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[Fan Art] Dragon Princess Lilith

Happy New Year, everyone! Last December, we conducted a Patreon poll to decide the next fan art subject from among “Two as One Princesses,” “Dragon Princess,” “Pupil of the Wiseman,” and “Villainess Becomes Commoner.” With 35 patrons participating, the results were quite close: “Dragon Princess” led with 31%, followed by “Pupil of the Wiseman” at 26%, “Two as One Princesses” at 23%, and “Villainess Becomes Commoner” at 20%.

With “Dragon Princess” narrowly winning the poll by a 5% margin, we’re excited to reveal the commissioned artwork of Lilith, marking her first ever true depiction, as there has been no official cover picture of her yet.

In this stunning piece, Lilith is portrayed sitting atop an immense pile of her boundless wealth, her posture exuding unapologetic pompousness. A slight, sardonic smile on her lips suggests her full awareness of the power and status her riches confer upon her.

We’ve shared the step-by-step progress of this artwork with our insiders and patrons on our Discord server, where their invaluable input played a crucial role in shaping the final outcome. Throughout the creation process, patrons and insiders had the opportunity to offer their suggestions and opinions on various aspects of the artwork, including the initial sketches, color schemes, and overall design elements.

This collaborative effort ensured that the artwork truly resonated with our community, as each stage of development was influenced by their feedback. The result is a piece that not only captures the essence of Lilith but also reflects the collective vision of our dedicated supporters.

If you’re keen on participating in such collaborative projects and accessing insider news, please consider subscribing to our Patreon: Project Gender Bender. It’s a great way to engage directly with the creative process and help shape the content you love.

Additionally, we’re thrilled to announce that this artwork comes with commercial use rights. If you’re interested in acquiring merchandise featuring this stunning depiction of Lilith, please visit our shop on RedBubble.

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