Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 461

Again, messed up with the scheduling for this one and had to last minute fix things, I accidentally rescheduled the previous two chapters.
Would have been a mess.

Anyway, been playing Stellaris a lot recently, and today it hit me.
I’ve only ever actually dealt with the end game crises in this game about two or three times.
I also stop in the late mid-game and never reach the end game.

I think it’s because I’m not very warlike and once the borders stagnate it becomes hard for me to do anything interesting.
There’s only so many times I can press a repeatable tech button and not get bored!

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» Vol. 4: Chapter 65 «

Two as One Princesses Chapter 91

Hiya~! A bit late, but it’s the usual late rather than the “it’s already a brand new day” late, so it’s still better than the other week! Anyhow, here’s our usual update~!
Last time on AinCiel: In the bath, our princesses are having a bit of skinship, having fun washing each other. With their bodies squeaky clean, they hopped in the bathtub for some relaxation time, where the younger princess is doing her best to emulate the bathtub scenario back then with the sorceress the capital. Here, the elder princess divulges the last of her secrets, a terrible magic she concocted to make sure that the younger princess will have no problems in life even if she’s gone. However, as she no longer plans on using it, she asks for the younger princess a favour in order to dissipate this magic. Now then:
What will happen next? What will our princesses do next? How much time do they have left anyways? And will we ever see Ain like this again?
Find out in the next chapter: Plan for the Future, Bed, and ……!!
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the chapter. Please stay safe! Feel free to comment and I hope you all have a nice day!

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Blue Sky Chapter 119

In this chapter we learn about how the MC plans to counter her terrible economic sense, and about how the author plans to handwave their terrible understanding of economics.
It’s going to be a suspenseful chapter full of lots of poli….


Oh it’s a comedy chapter. My bad.

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» Chapter 119 «

Blue Sky Chapter 118

The Marvels What If series was really good and interesting.
I like a lot of what they did, and it gave some interesting character interactions.

And of course they included the classic Zombies timeline.

But what impressed me most was the Dr Strange one.
I’m wondering if next season they’ll do the 1602 timeline with all the characters existing 400 years early.

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» Chapter 118 «

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