[Vol. 2] Chapter 10 – If you mean the others they are already gone, you know?

“Hahahaha…… Imperial command? Receiving? Persuasion? What is this?”

 What on earth is going on? Even though that old lady seemed to have settled everything, our side is still troubled.

“Could you please explain this properly? We don’t know anything about this.”

“Ah, my apologies. –Ehem…… Well then, I shall convey you my fooli, King Riley’s imperial command. Master Fighter Darryl, you shall lend your strength to Hero Dale-dono and subdue the Demon Lord Dalewatts together with him.”


No, no, about him lending his strength or something, we fought together just now, but…… The old man is in such a state now.

 ……Such a……state……….

“Ah~ please wait with this conversation a little. Bertra, could you get the old man out.”

 It’s impossible. I can’t concentrate on this conversation while he looks like that.

“Ah, right”

“Ah~ are you getting me out of here at last?…… Good grief……”

“No~ It’s wonderful to be able to move freeeely~ Hoi, hoi!”

 He just came out of the ground and is now stretching…… He really is an energetic old man. He doesn’t seem to be tired at all, but I am already very exhausted.

“So, back to the conversation……It was about me going along with Sir Hero on this subjugation, right?”

“Yes, however, even if it’s an imperial command you were still undergoing punishment…… so you might still hold some dissatisfaction, that’s why I came to persuade you. Though it seems like it was a fool’s errand.”

 Dissatisfaction? Far from it. It seems like he was able to enjoy his retirement because of it.

“Fumu, I’ve understood what you said…… I’ve grown rusty in some places though. What about Hamlit and Ryuna? Don’t you think those two are more suitable than me?”

……Aaagain names I don’t know got mentioned.

“Bertra, who are Hamilt and Ryuna?”

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“Aah, Hamilt-sama is those two people’s son and Ryuna is Hamilt-sama’s daughter. Ryuna is the same age as me. Both of them are knights of Alumgam.”

 I see, two younger people certainly seem more suitable than a retired old man.

“Hamilt is now at the Western Fort acting as a Guardian Captain of Alumgam Kingdom, Ryuna is also on the way to the same Western Fort for the protection of the Kingdom. So, right now, in this country! Someone who is highly skilled! And has a lot on time on their hands! Is you! Who stands as straight! As a white feathered arrow!”

“Understood! I got it so you don’t have to make such a face! It’s scary!”

Ah~, that’s how it was, you’re saying you can’t afford to reduce the man power of the main force…….

 Mu? In that way, we won’t have any disadvantage as well.

“So Bertra, why did you want to come with us? Shouldn’t you also be in the main force?”

 The King also felt reluctant to let Bertra go.

“……That’s……My father was killed by one of the Four Demonic Heavenly Kings [Fire Eater Fraser], therefore–”

 I see……

“……You came with us for revenge, is it?”

“Fraser……. I have to, no matter what…… no matter what……”

 It seems better not to continue talking about this, this topic shouldn’t be touched with Bertra.

 ……And while I was talking to Bertra the old man was sitting in Seiza again.

“So! Do you! Have! Any Problem! With that?!”


“So I take it you accept then?”


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 Looks like they settled various things without us, though…..

 He originally planned to go with us to escape, so I don’t know how it became like this.


“Ah, yes?”

“Please, take care of my husband…… Darryl”

“Ah, no, same goes for me”

Hah! I was tempted to also lower my head! Even though the one before me is a humaaaaaaaan!

“Well then, with this the talks have concluded”

 Without my consent……

“Therefore, we will now go and prepare the victory celebration in Alumgam Castle”

 What? A celebration, you say?!

“Allriiiiiight! It’s rice~!”

“I’m huuungry~”

It’s only been a day but after being fed Bertra’s food I really missed the castle’s food.

“Then please board the carriage we will take you to Alumgam castle”


 That Erin flew into the carriage with some frightening speed.

“Salisa-sama, we thank you for your goodwill. However……”

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 Huh? What’s this bad feeling?

“My apologies, but we cannot return to the castle now”


 As I thooooooouuught! What is she saying?!

“Eh!? What did you say just no –Fugya!!”

 Ah, Erin bumped into the carriage. .

 No, more importantly!

“Oi! Do you understand what you are saying?!”

“Ouch…… That’s right, Bell! What are you saying?! Did you hit your head?”

 The one who hit her head is you, though.

“Did you eat something bad?! Then why don’t you just spit it out right now?!”

 That, if you say that, does that mean it’s just me who thinks that Bertra’s cooking is bad?

“I know what I’m saying, I didn’t hit my head and I didn’t eat anything bad either!”

 ……No matter what we say it’s useless on Bertra.

“We defeated one of the Four Demonic Heavenly Kings. It will only be a matter of time before the other Heavenly Kings start to move. We have to act before it’s too late…… Isn’t that right?!”

 Even if you say “Isn’t that right?!”!

 Her rushing like that is definitely that idiot Fraser’s fault! Even though I want to rest!

“No! I know what you want to say, but isn’t just a little fi–”

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“Bertra…… Your intentions are strong. Understood, I shall tell that to my foolish brother.”


 Wait, what about my opinion?

“Wait!!! I want to eat deliiiiiiiiiiiiicious food and I want to sleep in a fluffy and soft bed! I’m opposed to how things are going right now!”

“My age is advanced so my physical fitness has also deteriorated…….”

 That Bertra, she’s calmly preparing for our departure without even listening to them……

“—-There’s a town ahead, let’s prepare to go there.”

 Eei! This is also what Bertra wants to do, alright! I said that with a whack.

“Ehem, Bell–”

“Erin, give it up……It’s already come to this so it’s useless…… Let’s go……”


“—-Bertra, let’s hurry up and…… Eh…… Huh? Nobody’s there?”

“If you mean the others they are already gone, you know?”


 Wha?! They’ve already went ahead!

“Dale-dono what are you doing~?! Let’s hurry up and go~!”

“You Baaaaaastaaaaaards!! Listen to me when I taaaaaaaaaaaaalk!!”


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