Chapter 15 – Great Competition Ends

“Formidable!” On the side, Lu Jing exclaimed in admiration: “Although older cousin Yanxing’s Wind attributed White Mane Lion’s forte is also speed, compared to the Lightning attributed Peregrine Falcon, it pales in significance.”

“Indeed. Moreover, one is a land beast and another is a bird. The Peregrine Falcon’s speed advantage is very big.” Fan Zhong rarely reached a consensus of opinion with Lu Jing.

On another side, Lu Feng said: “Ziqi’s progress is extraordinarily fast. According to his present fighting strength, he should have 40-50% assurance to challenge the fourth or fifth places. Why did he have to go challenge older cousin Yanxing?”

Lu Jing shook his head and said to his younger brother: “Him challenging older cousin Fan Ping is a little too early. As for fifth place, didn’t you want to challenge fifth place? He’s giving the opportunity to you.”

Lu Feng’s body shook and he went silent.

“You don’t need to think too much, Ziqi is still very young, he has more opportunities in the future.” Lu Jing said: “We’re both older older than him by ** years. From now on, we need to strive diligently.”

With regards to Lu Xing’s lineage, the people of this generation were fairly weak, but their hearts were all together and cohesiveness was stronger. And unlike the other two branches, it didn’t have conflict and in-fighting between brothers and sisters.

“Look, older cousin Yanxing still hasn’t counterattacked.” Fan Zhong pointed at the center stage: “It seems that he’s thinking of using this opportunity to give Ziqi some pointers.”

“Being able to get older cousin Yanxing’s pointers is also Ziqi’s good fortune. Otherwise, if older cousin Yanxing immediately used his trump card, perhaps Ziqi would lose by several moves and lose self-respect.” Lu Jing said with a smile.


“Ziqi, your speed is quite good.” Fan Yanxing opened his mouth and said.

In that period of time just then, the Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon already executed more than 10 attacks, but every time, it could only leave behind several shallow wounds. These wounds healed very quickly. The lightning that the Peregrine Falcon released had a paralysis effect that became increasingly smaller with regards to Fan Yanxing.

“Older cousin Yanxing, please give me pointers.” Ziqi respectfully asked.

“Then release its skill.” Fan Yanxing lightly said: “Let me experience your strongest attack.”

Lu Ziqi nodded and put on a solemn expression: “In that case, please be careful older cousin. My Lightning Falcon’s skill is called ‘Thunderclap Shuttling’! Start!”

The Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon returned a response, then circled above Lu Ziqi. Every time it circled, the lightning surrounding its body increased by a tenth. When it circled for the fifteenth time, the dozens of electric arcs converged and sent out an astonishing might.

“Go!” Lu Ziqi pointed at Fan Yanxing. The Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon directed the turbulent thunderbolt towards Fan Yanxing. The speed was incomparably quick and arrived in nearly a blink. Furthermore, in that final split second, the Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon unexpectedly became invisible, changing from a corporeal state to an energy state!

However, surrounding Fan Yanxing’s body, there seemed to be an additional invisible shield layer that appeared at some unknown time. That thunderbolt and the protection shield met each other, then immediately separated, but the powerful energy attack still pushed Fan Yanxing backwards more than 10 meters.

When the thunderbolt completely dispersed, Fan Yanxing released the shield in front of his two arms. Although there was the protection field, both of his small arms were partially burnt black.

“Ziqi, the might of this move is pretty good.” Fan Yanxing massaged his already numb arms: “Wait until your Peregrine Falcon advances into Beastly General. Perhaps then, its strike would be able to cause me to temporarily lose attacking power on both my arms.”

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Lu Ziqi’s heart was moved, but he wasn’t contented because he was very clear on this older cousin’s strength. Even if both of his arms lost fighting power, the other parts of his body were also formidable attacking weapons.

“Speaking of the shortcomings.” Fan Yanxing continued: “Before the skill is employed, the Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon speed is very quick, yet its injury output is insufficient, making it hard to pose a threat to your opponent. And even though its skill is very powerful, it only goes in a straight line and has no flexibility. Fortunately, its speed is quick enough and should be difficult for the opponent to avoid. But, the might is still lacking a bit as before.”

