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[Vol. 3] Chapter 8 – So you’re telling me to fight on my own, is it?

“Haah, haah…… If it’s this far…… Haah, haah…… I think it should be…… fine”

“Heeh~ heeh~ as I thought, it was Felicia, huh? Haah, haah…… Why were you in that place?”

“That’s…… My parents were killed by the demons……So I got worried about all of you…… I’m sorry…… For carelessly following after you!”

“No, you saved us in the end because of that, right? Was that shining ball also from Felicia?”

“Ah…… Yes…… That’s right, it’s a Flash Bulb I mixed…… together”

 It’s something Felicia mixed together, you say?

“I’m sorry, but let’s leave the formalities for later, right now we have to take care of Bertra. Are you alright? Hold on!”

“Auh! Haah, haah…… Uguh”

 I’m curious about Felicia, but…… Bertra’s condition is more important now!

“Erin, detoxification magic!”

“Even though I’m trying it on her since a while ago, it doesn’t work…… Why?!”

“You’re saying it can’t cure the poison?!”

 Then does that mean, there isn’t a method to cure this poison?!

“—-This smell…… Please excuse me!”

Hey, hey, Felicia suddenly took her robe off and bite into the…… wound!?

“Feli!? That appearance—-”

 Her right arm was made out of intertwined vines and branches, her hair were green leaves with small, white flowers blooming on top of it…… That’s what she was hiding under that robe, huh?

 I couldn’t see it through the robe, but…… a considerably huge part became some kind of fruit, didn’t it……?

“Hmpf, so you were a Shaker?”

“Puha…… Yes. Long ago, magical power ran rampant in my body, resulting is this appearance……I couldn’t enter the city with this appearance so I ran away to that oasis.”

“I see…… So you are the oasis’ witc—-Gafuh!!”

 Old man…… as expected…… that punch to my solar plexus…… is painful…….

“I’m sorry for this guy saying unnecessary things. And, it’s a little late but thank you for saving us. You really saved our lives.”

“No, I’m already used to being called witch……. Ehm, I found out this poison’s true nature.”

 Did you find that out by sucking on the wound?

“Feli, how is Bell? Can she be cured?”

“Yes, it’s a poison made by mixing a bug called the Marelis Ankh and the poison of a flower called Mutsujenia. There are some medicinal herbs which can counteract the poison of the Mutsujinia so it can be cured.”

“What a relief~!”

“Why is that Mare something bug mixed into it and why can’t it be cured with detoxification magic?”

“The Marelis Ankh is a magic resistant insect. Mixing it with a poison creates a poison that can’t be cured by detoxification magic. Well then, I shall immediately create the antidote for Mutsujinia.”

 I see, so that’s why detoxification magic dind’t work, huh?……Wait, there’s some grass growing out of her right arm!?

“This is the detoxifying herb. You have to crush this……”

“You can make plants grow out of your hand…… That’s your power as a Shaker, right?”

She seems to be extremely familiar with this. She said that she produced these Flash Bulbs as well a while ago, so does this mean that she’s rather knowledgeable in this field?

“Yes, if I incorporated that plant into my body I am able to grow it or freely manipulate it. It also increases this medicinal herb’s growth speed.”

 The mystery of the Dinner’s fresh vegetables and the large quantity of hay was solved. They were made by Felicia, huh?

“Ah…… It’s disgusting, isn’t it? Me being able to make things like this…… But now—-”

“Not at all! Feli is amazing! You being able to create vegetables cuts back all the food expenses!”

 Food expenses, you say?…… Almost everything would be used on you, though, you *******.

“You can create anything as long as it’s a plant?! Then is there any medicinal herbs that helps against hair loss?!”

 Old man…….

“Haah, that guy aside…… Without you, Felicia, neither of us a while ago and Bertra right now couldn’t have been saved, just to name a few examples.”


“So, how’s Bertra’s condition?”

“Ah, yes, I made her drink the antidote, but she has to quietly rest like this until the poison has been completely…… purged.”

“Is that so?……So you’re saying that I have to fight on my own, is it……?”

 That’s impossible…… What should I do?…….

“Why didn’t you include me?”

“Why didn’t you count me in?”

“Erin will be inside the sword so I’ll be the only living person that will fight! The old man’s attacks are useless against this enemy! So aren’t I the only other person who can use magic?!”

“Guess I have no choice……Should I use this just this once?”

 Hm? Use this?…… Eh?! Evenral’s blade turned to sand!?

“Old man, you can use Evenral?”

“Though I am a bit rusty, I am a former knight, you know? I can use something like a sword, so what shall we do?”

 That’s how it was, I completely forgot about the old man being a former knight.

“Then why didn’t you use it up until now?”

“That’s~ I like swing my fist more than swinging a sword”

 Only for that reason……?

“However, that poisoned knife is rather troublesome, isn’t it? Can’t you do something about that?”

It’s about that, huh? Covering his whole body in armour…… it’s too late for something like that now.

“E, excuse me, please drink this”

“What’s that black liquid?”

“It’s the poison’s antidote, but if you drink it beforehand it can neutralize the poison.”

“Ooh, that is helpful……Nguh, ugeeh, bitteeeeer”

 What’s with that bitterness?!

“Is that so? I didn’t think it was particularly bitter though”

It’s just that the old man’s tongue is weird, isn’t it?

“Feli……There’s something I really wanted to ask you.”

“Wha, what is it?”

 Hm? Erin looks serious, I wonder what it is.

“Feri can change her body into plants right?”

“Ye, yes…… it’s like, this”

 Was there a problem with that?

“Then is that your real chest?”


