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[Vol. 1] Chapter 4 – I’m Dale

“Erin……is it……”

 This unique magical power…… that fellow’s a spirit, huh?

 The area fell completely silent and even I can’t grasp the current situation.

“That’s right~ Ooh~ Amazing~ There are so many people! Yoo-hoo!”

 Can’t you read the mood? How can you just wave your hand at the audience in this situation?

“Your Majesty! That person pulled out the sword!!”

“Umu, there’s no doubt about the Angel’s Sword coming loose”

 What are you saying, Riley? Though you said the sword came loose, but– eh!? Since when was I holding that sword?! No, rather why did I pull out the sword when my purpose was to destroy it.
However, this situation is bad…… Aah, as I thought, that Riley guy is coming over.

“……What is your name?”


 What are you saying so suddenly?

“Oi, you *******! Aren’t you going to answer the King?! What rudeness!”

 That Devan guy shouted at me while looking like a Demon. Even if you don’t shout at me with such a loud voice……

“Well, this person…… seems to be confused about the current situation. — I’ve asked for your name.”

“Ah, I’m D……”

While I was speaking I pulled myself together again. Right now, I’m inside the body of a human and as much as I pride myself in being the Demon Lord with the name Dalewatts, this body won’t let me introduce myself as such.


“D……D~……Da……le, Dale……? That’s right! I’m Dale, Dale!”

 At that moment, the human named Dale was born.

“Fumu, Dale, is it?”

“Ooh~ my master is called Dale, huh?”

 The spirit that waved to the audience until just now came over here unnoticed and interrupted my and Riley’s talk. Riley, too, turned to look at the spirit with interest. Looks like I could get away with that name somehow.

“Just what might you be……”

“Me? Huh? Didn’t I say I was Erin?”

 The spirit tilted her head and looked puzzled. Why does she look so puzzled? Doesn’t she get that she was asked what she is, rather what her name is? I also want to hear about that, you *******.

“No……that’s not what I mean, you came out of the Angel’s sword and you have something like wings on your back, as I thought you aren’t human……”

“Aah, I see, I see! — Ehem”

 After hitting her hand with her fist, she cleared her small throat. What typical movements.

“I am the spirit Erin who resides inside of the Angel’s Sword [Absohaze]. This Angel’s Sword [Absohaze] is a sword made by the angels in ancient times, able to defeat the demons, created for the occurrence of the demons invading the Human Realm.”

 What an annoying thing they created, those angels…….

“This Absohaze has the ability to absorb magical power. When someone with considerable magical power among the humans touches it, it will absorb it and using the magical power as a medium I’ll materialize.”

 I see, this human’s and my magical power together is quite a considerable amount. That’s why this spirit appeared when my magical power got sucked out…… Huh? Did I perhaps do something pretty bad just now……?

“Then, that human will become my master and use me to defeat the demons. That is the mission I’ve received from the angels. Therefore Dale got chosen! He’s to subjugate the demons together with me!”

 She pointed her finger at me. As I thought I did something terrible.

 This is very bad, too bad! I have to do something!

“No, no, no! Something like that is impossible for me!”

 That’s right, I’m a demon and what’s more the Demon Lord, the one supposed to get subjugated. I can’t just subjugate my own countrymen!

“Impossible, you say? It’s alright! Since I’ll support Dale, besides you were able to pull out Absohaze and I was able to materialize so there shouldn’t any problem.”

The Spirit held my hand with a smile. No, there is a problem.

“Thi, this must have fallen out by some mistake! It’s definitely not because of my power!”

 In a panic, I throw away the sword and tried to leave the place, but as soon as I turned around I saw a muscular chest. I was blocked from leaving by Devan’s hand and the soldiers surrounding me.

“Where do you intend to go to? Dale-dono?”


 Riley and Erin join the strong soldiers surrounding me and Devan. I can’t escape anymore if it’s like this.

“Dale, a lot of things happened today and you must be exhausted, let’s talk about the details tomorrow. Let’s hold a feast and why don’t you stay in the castle for the night? — Start the preparations immediately.”


 Riley’s eyes look serious. If I try to run away now, I might get killed.

 Looks like I don’t have any other choice other than to obediently listen to them……


 On that day, the Hero Dale was born as well.


[Vol. 1] Chapter 3 – I’m Erin, nice to meet you!

