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Chapter 24 – The Suffering of the Black Curse Ability

“Fled?” Fan Zhishen wrinkled his brows. He just so happened not to be in the clan, but rather handling some matters 7 to 8 kilometers away from this place. After seeing the signal flare, he immediately hurried over and even summoned his Blaze Bull. However, he didn’t expect that he still allowed the enemy to escape.

“Father! They are people from Tian Clan, Tian Zhu and Tian Lang!” Fan Minyue said: “They came to kill younger sister Xiao Xun!”

Hmm? Fan Zhishen was startled in his heart, people from Tian Clan? Following which, he saw the appearance of Fan Minyue and Xiao Xun standing together side to side. My daughter called Xiao Xun “younger sister”? This is a matter that has never happened before! What is going on? Have the two of them reconciled???

“Xiao Xun,” Fan Minyue looked towards Xiao Xun: “Older sister was no good previously. A moment ago……thank you for before.”

Xiao Xun was slightly distracted, then she lightly shook her head: “No, previously……Xiao Xun also had incorrect places. We……are a family in any case……”

The two sisters both made self-criticisms. Although they were unable to completely unmask everything that happened in the past, since mental scars required time to heal, this was a good start in any case. The two of them had begun to attempt to accept each other.

“That’s right, how is Lin Wei?” Xiao Xun raised her head and looked at the place with strong sinister energy.

Most of the black gas had diverged, but there was still some residue. At this time, a golden ray suddenly appeared, a dazzling golden light! Xiao Xun, Fan Minyue, and Fan Zhishen were all familiar with this light ray——when Lin Wei had advanced last time, there was this kind of golden light.

“Heavens!” Fan Minyue covered her mouth in extreme amazement: “It can advance by killing a common war beast?”

Within the golden light, the antiquity rule descended and Lin Wei slowly floated up.

His aura began rising once more and broke through to High Level Beastly Soldier with irresistible force, then continued progressing until it stopped at great perfection High Level Beastly Soldier.

However, no one took note of the black stripe that appeared on Lin Wei’s right hand in the golden light.

When Xiao Xun noticed Lin Wei was advancing in the ray of light, she hurriedly de-summoned Lin Wei back to the other world.

After about 7 to 8 minutes, Fan Tianhu finally arrived.

“En?” What Fan Tianhu saw was a messy place. Venerable Xie sustained heavy injuries, so he was sitting on the ground healing himself with luck energy. Fan Zhishen and Fan Minyue stood secretly depressed by the side of the grey-eyed white tiger’s corpse. The little tiger was raised by Fan Zhishen since childhood and it was almost always together playing with Fan Minyue, so there was no need to state how deep the sentiment was. Xiao Xun chatted with Aunt Liu on the side. The Blaze Bull had already been de-summoned. But on the ground, there were two extra corpses. One was naturally Little Shao’s while the other was that Devil Wolf’s.

After taking a glance, Fan Tianhu understood of most it: “Relied on the wrong person, relied on the wrong person……” Fan Tianhu sighed.

“Devil Wolf……” Fan Tianhu shifted his gaze to the corpse of the Devil Wolf.

“Father sir.” Fan Zhishen walked over with Fan Minyue. Xiao Xun also walked over to pay respects to her grandfather.

Aunt Liu knelt down in place. Venerable Xie opened his eyes and wanted to get up to salute, but was stopped by Fan Tianhu.

“Old Xie, keep healing yourself with luck energy, there’s no need to be over courteous.” Fan Tianhu said as he turned to look towards Fan Zhishen’s group of three: “There is a Devil Wolf’s corpse here! Is it Tian Clan’s Tian Lang?”

“Yes, father.” Fan Zhishen replied: “Tian Zhu was also here.”

“Tian Clan……” Fan Zhishen hesitated for a moment: “Sigh, I understand. That’s right, before this Devil Wolf died, did sinister energy burst out of it?”

“Yes!” Xiao Xun hurriedly answered: “An extraordinarily strong ball of sinister energy hit Lin Wei.”