 What is that lass saying all of sudden?!

“Erin! Saying that just because you are fellow women, as expected, this is a little–!!”

“Is it plants?! Are they your own?! Hey, how is it?!”

 She isn’t listening!


 Felicia’s face turned crimson and hardened……Ah, the flowers on her head also turn crimson.

“What’s with this all of a sudden?!”

“Because Adia is all busty! And Feli is also pretty busty! I was wondering if that happens when you turn into a Shaker”

“……Why did this turn into a talk about breasts? Don’t you have enough, you *******?”

 About average though.

“I wasn’t thinking about myself, but I was worried about Bell being that flat~ I thought if she became a Shaker all her problems would disappear”

“Aah, I see. I mistook her for a man at first as well—- Wha!?”

An awful amount of killing intent could be felt from the sleeping Bertra!?!

“E, Erin, let’s leave that talk for later! Let’s have a strategy conference!”

“Hm? Got it”

 Good that Bertra isn’t feeling well yet……dangerous–.


“Hm? Did Bertra say something?”

 Sleep talk?

“Dale, Dale”

“What is it?”

“Bell, you know, she said “I. Will. Remember. This”.”

 No matter if we win or lose against Aida, there’s only death for me!?


[Vol. 3] Chapter 7 – Ufufufu~ do entertain me, okay?

“Well then, let’s go!!”

[Got it! Master!]”

“I shall go!!”

“Ufufufu~ do entertain me, okay?”

“Haah……Good luck~”

 Old man, I get it that you are shocked that you turned out to be useless, but could please not look so blatantly depressed next to me, because from this point on the battle starts……
I’m sorry old man, but even if that wasn’t the case the outcome would have already been decided. Adia hides in small spaces in the hard ground, making full use of her water constitution, and uses her poisoned knife to cut down her opponents. Because of that violence she is called violent water.

 However, you can find nothing but sand here, she can’t use her hiding technique on soft grounds such as this. With that tactic sealed she isn’t an opponent to us at all! Chohahaha!!

“Haaah!! Sei!”

“Wups, That’s a magic sword, is it not?…… If that sand sword hit, my skin would have been damaged, you know?”

 You’re opponent isn’t only Bertra, you *******! Don’t forget about me!

“Ice Shot!!”

“Oh my, attacks like that won’t hit me, you know~”

Dodged it, huh? It seems like my magic doesn’t really hit much recently…….

 Well, it was enough to break her posture.

“Got you! –Wha! That can’t be?!”

“Wah~, how dangerous”

 She bent her body 90 degrees from that unstable posture and avoided that?!

 I see, it’s obvious that she can bent her body however she wants as it is made out of liquid…… Am I an idiot?! I overlooked such a simple thing, because I was preoccupied thinking about physical attacks not working on her!

“My, oh, my, hm~ that magic sword and that rear guard’s magic are quite troublesome~…… Well then, time for me to get serious as well!!”

Getting serious? Chohahaha!! What are you saying, when your hiding tactic is completely useless in this pla…… Eh?

 Adia sank into the sand! No, it looks more like she got sucked in.

“Kuh! What the hell is this?!”

 What on earth did Adia do?!

“Ufu, I’m over here, you know?!”」

“- -!?”

 She jumped out of the sand without any signs!?

“You did well, blocking that just now, then how about this?!”

Kuh, she got sucked back in by the sand again. If she keeps moving like that I can’t aim my magic

“****, Bertra! Can you stop Adia’s movements?!”

“Guh! Blocking them! Is already! Hard enough!”

 Right, we can’t know where she will come out again after all……

 However, she can react well to Adia’s movements, while I can’t follow them at all.

“Ufufufu! Good, good! You did good being able to follow these movements!”

 ****! What’s with this move? I haven’t seen it up until now!?

“…………I see, I got it!”


“What’s the matter? Raising your voice like this”

 That surprised me……What, it was just the old man? I completely forgot that he was next to me during this battle.

“N-no, it’s nothing……. So, what did you get, old man?”

“It’s about Adia. Sand immediately absorbs water. Taking advantage of her liquid body she is able to freely move around the sand.”

“I see, so it was like this, huh?…… Hm?”

I haven’t heard anything about Adia having such a fighting tactic!? That Alfreeeeeeeeed!!

 A, anyway, let’s first do something about this current situation! What should I do? Is there any way…… That’s it!

“Bertra! Jump up!!”

“Eh? What do you mean with—-”

“It’s fine, just do it, hurry up!!”

“U, understood!”

Adia will go grab after Bertra when she jumps up, without a doubt. I’m aiming for the moment she stretches out her arm to Bertra—-

“Now!! Ice Wave!!”

 It immediately froze the ground! Though this might have been impossible at noon, but desert nights are pretty cold. With this, Adia will freeze as well if she is close to the ground’s surface and even if she is not she doesn’t have a choice but to break out of the frozen ground, cracks that will occur will tell us where she is. As expected of me, a splendid strategy.

“Ooh, you let the ground freeze over, huh? Did Adia freeze along with it?”

“It would be great if it were like this. How is it Bertra? Did Adia freeze as well?”

“Please wait…… No, there is no ice that looks like Adia.”

 Tch, did she evade it? She didn’t hold the position of one of the Demonic Heavenly Kings for nothing. Looks like she grasped my intention behind shouting jump up, huh? If it’s like that I’ll just attack the place she will come out of! Now, come out from where ever you are!

“!? Dale-dono!! Behind you!!”


“That’s no goood, how about this sir rear-guard shows me how to ski~?”

