Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 506

I started doing this editing early to, you know, finish early.

I got distracted watching videos on train wrecks, metaphorical train wrecks.
No literal ones.

This one I’m watching right now is explaining the mess of High Guardian Spice to people not in the animesphere.
It’s pretty funny, the editing is on point.
Anyway that’s enough of this ramble.

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» Vol. 5: Chapter 16 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 504

Picking up where we left off last week, our damsel has been given unfettered access to a treasure trove of shinies!
Just how long will her self control last when exposed to such priceless loot?

Find out in todays chapters of our Maiden’s adventure.

No but seriously, it’s really obvious what’s going to happen isn’t it?
I don’t even need to start editing the next two chapters to predict this.

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» Vol. 5: Chapter 14 «

Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 6

With the release of Stellaris Aquatics my friends and I have taken the dive into multiplayer gaming once again and it’s going well.

My Methanoid Cognitive Council is a technological powerhouse, generations ahead of the nearest competition.
My scientific marvels are paving the way to a future of galactic domination!

Friend A’s something-or-other Coalition is a mess going in every direction but poorly. Without a chosen specialisation they’re just weak in every field.
Not to mention their constant warfare with their less than pleasant neighbour.

Friend B’s holy empire is actually really peaceful. They’re boxed in due to awkward placement on the map, but the isolation has given them a steady economy.
Despite taking some losses against the space fauna they always bounce back to make more attempts.

And this is only about sixty years into the game…
My technology will only snowball from here!
Domination shall be mine!

But first I need to capture the wormhole form my space to Friend A’s neighbours space so I can spread my peaceful ways by force.

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» Chapter 6 «

Pupil of the Wiseman Chapter 101 (Part 1)

Here’s this week’s chapter. Enjoy!

Update on the volume ordering. I got my hands on the raws and based on the illustrations and what I read, we’re at volume 7 right now. Also, like I said, I’ve updated some of the chapters with the illustrations from the LN, except for the unedited chapters. So, yeah.

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» Chapter 101 (Part 1) «

Third part of Chapter 61. Enjoy!

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» Chapter 61 (Part 3) «

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