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Chapter 2-37: Reality and Imagination Are Different

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2019 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1205 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Ha ~ what are you talking about, I don’t understand.”
“I said this one is Eleanor Hamelin.”

“No, no, no, I’m asking about the second half of your sentence.”
“This one is the founder of that organization.”

“I don’t care if you want to play house and refer to yourself as ‘this one’ or ‘that one’, honestly, I don’t care at all. However, to pass yourself as the founder of that organization, what are you trying to play at?”

The short figure emerged from the darkness, revealing their profile.
Long silver-white hair, a pale face that has not seen the sun for a long time, looks almost twenty years old, but the eyes are extremely deep, almost like that of a 60-year-old woman.

The pointed ears confirmed that she was undoubtedly an elf, except that the elf was short and somewhat abnormal, with a twenty-year-old face. But a height that could be confused for a twelve-year-old.

“This one is telling the truth, that organization was indeed created by this one ten years ago.”
“Stop joking around, the founder of that organization is…”
“One who stood at the pinnacle of the continent right?” the silver-haired elf smiled, “that is without a doubt this one.”

No away, for even the finest fighter to be stuck in this cell. Did she slip up or something? From the look of it, the auction house may be scarier than I initially thought. Should I ask my mother for help directly?

Yes, my mother gave me a red crystal before I left, and now it is hanging on my neck as an ordinary-looking decoration. However, that crystal is not ordinary, my mother gave it to me as insurance for a life and death scenario.


“My adorable daughter, this is a crystal that can broadcast your coordinates to all dragons that can use teleportation magic. If you encounter any danger, use your lifeblood force to crush it, as long as they can still move, every dragon capable of teleportation will appear to help you tear up the enemy in front of you.”

As soon as I use it, all of the adult dragons will teleport in, and I am afraid that the entire Luminous Theocracy will be razed to the ground.
No, no, I have to think of a solution again. I don’t think my situation is really that desperate.

More importantly, the self-proclaimed strongest in the continent Eleanor Hamelin is here, and while she may look incompetent now, that should just be because she’s restricted by the Madrica Silver. As long as I help her get out of the restraints, then she’ll be a huge boost to our potential.

“You’re sister Eleanor?”

Eh? The Fairy Elf Weir know her?

“Oh, so it’s little Weir. I haven’t seen you in years. You’re so big already.”
“It’s really… Sister Eleanor.”

Weir suddenly pounced on the railing, grasped the railing tightly with both hands and cried excitedly, “I … I thought you were dead Sister Eleanor.”
Eleanor also let out a sigh, but tears were clearly visible in her eyes, “Stupid girl, how could I die, I am your sister Eleanor.”

“But … but didn’t they say they can’t sell you and should just dispose of you directly, Sister Eleanor?”

Can’t sell? Dispose of?

“Well … I haven’t been dealt with, I’m just being held here, but if no one wants to buy me before I turn twenty-five, I’m afraid they really will dispose of me.”
“Then… what should we do? If I recall, Sister Eleanor should already be twenty-four years old…”

“What to do huh… There’s only…”
“Wait a minute!” I suddenly interrupted them, and then asked Eleanor, “What the hell is not selling?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Eleanor shrugged extremely casually. “I am also a slave at the auction house …”

Slave… slave?

“Didn’t you say you were the founder of that organization? Why are you a slave at the auction house now.”
“Yeah, that organization was a self-rescue organization composed of the slaves at the auction house, which was created ten years ago.”

The slave’s self-rescue organization? So that’s why the pattern on the badge is a canary standing outside the cage?

“The continent’s top power…”
“It’s just a gimmick for this one to coax people into joining.”

“Just…. a gimmick you say…”
“Yeah, it’s a gimmick. After all, if you want to be a good leader, you must have a strong identity, and this may make some righteous fools help us for free.”

In other words, the uncle is Fool no.1 and I am Fool no. 2?

“But … haven’t you given artifacts that can help others improve their strength, and weapons and the like? That isn’t something that slaves can take.” I asked a little unwillingly.
“That’s true.” Eleanor tilted her head for a moment and thought, “I think those are just things that sold slaves have stolen from their master’s home.”

