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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 8

Please appreciate the amount of effort that I put in to making the table this chapter.
It might seem simple to look, but that thing is a confusing mess of barely legible code in WordPress’s editor. Not to mention I had to reorganise a bunch of skills for it.
Well it wasn’t fun to do at 11pm when I was planning to settle down and thought I’d just have an easy job of copying and pasting the new chapter.

Don’t tell Silva, but I’ll edit and schedule Demon Sword Maiden just before it needs to be published, he won’t notice anyway. I’ve got important games to play!

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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 6

And here it is, the regular schedule posting of Not Sure, Another World from yours truly!
I have to confess I haven’t started reading this myself yet and I really need to get round to it because I’m going to get flooded with spoilers emailed straight at me when people start commenting.

This will be the only chapter for the week, so if you’re craving more make sure to head over to the Patreon and up the numbers! It may not seem like it but, apparently translators are human too and actually require income? The more you know.

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[New Series] Not Sure, Another World Reincarnation

Not Sure, But It Looks Like I Got Reincarnated in Another World will begin publication on Re:Library starting this month forward. I am looking at a release of 1 chapter per week with our current funding, if you like this series and want to read more, please consider pledging to our Patreon page. 🙂

Although it’s a shame what happened with The Ancestor of our Sect, that’s fine too, if we look at the bright side, now we can use the funding initially allocated to that project towards Not Sure, Another World or Female Knight & Dark Elf. Now the problem is which project should I push the funding to…

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