“– So this is the Human Realm [Dinesh], huh? It’s so bright, it’s hurting my eyes……”

 Looks like Gate worked just fine, but unlike the Demon Realm, the Human Realm is too bright. So humans can live in places like this……

“Eh~m. Where did I put Alfred’s report on the Human Realm? There it is, there it is.”

 ……Every time I look at this, I remember Alfred’s face when I started to invade the Human Realm and told him to summarize all the information on it. Though the words “Only Now?!” didn’t leave his mouth, his face said it all. To this day I still can’t forget it because it was strangely humiliating. Anyway, this would be the first time that I set foot in the Human Realm.

 It seems like this world had a bloody history of fights among the same race as well. This doesn’t seem to change no matter where one goes.

 Then, after they came to a consent, the late Kings separated the east, west, north and south with borders. Like this, the Northern Kingdom [Calrick], the Southern Kingdom [Alumgam] and the Western Kingdom [Valgas] were built…… I don’t really understand this. I believe only one ruler would be enough.
And what lies before my eyes is the Southern Kingdom [Alumgam] where the ceremony will be held. In the middle of the castle town surrounded by an outer wall made out of cut stones lies a castle, but my castle is much bigger and cooler.

 However, that barrier created by those ****** angels…..There’s something that looks like a bubble covering the whole castle town and us demons can neither enter nor destroy it. What kind of mechanism is behind this?

 No use thinking about things I have no idea about, so shall we try entering?…… My heart is throbbing.

“Oh, Chohaha! I entered quite nicely”

 It’s good that everything went according to plan, but……

“U~mu, where is this?”

 At this rare sight I was wandering every which way and, as a result, ended up entering these maze-like back alleys.

“……Well, it’s fine, I can still see the castle. If I head in that direction I should reach my goal one way or another.”

I’m able to see the castle just by raising my head, let’s get this over with quickly.

“You there!! Get out of the way!”


A brown-headed boy ran in my direction, hmpf! Is he heading towards me? Ridiculous, why should I give way to you? Quite the opposite, I should send you flying and–

“Wait, oh yeah, I’m in a human body now!! Guhee!!”

 That brown head sunk his head with all his might into my stomach making me fall and hit my head.

 This double combo was considerably painful……

“Guooooooo, you, you *******!!! Where were you looking!!?!”

“Tsu~ That’s why I said get out of the way, wait, whe- where do you think you’re touching, you *******!!”

 Where, well, my hand is positioned on the youngster’s chest, but I don’t have a hobby to do this to men. If it were a woman maybe. Anyway, isn’t that fellow strange?

“I’m just touching the chest of a man so what’s — Habu!?”

 That boy that was blushing for some reason changed his facial expression to look like a Hannya mask 1 after hearing my words and sent an iron fist flying. It splendidly locked on to my face and made me dance through the air…….Right, right, I once heard that sparks can fly out of one’s eyes and today was the first time since I was born I witnessed it.

“I am a woman!! Aah, damn it!! I don’t have time to spend on you today, I’ll forgive you for this one time. Be grateful”

 After saying that, this youngster left…… That young lady took her former position and flew into a mad dash through the back alleys again.

“Fuga, What the hell was that!? I will never forgive you! The next time I’ll meet you I shall take care of you!”

Damn, my nose’s tip hurts, why do I have to look like this? — Ah, I finally reached the main street.

“Oi, looks like the ceremony will begin soon”

“Finally, huh? Alright, let’s go and have a look!”

 Why don’t I just follow those guys, who appeared quite timely, to the place the ceremony is held?

“Chohahahahahaha, it begins at last! Time to spread despair!!”

 This is the Castle’s yard, huh?……It was filled with so many people. From where the hell did these guys appear from?

 And there was a shining sword stuck in an altar……No mistake about it. That should be the Angel’s Sword.

 Hm? There was a middle-aged man wearing a luxurious mantle, a crown and an excellent moustache approaching the sword……Ah, that guy’s Alumgam’s king [Riley Alumgam the Third], huh?

“Well then, I shall start the ceremony now!!”


 While the spectators were excited by the King’s words the ceremony started. I’m looking forward to turning these cheers into screams!

 Although it was enjoyable…… but no matter how many courageous men went to pull at the sword it made no indications of getting pulled out and after approximately half a day it got somewhat hard to stand.