“They are indeed a subordinate of this one. How wise and brave they are.”
“What nonsense are you spouting about!!!! You’re obviously just a slave, and yet you’re even more pretentious than me… this great one, I’m going to kill you!”

“Big Sis, calm down! You’re still in the cell, you can’t hit her.”
“Let me go, if I don’t bury these scammers alive, I wouldn’t be able to call myself Lilith anymore!”
“No… don’t, there’s no point for you to bury them alive, and isn’t escaping our top priority right now?”

Ah… that’s right, the most important thing now is to escape. But for now, it doesn’t seem like the self-rescue organization founded by the slaves will be able to help us.

Speaking of which, the reason why the auction house has been unable to find any traces of that organization is because they’ve always been inside the auction hall huh? Is this the so-called Hiding a Tree in the Forest?

Alas… what to do, do I really have no choice but to cry for help? Damn it, how could this magnificent Dragon Princess, Artemis Niger Lilith, do such a shameful thing? And it’s only been two days since I came to the human world. If I ask for help now, I’m afraid mom wouldn’t let me come to the human world anymore out of concern.

Will my journey end before it even started?

Aaaah, what should I do, why did I encounter so many scammers on my journey? God, can’t you just give me a reliable teammate? If you do, I would be willing to accept being called flat-chested.

“Yo, small chested sister over there, you seem to be upset.”
“I warn you, don’t call me a flat chested little sister or I’ll make you another 20 cm shorter.”

“Well, aren’t you grumpy… but don’t worry, this one is broad-minded so I won’t mind your rudeness.”
“What the hell do you want to say?”

“Although this one does not have the strength you want, I have the two things you need most~”
“What would that be?”

Eleanor pulled out a crumpled piece of paper from her dirty clothes and threw a wink at me, “Uh-huh~ this here is a detailed map of the auction house and a perfect escape plan…”


Chapter 2-36: There’s Always One Cheater Teammate

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2402 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1351 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Well, now we can escape from here. Hum, since they made me … this princess suffered such humiliation, I’ll have them pay double in compensation!”

“Wow, so amazing …” Durango applauded expressionlessly, and then pointed at the fairy elf crouching by the wall, “Speaking of, what should we do about her? “

After we were caught, for some reason the auction house locked the fairy elf with us, and since she got here, the fairy elf has been squatting in the corner of the room with clutching her knees silently.

“What is your name?”

The fairy elf raised her head and looked at me. Her eyes were as numb as the wind elf before, but I could see the fear deep in her eyes.

“Weir … My name is … Elle Weir.”
“Elle Weir, that’s a really good name. Would you like to escape with us?”
“Escape together?” Weir asked, tilting her head, and didn’t seem to know what to say.
“Yes, we’ll leave together and escape from here, escape from the auction house.”

“Escape from the auction house … Escape from the auction house …” Weir kept repeating this sentence, and then suddenly wailed, holding her head and crying in pain, “It’s impossible, we can’t escape. All the people who tried to escape are dead, all dead … impossible … impossible …”

It seems that she is also poisoned by the auction house. Judging at her current condition, she will certainly not be of any substantial help.
If you want to escape from the auction house, the most important goal is to escape from the cell first.
Under normal circumstances, an iron door like this wouldn’t be able to stop me at all.
It’s just….

“These handcuffs seem a little weird. I haven’t been able to use any energy for a while now.”
“Of course, these are handcuffs made by Mandrica Silver, which can not only block Battle-Qi and Magic Power, but also weaken physical strength. Generally, they are used to restrain criminals. I never expected to see a day where I, Aneva Durango, would one day be locked up by this kind of thing.”

Durango leaned aside and picked his nose in an ungentlemanly manner, and then bent his finger and blasted a mass of black unknown substance into the air.

“It’s just as you said … but why are you so laid back, don’t you want to escape?”
“Haha,” Durango continued to pick his nostrils. “Ever since they put these handcuffs on me, I lost all thoughts of escaping.”

“Why? I have a storage ring. Besides, this Madrica Silver shouldn’t be able to block mental power, which means that I can use the storage ring, and the possibility of escape is very high.”
“Ha? Are you stupid?”

Oh, do you want to die?

“Even if you can use a storage ring, can you open the cell door silently? With that type of Blast scroll, I’m afraid it will lead people in immediately.”

