Chapter 19 – Exposure of the Secret Training Ground

Daybreak. The bright vermillion sun had just began slowly rising into the sky. The warm sunlight began sweeping away the accumulated evening mist.

Behind a gigantic rock by the riverside, inside the shrubbery, there was a small concealed cave. At this time, the foliage by the cave entrance rustled, then separated to the left and right. Immediately after, a sharp-eared head popped out.

“The sun has risen!” Lin Wei turned his head and shouted: “Plump Red, quickly get up! Hurry and prepare breakfast!”

“I……sleep again……sleep a little more……” Inside the cave came Plump Red’s drowsy reply.

“Aiya, stop sleeping, hurry up.” Lin Wei urged: “Quickly make some roast fish. Xiao Xun should be summoning me very soon!”

“Let me……sleep more……” Plump Red was still dawdling in bed, unwilling to get up.

Lin Wei shouted out several more times, but had no choice stop——if Plump Red was unwilling to get out of bed, an Immortal would be hardpressed to wake it up. In the end, he found some berries with great difficulty to cram into his belly. Then he did some morning exercises and warm-up exercises, and waited for Xiao Xun’s summon.

Including the Green Jade Single-Horned Immortal’s pursuit from last time, ten days had already passed by. The two of them had travelled 400 to 500 kilometers, and as for where they currently were, they absolutely didn’t have any idea. They only knew that they ought to have left that Intermediate Level Beastly General’s domain.

During these ten days, Xiao Xun summoned Lin Wei in the early morning every day, then sent him back in the evening.

Within these several days lied Lin Wei’s greatest encouragement; he discovered that the Mind’s Eye state came back!!!

As long as he was in Qifeng Continent, he could already enter that state in less than a minute. Moreover, he didn’t need to close his eyes like before——compared with using his eyes, his Mind’s Eye became even more fine and concentrated. In the state of not closing his eyes, what his naked eyes could see and what the Mind’s Eye could feel superimposed and gave him an even more unusual feeling.

His intuition told him that if his status upgraded, the range of his Mind’s Eye would further increase.

At that time, the things that his naked eyes couldn’t see, he should be able to clearly feel.

Lin Wei knew that at the same time that he was training, so was Xiao Xun. She was currently a High Level Warrior, just one step away from Martial Master. Yet this one step was like a wide trench separating the two, and it was unknown how many people were stuck at this step. Other people could train together with their summon beasts because their summon beasts were powerful enough, moreover they had a corresponding battle skill. When training together with one’s summon beast, both sides are able to advance simultaneously.

But Lin Wei was different. His rank and status were both quite low, and he didn’t have his own summon beast skill. This made it exceedingly difficult for him and Xiao Xun to do collaborative combat. Thus, his current top priority was to upgrade his actual combat ability. This way, there would be a possibility for him and Xiao Xun to fight side-by-side.

Of course, in Qifeng Continent’s history, there were cases where one wouldn’t need to fight because one’s summon beast was too strong, and only needed to rely on the summon beast to sweep away all enemies. Though this kind of people did exist, they were of the minority.

Lin Wei lifted up his head to look at where the sun was. He reckoned in his heart that it should nearly be time, so he stood up and shook his limbs, preparing to welcome the arrival of the summoning vortex.

Five minutes later, there wasn’t the slightest movement.

Ten minutes later, Plump Red crawled out from the cave yawning. Apart from this, there still wasn’t any movement.

Thirty minutes later, Plump Red already returned after eating breakfast. But the summoning vortex still hadn’t appeared.

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What’s going on? A sudden thought popped up in Lin Wei’s mind. Could it be that Xiao Xun has met with mishap?


Going back to one hour ago.

Xiao Xun finished her morning exercises, ate breakfast, and was going to the training grounds as usual. She was a bit earlier than usual. She did some simple warm-up exercises to aid in her digestion, then began to summon Lin Wei.

One has to say that Xiao Xun’s figure is really perfect. Her breasts were an extremely spectacular sight to behold, and her butt was plump and upwards rising. In addition, when wearing skintight training clothing, all of her devilish figure could be seen with one glance. Her tall and straight twin peaks followed her movements, bouncing up and down. Little Shao, who was outside the training grounds, didn’t even dare to look, having no other choice but to honestly turn his back.

Not long after, Venerable Xie suddenly ran in with an anxious face.

“Young lady Xiao Xun, things aren’t good.”

“En? Venerable Xie, what happened?” Xiao Xun stopped and stood up to ask.

Venerable Xie walked just before Xiao Xun with his complexion slightly sunken: “Our place is possibly already unsafe……”

“Unsafe? What do you mean?”

“When I was patrolling just a moment ago, I discovered a figure of someone in our clan.”

“Someone in our clan?” Xiao Xun was immediately confused.

“Yes, I recognized this person.” Venerable Xie answered: “He is a foreign affairs worker, and frequently runs errands outside the clan. But in reality, he is Lord Fan Zhishen and young lady Fan Minyue’s agent, and has learned scouting and tracing from a young age.”

Second uncle and older cousin’s agent? Xiao Xun was startled in her heart.