“Oi, oi……That sword looks like it won’t budge at all……”

“Is it going to be alright……?”

 The spectators started to get noisy and Riley’s face showed some impatience as well.

 Useless, such an expression doesn’t fit a king.

“……That was the last one”

“What did you say!? Was the legend wrong…… If it goes on like this……”

 Riley held his face in both hands seeming discouraged. I wonder if it failed.

 If that’s the case, didn’t I become a human and stood around for half a day for nothing?

 Mu, a big knight next to the King moved, that certainly was the captain of the Royal Guard, Devan Duke, huh?

“With all due respect, how about we let the audience participate as well? Just in case……”

“……The audience as well, is it?…… Alright, let everyone participate”

“Certainly! –Listen! From now on everyone is allowed to participate! Gather around the Angel’s Sword!”

 At those words, people started to move towards the altar, I have to escape before I get rolled up in this……Escape……I can’t, I completely missed the timing.

“Wait a minute! Don’t push! I don’t plan to go there! Eei! Get out of the waaay!”

“Oi, what are you doing? It’s your turn next, you know?”

“Get out of…… Heh? Me?”

“That’s right”

 It seems as a result of me trying to escape I unintentionally ended up at the front.

 I don’t have any other choice than to destroy this sword in front of everyone’s eyes.

 Well then, Oh Angel’s Sword get torn to pieces by this Dalewatts’ hands!!

“Nuooooooooooooooooooooh!? Wha, what’s with this!?”

As soon as I grabbed the Angel’s Sword it started to absorb my magical power!? ****, I can’t let go of it, it’s perfectly stuck to my hand!!

 What is this?? Rainbow-coloured particles overflowed from the Angel’s Sword and what’s more, they turned into a person’s form?


 With the appearance of the light, so bright I couldn’t open my eyes for a while, there was some kind of weird sound, what on earth…… there was a 15-16-year-old girl with rainbow-coloured butterfly wings gently floating before my eyes.

 Her height was slightly shorter than my current one so she was about 165cm tall, the big purple ribbon on her chest was awfully conspicuous on her white one-piece dress and it’s absolutely impossible for her to be a human as there were pointed ears thrusting out of her straight light blue hair, which nearly connecting with the big purple ribbon. There were butterfly-like wings on her back as well.

“Wh, who are you, you *******?!”

“Me? I’m Erin, nice to meet you!”

Noticing this Erin and the others smiled and laughed……This fellow’s dangerous, she also has the jagged teeth which I consider as my charm point!

[Vol. 1] Chapter 2 – Alright! Let’s use this guy

“Hahi, De-Demon Lord! Shouldn’t, you…… Hahi, think, think this over, once more?! Hahi”

 Alfred who ran, chasing after me and desperately tried to persuade me was truly annoying……Annanet didn’t say anything and did her best to follow me. Although I am walking normally, those two people, who didn’t have wings, could only run to keep up because of the difference in our strides.

 However, their words cannot move my heart, as my belief is to go through with whatever I have decided upon!

“No! I have already decided! I shall put it into practice without fail! –It’s here, huh?”

 I kicked the door, exclusively made for my size in front of my eyes, to open it, making it fly away…… Well, I’ll make Alfred repair it later, so it isn’t a problem.

 The humans caused a commotion as soon as they saw us, and as soon as they understood that it was me who came the commotion changed into jeers.

“That ******* is Dalewatts!! You did well to lock me up in this place!”

“I’ll kill you! No matter what, I will kill you, you *******!!”

“Get out of here!! You Demon!!”

Various jeers flew towards me, but I understood by merely looking into their faces that this was just false bravado to desperately mask their fear — It was really comedic and pathetic…… just looking at them made laughter well up within me!

“Chohahahahahaha!! Aren’t you all energetic, well then……”

 I sized up every human inside the cage, as they will serve as this one’s body for a period of time.

 Hm? That man’s quality of magical power is on a different level from the rest, let me see–

“Wha, what are you doing! Let me go!”

 What a noisy guy……His height is about 170cm, his features are well proportioned and his blond hair was cut short, though he was a little too skinny as we only fed him the minimum amount of food, the magical power he held was still stronger than the others. As I thought…… If it’s that guy’s body it might be a good fit for me.