He’s right. Although no one is guarding it now, it doesn’t mean that the people on the auction floor are deaf. If you use a powerful scroll, the noise will definitely attract people. I won’t have a chance at that time to hide the ring again.
But with that … it should work.

“Wait! I have a way!”

Carol, who was just rolling her eyes on the ground, spoke up when an opportunity presented itself.

“What can you even do…?”
“Wao! Lilith, don’t you always look down on me, is this lady so unreliable?”


“Uh … Cough cough…” Carol gave a cough awkwardly, and then suddenly aimed the fire at Durango, “Granted that Lilith looks down on me, but what gives you the right!”
“Ha? Don’t you know him?”

“Should I know him?”
“Miss Carol doesn’t know this humble one is normal. When this humble one went to your birthday party with my father, I looked at you from afar.”

Just because I paid a little more attention to him from the rest of the crowds, not only did he end up owing a huge debt of six thousand gold coins, but was even captured by the auction house as my accomplice. Alas, I feel like he is even more unlucky than me.

“Okay, Carol, first you’ll need to tell us about your plan.”

Although Carol’s plans are usually unreliable, if someone says otherwise, she will act spoiled and troublesome.

“Hmph, look at that!”
“That’s …” Looking in where Carol was pointing, we noticed something hanging on the wall…

“Yes, it’s the key, I accidentally discovered it just now.”

The auctioneers are really kind hearted. Are they really so confident in these handcuffs to place the key so close to the prison?

“What’s next after that?”

Although the key was hung on a wall not far away, it wasn’t so close we could reach it.

“That’s not easy. I compared the width of this iron railing and found that someone with a petite body should be able to squeeze through. So Lilith, as long as you … awawawawawa… What are you doing?”


“Ahhhhhh!!!! It hurts, it hurts! !! My head is going to crack!!!”
“How do you feel, think you can slip past it now!?”
“I meant you, Lilith …”


“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It’s stuck, my head is stuck, I was wrong, I was wrong, Mistress Lilith forgive me!!!”
“Just get stuck here and reflect.”
“Waa, please save me.”

Carol stuck out her butt and wanted to pull her head out of the railings, but that was just in vain. Even I barely had the strength to force her in, she couldn’t possibly have enough energy left. After all, the physical weakening effects of Mandrica Silver are quite severe.

“Well, let’s get back to planning.”
I sat back in front of Durango, “Assuming I can solve the prison problem, what’s next?”
“Of course, there must be a detailed map of the auction site, otherwise they’d be like headless flies, and would’ve gotten caught sooner or later.”

Well, yes, the map of the auction house is really important. But … about that, I remember Carol came in for information.

“Carol, did you get a map of this auction site?”
“Ah? What map?”

“A detailed topographical map of the auction site, a count of the number of strong men employed within, and the place where the slaves were held, didn’t you come in for this?”

“Ahaha … that …”
“Hurry up.”
“Don’t have.”

“No … no … I was arrested just yesterday. I don’t know anything other than the place where the slaves were held.”
“Then why’d you come in the first place! Are you sightseeing?”

“Well … I know where the toilets in the auction house are. We can go in and see if there are any small windows that we can slip out from.”
“I’ll kill you!”
“Owowowowow, that hurts.”

I stomped on Carol’s butt, and her head snapped forward for a bit.

Damn it, we completely overestimated Carol’s ability. Even if it’s only been one day, with Carol’s IQ who knows if she’ll actually remember where the toilets are, let alone maps.

What to do, will I, the dignified dragon princess Artemis Niger Lilith, really be trapped here?

“If you run into trouble, you can go to the organization and they can help you.”
That’s right, I still have the badge that the uncle gave me.

I quickly took out the badge, he had said that if I had any troubles at the auction house, I could use this badge. It’s just … I don’t know how to use it, the uncle didn’t give me contact information or anything, and there’s no one else in this place…

“I didn’t expect to meet the holder of the badge here.”

The sudden voice surprised both Durango and me, and we both subconsciously rose from the ground into ready stances.
At this moment, a small figure in the shadow of the cell opposite us gradually walked into the light.

