Chapter 18 – Basic Completion of Archery

“Archery pays particular attention to eye, hand, and intention unification.” Xiao Xun said as she stood by Lin Wei’s side.

These were the words that Xiao Xun’s archery teacher emphasized when she began learning archery in her childhood. Perhaps it could be said that every person that practiced archery on Qifeng Continent knew these words.

However, though there were a lot of people who knew these words, those that could truly achieve it were few and far between!

This was because Qifeng Continent respectfully focused on fostering summon beasts and cultivated DouQi. Archery, it was an unpopular thing. Even though archery was a skill that all large aristocratic families trained in quite completely, it merely acted as an auxiliary course to take during one’s childhood in the family.

Lin Wei forehead became filled with black lines when he heard this.

There’s still an eye, hand, and intention unification? Wasn’t this too idealistic? Whatever, I’m someone who has studied the ‘Materialistic Dialectics1’……

Lin Wei took out an arrow and unhurriedly pulled the bowstring.

Eye, hand, and intention unification……

Intention, what must be concentrated on?

Lin Wei began to slowly get rid of all the distracting thoughts in his mind2. His eyes closely observed the target 40 meters away, so much that even his breathing began slowing down. Gradually, an unusual grandeur emitted off Lin Wei’s body. He seemed to have integrated his whole self into the bow and arrow.

Yes! Just like this! Xiao Xun wanted to call out in excitement, but she knew that she couldn’t make a sound at this moment, so she balled up both her hands and jumped in place.

But this jumping wasn’t important. It was her ample spheres that undulated like waves, as well as bounced, that was important3.

The distance between she and Lin Wei was actually quite close. It was near enough for this scene to fall into the corner of Lin Wei’s eyes——Lin Wei’s thoughts hadn’t been completely cleared away, so when he received this incomparably alluring disturbance, his whole body trembled. His hand loosened and the arrow immediately shot out.


The arrow brushed past the target.



Lin Wei blushed in shame. Ai, I’ve shown something really shameful. But Xiao Xun’s also at fault, jumping for no reason at the crucial moment.

Let’s do this again!

He took out an arrow once again. This time, Lin Wei learned from experience; he simply closed his eyes in advance.

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Slowly, his mind became tranquil. After that, a kind of marvelous feeling suddenly appeared.

Originally, as a result of him closing his eyes, his surroundings was shrouded in darkness. But at this time, his surroundings seemed to slowly reappear from the darkness, just like how powdered sugar made its way out of a sieve. It became increasingly larger and concentrated, as well as increasingly clear.

What is going on?

Could it be that this is the legendary ‘Mind’s Eye’???

Lin Wei was somewhat mystified, but he tried hard to immerse himself in this state, to sense everything in his surroundings.

Bow, arrow, quiver……appeared one by one. Even the number of arrows in the quiver could be obtained, and the hairs of the feather on the arrow tail completely reappeared.

Xiao Xun, who was on his side, and Little Shao, who was a dot in the distance, also reappeared. Although they reappeared, the two of them weren’t as clear. As living people, the edges of their figures were even fuzzier. However, he could feel a fireball-like aura. Of course, that was their body’s heat radiating outwards.

The targets 40 meters away appeared. Due to the distance being far, the target was only a rough shape.

After a while, some scattered targets that were even farther away appeared, as well as some equipment at the edge of the training ground.

After it approximately extended to 70 to 80 meters, everything beyond it was shrouded in darkness and nothing could be felt……

It seems like this is the limit of my current capabilities. Lin Wei thought in his heart. But what is this state? Could it be my own skill as a summon beast? Or perhaps a talent that the antiquity rule granted me?

What Lin Wei didn’t know was that this wasn’t a skill, nor a talent. One has to know, everyone cultivates DouQi on Qifeng Continent. Not only does DouQi exist within the human body, but also between heaven and earth. Lin Wei turned into one of Qifeng Continent’s summon beast, and due to his constitution being extremely extraordinary, it invisibly produced a resonance with the DouQi between this heaven and earth. The so-called ‘Mind’s Eye’ was nothing but this resonance being manifested.

Of course, if other people were made aware of this scene, their eyeballs would absolutely fall onto the floor. This was because even if a person earnestly cultivating DouQi on Qifeng Continent wanted to achieve this resonance, they would have to at least attain Great Martial Master rank or higher for it to be possible——it must be taken note that it was just a possibility!

Lin Wei’s eyes were still closed as he calmly released the second arrow.

Whoosh——the arrow cut through the air like lightning and accurately pierced the red dot in the center of the target!!!


In the evening, Lin Wei returned to the other world.

“Returned? Come! Eat fish!” Plump Red was sitting on a rock by the riverside as it saw Lin Wei drop down from the space vortex, then calmly handed over a roast fish.

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In these past few days, the two of them left their original domain and went a hundred or more kilometers in the northeast direction——at the present time, they already left Heavenly Wolf General’s territory but were still inside the territory of that Intermediate Level Beastly General whom they had never seen before. On this journey, they followed the river flowing southwards and rested in covert places as much as possible. When Lin Wei was summoned by Xiao Xun, Plump Red stopped in place to wait for him.

Lin Wei took the roast fish and gave it a bite: “Oh, Plump Red, your fish roasting skill has regressed. It’s a little burnt.”

Plump Red showed innocence on its face: “Can’t blame me……my fire, these days, too hot.”

After Plump Red had advanced, that trace of blue flame caused its flame to abruptly rise quite a lot in temperature. This lead to Plump Red burning fish if it didn’t pay careful attention when roasting fish.

“Then you must be more diligent!” Lin Wei put out a sincere and earnest appearance: “You must practice a lot and make great efforts to master your current flame. Once you can roast fish well, that means your ability is practiced!”

