Chapter 20 – Tian Clan

Xiao Xun launched a fierce offensive.

However, Fan Minyue’s movement wasn’t slow. In the split second that she saw Xiao Xun take out her sword, she immediately circulated her DouQi and rapidly retreated. In these circumstances of being without a summon beast, she was fully aware at this moment that she absolutely wasn’t Xiao Xun’s match.

“Younger cousin Xiao Xun, your match is not I! Little Tiger, go!”

The grey-eyed white tiger roared and its four limbs suddenly sent out strength. It leaped up and threw itself towards Xiao Xun.

Although human DouQi cultivation ranks and War Beasts’ strength ranks didn’t strictly correspond, in any event, an Intermediate Level Beastly General’s strength wasn’t something that the current Xiao Xun could contend against.

If Xiao Xun didn’t dodge it and instead met it head-on, then there was going to be only one outcome; that is, Xiao Xun would violently die on the spot. Even if she luckily survived, then her meridians would shattered and her DouQi would be abolished! But if she avoided it, there was Venerable Xie and Little Shao behind her. What could she do?

During Xiao Xun’s moment of hesitation, the grey-eyed white tiger already arrived before her like a whirlwind.

It lifted its enormous tiger paw up high, the sharp claws coldly flashed!

Die! Fan Minyue hysterically yelled in her heart. She seemed to be able to foresee Xiao Xun’s delicate body being torn apart by the grey-eyed white tiger’s claws, her blood spraying towards the sky.

The tiger claw whizzed downwards!!!

Xiao Xun despairingly closed her eyes.

But at this time, a withered old palm came from behind her without any indication, and swatted away the tiger paw that was about to strike Xiao Xun.


An explosion-like sound echoed out so loudly that even the deaf would be able to hear it. That gigantic grey-eyed white tiger was actually sent back by this withered old palm! Its four limbs held the ground, but it slid 10 meters before it finally stopped.

Who was it?!!

Fan Minyue and Xiao Xun were incomparably shocked as they turned their heads to take a look. Then, their gazes arrived at Venerable Xie who was behind Xiao Xun. His body was clearly stooped as he serenely stood in place, with a palm still raised in the air and his upper body slightly swaying.

“You, you……” Fan Minyue was already frightened speechless. She absolutely hadn’t thought that this seemingly old housekeeper actually was a deeply hidden expert.

To be able to repel a war beast with strength equivalent to an Intermediate Level Beastly General with a palm, one’s strength had to at least have strength equivalent to a Grand Perfection Martial Master, or even a Great Martial Master!

Venerable Xie coughed and slowly said: “Young lady Minyue, anyone can make mistakes, you should forgive them when possible. This place is what Clan Head handed over to this old man to be in charge of. If you want to look for trouble and Clan Head blames me, this old man won’t be able to take it upon himself.”

The fright in Fan Minyue’s eyes slowly faded away, and what replaced it was the color of venomous hatred: “What a good housekeeper……if I’ve guessed correctly, you were specifically sent by grandfather to protect Xiao Xun?”

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“This old man has been in charge of this place for more than 30 years, and has been this place’s housekeeper all along. If young lady Minyue doesn’t believe it, then you can go ask Clan Head.” Venerable Xie replied.

Fan Minyue rapidly breathed in and out several times. The current situation already exceeded her predictions. She didn’t expect that she wouldn’t be able to handle Xiao Xun after bringing the grey-eyed white tiger. At this time, it seemed like she had to request her father to personally go into action, and only then would Venerable Xie be surpassed.

However, if she turned around to leave now, Xiao Xun would be transferred to another place. If she wanted once again find out where Xiao Xun was, it certainly wouldn’t be so easy!

What to do? What to do? Fan Minyue’s mind was rapidly making calculations. What means could she use to delay them and secretly contact her father to rush over as soon as possible?

Just as Fan Minyue was thinking up a plan, the grey-eyed white tiger on the side suddenly roared and once again pounced towards Venerable Xie——the pride in its heart caused it to not allow itself to be beaten back by such a thin old man’s palm. Moreover, its first attack wasn’t the full extent of its power. This time, it would use its whole power and stake it all to see whether it or the old man was stronger!
“Evil creature!” Venerable Xie’s eyes flared up and clenched both his fists, then began revolving his DouQi.

“Great Martial Master!” Fan Minyue cried out in fear after sensing Venerable Xie’s vigorous aura surge out violently and DouQi leaving his body.

It was unexpectedly a Great Martial Master! In the clan, besides her grandfather, the generation with three people, and the two people in her father’s generation, there was an additional Great Martial Master!