 ****! I froze the area around Bertra but my surroundings stayed as is. For me to miss something like that……

“Oryaa!! —-Kuh, as I thought it’s impossible for my fist to reach her, huh?!”

 The old man’s attacks won’t work. It’s over…… in this place I shall…….




 What? Something cut through Adia’s arm…… that’s a sand…… Sword? Evenral?!

“Are you uninjured?!”

 Bertra threw Evenral, huh? I was saved thanks to that.


Did Adia head towards Bertra while bouncing off the floor?! How? To bounce on top of sand, that’s……! Did she use the frozen ground?!

 Crap, Bertra doesn’t have Zankoutou right now! She can’t block Adia’s attack like that!

“Fire Ball! Ice Shot! —-****, as I thought, it won’t hit! If it’s like this then, old man, take Evenral and……”

“Bertraaaaaaaaaaaa! I’m cooooomiiiiiiiing!!”

 He’s sliding on the ice?! How skilful…… No, no, that’s not it!

“Old man! It’s fine if you just throw Evenral back to Bertra! It’s not necessary to take it to her directly!”

“Ah, is that so?…… —- Bertra!”


 Crap! She went around Bertra’s feet!

“That hurt just nooow~ So I’ll return the favooour!!”


 Bertra was stabbed with a poisoned knife!

[Bell has been stabbed!]

“Get away from Bertra! You! You!”

“Grandpa, even if you attack me like this, it’s useless, you knooow~”

 This situation is very bad. Bertra was stabbed by that poisoned knife, the old man’s attacks won’t hit and I can’t use magic with them crowded together like this…… What should I do?……. What would be the best course of action?!

 ……Hm? What is that? Something flew over……Something round?……A ball?

“!? Oooooooooooh, too, too briiight!!!”

“What is this, what is this?!”

“Kyaaaaaaaaaaa, my eeeeeyeees!!”

 The ball exploded and released a terribly bright light!? Eyes, my eyes!!

《Dale-sama, over here! Darryl-sama, please take Bertra-sama and come with me!》

I got pulled by someone in that light, this voice…… Could it be, Felicia……?


Starting Anew as the New Me Vol. 3 Chapter 6

Good evening, everyone.
Here’s the sixth chapter of Starting Anew’s third arc.
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[Vol. 3] Chapter 6 – I don’t feel like it, but I’ll do it this time

“Because her subordinates started their attack on Marelis now, Adia’s surroundings are completely unguarded……”

 It was the same with Figueroa, but why is it that our army’s generals are always unguarded like this?…… Isn’t that just asking to get surprise attacked?

 When I return to my original body I have to see that this policy is getting changed…… Returning to my original body…… is it? When will the day come on which I can return to my original body, I wonder. Even if I return, if the Four Demonic Heavenly Kings are missing our war potential will drop tremendously.

“We should finish her off before it is too late then!”

 And making more of my war potential disappear……

 However, the things that Figueroa said are certainly circulating among all the demons without a doubt, so they will think of me as their enemy like they did at the time of my Demon Realm Unification, so I shouldn’t feel daunted.

“Right…… Adia seems to be absent minded as well”

“Hmpf, if it’s like this, should we launch a surprise attack?”

 Well, in this situation that’s only the natural conclusion. The area is dark as it is night and she’s unguarded. Now’s the best chance.

“…… Again, huh?……”

 Uwah……Bertra’s face blatantly showed her unwillingness.

“……Understood…… I don’t feel like doing this, but I’ll do it this time”

“Eh? Bertra will?”

Why? Though she looks like she really hates it.

“If, like with Figueroa, one were to miss this chance, like a certain someone did, then this whole matter would be meaningless.”

 Gufuh! Don’t mention that incident! It hurts my heart!!

“You shouldn’t say that, Bell! You’re hurting Dale!”

 Right, right! Is that Erin trying to defend me?

“Though he did get scared by the height, closed his eyes and just jumped ……”


“Even than he immediately regained his posture and tried to attack with magic! —- which didn’t work though……”

I’m taking my words back, what you are doing is hitting me with the finishing blow…….

“It’s enough…… Erin, shut up, you *******”

 I didn’t close my eyes at that time! And wasn’t it you who forgot to tell me about the matter with magic?!

“What’s with you~?! Even though I’m trying to defend you here with all I’ve got!”

“In which way?!! That’s not what one would call defending!”

“Wha!? Dale, that’s mean! I did—-”

“……Would you mind coming to an end with your conversation, you two?”

“”Ye, yes!””

 Don’t get angry! Don’t glare! What will you do if Adia notices us!

“Good grief. So…… This time, I will decide it in a single —– Blow!”

“Uoh!? —-Cough, cough!!”

 The force of her kicking off the floor made sand fly up. Would you mind holding back a little?
So, Bertra is~ heading in a straight line towards Adia. She sure is reckless…… Hm? The sword Bertra is holding is…… Zankoutou……? This is bad, Bertra doesn’t know about Aida’s characteristics!

“Wait! Bertra!!”

“The one who takes the initiative shall earn victory! Got it!!”

 ****! I was too late, huh? —- She cut Adia lengthwise……But.


“Oh myyy?”

 No matter how sharp Zankoutou is, you can’t cut Adia, the only thing you cut through is that necklace she was wearing.

“Oh me, oh myyy? Something fell down—- Aaaaaaaaaah!! My favorite necklace!! It’s cut in two!?”

 No, it’s not only limited to Zankoutou, no matter how sharp any physical sword is they won’t be able to cut Adia.

“This, my sword stroke was perfect though…… No…… It’s like I cut through water……”

 Adia takes the form of a person but her body was always made out of liquids…… One cannot cut water.