“Really?” Plump Red expressed doubt. Roasting fish could perfect its ability?

“That’s only natural. Haven’t you heard of the ‘Every Way Is Natural’?” Lin Wei shook his head as if to show off his knowledge: “Listen to me, nothing will go wrong. Did you know? Today I, hehehe……”

Plump Red watched Lin Wei suddenly laugh and couldn’t help but bewilderedly ask: “Today you, what happened?”

“Hahaha, today I learned a new skill. I’ll demonstrate it for you. Carefully watch, don’t be scared by me.” Recalling that controlled Mind’s Eye state, Lin Wei couldn’t help but be complacent. In any case, Plump Red was his most intimate friend, so showing off wasn’t something he couldn’t do.

After taking the bow off his back, Lin Wei drew out an arrow. When he returned this time, he brought back a quiver with a total of 30 arrows from Qifeng Continent.

After closing his eyes, Lin Wei began silencing his thoughts.

Gradually, everything in his surroundings became quiet……

Naturally, it wasn’t like everything was quiet. What disappeared was merely the distracting thoughts. The ‘chuun chuun’ sound of the brook’s running water, the sound of the swaying tree leaves and grass in the surroundings, the sound of birds and insects crying out, and the sound of Plump Red’s breathing became even clearer.

Lin Wei’s entire body and mind was already in the state of ‘emptied mind with no distracting thoughts’.

However, the surrounding things hadn’t reappeared. He had closed his eyes, yet all around was still a calm pitch-black darkness.

What’s going on?

Lin Wei opened his eyes and caught sight of a confused Plump Red looking at him.

How come I haven’t entered Mind’s Eye state? Lin Wei stared blankly as he stood in place. It shouldn’t be, I indeed got rid of all distracting thoughts a moment ago, that emptied mind state was the same as before, the only thing missing is everything in the surroundings reappearing.

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“Let me try one more time.” Lin Wei said to Plump Red, then took in a deep of breath and closed his eyes again.

Five to six minutes later, he resentfully opened his eyes again.

Another failure!

Lin Wei felt like he had fallen into a foggy place.

Due to the fact that he wasn’t aware that the previous ‘Mind’s Eye’ state was caused by resonance with DouQi, as a result, he didn’t understand why he failed after returning to the other world. The reason was quite simple——there was no DouQi in the other world, DouQi was a type of energy specific to Qifeng Continent. Perhaps the other world had its own energy, but it was very clear that this energy wasn’t something the current Lin Wei could poke his nose into. Lin Wei was currently a summon beast from Qifeng Continent; any summon beast would have high affinity with the energy of their master’s continent.

This was what the antiquity rule decided, and adding Lin Wei’s unprecedented transmigrated constitution, this was what enabled him to he able to resonate with DouQi in such a short amount of time. Naturally, this resonance was still very weak, with a scope merely limited to things near him.

“I’ve regressed……” Lin Wei muttered to himself. He couldn’t think up any clear reason, so he had no other choice but to draw this kind of conclusion.

“What regressed?” Plump Red was completely unable to understand.

Lin Wei pretended not to hear Plump Red’s words. He lifted up the bow in his hand and aimed at a tree trunk about 40 meters away: “Let’s give it a try……”

He pulled the bowstring to the limit, then let go of it. The arrow flew out, then accurately hit the targeted tree trunk.

Huh? My archery itself has progressed. Both of Lin Wei’s eyes brightened.

Let’s try several more arrows! The greater half of Lin Wei’s confidence was restored and he continuously shot out four arrows. Every arrow hit the center of the target!

Plump Red’s eyes brightened in response to Lin Wei’s stunning skill.

Lin Wei pat his belly. With regards to his display, he was quite pleased. Just as he wanted to turn around to say some lines to show off to Plump Red, suddenly, a sharp cry sounded out from the rear-most tree trunk that he shot at. This cry was incomparably ear-piercing. It was like the sound of metal rubbing against one another, as well as the sound of glass breaking.

This sharp cry was so sudden that Lin Wei and Plump Red were frightened to quivering, then they saw an enormous green beetle crawl out from behind the tree trunk. After that, it smashed the tree trunk into bits.

Green Jade Single-Horned Immortal, Attribute: Wood, Rank: Common, Status: Low Level Beastly Guard!

This Green Jade Single-Horned Immortal was clearly agitated by the five arrows that Lin Wei had just shot. At this moment, it was abnormally livid with anger, seeming like a small mountain rushing at Lin Wei and Plump Red to crush them!

“Wah! Run for it!” Plump Red was frightened enough to throw down his roast fish and turn around to escape.

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“Hey, wait a little! Wait a bit!” Lin Wei pulled on his bow: “Don’t fear, watch me. My archery has achieved basic completion, and it just so happens that I can use it to practice my skill!”

While he was confidently nocking an arrow, the Single-Horned Immortal was already approximately 30 meters away.

“Truly not a problem.” Lin Wei mischievously smiled, then released the arrow.

Dang! The arrow shot out accurately hit the Single-Horned Immortal’s head. However, Lin Wei’s smiling expression frozen in the next second——because he saw that arrow not even pierce in a fraction, instead immediately bouncing off. Taking another look at the Single-Horned Immortal’s head, he also noticed that there wasn’t even a trace left behind!

Eh, how can it be like this?! Lin Wei stared distractedly.



Inside this part of the jungle, there were continuously repeating sounds of fright and sounds of running away. It was going towards the northeast direction, continuing on for a very long time, veeeery long time……


  1. TLN: Search it up if you want to know what it is. My summary would be that it’s a text based on idealism. 
  2. TLN: Harder than written/said. 
  3. TLN: Sort of implied in the raws, so I put it in. 

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