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Chapter 34 – Edim’s Day of Suffering (Part 1)

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva, Liomad

This chapter is sponsored by Edmund.

——Edim’s Perspective

It was a certain day of a certain month, a day of unforgettable suffering for Edim.

7:00 sharp. Report for duty at the Underground Empire.

I commute to work from the school dormitory to the Evil God Army Underground Empire. Entering the entrance of the empire, the restaurant Berum, I meet Lady Tilea. I greeted her at once.

“Good morning.”
“M-, morning.”

Hmm?! Did Lady Tilea just make a somewhat awkward face? She usually greets me back with a wide smile, why…? Did I do something that upsets her? No, what am I even thinking?! It’s blasphemous to probe my Lord’s feelings!

I shake off the queasiness and go straight into the garrison room of the bloodsucking unit. Upon entering the garrison room, my kins began to greet me relentlessly. As usual, this is annoying.

Especially Jayjay!

Every time I see him, he’ll say flattery like “Good day to you,” or “noble and magnificent, lady Edim.” It’s just irritating.

Hah?! Perhaps Lady Tilea, too, is annoyed when her subordinates are greeting her? If so, does that mean then I mustn’t greet Her everyday? …No, as the subordinate, I can’t be so discourteous not to greet my Lord.

7:30, Bloodsucking unit debriefing.

I listen to the reports from the kin in the seat of honor. We monitor the surrounding area for any unusual or disturbing activities. In the last fiend fiasco, we received a painful blow back due to lack of information. The extent of the fortification of the mansion, the fact that the fiend was not Gordon but Nyger, and Nyger’s unexpected fighting power. Had the plan been to take down the fiend with only a few primary kin as planned, there is a high possibility that the plan would have failed.

In order to avoid repeating the same mistake in the future, we proceeded to increase the precision of the information.

“Lady Edim.”

Dalf, a kin, points out of the room.

Over there, there’s… Huh, Lady Tilea?!

Lady Tilea, for some reason, is acting as if she’s hiding behind the wall and peering us through the window instead of entering the room. …What could she be doing? I try to call out to her to see what she wants, but she quickly turns her head away.

Huh? Huh? Huh?

Lady Tilea’s behavior baffles me.

“What shall we do, Lady Edim?”
“R-, right. Let’s get on with the meeting for now. It seems like Lady Tilea avoids talking to me”
“Does she even have any idea that she is a monarch?! How very foolish. Lady Edim, I shall get rid of her at your disposal.”
“You impudent fool!!”

I slam my fist into Jayjay. Too blasphemous his statement was, I couldn’t control my strength. Jayjay fell to the floor, bubbling and foaming from his mouth.

Caved-in skull? He may die for all I care.

Dang it, how many times do I have to tell him? I am not the Lord here. The ones who hold this underground empire and, by extension, this world together are Lady Tilea and Lady Camilla!

Jayjay, he can’t learn well. No, I guess he’s too thickheaded. He’s bound by stereotypes of what a monarch should be. Putting Lady Camilla aside, Lady Tilea is indifferent about such matters, that’s why Jayjay goes out of the line.

Either way, I’ll chew out Jayjay later. I want to know what Lady Tilea’s intentions are. If she needed me to do something, she would have asked me to see her…

Hmm, I don’t understand. I have no idea what Lady Tilea is trying to do. But then, I can’t ask her about it if she won’t talk to me.

8:30, Training starts.

I entered the gravity chamber D. I had fallen unconscious and nearly lost my life in the last mission to exterminate the fiend. Had Lady Camilla not been there, that would have been the end of me. Even with Ortidiot’s interference, that was still too much of a disappointment.

I must train myself up.

I have to refine my sure-kill technique. First, warm-up exercises. I do push-ups and sit-ups in silence. Next, I take up the 500-kilogram dumbbell that Lady Camilla bestowed on me. I can feel the thud on my muscles. This much weight, I swing it up and down to my utter limit. I move my arm purely with my physical ability, no aid with magic whatsoever.

Th-, this is tough…

Muscle training under gravity load is indeed a daunting task.

After the exercise with the dumbbell is over, I take a breather. With that being said, the executive’s special dumbbells in the training room…

Those things weigh several tons, and they always only use them one-handedly. Once, I tried picking one up and almost dropped it spectacularly. They are a testament of the immense strengths the executives have.

Especially Lady Camilla, she uses a five ton dumbbell.

Five ton…

More than ever, I realize just how miniscule the powers a vampire has. Someone like me is a dime a dozen in the Evil God army, and Lady Carmilla is the one who sits above us all.

But, but, bu~t, even then! Even amongst these outliers, the most outstanding is Lady Tilea!

One time, Lady Tilea juggled 20-ton dumbbells like they’re beanbags and even said, “I’m spinning them like a watermill.”

At another time, Lady Tilea said, “I’m getting sleepy. I’m taking a nap here, okay?” in the hundredfold gravity room, and then she literally just slept there, like it was normal. The principles of this world simply don’t exist in the face of Lady Tilea.

Lady Tilea, how profound your powers—wait, even here?! She is looking at me. She’s boring a hole in me with her eyes. From the door of gravity room D, she is so obviously spying at me. Lady Tilea, why must you venture to use such a poor tailing technique?

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