[Vol. 2} Chapter 7 – A good idea has occurred to me

[Though you were talking all cool, you’re just going to attack from behind……]

“Shut up! Didn’t we plan to launch a surprise attack attacking behind in the first place? Besides, there might be a possibility of hitting Bertra if we attack from the front.”

 Though I don’t think this will hit Figueroa in Battle Mode. However! I have experienced fighting that guy when I was unifying the Demon Realm.


 Alright, the fireball flew out well this time! It’s a big difference from the Lighter Fire a little while ago…… It’s a great difference, but its size was completely different from the one I used in my former form…… It’s around 5 times…… smaller.

“N? —-Yo!”

 He blocked it with a wall after all. That was my aim!

“Guhehe! Attacking from behind again? You’re really a guy without…… Dignity!?”

 He can’t see me behind the wall. After that I closed the distance in an instant by using body reinforcement and from the wall’s side–.

“Taste my sword!”

 What perfect movements! As expected of me!

“–Like hell, I will!”

He blocked it! One of his arms was wrapped in stone, huh?

 Crap, one of his fists is close to me! I can’t avoid it like this!





 Guooooh! That punch to my stomach was effective! If I hadn’t used body strengthening all my internal organs would have exploded…….
Did he read my movements while also watching out for Bertra?

“When I was defeated by Dalewatts-sama he told me that “I should know about my own weaknesses”, that’s why I try to observe my surrounding with these four eyes of mine”

 Whatever I said back then became a painful memory for him……

 When I fought him in my original body I pinned him down with magic, but this body is so useless. ****! If I knew this would happen I should have found out more things about Figueroa.

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“Are you alright?”

[He’s alright. I’m raising his regeneration speed right now after all.]

“Don’t say…… it’s alright or something…… cause the one who took that……. was me, you *******. Guuu……”

“Haaah~~~~~ it became like this because you have too many useless movements”

“Oi, don’t give me that long sigh. I told you I was bad with the sword. Moreover, you *******, didn’t the King tell you to teach me swordsmanship or something? I haven’t learned a thing since then, though?”

“……………………Were you able to notice something while fighting with Figueroa?”

“Oi, don’t change the subject…… Aah, whatever. What about you, you *******? Were you able to get something?”

“What’s the matter?! Looks like ya can’t defeat this almighty me, huh? Oraoraoraora!”

 That *******, can’t he show some lenience while I’m in pain and not able to move?! Rather, of course he acts like that in this situation.

“Fuh! Hah! To some extent…… Hah!”

 Amazing~, that Bertra, she’s deflecting these stones he threw precisely…….

 Mu, Erin’s healing is also perfect, there’s almost no pain anymore either.

“At first, I tried to turn that red stone into a sword with Evenral, but I couldn’t do it”

 Fumu, it’s probably simply because of the difference in magical power. The magical power Figueroa wields is top notch after all.

“Before I was able to cut it with Zankoutou to some extent, but, as you’ve seen, he has raised the stone’s density just now and I can’t even put a single cut to it”

That’s also a matter of losing in terms of magical power…… That means…….

“……You’re magical power is low, isn’t it?”

“Wha!? Far from being low it should be rather high! I’m different from you who can only make a small flame come out from your finger tip!”

“What?! Even I can make a fireball two times your size if my magical power wouldn’t get absorbed, you *******!”

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“Yeah, yeah, I see! Then fry that Figueroa in that gigantic fireball of yours!”」

“Gunununununu! You know that I can’t do it noooooow”

 While complaining like that I became angry at myself for admiring Bertra for deflecting Figueroa’s attacks.

[Come on! Now’s not the time for you two to quarrel, is it?! We have to think up some strategy!]

“That’s right! Isn’t that right? This situation gets worse and worse! A strategy! I can only block the attacks now!”

 Uguuh……It’s frustrating, but she’s right, now’s not the time to quarrel…… Some good strategy……. Making walls and blocking vision……I let you make a wall and block up the view……Although he looked through it, there was still a slight gap, so–.

“Alright, a good idea has occurred to me!”

“Looks like it will fail, doesn’t it?”

[I think so, too]

Bertra looked at me with cold eyes…… Though Erin was invisible she seemed to look at me in a similar way.

“You Bastards…… Anyway, listen. –whisper, whisper”

“An? What, a time out? Guhehe, no matter what you do it’ll be useless, though!”

“How is it? Perfect, isn’t it?”

“Looks like it’ll fail, doesn’t it?”

[I think so, too]

Don’t repeat those same words! How is my plan not good?

“Eei! We won’t know if we don’t try it out! Come on, go!”

“Why are you acting so haughty now…… We have no other choice! — I’m going!”

“You should have listened to my words from the start! Fireball!”

 As I thought, a bigger fireball didn’t appear, huh~

“Tch, again with that! Hmpf!”

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 First I’ll let him make a stone wall, blocking Figueroa’s view.


 Then I sneak around it!

“This time you’re coming from left and right since you’re two, huh?……It’s no use, I have ya both in my eyes…… Wha?!”

 Chohahahaha, The one you see with me…… who is it, I wonder.

“A blue haired woman!? She wasn’t there just now!!”

“Take that! Ice Shot!”


 Chohahahaha, as expected, he got agitated getting hit by magic! Alright, I’ll giving him a strike of my sword as–.

“– I know what you are planning, you *******!”



 He sent a backhand strike into my face…… Because I didn’t strengthen it this…… hurts…….

“****! That blue hair evaded, huh?”

 Oh well, I played my part as decoy well enough.

“Hah! That female knight isn’t there!? Just where the hell–”

 I’ll take this injury as a badge of honour……

 However, as the demon lord, how did I end up playing a supporting role like this?

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“Guha! Cou, could it be…… from above?!”

Alright, that just now decided it!

“Ooh! It succeeded! A miracle!”」

“What miracle? What are you calling a miracle?! That was my perfect–”

“…… Kuh, you….. Used the wall, as stepping stone, huh?”

 Hey, didn’t you take him out just now?!

“This is the end!”

“Ugooooooooh!! Don’t **** with meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”

Crap! The whole ground turned red!

“Tch! Erin, return to the sword!”

“Eh? Why?”

“Bertra! Get away from Figueroa!”

“What are you saying?! I should waste this good opportunity?!”

“It’s fine so hurry up!!”

This is–.


“Wha, the ground is sinking in like a swamp?!”

 No doubt about it, that guy is–.

[Look! Figueroa’s whole body is covered in red stone as well!]

“****, it got troublesome”

 This means he’s going to use his secret technique!


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