[Vol. 3] Chapter 7 – Ufufufu~ do entertain me, okay?

“Well then, let’s go!!”

[Got it! Master!]”

“I shall go!!”

“Ufufufu~ do entertain me, okay?”

“Haah……Good luck~”

 Old man, I get it that you are shocked that you turned out to be useless, but could please not look so blatantly depressed next to me, because from this point on the battle starts……
I’m sorry old man, but even if that wasn’t the case the outcome would have already been decided. Adia hides in small spaces in the hard ground, making full use of her water constitution, and uses her poisoned knife to cut down her opponents. Because of that violence she is called violent water.

 However, you can find nothing but sand here, she can’t use her hiding technique on soft grounds such as this. With that tactic sealed she isn’t an opponent to us at all! Chohahaha!!

“Haaah!! Sei!”

“Wups, That’s a magic sword, is it not?…… If that sand sword hit, my skin would have been damaged, you know?”

 You’re opponent isn’t only Bertra, you *******! Don’t forget about me!

“Ice Shot!!”

“Oh my, attacks like that won’t hit me, you know~”

Dodged it, huh? It seems like my magic doesn’t really hit much recently…….

 Well, it was enough to break her posture.

“Got you! –Wha! That can’t be?!”

“Wah~, how dangerous”

 She bent her body 90 degrees from that unstable posture and avoided that?!

 I see, it’s obvious that she can bent her body however she wants as it is made out of liquid…… Am I an idiot?! I overlooked such a simple thing, because I was preoccupied thinking about physical attacks not working on her!

“My, oh, my, hm~ that magic sword and that rear guard’s magic are quite troublesome~…… Well then, time for me to get serious as well!!”

Getting serious? Chohahaha!! What are you saying, when your hiding tactic is completely useless in this pla…… Eh?

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 Adia sank into the sand! No, it looks more like she got sucked in.

“Kuh! What the hell is this?!”

 What on earth did Adia do?!

“Ufu, I’m over here, you know?!”」

“- -!?”

 She jumped out of the sand without any signs!?

“You did well, blocking that just now, then how about this?!”

Kuh, she got sucked back in by the sand again. If she keeps moving like that I can’t aim my magic

“****, Bertra! Can you stop Adia’s movements?!”

“Guh! Blocking them! Is already! Hard enough!”

 Right, we can’t know where she will come out again after all……

 However, she can react well to Adia’s movements, while I can’t follow them at all.

“Ufufufu! Good, good! You did good being able to follow these movements!”

 ****! What’s with this move? I haven’t seen it up until now!?

“…………I see, I got it!”


“What’s the matter? Raising your voice like this”

 That surprised me……What, it was just the old man? I completely forgot that he was next to me during this battle.

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“N-no, it’s nothing……. So, what did you get, old man?”

“It’s about Adia. Sand immediately absorbs water. Taking advantage of her liquid body she is able to freely move around the sand.”

“I see, so it was like this, huh?…… Hm?”

I haven’t heard anything about Adia having such a fighting tactic!? That Alfreeeeeeeeed!!

 A, anyway, let’s first do something about this current situation! What should I do? Is there any way…… That’s it!

“Bertra! Jump up!!”

“Eh? What do you mean with—-”

“It’s fine, just do it, hurry up!!”

“U, understood!”

Adia will go grab after Bertra when she jumps up, without a doubt. I’m aiming for the moment she stretches out her arm to Bertra—-

“Now!! Ice Wave!!”

 It immediately froze the ground! Though this might have been impossible at noon, but desert nights are pretty cold. With this, Adia will freeze as well if she is close to the ground’s surface and even if she is not she doesn’t have a choice but to break out of the frozen ground, cracks that will occur will tell us where she is. As expected of me, a splendid strategy.

“Ooh, you let the ground freeze over, huh? Did Adia freeze along with it?”

“It would be great if it were like this. How is it Bertra? Did Adia freeze as well?”

“Please wait…… No, there is no ice that looks like Adia.”

 Tch, did she evade it? She didn’t hold the position of one of the Demonic Heavenly Kings for nothing. Looks like she grasped my intention behind shouting jump up, huh? If it’s like that I’ll just attack the place she will come out of! Now, come out from where ever you are!

“!? Dale-dono!! Behind you!!”


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“That’s no goood, how about this sir rear-guard shows me how to ski~?”

 ****! I froze the area around Bertra but my surroundings stayed as is. For me to miss something like that……

“Oryaa!! —-Kuh, as I thought it’s impossible for my fist to reach her, huh?!”

 The old man’s attacks won’t work. It’s over…… in this place I shall…….




 What? Something cut through Adia’s arm…… that’s a sand…… Sword? Evenral?!

“Are you uninjured?!”

 Bertra threw Evenral, huh? I was saved thanks to that.


Did Adia head towards Bertra while bouncing off the floor?! How? To bounce on top of sand, that’s……! Did she use the frozen ground?!

 Crap, Bertra doesn’t have Zankoutou right now! She can’t block Adia’s attack like that!

“Fire Ball! Ice Shot! —-****, as I thought, it won’t hit! If it’s like this then, old man, take Evenral and……”

“Bertraaaaaaaaaaaa! I’m cooooomiiiiiiiing!!”

 He’s sliding on the ice?! How skilful…… No, no, that’s not it!

“Old man! It’s fine if you just throw Evenral back to Bertra! It’s not necessary to take it to her directly!”

“Ah, is that so?…… —- Bertra!”

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 Crap! She went around Bertra’s feet!

“That hurt just nooow~ So I’ll return the favooour!!”


 Bertra was stabbed with a poisoned knife!

[Bell has been stabbed!]

“Get away from Bertra! You! You!”

“Grandpa, even if you attack me like this, it’s useless, you knooow~”

 This situation is very bad. Bertra was stabbed by that poisoned knife, the old man’s attacks won’t hit and I can’t use magic with them crowded together like this…… What should I do?……. What would be the best course of action?!

 ……Hm? What is that? Something flew over……Something round?……A ball?

“!? Oooooooooooh, too, too briiight!!!”

“What is this, what is this?!”

“Kyaaaaaaaaaaa, my eeeeeyeees!!”

 The ball exploded and released a terribly bright light!? Eyes, my eyes!!

《Dale-sama, over here! Darryl-sama, please take Bertra-sama and come with me!》

I got pulled by someone in that light, this voice…… Could it be, Felicia……?


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