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Vampire Princess Volume 5 Chapter 5 Part 1

New Chapter!

I want to Sleep so bad

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» V5 Chapter 5 Part 1 «

Shizo’s Perfect Fantasy World Chapter 3

New Chapter!
Another day another dollar, another week another… chapter! The next chapter is out! But wait, didn’t the hero die last chapter? Ah, don’t worry, I’m sure he’s actually fine! That ??? ability must be good for something, after all?

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Reborn as an FPS Player Chapter 3

New Chapter!

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 967

New Chapter!
Alright I have been watching art streams for so many hours I actually forgot I was in the middle of editing…
The sun has risen…
My youngest brother has gone to school…
I think I should stop watching, finish this, and go to bed…

Yeah that sounds good.

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» Vol. 10: Chapter 36 «

Ragweed Princess Chapter 43 (Part 1)

New Chapter!

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» Chapter 43-1 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 966

New Chapter!
Seeing both my latest art commissions being done in real time is really interesting.
I think the thing I have noticed most though is just how much of a difference equipment quality can make.

Also for some reason my PC has started lagging.

But anyway, one artist is using a multipurpose tablet for the art and it really shows compared to the one with a professional art tablet in what it can handle.
I think I will comm the first artist a few more times to give them the funds to upgrade their gear just to see how much their quality improves.
Because they’re already really good even with that detriment.

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» Vol. 10: Chapter 35 «

Trap Cat Girl New Chapter 134

New Chapter!
Chapter 134 is out!

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» Chapter 134 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 965

New Chapter!
The algorithm deities blessed me today.
I got two good discounts on my card for next week.
Hurray for saving money!

This is going to be a regular weekly ramble now probably…
It saves me having to think.
Anyway, chapter.

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» Vol. 10: Chapter 34 «

Ragweed Princess Chapter 42 (Part 2)

New Chapter!

I drank maple syrup directly from the tree once a long time ago, it tasted like lightly sugared water. But that might’ve just been my broken tastebuds.

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» Chapter 42-2 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 964

New Chapter!
My latest art commission is making good progress.
The artist is testing out a new style with it too, so it’s been interesting to see the variations as they try things out.
And I also have my other Christmas commission about to get started soon, I look forward to that.

Two commissions going to be delivered together, a good time.

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» Vol. 10: Chapter 33 «

Hero King Chapter 381

New Chapter!

I went and bought AOE 2 to play with a friend group of mine and it struck me with so much nostalgia when I went and played the tutorial. I’m trash at it tho.

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» Chapter 381 «

Two as One Princesses Chapter 124 (Part 1)

New Chapter!
Heya~! It be the 27th now, the last Monday before we officially enter December! The Last AinCiel Monday of November!
Last time on AinCiel: The elder princess’ reaction momentarily froze the younger princess, but the knives did not reach them and they got rid of their assailants. After that, they stepped inside and faced a man taking their seamstress friend hostage. However, unable to use the hostage as leverage, the man was quickly taken down and captured. However, there seems to be some other threat lurking behind.
Now then, what will happen next? Will this assassin butler be a great threat? Will the captured man manage an escape? And will Shusii wake up through the ruckus?
Find out in this chapter: Post-Incident and…!
Now then, I hope you enjoy the chapter! Please stay safe! Feel free to comment and I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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Automata Maid Chapter 133

New Chapter!
Alright I won’t keep you…
Typing in a tiny box is hell so I want to get this over with…

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» Chapter 133 «

Automata Maid Chapter 132

New Chapter!
My room is full of empty boxes for biscuits.
I honestly never noticed how many biscuits I bought until I swapped to this cheaper type of box instead of a packet.
There are four boxes in here from the past week!

Okay well to be fair this week isn’t a fair comparison because I went out twice this week and I always buy extra snacks when I have to go out early.

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» Chapter 132 «

Sword, Tiara & High Heels Chapter 113

New Chapter!

I got to eat some pain au chocolats today.
That’s a french term.
Just like the term oratice mecahnique d’analyse cardinale.

Sorry, I wasn’t going to make that joke originally.
I was just gonna talk about how much I love chocolate with pastry… those things are nice.

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» Chapter 113 «

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