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Chapter 472 – Surprise, As Strong As Ten Yasas

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2060 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1027 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“I see, it’s you.” Following the voice, Yaeger’s gaze landed on a familiar face not far away. A tall man, armored in bright red, stood imposingly. His blonde hair framed a rugged face, marred by a ghastly scar on the left. He was none other than the captain of the inner-city district guards, [Berserk Lion] Zamas.

Zamas bore a grudge against Yaeger, though it was more one-sided. He had once attempted to arrest her because of events tied to the mayor of Broken Leaf City, [Hades]. His efforts, however, were foiled by Kastina. This alone wasn’t the root of his animosity. After his return to the inner-city, Kastina had him publicly whipped, leading to deep humiliation. In his eyes, it was all Yaeger’s fault.

Gazing at Yaeger, Zamas’ eyes seethed with pent-up rage. He had more than a dozen elite soldiers from the inner-city district backing him, all outfitted in top-tier gear. They were present because of the dire situation with the succubus; no room for errors. But stumbling upon Yaeger, the very source of his disgrace, was unexpected.

“Woman, I suspect your involvement with the succubus. Hand over your weapons and come into custody,” he demanded, clearly trying to appear just and fair, wanting to preserve his reputation.

Whispers ran through the crowd. They wanted to shout that Yaeger was indeed in league with the succubus. However, they held their tongues for two reasons: a lack of concrete evidence and an unwillingness to antagonize her. Better to anonymously report it than be publicly slain.

S.K.Y. and Taurus quickly approached. Upon seeing Yaeger’s striking beauty, a mix of fear and resentment flashed across their faces.

S.K.Y. internally raged, ‘Why should I fear her? I hold a high position in the kingdom. She’ll never match my status! If all goes to plan, she’ll be dead within days!’ As he mulled over these thoughts, his grip tightened, and the fear ebbed. He’d faced death by Yaeger’s hands thrice, so his apprehension wasn’t baseless. ‘Besides, I possess a crown as mighty as any Artifact…’ Just as the thought crossed his mind, memories of a harrowing nightmare consumed him, making him shudder involuntarily.

Taurus’ gaze remained fixed on Yaeger, his eyes gleaming with avarice. ‘Everything you have will soon be mine.’

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Following Zamas’ words, the guards behind him drew their weapons, their intent murderous. The atmosphere grew thick with tension, and an immediate hush descended.

Every onlooker’s attention was riveted on Yaeger, awaiting her move. It was widely anticipated she’d retaliate. If she did, she’d be overwhelmed by the multitude of soldiers, leading to her demise. This, in turn, would pave the way for the onlookers to capitalize on the ensuing chaos.

Breaking the suspenseful silence, Yaeger coolly remarked, “You have three seconds to leave. Or brace for what comes next.” From the words exchanged, she deduced Richard remained unaware of her connection to Alicia. That realization was all she needed. As for Zamas, who once posed a serious threat, he now seemed trivial in her eyes.

“What did you utter?” Zamas’ disbelief was palpable. “You dare belittle me, an outsider?”

Chuckles of disdain escaped him, “Believe yourself invincible for besting Yasa? Such hubris! I was Yasa’s mentor. I can singlehandedly defeat ten like him!”

His claim took everyone aback. The sheer audacity!

The crowd that had witnessed the earlier duel with Yasa was astounded. Concurrently, the players were both amazed and skeptical. They knew Zamas was merely Level 30. How could he equate to ten Yasas? He surely was being boastful and embellishing facts.

“Let me demonstrate true power,” Zamas said, pointing at Yaeger. “Then, languish in your cell!” As he made the declaration, his eyes bulged, veins throbbed prominently on his forehead, and an aura emanated powerfully. His physique began to enlarge. To the players’ astonishment, Zamas’ Level skyrocketed to 39, leaving them reeling.

“See my unparalleled might, woman!” Drawing his sword, Zamas pointed it confidently at Yaeger. After his relegation to guarding the inner-city gates, he’d been dispirited for a while. Yet, his unwavering resolve led to him constantly surpassing his former self. And now, the culmination of his relentless dedication was on display. Victory was his for the taking!

In that split second, both NPCs and players drew the same conclusion. Particularly the players, armed with more insight, were certain of it. Even if Black-hearted Princess was formidable, she lagged behind by nine Levels. Additionally, Zamas was equipped with superior gear and boasted staggering health and defense. They believed he would inexorably wear her down.

“Face your end…” But before Zamas could complete his declaration, he felt a sudden upward force, sharp pain shot through his chin, and his consciousness blurred.

The sudden turn of events left everyone dumbfounded. ‘What just transpired?’

It was then that an astute player discerned that Yaeger, who previously stood at a distance, was now positioned where Zamas had been, assuming a unique posture known as [Tiger Cannon]. This stance featured her palm facing upward, typically used to target an opponent’s chin. Resembling a cannonball, it was a swift, potent strike. Simultaneously, the posture evoked the image of a tiger lifting its head, hence its moniker.

The realization dawned on the crowd: Yaeger’s move had sent Zamas hurtling through the air!

Such ferocity!

A collective gasp filled the air. The sheer speed and force of her assault were such that many hadn’t even registered it until after its execution. The shock was so profound that it felt like their very souls quaked.

While some began to piece together what might have occurred, they were interrupted.

A thunderous crash echoed as Zamas collided with the ground, creating a massive crater. Blood spurted from his mouth, feeling as though every breath had been stolen from him. Agonizing pain surged, making it seem as if every bone in his body had splintered.

“Presume to obstruct my path, insect?” Yaeger’s voice, cold and measured, pierced the silence.

What followed left the onlookers in further awe: Zamas was ensnared by translucent tentacles, hoisted into the air. Then, a flurry of blows descended upon him, echoing like countless cannons discharging simultaneously.


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