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Chapter 22 – Lin Wei VS Devil Wolf

Little Shao!!!

The one that stabbed towards Fan Minyue just now was actually silent and invisible Little Shao!

Immediately, Fan Minyue understood everything——Little Shao was a secret spy that Tian Clan dispatched to hide within their clan; he was an internal traitor. No wonder Tian Zhu and Tian Lang could so accurately find this place. One has to know that in order for her to scout out this place, she had to look all over for a little over ten days. And since she was someone from Fan Clan, she had an easier time obtaining the information. However, Tian Zhu and Tian Lang, if they didn’t have Little Shao as a planted agent, even if they had the time period of 3 to 4 months, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to find out where Xiao Xun was.

“Little Shao! You!” Venerable Xie and Xiao Xun were alarmed and angry.

Although they were separately entangled with Tian Zhu and the devil wolf, what happened to Fan Minyue was still seen by them.

Among them, Venerable Xie was furious. Little Shao had already done odd jobs under him for a full three years, yet he unexpectedly hadn’t discovered any hint of Little Shao being an internal traitor.

Little Shao held a sword in his hand and spoke with a hint of madness: “Young lady Minyue, don’t think of leaving today.”

While he was speaking, Little Shao once again pushed his body forward.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

He pierced forth thrice, each aiming for Fan Minyue’s throat, heart, and kidney, and each being fatal moves.

Fan Minyue, who had barely blocked the sword strike, immediately fell into a disadvantageous situation.

Quite powerful! Little Shao was also a High Level Warrior with swordsmanship higher than Fan Minyue.


As time passed by, the battlefield situation became increasingly worrisome.

Besides Venerable Xie and Tian Zhu still being on equal grounds, Xiao Xun and Fan Minyue were gradually becoming tired. Even the grey-eyed white tiger was starting to be completely suppressed by Tian Lang!

But at this moment, a red signal flare suddenly soared into the air several hundred meters away. The speed of the signal flare was insanely rapid, whizzing several kilometers into the sky, then fiercely exploding.

“What?!” Tian Zhu and Tian Lang’s expressions changed.

Venerable Xie and Xiao Xun were delighted in their hearts. Clearly, this meant that Aunt Liu discovered the situation over here, then ran several hundred meters away to ignite this signal flare.

The signal flare would quickly be discovered by the next sentry, prompting it to immediately shoot a signal flare as well, passing on the message to the next sentry……through this transmission, it would take only seven times before the clan headquarters, which was about 15 kilometers away, would receive the message. However, if the clan experts wanted to rush over, they would take at least 20 minutes!

“Quickly conclude the fighting!” Tian Zhu said to Tian Lang: “As long as all of these people are killed before their clan experts catch up, they won’t know that it was done under our hand.”

Tian Lang was currently keeping the grey-eyed white tiger under control, using both hands to hold the white tiger’s humongous mouth. After hearing what was said, he nodded and turned his head to yell at the devil wolf: “Little Blacky, dispose of Fan Xiaoxun as soon as possible.”

The devil wolf let out a long howl, then raised its front claw and swatted towards Xiao Xun. Its speed was extremely quick, as if it were lightning!

Xiao Xun reluctantly kept off the attack with her sword, but was unable to fully negate the humongous strength behind it. She was swatted flying, her back was ruthlessly smashed onto the wall.


Tian Zhu’s concealed weapon finally broke through Venerable Xie’s defence, cutting Venerable Xie’s left sleeve, as well as leaving behind a gash on his left arm.

Venerable Xie’s complexion distorted. He swiftly used his right hand to cover up his left arm and sealed his left arm’s DouQi and essence blood’s operation. After sealing his left arm, although it prevented the poison from spreading, he caused his fighting strength to drop by a level.

Their situation became exceptionally bleak!

“Lin Wei!!!” At this critical moment, Xiao Xun finally yelled Lin Wei’s name. Despite the current Lin Wei still being very weak, the current situation was very hopeless. An extra helper would be an extra force! Even if she could escape by herself, it would be better than them entirely dying.

Lin Wei——

Lin Wei————

Lin Wei——————

Xiao Xun’s scream seemed to penetrate time and space, directly arriving into the other world.

As she was shouting, both her hands were quickly making hand signs.

