[Vol. 2] Chapter 6 – “–Let’s go with all we have at full force!”

Figueroa is right below us…… He wouldn’t even dream that I was standing on the cliff right behind him either.

[Dale, I can turn the magical power into physical reinforcement at any time so you can go ahead, you know~?]

 With things already like this…… I can’t help but do it! Tooh!!

 Alright, I’m right above him. Like this I can stab that guy in the back with my sword if I continue like this…… Stab him with my sword? Should I really stab him? He’s my subordinate, you know? What’s more, but–

“Wai!? Dale! We are off target!”

“Eh? –Crap!”


 Perhaps because I hesitated I came off course unconsciously, like this I can’t neutralize his magical power!

“Woah, dangerous, dangerous. Could it be that ya fell from the cliff behind me? Guhehehe, did ya piss ya pants cause of that height?”

 ****, he took his distance. If that’s the case then–!


 Eh, That Lighter Flame came out of my fingertips again!? Why? I’m strengthened now so shouldn’t it be different from the time I fought against the low ranking demons?!

[Dale! Because I drained all your magical power to strengthen your body your magic is still weak! If you want to use magic then you have to redistribute your magical power!]

“Hah!? Why are body strengthening and magical power two separate things?! Shouldn’t they be one and the same thing?!”

[That would mean that the magical power would disperse and you’d just become a slightly stronger person, you know?]

 Daaaah—–! It’s a cursed sword! No doubt, this is a cursed swoooooord!!

[Dale! More importantly, look in front! The front! Watch out!]

 The front?


 That was fricking dangerous! That Figueroa, he hurled a stone at me with all his might.

 I was somehow able to dodge it…… The stone behind me was blown to pieces. Just thinking about what would have happened if that hit me…… just imagining it is frightening.

“Ah? Did you say Dale? I see…… I heard about this from Alfred”

 He heard about me? If that’s the case he knows about my matter—.

“Hero Dale! The enemy of my Master, Dalewatts-sama, those who oppose our Demon Army shall all die! With this—- Oryaaaaah!”

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 Eh……What is he saying…… I’m an enemy……?

[He’s hurling stones again!……Dale? Dale!? What’s the matter?! You’ll be in danger if you continue standing there! It’ll be bad if you don’t avoid this!]

 Dead……? What the hell did that ******* Albert…… say…….

“Watch out! Haah!”

[Ah! Bell! You saved us! Thanks~]

“Dale-dono! What are you doing?! Pull yourself together! —-Erin, what’s with him?”

[I don’t know, he suddenly stopped moving……]

“We’re in the middle of a battle now!? Dale-dono!”

“What? What’s the matter?”

“Darryl-sama, it’s……”

“Oi! With the almighty me as an opponent you don’t get any leisure to look away! Stop palyin around!!”

“–Kuh! If this continues then we are all done for. We have no choice, I’ll be Figueroa’s opponent so I’ll leave him to you Darryl-sama! —-Figueroa! I’m your opponent, you *******!”

“Erin, why on earth is Sir Hero in this absentminded state? Was it such a huge shock that the surprise attack failed?”

[I don’t have any idea…… He just stopped moving suddenly]

“Fumu…… Well then, if something isn’t moving this is the best method to get it back moving! Jaah!!”

“Gah!? Gaaaaaarg!!”

 Guooooh, something hard like a stone hit my heaaaad!!

“Old fart!! You *******, did you just hit my head with all your might?!”

“Alright, alright, your consciousness returned……”

Guh!? He grabbed my collar with incredible strength…… Eh, that old man’s face turned into that of a demon all of a sudden!?

“Don’t be absentminded on the battlefield! Do you want to die?!”

 !? What’s this strong pressure?! My body is shrinking away. So this is the Master Fighter Darryl…….

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“If a surprise attack fails you’ll just have to move on to the next plan of action! Will you just let Bertra fight on her own out there!? Aren’t you a Hero?! Wipe your own ***!”

“No, even if you say that……”

 I didn’t want to be a Hero or something, moreover I wasn’t shocked about the surprise attack failing…….

“Ka~ Still alive, still alive…… Hm?”

“Oi! Did you hear that loud sound just now?”

“I did! Something might have happened to Figueroa-sama! Let’s return!”

“Some demons came back after hearing this uproar……”

 While I just heard some light murmuring, how could you hear those far-off voices so well?

“I’ll go play with those fellows, so Hero-chan should go back to support Bertra! Good!”

“But I’m…… Ouch!”

 That old man threw me and then disappeared, ****! What do you know about me, you *******?! I’m…… What am I……? What did I want to say? What did I want to do?

[Dale? Let’s hurry up and support Bell]

 Am I scared of turning my sword against my brethren? Did I want to save my brethren even while I’m in this form?

“If things continue like this Bell will be in danger!”

 However, those same brethren said I’m their enemy, my subordinate Figueroa did…… Albert did…….

[Come on, Dale!!]

…… Oi, oi, scared? Wanting to save them? Being called an enemy? Chohahaha, what am I even thinking about.


 How pathetic getting preached by that human old fart. Looks like I grew soft after all. What need is there to hesitate? Isn’t it just like when I unified the Demon Realm…… If you bastards regard me as an enemy, then I’ll regard you as my enemies as well!! I’ll throw away all mercy!

“You don’t have to shout like that, I can hear you”


 Fumu, even 100 groups of such small fries wouldn’t be enough to oppose that old man.
What I have to say now is–

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“Erin, let’s go support Bertra!”


 I’m the Demon Lord Dalewatts! I’ll run over anyone that will disturb me!! No matter who the opponent is!!

 Just you wait, Albert!! I’ll make you regret having turned me into your enemy! Chohahahahaha!!

“Hah! Daah!”

“Guhehe! You’re quite something, human! From this point on you won’t be able to resist so easily– woah”

“I am not happy to get — praised by you, you *******!!”

 That Figueroa, he skilfully moved his four arms, using flattened rock as shield and using long, thin rock like a spear or a whip. He has as much variety in his battle techniques as always…… Responding to this shouldn’t be easy for Bertra, right? As expected from the Sword Master’s grandchild, huh?

 Alright, I can’t fall behind either!

“Okay? Erin, listen well, first strengthen my magic for long distance attacks and then strengthen my body for close combat. Got that?”

“Roger that!”

 I wonder why my blood is boiling like this! I felt through the sword that Erin was boiling as well.

“Well then, I’ll leave it to you! Erin!”

[Leave it to me! Master–!]

“Choha! — Let’s go with all we have at full force!!”

[Nihi! — Let’s go with all we have at full force!!]

 With this, it began my…… No, our battle with the Demon Lord’s Army!!


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