[Vol. 2] Chapter 9 – Since I’m a real man I use my fists and this body to fight!

“For goodness sake! No matter if it was to defeat him, Bell is still a girl! To stab hear thigh with all your might! –Don’t worry, Bell, I’ll heal it so that not even a scratch remains.”

“Thank you……Erin”

“Don’t say it like I’m the bad guy here”

 Even if she says this, it couldn’t be helped since this was the only available part and the more the blade touches that part the more magical power could be sent.

“Ooooi~! It’s also important that you do something about this here!?”

Since the magical power disappeared the red stone swamp returned back to normal, hence the old man who we used as a stepping stone and sank into the swamp up to his waist seemed as if he was growing out of the ground, what a mysterious scene…….

“Sorry, old man, but my power isn’t enough to cut through stone and I can’t use magic to save you”


 If I used the most extreme explosion magic the old man would be in danger, but I can’t just leave him there, huh?……Isn’t there something like a blunt weapon somewhere? If I smash the stone with that then– 

“Darryl-sama, I’ll help you as soon as this wound is healed. I can cut through that with the remaining magical power.”

 If it’s that Zankoutou then you can do it, because those stones are just of normal density, far from the density of Orichalcum.

“Oh yeah~ We were just in battle, but neither Bell nor grandpa Darry used magic, right? Why is that?”

 ……Hmmm, ever since Erin came here there’s been an unnatural variation in what she does and doesn’t know.

“……Huh? Did I say something weird just now?”

 Haah, though explaining this is a pain, it can’t be helped as it’s important for future battles.

“In Bertra’s case she couldn’t use it even if she wanted to because her magic swords require magical power. Same goes for inherent magic, so when Figueroa used his red stones he couldn’t have used any other magic.”

“Ah~ Now that you say it~ I see. Huh? But grandpa Darry didn’t use magic swords or inherent magic, right?”

 Right? I wanted to ask about that as well.

“That’s something I was curious about as well. If you can use magical power to strengthen your body, normally shouldn’t you be able to use magic as well?”

“Ehm……not good……”

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 What is it? Did he have some reason?

“Ehm…… That’s right! Since I’m a real man I use my fists and this body to fight! It’s not because I’m bad at using magic!”

 I thought there was some deep reason, but he’s just bad at using magic!!
Also for that amazing person they call the Master Fighter…… to have such a weakness.

“How’s that possible…… to have such a reason……”

 Looks like Bertra was hearing this for the first time as well, huh…… It’s greatly disappointing. I have no idea if this Hero called Master fighter is amazing or not. Now I’m also doubtful of that Master Swordsman.

 Well then, looks like the soldiers were cleaning up afterwards and while Bertra is treated and the old man gets rescued I’m able to slowly rest, huh.

 Hm? Something’s coming towards us. Is that…… a carriage? Why is a carriage coming to this place? Ah, it stopped?

 ――Oh, someone came out of it. It’s a refined elderly lady wearing a purple dress….. She’s coming this way…


“Ugeh! Sa-Salisa!? Why are you here?!”

 Hooh, that’s the old man’s wife, huh? She certainly gives of a strong-willed impression.

 Bertra as well. Are all women of this country like that?

“While I was on my way to your house, urgent news arrived that you were fighting here and — For what reason are you in this foolish state?!”

“No! Wait! I’m not fooling around! While I was in battle–”

“What happened in that battle for you to end up like that?! Hurry up and come out of there!!”

That figure of him growing out of the ground can’t be helped but seen as him fooling around. He doesn’t look like someone having fought a battle at all.

“He-hey! Don’t pull at me! It hurts, it hurts! Guys, safe meeee!”

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 The old man struggled desperately to escape, but he can’t run away like this.

“Sa-Salisa-sama, Darryl-sama really was, tch~”

“Ah~ Bell, don’t move. I’m not done closing it yet”

“My! What might have happened? Bertra, will you be fine with that wound?!”

“Hey, wai!? Guho!”

 While the old woman took off to Bertra she exquisitely kicked the old man in the face. It seemed like she was kicking a ball, but was that just my imagination?

“Oi! Because of that I have a noseble–”

“I’ll take care of you later!…… Aah, poor Bertra”

“……Even I’ll cry, you know?……”

 She treats that old man so badly, I wonder what kind of life…… No, thinking about it, this is the natural consequence of his actions, isn’t it?

“Yes, since Erin is treating it now”

“Leave it to me~”

“Is that so? If it’s like this that’s fine then”

“……I’m not fine though……”

 Now that she mentions it, the wounds I got from Figueroa have almost completely healed as well.

 Erin’s healing magic is quite something. It will be indispensable in future battles.

 It’s a good thing but also a bad thing…… right?

“Aah! Pardon my late introduction. I am Darryl’s wife, Salisa is my name.”

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I already know about you.

“First of all…… Hero Dale-sama, Erin-sama, Bertra, you splendidly defeated Figueroa. Thank you very much, I shall reward you in place of my foolish bro….. I mean, King Riley”

“Ah…… No……”

 Foolish?…… Where you about to say “my foolish brother” just now? No matter how much he’s your little brother he’s still the country’s King, you know?!

“And now…… Deear!”


The old man’s upper body which was not buried in the ground stiffened up.

“I sent you a letter telling you to stay home, didn’t I? Could it be that you didn’t read it?!”

“No…… About that~ Well~ Uhm……”

 How could he say that he tried to run away?

“– However, let’s forgive you this time”

“Heh? You forgive me?…… Why?”

“The reason why I was going to your base was to directly convey the imperial command of my foolish brother to you. I came to persuade you, as my foolish brother was worried you might not accept it.”

 You clearly said “My foolish brother”, you know?…… I don’t want to say anything, but is this country alright……?

“However, for you to already join the Hero before I could even convey the imperial command…… I was surprised as well, but as expected of you.”

“Eh? N, no~ even so, Da~hahahaha……”

 Oi! You came here to escape from that old woman, you old fart!!


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