[New Series] Destiny Unchain Online

There is only one chapter left of Hero Redo and it will be fully translated this month, the Patrons will now be able to read all the translated chapters on Project Gender Bender Patreon page, but free users will have to wait until 13th July before they are available to the public. In lieu of Hero Redo, the translator will now be working on Destiny Unchain Online.

Now we understand there is currently a machine translator publishing this series, we also mentioned this when we put this up for the poll, but the majority still voted for this regardless. And after comparing the three versions of this chapter, I have to say I agree with the assessment. Machine translator still can’t triumph over a human translator, not now at least. There are some mistakes, misunderstanding, tone, and nuances that a machine can’t pick up.

AI is now in full throttle and is taking away jobs from many translators, there is nothing we can do to stop it. Heck, big companies are even considering firing human translator for cheap labor and using AI to do the jobs. I know a few companies that are already doing this and the results are not pretty. It is my firm belief that AI is still not ready to do a full translation job, they are not bad as a proofreading tools, but I still wouldn’t trust a machine to translate my book any time soon.

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