“Alright! Let’s use him! I can feel strong magical power from this guy different from the others! Splendid!”

“As expected of Demon Lord-sama, to become aware that this person hides strong magical power at a glance. However, it seems like he was sent as a soldier to the front line because he wasn’t able to master it.”

 Annanet also perceiving the other party’s magical power made me think that it was just her guess, however that’s fine.

 However, what a stupid human, if he trained just a little, he might have been able to stall our army for some time.

“Wha, what are you going to do, guh”

“Chohahahahahaha! You should feel honoured! I will use your body as my vessel, you *******!”

“!? What do you–”

“Demon Lord-sama, would you bring that human to this rack over there. Would you please weaken him a little more?”

 In the direction Annanet was pointing to was a stone table cut into a rectangular form and used for dissecting humans, however…… Even though I’m the Demon King, I just can’t get used to that stench for some reason…… I can only do it quickly.

 So, how should I inflict pain upon him? I’ll do that after all, but first
I should put him on the rack.

“Ouch! What are you do…… GyaAAAaaaAaaAAh!!!”

Just a slight electric shock brought forth this fierce cry, how sweet! Good, give me more. – – Huh? His cries ceased and his body was twitching. Did I overdo it?

“Demon Lord-sama, any more than this will kill him!”

 As I thought, I went too far. How fragile humans are.

“I see, well then I leave it to you, Annanet”

“Yes……Well then, if you may excuse me.”

 Though she is using her unique magic it is somewhat humiliating to have a subordinate place their hand on my head……Why did she place her hand on the human’s chest then? Shouldn’t it be the other way around, Annanet?

“Well then, I shall start, Hah!!”


 What is that feeling? It feels like Annanet is sucking something out of my body! Ah…… My consciousness…… is fading…… Gone…… My bod……y’s……strength……is leaving……

 It’s bright, what happened? I can’t think clearly, feel tired and can’t move properly.

“Demon Lord-sama, can you understand me?”

“……Annanet? I can’t see your face with that hood on…… Aah, so it certainly is Annanet, huh?……”

“Looks like it was a success”

Fumu, looks like she succeeded, Hm? What is that thing crushing Alfred over there?

 A muscular body of about 2 meters, the black cloak matched him greatly and his charm point were those jagged teeth similar to a shark’s , however, his unkempt raven black hair nearly stretched out to his waist for some reason…… Wait, that’s my body, huh?

 My~ It’s different from looking into a mirror. However, looking at myself from a third person’s viewpoint I really am a perfect and splendid existence!

 So, this is that human’s body, so thin…… too thin……Isn’t it too fragile?

“The body moves as I want it to…… there don’t seem to be any problems”

“……Is, that so……this is…..Well……”

 Hm? Why are you looking away, Annanet? Was there some problem?

“Annanet, what the hell is wrong? Didn’t you succeed?”

“Ah, yes…… I succeeded….. Well…… it’s……”

 Hm? A mirror? No matter how I look at it I can’t see anything but a human…… not.
The short blond hair turned jet black only at the top of my head and though I think it’s good to have these jagged teeth which are my charm point, but–,

“As I thought, there aren’t any other humans who’d have jagged teeth like this, but how did this happen?”

“Perhaps that human’s body changed partly because it got influenced by Demon Lord-sama’s soul and your too powerful magical power…… This didn’t happen in past experiments so I can’t give a clear answer”

 I see, so my grand magical power had an influence on this human’s body, huh?

“Well, it’s fine, I’ll only temporarily use that human body anyway. Fortunately, the only part that’s weird is the head, it’ll be fine if I just wrap some clothes around it — Hey, Alfred, how long do you intend to keep lying there? Carefully carry my body to my bed!”

 Well then, as I thought, I’d stand out if I just walked around in this piece of rags, there certainly should have been a box containing the garment of the humans we confiscated when we took them prisoner somewhere around here, there it is, there it is.

 Let’s hide the top of my head with a turban and wrap this long cloth around my mouth then put on some inconspicuous clothes……

“How is it? This appearance?”

“Yes, if it’s this appearance the humans won’t notice”

 As expected of me, my fashion sense is also perfect.

“I’ll leave the rest to you. If the time has come, pull me back immediately, understood?”

