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Chapter 23 – Burying The Hatchet

Clang! In another direction, Little Shao and Fan Minyue clashed with their swords once more.

The strength behind was fairly huge, causing Fan Minyue to nearly be unable to hold her sword.

They were both High Level Warriors, yet Little Shao’s DouQi cultivation and body strength surpassed Fan Minyue’s.

“Young lady Minyue, you should obediently stay and prepare to be captured.” Little Shao closed in step by step.

Strictly speaking, Fan Minyue and Xiao Xun were both young ladies of Fan Clan, so they received better DouQi training than other people. Because they possessed a better cultivation art, they had a more systematic training plan. But on Qifeng Continent, large aristocratic clans attached importance on summon beast training, therefore with regards to the two young ladies who originally contracted bronze rank summon beasts, the core of their training revolved around the summon beast and not their DouQi. Of course, the optimal situation would be having an equilibrium in cultivating DouQi and summon beast, but the number of people who could achieve this was truly too little. Generally speaking, only large sects had more profound DouQi methods and more exquisite sword arts and blade arts, as well as other ancient books on martial arts.

A summon beast in its initial stage had a quick growth; for example, Heavenly Wolf Guard became Heavenly Wolf General in just a several years time. In this time, the subject of training was naturally the summon beast. Only when the summon beast reached late stage would its growth start to slow down and the cultivator be able to spend more time on their own training. For instance, Fan Zhishen had become a Great Martial Master and perfected his sleeve-chain skill, but only after his summon beast’s cultivation hit a bottleneck. Clearly, Fan Minyue and Xiao Xun still hadn’t arrived at this phase, so they were a lot weaker compared to their summon beast-less contemporaries who just practiced martial arts.

Little Shao was obviously this type of pure martial arts. Of course, Venerable Xie was as well.

A silver sword light streaked through the air; Little Shao thrust his sword once more.

Fan Minyue blocked this stab very reluctantly, but didn’t dare to drop the sword in her hand. Clang! The longsword was cast flying, falling at a place more than 10 meters away.

“Ha!” Little Shao loudly laughed. He grabbed the opportunity to tread forward and jabbed his sword towards Fan Minyue’s throat.

No! Am I going to die? Fan Minyue unwillingly shouted in her heart.

Seeing that the sword point was already less than half a meter away from her neck, Fan Minyue despairingly closed her eyes.


In the instant that she closed her eyes, a crisp sound abruptly rang out.

What’s going on? The anticipated stabbing pain isn’t appearing. Who helped me block this strike?

Swiftly opening her eyes, Fan Minyue witnessed a scene that she would have never expected——it was actually Xiao Xun! In that extremely critical moment just now, in that moment of life or death, it was Xiao Xun who rushed over and saved her life! And at this moment, Xiao Xun and Little Shao were fighting each other.

Why? Why did Xiao Xun come to save me?

Fan Minyue stared distractedly at the scene, her mind blank.

Although the two of them were clan sisters, their situation was like water and fire. Fan Minyue’s previous Open-arm Devil Ape was seriously injured by Heavenly Wolf General, then Lin Wei killed the Open-arm Devil Ape afterwards. Ultimately, Fan Minyue brought the grey-eyed white tiger with the intent to discard Xiao Xun’s DouQi cultivation. Properly speaking, Xiao Xun should loathe her, so why did come to save her?

Fan Minyue foolishly stood in place watching Xiao Xun and Little Shao sparing no effort in combat. Then her gaze moved away and she saw Tian Zhu locked in battle with Venerable Xie. Moving her gaze once more, she saw Tian Lang firmly suppressing the completely disadvantaged grey-eyed white tiger.

All of the sudden, she comprehended something in her heart.

Yes, no matter how things are between Xiao Xun and I, it’s only an internal matter within the clan. In any event, we are still a whole family! Right now, when facing the colossus called Tian Clan, it’s natural that the our whole family shouldn’t show any problems externally. It seems like I’ve truly been blinded by my hatred. Something Xiao Xun was able to think and accomplish, I actually wasn’t able to realize until now.

From childhood to adolescence, Xiao Xun has truly been more beautiful than me. Her figure is also better, so I’ve always been jealous of her and wanted to surpass her by any means possible. But now that we’ve both been wounded in this meaningless internal discord, what have I obtained?

I just wanted to prove that I’m not worse than Xiao Xun. Thus I used all kinds of means……

Using these plans, have I truly become better than her?

No! Never. I’ve made a mistake……

I’ve erred……

I’ve been wrong……

A series of regrets floated through Fan Minyue’s mind. She discovered that her original intentions were just to prove herself, but after a string of strategies, she severely deviated from her original intentions.

Fan Minyue lifted her head, her gaze becoming firm. She quickly walked to the place where the sword fell and took up her own longsword.

“Younger cousin, what you can achieve, I can also achieve!” Fan Minyue loudly yelled as she ran over and thrust her sword at Little Shao.

Yes, Xiao Xun, you are able to disregard our former hatred and come save me. I, Fan Minyue, am not any worse than you, I’ll be better than you!


Lin Wei’s dagger pierced the devil wolf’s abdomen.

Sssik! A half-meter long gash appeared.

The devil wolf struggled in pain and actually freed itself from the restraint rope. The instant that it broke free, its forepaws struck Lin Wei’s face and slapped his entire body flying.

Bang! Lin Wei flew out for quite a distance before smashing into the ground. When he crawled up, blood was already across his entire face and he was seeing stars. Damn, I’ve underestimated this devil wolf’s strength! Lin Wei opened his eyes with great effort and witnessed the devil wolf standing up, but the gash on its abdomen was very wide. Blood flowed out and even its intestines fell out.

