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[Vol. 3] Chapter 1 – We are the Hero Party who have defeated Figueroa!

“We are there, this is Marelis Castle.”

 Dinesh’s eastern country, the Kingdom of Sand {Marelis}.

 After going through the desert for a week…… we have arrived at long last…….

 The daytime’s heat and the night’s coldness were both harsh…… But! It was literal hell to continue to eat Bertra’s cooking for that one week!! With this I am released from that!

“I’ll go inform the gate-keeper then.”

 Thus the cat-eared knight ran. These cat ears are supposedly just bed hair, but for some reason ever since the fight with Figueroa that bed hair didn’t seem to go away.

 Erin said that there’s a possibility of my magical power having influenced her…… This body has been partially changed as well so it seems possible…… Although I don’t know if it’s true, it seems like Bertra bore a huge grudge against me.

“Ah~~ Ish hot~ I want to quickly enter~ I want to eat delicious food~ I want to sleep in a bed~”

“I also want to eat delicious food and rest in a bed, you know?”

“Right, Sir Hero. After coming along with you there’s something I’ve been curious about”

 Something you’ve been curious about? Did I do something?

“……What is it?”

“This “Wagahai” 1 and so on. Isn’t it a weird form of speech?”

“Eh!? Is it that strange?”

“……Well, it might be because of how you were brought up, but it’s rather out of place compared to today’s youth……”

 What’s with these extremely doubtful eyes he’s looking at me with?

 No, even if you tell me something like that, it’s impossible for me to fix it because it’s a habit already–.


 Hm? What’s the matter?

 Looks like Bertra is confronting the gatekeeper for one reason or other.

“Why can’t we go inside?!”

 What?! We can’t go inside, you say?!

“Other than those who are from Marelis, everyone else is prohibited from entering. This is the command of Marelis’ King. Leave.”

 What the hell’s with this?!

“Like I said! We are messengers sent by the King of Alumgam–”

 Those guys, their faces look like they are done…… They won’t even lend us an ear………

 Uoh! Bertra’s face has turned bright red and she seems considerably mad.

“Krrk!! This is the letter written by King Reily Alumgam the third! It is a conveyance directed to Marelis’ King!”

“Haah~……I got it, I got it, I’ll keep the letter. Now, if you don’t have any other business, leave.”

……They are unapproachable.

“That’s! Hand it to him immediately! If you let your guard down the Demon Lord’s forces will……”

“The King is a busy person. Moreover if the Demon army does come we have the barrier stones and Marelis’ soldiers will be the ones to protect this Marelis. If you’ve understood hurry up and leave!”

 Can these guys only say leave, leave over and over?

“Don’t say such mean things~!”

 Erin flies around the gate keepers like a fly……

“Eei! How irritating!! How many times do I have to tell you–!?”

“Oi, that one is floating in the air!! Is it a Demon?!”

 Geh! They’ve readied their spears! There are some serious sparks flying here!

“Wait a minute! She’s certainly floating in the sky, but look at the wings on her back, she’s just a harmless spirit!”

“……Spirit, you say? …… I see. Oi, at ease!”

“However, even if it’s a spirit……”

“I don’t care”


 What a relief, they seem to be satisfied with just that.

“Are you guys that hero party who defeated Figueroa in Alumgam?”

 Hmpf, the speed at which this reached the outside is quite fast.

 If it’s already like that with the Human’s transmission system then it might really only be a matter of time until the Demon’s will start to move like Bertra said.

“That’s right! We are that hero party that defeated Figueroa! Ehen!”

 ……You *******, you were basically just inside the sword. That’s not something to brag about, you know?

“So let us in already!”

 I don’t know where the “So” came from.

“Even if you are the hero party that defeated Figueroa, this and that are two different things. I cannot permit you to enter! The command of Marelis’ King is absolute”

 What’s with them……?


“You Bastards, if you don’t knock it off then–”

 Again with those spears, aren’t those guys blood thirstier than the demons?

“Those spears aren’t scary at all!! With this Erin-sama’s magic–”

 Haah…… Even if we continue to argue they won’t come to an understanding.

 I should stop Erin, huh?

“Hey Erin, calm down! There, there”

“Uga~! Let go of me, Dale!! I’ll sent them flying with a single blow!!”

“Erin, I’ll also hel–”

“Don’t do it!”

Aah! This one and that one as well!!

“Could you two knock it off?!”



 The old man’s fist really hurts…… I experienced it with my own body.

“Fuuh…… I am sorry for the disturbance. We will pull back until Marelis’ King has granted us permission, but please take care of the matter with this letter.”

Will they really hand it over, these guys?

“Since you won’t let us enter are there any other towns or villages nearby? We aren’t familiar with this place and we didn’t see anything else while coming here.”

 That’s right! If there aren’t any towns or villages near by does that mean we have to camp out?! Right in front of a town?! Will it turn into something this ridiculous?!

 In the first place, if we have to camp out that means Bertra’s cooking…… I don’t want that anymoooooooore!!

“Aren’t there any?! Hey, are there any?! Oi!!”

 Please let there be one!!

“Tch, you’re a noisy one, aren’t you?……Yeah, that’s right, if you walk east from here there should be a small oasis. The person who lives there is–”

“Ehm, there is–”

“It’s fine so shut up. You should try visit that place because there’s a person living there……I don’t know if they will let you lodge there though”

 They are keeping something from us, but as long as I don’t have to camp out and am free of Bertra’s cooking I won’t complain.

“What shall we do, everybody?”

