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Chapter 16 – Heavenly Wolf General’s Departure

Starting from the next day of the great competition, the focused on Fan Yanxing and the other four’s special training began in secret.

As for Xiao Xun, after several days, she was secretly sent to a training location outside the clan castle and began her special training.

“What? Xiao Xun disappeared?” Hearing the servant’s report, Fan Zhishen stared vacantly.

“Yes, master. It is said that third lady also doesn’t know where she went, and only knows that eldest master arranged Xiao Xun to go out to handle matters.” The servant replied. The third lady he talked about referred to Xiao Xun’s mother, and the eldest master was naturally Fan Tianhu.

“Went out to handle matters? This simple?” Fan Minyue wasn’t convinced as she waved to the servant: “Okay, you don’t need to manage the following matter. I’ll personally go ascertain where she went.”

“Minyue, if you really want to investigate, then take caution. Don’t let your grandfather find out.” Fan Zhishen warned.

“Daughter knows in her heart.” Fan Minyue responded. A sharp light flashed through her eyes.


Xiao Xun was currently in an underground training ground. The training ground wasn’t very big, but it was still bigger than the training room she had before. There were all kinds of equipments and facilities all around, and an ignited brazier with a slightly dim ray.

Three people stood in front of her. One was a 50 years-old or so elder, one was a 30 years-old or so woman, and the other was a 20 years-old or so young person.

“Young lady Xiao Xun, I am the housekeeper here. You can call me Old Xie.” The old woman introduced herself.

Xiao Xun politely called: “Venerable Xie, hello.”

Venerable Xie didn’t think Xiao Xun would be so polite. She was distracted for a moment, then promptly waved her hand: “Young lady Xiao Xun, old servant doesn’t dare accept.”

Old Xie and Venerable Xie1, when the order was reversed, the meaning became vastly different.

“I’m doing what I’m supposed to do, Xiao Xun asks you to take care in the future.” Xiao Xun’s face hung a sweet smile.

“Young lady Xiao Xun, your words are heavy……” Venerable Xie inwardly nodded in her heart and didn’t bother with the matter of address. She continued on introducing to Xiao Xun: “This is Aunt Liu, she will be responsible for your daily life.”

“Aunt Liu, please treat me kindly.” Xiao Xun sent her regards to Aunt Liu.

Aunt Liu hurriedly bowed to return the greeting: “Young lady, feel relieved that your daily life will be completely handed over to me later.”

“And this is Little Shao, tell him if you have any odd jobs or petty matters you need to run.” Venerable Xie continued presenting.

“Brother Shao, please treat me kindly.” Xiao Xun smiled towards Little Shao.

Little Shao blushed and lowered his head, not daring to look at Xiao Xun: “Young lady, if you……you have any matters, don’t hesitate to tell me!”

“Young lady Xiao Xun, this training ground is specially customized for you.” Venerable Xie said: “Here, we have the complete set of training equipments and facilities. There are 18 magic beasts at the level of Beastly Guard and 3 magic beasts at the level of Beastly General, the strongest one being an Intermediate Level Beastly General. These will be your sparring partners. In addition, within the scope of the clan’s allowance, you have a considerable sum of gold coins that can be used to purchase any required heavenly materials or earthly treasures.”

Xiao Xun inwardly exclaimed in surprise when she heard this. When the clan wanted to fully cultivate the younger generation, the amount of resources moved really made one speechless. And she only had half a person’s resources, not to speak of how much more her 5 elder brothers had. However, she also knew that these resources weren’t given for free. Before she came, her paternal grandfather Fan Tianlong had told her that there would be an inspection one month later. The result of that inspection would decide whether or not the clan would continue to provide her resources.

Furthermore, she was different from the other five elder brothers. Xiao Xun’s training was extremely secret, so the elders in the clan wouldn’t come over to give pointers. In addition, Xiao Xun’s summon beast’s special attribute made it so that no one could guide her. Thus, Xiao Xun’s training program had to be drawn up by herself. Venerable Xie and the others were simply there to offer assistance.