“Certainly, Demon Lord-sama”

“Demon Lord-sama, good riddance~”

“Umu! Well then, I’ll depart! Gate!!”

 Gate is a movement spell. If one tries to use it to move around the same world it isn’t such a difficult spell, but it’s a different story if one tries to use it to connect to a different world, however if one is of my class it’s an easy feat to use Gate to move from the Demon Realm to the Human Realm. I was really worried if I could use it properly in this human body……

“Chohahahahahaha!!! Just you wait, you humans!! This Dale Watts-sama will give you a taste of despair!!”

 Well then, let’s go! This will be my first step to conquering the Human Realm!

[Vol. 1] Chapter 1 – I’ll do it personally

There exist three worlds.

 The world, in which human beings live, the human realm [Dinesh].

 The world, in which the angels live, the heavenly realm [Evans].

 And the world, in which we demons live, the demon realm [Bahadur].

 The blood-like red moon illuminated the mountains, which drilled out of the magnificent earth dyed in red, representing the beautiful Demon Realm. In the middle of this beautiful piece of earth, cut into a big mountain, was a castle, this is my home!

 It feels really great sitting on this splendid chair, my throne, made for my exclusive use.

 With a height of close to 2 meters covered in splendid muscles, this jet black mantel just served to heighten my physical beauty.

 The shark-like jagged teeth are my charm point, and even though I’m concerned by the two horns and the jet black shaggy hair almost stretching out to my lower back, this couldn’t be helped as the blood of ogres is also flowing inside of me.

 My name is Demon Lord Dalewatts, the demon that unified the various races of the Demon Realm.

“Alfred, how is the progress of the Human Realm’s invasion?”

Alfred is a plump 150cm tall demon with red skin. His sharp ears rose up as he gave his report seeming frightened, as he scratched his head. Though he is like this now he was the last person who defied my unification of the Demon Realm, but now he is working as my close aide and a Demon General of the army.

“Yes, with the Four Heavenly Kings as core our army is advancing steadily. However, there’s only one place us demons can’t put our hands on, because of the barrier stones created by the angels.”

 Barrier stones, they were made by the angels to create a barrier preventing demons from entering…… I didn’t know those things were in the Human realm.

“How about the Heavenly Realm’s, the nest of those hateful angels, movements?”

“The Heavenly Realm remains silent, maintaining their powerful barrier.”

 Annanet who was beside Alfred answered.

 Annanet is a female demon who is a General the same as Alfred. With her height of about 170cm she was slightly tall and her face couldn’t be seen well as she wore the hood of her slightly torn white robe, she was covered in, very deeply. I have never seen her face in our long-lasting relationship. I met her when I was still at a young age and ever since then she supported me with various matters. She is an excellent subordinate, however, her red eyes which occasionally flashed from under the hood were actually pretty poor.

“As I thought, they won’t move, huh……It’s different from the Demon Angel War 500 years ago! The Demon Realm is in my hands!! And soon I’ll hold the Human Realm in my hands as well! Chohahahahaha–“ 

 When I was born the Demon Angel War, the war between the demons and angels, was already close to its end.

 Because powerful demons and angels kicked the bucket in that fight the Demon Realm’s power balance collapsed, the powerful guys of the Heavenly Realm united and, as if running away, also shut themselves behind that barrier they created, like this I was able to unify the Demon Realm with ease.

 Just remembering that makes me feel pretty good, I can’t stop laughing.

“However, it seems that the human realm will hold a certain ceremony”

“- – Hahahaha……Ha?”

 The good feeling I had just now instantly cooled down after I heard Annanet’s words.

“A certain ceremony, you said?”

“It seems like the angels handed both a sword and the barrier stones to the humans before they created the barrier and it is said that [Whoever can pull out the Angel’s Sword shall become a Hero and subjugate the Demon Lord]. And the ceremony to pull out the sword will start soon.”

 I see, that’s why there are barrier stones in the Human realm. Before the angels locked themselves away they gave those to them, as expected of those darn angels.

“Please excuse me for just reporting this now, but we didn’t have conclusive evidence yet. The other day we carried out a certain experiment to go past the barrier stones and it succeeded.”

 How unusual for Annanet. Normally she would first report to me before she carried out a plan but this time she reported to me after it got carried out. Well, I’m sure Annanet had her reasons.