“Is that so? Where is Lin Wei right now?” Fan Tianhu closely questioned.

“After the fight, he advanced to High Level Beastly Soldier. Then I sent him back.” Xiao Xun replied: “Grandfather, does this sinister energy have any effects?”

“This sinister energy is unusually evil.” Fan Tianhu’s expression was extremely grave: “A Devil Wolf can only burst out this sinister energy once in its lifetime. Once it does so, there is bound to be a strong curse power.”

“Curse power?” Xiao Xun and Fan Minyue simultaneously cried out in fear.

Fan Zhishen stayed on the side without speaking a word; it could be assumed that he also wanted to know about this matter.

“One that receives the curse of the sinister energy will experience endless suffering through one’s lifetime. Once it flares up, one will lose to will to survive, but also be unable to die.” Fan Tianhu heavily said.

Losing the will to survive, unable to die!

These 8 words seemed as heavy as a thousand catties pressing down on Xiao Xun’s heart. Her body swayed and tears welled up: “Lin Wei……”

Fan Minyue hastily supported her younger sister: “Xiao Xun, don’t be anxious. Didn’t Lin Wei advance in that final moment? You saw it bathed in the golden light, maybe that sinister energy has already been dispelled.”

Fan Tianhu was somewhat surprised upon seeing Fan Minyue, seemingly unable to understand when the two sisters had reconciled. Following which, he recalled another issue.

“Minyue, how are you also here?” Fan Tianhu asked with wrinkled brows. Fan Zhishen had been nearby handling affairs, this bit he knew, so it made sense that Fan Zhishen would be here earlier than him after seeing the signal flare. But why was Fan Minyue also here? This place was obviously a secret training base, so except for the Clan Head and his three siblings, absolutely no other person should know about this place.

Fan Minyue gazed at Xiao Xun with complex emotions in her eyes, then turned towards Fan Tianhu and prostrated herself.

“Grandfather, Minyue is guilty. Minyue had previous bore a grudge against younger sister Xiao Xun, so she has been discreetly inquiring for her whereabouts these past few days until now, wanting to……wanting to discard her DouQi……but younger sister Xiao Xun’s heart was wide and disregarded the past enmity to help save Minyue. Minyue……Minyue really is ashamed. Please punish me grandfather!”

“Father!” Fan Zhishen hastened to kneel down. He knew that Minyue’s punishment this time would be very big: “Father sir! I have also made a mistake! Blame me, blame me, I haven’t taught her well during peacetime. I……I will substitute in for her punishment!”

“Get the hell up!” Fan Tianhu unhappily glared at him: “We’ll be putting the matter of punishment off for later, go deliver Old Xie back to heal.”

Fan Zhishen replied positively and set towards the direction Venerable Xie was in, then supported him and left in advance.

“You two……” Fan Tianhu’s gaze went back in forth between Fan Minyue and Xiao Xun. His expression went through many changes before he earnestly said: “Being able to set aside the past, this is a good point. We are all one whole family, so mutually competing against each other is very normal. However, one cannot walk the wrong road by all means, otherwise it will be too late for regrets afterwards. Xiao Xun’s summon beast is extremely special, so Clan Head specially approved to conduct a special training for it. This matter must be kept strictly confidential and cannot be told to anybody, Minyue, do you understand?”

“Minyue understands.” Fan Minyue nodded over and over.

“En.” Fan Tianhu nodded in satisfaction: “This place has already been destroyed, so Xiao Xun’s special training can only be changed to another place. But being the case that Zhishen also already knows about this matter, we’ll just simply arrange it to be in his training ground.”

“No no no.” Xiao Xun hastily said: “If we do it like this, it will influence second uncle’s cultivation.”

“Aiya, there’s nothing wrong with that.” Fan Minyue pulled on Xiao Xun’s hand: “Younger sister can just live at my place. This can also be counted as older sister making up for this past. Also, your mother has been thinking about you a lot.”

