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Chapter 14 – Advancement to Beastly Soldier, Yanxing Goes To Fight

This time, Lin Wei’s harvest was very big. He thought that his training and taking of tonics would be unable to advance his status, and absolutely didn’t think that he would advance two grades after striking to kill Open-arm Devil Ape, even rising in rank. Advancing while fighting! So it was like this! Lin Wei finally understood that his advancement style was different from other summon beasts. Other summon beasts required a long term cultivation process to slowly accumulate energy within their bodies, before going through a qualitative change after it accumulated to a certain degree, then complete their advancement. However, he was different. Only after gaining victory in a fight would he be rewarded by the antiquity rule, thereby achieving status promotion!

With regards to Lin Wei’s advancement, in the audience on the scene, over half of the people half-understood what was going on. Only Clan Head Fan Xun, the second generation’s three brothers and sisters, the overwhelming majority of the third generation, as well as well-known figures within the fourth generation like Fan Yanxing, Fan Zhong, and Lu Jing could understand the mystery.

“Xiao Xun’s summon beast, isn’t ordinary……” Fan Tianlong couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

“En……truly unusual.” Fan Xun said: “Tianhu, go speak with Xiao Xun. No matter how it’s arranged, we have to increase a quota for her and give her half of the total resources that will be given to the other five. Let’s take a look at whether or not her summon beast’s growth can give us a pleasant surprise. Make her not breathe a word of this and don’t let anyone else know.”

“Yes! Father.” Fan Tianhu became stern and complied. Then he walked forwards several steps, loudly speaking to Fan Zhishen who was on the stage: “Zhishen, you may not get rid again. This time’s competition fight is very fishy. Minyue’s summon beast has already died, so drop it at this point. This stage, can be considered Xiao Xun’s victory!”

“Father!” Fan Zhishen angrily exclaimed.

“This is Clan Head’s meaning!” Fan Tianhu’s thick eyebrows crinkled: “You must do as instructed.”

Clan Head’s meaning? Fan Zhishen’s tigerish body shook and he looked towards his grandfather on the master seat. He didn’t dare to act again, hurriedly and honestly drawing back. Fan Minyue also followed her father to leave. While she was leaving from the front of the stage, she glanced at Xiao Xun and Lin Wei with incomparable resentment.

After Lin Wei’s advancement, he tightly closed both his eyes, seemingly trying to understand the change after his status advancement. When Xiao Xun saw this scene, she immediately reverse-summoned him, delivering him back.

This bout of fighting unexpectedly resulted in Open-arm Devil Ape’s death and Xiao Xun being victorious in the end. The martial arts competing stage buzzed for a while, then quieted down. The following competitions were carried out in succession, following from the 22nd place starting a challenge, then the 21st place……

The matches had victory or defeat. For the first round of battles, some people drew a bye1, some people were challenged multiple times——the ones repeatedly challenged were primarily the current fourth place and fifth place. But this kind of ‘drawing a bye’ and being repeatedly challenged situation was very low. After all, there was the additional rule that the only ones capable of challenging them had to be within the top 10. After the first round of fighting, Xiao Xun already advanced to 14th place. Everyone could make out that her summon beast was situated in an advancement comprehension state. Thus, during the first round’s follow up matches, no one went to challenge her again.

After the first round, only 11 people remained. In the first five, the fourth place was replaced by someone while the other four people’s positions were steady. Moreover, what was interesting was that in this first round of challenges, some powerful contestants had challenged the top five, but were defeated. At the present time, the remaining six people in the rankings weren’t all from the top. In here, Xiao Xun was ranked 6th. This signified that in the next round, she possessed the privilege to challenge the first five.

However, when the second round began, Xiao Xun either had to receive a challenge or go challenge someone higher than her, but everyone didn’t know what situation her summon beast was currently in. Whether or not it had woken up from the advancement comprehension state. For a moment, all felt somewhat apprehensive. Xiao Xun also inwardly worried.

“Miss Xiao Xun,” At this time, a servant ran over: “Lord Tianhu allows you to come over.”