“Haah…… As long as I can rest somewhere anywhere is fine~”

“……There’s nothing else we could do”

 Bertra, don’t glare at them with those eyes, we might get into trouble again.

“We don’t have anywhere else to go, so why don’t we go and take a look?”

So we agree to go to the oasis, then?…… I hope we’ll arrive there quickly.

“……E,ehm…… Is this really fine? At that Oasis a witch is……”

“Leave them be, leave them be. It’s none of our business. Perhaps they’ll get along well when they meet. Guhahaha.”

“Hm~? There’s a witch at the Oasis?”

“There’s a witch at the oasis, you say? What’s with this?”

 What is that Erin saying all of a sudden?

“Dunno, those gatekeepers were saying that just now.”

“They said that, you say…… Wha!? Even though we are quite far away you could still hear their voices?!”

“Yeah, I was kind of curious so I listened to them. Usually there’d also be some noises mixed in, but if I concentrate then I can hear them from this distance.”

 If that’s the case there might be a possibility that she heard my conversation with those low ranked demons before, how dangerous……

 I won’t talk to them anymore, but I can’t allow her to listen in on my private things, so I have to be careful…… However–.

 “The Oasis’ witch…… is it? I have a bad feeling now for some reason……”


Volume 3 – The Witch of the Oasis and the Demonic Heavenly King’s Witch “Violent Water Adia”

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[Vol. 2] Chapter 10 – If you mean the others they are already gone, you know?

“Hahahaha…… Imperial command? Receiving? Persuasion? What is this?”

 What on earth is going on? Even though that old lady seemed to have settled everything, our side is still troubled.

“Could you please explain this properly? We don’t know anything about this.”

“Ah, my apologies. –Ehem…… Well then, I shall convey you my fooli, King Riley’s imperial command. Master Fighter Darryl, you shall lend your strength to Hero Dale-dono and subdue the Demon Lord Dalewatts together with him.”


No, no, about him lending his strength or something, we fought together just now, but…… The old man is in such a state now.

 ……Such a……state……….

“Ah~ please wait with this conversation a little. Bertra, could you get the old man out.”

 It’s impossible. I can’t concentrate on this conversation while he looks like that.

“Ah, right”

“Ah~ are you getting me out of here at last?…… Good grief……”

“No~ It’s wonderful to be able to move freeeely~ Hoi, hoi!”

 He just came out of the ground and is now stretching…… He really is an energetic old man. He doesn’t seem to be tired at all, but I am already very exhausted.

“So, back to the conversation……It was about me going along with Sir Hero on this subjugation, right?”

“Yes, however, even if it’s an imperial command you were still undergoing punishment…… so you might still hold some dissatisfaction, that’s why I came to persuade you. Though it seems like it was a fool’s errand.”

 Dissatisfaction? Far from it. It seems like he was able to enjoy his retirement because of it.

“Fumu, I’ve understood what you said…… I’ve grown rusty in some places though. What about Hamlit and Ryuna? Don’t you think those two are more suitable than me?”

……Aaagain names I don’t know got mentioned.

“Bertra, who are Hamilt and Ryuna?”

“Aah, Hamilt-sama is those two people’s son and Ryuna is Hamilt-sama’s daughter. Ryuna is the same age as me. Both of them are knights of Alumgam.”

 I see, two younger people certainly seem more suitable than a retired old man.

“Hamilt is now at the Western Fort acting as a Guardian Captain of Alumgam Kingdom, Ryuna is also on the way to the same Western Fort for the protection of the Kingdom. So, right now, in this country! Someone who is highly skilled! And has a lot on time on their hands! Is you! Who stands as straight! As a white feathered arrow!”

“Understood! I got it so you don’t have to make such a face! It’s scary!”

Ah~, that’s how it was, you’re saying you can’t afford to reduce the man power of the main force…….

 Mu? In that way, we won’t have any disadvantage as well.

“So Bertra, why did you want to come with us? Shouldn’t you also be in the main force?”

 The King also felt reluctant to let Bertra go.

“……That’s……My father was killed by one of the Four Demonic Heavenly Kings [Fire Eater Fraser], therefore–”

 I see……

“……You came with us for revenge, is it?”

“Fraser……. I have to, no matter what…… no matter what……”

 It seems better not to continue talking about this, this topic shouldn’t be touched with Bertra.

 ……And while I was talking to Bertra the old man was sitting in Seiza again.

“So! Do you! Have! Any Problem! With that?!”


“So I take it you accept then?”


 Looks like they settled various things without us, though…..

 He originally planned to go with us to escape, so I don’t know how it became like this.


“Ah, yes?”

“Please, take care of my husband…… Darryl”

“Ah, no, same goes for me”

Hah! I was tempted to also lower my head! Even though the one before me is a humaaaaaaaan!

“Well then, with this the talks have concluded”

 Without my consent……

“Therefore, we will now go and prepare the victory celebration in Alumgam Castle”

 What? A celebration, you say?!

“Allriiiiiight! It’s rice~!”

“I’m huuungry~”

It’s only been a day but after being fed Bertra’s food I really missed the castle’s food.

“Then please board the carriage we will take you to Alumgam castle”


 That Erin flew into the carriage with some frightening speed.

“Salisa-sama, we thank you for your goodwill. However……”

 Huh? What’s this bad feeling?

“My apologies, but we cannot return to the castle now”


 As I thooooooouuught! What is she saying?!

“Eh!? What did you say just no –Fugya!!”

 Ah, Erin bumped into the carriage. .

 No, more importantly!

“Oi! Do you understand what you are saying?!”