“……I wonder, was it yooou who cut it apart?”


 That Berta, is she trying to gain some distance?! That’s useless!

“Did you hear—-”

“Erin, use the magical power to strengthen my magic!! Old man, while I’m shooting magic run and get Bertra!”

[Got it!!]


 Make it in tiiiiiiiiiime!

“What I saaid—-”

“Air press!!”



 I tried to stop her movements with an air bullet, but did I make it?!

 I wasn’t able to adjust the magic because I was in a hurry, but –That sound similar to water hitting the beach was Adia, and that voice sounding like a frog getting crushed is…….

“Old man! What happened to Aida and Bertra?”

“Bertra looks like a crushed frog and Adia turned into a puddle!”

 So that frog’s cry was Bertra after all, huh? ……Looks like she got crushed by the maximum force.

“Then take Bertra and quickly come back here!”

“On it! Oppsie daisy”

 Old man, could you at least carry her on your back…… If you put her over your shoulder she looks like she’s luggage.

 Well, it’s fine. Bertra is about to collapse. I wish that just now damaged Adia as well, though.

“Fuuh, here you go, I’ll put Bertra down”

 You putting her down also looks like you are unloading luggage.

“……Are you unhurt?”

“……Unhurt? Like hell I am!! Why did you suddenly crush me?! I completely hit my nose! No, more importantly, while I was franticly trying to gain some distance—-”

[Watch out, you two!!]

“Watch out! –Tch, that knife turned into something like water and burst! What the hell is this?!”

[But you stopped that knife, didn’t you? Nice, grandpa Darry!]

“…… If you jumped back to gain distance than you would have been hit by that knife. You wouldn’t have been able to avoid this in the air.”

“That’s…… Adia’s arm……grew……?”

“Oh my, looks like someone got in the way. How very unpleasant”

Looks like she didn’t get much damage from that Air Press.

“Because Adia is made out of liquid she can move her mass around and grow parts. And she can freely liquefy any object by consciously touching it.”

 It’s pretty nasty, so it’s best to fight Adia with magic from a central position where she can’t reach, like I did in the Demon Realm, but…… my magical power right now is like a drop of water on a hot stone……

“Hmm~? Apparently, there’s someone who knows about me~”

 However, there’s also a way to beat Adia in close combat. It’s unpleasant that I can’t do it, but it’s for the sake of defeating her so it can’t be helped…….

“Bertra, can you move?”

“My body is still aching, but I’m fine, I can still go”

“Then fight using Evenral with a sand or air blade, if you use attributes and not just physical attacks then you can deal her damage!”

“I see, sand it is then……”

“Then I shall support you with magic”

 It’s almost completely useless, but it’s better than nothing.

“What should I do?”

“Old man…… you should rest, because you aren’t really of any use right now”

“What did you say? You’re telling me not to fight?! That’s—-”

“Old man, did you knock out water before?”

“……there’s nothing I can’t knock out……”


[Vol. 3] Chapter 5 – Looks like the General is “Violent Water Adia” of the Four Demonic Heavenly Kings

Hmm, we can’t really confirm if what she said was true after all……

“Didn’t you just mistake some humans?”

“There aren’t any people with such a strange appearance! There’s no doubt about it, they are the Demon’s army corps!”

 ……With that Erin being this serious it seems to be true.

If that’s the case they might come to attack here using the light of this house as orientation. That would be very troublesome.

“Is that Demon army corps coming this way?”

“Hm~ …… No, looks like they haven’t noticed this place. They are walking straight in that direction”

 They are walking straight and aren’t coming over here, you say? Although they are quite the distance away from us, but in this complete darkness the light of this house is really conspicuous and you’re telling me they aren’t even curious about it?

“Why aren’t they attacking this place?”

“About that…… I think…… It’s because of the barrier”

“Uoh!? —-What, it’s just Felicia? That surprised me……”

 As she wore a black robe she blended into this darkness, that’s why I didn’t notice her approaching us.

“Ah, My apologies…… for surprising…… you”

“N, no, don’t worry about it”

 Getting surprised like that all the time, today’s a bad day for my heart.

“So, about the barrier you mentioned just now, do you mean the Insect Repelling Barrier?”」

“Yes……It’s not just a protection against insects. My mother……Added a function so that Demons won’t be able to look…… though it”

 I see, so that’s why I, who is a demon, couldn’t see through it, huh?

 Hmm? So that means……

“Huh? It seems like Dale wasn’t able to see the house because of the barrier as well though……”

“Now that you mention it……”

Riiiiiiiiiiiiight? As I thought it got to thiiiiiiiiiis!! If they investigate this more closely it can only turn into something troublesome!!

“M, my eyes are as bad as the ones of insects! What a meaningless conversation! Chohahaha!! — M, more importantly, rather than me…… Right! The Demons! Demons!! I don’t think this Demon corps’ advancement is a trivial matter!”

“That is certainly the case. Shall we also head there?”

“That’s right, but it would be great if they don’t act in the middle of the night……. Fuah~ It’s already time to sleep for old people, good grief.”

 I somehow managed to change the direction of the conversation…… Though I have to bear the shame of saying my eyes are as bad as the ones of insects……

“Excuse me……I……”

“Felicia-san, please don’t leave the house”

“Ah…… Yes, understood”

 I want to wait inside the house as well…….

“Even if we just go after them, they will notice us if we light torches, so please lead the way, Erin”

“Got it! Well then, follow me properly, okay~?”

“Come on, Sir Hero, let’s go”

 As I thought, I have to go with them, huh?