Using her lush and jade-like finger to point at her adorable chin, Xiao Xun thought for a little bit, then said: “Then……Xiao Xun needs several days to think up the following training problem. In these few days, Venerable Xie and Brother Shao can rest first, when Xiao Xun has finished thinking, you will immediately be notified. Xiao Xun will trouble Aunt Liu for the next few days.”


After Lin Wei returned to the other world for three days, Heavenly Wolf General finally woke up.

“You……became a Beastly Soldier?” This was its first words after it woke up and saw Lin Wei.

“Uh……as you see, yes.” Lin Wei spread out both his hands and shrugged his shoulders.

“……” Heavenly Wolf General foolishly stood in place staring blankly, it clearly was unable to understand the scene before its eyes.

“Ai, let’s not speak of me.” Lin Wei waved his hands, then moved to the front of Heavenly Wolf General: “How do you feel right now?”

Heavenly Wolf General propped up his forepaws on the ground and sat up, then felt its own body. Its right hand claw was already broken off, appearing very uncoordinated.


It used its’ paw to cover the former wound on its abdomen. It seemed to still ache a little, but the formerly pierced wound already miraculously healed.

Could this be a gift that Heavenly Wolf General received after becoming a summon beast? Lin Wei secretly conjectured in his heart.

“Open-arm Devil Ape?” Heavenly Wolf General asked about the matter that it cared about the most.

“This is the good news I wanted to report to you.” Lin Wei clapped his hands. He said with excitement and bit of proudness: “It——died!”

“Died? Good.” Heavenly Wolf General nodded.

Five seconds……

Ten seconds……

One minute……

“Eh……how come you’re not reacting? How come you’re not one bit surprised?” Lin Wei’s forehead was full of black lines2. He originally thought that Heavenly Wolf General would be shocked, so he bragged. In the end, Heavenly Wolf General’s faint response was above his anticipation.

“Master, safe……” Heavenly Wolf General slowly crawled up. It looked at its’ broken off right hand claw, showing lament in its eyes, but even more proudness.

“Wait wait wait wait……” Lin Wei somewhat understood: “You can’t be thinking that the Open-arm Devil Ape was killed by you, right?”

“In the future, master will be depending on you!” Heavenly Wolf General fiercely patted Lin Wei’s shoulder.


****! I still haven’t shown off……

Lin Wei howled in his heart. Ai, let it be, with its IQ, communicating with it is really strenuous!

Heavenly Wolf General looked at the outside of the cave and started slowly stepping towards the outside.

Lin Wei and Plump Red looked at each other, then followed it out.

Outside the cave mouth, the sun shined brightly, birds sang, and the fragrance of flowers floated around. Heavenly Wolf General went to stand on top of a protruding rock and raised its eyes to look into the distance. From here, one could see the neverending vast verdant forest in a place far away, one could see that beautiful sapphire-colored lake, one could see countless flying birds and walking beasts living satisfied lives under the sunshine.

This place, was the vast territory that Heavenly Wolf General once governed!

Heavenly Wolf General stood still there for a long time, looking at everything, calm and unmoving, motionless.

Lin Wei and Plump Red arrived behind it and overlooked everything with it.

Open-arm Devil Ape once destroyed this ‘everything’, but now, Lin Wei and the others seized it back.

“Heavenly Wolf General, this once again belongs to you.” Lin Wei opened his mouth and said.

Heavenly Wolf General didn’t respond. After a full five minutes, it turned around and said: “I will be leaving here.”

“Ah?” Lin Wei was taken aback: “Why?”

The ******* has already been killed, shouldn’t now be the time to enjoy the fruit of victory? Why instead do you want to leave? What situation is this?

Heavenly Wolf General didn’t elaborate any further. It bent its waist, felt the soil on the ground, and muttered: “I, must leave.”

