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Chapter 25 – Sect Selection Begins

Time seemed to slip away, and in a wink, half a year went by.

The focus of the public’s attention, the Five Large Sect’s disciple selection was about to begin!

Within Fan Clan’s Clan Head’s study room, five youths stood in a line before Clan Head Fan Xun. They were the first five in the great competition held half a year back, Fan Yanxing, Fan Zhong, Liu Jing, Fan Ping, and Liu Feng.

Fan Xun’s gaze scanned each of them before nodding in satisfaction and opened his mouth to say: “Not bad, not bad. In half a year, everybody’s progress has been quite bountiful. At the beginning of next month is the Five Large Sect’s disciple selection day. Your grandmother Tianfeng will be leading you to go participate! You must remember that Qifeng Continent has innumerable small and large clans, as well as many talented loose cultivators. You guys cannot lower your guards. Fan Clan’s glory is depending on your six people!”

“Six?” All of them were startled. Although Fan Yanxing’s expression didn’t change, a flash of astonishment went past his eyes. How could there be six people? Wasn’t it obviously just five people?

Fan Xun clapped his hands. Then everyone watched Fan Tianhu bringing in Xiao Xun.

After disappearing for half a year, Xiao Xun’s temperament had a very big change. The first and most obvious point was that there used to be a trace of suffering in her eyes, but now it had disappeared. This was because she and Fan Minyue had reconciled, and after half a year of contact, the gap between the two people slowly mended itself. Second uncle was also much better to her. The second change was her becoming more mature and experienced. The half year of training made her shed the aura of a young girl and become more feminine. And the third change, which was also the most obscure point, was a slight hint of sadness in her features.

Lin Wei’s black curse!

In this past half year, she saw many, many black curse break outs. When she watched Lin Wei’s painful appearance, she cried in her heart and simultaneously felt powerless.

Afterwards, Lin Wei finally started to gradually adapt to this sort of pain. He found a kind of self-hypnotism that diminished the greater part of the pain. By depending on this method, he persevered and the curse break out frequency also gradually slowed down. Nowadays, it would suddenly break out every half a month.

Roughly a month ago, Lin Wei finally succeeded in advancing to Low Level Beastly Guard! With regards to him, this was a milestone-type breakthrough.

The clan inspected Xiao Xun’s training once every month for the past six months, and Lin Wei would also pass through the inspection every time.

As a result, Fan Xun decided to allow Xiao Xun participate in the Sect disciple selection with Fan Yanxing and the others!

Looking at Fan Yanxing and the others’ doubtful expression, Fan Xun said: “Xing’er, in last time’s great competition, you should have also felt the uncommonness of Xiao Xun’s summon beast, right?”

Fan Yanxing nodded and firmly said: “Yes, that summon beast made me feel that it was truly too excessive. It wasn’t like a summon beast, but rather like a human soldier!”

“That’s right. Therefore, I secretly arranged for Xiao Xun to also take part in the special training. However, she only enjoyed a half-person’s clan resources.” Fan Xun continued: “Her summon beast’s intelligence is extremely high. Not only can it advance through striking a war beast to death, it could also promote by striking a summon beast to death. All of this is unprecedented. Tian Clan even arranged for Tian Zhu and Tian Lang to come exterminate Xiao Xun, but luckily they didn’t succeed. This time, she will be going together with you guys. You six have to mutually support each other and share joys and sorrows, understood?”

“Yes, Clan Head.” Fan Yanxing and the others respectfully replied.


The place where the Five Large Sects were recruiting people was situated at the center of Qifeng Continent, a place known as ‘Jadeite Mountain Range’.

Fan Clan’s distance from Jadeite Mountain Range is approximately 30,000 kilometers. Using a flight war beast as a mount and travelling day and night, it would take roughly 5 days to reach there. The one bringing this group this time is Fan Tianfeng. Apart from Fan Yanxing’s group of six, there was also Liu Yuan and a steward accompanying them. Liu Yuan was currently a Martial Master. That steward’s surname was Qi and his true strength was on par with Venerable Xie, a Great Martial Master! Previously, steward Qi was also a part of Fan Clan’s secret strength.

The fifth day.