Grandfather’s looking for me? Xiao Xun was startled. What matter is there for grandfather to look for me at this time? Although she was doubtful at heart, she still immediately got up to leave with that servant.

Several minutes later, news that Xiao Xun forfeited the competition was disseminated and the remaining 10 individuals would continue the second round.

Everyone had a burst of understanding. It seemed that Fan Tianhu had convinced Xiao Xun. Thinking about it, it was correct. In the situation where the summon beast probably couldn’t come out to battle, she would indeed be unable to continue competing.

“Good, carry on with the second round.” Fan Tianfeng said: “The rear five places can challenge the first five places and will decide the final rankings!”

The 10th place was the only girl apart from Xiao Xun and Fan Minyue. She stood up and stepped out, then gave a bow to Fan Tianfeng and said: “Xiao Rong knows that her strength is insufficient and that being able to enter the second round is already to be content with. Grandma, is it possible for Xiao Rong to challenge the 7th place, older cousin Feng?”

Fan Tianfeng looked at Lu Feng on her side and replied: “According to the rules, you should want to challenge the first five. But if you are determined to challenge Xiao Feng, grandma can give her consent. However, Xiao Feng should be wanting to challenge the first five. Your challenge will undoubtedly affect his physical strength. You can wait for Xiao Feng’s challenge to finish, then seek to compare notes with him.”

“Yes, Xiao Rong will comply with your instruction.”

The following 9th placed person was originally external surnamed servant’s son. Because his father was loyal and devoted and achieved many meritorious deeds, he was specially granted the ‘Fan’ surname. Since then, he was no longer a servant, but rather a clansman. He challenged 5th place and was ultimately defeated.

The 8th place youth followed on to challenge 4th place, and after a bitter struggle, he also lost.

After that was 7th place’s Lu Feng, he proposed that he wanted to challenge 5th place. In order to be fair, Fan Tianfeng arranged this fight for later on.

Finally, it was 6th place’s Lu Ziqi. He was the most promising youth in Fan Tianfeng’s lineage, with strength second only to the current third place’s Lu Jing. He walked forward several steps towards Fan Yanxing, slightly bowed and said: “Ziqi requests older cousin Yanxing to give some guidance!”

Fan Yanxing opened his eyes and looked at this younger cousin. Lu Ziqi didn’t glance away, meeting Fan Yanxing’s gaze.

All of the sudden, the audience became excited. They originally thought that they wouldn’t see the first 3 places fight in this time’s great competition because their superiority was very obvious, but they didn’t expect that this 17 year-old Lu Ziqi would unexpectedly be brave enough to challenge the number one person in the fourth generation!

Seeing Lu Ziqi’s calm appearance, Fan Yanxing inwardly applauded him in his heart. On the spectator’s stand, Fan Xun, Fan Tianhu and Fan Tianfeng nodded in succession.

“Tianfeng,” Fan Xun said: “You raised a good grandson!”

Fan Tianfeng was slightly excited; this was her lineage. The most outstanding youths were Lu Jing, Lu Feng and Lu Ziqi. Lu Jing and Lu Feng were sons of the eldest son Lu Yuan, and Lu Jing currently sat stable on 3rd of the younger generation. Lu Ziqi was her second son’s youngest son. Looking at Lu Ziqi, she remember her husband and second son. Her husband in those years was a monstrous loose cultivator. During the time he passed by Fan Clan, he deeply fell in love with her, finally marrying into her family and became Fan Clan’s son-in-law. Her second son’s talent was higher than her eldest son, Lu Yuan, and was the number one person in the third generation at that time. But in one of the outside explorations, the father-son duo went missing and from then on, there were no messages.

Fan Clan’s rules were extremely tolerant. Even though they were cousins with another surname, they were still regarded as clansmen and treated impartially.

“Ziqi, good kid!” Lu Feng walked over and patted his younger cousin’s shoulder. Then, he drew back to where the other people were, giving space to Lu Ziqi and Fan Yanxing on the central martial arts competing stage.

Everyone held their breath and waited. The scene rapidly became quiet.