“I didn’t even say a single word about me wanting to go…… It can’t be helped, huh?…… Eh!?”

 The area suddenly turned dark!? —- Ah, I see, it’s because we went through the barrier, huh?

 …… I see, I really can’t the see light coming from the house.

“O~i, Dale! Why did you stop and look back for~? We’re leaving you behind, you know?”

“Don’t leave someone behind in this dark deseeeert!!

“Over here, over here~ hurry up~”

 Over here, over here, you say. Because Erin is flying she’s having it easy but for me it’s hard to walk on this sand!

“That direction….. Aren’t they headed for Marelis Kingdom?”


 Will they go and attack the castle in the middle of the night, like this?

“…… As I thought, it was Marelis Kingdom”

 They really came…….

 Hmm, in that gaudy, distasteful palanquin’s seat sat a female Demon arrogantly, wearing just as gaudy and distasteful ornaments. Her whole body was translucent, her height was approximately the same as Annanet’s and she had long hair that reached until her feet…… Looks like she is in command of this corps.

“Hmpf, it looks like the general is “Violent Water Adia” of the Four Demonic Heavenly Kings”

“One of the Four Demonic Heavenly Kings, huh~? Her body looks kind of transparent”

“Adia is a Shaker 1 One cursed by magic, the reading was Shaker 2

“Shaker, you say?”

“They are people who had their bodies changed by rampaging magical power. You’ll be in a state in which you always have to apply your inherent magic on your own body making it impossible to use other magic. In Adia’s case, her body turned into water like liquid, therefore her body is transparent”

“However, that demon has quite the nice body~. Those places that should stick out are sticking out and the ones that should be tucked in are tucked in! What an ideal body!”

“”You’re the worst””

…… Old man, because Aida’s body is liquid she only shaped herself like that, this isn’t her original body as a slime.

“However, they can’t enter, because they put down barrier stones, right?”

 Those barrier stones made by the angels are so strong that it takes even me considerable time to destroy them…… Eh, you’re telling me they easily destroyed the castle gate?!

“Why did the castle gate get torn down?!”

 Do the barrier stones not work properly……? What’s with this?!

“L, look at that!”

Next to Aida there’s …… a male…… human……?

“****, I can’t understand what they are talking about. Erin, are you able to hear them?”

“Yeah, if it’s just at this distance it’s all good~ all good~”

“Then please tell me what they are talking about”

“Got it!…… Ehem — [Ufufufu~ Well then, shall we start our attack?]”

“…… You don’t have to mimic them, really”

 Besides the voice she was also mimicking their intonation and gestures.

“Eh~ but isn’t it easier to understand like this?”

“It’s fine already, just talk normally! Hurry up!”

“Mu~…… Got it~”

 Would you stop with that dissatisfied looking face?

“Ufufufu~, shall we start our attack?”



“We destroyed the barrier stones as promised, dehehe, so about that reward……”

Oh my~ there was something like that, huh? Well then, Let. Me. Give. You. Your. Reward”

 I see! So she made the humans destroy the barrier stones huh?! If I did it like that I could have avoided this whole mess!

 Why did this not occur to me……?

“Tha, that man got stabbed by a knife!”

Adia’s weapons were knifes, besides…….

“Ageh!…… Eh……? ……Wh……y……?”

“This isn’t just a mere knife, it’s laced with a special poison I painstakingly made~ It’s the best reward you wouldn’t usually get to see~ ufufufu~”


 As she can’t use magic, the knife is the most suitable weapon for her, but it’s quite disadvantageous to fight with it as you won’t kill anyone if you don’t hit a vital part, so she laces it with poison.

Well, from the humans’ point of view this would be called unfair……But you can’t survive with such naive things as fairness in the Demon Realm.


[Vol. 3] Chapter 4 – You should learn how to show some hesitation, you *******!

“Ah~ I ate well, I ate well~ My stomach’s full~ I can’t move anymore~…….Burp”

 Well, if you ate that much, of course it would turn out like this. With your stomach that full…… I had trouble carrying you into the room.

 Haah, let’s leave that Daruma alone for now.

“Is everyone alright? There’s something I’ve been curious about. It’s about that dinner.”

“Ah, there’s something I’ve been curious about as well”

“Though I don’t know if it’s the same thing, it’s the same for me”

“Eh!? Is that so?! ……Burp, I can’t move right now, how dangerous……”

 As I thought everyone but that lass have questions as well……

“……Erin, you don’t have to participate right now, so you should go and track Felicia’s movements. If she comes in while we are in the middle of talking like a while ago, we would be in trouble.”

“Okay~ got it~……Burp”

 Let’s start to carefully talk then.

“Well then, is it fine if I go first?”




 Erin, stop answering…….

 We also had food just now, good grief.

“……While we were having dinner I noticed that it mainly consisted out of vegetables. I don’t think there’s any place for her to grow them in this desert and even if we could say she conserved them, she doesn’t have any room for that…… Moreover, there’s no doubt that that girl alone couldn’t eat these quantities of food.”

“Is that so? Though I think it’s a normal amount…… Burp”

“That’s because you are abnormal! In the first place, you should learn to be more cautious, you *******!”

“About the dinner and the thing with Erin, I agree with Dale-dono”

“Wai!? Bell!?……Burp”

“I was paying attention to the sound of our footsteps to determine if there was a basement, but there weren’t any unusual spaces under the floor.”

Bertra was checking that with our footsteps, huh?

 Something under the floor……I didn’t think about that at all. I just looked at the house’s rooms…….

