Chapter 21 – Making War

Tian Zhu slapped the eight-legged black spider’s head and its eight scarlet eyes closed.

“Hehe, don’t be offended……” Tian Zhu opened his mouth to say. His voice seemed to make this area’s temperature drop a lot: “Our esteemed Clan Head has commanded to invite young lady Xiao Xun as a guest.”

Guest? Tian Clan’s Clan Head invited Xiao Xun as a guest?

Furthermore, he made these two individuals go invite?

Xiao Xun and Venerable Xie glanced at each other. No, there had to be some inside story!

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“Tian Clan’s Clan Head invitation makes Xiao Xun feel very honored.” Xiao Xun clenched the sword in her hand and replied: “But, Xiao Xun is currently burdened with an important matter, and it is inconvenient for her to immediately leave. Two honorable seniors, please return back and report to your Tian Clan’s Clan Head that Xiao Xun will personally visit in a few days time.”

“Oh? How come I don’t feel that young lady Xiao Xun is burdened with any matter? I feel that young lady Xiao Xun is very idle.” Tian Zhu was still speaking lazily.

“Xiao Xun really has an important matter, but it is temporarily unsuitable to say.” Xiao Xun could feel her palm getting slightly sweaty.

“Hehe, I can help you with whatever!” Tian Zhu’s eyes moved again, using an unbridled gaze to Xiao Xun’s towering chest: “Young lady Xiao Xun is as beautiful as a fairy, whatever matter you have, I can assist you! How about it?”

Xiao Xun felt a burst of disgust at that gaze and hurriedly shook her head: “There’s no need. I appreciate your good intentions, but please return senior.”

“Haha, brother, I told you earlier that your request wouldn’t work.” The tall and stalwart figured Tian Lang opened his eyes and smiled: “You’re better off being direct. Truth to tell you guys, we brothers came to take young lady Xiao Xun’s life. However, we didn’t expect young lady Fan Minyue to already be present, in addition to a Great Martial Master! But it doesn’t matter, it just means that we need to use a little more effort. Today, you guys shouldn’t think of leaving!”

Venerable Xie and Xiao Xun’s complexion slightly changed and their hearts finally sunk.

Fan Minyue’s brows creased. Now that things came to this, she finally sensed something fishy. Her mind was clouded by hatred before, so she wasn’t able to think properly. Thinking about it now, the clan secretly arranging for Xiao Xun to be here seemed to be for giving her special training. And there was also Tian Clan’s Tian Zhu and Tian Lang, who came with the intent to kill Xiao Xun.

Xiao Xun, when had she become so important?

No, not right. Xiao Xun is still that Xiao Xun; she’s merely a High Level Warrior.

The problem lies in her summon beast! What was so special about the summon beast that advanced to Common Rank, Intermediate Level Beastly Soldier?

“There is no hatred between Xiao Xun and Tian Clan.” Xiao Xun said: “And has never met you sirs. Why must you take my life?”

“This, we also don’t know.” Tian Lang shook his head: “Clan Head’s command, we can only follow as subordinates, how would we dare to ask the reason. The three of you, do you want to take your own lives, or should we brothers do it?”

Words came to an end. The atmosphere froze for a short while.

Venerable Xie narrowed his eyes. He rapidly calculated both sides’ fighting power. He could handle one enemy, the grey-eyed white tiger could reluctantly stall one. They could only do it like this, and had to do it like this to allow for the two young ladies to possibly escape. It was a pity that he had just wounded the grey-eyed white tiger just before, otherwise its fighting power would be a bit better. As for Little Shao, there was no way to take him into consideration. Slaves like them, there had long since had the awareness to sacrifice themselves for their masters.

Venerable Xie, Fan Minyue, and Xiao Xun exchanged glances with each other. The two girls understood his meaning. Fan Minyue slightly leaned her body, facing a direction that was easier to flee in while taking out a pill and hiding it in her hand.

But Xiao Xun was somewhat hesitant. She wasn’t willing to make Venerable Xie go all out for her. Moreover, she wasn’t willing to leave Little Shao behind.

Venerable Xie coughed several times, then slowly walked forward a step and turned his eyes to Tian Zhu and Tian Lang. He clasped his hands in ritual and said: “The two sirs are pillars of Tian Clan, how can I, so old and feeble, match up to the two sirs? This old man boldly requests the two sirs to be magnanimous. Whatever you desire, gold, silver, jewels, rare medicinal ingredients, or heavenly treasures, please casually say……ATTACK!!!”

