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Chapter 27 – Family Crisis

“Okay! I request all participants in the audience to arrive to the blockade line at the foot of the mountain.” Huo Tongzi said: “Over there, disciples of the Five Large Sects will be providing participants with tokens. From the blockade line to 1 kilometer up the mountain is the safety zone, where battles and killing is prohibited. Bear in mind that if you lose the token, you aren’t eliminated, you just need to snatch a new token before the cut off time arrives. But if you’re dead or retreat back into the safety zone, then you will be disqualified!”

Fan Yanxing, Xiao Xun, and the rest all stood up and the atmosphere stiffened for a moment.

“Remember, a family mutually supports each other!” Fan Tianfeng urged for the final time.

“Yes!” The six people saluted to Fan Tianfeng and Lu Yuan, then resolutely walked towards the blockade line at the foot of the mountain.

An unending stream of people from all directions gathered to the foot of the mountain. They got a token from the sect disciples stationed at the blockade line, then entered the jungle in groups of 2-3 people. They all had to disseminate to various places as soon as possible while preserving themselves and ambushing other people.

Although there was a large number of people, Jadeite Mountain Range’s main peak was larger; just the blockade line was close to ten thousand meters long. Adding in the priority was on when the crowd arrived, after they entered the jungle, it was basically hard to run into each other.

Fan Yanxing’s group of six ran for almost twenty minutes before arriving at the blockade line, then receiving their tokens.

“Our group of six should first move together.” Fan Yanxing said: “Let’s first find a path to the summit of the mountain.”

“Okay!” The other five people nodded in favor. Over here, Fan Yanxing was the boss, so naturally everything was decided by him.

“Fan Zhong, Lu Feng, you two will be rear-guard. Xiao Xun, you will be in the middle.” Fan Yanxing arranged the lineup of their group. He was in the front, Lu Jing and Fan Ping were the wings, Xiao Xun would be protected in the middle, and Fan Zhong and Lu Feng were rear-guard.

“Cousin, do you think we should release our summon beasts ahead of time?” Lu Jing inquired.

“Hm……” Fan Yanxing hesitated for a moment before saying: “Let’s not use our summon beasts first in order to avoid exposing our strength. Little Feng, release your Thousands Li Shadowless Eagle first and make it scout out the area in front.”

Lu Feng compiled with the command. He took out a sealing crystal, recited the incantation and a light ray flew out of the crystal, which changed into an small ash-grey eagle. The eagle’s figure was slender and its wings exquisite. It lightly flapped and was already beyond 100 meters without the least bit of fluctuation in the atmosphere.

Thousands Li Shadowless Eagle is a unique bird from the southern part of Qifeng Continent. There was a very small amount of them, and they were also extremely difficult to capture. Fan Clan had attempted to catch one many times since their ancestors and it didn’t bear any fruit until Lu Yuan coincidentally chanced upon a wounded baby fledgling on an outing and saved it. Afterwards, the fledgling grew up and followed Lu Yuan. Later on, Lu Yuan passed it onto his youngest son Lu Feng.

Clan Head had once said that within the entirety of Qifeng Continent, the number of clans possessing a Thousands Li Shadowless Eagle shouldn’t surpass 100. Through this, it could be seen how rare this war beast was. This time, Lu Feng brought along this little eagle to scout out the enemy to occupy the upper hand.


Approximately two hours later, those participating all received their tokens and entered the mountain woods.

After that, the Clean Buddhist Temple disciple in charge of providing tokens returned to give Huo Tongzi the report that this time’s selection had a total of 10,448 people participating.

“10,448. En, the quantity isn’t small. Recording name disciples will be chosen one every 10 li, and official disciples are chosen one every 100 li1.” Huo Tongzi nodded and exchanged gazes with the other four sect officials: “After 15 days, let’s see how many people are alive……”


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At this moment, in the southwest of the continent.

In Fan Clan’s Clan Head’s study room, Fan Xun held a teacup with fragrant tea in both hands.

“Calculating the time, the Five Large Sect’s selection should have begun.” Fan Xun said.

On the other chair in the study sat Fan Tianhu; he had come today to report some matters to the clan head.

Fan Tianhu nodded: “Yes, father. But we don’t know the rules of this time’s selection. We can only hope that Yanxing and the others will be able to get through it safely!”

“If we talk about the most promising, of course it would be Xing’er.” Fan Xun lightly tapped the table with his finger and said with hesitation: “But everything isn’t set in stone, maybe the others will also be selected.”

At this time, the sound of panic-stricken shouting came from outside the door.

“Clan Head! Clan Head! Things aren’t good!!!”

Fan Xun wrinkled his brows.

“What’s there to be alarmed about? Come in and say it!” Fan Tianhu said towards the door.