“Ouch…… That’s right, Bell! What are you saying?! Did you hit your head?”

 The one who hit her head is you, though.

“Did you eat something bad?! Then why don’t you just spit it out right now?!”

 That, if you say that, does that mean it’s just me who thinks that Bertra’s cooking is bad?

“I know what I’m saying, I didn’t hit my head and I didn’t eat anything bad either!”

 ……No matter what we say it’s useless on Bertra.

“We defeated one of the Four Demonic Heavenly Kings. It will only be a matter of time before the other Heavenly Kings start to move. We have to act before it’s too late…… Isn’t that right?!”

 Even if you say “Isn’t that right?!”!

 Her rushing like that is definitely that idiot Fraser’s fault! Even though I want to rest!

“No! I know what you want to say, but isn’t just a little fi–”

“Bertra…… Your intentions are strong. Understood, I shall tell that to my foolish brother.”


 Wait, what about my opinion?

“Wait!!! I want to eat deliiiiiiiiiiiiicious food and I want to sleep in a fluffy and soft bed! I’m opposed to how things are going right now!”

“My age is advanced so my physical fitness has also deteriorated…….”

 That Bertra, she’s calmly preparing for our departure without even listening to them……

“—-There’s a town ahead, let’s prepare to go there.”

 Eei! This is also what Bertra wants to do, alright! I said that with a whack.

“Ehem, Bell–”

“Erin, give it up……It’s already come to this so it’s useless…… Let’s go……”


“—-Bertra, let’s hurry up and…… Eh…… Huh? Nobody’s there?”

“If you mean the others they are already gone, you know?”


 Wha?! They’ve already went ahead!

“Dale-dono what are you doing~?! Let’s hurry up and go~!”

“You Baaaaaastaaaaaards!! Listen to me when I taaaaaaaaaaaaalk!!”


[Vol. 2] Chapter 9 – Since I’m a real man I use my fists and this body to fight!

“For goodness sake! No matter if it was to defeat him, Bell is still a girl! To stab hear thigh with all your might! –Don’t worry, Bell, I’ll heal it so that not even a scratch remains.”

“Thank you……Erin”

“Don’t say it like I’m the bad guy here”

 Even if she says this, it couldn’t be helped since this was the only available part and the more the blade touches that part the more magical power could be sent.

“Ooooi~! It’s also important that you do something about this here!?”

Since the magical power disappeared the red stone swamp returned back to normal, hence the old man who we used as a stepping stone and sank into the swamp up to his waist seemed as if he was growing out of the ground, what a mysterious scene…….

“Sorry, old man, but my power isn’t enough to cut through stone and I can’t use magic to save you”


 If I used the most extreme explosion magic the old man would be in danger, but I can’t just leave him there, huh?……Isn’t there something like a blunt weapon somewhere? If I smash the stone with that then– 

“Darryl-sama, I’ll help you as soon as this wound is healed. I can cut through that with the remaining magical power.”

 If it’s that Zankoutou then you can do it, because those stones are just of normal density, far from the density of Orichalcum.

“Oh yeah~ We were just in battle, but neither Bell nor grandpa Darry used magic, right? Why is that?”

 ……Hmmm, ever since Erin came here there’s been an unnatural variation in what she does and doesn’t know.

“……Huh? Did I say something weird just now?”

 Haah, though explaining this is a pain, it can’t be helped as it’s important for future battles.

“In Bertra’s case she couldn’t use it even if she wanted to because her magic swords require magical power. Same goes for inherent magic, so when Figueroa used his red stones he couldn’t have used any other magic.”

“Ah~ Now that you say it~ I see. Huh? But grandpa Darry didn’t use magic swords or inherent magic, right?”

 Right? I wanted to ask about that as well.

“That’s something I was curious about as well. If you can use magical power to strengthen your body, normally shouldn’t you be able to use magic as well?”

“Ehm……not good……”

 What is it? Did he have some reason?

“Ehm…… That’s right! Since I’m a real man I use my fists and this body to fight! It’s not because I’m bad at using magic!”

 I thought there was some deep reason, but he’s just bad at using magic!!
Also for that amazing person they call the Master Fighter…… to have such a weakness.

“How’s that possible…… to have such a reason……”

 Looks like Bertra was hearing this for the first time as well, huh…… It’s greatly disappointing. I have no idea if this Hero called Master fighter is amazing or not. Now I’m also doubtful of that Master Swordsman.

 Well then, looks like the soldiers were cleaning up afterwards and while Bertra is treated and the old man gets rescued I’m able to slowly rest, huh.

 Hm? Something’s coming towards us. Is that…… a carriage? Why is a carriage coming to this place? Ah, it stopped?

 ――Oh, someone came out of it. It’s a refined elderly lady wearing a purple dress….. She’s coming this way…


“Ugeh! Sa-Salisa!? Why are you here?!”

 Hooh, that’s the old man’s wife, huh? She certainly gives of a strong-willed impression.

 Bertra as well. Are all women of this country like that?

“While I was on my way to your house, urgent news arrived that you were fighting here and — For what reason are you in this foolish state?!”

“No! Wait! I’m not fooling around! While I was in battle–”

“What happened in that battle for you to end up like that?! Hurry up and come out of there!!”

That figure of him growing out of the ground can’t be helped but seen as him fooling around. He doesn’t look like someone having fought a battle at all.

“He-hey! Don’t pull at me! It hurts, it hurts! Guys, safe meeee!”

 The old man struggled desperately to escape, but he can’t run away like this.