Venerable Xie was originally speaking unhurriedly, but after speaking up to here, his eyes suddenly widened and he yelled out “ATTACK”. It was like a thunderbolt coming down from a clear sky!

At the same time that he yelled out this word, his accumulated strength burst forth!

Concurrent with Venerable Xie’s violence, Fan Minyue threw the pill in her hand towards the grey-eyed white tiger.

“Little Tiger! Go!” As she issued the command, she began rapidly retreating in the opposite direction.

Even after witnessing all of this, Tian Zhu’s expression didn’t change. Instead, the corner of his mouth slightly rose: “Haah, childish……”

The grey-eyed white tiger scrunched its shoulders and raised its head, accurately catching the pill and swallowing it. The pill contained an enormous medicinal efficacy, which was released and caused its inner injuries instantly be suppressed.

“Roar!” Shouting with its head up high, the grey-eyed white tiger pushed down powerfully with all four of its limbs, leaping towards higher placed Tian Lang. As a loyal contracted war beast, its master’s safety, its master’s commands, they exceeded its own safety the entire time. Although it felt immense pressure from Tian Lang, it still fired towards the opposite party without regard for danger.

“Haha! Grey-eyed White Tiger! Not bad! This war beast is mine!” Tian Lang heartily laughed. His sturdy body soared down from the devil wolf’s back, welcoming the pouncing white tiger.

A war beast equivalent to an Intermediate Level Beastly General and a half-step Great Martial Master cultivator directly met each other force by force!

The muffled sound of ‘bangbang’ echoed out, both of Tian Lang’s hands and grey-eyed white tiger’s front paws collided with one another.

The grey-eyed white tiger opened its bloody mouth wide, then bit towards Tian Lang’s face.

Tian Lang laughed grimly. His upper body abruptly twisted weirdly, avoiding white tiger’s deadly bite. Then he suddenly pushed his forehead forward, ruthlessly smashing into the side of white tiger’s face.


The grey-eyed white tiger’s canine was directly knocked out!


On the other side, Tian Zhu and Venerable Xie were also already going palm-to-palm.

The turbulent DouQi exploding forth from the split-second that the palms collided pushed both sides backwards simultaneously.

Speaking on terms of his own strength, Venerable Xie was stronger than Tian Zhu. On the other hand, Tian Zhu was a half-step into Great Martial Master realm expert. Moreover, he and the black spider had lived together for long enough to make them closely linked. He could use the attack he received and shift the greater half onto the black spider, while simultaneously utilizing the power within the black spider. But in the first contest just now, both sides too an equal share of damage!


The black spider faced the spinneret gland at the tip of its abdomen forward and shot forth white silk.

However, Venerable Xie had long ago guarded against this. He lightly tapped his feet on the ground and easily evaded this lump of spider silk.

“Great strength! Who could have thought that Fan Clan had concealed talents.” Tian Zhu eyes opened up, finally no longer shipping out a lazy appearance. At the same time, both his hands turned over and two strangely shaped concealed weapons appeared in his hands. The concealed weapons were sharp thorns bearing hooks, suffused with a serene blue radiance. One could tell that it was poisonous at a glance.

Go! Tian Zhu’s wrist shook, and the unusual concealed weapons drew two strange arcs, noiselessly attacking towards Venerable Xie.


During the time that Tian Lang was meeting the grey-eyed white tiger, his devil wolf mount, who brought a black energy with it, pounced towards Xiao Xun!

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Killing Xiao Xun was the goal of their trip!

Sparks flew as Xiao Xun took out a longsword and pierced it towards the devil wolf’s head. She was going to stake it all! This devil wolf’s fighting strength was a rank lower compared to the grey-eyed white tiger, in addition, it didn’t have a skill, so perhaps she had the strength to stake it all!

All at once, the three sides engaged in their respective battles.

With such a chaotic situation, nobody was paying attention to Fan Minyue. She was happy in her heart as she sped up and evacuated while watching the several people battling. P
On one side was the one who made her lose her summon beast, Xiao Xun, and on the other was a person from Tian Clan, which publicly broke off the engagement. Fan Minyue couldn’t help but maliciously curse in her heart: Best if they die together.

Once again falling back a few steps, it seemed like she would momentarily leave the fighting ring. Suddenly, an ear-piercing ‘whoosh’ came from the side of her body.

Fan Minyue was startled. Her battle instincts prompted her to instantly move backwards, allowing her to evade this extremely deadly and fatal sword.

“Who is it!?” Fan Minyue looked in the direction that the sword came in and saw someone she didn’t expect to see: “It’s you!!!”

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