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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 107 Part 2

I started playing Genshin Impact this weekend.
I mean it’s okay but I don’t really see what all the hype is about.
It’s a rather decent open world for PC so it’s impressive on phone I get that.

But like…
Everything else about it is done in plenty of other games. Without the atrocious gacha rates.
Seriously…I don’t think I get it?
The lore and story is pretty well done though so I’ll keep playing for that.

There are only about three characters that interest me too and I will probably never get them considering the gacha system so I have very little interest in bothering to roll.

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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 107 Part 1

I finished my first Avia playthrough today, man the epilogues were strangely melancholic.
Like the great heroes save the world and then they sort of…just do whatever.

Next time I’m going to try making different dialogue choices and see what happens in the ending.
Hopefully I can bring some kind of new ending to the party.
I heard if you change how you say things and what party members you use then the endings epilogue change quite a bit for the individuals. Although there’s only two proper endings for the story.

Well that’s just because I got really attached to some of these characters…
You should really give this game a play!

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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 106

My new microphone I ordered months ago arrived today. It’s not bad.
It’s one of those you get what you paid for mics and I was a little conservative on my spending for this one.
That said it’s a huge step up from the headset mic I was using until this point!

I also get a relatively decent stand for it but nothing particularly special. If I wanted to do it seriously I wouldn’t have got a USB microphone but a proper audio one.
But well that’s how things go isn’t it.

Let’s hope I can get it all set up properly for using as it’s supposed to be used…as…well…a mic.

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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 105

Hey guys, a sort of personal announcement here but I’d be really happy if you read it!
So this week a small indie game that I have been supporting for quite a while finally released.
It’s called Tears of Avia, and it’s on XBOX and PC.

I really love this game, and the reviews for it right now are…middling at best.
So I’ve decided to try and share the love and throw it out at you guys.
It’s a SRPG/JRPG type hybrid that basically any anime fan will love! You can think of it something akin to Final Fantasy Tactics but…well less AAA.
And when I said small, I meant a small team, but there’s at least thirty hours of content in this game. At least. And that’s not including replayability and alternate endings and the hardcore mode.

The Steam link is here!

To celebrate its launch I’m thinking of doing a steam key giveaway too.
So let me know in the comments if you’re interested in a chance to win!
Also shameless plug of my twitch channel that has my ongoing playthrough.

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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 104

So tomorrow I would have got my biological spaceship on No Mans Sky!
But then I realised it’s a tabletop day!
And I don’t want to finish this quest event without streaming it.
So it looks like I will be getting my ship on Monday instead! Oh well.

Nothing can be done about roleplay sessions! They must be done!
Unless like…you have a reason not to…
Do spaceships count?

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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 103

I decided to reread the first two volumes of Magical Index Genesis Testament yesterday.
I’m very interested to see where things are going but I felt like the second volume in general was a bit weaker than the first.
Maybe it’s because my hype was lower?
Something about it didn’t quite sit right, but I’m glad to see The Misa-Misa duo finally starting to settle their differences.

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Volume 3

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 102

Recently I bought No Man’s Sky because I heard they added biological spaceships.
Apparently they’re a bit of a nightmare to get but I’ve been making some steady progress.
Apparently it’s a very long and slow quest so it’ll probably be a pain but it could be worse.

I think I’m mostly in a state where I could work towards them though, I’ve got lots of hours into the game already…
I’m probably a bit addicted.

This is why I forgot to schedule. I got trapped by the “one more turn” philosophy.

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