1100, then now it changed into doing their utmost to attain the position so that there would be more room for them to select.

The plaza’s atmosphere became unprecedentedly active!


  1. TLN: Search ‘Dragon Palace Clothing’ and you’ll see what I mean. Not everything is on images will be what I mean for you to see, but you’ll know what it is when you see it. 
  2. TLN: Search ‘ancient china peasant clothing’ to get a feel at what it’s trying to describe. 
  3. TLN: I assume his name is Huo Tongzi and not something like ‘Fire Boy’, though his name can mean that. 
  4. TLN: His name is composed of Yin = flourishing, abundant, earnest, hospitable, Yu = jade, Liang = good, virtuous, respectable. Add them together and you get something like “abundant with virtuousness and riches”. 
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