[Vol. 3] Chapter 8 – So you’re telling me to fight on my own, is it?

“Haah, haah…… If it’s this far…… Haah, haah…… I think it should be…… fine”

“Heeh~ heeh~ as I thought, it was Felicia, huh? Haah, haah…… Why were you in that place?”

“That’s…… My parents were killed by the demons……So I got worried about all of you…… I’m sorry…… For carelessly following after you!”

“No, you saved us in the end because of that, right? Was that shining ball also from Felicia?”

“Ah…… Yes…… That’s right, it’s a Flash Bulb I mixed…… together”

 It’s something Felicia mixed together, you say?

“I’m sorry, but let’s leave the formalities for later, right now we have to take care of Bertra. Are you alright? Hold on!”

“Auh! Haah, haah…… Uguh”

 I’m curious about Felicia, but…… Bertra’s condition is more important now!

“Erin, detoxification magic!”

“Even though I’m trying it on her since a while ago, it doesn’t work…… Why?!”

“You’re saying it can’t cure the poison?!”

 Then does that mean, there isn’t a method to cure this poison?!

“—-This smell…… Please excuse me!”

Hey, hey, Felicia suddenly took her robe off and bite into the…… wound!?

“Feli!? That appearance—-”

 Her right arm was made out of intertwined vines and branches, her hair were green leaves with small, white flowers blooming on top of it…… That’s what she was hiding under that robe, huh?

 I couldn’t see it through the robe, but…… a considerably huge part became some kind of fruit, didn’t it……?

“Hmpf, so you were a Shaker?”

“Puha…… Yes. Long ago, magical power ran rampant in my body, resulting is this appearance……I couldn’t enter the city with this appearance so I ran away to that oasis.”

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“I see…… So you are the oasis’ witc—-Gafuh!!”

 Old man…… as expected…… that punch to my solar plexus…… is painful…….

“I’m sorry for this guy saying unnecessary things. And, it’s a little late but thank you for saving us. You really saved our lives.”

“No, I’m already used to being called witch……. Ehm, I found out this poison’s true nature.”

 Did you find that out by sucking on the wound?

“Feli, how is Bell? Can she be cured?”

“Yes, it’s a poison made by mixing a bug called the Marelis Ankh and the poison of a flower called Mutsujenia. There are some medicinal herbs which can counteract the poison of the Mutsujinia so it can be cured.”

“What a relief~!”

“Why is that Mare something bug mixed into it and why can’t it be cured with detoxification magic?”

“The Marelis Ankh is a magic resistant insect. Mixing it with a poison creates a poison that can’t be cured by detoxification magic. Well then, I shall immediately create the antidote for Mutsujinia.”

 I see, so that’s why detoxification magic dind’t work, huh?……Wait, there’s some grass growing out of her right arm!?

“This is the detoxifying herb. You have to crush this……”

“You can make plants grow out of your hand…… That’s your power as a Shaker, right?”

She seems to be extremely familiar with this. She said that she produced these Flash Bulbs as well a while ago, so does this mean that she’s rather knowledgeable in this field?

“Yes, if I incorporated that plant into my body I am able to grow it or freely manipulate it. It also increases this medicinal herb’s growth speed.”

 The mystery of the Dinner’s fresh vegetables and the large quantity of hay was solved. They were made by Felicia, huh?

“Ah…… It’s disgusting, isn’t it? Me being able to make things like this…… But now—-”

“Not at all! Feli is amazing! You being able to create vegetables cuts back all the food expenses!”

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 Food expenses, you say?…… Almost everything would be used on you, though, you *******.

“You can create anything as long as it’s a plant?! Then is there any medicinal herbs that helps against hair loss?!”

 Old man…….

“Haah, that guy aside…… Without you, Felicia, neither of us a while ago and Bertra right now couldn’t have been saved, just to name a few examples.”


“So, how’s Bertra’s condition?”

“Ah, yes, I made her drink the antidote, but she has to quietly rest like this until the poison has been completely…… purged.”

“Is that so?……So you’re saying that I have to fight on my own, is it……?”

 That’s impossible…… What should I do?…….

“Why didn’t you include me?”

“Why didn’t you count me in?”

“Erin will be inside the sword so I’ll be the only living person that will fight! The old man’s attacks are useless against this enemy! So aren’t I the only other person who can use magic?!”

“Guess I have no choice……Should I use this just this once?”

 Hm? Use this?…… Eh?! Evenral’s blade turned to sand!?

“Old man, you can use Evenral?”

“Though I am a bit rusty, I am a former knight, you know? I can use something like a sword, so what shall we do?”

 That’s how it was, I completely forgot about the old man being a former knight.

“Then why didn’t you use it up until now?”

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“That’s~ I like swing my fist more than swinging a sword”

 Only for that reason……?

“However, that poisoned knife is rather troublesome, isn’t it? Can’t you do something about that?”

It’s about that, huh? Covering his whole body in armour…… it’s too late for something like that now.

“E, excuse me, please drink this”

“What’s that black liquid?”

“It’s the poison’s antidote, but if you drink it beforehand it can neutralize the poison.”

“Ooh, that is helpful……Nguh, ugeeh, bitteeeeer”

 What’s with that bitterness?!

“Is that so? I didn’t think it was particularly bitter though”

It’s just that the old man’s tongue is weird, isn’t it?

“Feli……There’s something I really wanted to ask you.”

“Wha, what is it?”

 Hm? Erin looks serious, I wonder what it is.

“Feri can change her body into plants right?”

“Ye, yes…… it’s like, this”

 Was there a problem with that?

“Then is that your real chest?”

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 What is that lass saying all of sudden?!

“Erin! Saying that just because you are fellow women, as expected, this is a little–!!”

“Is it plants?! Are they your own?! Hey, how is it?!”

 She isn’t listening!


 Felicia’s face turned crimson and hardened……Ah, the flowers on her head also turn crimson.

“What’s with this all of a sudden?!”

“Because Adia is all busty! And Feli is also pretty busty! I was wondering if that happens when you turn into a Shaker”

“……Why did this turn into a talk about breasts? Don’t you have enough, you *******?”

 About average though.

“I wasn’t thinking about myself, but I was worried about Bell being that flat~ I thought if she became a Shaker all her problems would disappear”

“Aah, I see. I mistook her for a man at first as well—- Wha!?”

An awful amount of killing intent could be felt from the sleeping Bertra!?!

“E, Erin, let’s leave that talk for later! Let’s have a strategy conference!”

“Hm? Got it”

 Good that Bertra isn’t feeling well yet……dangerous–.


“Hm? Did Bertra say something?”

 Sleep talk?

“Dale, Dale”

“What is it?”

“Bell, you know, she said “I. Will. Remember. This”.”

 No matter if we win or lose against Aida, there’s only death for me!?


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