Lin Wei was unable to comprehend why Heavenly Wolf General would talk like this. Actually, Heavenly Wolf General was also unclear. This was one of those mysterious directions that Heavenly Wolf General heard summoning him from a place far away. It was currently the only non-summon beast with a skill in this other world, unusually special. It didn’t know what was waiting for him on the path in front him, but it felt that it should conform to this feeling.

The other world was very great and wide. Their place here was so small that it couldn’t be considered a small corner.

What things were in the outside world?

Heavenly Wolf General didn’t know. Lin Wei and Plump Red didn’t know even more.

Thus, on this ordinary afternoon, this land’s original supreme governor left quietly without most life forms knowing the circumstances.

Lin Wei and Plump Red sent it off in a place very far away. Finally, Heavenly Wolf General gave the two of them a hug, then went along in the direction of the setting sun and disappeared from their field of view.

The next day, Lin Wei and Plump Red returned to the lakeside. This place was still as lively as it was in the past.

Various kinds of beasts walked to and fro. Clever Turquoise Wind Foxes, mischievous Small Leaf Long-Armed Apes, plump Horned Hippopotamuses, carefree Brown River Racoon Dogs……and the Iron-skin Rhinoceros that he recognized the earliest that year. Its life was very free and restrained, so much that it stayed over at Intermediate Level Beastly Soldier all these years.

After seeing Lin Wei’s status, it expressed enormous surprise and closely examined what was going on. After Lin Wei roughly explained the matter, it said that it completely couldn’t understand it.

Good, Lin Wei couldn’t help but laugh, sometimes the slow-witted have their advantages, yes?

On the second day of Lin Wei and Plump Red’s return to the lakeside, Plump Red finally broke through to High Level Beastly Soldier. After it broke through, the flame that it sprayed was no longer just red; there was blue color inside the red.

“Plump Red,” Lin Wei patted Plump Red’s shoulder: “Let’s go out to temper ourselves!”

“Temper ourselves?” Plump Red was perplexed.

“Right! Just like Heavenly Wolf General!” Lin Wei jumped onto a large stone, then pointed into the distance: “The outside world is so large, don’t you want to go out to take a look?”

“No……” Plump Red subconsciously shook its head, but in the end it still hesitated: “En……going to take a look is fine……”

“Great, then it’s decided like this.” Lin Wei clapped his hands and excitedly said: “We have to pack up, we’ll set off today!”

He tidied up his bow and dagger, wrapped up some medicinal herbs, sharpened some bamboo into simple bamboo arrows, and snapped off the longspear’s spearpoint to exchange for a spearhead made of stone. Lin Wei went to an area 5 li away. In this place, he needed to say goodbye to a benefactor.

“Grandpa Treant, I have been receiving your care these years. I am now preparing to leave here.” Lin Wei saluted towards the Hundred-Year Treant and said.

“Little guy, Intermediate Level Beastly Soldier?” The Hundred-Year Treant opened its mouth and said. Its voice was still as ancient as before, and filled with a trace of gratification.

“Yes, I want to go temper myself. I might not come back for a very long time.”

“Go, go.” Hundred-Year Treant encouraged: “A good youth aspires to travel far and make their mark. If you meet any challenges, then go to the local treant clan to request help! Our treant clan is numerous, so long as there is a forest area, there will surely be our forms. I have currently reached the 700 year-old threshold, perhaps the next time you come back, I will be a High Level Beastly Guard! Haha.”

“Then congratulations in advance!” Lin Wei felt heartfelt happiness for the Treant: “I’ve remembered what you said. In that case, I’m going!”

Lin Wei finally bowed to the Hundred-Year Treant, then turned to leave.

Let’s go, it’s time to leave this land I’ve lived on for seven years.

Other world, we’re coming!


  1. TLN: In Chinese, the characters are the same. So, the pinyin would be ‘lǎoxiè’ and ‘xièlǎo’ respectively. The former means ‘Old Xie(informal)’ while the latter means ‘Venerable Xie(formal+polite)’. 
  2. TLN: Means he was frustrated. Like when you wrinkle your forehead enough to make the crinkles visible as black lines. 
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