As Fan Minyue was crying out in fear, Venerable Xie’s DouQi once again collided with the grey-eyed white tiger. This time, that grey-eyed white tiger was struck flying. It flew over 20 meters before it finally smashed into the ground. It coughed out blood and its mind was going in circles; it wouldn’t be able to stand up for a short while.

On the other hand, Venerable Xie merely stepped back 5 or 6 steps before steadying his posture.

“Venerable Xie, are you all right?” Xiao Xun ran to Venerable Xie’s side and asked with deep concern.

Venerable Xie lightly shook his head, sighed, and said: “Ai, now that I’m old, I can’t be compared to what I previous was! Cough cough, Little Shao, see the visitor out……this old man’s body is unwell, so I won’t be seeing off young lady Minyue.”

Seeing Little Tiger’s current state, Fan Minyue knew that she had lost. She resentfully clenched her teeth and slowly retreated as she said: “Good! Good! You are very good! Xie Wenbin, you have offended your superior, I will tell my father about the truth.”

But at this moment, a sudden extremely dreary and blood-curdling screech sounded from above the people!

The blood-curdling screech was so terrifying that it made one’s hair stand on end.

Afterwards, a person’s shadow dropped down and heavily smashed down at the center of the training ground.

Everyone simultaneously turned to take a look at the center and saw that the fallen person only had half the body left. The gash was bloodied and gory, and blood was incessantly spraying out.

“Young lady……” He looked up at Fan Minyue with great difficulty, then breathed his final breath.

Fan Minyue used her hand to cover her mouth.

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This person was her and Fan Zhishen’s trusted aide. He was the one that was secretly making inquiries about Xiao Xun’s hiding place. He was also the person that Venerable Xie saw. But he died so tragically. How could it not be bone-chilling?

Following right after, a lazy voice came from above——

“Oh? Fan Clan’s two young ladies are here.”

“Who is it?!!” Venerable Xie’s eyebrows jumped and he suddenly turned his head to look above.

“Hehe……” While languid laughter sounded out, the grey-eyed white tiger tore open a giant hole from the top, and what appeared were two people riding on war beasts.

One was riding on a gigantic eight-legged spider. This person’s appearance was thin and his hair reached his shoulders. His eyebrows slender and quite high up while his eyes were a deep black. The bridge of his nose was quite high and he had a 八-shaped mustache above his thin lips.

The other person rode on the back of a devil wolf emitting strong sinister energy. This person appeared tall and sturdy with a practically ** upper body. He had a square face with a broad forehead and tigerish eyes that contained demons, along with short hair that seemed like steel needles.

It’s actually these two?!! Venerable Xie’s pupils fiercely contracted and his complexion instantly became gloomy: “Tian Zhu, Tian Lang1……which wind blew you brothers here?”

Tian Zhu, Tian Lang?!

Hearing these two names, Xiao Xun and Fan Minyue were greatly startled.

Tian Clan was a more formidable great clan compared to Fan Clan, as well as more mysterious. Each of Tian Clan’s assigned Clan Heads were quite young when entering, resigned around the same time that previous generation’s Clan Head resigned, and all went into the ancestral forbidden ground to go into seclusion. After generations upon generations, the number of experts Tian Clan had stored up was something that nobody could imagine!

Tian Zhu and Tian Lang were Tian Clan’s current two experts that the common people knew about! The two of them were a half-step into Great Martial Master rank, and when coordinating with their formidable war beasts, they could fight against a Great Martial Master on their own. Let alone, the two of them moving together and fighting together.

Hearing Venerable Xie’s interrogation, Tian Zhu’s eyes moved downwards. This movement seemed to make his appearance come to life. Then, his gaze finally shifted to Venerable Xie.

Tian Lang didn’t even glance sideways. He shut his eyelids, as if to rest.

Although they didn’t speak, there was an intangible pressure sent out. This pressure did not come from their strength, rather it came from their constant bloody slaughtering.

Tian Zhu’s gaze stopped over on Venerable Xie for a long time, then slowly moved to Xiao Xun. At this time, the eight-legged spider he was riding suddenly opened its four pairs of red eyes and fixed its gaze on Xiao Xun.

Xiao Xun couldn’t help but tighten her stomach and drew back a small step.


  1. TLN: Both their names have 天(Tian) in it, signifying that they’re most likely from Tian Clan. Moving onto the second part of their names, it’s Zhu as in ‘spider’ and not ‘pig’, and Lang for ‘wolf’. Yes, this ‘Tian Lang’ has the same name as ‘Heavenly Wolf General’ or as Xiao Xun called it, ‘Sky Wolf’. 

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