“Oh my, how rude of you to not know who this one is, badge holder… So, listen up!”
“This one is Eleanor Hamelin, the founder of that organization.”


Chapter 2-35: Great Hunters Always Prepare a Backup

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1953 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1160 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“What do you have to say now?”

Calm down, although my identity has been exposed because of Carol’s mental retardation, I still have the life-saving trick of the teleportation scroll. Now I just have to rush to Carol and teleport away with her before the clown reacts, and if that doesn’t work, I can just leave by myself.

Although at the moment I am being held by the men in black with a knife to my neck, with the physical cababilities of a dragon, I am fully capable of breaking away in an instant.

Well, just do it. Although the use of the Scrolls now will definitely alert the auction house, I don’t want to be caught by the auction house and sold as slaves. The dignified Dragon Princess Artemis Niger Lilith can’t afford to lose to these people!

As I secretly gathered strength, ready to break through the black men and rush to Carol to steal her away, Carol acted again.
Perhaps Carol knew that my identity was exposed because of her action, and she was trying to make up for that by doing something helpful.

However, if I could do everything over, I wouldn’t care about Carol at all and just directly teleport out of here.
It turns out that I’m too naive.

Carol took advantage of the clown’s attention on me, and suddenly threw herself on the clown and hugged him tightly, and then yelled with a voice that could be heard by all the audience, “Lilith, run away! I know you’re not an ordinary person. You can even use Rank 9 scrolls at will. You must have some items that let you escape. Leave me! Hurry!!!!”


Although I couldn’t see my own expression, at that moment, I must have looked like an old air conditioner, and I felt despair that rushed from my feet to the top of my head.
I finally understood why Durango just lost his hope for life like a salted fish.

I … Is this retribution?
But if deceiving people will be punished, Miss Carol’s retribution will probably destroy the world.

“Well? Why aren’t you leaving, Lilith?”

I… how the heck am I going to leave, you dimwit!!! The scroll isn’t instantaneous, it has to be taken out and then triggered with a specific key phrase, it may be useful if they weren’t prepared, but you just had to scream out about its existence, you idiot!!!

You ask why I’m crying? That’s because I want to cut down this guy who is still pretending to be innocent!

“Heh-heh, I see. So you do have a backing, after all?”
The clown grabbed at Carol, who was wrapped around him with her octopus-like grip.

“Waaaaa, let me go … it hurts … it hurts …”

The clown drew a dagger out of nowhere and placed it on Carol’s neck, “You can go, but your companion will just…”
After speaking, he scratched Carol’s neck slightly, leaving a trail of blood.

“Awawawawawa… Lilith, don’t abandon me …” Carol begged, not daring to struggle anymore and cry while trembling.

Where did your earlier bravado go?!?!

“Okay, hand over your storage ring.” The clown said with a sneer, the mask on his face looked extremely sinister in the light.


“Liiiiiilllllliiiiiiiittttttttthhhhhh….. I’m your cute little Carol, why are you ignoring me~”

“Don’t talk to me.”
“Waaa, Lilith, I didn’t mean it, forgive me …”

Seeing that the good girl act was useless, Carol flew straight into my arms and began to beg.
I pushed Carol away and sneered, “It’s okay I’ll forgive you, as long as you can take us out of this ⓢⓗⓘⓣⓣⓨ place.”

“Uwaaa… you know I can’t do it …”
“Then you can help me get rid of the shackles and fetters.”

“Wow … I can’t seem to do that either…”
“Then what can you do?”

“I’m cute …”
“Ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ hell! I’ll strangle you!”

“Awawawawawa… it hurts, the chains are hurting my flesh… Uuuu… Mistress Lilith I was wrong … let me go …”
“Oh, if an apology was enough, we wouldn’t need police? Die, traitor !!!”

“I… I’m not a traitor… Ugh… dying! I’m dying…”
“Not a traitor? All you need to do is just to stay on top of the stage. Why do you have to make trouble out of nothing? And you even have to pull me into it…”

When I talk about this, I get angry, thinking that I, the dragon princess Artemis Niger Lilith is now not only caught by slave merchants, but also locked up in a cage. Who knew just what had been locked in here before, it is stinky and has some unknown liquid in it! More importantly, I’ve been put in handcuffs and fetters.

