[HCLS] Chapter 33

Here’s Chapter 33 of High Comprehension Low Strength~

Well, this chain of releases will be broken in a few days.

Nothing much, just that I got a job during Senior Year of High School.

Therefore, trying to keep up the 2 per week will be a bit difficult. I will try my best, even though I am still going through the college application process.




Hello all, this is turtleruler 🙂 I am very happy to be here with Re:Library, as the author of Aurora God. I wish to thank them for this opportunity as I try to wet my feet in this world of wonderful stories. I will try my best to create wonderful context for my fellow sea-dwellers out there. Till then I bid thee adieu. (No idea of ETA yet but I will try my best to get chapters out ASAP since I am also a full-time student). For those who have not checked out chapter 1 yet please give it a go.

[New Release] Aurora God

This is an Original Story written by turtleruler.

Category: Modern-day, Martial Arts, Wuxia, Romance, Weak to Strong, Action, Fantasy


The Draconic Continent, safeguarded by the 12 astral deities. Under the help of the 12 descendant clans with theXing Clan at the helm, a great evil unknown to many had been suppressed and peace lived out for quite some time. But the tides changed, many true colors were shown, as everything immediately slipped into chaos and destruction. But Xing Huang is the sole hope for the revival of the light, to bring back the aurora to the dark and black night. How will his journey to a parallel universe end? Will he be able to bring back the light to once peaceful, glorious, and beautiful Draconic Continent?

Chapter 1 – Hope

[HCLS] Chapter 31

Here’s Chapter 31 of High Comprehension Low Strength~

I seem to have broken my promise right after I made it.

Here’s the reason: Senior year is college process year. Yeah, going through the college process will be painful. I’m still going through it and I’m still wondering whether I should do early applications.

November 1st seems to be the general deadline so I only have a few days left.

I just noticed that I forgot to email my teacher the Final draft of my college essay. There goes my grade for that assignment………………………………………..


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