“Older cousin, what you’ve said is very right, uncle has also told me this.” Ziqi responded: “He suggested that I walk the path of an assassin, but I felt that it was too dark and gloomy, and didn’t suit me.”

“You might as well try to train the Peregrine Falcon’s crowd control ability. As for this ‘Thunderclap Shuttling’, think up a way to heighten its might, then it could act as a trump card.”

“Crowd control ability?” Lu Ziqi stared blankly: “But if it’s like that, then won’t the normal attack power be lower?”

“If it’s possible to trap the enemy, why would there be a need to injure the enemy? Look at paternal uncle Zhishen.” Fan Yanxing said: “Of course, whether or not your Lightning-Evading Peregrine Falcon will be able to achieve crowd control all depends on your excavation.”

Lu Ziqi became silent and looked pensive.

Fan Yanxing slightly smiled, removed the fusion skill, and began walking towards the outside of the stage.

Seeing that Fan Yanxing was going to leave, Lu Ziqi smilingly shouted out loud: “Older cousin Yanxing, we’re still in the middle of a competition, if you leave like this, then it will be considered my win!” This sentence covered everything about a 17 year-old youth’s temperament.

Everyone in the audience burst out in laughter.

Fan Yanxing also dumbly laughed, then shook his head and said: “In that case, take a good look younger cousin!”

As he was speaking, Fan Yanxing’s body smoothly turned into his fusion body. Both of his legs pushed off the ground and he clashed towards Lu Ziqi.

Lu Ziqi promptly revolved his DouQi in preparation for defending, but who would have known that his DouQi wouldn’t revolve at all. When Fan Yanxing was a bit more than 10 meters away from him, he saw Fan Yanxing’s sunken shoulder rise and a thread of formidable qi attacked. It directly struck his chest, then made him fly out, finally falling outside the stage.

From the beginning of Fan Yanxing changing bodies to Lu Ziqi falling outside, it wasn’t even a full four seconds!

The whole audience was completely silent. After ten seconds, they burst into thunderous applause.

Fan Xun nodded in satisfaction: “Good! Xing’er’s DouQi outer release has already reached greater competition, advancing to Great Martial Master is just around the corner.”


After this liveliness, the competition still had to continue. Lu Feng challenged fifth place. Both sides were engaged in a long violent battle and it was difficult to decide victory or defeat. Strictly speaking, Lu Feng was slightly disadvantaged, but the opposite party was unable to cope with him.

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When Fan Tianfeng prepared to declare that it was a draw, fifth place Fan Tong suddenly declared defeat. His reason was that although he slightly superior, he was older than Lu Feng by eight years, so he should give this valuable quota to the younger Lu Feng. His words lead to the whole audience’s long-lasting applause.

Finally, Xiao Rong and Lu Feng compared notes.

Hence, the great competition ended like this. The first five in descending order was Fan Yanxing, Fan Zhong, Lu Jing, Fan Ping, and Lu Feng. Among them, Fan Yanxing and Fan Zhong were part of Fan Tianlong’s lineage, Lu Jing and Lu Feng were part of Fan Tianfeng’s lineage, and the fourth place Fan Ping and originally fifth place Fan Tong were part of Fan Tianhu’s lineage. Of course, Xiao Xun would take up half a quota, but besides the Clan Head and second generation, no other person knew about this matter.


After the great competition concluded, Fan Minyue followed her father to return home.

“Father.” Fan Minyue indignantly said: “My Devil Ape died in vain like this?”

Fan Zhishen had a calm and collected overcast face. He looked at his daughter’s eyes and said with a heavy voice: “Since Clan Head spoke, even if we can’t swallow it, we must swallow. That ******* took seized the opportunity, my three chains gave it benefits.”

“Clan Head is clearly siding with Xiao Xun that smelly girl.” Fan Minyue angrily said.

“Don’t be angry. On Qifeng Continent, there are many precedents of summon beasts dying. As long as you advance to Martial Master in the future, you’ll have another opportunity to contract a summon beast.” Fan Zhishen said: “Besides, wait until you marry into Tian Clan, what use would you have for a summon beast then. Tian Clan has great riches and influence, when you become the wife of the house, you can tidy up that silly girl with a simple hand turn.”