A servant pushed opened the door and knelt down after several steps. As he kowtowed, he cried out: “Clan Head! Eldest master Tianhu! Lord Fan Zhiyi, he……he was killed by someone!……”

“What?!!!” Fan Xun and Fan Tianhu simultaneously stood up pale with fright.

Fan Zhiyi is Fan Tianhu’s eldest son, as well as Fan Zhishen’s elder brother and Xiao Xun’s uncle. Although Fan Zhiyi’s moral quality was ordinary, cultivation was ordinary, and didn’t treat Xiao Xun too well, but in any case, he was a person of Fan Clan, a third generation master at Fan Clan! Yet suddenly dying like this, this could only be regarded as a thunderbolt coming down from a clear sky.

Fan Zhiyi’s corpse had already been moved and was currently at Fan Clan’s great hall.

Fan Tianhu stumbled into the great hall with two lines of tears streaming down his old eyes. He looked at his son’s corpse and choked on his sobs, unable to speak a word. From time immemorial, seeing your child die before you was this kind of sorrow!

In the great hall, Fan Zhiyi’s wife, second son Fan Tong, and third son Fan Ziyi knelt by the corpse, their tears long since created a river. Fan Zhiyi’s eldest son had saved Xiao Xun when he was younger, thereby receiving a serious injury that turned into an old ailment which prevented him from cultivating DouQi. He left to do external business at a young age, so he wasn’t able to come back in time——this was weight in Fan Zhiyi’s heart, as well as the reason why he wasn’t good to Xiao Xun. In addition, Fan Zhishen and his wife, as well as Minyue and Xiao Xun’s mother was present. Minyue held a four year-old child in her arms. Fan Zhishen managed to make Minyue’s little brother at his old age.

Fan Xun entered the great hall after Fan Tianhu. His expression was relatively calmer, but his tigerish eyes were tearful.

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After a moment, Fan Tianlong also arrived. Then, Fan Tianhu’s fourth son Fan Zhikun, who was Xiao Xun’s father’s younger brother, brought his three daughters over with him——Fan Zhikun had a total of four children, which demonstrated how scattered Fan Tianhu’s line was, but the eldest son Fan Ping was participating in the sect selection.

“How did this come about?!” Fan Xun suppressed his sorrow and rage before asking this through clenched teeth.

“Clan Head!” Fan Zhishen raised his head to look at his grandfather: “It’s Yin Clan! I recognize elder brother’s wound, it’s Yin Clan’s Soul-chasing Blade!”

“Soul-chasing Blade? Are you certain?” Fan Xun’s eyes stared.

Fan Tianlong stooped over and attentively examined the wound, then stood up and said to Fan Xun: “Lord father, Zhishen’s judgement isn’t wrong, it indeed is the Soul-chasing Blade.”

“Soul-chasing Blade! Yin Tianxiong’s……Soul-chasing Blade?” Fan Tianhu bit his lip broken and a sliver of blood streamed down. Minyue’s mother and Xiao Xun’s mother hurriedly stepped over and supported their father-in-law.

Yin Tianxiong is a prominent character in Yin Clan’s third generation. His cultivation is the same as Fan Zhishen’s, both were Great Martial Masters but it was said that his cultivation base was more profound and already approached perfection. The weapon he used was precisely this Soul-chasing Blade. The Soul-chasing Blade’s blade point was extremely strong; when wounded by it, the wound would be badly mangled.

“Is this Yin Clan’s public declaration of war to us?” Fan Zhikun looked at Clan Head and his father.

“It is a declaration of war. But it really isn’t publically.” Fan Tianlong gave a deep sigh: “From the blade wound, we can be sure that it is from the Soul-chasing Blade. But we don’t have any decisive evidence because we can’t eliminate the possibility of other weapons that can create a similar wound! Therefore……”

“Therefore if we go take revenge, then it will become us publicly declaring war first!” Fan Zhishen supplemented his uncle’s words.

Fan Xun nodded. Yin Clan was really sinister, to viciously kill someone but not leave anything about the person behind. Moreover, Yin Clan and Tian Clan were currently connected through marriage, so declaring war to Yin Clan would be the same as declaring war to both Yin and Tian clans.

The kneeling down and sobbing Fan Tong suddenly stood up and turned to walk out.

“Where do you want to go?!” Fan Tianhu shouted.

“To go avenge father!” Fan Tong answered without turning around.

“Stay where you are!” Fan Xun glared and yelled in a fierce voice.

Fan Xun was the current generation Clan Head and his prestige amassed through the passing of time, so Fan Tong had no choice but to stop at his steps when these words were spoken.

With his gaze sweeping over everyone, Fan Xun continued speaking: “At present, it is our Fan Clan’s most critical time. But everyone cannot forget their places. Without my order, no one can act blindly!


  1. TLN: One every 10 li = Regular genius | One every 100 li = Cream of the crop genius. 

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