“Look! Jadeite Mountain Range is before us.” Fan Tianfeng stood on the flight mount and pointed at the front while speaking to the six juniors.

Xiao Xun immediately raised her head to look in the distance with her elder brothers. All she saw ahead of her was a continuous undulating mountain range, and the main peak in the middle was a tall mountain that pierced through the clouds. Giving a rough estimate, the mountain range was over 1,000 kilometers, and the height of the main peak was probably not less than 20,000 to 30,000 meters. And at this moment, on that mountain range was a dense and numerous crowd in many places.


Just as Fan Tianfeng was about to continue to fly forward with her juniors, a voice rang out. Then, a person mounted on a great blue bird appeared before everyone’s eyes. He was a little more than 30 and had thick eyebrows and big eyes with a tiny chin. He wore yellowish-white clothes, and on the clothing was an embroidery of a dragon.

“He is from the Five Large Sects, a disciple of Crystal Palace.” Liu Yuan, who was at the back, informed the juniors in a low voice: “This dragon clothing is the symbol of Crystal Palace.”

“En? That great blue bird?” Fan Yanxing’s eyes slightly shrunk.

At this time, Fan Zhong, Xiao Xun and the other several people also paid attention to that blue bird. They previously thought that it was an ordinary mount, but now that they closely looked at it, they discovered that it was unexpectedly a summon beast!

Blue Luan Bird, Attribute: Water, Rank: Blue-silver!, Status: Intermediate Beastly General!

Each of them sucked in a breath one after another. This was their first time seeing a blue-silver ranked summon beast. The amount of blue-silver summon beasts was very small. Generally, the higher the rank was, the slower and difficult its growth would be! For example, Fan Zhishen’s summon beast was a bronze ranked Low Level Beastly Commander, but Clan Head Fan Xun’s summon beast which hadn’t gone to battle for many years was reportedly said that its status attained Beastly King or stronger. However, its rank was merely common!

But this blue-silver ranked Luan Bird, once it ** advances to Beastly Commander, it would be able to sweep away all common ranked Beastly Kings! It would even be able to be evenly matched with a bronze ranked Beastly King!

Fan Tianfeng cupped her hands towards the arriving person and said: “We come from the Fan Clan in the southwest direction and have come to participate in the Five Large Sects selection.”

“So it was the southwest Fan Clan.” That person nodded and humbly returned the courtesy: “Follow me.”

His manner was ordinary and even brought a trace of arrogance with it. But there was nothing they could do, who allowed him to be a person from Crystal Palace? Crystal Palace stood at the apex of giant influences in the entire Qifeng Continent while Fan Clan was merely one of the innumerable aristocratic clans. In nicer terms, they entered the ranks of the first 500 large aristocratic clans in the mainland, but was still unable to compete with the Five Large Sects.

Fan Tianfeng and her party followed this person and flew to a gigantic plaza on the Jadeite Mountain Range’s main peak. This plaza was extremely vast and looked like a 5 to 6 kilometers square at a glance. In the middle of the plaza was an obelisk more than 1,000 meters tall and the plaza was divided into 100 regions, with each region being a 500 to 600 meters square. Each region had an observation platform and each rose up in succession from the plaza middle. Inside each observation platform were several dozen neat and tidy tables and chairs. And there were 5 of this kind of incomparably vast plaza in total! These were used to receive the first 500 ranked great aristocratic clans on the mainland. As for those outside of the first 500, then sorry, they wouldn’t be receiving you.

“You can rest here.” The person speaking to Fan Tianfeng and the others brought them to an observation platform: “The recruitment ceremony will begin at noon today. I will be taking my leave.”

After he finished speaking, that person didn’t wait for Fan Tianfeng’s reply and directly flew away.

“Truly impressive!” Fan Zhong’s eyes showed an envious look: “The Five Large Sects disciples are really different!”

“That is but of course!” Fan Tianfeng commented: “The five large sects are our mainland’s five major authorities! Each sect has extremely deep inside stories and their strengths are incomprehensible. Qifeng Continent’s ten major super-clans are formidable because there are many people in their clans that joined the five large sects. Our Fan Clan’s hidden resources are lacking in comparison. In the days of my grandfather, he became a disciple of the large sect Heaven’s Will Valley. Unfortunately, because he offended a disciple from those super-clans, he was driven out. From then on, there wasn’t anyone else capable of joining the five large sects.”