Have I lost all my dignity as a dragon?
And all this was caused by this girl who killed thousands of swords in front of me … haha! Let’s kill her!

“Can’t you girls be quiet for a while, it’s noisy.”
Durango, who had been lying dead in the corner like a dead fish since he’d been caught, suddenly spoke.

“You, could it be that you don’t want to kill the culprit?”
“I want to kill you more. How would I have been caught if not because of you? I’m innocent!”
“What are you talking about, partner? As partners, isn’t it natural for us to share equal responsibilities?”
“Who the heck are your companions!” Durango straightened up and glared at me. After taking off the mask, his face looked younger than I thought and should be about the same age as Carol.

Maybe he also snuck out from home…
“That said, she looks like she’s gonna die soon.”

Now’s not the time to be hurting each other, after tossing the fainted Carol to the side, the most important thing to do now is to figure out how to escape.
The men in black left us after they threw us here, so they could continue to guard the auction.

While the auction is still going on, all the focus will be on the auction. So this is our only chance to escape.

Naive clown, did you really think I only had one ring? I knew that excellent hunters always have a backup.
Although my scrolls above the Saint rank were in the confiscated ring, my weapons and lower-ranked scrolls are here…

Hahahaha… you are all still too inexperienced to challenge me.

“Uwa… how disgusting … what are you doing?”

I wiped the saliva from the corner of my mouth and ignored Durango’s disgusted expression, answering, “Hidden position in the stomach … Isn’t it a basic operation to hide the ring?”
“Of course not !!!! When did you swallow it?”
“Don’t mind the details.”

I held the still shining ring in the dim light with a cold smile on the corner of my mouth.

“Be prepared to suffer, I shall make you feel twice the shame that I feel now!!”


Chapter 2-34: The Importance of Good Teammates (Part 3)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2186 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1281 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The sudden movement of the fairy elf quieted the originally noisy venue. Everyone was watching the auctioneer’s next move. After all, it was only a short while ago that a slave had committed suicide, if that were to happen again then the auctioneer will lose a lot of face.

“I don’t want to be sold, please don’t sell me, you can do anything you want, but don’t sell me.”

The fairy elf suddenly knelt, begged, and pleaded with tears at the clown’s feet, but the more she begged the more the clown’s expression became a volcano about to erupt, and the anger he was accumulating could be felt from a distance.

“Don’t sell me… I’ll be obedient, I’ll listen to you, but please don’t sell me…”
“Since you want to be obedient, then obediently go away.” The clown’s tone was as cold as a glacier.
“No… I don’t wanna… Sniffs…”

The clown kicked the fairy elf right in the stomach, sending her flying away.

“Do you qualify to bargain with me?”

The fairy elf wrapped her arms around her stomach and curled up in the fetal position like a shrimp. Even so, she still whimpered and begged not to be sold.

“My deepest apologies. I didn’t train the auction property well enough. We will treat the injuries I caused just now for free, and guarantee a perfect product for our customers. We will also … Ah !!!”

The clown bent over to apologize to Durango, but suddenly screamed and jumped up.

“Ah!!! My ⓐⓢⓢ!”

The clown quickly turned around and found that Carol was standing behind him with an angry look, holding a bloody knife in her hand.
At the same time, an ominous premonition suddenly appeared in my heart, and instinctively told me, Young Lady Carol is… about to do something again!

“Why did you hit her!”

Sure enough, Carol had completely forgotten about her situation, and pointed a delicate finger at the clown and her shout split the crowd,
“Why did you hit her!”

I don’t know how powerful this clown is, but being in an important position like the auctioneer of this event implies that he is certainly strong and cunning, but I’m afraid he didn’t expect a slave to be bold enough to stab him with a knife that’s not even finger length!
He was stabbed in the ⓐⓢⓢ right in front of so many people. Compared with the physical pain of the act, I’m afraid that the shame is even more traumatic.
Now the clown… is going to want to kill Carol, I suppose…

“Do you not know where you are?”
“You may be in control of my position, however you are wrong.”
“Hehe … even the merchandise regarded as dregs dares to argue what is right or wrong … It seems you are tired of living!”

