Chapter 13 – Striking To Kill Open-arm Devil Ape!

Its nostril brought pain to it and caused Open-arm Devil Ape to become crazy once more. It completely lost all rationality and only thoughts of slaughtering remained.

From beginning up to now, both sides’ masters were completely unable to intervene in the battle, it was both sides’ summon beasts independently attacking. This kind of situation was something the surrounding people were seeing for the first time, and they couldn’t help but click their tongues in wonder.

Fan Yanxing’s eyes were still tightly closed and he remained unmoving. At the side of his body, the mild tempered, gentle and cultured Lu Jing opened his mouth: “One is impulsive and violent, only fighting instinct remaining. The other has been calm and resourceful all along. This time’s match has qualities worth watching.”

On the other side, the valiant figured Fan Zhong smiled and said: “That’s not a definite, no matter how it’s said, the disparity between a Beastly Servant and High Level Beastly Guard is too wide. Moreover, don’t forget that the Open-arm Devil Ape’s skill hasn’t been used yet.”

While the spectators were discussing and commenting, Lin Wei and Open-arm Devil Ape came close enough to fight several rounds. It was unknown who would be able to cope with the other, but generally speaking, Open-arm Devil Ape was in on the offensive and Lin Wei was on the defensive, surrounded by perils several times.

He now only had one arrow left. His longspear was struck flying by the Open-arm Devil Ape the first time, then after picking it back up, he discovered that the longspear’s point had been snapped off.

However, Open-arm Devil Ape’s situation was also beginning to slide. Its body’s balance and attack accuracy was worsening——other people might be unclear on the reason, but Lin Wei was well aware. He had smeared a type of herbal medicine juice that he discovered during these seven years onto the arrow tips beforehand. This type of herbal medicine juice possessed an intense sedative effect. But Open-arm Devil Ape’s build was really too big, moreover, it’s fighting power was vigorous. The arrow points’ small amount of medicine juice was too little for it, thus there was only a small effect on it.

The effect isn’t obvious, truly a pity! Lin Wei secretly thought as he dodged the Open-arm Devil Ape. It seems like I can only use that! I really don’t want to use it, it’s too risky……

Lin Wei thought as he notched the last arrow in his hand.

After Open-arm Devil Ape attacked for a long time without success, it stopped in place to gasp for breath. It slightly halted, then put its arms down and half squatted1. At the same time, Fan Minyue loudly shouted behind it: “Devil Ape General! Use Ground-shattering Strike!”

Open-arm Devil Ape hurriedly breathed, then its entire body began undulating in an earth-yellow colored ripple!

It’s finally going to use its skill! Some spectators couldn’t help but stand up.

Devil Ape’s Ground-shattering Strike! Open-arm Devil Ape’s explosive harming skill had a very large range. How would that Lin Wei dodge it?

Seeing this scene, Lin Wei’s eyes actually shone; now!

Both legs pushed off and he soared! Aim the bow! Shoot the arrow!

The arrow light pierced through that earth-yellow colored ripple, making a ‘sou!’ sound as it went in!

The timing wasn’t even off by a fraction of a second. As a result of Open-arm Devil Ape’s preparation for its skill, it had temporarily stilled. This arrow accurately hit its cheek, piercing in four cun.

After receiving influence of the new arrow wound, Open-arm Devil Ape’s skill was temporarily interrupted. However, it immediately got back its composure and continued to launch the skill.

But in the next moment, it felt something was fishy——

When unleashing the Devil Ape’s Ground-shattering Strike, its qi and blood had to move through its entire body, then could it be able to erupt the most powerful valiant strike. Yet this time, from the new wound of its cheek, there seemed to be something merging with its blood, afterwards following veins to enter its heart, then through its whole body! And this type of thing that merged with its blood made a reaction with the herbal medicine juice that was in its blood beforehand.

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Bang! Open-arm Devil Ape merely felt its brain buzzing, then the blood in its entire body started boiling. Within its mind’s sea of consciousness, the last speck of sobriety began to be defeated. Its entire mind’s sea of consciousness fell into boundless hell.

“Peaceful sleep grass and wisteria flower2.” Lin Wei looked at the Open-arm Devil Ape and said with a low voice: “You……will go berserk……”


Open-arm Devil Ape sent out a husky roar towards the sky, then its barely remaining left eye3 rapidly turned red. Its skill was forcibly cut short, but its aura and pressure actually rose, even returning to the level of Low Level Beastly General.
But Fan Minyue had just assisted Devil Ape to release its’ skill. This interruption caused her blood essence to burst forth and a mouthful of sweet blood rushed up her throat.

“Hm? Turned berserk?” Fan Xun opened his tigerish eyes wide.

“This……this isn’t Minyue controlling it! Not good!” Fan Tianlong’s complexion changed.

Open-arm Devil Ape’s entire body stood up! Under its’ completely berserk state, it would attack all life forms in front of it! And the one to bear the brunt was the one closest to it, Fan Minyue!

