Chapter 28 – Token Transaction

At this moment, a clamor came from outside the great hall. It turned out to be Fan Tianlong’s three sons and one daughter, and Fan Tianfeng’s youngest daughter also came.

“The rest of you stay first outside the great hall.” Fan Xun said: “Let Fan Zhibin first come in!”

Fan Zhibin is Fan Tianlong’s eldest son, as well as Fan Yanxing’s father. He is 58 this year with a tall but not robust figure. His hair is an azure-grey color and his appearance is healthy. He is also another Great Martial Master in the clan’s third generation, whose cultivation reached the peak of Great Martial Master realm and is considered to be one step into Battle King realm. His cultivation was higher than Fan Tianhu and was basically on par with Fan Tianlong.

He strode in.

“Zhibin! Yin Tianxiong is handed over to you!” Fan Xun stated: “Within 5 days, I want to see his head!”


The next day and day after passed by tranquilly. On the fourth day, Song Clan’s Clan Head Song Qi left for Tian Clan to be a guest and prepared to receive his son Song Di, who unexpectedly lost his life on his way. No one caught sight of the murderer; the only thing that could be seen from the wound was that it was likely from the Soul-chasing Blade.

Both Tian Clan and Song Clan were greatly shaken. Although Song Clan was merely a very small clan, they were still in-laws with Tian Clan in any case, so Tian Clan’s Clan Head ordered for Yin Tianxiong to come to Tian Clan and explain himself.

Yin Clan felt that this matter was fishy so they played some tricks. They let Yin Tianxiong’s double off on the journey from the main road while the genuine Yin Tianxiong was secretly journeying in alleyways.

But the genuine Yin Tianxiong still met an interception on his way in the alleyways. Both sides struggled for 40-50 rounds, then Yin Tianxiong ultimately ran away with the shield of a war beasts’ suicidal attack, yet still died midway due to excessive blood loss.

Two deaths without witnesses, Tian Clan and Yin Clan could only guess and aim their spearpoint at Fan Clan.

For a period of time, turbulent times were to come.



The news of Fan Zhiyi’s death passed through Fan Tianfeng’s ear on the fifth day at Jadeite Mountain Range. But at this time, the selection still hadn’t finished, so even if she knew this piece of news, she still couldn’t leave.

One-third of the selection has passed by, who knows what kind of achievements that the children have accrued and how many of them are safe? Fan Tianfeng was faintly anxious in her heart.

At this time, Fan Yanxing and the others already reached halfway up the mountain, a place about 10,000 meters above ground. They were already treading on the cloud layer; this place’s air was thin and the temperature was unusually low. Fortunately, the six of them were cultivators, so travelling in this kind of environment was entirely not a problem.

In the first five days, every person participating in the selection was exceptionally cautious; when they fought, the main purpose was to probe out the opposing sides’ strength. Adding onto the fact that Fan Yanxing’s party was quite big and strength was pretty good, their journey was more of fear of injury than being injured. Fan Yanxing even obtained a total of 9 tokens from 4 small clans and a loose cultivator. The only one that suffered injury was the Thousands Li Shadowless Eagle and it was currently resting inside the seal crystal, thus unable to conduct any scouting out anymore.

The six people continued climbing upwards. After they crossed over a gigantic rock, their field of view instantly expanded; behind that gigantic rock was a more-than-200-meters square field of open space.

At this instant, there was already many people gathered here. Seeing Fan Yanxing’s group of six appear, the rest of them looked over in succession.

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“People have come, hehe.” A young man sitting in the middle of the field gently chuckled. A group of 30 people crowded his surroundings, obviously one group. In their surroundings were still many people, with several groups of 7-8 individuals each with their own circle.

“Friend,” That young man in the middle, who was wearing gorgeous clothing and looking like a young master, looked at the leader Fan Yanxing and said: “I am Western Yu Clan’s eldest young master Yu Wenshun. I wonder how many tokens are in this friend’s hands? Would it be possible to give up these tokens to me? Yu Clan will be very grateful.”

Fan Yanxing and his group of six all stared blankly. They clearly didn’t expect that there would actually be someone blatantly setting up a token transaction. They hadn’t heard of Western Yu Clan before, at least not within the first 100 clans because the first 100 clans were large aristocratic clans and everyone had an impression of each.

Towards this kind of transaction, Fan Yanxing wasn’t even a bit interested. He directly brought the other five to pass through from the side.