“Xiao Xun!” Lin Wei had been passing his time in anxiety, until he at last saw the familiar vortex appear above the top of his head. At the same time, he sensed Xiao Xun’s impatient summon. Xiao Xun, she’s in danger!

Lin Wei didn’t dare to have the least bit of hesitation. He immediately jumped, rushing into the vortex.

When he could once again see light, Lin Wei saw a scene that scared him witless——Xiao Xun was once more swatted flying by the devil wolf. On her arm was a wound and specks of blood sprinkled into the air.

“*******!” Just as Lin Wei was about to hit the ground, he seized the opportunity to shoot out an arrow. At this moment, he was less than 40 meters away from the devil wolf.

From this distance, it was a 100% hit chance!

The arrow’s velocity was extremely quick; just as the devil wolf perceived that something was off, its head was hit by an arrow. Lin Wei intended for the arrow to strike its eye, but since the devil wolf wasn’t a completely stationary, the arrow slightly deviated and didn’t hit the targeted eye, but rather its ear.

A pang of unbearable pain came from the devil wolf’s ear, causing it to cry out in pain and suddenly turn its head. It ferociously whipped its gaze towards Lin Wei, this sudden enemy.

There were all kinds of beasts on Qifeng Continent; monster beasts, devil beasts, and summon beasts from the other world. Each possessed a certain similar characteristic. In the split-second that the devil wolf saw Lin Wei, it determined that Lin Wei’s strength was inferior to itself. Being injured by this puny opponent, to this arrogant devil wolf, was simply an extraordinary shame.

The devil wolf violently roared, abandoned Xiao Xun, and immediately rushed over towards Lin Wei.

What a quick speed. Lin Wei rapidly judged that this devil wolf’s linear speed was much faster than his own. If he wanted to beat it, he had to fight while moving and display the superiority of his flexibility.

Aim the bow, fire the arrow! Two arrows were shot out.

Perhaps because of the previous arrow creating an extremely painful wound to the devil wolf, when seeing those two arrows shooting over, the devil wolf shivered in its heart and promptly dodged sideways. It was also at this instant that its speed decreased, and Lin Wei took this opportunity to increase the distance between them.

Just like this, one was pursuing and one was running.

Several minutes later, Lin Wei was making use of all kinds of topography covers and archery to disturb the devil wolf, causing it to be unable to get close. However, besides the first arrow piercing the devil wolf’s shoulder, he wasn’t able to create any further injury.

Suddenly, Lin Wei saw an equipment stand at the side of the training ground, and a light went off in his mind. He retreated by tumbling, withdrawing to the side of the equipment stand, then took down some things from the top at lightning speed.

When the devil wolf saw Lin Wei stop for a moment, it sped up once more. It was just one movement, but it finally pulled the distance between it and Lin Wei to roughly 10 meters.

At this time, Lin Wei turned around and slid to the side, simultaneously throwing out something slender from his right hand.

Whoosh! That slender object precisely struck the devil wolf’s running forelimbs. In that instant of collision, this thing flexibly wound all of the devil wolf’s four limbs together.

Restraint rope! What Lin Wei tossed out was a restraint rope! Moreover, in the instant that he tossed it out, he made an evasive movement in advance——he slid to the side, then rolled while he was at it.

Though the devil wolf’s four limbs were suddenly tied up, the immense forward force was simply unable to be stopped. While it was falling down, it forcefully crashed into the equipment stand. The entire stand was smashed into pieces and all sorts of weapons sprinkled the ground.

After Lin Wei rolled out of the devil wolf’s dive, he didn’t flee any further. Instead, he took out the dagger that he carried and took big strides towards the devil wolf, then ferociously stabbed towards its abdomen. Quick, accurate, and ruthless!

The current Lin Wei wasn’t that previous useless Beastly Servant for a long time now. If his own strength was insufficient, then he would use tools and tactics to make up for it! This was the place where he differed from other summon beasts, war beasts, and even many people1. For example, for people like Xiao Xun who practice DouQi cultivation, they were inclined to carry out fighting using DouQi and believe that high DouQi talent was the root of a person’s growth.

But Lin Wei was obviously different. In his seven years at the other world, he had to make use of all kinds of weather conditions, favorable locations, items, traps, and the like in order to fight against higher leveled life forms! Drawing support from external factors was already ingrained in him and became one of his survival skills!

Sssik! The sound of the dagger entering echoed out.


  1. TLN: In this case, humans. 
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