“Hmpf, I’ve had the same thoughts as you two, about the dinner and Erin”

“Grandpa Darry as well?!…… Burp”

“And the vegetables were obviously fresh as if they were freshly picked. That’s why I looked outside, but there was nothing that resembled a field there.”

 Is that so? I ate the food not thinking about if it was fresh or not…… I mean, I never worried about such things when I ate in the Demon Realm as well.

 I mean, the food of the Human Realm is just too delicious, except for Bertra’s cooking…… It’s a good flavour I wasn’t able to taste in the Demon Realm…….

“Other than the dinner…… I was curious about the reason why Felicia-dono pulled down her hood so deeply, but she didn’t even take it off while eating dinner.”



“Ah…… Aah, yeah, tha, that’s right, I was also curious about that”

 I didn’t feel anything wrong because Annanet also had her hood deeply pulled down while eating as well……I see, it’s usually strange to wear a hood inside the house even while eating.

“Her face isn’t visible as well, right?”

“Hmmm, she might have some circumstances……maybe it’s because there are people here now”

“That might also the case. Maybe she didn’t take it off because of us……”

 ……Did Annanet also have some kind of reason?

“After that, it’s about the hay in this room. I’ve been living on my own as well, but this is clearly too much, same as the dinner”

There was something weird about the straw?! I only thought that it was much better to sleep on than sand.

“Hmpf, is Felicia a witch after all and uses some method to increase the straw and food…..? Something like that.”

 That’s a bit of a forceful thought……

“Hey~ hey~ is that so strange? There’s inherent magic as well”

“Inherent magic just strengthens magic or a specific medium and can’t multiply things.”

 Just…… she might be call a witch because she’s able to multiply things in some way.

 Rather, your stomach has already pulled back?! Did you already digest the food?!

“Hah~ I see……—-!?”


 I got surprised because Erin suddenly stood up.

“What is it so suddenly?! Is Felicia coming here?”

“No, that’s not it……”

 It’s not Felicia?

“Them, what is–”

“……What? This sound of a large crowd’s footsteps……”

 What is it? Erin’s face was unusually tense…… Her face looks the same as the time when Bertra used her most disliked food to cook. Bertra’s cooking + one’s most disliked food are really a nightmare.

 Putting that nightmare aside, sound of footsteps, you say?

“Ehm…… the sound of footsteps, is it?”

“I’m not hearing anything out of the norm though……”

 Both Bertra and the old man are surprised by Erin’s sudden change.

“There’s some kind of large crowd headed to this place!”

“Ah! —-Oi! Erin!?”

 That lass, she literally jumped out of the window, but why on earth is she doing that?!

“What’s wrong with Erin?!”

“I don’t know! Anyway, let’s follow her!”

 There she is! What a relief, she was hiding herself, keeping a low posture behind the rocks in front of the house. If she just flew into the sky we wouldn’t have been able to find her……

 Mu, looks like Erin noticed us and then raised and lowered her hand……Then she looked up? Then she repeats this process…… I wonder what that lass is doing.

“Apparently she’s telling us to lower our bodies and to come to her.”

 Aah…… I see, then why can’t she use her own mouth to say that…… what a troublesome lass.

“What’s the matter? Erin, for you to suddenly jump out of the window”

“What’s this about?!”

“Shhh~! Be quite! If you raise your voice like this these guys will be able to hear you!”

 You called us over with your hand because you didn’t want to shout, but your voice is the loudest right now so I’d call that meaningless.

“…… Who are these guys?”

“Look at that!”

 She points her finger at something.

“Even if you say that, it’s too dark, I can’t see anything……”

 Because the sun is going down, it’s already pitch dark and because there are no other buildings around other than this house there is no light either. Moreover, because of the cloudiness there’s not even light from the moon or stars, just complete darkness……

“I can’t see anything either……”

“I can’t see anything particular either.”

 Everyone’s the same.

“Why can’t you see anything?! You can see things with the moon and star light shining through the clouds, can’t you?”

 Who’d be able to do thaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!

“Are you an idiot?! Normal humans wouldn’t be able to see anything under these conditions!! You’re the only one that can see anything so hurry up and tell us what’s there, you *******!”

“Ah~ come on~! There’s an army corps of demons advancing towards this place!”

“What?! Demons?!”

“What did you say?!”

“! ? Demons!?”」

 That place covered in darkness Erin is pointing to…… that’s where an army corps of demons is?!


[Vol. 3] Chapter 3 – What’s wrong with that person?

“Ehm…… Come, inside”

 We were invited in…… I was so desperate to escape from the heat that I completely forgot that this is a witch’s house.

 ……Is it really alright to go inside now?

“Excuse us~!”

“Please excuse us”

“Pardon our intrusion”

Even though Erin knows the matter of the witch, she entered without hesitation…… No, she just forgot it, didn’t she? I can’t tell this matter to the others like this.

 …… Alright, looks like nothing happened even after everyone entered, Now that the security is confirmed I can enter without a problem.

 ――Hmpf, the inside seems like any ordinary house…… Mu?

“Hey, aren’t there any other people?”

“My parents, ehm…… had an accident…… so I live alone…… in this house”

“Hmpf, is that so?”



“Sir Hero……”

 Don’t look at me with such cold eyes! Even I understood that I said something wrong!

 I’m reluctant to lower my head to a human but it can’t be helped. That’s what these eyes looking at me also indicate……

“Ah~ Ehm~……I didn’t know……I’ve been careless, I’m sorry”

“Ah…… No…… I don’t mind…… Well then…… This way”

“Ah, yes……”

 ……What’s with you?! Didn’t I apologize?! Why is the atmosphere still so heavy?!


This silence is painful…… Too painful…… I didn’t know it was like that, so it’s not like it could have been helped, right?!