“Devil Ape, don’t!” Fan Minyue screeched. At this moment, she forgot to dodge and could only look on helplessly as that gigantic fist became increasingly close.

“Minyue, avoid it!” A shout came from the spectator stands. The owner of the voice was Fan Minyue’s father, Xiao Xun’s second uncle, Fan Zhishen.While he was shouting, he already jumped out from the spectator stands towards the martial arts competing stage’s Open-arm Devil Ape’s right side. From the inside his right arm’s wrist, a slender chain was released!

Fan Zhishen was one of the two Great Martial Masters in the third generation, his cultivation almost on equal level with his parent’s generation. The ability he was most adept in was ‘Concealed Chains4’, where the chain was forged using fine steel and black flame stone. It was exceptionally tenacious and could bind someone from a hundred meters away.

But at this time, it was too late. When his chain was 50 to 60 meters away from the Open-arm Devil Ape, the Devil Ape’s clenched fist was a mere two meters away from Fan Minyue!

I, am going to die? Just as Fan Minyue despairingly shut her eyes, a sudden vast golden light flashed and kept off the Devil Ape’s gigantic fist. Lin Wei recognized this light, this was the divine contract rule between Fan Minyue and Open-arm Devil Ape. In the situation where the contract relationship was still established, the summon beast could not injure its’ master’s life!

While it was sluggish after the block, Fan Zhishen’s chain arrived. The chain twined around the Open-arm Devil Ape’s right arm and on the other side, Fan Zhishen pulled on the other end of the chain and nailed it to the ground. Then, he once again waved his sleeve and another chain whizzed over, coiling around the Open-arm Devil Ape’s left arm, then nailed it to the ground in the same manner. A third chain emerged and tied down both of the Devil Ape’s legs. The Devil Ape kneeled down with a ‘ka-bam’.

The three chains completely restrained the Open-arm Devil Ape in place.

“Whew——” Fan Zhishen let out a long sigh of relief. He had finally saved his daughter. Although he didn’t know why the Open-arm Devil Ape would go berserk, if it was only berserk state, it couldn’t last for long. When its state withdrew, it would slowly recover its original rank and strength.

Just as he prepared to speak with his daughter, a burst of noise sounded out by his ear.

What’s the matter? Fan Zhishen turned his eyes over and discovered Xiao Xun’s summon beast quietly standing on top of the Open-arm Devil Ape’s shoulder at some unknown time. The next moment, he saw a scene that would be forever forgettable——that summon beast grasped a dagger and stabbed into the Open-arm Devil Ape’s split-open head wound. The Open-arm Devil Ape let out a heartrending howl, then fell to the ground with a ‘bang’ and stopped moving forever.

The entire audience became silent.

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Fan Minyue foolishly looked on, she was unable to recover from these scenes. It originally should have been her wildly oppressing Xiao Xun, but the Devil Ape went crazy for some ineffable reason, finally……dying?

Fan Yanxing, who had his eyes closed all throughout, suddenly opened his eyes and opened his mouth to spit out a word: “Good!” No one knew what his ‘good’ was referring to.

Fan Zhishen looked at his daughter’s dead summon beast and fury clouded his mind. He powerfully shouted towards Xiao Xun: “Xiao Xun, you have big nerves! This was an in-clan comparing notes, you were suppose to hold back a bit. You, you unexpectedly let your summon beast ruthlessly murder! You’ve gone onto the evil path and are really guilty of terrible crimes! Today, second uncle will exterminate your summon beast and abolish your DouQi as a warning to others!”

“Second uncle, you……” Xiao Xun’s complexion greatly changed.

On the main spectator’s stand, Fan Xun, Fan Tianlong, and Fan Tianhu slightly hesitated. On the stage, Fan Zhishen already started.

However, an intense golden light appeared. This light passed through the inside of Lin Wei’s body, dazzling everyone’s eyes, directly rising into the sky! Fan Zhishen was pushed away by the light and was forced to cease the attack. Inside this light, Lin Wei slowly began floating, his aura clearly increasing.

“This……this is……” Lu Jing opened his eyes into wide circles.

“It, advanced.” Fan Yanxing said.

Lin Wei was bathed inside the light of the antiquity divine rule and felt incomparably happy. At the same time, his status began rising!

First, he broke through to Low Level Beastly Soldier with irresistible force, then continued advancing. Following very closely, he broke through to Intermediate Level Beastly Soldier and still didn’t stop, instead continued to rise. Ultimately, he stopped right at the bottleneck between Intermediate Level Beastly Soldier and High Level Beastly Soldier.

In addition, his rank also changed; it finally changed from ‘Lower than average’ to ‘Common’!


  1. TLN: Think of a gorilla, or google one. 
  2. TLN: A real flower, mildly poisonous. 
  3. TLN: Just a fun fact, the author used “木(wood)” here instead of “目(eye)”. Sometimes I’m thankful I know some Chinese. 
  4. TLN: Literal: ‘chain in sleeve’. 

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