“Sa-Salisa-sama, Darryl-sama really was, tch~”

“Ah~ Bell, don’t move. I’m not done closing it yet”

“My! What might have happened? Bertra, will you be fine with that wound?!”

“Hey, wai!? Guho!”

 While the old woman took off to Bertra she exquisitely kicked the old man in the face. It seemed like she was kicking a ball, but was that just my imagination?

“Oi! Because of that I have a noseble–”

“I’ll take care of you later!…… Aah, poor Bertra”

“……Even I’ll cry, you know?……”

 She treats that old man so badly, I wonder what kind of life…… No, thinking about it, this is the natural consequence of his actions, isn’t it?

“Yes, since Erin is treating it now”

“Leave it to me~”

“Is that so? If it’s like this that’s fine then”

“……I’m not fine though……”

 Now that she mentions it, the wounds I got from Figueroa have almost completely healed as well.

 Erin’s healing magic is quite something. It will be indispensable in future battles.

 It’s a good thing but also a bad thing…… right?

“Aah! Pardon my late introduction. I am Darryl’s wife, Salisa is my name.”

I already know about you.

“First of all…… Hero Dale-sama, Erin-sama, Bertra, you splendidly defeated Figueroa. Thank you very much, I shall reward you in place of my foolish bro….. I mean, King Riley”

“Ah…… No……”

 Foolish?…… Where you about to say “my foolish brother” just now? No matter how much he’s your little brother he’s still the country’s King, you know?!

“And now…… Deear!”


The old man’s upper body which was not buried in the ground stiffened up.

“I sent you a letter telling you to stay home, didn’t I? Could it be that you didn’t read it?!”

“No…… About that~ Well~ Uhm……”

 How could he say that he tried to run away?

“– However, let’s forgive you this time”

“Heh? You forgive me?…… Why?”

“The reason why I was going to your base was to directly convey the imperial command of my foolish brother to you. I came to persuade you, as my foolish brother was worried you might not accept it.”

 You clearly said “My foolish brother”, you know?…… I don’t want to say anything, but is this country alright……?

“However, for you to already join the Hero before I could even convey the imperial command…… I was surprised as well, but as expected of you.”

“Eh? N, no~ even so, Da~hahahaha……”

 Oi! You came here to escape from that old woman, you old fart!!


[Vol. 2] Chapter 8 – Your magical power! I’ll gladly receive it!!

[Wha, what is that……]

“That guy’s secret technique……He covers his whole body in stones with the density of Orichalcum and changes his surrounding to something like a swamp, submerging his opponents in it. A disadvantage of this is, because this area is too wide the swamp’s effect is kind of weak and because he covered his whole body in stone he can’t really move…….”

“The dense rock secures his body and the swamp keeps one from approaching……Although it has its draw backs, this is troublesome.”

 Even so, we can’t just stand by and keep watching like that either.

“Hey, Bertra, if you send all your magical power to Zankoutou are you able to cut through Orichalcum?”

“Orichalcum, is it?…… I don’t know because I never tried but it’s probably impossible even with all my magical power. I just…… heard that grandfather, the Sword Master Edgar, cut a monster with a crustacean with the density of Orichalcum in two using this Zankoutou……”

 Hmm, she isn’t sure, but it seems like it’s possible to cut through that stone amour with Zankoutou, huh?

 However, it’s impossible with Bertra’s magical power……

“Fumu, Erin, I wish to confirm something.”

[Hm? Whaaat~?]

《 Heh, heh, ****! Those bastards, really went, and did it……Being in this state is humiliating, but, I can’t, turn my back to, them…… This area, was too wide, and I couldn’t, swallow them. Well, it’s fine, I’ll slowly…… Aah?》

“Sir Hero! Are you sure this is going to work?!”

《What? ……Some old fart joined them. Is he, coming running, my way?…… Did he go mad? Guhehehehe! …… It’s foolish, to step into my bottomless swamp, on his own!》

“What do I know? We won’t know until we try!”

“Did you just say we won’t know until we try?! Oi!!”

 How should I know things I’ve never tried before?

 However, this is the only thing we can try…… because that is the last thing I can think of.

“Darryl-sama, his previous strategy succeeded a little while ago as well…… It’ll be fine…… Maybe……”

“Nonono! The surprise attack ended in failure, right?! And what do you mean with Maybe?! Maybe, you say!…… Kuuh~! To look at an elderly person with those extremely dangerous eyes! Fine, it won’t fail! It absolutely won’t fail!? –Here I goooo! Hold on tiiiight! Doryaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”

 Uoh!? Even while he was carrying Bertra and me over his shoulders he was able to exert such great force to jump. That old man had such herculean strength. As expected, he used body strengthening, didn’t he? Hm? But that means…… No, I have to focus on defeating Figueroa in front of me now.

《Wha!? Are you, telling me that, old fart, is going to jump, to where I am?!》

 Alright, the landing position is perfect! ……The old man was buried up to his waist though.

“–Well, it won’t be an issue”

“It will!!”

 Wups, did my thoughts leak out?

“Nuooooh! I’m sinking! Bertra hurry up and do it!”

“I got it. Suu~…… Haaah!”

《Hah, are you, going to slash my armour, with that sword?…… It’s useless! I understood, in the battle just now, that it, doesn’t have the strength, to cut through the stone……. You should just rot away in this stone swamp like this!》

 It certainly is impossible with just Bertra’s magical power.

“But how about this?!!”

 The arm Bertra is holding her sword with and the parts covered in armour are no good.

“Grit your teeth, Bertra! Let’s go!”

 If it’s like this, this is the only place.

“Come, with all you got!”