“Ehm……I am sorry, but……there’s only this room…… with only straw on the floor…… where you can sleep in……”

 It’s really only a room with straw on the floor.

 Though you can’t call this luxurious…… No, I’m not in any place right now to say that.

“No, don’t worry about it as long as we have a place to spend the night we are happy. We are thankful to have a bed, right, everyone?”

“Eh? Ah~ that’s right!”

“Ah, yeah! I love straw beds~!”

“U, umu. Isn’t it fine enough?”

 Those guys don’t want to change the topic at all, do they?…… I’m getting impatient, you know?

“Is that so?……Ehm, I’ll go prepare the meal…… so if there’s anything, please call.”

“Ye, yeah. Sorry for that”

 She’s gone.

 A meal, huh. Will something like a snake or a frog appear?…… Hm?


 These guys, they are still staring at me with those eyes!!

“You Bastards! Don’t look at me with those eyes! Why aren’t you happy?! Why didn’t you say anything after me in the first place?!”

“Dale-dono, as you were the one to say it you should do something about it on your own.”

“That’s right, that’s right”

“Right~ right~”

 Theeeese guuuuys!!

“That’s why I apologized though reluctant! Was that wrong?!”

“You were reluctant to apologize in that situation?! What are you saying?! Please think about Felicia-dono’s feelings!!”

 I mean, a human’s feelings are a mystery to me, how could I possibly say that to them?

“No, but, you see–”

“Hey~ Hey~ just leave that idiotic guy, there’s something I’ve been thinking about”

 The mood and this conversation were completely overthrown. This spirit really is too free-spirited……

 Rather, idiotic guy? Me?! You mean me?!

“……That’s right. Bertra, let’s leave this talk for later.”

“Haah…… Understood. So Erin, what were you thinking about?”

 Somehow it seems like I’m the only bad guy here…….

 What’s this? This unsatisfied feeling?

“So yeah, if Felicia is living alone here, I was wondered if she’s the witch”

 Oh, that, huh?

“……If she lives alone that might be the case–”

“Witch, you say!?”

“What’s with this?! I haven’t heard about that!?”

 Oh yeah, those two didn’t know about this.

 Explaining this is a pain, but…… It can’t be helped.

“I see, so the gatekeepers said something like that.”

“It’s certainly suspicious for her to cover herself with that robe like that, but a witch?……”

“Did she put some traps inside the house?”

“It’s puzzling that she refused us at first though. Wouldn’t you use the trap right from the start?”

“That’s right, huh~?”


 We don’t have much information so we don’t know anything at all.

“Ehm…… The meal is finished”


 When did she come here! I didn’t notice her coming in at all!?

“S-sorry to bother you, having to come over just to call us”

 As expected of the old man, an immediate reaction.

 How shameful…… My heart nearly jumped out of my mouth.

“Don’t be…… Ehm, what’s wrong with that person?”

 What’s wrong with who? What is she saying?……Wha?! That Erin, she was trembling with only her head inside the straw!! As I expected she’s overreacting!

“Eehm, this is~ you see~…… Right! There’s a tradition in her tribe where they aren’t allowed to let others see their tears! She was so happy about having a place to sleep and getting to eat a meal that she cried and she is now trying to hide her face because of that! Don’t worry about it!”

 I was desperate. Although it was me who said it, but who the hell would believe this?

“My, for there to be such a thing…… Then, after she has calmed down….. Please come over.”

 Eh? She believed that? She didn’t seem particularly different than before though.

 For her to believe something like that, what a strange girl.

“Dale-dono…… It seems like…… I haven’t heard about that before though?”

“…… I hope so. Hey, Erin, get your head out, she’s already gone”


 The only thing great about that fellow is that her ears are great.

“Hey~ hey~ Dale”

“Hm? What?”

“Do spirits really have such a tradition?”

 You are more stupid than I thought.

“…… It was a lie to deceive her, isn’t that obvious? Why did you even think about asking me about the traditions you have in the first place?”

“Right~? I thought it was strange.”

 Good grief, this lass…….

“Haah…… Let’s be more cautious for the time being”



“Got it~”

“Yaaaaaaaay!! Food! Food!”

“This looks delicious!”

“Ooh! What an appetizing meal!”

“This is!!”

 Before my eyes was a proper meal, something I wasn’t able to taste in the past week!! Is that what one calls happiness?!

 Eh, wait, wait! What would happen if I suddenly let my guard down?! I’ve lost control over myself after seeing this feast before me, how dangerous…… Looks like the others have also pulled themselves together.

“Hm~! Delishiiiiiiiish!!”」

 —-Except for this idiotic Spirit……

“Nom, nom! You all should eat too! Nom, nom! It’s really delicious!”

 ……Looks like there’s nothing abnormal about the meal.
Alright! Now that I know that it’s safe to eat, thanks for the meal!

“Let’s see, let’s see……Hamu, ooh! Delicious!”


[Vol. 3] Chapter 2 – I am Felicia. Felicia…… Meredith

“Ish~ Hoooot~….. Aren’t we at the Oasis yeeet~?”

“……It’s as hot as before, didn’t you say the same thing for the last week?…….Good grief.”

“Buh~ Buh~! Well hot things are hot! I’m just voicing it out!”

 Ah~ she’s really annoying. Isn’t this desert journey getting much harder because of that?

 However……It’s not like I don’t understand why she’s complaining…… We walked quite a bit since then, when will we get there? Do people even live here in this remote place in the first place?!

 ……If these gate keepers have deceived us I will ******* tear them apaaaaaaaaaaart!!!

