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[Vol. 2] Chapter 8 – Your magical power! I’ll gladly receive it!!

[Wha, what is that……]

“That guy’s secret technique……He covers his whole body in stones with the density of Orichalcum and changes his surrounding to something like a swamp, submerging his opponents in it. A disadvantage of this is, because this area is too wide the swamp’s effect is kind of weak and because he covered his whole body in stone he can’t really move…….”

“The dense rock secures his body and the swamp keeps one from approaching……Although it has its draw backs, this is troublesome.”

 Even so, we can’t just stand by and keep watching like that either.

“Hey, Bertra, if you send all your magical power to Zankoutou are you able to cut through Orichalcum?”

“Orichalcum, is it?…… I don’t know because I never tried but it’s probably impossible even with all my magical power. I just…… heard that grandfather, the Sword Master Edgar, cut a monster with a crustacean with the density of Orichalcum in two using this Zankoutou……”

 Hmm, she isn’t sure, but it seems like it’s possible to cut through that stone amour with Zankoutou, huh?

 However, it’s impossible with Bertra’s magical power……

“Fumu, Erin, I wish to confirm something.”

[Hm? Whaaat~?]

《 Heh, heh, ****! Those ********, really went, and did it……Being in this state is humiliating, but, I can’t, turn my back to, them…… This area, was too wide, and I couldn’t, swallow them. Well, it’s fine, I’ll slowly…… Aah?》

“Sir Hero! Are you sure this is going to work?!”

《What? ……Some old fart joined them. Is he, coming running, my way?…… Did he go mad? Guhehehehe! …… It’s foolish, to step into my bottomless swamp, on his own!》

“What do I know? We won’t know until we try!”

“Did you just say we won’t know until we try?! Oi!!”

 How should I know things I’ve never tried before?

 However, this is the only thing we can try…… because that is the last thing I can think of.

“Darryl-sama, his previous strategy succeeded a little while ago as well…… It’ll be fine…… Maybe……”

“Nonono! The surprise attack ended in failure, right?! And what do you mean with Maybe?! Maybe, you say!…… Kuuh~! To look at an elderly person with those extremely dangerous eyes! Fine, it won’t fail! It absolutely won’t fail!? –Here I goooo! Hold on tiiiight! Doryaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”

 Uoh!? Even while he was carrying Bertra and me over his shoulders he was able to exert such great force to jump. That old man had such herculean strength. As expected, he used body strengthening, didn’t he? Hm? But that means…… No, I have to focus on defeating Figueroa in front of me now.

《Wha!? Are you, telling me that, old fart, is going to jump, to where I am?!》

 Alright, the landing position is perfect! ……The old man was buried up to his waist though.

“–Well, it won’t be an issue”

“It will!!”

 Wups, did my thoughts leak out?

“Nuooooh! I’m sinking! Bertra hurry up and do it!”

“I got it. Suu~…… Haaah!”

《Hah, are you, going to slash my armour, with that sword?…… It’s useless! I understood, in the battle just now, that it, doesn’t have the strength, to cut through the stone……. You should just rot away in this stone swamp like this!》

 It certainly is impossible with just Bertra’s magical power.

“But how about this?!!”

 The arm Bertra is holding her sword with and the parts covered in armour are no good.

“Grit your teeth, Bertra! Let’s go!”

 If it’s like this, this is the only place.

“Come, with all you got!”

 I prick Bertra’s thigh with Absohaze!



《Wha!? That guy stabbed his own comrade!?!》


“Erin, I wish to confirm something”

[Hm? Whaaat~?]

“Is it possible for you to send other people magical power like you do with me?”

[Yeah, I can~. Though same as when absorbing magic you have to stab Absohaze into that person.]

 Like I thought, that lass doesn’t only have the ability to absorb but also to send it to others, huh

“If that’s the case, would Bertra be able to cut through this using Zankoutou if you send her magical power? What do you two think?” 

“Raising my magical power, huh?…… I don’t know until I try it out, but……”

[I don’t know either. I hope the magical power is enough to cut through it……]

 So it’s a 50/50 chance, huh?

“However, what do we do about the footing? We will sink into that swamp before we even arrive and even if we get there the footing is too unstable to slash properly……”

“I thought about that as well. Regarding the footing, let’s first go and support the old man who is fighting against—– Wait……Eh!?”

 While we were fighting against Figueroa he annihilated dozens of low ranking demons alone and is taking a rest now?!

“Fuu~……Hm? What? Just when I was taking a short break”

 ……Well, fine, like this we can avoid the trouble of supporting you.

“Footing…… Wait…… D-Dale-dono…… You can’t possibly mean, using Darryl-sama!?”

“Exactly that, Chohaha”


[Bell! Since it’ll be quite the burden for Bell’s body to receive all this magical all at once, please do your best and endure it!]”


“Pl-please! Hu-hurry up, please!! I’m gradually siiiiiinkiiiiing!!”


 Go! Cut through that stone armour!!

《Wha, what?! This magical power!?》

“Please! Cut through it!!…… Grandfather! Lend me your strength!!”

《Krg!? I, it can’t be–》

 She did it! The blade has started to cut though the stone!

《 Tha, that’s impossible!? F-for my armour to be, cut through!?》


《Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! ?》

 Alright!! She was able to cut through the stone armour and now we’re able to see Figueroa’s bare skin!

“Impossible! Impossible! To cut through my armour with that kind of sword!!”

“Sorry Figueroa, but your magical power! I’ll gladly receive it!!”

“Gufuh! Ooooooooooooh!?M-my magical power gets absorbed!?…… ****……So this is it…… for me, huh? ……Dale……Watts……Sama……My……apolo……gies……”

 As Figueroa collapsed, not having any magical power anymore, the red stones around us returned to their original colour.

 In other words – -.

[Haah, haah…… Did we defeat him?]

“Haah, haah…… Somehow…… looks like we did.”

“……Well then, both of you……Could you get down from me, I’m at my limit already……”

 The demon who swore loyalty to me…….

“The first of the Four Demonic Heavenly Kings “Red Stone Figueroa”…… huh.”


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