“Older cousin Yanxing. Ziqi knows that you already reached the instantaneous summoning realm. Little brother is untalented, so he has to summon in advance.” As Lu Ziqi was speaking, he made hand signs. He was also a high level warrior, but the DouQi in his body was higher than Xiao Xun, so his summon speed was also a lot faster.

The vortex channel opened and an electrical flash shot out, then stopped on top of Lu Ziqi’s head; it was a small-bodied bird. The feathers on its entire body were like electric needles, both its eyes were scarlet red, and it had a blue beak and black claws. This was Lu Ziqi’s summon beast——Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon2! It was lightning attributed, Bronze ranked High Level Beastly Guard. Don’t feel that this Peregrine Falcon’s status isn’t high, its unique lightning attribute and high-speed flight ability was enough for it to jump ranks and fight. It is the type of summon beast that all people would have a headache about when meeting it.

Fan Yanxing’s facial features became solemn. He reached out with his hand to untie the training garment on his upper body. He wouldn’t lower his guard just because there was a disparity between him and Lu Ziqi. His standard of conduct required him to treat every fight with all his effort. Moreover, since Lu Ziqi challenged him, he also had to express sufficient respect.

“He3!” Fan Yanxing loudly shouted and his ** upper body began to violently change——his muscles rapidly swelled, his skin began taking on a golden-brown hue, and a white mane came out of his back and cheek while his ten fingers became incomparably sharp. At the same time, Fan Yanxing’s aura rose little by little and very quickly broke through to Great Martial Master level!

On the spectator stands, Fan Xun clapped his hair: “Good! Xing’er’s summon beast Fusion skill has improved again!”

Fan Tianlong, Fan Tianhu and Fan Tianfeng also repeatedly nodded.

Fan Yanxing’s summon beast was a type of commonly seen White Mane Lion. It was Wind attributed and there was nothing special about it, but in the flash that his contract succeeded, the skill that the antiquity rule bestowed to the summon beast was very extraordinary. Naturally, it was the rarely seen ‘Fusion’ skill. The summon beast didn’t need to go out with its main body to fight, rather, it fused with its master. This kind of fusion wasn’t a simple one plus one equals two, but rather a superimposition effect!

From then on, Fan Yanxing practiced his summon beast’s Fusion skill with single-hearted devotion. In the end, he actually practiced to the point where he could summon in a flash and fuse, just like a moment ago. No one saw him make hand signs, nor caught sight of the summoning vortex, but in that split second, the summon beast came and fused!

“What a formidable aura!” Beside the spectator’s stand, Fan Zhishen’s concentrated his gaze: “This aura already achieved the degree of Intermediate Level Great Martial Master and is equally matched with me.”

At his side, Fan Minyue hadn’t spoken. She still hadn’t extricated herself from the pain of her summon beast dying. Seeing the majestic Fan Yanxing, she suddenly recalled to mind the engagement she had with Tian Clan’s son. Tian Clan is a slightly stronger and powerful clan compared to Fan Clan. It is said that Tian Clan’s eldest son’s summon beast already attained the level of High Level Beastly General. It was unknown who was stronger if he and Fan Yanxing competed.

Confront Fan Yanxing’s aura that was bursting out, Lu Ziqi’s complexion lost some color. However, he didn’t have the slightest bit of fear, on the contrary, he took the initiative to launch an attack.

“Lightning-Evading Falcon! Go!” Lu Ziqi commanded.

The Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon shook its wing, sent out a sharp and clear chirp, then turned into a streak of lightning charging to one side of Fan Yanxing. Lu Ziqi moved the DouQi in his body and coordinated with the Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon’s distant appearance.

The Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon’s speed was very quick and instantaneously brushed past Fan Yanxing.

No one saw what had happened clearly, but a moment later, two claw scars appeared on Fan Yanxing’s left arm and blood spilled out. Not only that, but near the wound was a small electric current flitting by, causing Fan Yanxing’s arm to become numb.

The Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon actually held the superiority on the first exchange!


  1. TLN: No, not bye as in ‘goodbye’. It’s a sports term meaning ‘free pass’. 
  2. TLN: Mentioned in Chapter 1. 
  3. TLN: Said with ‘h’ sounding like the h in how and the ‘e’ sound like ‘uhh’. 
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