“Then we’ll arrange it like this.” Fan Tianhu waved his big hand: “Zhishen’s cultivation has already hit a bottleneck, so he won’t be using the training ground. Besides, in this past half year, everything has been done for your several people.”

“Grandfather, you said Xiao Xun’s summon beast is very special. Is this related to the reason why Tian Clan attacked this time?” Fan Minyue inquired.

“It’s possible.” Fan Tianhu stroked his beard: “What I don’t know is how this information leaked out. You two don’t need to manage this issue, we’ll deal with it. Come, first follow grandfather back home.”


Fan Tianhu’s words were actually not one bit wrong; a Devil Wolf’s sinister energy was truly evil. Lin Wei was currently losing his will to survive, but unable to seek death from the excruciating pain.

After falling out of the space vortex, the golden light surrounding his body quickly dissipated. At this time, an unbearable piercing ache began transmitting upwards from his arm. In Lin Wei’s entire life, even counting these years after transmigrating here, he had never felt such a terrible pain. It was like the skin on his entire body was being peeled off, then he was thrown to an anthill for millions of ants to bite him. This pain drilled into your muscles, went through your channels, permeated your internal organs, and pierced into your bone marrow!

Lin Wei wanted to cry out in pain but was unable to do so. He was covered with beads of blood from head to toe and the several times he was about to go into shock, he woke up due to the pain.

He rolled in pain, into the river from the meadow.

In the instant that his right hand touched the river water, the surrounding river water unexpectedly boiled and turned into a black vapor.

Plump Red was probably taking a stroll, so he hadn’t seen Lin Wei’s miserable condition.

After roughly a dozen minutes, Lin Wei’s mind cleared up a bit. This was also due to hurting for so long that he eventually adapted a little. He exerted all his strength to shake his head, then an insanely painful ache pierced his head and he nearly went into shock.

Why won’t I die? I would be better off dying!!!

The tremendous pain made Lin Wei want to seek death in order to extricate himself from the pain.

And at this moment, the river water at a place not far away rippled, then crashing noise resounded and a head popped out of the water, raising itself high.

Lin Wei’s shenanigans had finally alarmed a huge monster that was originally hiding underwater!

Single-headed Water Python! Attribute: Water, Rank: Bronze, Status: Intermediate Beastly Guard!

Although it was merely an Intermediate Beastly Guard and was a great distance away from becoming a Beastly General, it’s rank was bronze! Moreover, this kind of terrifying creature was enormous, so it couldn’t be weighed by its rank and status. It could be said that it could defeat 3 to 5 Vigorous Vajra Apes at the same rank and status!

Ssss——the water python closely observed Lin Wei and spat out its tongue.

Rank: Common, Status: High Level Beastly Soldier. And his size is even so small! But, how can he be a summon beast??? Fine, even if it is a summon beast, it’s just a High Level Beastly Soldier summon beast! The water python immediately evaluated in its heart. Since you’ve disturbed my rest, then I’ll take you to fill my stomach!

Lin Wei was still lying in the water with his left hand firmly clutching his right arm.

The water python attacked. It opened its bloody mouth wide and bit at Lin Wei.

Bzz! Lin Wei’s right arm suddenly trembled. There seemed to be something squirming beneath that black stripe. He cried out and his entire body went upright, then his right hand uncontrollably went towards the water python’s head.


Black gas, a strong black gas! It brought cruelty, pain, and inexhaustible hatred with it! This black gas disappeared in a flash, just as how an hour of fun goes by in an instant, and not a trace of it could be seen in the next moment. But it was in this instant that it seemed like the entire atmosphere of the space seemed to be holding a bomb, then it fiercely detonated!!!

After that, the water pythons movement stilled. It wasn’t that it didn’t want to continue attacking, but that it couldn’t. Because, it’s entire head was already gone.

The water python’s remaining body smashed into the water, causing a big spray, then the water became a blood-like color.

Along with this discharge, Lin Wei seemed to have felt his body become light. Then both of his eyes went back and he fainted in the water.

As for that black stripe, it was still on his hand, and still hadn’t faded away……

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