“Oh? Is that it? ……There’s a single house visible next to the oasis.”

Hm!? What did you say just now?!

“Did we finally arrive there?! — Where is it?!”

“Look, it’s over there”

 The old man’s finger points to–.

“……There’s no oasis let alone a house…… Were you finally driven mad by the heat, old man?”

 Anywhere I look there’s just sand, sand, sand and more sand.

 Good grief! Making me feel happy so prematurely, that old fart!!

“How rude! I pride myself in my good eyesight! Did you take a good look?!”

 Even if you tell me to take a good look…… There’s nothing there.

“Ah! You’re right! There’s a house built there!”


“Looks like what these gate keepers said was the truth, what a relief.”


“Y-you bastards can see something there?!”

“Yeah? I can see something…… Dale you can’t see that house?”

“Where your eyes that bad?”

 Gunununu!! Though this isn’t my real body, but what’s with this sense of humiliation?!

“Ah, could it be because of that insect repelling barrier?”

“Insect repelling barrier?!”

 Why is there a barrier set up? No, no, before that.

“Why can’t I see anything?!”

“Aah~ so that’s what is was, huh?”

 What was what?! Am I the only one who doesn’t know?!

“See, there are various types of insects in this desert, right?”

 There are a lot of them….. Some are even poisonous.

“There are, but what does that have to do with me not being able to see anything there?”

“It’s a weak barrier to confuse the sight of beasts and insects…… normally…… People can look…… through it……”

 So that means…… Ehm…….

“You’re telling me that the present me is on the same level of insects……right?”

“Looks like it”

“Looks like it……Not!! Why does the human me not see anything?! — is it that cursed sword’s fault because it sucked out my magical power?!”

“Like I said! It’s an angel’s sword not a cursed sword! And it’s not Absohaze’s fault!”

“You’re noisy! That’s how far you’ll argue! There! There!”



Why must I always get hit by that old man…….

“Haah…… Anyway, let’s go”

 Though there’s nothing in the direction we are going–.

“Uoh!? What the hell?!”

 An oasis and a small house suddenly appeared!?

“It’s because we entered the barrier”

So that’s the house at the oasis, huh?

 Does the witch of the oasis live in this house like Erin, no the gate keepers said?

“Well then, let’s ask them, shall we?”

 ……Well, I wonder what kind of person that witch is.

“Excuse me, is someone there?”


 A delicate voice could be heard, so there certainly lives someone here.

 …………Oh? The door opened a little.

“……Ehm…… Who…… Are you?”

 I can’t see that person’s figure properly through that door gap, but judging by that voice it seems to be someone young.

 I don’t know if it’s a girl or boy. Is it the witch’s child or grandchild……? Well, who is that person?

“I’m sorry, but we–”

 Well then, we explained our circumstances…… there wasn’t any reaction from that person.


I can’t see them, but it seems like they are taking their time thinking about this…… Right?

“Ehm…… uhm……”

 Oh, finally a reaction.

“……I’m sorry, but…… I can’t……let you lodge here……”

 We spent so much effort to get here! Give me a break!!

“Therefore……Please…… leave……”

Aah! The door is closing!

“Waaaaaait a seeeeeecoooond!! –Ouch ouch ouch ouch!!”


 That Erin shoved her fingers in the gap!!

 Nice, we can somehow get her to let us lodge here!

“Ouch ouch ouch ouch!! Pleaseeeeee~~~!! Ouch ouch!! We walked ouch ouch!! Through the desert ouch ouch!! For a whole week already ouch ouch!! We couldn’t sleep properly ouch ouch!! We didn’t even have ouch ouch!! Have a proper meal ouch ouch!! I want to eat delicious foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood ouch!!”

 What strongminded words, her desperation is amazing……

“Wha!? Bedding aside didn’t we have proper meals?!”

 The only ones who think those were proper meals are Bertra and the old man.

 No, more importantly we have to persuade that fellow!

“Bertra, there are more important things right now–”

“What do you mean by that?!……No, that’s right, we have other priorities right now. –Please! Somehow! Come on! Dale-dono lower your head as well!”

“Wha!? Why should I lower my head…… Wai!? Old man!? Why are you grabbing my head–”

“It’s fine already so just lower your head!”


 He used too much power to make me forcefully lower my head! He should control that monstrous power of his…… If this continues like this, my neck might breaaaak!!

“That’s…… But……”

“Ouch, ouch, ouch! Pleeeaaase~!!”

“We beg of you!”

“Please show some consideration!”

“Ugaaah!! M, my neck!!”

“……………… Understood…… I’ll let you stay here for a night……”

Finally the door was opened……

 Hmpf, the one that appeared was shorter than Erin….. A boy? A girl?……Though they came out they wore a black robe and deeply pulled down the hood, so I can’t tell.

“Thank you very much!”

“You saved us”

“Alriiiiiiight!! Ouch, ouch, ouch……”

“Hey, old man, it’s fine already, so could you let go of me already……?”

“Wups, sorry, sorry.”

Looks like we can lodge here but the price we payed was high…… Erin’s fingers are swollen and my neck is staying bent……

“Ah, I apologize for this late introduction. I am called Bertra Touan.”

“I’m Darryl Bold”

“I’m Erin and that over here is Dale!”

“And I am…… Hey! Why did you introduce me, you *******!?”

“Isn’t it fine? There’s no particular reason, it just came out”

 Don’t say things however you want!!

“Ehm…… I’m Felicia. Felicia…… Meredith”

 Hmpf, so she was a girl, huh?


Starting Anew as the New Me Vol. 3 Chapter 1

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