“Your meaning is, second uncle and older cousin Minyue are trying to find out my whereabouts?” Xiao Xun asked: “Can it be……that he’s just luckily passing by?”

“It ought not to be by chance.” Venerable Xie shook his head and said: “In these previous 10 days, he’s appeared twice within the vicinity of 4-5 li.”

Already appeared twice? So this time is the third time? That is to say, it truly isn’t a coincidence.

Xiao Xun muttered to herself for a short period, then opened her mouth to say: “So, Venerable Xie, what is your meaning?”

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“Let’s first evacuate, we have to leave this place.” Venerable Xie replied without the slightest hesitation: “Your special training is Clan Head’s command and is highly classified information. I cannot let you be discovered.”

“Good, I’ll listen to you……” Xiao Xun nodded.

“Then follow me. Little Shao, hurry and go to the secret training ground’s entrance. Start the mechanism and seal the entrance!” Venerable Xie instructed.

“Yes!” Little Shao answered.

However, just as Little Shao prepared to turn and leave, a voice suddenly sounded out without any warning——

“You want to seal the entrance? No need. I, have already come in!”

This voice was so familiar that Xiao Xun’s complexion immediately changed.

Venerable Xie’s complexion became gloomy.

A slim figure appeared. She came over step by step, slowly towards the training ground.

The person who came, naturally, was Xiao Xun’s older cousin, Fan Minyue!

She walked to the edge of the training ground and stopped her steps. She shot a glance at the three people above, finally stopping on Xiao Xun’s body.

“Younger cousin Xiao Xun, we meet again, haha!” Fan Minyue said with an insincere smile.

“What are you doing here?” Xiao Xun coldly asked.

“Younger cousin, I’m simply passing by. On the other hand, what are you doing in this kind of ‘all black, no daylight’ place?” Fan Minyue narrowed both her eyes. Hatred surged up towards Xiao Xun in her heart and she was almost unable to suppress it.

Venerable Xie composed himself. He knew that he had to obtain face at this point.

Taking a few steps while facing forward, Venerable Xie respectfully gave Fan Minyue a ritual and said: “Young lady Minyue, I1, Xie Wenbin, am the housekeeper here……”

Fan Minyue suddenly turned her head fiercely and a cold light flashed through both her eyes. With a stern voice, she shouted: “Us two sisters are speaking, where is it a slave’s turn to interrupt?”

“Older cousin!” Xiao Xun’s delicate body flashed in front of Venerable Xie to cover him: “Venerable Xie is this place’s old housekeeper and has achieved high merits through hard work. Don’t make things difficult for him, tell me whatever words you have!”

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“Good! Good! Good!” Fan Minyue said several “Good”’s in a row, then clenched her teeth and said: “Then I’ll tell you. I’ve come this time to destroy your DouQi cultivation! If you summon that garbage summon beast, I might as well dispose of it! Little Tiger, tear this place apart!”

Little Tiger?

Xiao Xun’s complexion abruptly changed.

A tiger’s cry sounded out from on top of the training ground.

After that, loud noises of ‘bang bang bang2’ came from above. The entire underground training ground began shaking and stones of various sizes started to fall from above.

Rumble! Another loud sound rang out. A crack was created on the roof of the training ground by an immense strength’s attack, and sunshine shot in through the crack.

Finally, another sound echoed out. The entire training ground’s roof was smashed down. At the same time, an enormous silhouette emerged before everyone’s eyes——

It was an enormous fierce tiger with a length of 6 meters. Brown stripes were mixed in with its snow-white fur, its mouth’s canines and four limbs’ claws were especially eye-grabbing. Its eyes were a grey color and contained a faint trace of baleful qi. A grey-eyed white tiger is an Intermediate Level Demon Beast in the Western Myriad Beast Mountain Range. Its attack power is extremely strong and is equal to a Common ranked Intermediate Level Beastly General, but doesn’t have a ability nor innate skill.

This grey-eyed white tiger was well-known as one of Fan Zhishen’s contracted War Beast, but she didn’t expect that it would be here with Fan Minyue!

Xiao Xun’s pupils constricted. It seemed like there was going to be no way to solve this matter amicably. After quickly stretching her hand out to her side and taking out the long sword, Xiao Xun stimulated the DouQi in her body and an aura immediately surged out. High Level Warrior! Moreover, an extraordinary perfection High Level Warrior!

Fan Minyue’s pupils slightly shrunk, Xiao Xun’s DouQi cultivation exceeded her expectations. She was also a High Level Warrior, moreover, when she advanced to High Level Warrior, Xiao Xun was still an Intermediate Level Warrior. She didn’t think that Xiao Xun would surpass her cultivation within such a short time.

“Watch out for my sword!” Xiao Xun tenderly shouted, then took the initiative to launch an attack. As she was thrusting her sword, she told Venerable Xie and Little Shao: “Venerable Xie, Brother Shao, you guys go first!”


  1. TLN: Giving someone a ritual in Chinese is that respectful bow with one hand enclasped over the other. Also, when he says ‘I’, it’s the ‘I’ that refers to him being an old man. 
  2. TLN: Any K-Pop fans? Pretty old song now, tbh. 

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