Fan Minyue no longer spoke. The front portion of what father had said was knowledge she already knew. In Qifeng Continent, summon beasts could die, but the rule gave the people many contracting opportunities. When one became a warrior, one would have the opportunity to contract one’s first summon beast. At Martial Master, there was a second opportunity. Battle King was the third, Battle Reverend was the fourth, and War God was the fifth. However, one’s summon beast either had to die, betray, or be expelled before attempting another contract. In other words, everyone could only have one summon beast at max.

The back portion of father’s words suited Fan Minyue’s intentions. Although her innate talent was high, she felt that cultivation was too arduous. Marrying and acting as a rich and powerful woman was the life that she should have.

“Someone come.” Fan Zhishen shouted. A servant responded and came over.

“What instruction does master have?”

“In these next few days, go pay attention to Fan Xiaoxun’s1 movements. Her every movement, you must report to me truthfully.”

“As you bid, master.”

After the servant withdrew, Fan Minyue curiously asked: “Father, what’s the point of monitoring Xiao Xun?”

Fan Zhishen stroked his chin: “At today’s martial arts competing stage, it was a little fishy. First, Clan Head prevented me from killing her summon beast, then on the second round, father called her out. After a while, she forfeited……I feel that there is some inside matter……”


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On another side, the clan’s highest level convened for a small conference.

“Lord Father,” Fan Tianhu opened his mouth and said: “According to our clan’s present resources, focusing on training five people is already the limit. If we distribute half a person’s share to Xiao Xun, I fear……”

Although the decision was made by their old father, the interests of the entire clan also had to be considered. Xiao Xun was Fan Tianhu’s granddaughter, so these words could only be said by him.

Fan Xun became quiet for a moment, then said: “Start using the surrounding resources. Every region must be collected, start collecting for a month first. These resources cannot be flow into the clan, so as to avoid dropped a matter for derision. I am quite expectant towards Xiao Xun’s summon beast, it truly is very communicative and intelligent. You might not be clear on what this signifies, but in history, every summon beast with demon-like intelligence have at least achieved the level of Beastly King in the end!”

“But it can only advance by means of battling and striking to kill a powerful enemy, its limitation is quite large. Moreover, its growth road will be fairly rough.” Fan Tianlong supplemented.

“Opportunity always coexists with challenge. Xiao Xun, this child’s, disposition is pretty good. Let’s first resolve it like this, and look at how far she can walk……” Fan Xun said: “Xiao Bin died early, these years their mother-daughter duo truly suffered hardship. Of course, the ‘sects receiving disciples’ in six months will mainly depend on Xing’er and the other four.”

“Father, do you know how much disciples the five sects will be receiving this time?” Fan Tianlong asked.

“There still isn’t any definite news, but it is rumored it will be 100 official disciples and 1,000 informal disciples.” Fan Xun replied.

“The amount isn’t much.” Fan Tianfeng wrinkled her brows: “There are thousands upon thousands of aristocratic clans on Qifeng Continent, and there are hundreds of large aristocratic clans. Those situated at the summit, the top aristocratic clans, will take up half of the quota. The remaining aristocratic clans can only drink the soup.”

Fan Tianhu nodded: “Yes, that time they were receiving disciples 20 years ago, the quota was less and our clan wasn’t able to even take up one.”

“This time, our most promising is Xing’er. We must first guarantee that his resources are provided for first. Any objections?” Fan Xun looked at his three children.

“We’ll solemnly obey Lord Father’s instruction.” Fan Tianlong, Fan Tianhu, and Fan Tianfeng simultaneously answered.


  1. TLN: Apparently, she does have a surname and her name is actually ‘Xiaoxun’, not ‘Little Xun’ because the Xiao in ‘Xiaoxun’ is ‘小’, which means ‘little, young, etc’. Thank god I decided to just translate it as Xiao huh. I will be referring to her as ‘Xiao Xun’ when there only those two characters are written, and refer to her as ‘Xiaoxun’ when there is ‘Fan’ preceding it. 

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