Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 142

So the AD&D campaign I’m in started up again.
It’s a bit of a strange experience because this is the first time the scenario has been based around my character!
The other people I play with are more experienced so I tend to sit on the backline more often, plus my social awkwardness.

However I really love this character.
He’s the son of a knight that grew up on stories about grand heroes, and has set himself out to be someone brave and honourable.
The only problem is, he’s like someone roleplaying a character (ironically) and thus he never thinks about the consequences of his actions.
Interpreting everything like it exists to make his story more grand.

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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 47

A lot has happened in a week huh.
Corona Virus debacle is reaching its final form.
The anime season changed over.
Silva got mad at a translator again.
My Dungeons and Dragons campaign has started its continuation.
Oh and my shed is being renovated into a private bar.
Also some stuff about other things…

I hope you all have some relaxation time!
Stay safe!

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» Chapter 47 «

Two as One Princesses Chapter 22

Heya~! I’m… much more later than last week, huh. I have many excuses (frequent blackouts, the chapter being longer than I expected), HOWEVER, it’s something that I could have solved by having stock chapters, so I just need to do better next time…
(Also, I made a mistake and published this two times… sorry~!)
Anyways! Last time on Two as One Princess, as our adults are talking about their adult stuff in their adult place, our princesses are relaxing in their room… There’s not much I can say about the chapter for now, but I guess they’ll be eating? Yeah, probably this.
Anywhoo~! What shall they do in their room? Eat?… Sleep, I guess?
Find out in this week’s chapter: The Inn Room, a Meal, and… !
Now, I hope you enjoy the chapter. Please feel free to comment and I hope you all have a nice day!

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Reborn as a Transcendent Chapter 12

I know the current coronavirus pandemic may be daunting, but Re:Library is here to make it better and provide you with a daily dose of Gender Bender goodness! Make sure to stay at home and stay healthy!

On another news, let me talk about how the current pandemic is affecting all the publishers as a whole.

Typically, we’d see a bit of up and down at the start of the new year, with February-March seeing it rise once more, especially as marketing departments in companies need to finish out their Q1 budget. But we aren’t seeing that happen this year.

Digital ad budgets are the fastest and easiest to pull when the market drops and revenue forecasts for public companies (the ones that advertise the most) change; digital ad campaigns rarely involve any sort of contract, and it’s pretty simple to cut a campaign or add one back in quickly.

Businesses who advertise, particularly public companies, want to keep their company in or near the black as much as possible, especially as they have to report their earnings at the end of Q1 (March 31st). If they can easily cut an expenditure, they will.

What this all means is that, since everyone is staying at home, no one is buying anything, so there is no point to advertise anything. Which in turn also drag the ad rates down to the bottom low. If it’s not too much to ask, we’d appreciate it if you can browse Re:Library with your Adblocker turned off. We also have mouths to feed, and a site to upkeep, any form of support is much appreciated. Thankies.

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Life with a Tail Chapter 21

Oh yea, forgot to mention. You may notice that the number of footnotes decrease. Well, it’s mostly because we’re busy coughs Lyly, but rest assured, we’ll be back to being social after this… Hopefully

Hmm, I don’t have anything to say about this chapter. Enjoy your read~ Oh and, Chris is floofy and helpful~ (\o/)

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» Chapter 21 «

Reborn as a Transcendent Chapter 11

Here is the glorious Chapter 11 of the Transcendent! Translated by yours truly, the one and only Silva~!!! I’ve changed a few terms from this chapter onward, more specifically, Immortal to Celestial, Mission to Quest, and I’m contemplating whether I should also change “Occupation” to “Job” since that is more commonly used in a game setting.

Also, please remember that we also have a beautiful Schedule page on Re:Library that people don’t seem to realize existing. There is even a beautiful time converter embedded on the page for all your convenience, so please do use it and stop asking me for the release date, etc.

Each time a person asked, I will delay EVERYTHING on Re:Library for one day and I’ll even name the person who asked so he can become the center of everyone’s hatred. I’m looking at you Gil, one more time and you’re toasted *death stare*

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Life with a Tail Chapter 20

I have lots of time to do stuff now, but… I don’t know what to do and I’m bored. I don’t want this. Someone snap me out of this mood.

Let’s leave aside my ranting, Natsuki and Ruti gets new uniforms for work. Is it lewd? Is it revealing? Is it cute? Will the place get destroyed again by Ruti? Find out by reading this chapter~

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» Chapter 20 «

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