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New Affiliate Program

We are thrilled to announce some exciting developments as we work towards our vision of creating the ultimate hub for Gender Bender novels. To further expand our offerings, we have launched an affiliate program that aims to bring talented translators on board. We will be reaching out to translators, offering them the opportunity to host their translations on Re:Library as freelancers while sharing in the ad revenue generated.

We understand that some translators may prefer to maintain their independence, which is why we are also offering an alternative option. Under this arrangement, a dedicated publisher will be assigned to post chapters on our site, ensuring a one-week delay to support the exclusivity of the translator’s own website.

We are pleased to announce that three translators have already joined us on this exciting journey. Saloi Translations will be hosting “I Decided to Become a Perfect Girl” as a freelance translator, while V-rus Translations and Bell Rock Translations have chosen to join our affiliate program. They have granted us permission to host “I Was Heartbroken, So I Became A VTuber” and “North x Northwest” on Re:Library, respectively. While we are in the process of transferring the chapters, you can still visit the translators’ sites to enjoy their existing translations!

Additionally, we are delighted to introduce Ryukas as our dedicated publisher for the affiliates. Let’s extend a warm welcome to Ryukas for their valuable contribution to our growing community.

We believe that these new collaborations will enrich our platform and provide you with a wider selection of captivating Gender Bender novels. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to expand and enhance your Re:Library experience.

Thank you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm.

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