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[Vol. 3] Chapter 1 – We are the Hero Party who have defeated Figueroa!

“We are there, this is Marelis Castle.”

 Dinesh’s eastern country, the Kingdom of Sand {Marelis}.

 After going through the desert for a week…… we have arrived at long last…….

 The daytime’s heat and the night’s coldness were both harsh…… But! It was literal hell to continue to eat Bertra’s cooking for that one week!! With this I am released from that!

“I’ll go inform the gate-keeper then.”

 Thus the cat-eared knight ran. These cat ears are supposedly just bed hair, but for some reason ever since the fight with Figueroa that bed hair didn’t seem to go away.

 Erin said that there’s a possibility of my magical power having influenced her…… This body has been partially changed as well so it seems possible…… Although I don’t know if it’s true, it seems like Bertra bore a huge grudge against me.

“Ah~~ Ish hot~ I want to quickly enter~ I want to eat delicious food~ I want to sleep in a bed~”

“I also want to eat delicious food and rest in a bed, you know?”

“Right, Sir Hero. After coming along with you there’s something I’ve been curious about”

 Something you’ve been curious about? Did I do something?

“……What is it?”

“This “Wagahai” 1 and so on. Isn’t it a weird form of speech?”

“Eh!? Is it that strange?”

“……Well, it might be because of how you were brought up, but it’s rather out of place compared to today’s youth……”

 What’s with these extremely doubtful eyes he’s looking at me with?

 No, even if you tell me something like that, it’s impossible for me to fix it because it’s a habit already–.


 Hm? What’s the matter?

 Looks like Bertra is confronting the gatekeeper for one reason or other.

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“Why can’t we go inside?!”

 What?! We can’t go inside, you say?!

“Other than those who are from Marelis, everyone else is prohibited from entering. This is the command of Marelis’ King. Leave.”

 What the hell’s with this?!

“Like I said! We are messengers sent by the King of Alumgam–”

 Those guys, their faces look like they are done…… They won’t even lend us an ear………

 Uoh! Bertra’s face has turned bright red and she seems considerably mad.

“Krrk!! This is the letter written by King Reily Alumgam the third! It is a conveyance directed to Marelis’ King!”

“Haah~……I got it, I got it, I’ll keep the letter. Now, if you don’t have any other business, leave.”

……They are unapproachable.

“That’s! Hand it to him immediately! If you let your guard down the Demon Lord’s forces will……”

“The King is a busy person. Moreover if the Demon army does come we have the barrier stones and Marelis’ soldiers will be the ones to protect this Marelis. If you’ve understood hurry up and leave!”

 Can these guys only say leave, leave over and over?

“Don’t say such mean things~!”

 Erin flies around the gate keepers like a fly……

“Eei! How irritating!! How many times do I have to tell you–!?”

“Oi, that one is floating in the air!! Is it a Demon?!”

 Geh! They’ve readied their spears! There are some serious sparks flying here!

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“Wait a minute! She’s certainly floating in the sky, but look at the wings on her back, she’s just a harmless spirit!”

“……Spirit, you say? …… I see. Oi, at ease!”

“However, even if it’s a spirit……”

“I don’t care”


 What a relief, they seem to be satisfied with just that.

“Are you guys that hero party who defeated Figueroa in Alumgam?”

 Hmpf, the speed at which this reached the outside is quite fast.

 If it’s already like that with the Human’s transmission system then it might really only be a matter of time until the Demon’s will start to move like Bertra said.

“That’s right! We are that hero party that defeated Figueroa! Ehen!”

 ……You *******, you were basically just inside the sword. That’s not something to brag about, you know?

“So let us in already!”

 I don’t know where the “So” came from.

“Even if you are the hero party that defeated Figueroa, this and that are two different things. I cannot permit you to enter! The command of Marelis’ King is absolute”

 What’s with them……?


“You Bastards, if you don’t knock it off then–”

 Again with those spears, aren’t those guys blood thirstier than the demons?

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“Those spears aren’t scary at all!! With this Erin-sama’s magic–”

 Haah…… Even if we continue to argue they won’t come to an understanding.

 I should stop Erin, huh?

“Hey Erin, calm down! There, there”

“Uga~! Let go of me, Dale!! I’ll sent them flying with a single blow!!”

“Erin, I’ll also hel–”

“Don’t do it!”

Aah! This one and that one as well!!

“Could you two knock it off?!”



 The old man’s fist really hurts…… I experienced it with my own body.

“Fuuh…… I am sorry for the disturbance. We will pull back until Marelis’ King has granted us permission, but please take care of the matter with this letter.”

Will they really hand it over, these guys?

“Since you won’t let us enter are there any other towns or villages nearby? We aren’t familiar with this place and we didn’t see anything else while coming here.”

 That’s right! If there aren’t any towns or villages near by does that mean we have to camp out?! Right in front of a town?! Will it turn into something this ridiculous?!

 In the first place, if we have to camp out that means Bertra’s cooking…… I don’t want that anymoooooooore!!

“Aren’t there any?! Hey, are there any?! Oi!!”

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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 Please let there be one!!

“Tch, you’re a noisy one, aren’t you?……Yeah, that’s right, if you walk east from here there should be a small oasis. The person who lives there is–”

“Ehm, there is–”

“It’s fine so shut up. You should try visit that place because there’s a person living there……I don’t know if they will let you lodge there though”

 They are keeping something from us, but as long as I don’t have to camp out and am free of Bertra’s cooking I won’t complain.

“What shall we do, everybody?”

“Haah…… As long as I can rest somewhere anywhere is fine~”

“……There’s nothing else we could do”

 Bertra, don’t glare at them with those eyes, we might get into trouble again.

“We don’t have anywhere else to go, so why don’t we go and take a look?”

So we agree to go to the oasis, then?…… I hope we’ll arrive there quickly.

“……E,ehm…… Is this really fine? At that Oasis a witch is……”

“Leave them be, leave them be. It’s none of our business. Perhaps they’ll get along well when they meet. Guhahaha.”

“Hm~? There’s a witch at the Oasis?”

“There’s a witch at the oasis, you say? What’s with this?”

 What is that Erin saying all of a sudden?

“Dunno, those gatekeepers were saying that just now.”

“They said that, you say…… Wha!? Even though we are quite far away you could still hear their voices?!”

“Yeah, I was kind of curious so I listened to them. Usually there’d also be some noises mixed in, but if I concentrate then I can hear them from this distance.”

 If that’s the case there might be a possibility that she heard my conversation with those low ranked demons before, how dangerous……

 I won’t talk to them anymore, but I can’t allow her to listen in on my private things, so I have to be careful…… However–.

 “The Oasis’ witch…… is it? I have a bad feeling now for some reason……”



  1. That’s “I” Dale uses. It’s archaic. Morgana from Persona 5 uses it as well btw
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