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[Vol. 3] Chapter 6 – I don’t feel like it, but I’ll do it this time

“Because her subordinates started their attack on Marelis now, Adia’s surroundings are completely unguarded……”

 It was the same with Figueroa, but why is it that our army’s generals are always unguarded like this?…… Isn’t that just asking to get surprise attacked?

 When I return to my original body I have to see that this policy is getting changed…… Returning to my original body…… is it? When will the day come on which I can return to my original body, I wonder. Even if I return, if the Four Demonic Heavenly Kings are missing our war potential will drop tremendously.

“We should finish her off before it is too late then!”

 And making more of my war potential disappear……

 However, the things that Figueroa said are certainly circulating among all the demons without a doubt, so they will think of me as their enemy like they did at the time of my Demon Realm Unification, so I shouldn’t feel daunted.

“Right…… Adia seems to be absent minded as well”

“Hmpf, if it’s like this, should we launch a surprise attack?”

 Well, in this situation that’s only the natural conclusion. The area is dark as it is night and she’s unguarded. Now’s the best chance.

“…… Again, huh?……”

 Uwah……Bertra’s face blatantly showed her unwillingness.

“……Understood…… I don’t feel like doing this, but I’ll do it this time”

“Eh? Bertra will?”

Why? Though she looks like she really hates it.

“If, like with Figueroa, one were to miss this chance, like a certain someone did, then this whole matter would be meaningless.”

 Gufuh! Don’t mention that incident! It hurts my heart!!

“You shouldn’t say that, Bell! You’re hurting Dale!”

 Right, right! Is that Erin trying to defend me?

“Though he did get scared by the height, closed his eyes and just jumped ……”


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“Even than he immediately regained his posture and tried to attack with magic! —- which didn’t work though……”

I’m taking my words back, what you are doing is hitting me with the finishing blow…….

“It’s enough…… Erin, shut up, you *******”

 I didn’t close my eyes at that time! And wasn’t it you who forgot to tell me about the matter with magic?!

“What’s with you~?! Even though I’m trying to defend you here with all I’ve got!”

“In which way?!! That’s not what one would call defending!”

“Wha!? Dale, that’s mean! I did—-”

“……Would you mind coming to an end with your conversation, you two?”

“”Ye, yes!””

 Don’t get angry! Don’t glare! What will you do if Adia notices us!

“Good grief. So…… This time, I will decide it in a single —– Blow!”

“Uoh!? —-Cough, cough!!”

 The force of her kicking off the floor made sand fly up. Would you mind holding back a little?
So, Bertra is~ heading in a straight line towards Adia. She sure is reckless…… Hm? The sword Bertra is holding is…… Zankoutou……? This is bad, Bertra doesn’t know about Aida’s characteristics!

“Wait! Bertra!!”

“The one who takes the initiative shall earn victory! Got it!!”

 ****! I was too late, huh? —- She cut Adia lengthwise……But.


“Oh myyy?”

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 No matter how sharp Zankoutou is, you can’t cut Adia, the only thing you cut through is that necklace she was wearing.

“Oh me, oh myyy? Something fell down—- Aaaaaaaaaah!! My favorite necklace!! It’s cut in two!?”

 No, it’s not only limited to Zankoutou, no matter how sharp any physical sword is they won’t be able to cut Adia.

“This, my sword stroke was perfect though…… No…… It’s like I cut through water……”

 Adia takes the form of a person but her body was always made out of liquids…… One cannot cut water.

“……I wonder, was it yooou who cut it apart?”


 That Berta, is she trying to gain some distance?! That’s useless!

“Did you hear—-”

“Erin, use the magical power to strengthen my magic!! Old man, while I’m shooting magic run and get Bertra!”

[Got it!!]


 Make it in tiiiiiiiiiime!

“What I saaid—-”

“Air press!!”



 I tried to stop her movements with an air bullet, but did I make it?!

 I wasn’t able to adjust the magic because I was in a hurry, but –That sound similar to water hitting the beach was Adia, and that voice sounding like a frog getting crushed is…….

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“Old man! What happened to Aida and Bertra?”

“Bertra looks like a crushed frog and Adia turned into a puddle!”

 So that frog’s cry was Bertra after all, huh? ……Looks like she got crushed by the maximum force.

“Then take Bertra and quickly come back here!”

“On it! Oppsie daisy”

 Old man, could you at least carry her on your back…… If you put her over your shoulder she looks like she’s luggage.

 Well, it’s fine. Bertra is about to collapse. I wish that just now damaged Adia as well, though.

“Fuuh, here you go, I’ll put Bertra down”

 You putting her down also looks like you are unloading luggage.

“……Are you unhurt?”

“……Unhurt? Like hell I am!! Why did you suddenly crush me?! I completely hit my nose! No, more importantly, while I was franticly trying to gain some distance—-”

[Watch out, you two!!]

“Watch out! –Tch, that knife turned into something like water and burst! What the hell is this?!”

[But you stopped that knife, didn’t you? Nice, grandpa Darry!]

“…… If you jumped back to gain distance than you would have been hit by that knife. You wouldn’t have been able to avoid this in the air.”

“That’s…… Adia’s arm……grew……?”

“Oh my, looks like someone got in the way. How very unpleasant”

Looks like she didn’t get much damage from that Air Press.

“Because Adia is made out of liquid she can move her mass around and grow parts. And she can freely liquefy any object by consciously touching it.”

 It’s pretty nasty, so it’s best to fight Adia with magic from a central position where she can’t reach, like I did in the Demon Realm, but…… my magical power right now is like a drop of water on a hot stone……

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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“Hmm~? Apparently, there’s someone who knows about me~”

 However, there’s also a way to beat Adia in close combat. It’s unpleasant that I can’t do it, but it’s for the sake of defeating her so it can’t be helped…….

“Bertra, can you move?”

“My body is still aching, but I’m fine, I can still go”

“Then fight using Evenral with a sand or air blade, if you use attributes and not just physical attacks then you can deal her damage!”

“I see, sand it is then……”

“Then I shall support you with magic”

 It’s almost completely useless, but it’s better than nothing.

“What should I do?”

“Old man…… you should rest, because you aren’t really of any use right now”

“What did you say? You’re telling me not to fight?! That’s—-”

“Old man, did you knock out water before?”

“……there’s nothing I can’t knock out……”


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