A terrible killing intent filled the entire venue, and the clown’s body glowed with Battle-Qi. Considering the strength of his Battle-Qi, I’m afraid that the clown seems to be incredibly powerful even amongst High-Ranking Warriors.

However, Carol was still true to herself even amidst such terrible momentum, “Hurry up and apologize!”
“You …” Seeing Carol’s earnest expression, the clown became a little skeptical, and stopped in place to consider his next move.

The clown lowered his head and began to think, and seemed to consider Carol’s energy, but how could he have possibly known that the reason she wasn’t scared was merely because she had thick nerves and nothing more.

After a while, the clown looked up and asked, “I heard that you took the initiative to enter the auction house, is that true?”
“Yes,” Carol replied bluntly.

“Damn!” I was beginning to think that things were becoming bad. With Carol’s IQ, I’m afraid the clown might really ask something.
“You… you got a problem with that?” Seeing the clown’s gaze constantly turning on herself, Carol unconsciously stepped back.

“No one in the world, especially not a young girl, would ask to enter the auction unless…” The clown took two steps forward, “You entered with a purpose in mind.”
“Haha …how… how could…”

Wow, Miss Carol, your guilty answer will only make people more skeptical!!
No, you can’t let the clown ask any more questions, otherwise Carol might give everything away.

“You go and stop the clown from asking anymore questions, hurry up.”
“Why?” Suddenly, Durango scratched his head and asked me, “Why should I do that?”

“I’ll cut the interest in half.”

“Well… that,” Durango stood up and spoke to the clown, “Can we continue the auction, my time is precious.”
“Guests, please forgive me, we have very important things to do now, please wait a moment.”

Damn, it’s totally useless.

“Well, you are certainly fearless…” the clown turned his head again and continued to ask, “is it perhaps…”
“Quick Quick Quick! Hurry up and stop him!” (Lilith)
“Well… then let go of me first…” (Durango)
“Yeah…” Because it was so urgent I didn’t realize I had been grabbing Durango’s collar.

“How the hell do you want me to stop them?” (Durango)
“Rush down there and punch the clown.” (Lilith)
“I can’t, big sis, I’m already terrified now that I’ve offended a duke, if I also go and assault the auctioneer I really will die!” (Durango)
“You can…” (Lilith)
“Because you have an accomplice?” (Clown)

Damn, is it too late? It seems that we can only believe in Carol now, I hope she won’t be so retarded.
“You … how do you know …”

God dammit, Carol! It’s fine if you give up that you’re in disguise, but don’t keep glancing at me while you’re revealing your identity!
Sure enough, the clown followed Carol’s gaze.
Calm down. Either way, he only knows a general direction and shouldn’t be able to accurately locate me.

“Catch that blonde loli in the fox mask over there.”
How did you guess it was me!!!
A few men in black suddenly jumped out of the shadows and held a knife directly on my neck.

“Why are you catching me?”
Even if I die, I have to know the reason.

“Because you are her companion.”
“Why do you say that?”

The clown said unhurriedly, “One strange thing happening may be chance, but if two strange things happen at the same time, it’s no coincidence.
I have been an auctioneer at the auction house for more than 30 years and I have never seen a young girl like you come to one before.
Then, the only conclusion is that you’re the one who is playing house with this slave. In short, you’re just another kid who is brainwashed by stories of justice.”

It’s… such an unpleasant answer, but I also know that the clown is just guessing, and he has no absolute evidence.
That being the case, I might be able to struggle a bit.

“He he he he…”
“Why are you laughing?”

“I’m laughing at your poor eyes,” I stood on a chair, puffed out my chest, and said, “can’t you see that I’m an adult?”
“……” As soon as I said that, I felt that the entire auction house went silent.

“Apologies, I don’t see any characteristics that an adult should have on you.”
“Hmph! If you don’t believe me, ask Durango, the son of Count Aneva, you should believe what he says.”
“Is she an adult, guest?”

With Durango’s affirmative answer, the clown couldn’t help but start to doubt his previous conjecture.
Hmph, you’re still too inexperienced to have a battle of wits with this princess.

Just then, the clown suddenly turned around and asked Carol, “Is she actually your companion?”
“Hahaha, you are a joker, how could Lilith be my companion …”

You… freaking… IDIOOOOOT!!!!!!