“Friend, how come you aren’t speaking? Could it be possible that you’re worried that my Yu Clan won’t be able to pay the initial price? Don’t hesitate to speak whatever you want!” Yu Wenshun kept bothering.

“Exchange is also fine.” Lu Jing stopped for a moment and smiled: “We don’t want much, it’s possible as long as eldest young master Yu can bring an official disciple quota for exchange.”

Yu Wenshun complexion instantly became gloomy and he coldly said: “Friend, do you think your joke is very funny?”

“Because eldest young master Yu started joking first, I thought that you were fond of hearing jokes.” Lu Jing spoke back with neither respect nor disrespect.

The crowds of other groups all used a mocking expression as they looked over and calmly watched the situation developing.

“Younger cousin Jing, don’t be so long-winded with them.” Fan Yanxing spoke as he continued striding forward, soon about to pass through the center site.

Yu Wenshun’s eyes became cold and he gave the sturdy man next to him a signal with his eyes.

The sturdy man returned a slight nod.

Two assisting groups criss-crossed and closed in until there was 10 meters between them. Fan Yanxing didn’t even glance sideways, but Fan Ping and Lu Jing cautiously turned to look at the opposite party.

But the opposite party’s group of 30 didn’t make any detectable movements.

Just as Fan Yanxing stepped past and started to walk further away, that sturdy man suddenly got rid without any warning signs. But his target wasn’t Fan Yanxing, but rather the rearguard Lu Feng!

It seemed that he could see that Fan Yanxing wasn’t a pushover, but Lu Feng gave the impression that he was quite young, so he shouldn’t have any problems taking the initiative to handle him.

However, his plan to mount a sneak attack failed. In the instant that he began, Lu Feng seemed to grow an eye behind his back. Lu Feng quickly turned around and gave him a punch.

Bang! A tremendous noise sounded out and both sides retreated 5-6 steps.

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Both sides were Martial Masters and evenly matched!

The sturdy man looked at Lu Feng in shock. He could roughly estimate that Lu Feng was very young and supposed that he was at most 20 years-old, but he didn’t expect that Lu Feng would be able to go fist to fist with him!

The surrounding onlookers cried out in alarm, then burst out in whispers immediately after.

“How fierce, this young, yet already a Martial Master?”

“These passer-byers cannot be despised……”

“It seems like they should be of some large aristocratic clan, I just don’t know which one……”

“The girl in the middle is quite beautiful!”

Xiao Xun, who was in the middle of the team, was even paid attention to and it momentarily caused her face to redden. Previously, she was surrounded by her elder brothers, but now, because of the sudden punch, her figure couldn’t help but appear.

“Although you’re young, you’ve already entered the threshold of Martial Master, not bad, not bad.” Yu Wenshun meticulously sized up the six individuals across from him once more. Finally, his gaze stopped over at Xiao Xun and he spoke: “I wonder which aristocratic clan juniors these friends are from?”

“Southwest Fan Clan!” Fan Zhong replied with a low muffled voice.

The surrounding people burst into lapses of whispers.

“Fan Clan? Which Fan Clan?”

“I haven’t heard of it……”

“I’ve actually heard of it, it should be one of the first 500 large aristocratic clans.”

“There are too many large aristocratic clans, who knows whether this Fan Clan is placed within the first 200 or last 400-500?”


“Friend!” Yu Wenshun stood up and spoke towards the leader Fan Yanxing: “From what can be seen, you are the strongest of your group. Let’s have a competition, shall we? The winner will take away all the tokens in the losers’ hands.”

“And if I don’t agree?” Fan Yanxing narrowed his eyes and counter-questioned.

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“That’s beyond your control.” Yu Wenshun smiled: “Our group is 5-6 times larger than yours, you think you guys will be able to easily leave?”

Fan Yanxing’s eyes stared, human wave tactic? The opposite party actually wanted to bully the few with many?

“How do you want to compete?” Fan Yanxing asked after hesitating for a moment.

“Currently, we haven’t reached the final juncture and many large aristocratic clan experts are conserving their energy. I can see that we don’t want to pit our lives against each other.” Yu Wenshun said: “Both sides need not use their summon beasts, what do you think?”

“No need to use summon beast? The winner will take away all the tokens?”

“Yes,” Yu Wenshun nodded, then glanced at Xiao Xun: “But if this friend is willing to introduce your younger sister to me, I may only take half your tokens away.”

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