The devil wolf panted for breath. It could feel its life flowing out but it still had the strength to fight.

Unparalleled hatred and rage flooded its heart. Even if it had to die, it would kill the abominable summon beast before it!

“Devil wolf!” In the distance, Tian Lang discovered the devil wolf’s miserable condition and couldn’t help but ache in his heart. He heavily bombarded the grey-eyed white tiger with powerful blows, then wanted to leave to help the devil wolf.

Who would have expected the grey-eyed white tiger to tightly bite his leg, causing him unable to get away.

Lin Wei used one hand to wipe away the blood on his face while slowly retreating. He could feel the devil wolf about to start a life or death struggle and this fight would inevitably be earth-shattering.

The devil wolf bared its teeth and the sinister energy intensified by a bit. It closely observed Lin Wei with eyes filled with inexhaustible hatred.

Suddenly, without any indication——just as Lin Wei was wiping his eyes——the devil wolf used all its power to leap forward.

Lin Wei was frightened at first but calmed down shortly after. As he sped up retreating, he rapidly shot out arrows. However, the devil wolf didn’t have the slightest intention to dodge. It allowed the arrow to pierce into its left shoulder and kept rushing over, disregarding it. Its speed hadn’t lowered at all!

Whoosh, whoosh!

Lin Wei shot out two arrows simultaneously.

The devil wolf still took it head on!

One arrow hit its nose while the arrow blinded its right eye!

“Awoo!” This time, the devil wolf howled out painfully and its speed slowed down subsequently.

But it was already less than three meters away from Lin Wei at this time!

Lin Wei switched his bow for his dagger and prepared for close quarters combat.

Seize the opportunity, I must seize this opportunity! As long as I stab into its vital point, it should immediately drop dead! Lin Wei thought to himself.

Two meters!

One meter!

When the devil wolf’s massive head was almost within reach, Lin Wei lifted up his dagger.

But the following action was completely out of line with his anticipation.

In an instant, the strong sound of an apex sinister energy explosion echoed out. The sinister energy, which brought turbulent waves of hatred, an unceasing torrent of resentment, and a haunting curse along with it, suddenly engulfed and swallowed up Lin Wei! The enormous might that the sinister energy had continued to spread out until it finally covered a little less than half of the training grounds, not stopping for a long time!

“Lin Wei!” In another place, Xiao Xun was shocked and heartbroken upon witnessing the scene.

“Devil wolf!” In a more distant place, Tian Lang was also pale with fright.

Although a common war beast didn’t have any abilities, it had the possibility to possess a unique skill. For example, a black spider’s spider silk or a devil wolf’s sinister energy. While spider silk can be used regularly, a devil wolf’s sinister energy can only explode once in its lifetime!

Indeed, this was something nobody had expected.

Of course, this was also something that nobody knew would become an important turning point in Lin Wei’s destiny!



An incensed Tian Lang finally smashed the grey-eyed white tiger’s head into pieces. However, he also paid a heavy price——right before it died, the grey-eyed white tiger broke his shoulder into pieces with a swat and even tore open his chest, exposing the ghastly sight of his bones coming out.

He originally wanted to subdue this grey-eyed white tiger, but as things usually turn out to be contrary to what one wants, he finally had to strike it dead.

“Guys, retreat!” Tian Lang swiftly roared. Although he bore an injury, he could still display 50 to 60 percent of his fighting power. He turned around and dashed in Xiao Xun and Fan Minyue’s direction. At this time, Little Shao was being attacked by the two women on both sides and was almost unable to persevere.

Suddenly, a ball of white silk sprayed out from behind Tian Lang and stuck onto him, then pulled backwards fiercely, causing him to fly away.

“Big brother! What are you doing?” Tian Lang discovered this ball of silk was sprayed out by the black spider, so he couldn’t help but be startled when asking.

“Leave! An expert has arrived!” Tian Zhu furiously threw several poisonous darts at Venerable Xie, then began retreating rapidly on the black spider. In his fight with Venerable Xie just now, he was struck several times and his five viscera and six bowels were either ruptured or shifted.

“How could it be so quick?” Tian Lang was greatly surprised. From the time when the signal flare was shot until now, not even 10 minutes had passed.

“Little Blacky’s judgement is never wrong! If we don’t go now, then it’ll be too late!” Tian Zhu didn’t explain any further and brought Tian Lang onto his black spider mount before fleeing into the distance.

“Save me……” Seeing Tian Zhu and Tian Lang leaving, Little Shao was instantly worried and instantly shouted for help.

And it was this instant that caused him to expose a fatal gap. Xiao Xun and Fan Minyue simultaneously seized this opportunity; their swords flew over and pierced Little Shao’s DouQi defense and stabbed into his chest!

At the same time——


A slender chain dropped from the skies, making a ‘clang!’ sound as it nailed itself onto the ground. Shortly after, accompanying an intense shout, an enormous figure also dropped from the skies, causing a loud ‘bang!’ as it smashed into the training grounds and created a large hole!

A pair of robust and powerful horns, lava-like colored skin, four sturdy limbs, a pair of glaring eyes, and a mouth spitting out white air. In an instant, the temperature of the entire training grounds suddenly rose and seemed to have become a giant oven!

Blaze Bull! Attribute: Fire, Rank: Bronze, Status: Low Level Beastly Commander!!!

Immediately after the Blaze Bull appeared, a person dropped down from the long chains.

“Father!” Fan Minyue cried tears of joy.

The person who arrived was Fan Minyue’s father, Xiao Xun’s second uncle, Fan Zhishen! And that Blaze Bull shockingly was his contracted summon beast!

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