 I prick Bertra’s thigh with Absohaze!



《Wha!? That guy stabbed his own comrade!?!》


“Erin, I wish to confirm something”

[Hm? Whaaat~?]

“Is it possible for you to send other people magical power like you do with me?”

[Yeah, I can~. Though same as when absorbing magic you have to stab Absohaze into that person.]

 Like I thought, that lass doesn’t only have the ability to absorb but also to send it to others, huh

“If that’s the case, would Bertra be able to cut through this using Zankoutou if you send her magical power? What do you two think?” 

“Raising my magical power, huh?…… I don’t know until I try it out, but……”

[I don’t know either. I hope the magical power is enough to cut through it……]

 So it’s a 50/50 chance, huh?

“However, what do we do about the footing? We will sink into that swamp before we even arrive and even if we get there the footing is too unstable to slash properly……”

“I thought about that as well. Regarding the footing, let’s first go and support the old man who is fighting against—– Wait……Eh!?”

 While we were fighting against Figueroa he annihilated dozens of low ranking demons alone and is taking a rest now?!

“Fuu~……Hm? What? Just when I was taking a short break”

 ……Well, fine, like this we can avoid the trouble of supporting you.

“Footing…… Wait…… D-Dale-dono…… You can’t possibly mean, using Darryl-sama!?”

“Exactly that, Chohaha”


[Bell! Since it’ll be quite the burden for Bell’s body to receive all this magical all at once, please do your best and endure it!]”


“Pl-please! Hu-hurry up, please!! I’m gradually siiiiiinkiiiiing!!”


 Go! Cut through that stone armour!!

《Wha, what?! This magical power!?》

“Please! Cut through it!!…… Grandfather! Lend me your strength!!”

《Krg!? I, it can’t be–》

 She did it! The blade has started to cut though the stone!

《 Tha, that’s impossible!? F-for my armour to be, cut through!?》


《Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! ?》

 Alright!! She was able to cut through the stone armour and now we’re able to see Figueroa’s bare skin!

“Impossible! Impossible! To cut through my armour with that kind of sword!!”

“Sorry Figueroa, but your magical power! I’ll gladly receive it!!”

“Gufuh! Ooooooooooooh!?M-my magical power gets absorbed!?…… ****……So this is it…… for me, huh? ……Dale……Watts……Sama……My……apolo……gies……”

 As Figueroa collapsed, not having any magical power anymore, the red stones around us returned to their original colour.

 In other words – -.

[Haah, haah…… Did we defeat him?]

“Haah, haah…… Somehow…… looks like we did.”

“……Well then, both of you……Could you get down from me, I’m at my limit already……”

 The demon who swore loyalty to me…….

“The first of the Four Demonic Heavenly Kings “Red Stone Figueroa”…… huh.”


[Vol. 2} Chapter 7 – A good idea has occurred to me

[Though you were talking all cool, you’re just going to attack from behind……]

“Shut up! Didn’t we plan to launch a surprise attack attacking behind in the first place? Besides, there might be a possibility of hitting Bertra if we attack from the front.”

 Though I don’t think this will hit Figueroa in Battle Mode. However! I have experienced fighting that guy when I was unifying the Demon Realm.


 Alright, the fireball flew out well this time! It’s a big difference from the Lighter Fire a little while ago…… It’s a great difference, but its size was completely different from the one I used in my former form…… It’s around 5 times…… smaller.

“N? —-Yo!”

 He blocked it with a wall after all. That was my aim!

“Guhehe! Attacking from behind again? You’re really a guy without…… Dignity!?”

 He can’t see me behind the wall. After that I closed the distance in an instant by using body reinforcement and from the wall’s side–.

“Taste my sword!”

 What perfect movements! As expected of me!

“–Like hell, I will!”

He blocked it! One of his arms was wrapped in stone, huh?

 Crap, one of his fists is close to me! I can’t avoid it like this!





 Guooooh! That punch to my stomach was effective! If I hadn’t used body strengthening all my internal organs would have exploded…….
Did he read my movements while also watching out for Bertra?

“When I was defeated by Dalewatts-sama he told me that “I should know about my own weaknesses”, that’s why I try to observe my surrounding with these four eyes of mine”

 Whatever I said back then became a painful memory for him……

 When I fought him in my original body I pinned him down with magic, but this body is so useless. ****! If I knew this would happen I should have found out more things about Figueroa.

“Are you alright?”

[He’s alright. I’m raising his regeneration speed right now after all.]

“Don’t say…… it’s alright or something…… cause the one who took that……. was me, you *******. Guuu……”

“Haaah~~~~~ it became like this because you have too many useless movements”

“Oi, don’t give me that long sigh. I told you I was bad with the sword. Moreover, you *******, didn’t the King tell you to teach me swordsmanship or something? I haven’t learned a thing since then, though?”

“……………………Were you able to notice something while fighting with Figueroa?”

“Oi, don’t change the subject…… Aah, whatever. What about you, you *******? Were you able to get something?”

“What’s the matter?! Looks like ya can’t defeat this almighty me, huh? Oraoraoraora!”

 That *******, can’t he show some lenience while I’m in pain and not able to move?! Rather, of course he acts like that in this situation.

“Fuh! Hah! To some extent…… Hah!”

 Amazing~, that Bertra, she’s deflecting these stones he threw precisely…….

 Mu, Erin’s healing is also perfect, there’s almost no pain anymore either.

“At first, I tried to turn that red stone into a sword with Evenral, but I couldn’t do it”

 Fumu, it’s probably simply because of the difference in magical power. The magical power Figueroa wields is top notch after all.