“Heaven’s Will Valley?” Fan Zhong was startled and asked: “Our clan once had this kind of past event?”

“It’s not something to be proud of……” Fan Tianfeng sighed: “Therefore, Clan Head didn’t speak a word of it to the younger generations in fear of you guys gossiping everywhere.”

After settling down the flight mount, Fan Clan’s participants sat down in succession. Xiao Xun sat at the outermost side, right beside steward Qi.

Xiao Xun curiously looked around everywhere and discovered that most of the 100 observation platforms were already filled up. In the sky, there were still various kinds of flight mounts continuously rushing around in every direction. This truly was Qifeng Continent’s most spectacular grand occasion!

Suddenly, a loathsome voice sounded out from the side.

“Oh! Isn’t this Fan Clan’s old lady Tianfeng?”

All of Fan Clan’s members’ expressions instantly changed as they turned their heads in the direction of where the sound originated from. What they saw was a powdered white-faced pot-bellied middle-aged man strolling over.

“Yin Chunfeng!” Fan Tianfeng glowered: “What have you come for?”

“Oh! Old lady Fan, what kind of tone is this?” Yin Chunfeng patted his belly and chuckled before he said: “I saw you arrive, so naturally I came to say hello.”

“Is that so?” Fan Tianfeng smiled angrily: “If I remember correctly, according to rank, it would only be right for you to call me auntie!”

“How can that be fine? Isn’t calling you auntie calling you old?” Yin Chunfeng shook his head.

The nearby Fan Zhong’s character was one quickly agitated. He suddenly stood up and angrily shouted: “Then what is the meaning of you calling her old lady? Aren’t you here to find fault with Fan Clan?!”

“Oh~!” Yin Chunfeng’s concentrated his gaze and spoke with an insincere smile: “Who is this? Making a big fuss towards me. Is this how you educate your Fan Clan?”

“Ah? You……” Fan Zhong was about to angrily rush over, but his shoulder was held down by a big hand. The person who restrained him was Liu Yuan.

“Sit down.” Liu Yuan pushed Fan Zhong onto the seat, then he looked towards Yin Chunfeng. In this place, he and Yin Chunfeng were considered the be of the same seniority, so he was the most suitable to speak.

“Hmm? Isn’t this kid Liu Yuan?” Yin Chunfeng was still speaking in a manner that seemed like he needed to be slapped. They were obviously peer of the same generation, so calling Liu Yuan ‘kid’ meant ‘you are still mooching off of Fan Clan?’

“Fan Clan is a large aristocratic clan, with 1 main family, 3 subordinate families, and many branches.” Liu Yuan gazed at Yin Chunfeng and slowly said: “Not only that, but Fan Clan also has numerous good talents. Old pal Chunfeng, are you interested in coming to our place to be a guest official?”

Yin Chunfeng’s cheek twitched. Making him, a person from Yin Clan, go be a guest official at Fan Clan, it was truly amazing that he was able to say this. It could be seen that this Liu Yuan was also an awesome articulation master!

Xiao Xun covered her mouth and secretly smiled.

Liu Yuan continued to “passionately” invite him: “Come come come! Old pal Chunfeng, sit by my side, let us have a good chat.”

Sitting with them? Only if his brain turned to ****! Yin Chunfeng instantly waved his hand and said: “No need, I still have some words to tell Fei’er. Our clan’s Fei’er will be getting married to Tian Clan’s son, so our strength will be rising, in this time’s selection, we will certainly be able to reveal our talents. When that time comes, there will be two simultaneous happy events in our clan! Old lady Fan should be able to do me the honor of drinking a cup of celebration wine, hahahaha……”

Yin Chunfeng spoke as he swaggered off.

Fan Tianfeng’s face darkened and she said: “Yin Clan is our enemy, and adding that Tian Clan is also standing on their side, this time’s selection is bound to be severely laced with danger. You few must properly show yourselves off and cannot lose Fan Clan’s face by all means!”

“Yes!” Fan Yanxing and the five others responded in chorus.

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