“Before I was able to cut it with Zankoutou to some extent, but, as you’ve seen, he has raised the stone’s density just now and I can’t even put a single cut to it”

That’s also a matter of losing in terms of magical power…… That means…….

“……You’re magical power is low, isn’t it?”

“Wha!? Far from being low it should be rather high! I’m different from you who can only make a small flame come out from your finger tip!”

“What?! Even I can make a fireball two times your size if my magical power wouldn’t get absorbed, you *******!”

“Yeah, yeah, I see! Then fry that Figueroa in that gigantic fireball of yours!”」

“Gunununununu! You know that I can’t do it noooooow”

 While complaining like that I became angry at myself for admiring Bertra for deflecting Figueroa’s attacks.

[Come on! Now’s not the time for you two to quarrel, is it?! We have to think up some strategy!]

“That’s right! Isn’t that right? This situation gets worse and worse! A strategy! I can only block the attacks now!”

 Uguuh……It’s frustrating, but she’s right, now’s not the time to quarrel…… Some good strategy……. Making walls and blocking vision……I let you make a wall and block up the view……Although he looked through it, there was still a slight gap, so–.

“Alright, a good idea has occurred to me!”

“Looks like it will fail, doesn’t it?”

[I think so, too]

Bertra looked at me with cold eyes…… Though Erin was invisible she seemed to look at me in a similar way.

“You Bastards…… Anyway, listen. –whisper, whisper”

“An? What, a time out? Guhehe, no matter what you do it’ll be useless, though!”

“How is it? Perfect, isn’t it?”

“Looks like it’ll fail, doesn’t it?”

[I think so, too]

Don’t repeat those same words! How is my plan not good?

“Eei! We won’t know if we don’t try it out! Come on, go!”

“Why are you acting so haughty now…… We have no other choice! — I’m going!”

“You should have listened to my words from the start! Fireball!”

 As I thought, a bigger fireball didn’t appear, huh~

“Tch, again with that! Hmpf!”

 First I’ll let him make a stone wall, blocking Figueroa’s view.


 Then I sneak around it!

“This time you’re coming from left and right since you’re two, huh?……It’s no use, I have ya both in my eyes…… Wha?!”

 Chohahahaha, The one you see with me…… who is it, I wonder.

“A blue haired woman!? She wasn’t there just now!!”

“Take that! Ice Shot!”


 Chohahahaha, as expected, he got agitated getting hit by magic! Alright, I’ll giving him a strike of my sword as–.

“– I know what you are planning, you *******!”



 He sent a backhand strike into my face…… Because I didn’t strengthen it this…… hurts…….

“****! That blue hair evaded, huh?”

 Oh well, I played my part as decoy well enough.

“Hah! That female knight isn’t there!? Just where the hell–”

 I’ll take this injury as a badge of honour……

 However, as the demon lord, how did I end up playing a supporting role like this?


“Guha! Cou, could it be…… from above?!”

Alright, that just now decided it!

“Ooh! It succeeded! A miracle!”」

“What miracle? What are you calling a miracle?! That was my perfect–”

“…… Kuh, you….. Used the wall, as stepping stone, huh?”

 Hey, didn’t you take him out just now?!

“This is the end!”

“Ugooooooooh!! Don’t **** with meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”

Crap! The whole ground turned red!

“Tch! Erin, return to the sword!”

“Eh? Why?”

“Bertra! Get away from Figueroa!”

“What are you saying?! I should waste this good opportunity?!”

“It’s fine so hurry up!!”

This is–.


“Wha, the ground is sinking in like a swamp?!”

 No doubt about it, that guy is–.

[Look! Figueroa’s whole body is covered in red stone as well!]

“****, it got troublesome”

 This means he’s going to use his secret technique!


[Vol. 2] Chapter 6 – “–Let’s go with all we have at full force!”

Figueroa is right below us…… He wouldn’t even dream that I was standing on the cliff right behind him either.

[Dale, I can turn the magical power into physical reinforcement at any time so you can go ahead, you know~?]

 With things already like this…… I can’t help but do it! Tooh!!

 Alright, I’m right above him. Like this I can stab that guy in the back with my sword if I continue like this…… Stab him with my sword? Should I really stab him? He’s my subordinate, you know? What’s more, but–

“Wai!? Dale! We are off target!”

“Eh? –Crap!”


 Perhaps because I hesitated I came off course unconsciously, like this I can’t neutralize his magical power!

“Woah, dangerous, dangerous. Could it be that ya fell from the cliff behind me? Guhehehe, did ya piss ya pants cause of that height?”

 ****, he took his distance. If that’s the case then–!


 Eh, That Lighter Flame came out of my fingertips again!? Why? I’m strengthened now so shouldn’t it be different from the time I fought against the low ranking demons?!

[Dale! Because I drained all your magical power to strengthen your body your magic is still weak! If you want to use magic then you have to redistribute your magical power!]

“Hah!? Why are body strengthening and magical power two separate things?! Shouldn’t they be one and the same thing?!”

[That would mean that the magical power would disperse and you’d just become a slightly stronger person, you know?]

 Daaaah—–! It’s a cursed sword! No doubt, this is a cursed swoooooord!!

[Dale! More importantly, look in front! The front! Watch out!]

 The front?


 That was fricking dangerous! That Figueroa, he hurled a stone at me with all his might.

 I was somehow able to dodge it…… The stone behind me was blown to pieces. Just thinking about what would have happened if that hit me…… just imagining it is frightening.

“Ah? Did you say Dale? I see…… I heard about this from Alfred”

 He heard about me? If that’s the case he knows about my matter—.

“Hero Dale! The enemy of my Master, Dalewatts-sama, those who oppose our Demon Army shall all die! With this—- Oryaaaaah!”

 Eh……What is he saying…… I’m an enemy……?

[He’s hurling stones again!……Dale? Dale!? What’s the matter?! You’ll be in danger if you continue standing there! It’ll be bad if you don’t avoid this!]

 Dead……? What the hell did that ******* Albert…… say…….

“Watch out! Haah!”

[Ah! Bell! You saved us! Thanks~]

“Dale-dono! What are you doing?! Pull yourself together! —-Erin, what’s with him?”

[I don’t know, he suddenly stopped moving……]

“We’re in the middle of a battle now!? Dale-dono!”

“What? What’s the matter?”

“Darryl-sama, it’s……”

“Oi! With the almighty me as an opponent you don’t get any leisure to look away! Stop palyin around!!”

“–Kuh! If this continues then we are all done for. We have no choice, I’ll be Figueroa’s opponent so I’ll leave him to you Darryl-sama! —-Figueroa! I’m your opponent, you *******!”

“Erin, why on earth is Sir Hero in this absentminded state? Was it such a huge shock that the surprise attack failed?”

[I don’t have any idea…… He just stopped moving suddenly]

“Fumu…… Well then, if something isn’t moving this is the best method to get it back moving! Jaah!!”

“Gah!? Gaaaaaarg!!”

 Guooooh, something hard like a stone hit my heaaaad!!

“Old fart!! You *******, did you just hit my head with all your might?!”

“Alright, alright, your consciousness returned……”

Guh!? He grabbed my collar with incredible strength…… Eh, that old man’s face turned into that of a demon all of a sudden!?

“Don’t be absentminded on the battlefield! Do you want to die?!”

 !? What’s this strong pressure?! My body is shrinking away. So this is the Master Fighter Darryl…….

“If a surprise attack fails you’ll just have to move on to the next plan of action! Will you just let Bertra fight on her own out there!? Aren’t you a Hero?! Wipe your own ***!”

“No, even if you say that……”

 I didn’t want to be a Hero or something, moreover I wasn’t shocked about the surprise attack failing…….

“Ka~ Still alive, still alive…… Hm?”

“Oi! Did you hear that loud sound just now?”

“I did! Something might have happened to Figueroa-sama! Let’s return!”

“Some demons came back after hearing this uproar……”

 While I just heard some light murmuring, how could you hear those far-off voices so well?

“I’ll go play with those fellows, so Hero-chan should go back to support Bertra! Good!”

“But I’m…… Ouch!”

 That old man threw me and then disappeared, ****! What do you know about me, you *******?! I’m…… What am I……? What did I want to say? What did I want to do?

[Dale? Let’s hurry up and support Bell]

 Am I scared of turning my sword against my brethren? Did I want to save my brethren even while I’m in this form?

“If things continue like this Bell will be in danger!”

 However, those same brethren said I’m their enemy, my subordinate Figueroa did…… Albert did…….

[Come on, Dale!!]

…… Oi, oi, scared? Wanting to save them? Being called an enemy? Chohahaha, what am I even thinking about.


 How pathetic getting preached by that human old fart. Looks like I grew soft after all. What need is there to hesitate? Isn’t it just like when I unified the Demon Realm…… If you bastards regard me as an enemy, then I’ll regard you as my enemies as well!! I’ll throw away all mercy!

“You don’t have to shout like that, I can hear you”


 Fumu, even 100 groups of such small fries wouldn’t be enough to oppose that old man.
What I have to say now is–

“Erin, let’s go support Bertra!”


 I’m the Demon Lord Dalewatts! I’ll run over anyone that will disturb me!! No matter who the opponent is!!

 Just you wait, Albert!! I’ll make you regret having turned me into your enemy! Chohahahahaha!!

“Hah! Daah!”

“Guhehe! You’re quite something, human! From this point on you won’t be able to resist so easily– woah”

“I am not happy to get — praised by you, you *******!!”

 That Figueroa, he skilfully moved his four arms, using flattened rock as shield and using long, thin rock like a spear or a whip. He has as much variety in his battle techniques as always…… Responding to this shouldn’t be easy for Bertra, right? As expected from the Sword Master’s grandchild, huh?

 Alright, I can’t fall behind either!

“Okay? Erin, listen well, first strengthen my magic for long distance attacks and then strengthen my body for close combat. Got that?”

“Roger that!”

 I wonder why my blood is boiling like this! I felt through the sword that Erin was boiling as well.

“Well then, I’ll leave it to you! Erin!”

[Leave it to me! Master–!]

“Choha! — Let’s go with all we have at full force!!”

[Nihi! — Let’s go with all we have at full force!!]

 With this, it began my…… No, our battle with the Demon Lord’s Army!!


[Vol. 2] Chapter 5 – Here comes the strongest combi, me and Dale!


 Uu~ Sniff……Hm, it’s already morning, huh……Yaawn~. However, the ground was hard and I couldn’t really sleep.

 Though I’ve had to sleep on the hard floor for the last two days…… Why did it turn out like this?


 Today is the war with my brethren…….

 I was determined to fight, but I’m inside a human’s body. Maybe my thoughts have become too naive. I tried to talk to those low ranking demons yesterday and I still want, in a corner of my heart, explain these things to Figueroa who belongs to the top brass…… Just what the hell happened to me?

“Ku~ ku~”

 That sleeping appearance of Bertra…… Her body was curled up, her mouth looked like that of a cat’s and her hair looked like cat ears. No matter how I look at her she looks like a cat…… Could it be that she was actually a Cat Beastman?

 So, what about the old man–


 He’s sleeping while sitting in Seiza?! Don’t sleep so well while in that posture. How nervous was he?……Hm? Wait a second, for how long were you asleep? What about keeping watch?! Oi!!

 Huh? Erin should have slept next to the old man. Though the sheet is there why can’t I see her? Where did she g– Cold, what is it? Something dripped on my face. Could it be rain? It’s sunny though.


That ****** Spirit!! Did you sleep in the air because you didn’t like sleeping on the ground?! How are you so dexterous…… — Wait a minute, that water dripping from above of me is coming from her big mouth……! This is saliva, isn’t it?!


“Wha, whas nya matter?! Ish it an enyemy?!” 1


“Uurg……No more of Bell’s soup~……Munya”

 You, were you forced to eat this, not only in reality, but also inside your dream?!


 It has become reality……

“As we’ll have to lie in wait close to Figueroa’s hideout, please eat with haste”

 We started the day with Bertra Soup. I can’t escape it anymore, can I?

 Eei! I can’t fight on an empty stomach! I don’t know if one can even call this food, but I’ll just pour everything in all at once!

“Ugu- ugu–Upuh”

“Oh, as expected from Sir Hero. Having a good appetite starting off in the morning”

 I actually don’t want to eat this, but there’s no way around it!

“D-Dale……Don’t overdo it……”

“Now then, Erin you should also eat quickly”

“Ah…… I don’t really have– Eh, Wait! Dale! Why did you grab my face?! Doh ohen ma mouh!! Stoooh! Nhooooooooooooo!! (Don’t open my mouth!! Stop! Noooooooo!) Ugu- ugu— Upuh……Gaku”

 I can’t be the only one who has to taste such pain! I shall share that feeling with you, you *******! This is revenge for this morning!

“Don’t play with food, good grief. If you’re done eating, please clean up and prepare for departure…… Hm? What’s the matter? Is there something on my face?”

 Hmm, I’m really curious about Bertra’s “Cat Ears”. Are they real?

“Bertra, could I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“What’s with that hair……”


Ah, she covered those ears at the same time I said that…… So that means it’s what I thought it was.

“Thi-this is just bedhair”

 What kind of bedhair is that?

“Why did it turn out like this? I usually fix it, but…… I couldn’t do that because there’s no water in this place……”

“I think it looks rather cute, though…… Eh, ouch! Stop! Don’t scratch me!” (Darryl)


All I can see is an old person playing with a Cat Beastman…….

“Good grief, because you were dawdling the battle on the plains has already begun!”

“It’s not my, huff huff — fault! It’s because, that Erin huff huff– has fallen asleep again! Haah, haah”

“I didn’t fall asleep again! It’s because of Bertra’s soup!”

“Wha!? What does any of that have to do with my soup?!”

“Shut up, you brats. If you have time to talk than continue running!”

 ****! It took a while to wake up Erin so we ended up having to sprint all the way to Figueroa.

 Moreover, we couldn’t use horses inside the forest. What’s with this? Like this we will be exhausted even before the battle. I mean, I’m the only one who’s out of breath, how shameful. I’m angry that I don’t know how to fly like that Erin!

“– Stop, we’re already close to Figueroa’s base. Let’s advance with caution.”

 What a relief. If I had to run any further than this I might really have died before the battle.

 Hm? The old man is beckoning me. It can’t be, this cliff……

“Apparently the demons around Figueroa also went to the front line as planned. It’s really almost completely unguarded…… That’s good, I was worried that we were too late.”

“On the contrary, it might have been a good thing, you know? Figueroa, concerned about the front lines, is looking around irritated.”

 Figueroa skilfully crossed his four arms and tapped the floor with his foot, which was that guy’s habit when he was irritated.

 Aah, for that guy to look around that much he must be pretty concerned. It seems Alumgam’s soldiers seem to push him back more than expected, for some reason.

“……So, who will execute the surprise attack?”

 I’d be glad if it were Bertra or the old man who would do it, but–

“Of course, it’s this strongest combi of me and Dale!”

I knew that lass would go and say this, Hooowever! That’s why I came up with a way to properly answer to her.

“Rejected. What are you saying? My swordsmanship is bad, the possibility of the surprise attack failing is pretty high…… How about Bertra or the old man……”

 That’s what I said, but…… As I thought, talking bad about myself makes me pretty sad.

“Come on, Dale, how about you use your head a little~?”

 I don’t want to hear that from you, you *******!

“Even if your swordsmanship is bad, Absohaze can absorb magical power from anywhere you stab it into, so if you convert magical power to physical power you’d be able to jump from that cliff and come out unhurt. It’s an easy win!”

 I want to hit that gloating face of yours so badly. I so want to knock you off of your damn feet.

“Fumu, I see. If you stand straight and jump head first down that cliff with the sword held above your head, sword skills don’t really matter and it’s not clear that Darryl-sama or me could decide it in a single blow.”

 Huh? This progression…… I have a bad feeling.

“That’s right, it may be better for Sir Hero, who has a sword that can absorb and neutralize magical power wherever it’s pierced into, to do it”

 Guaaaaaah! How did it turn out like thaaat?!?

“Dale-dono, you and Erin doing this is the more certain option. Please prepare yourself”

 I seriously want to pull on those cat ears…….

“Pleeease leave it to uuus!”

 I want to kick that spirit with all my strength and send her flying…….