“Good, good, I do remember times where I wasn’t able to see you around — so what is that method?”

 I have a big heart, if the report is good, it is the King’s duty to forgive their subordinates.

“Thank you, the method is my own unique magic, Necromancy–”

“Necromancy, you say?! So one can only go through the barrier if one becomes a Zombie……Hiih!”

 Alfred cried out to interrupt her words and Annanet glared at him with her red eyes showing from the hoods gap.

 Alfred froze similar to a frog glared at by a snake…… I understand. I, too, get glared at by Annanet’s red eyes sometimes. One reason might be because her eyesight is poor.

“Alfred, listen to what I have to say until the end. If it’s normal necromancy one would surely become a Zombie. However, as we advanced our research it is now possible for the soul of a demon to possess a human’s body, that would be a living human being –”

“I see! It’s impossible for a Demon, but if it’s a human’s body they can enter without a problem, something like this?! No, wait, two souls in one body, what’s more in a human bohyoo!?”

“Al~fre~d, can’t you listen until the end, you *******?!!”

 Alfred who got glared at with full force seemed like he would collapse at any moment, but bore with it as that wouldn’t fit the elegance of a Demon General…… However, it’s that fellow’s bad habit to always interrupt others.

“Haa~ let’s return to the main topic, but it would be a nuisance if I went into detail so I’ll explain it briefly. If two souls enter one body it would certainly cause a huge burden. However, if you mix magical power into the demon’s soul the weak human soul will disappear, which means one can take over the human body as is. It is also confirmed that because of the magical power which continues to flow from the Demon Realm the demon’s body which will get left behind will be in the state of apparent death, this makes it possible for the demon to return to its original body.”

“Splendid!! Let’s push forward the invasion using this method right now!! –Hm? What is it?”

 Why did Annanet look bewildered (I can’t really see her expression but I just understood her because of how long I knew her) even though I praised her?

“I’m afraid it is rather difficult to capture a large number of human bodies right now…… Among the humans captured for experiments, the healthy ones are limited to 10 people and we have to decide which demons are qualified to invade as well–”

 I see, it certainly is rather difficult for us to capture a lot of intact humans right now. Besides, there aren’t many demons who have high intelligence and a large quantity of them run rampant as soon as they see blood.

 However, I’m no fool, so I came up with a strategy that will solve our problem in one go!

“Whether it’s humans or demons, if they are alone they are nothing to worry about.”

“What do you mean?”

As I thought, Annanet didn’t understand my thought process either and her red eyes looked bewildered. As I coolly pointed my finger out, I have decided!

“I shall directly destroy the Angel’s Sword and dispose of those who’ll draw it!! The humans shall taste despair!! Chohahahahahaha!!”


 ――Absolutely perfect!! As expected of me!! If it’s like this there won’t be a problem!!

[Vol. 1] Prologue

“It’s the departure of the Hero Dale!”

 That Bastards throaty voice echoed throughout the clear sky.

 As I watched the big gate slowly opening with a dull Gokon sound, I wondered what will happen to me after it fully opened……

“Now then, Dale-dono, let’s go”

 The female knight to my right advanced on her horse while letting out a dignified voice, seeming full of motivation.

“Dale! Let’s give that D something Demon Lord one hell of a beating!”

 The spirit, who floated to my left and advanced while waving her fist, also seemed full of motivation.


 Why are those guys so full of motivation, I can’t keep up with their tension.

 After the big gate finished opening a large number of people rejoicing entered my field of vision, those guys as well, huh…….

“Long live the Hero!”

“Dale-sama! Please kill the Demon Lord!”

“Sir Heerooo, do your beeeest”

That cheering of all the people regardless of age or sex is really noisy……

“Hero Dale! Be sure to accomplish the subjugation of the Demon Lord Dalewatts by all means! I’m asking this of all of you as well!”

 A dignified voice resonated from the terrace in the rear, the king of this country, wearing a crown, a luxurious mantle and having a majestic moustache, called out to us, though his voice wasn’t that loud it was enough for us to hear him.

“Understood! Leave it to us!”

 The female knight to my right who stood upright and hit her chest with her fist, answered to him, though I think she doesn’t have to respond every single time.

“Leave it to us~!”

 The spirit to my left also answered him while waving its hand, if even you decided to give an answer, I don’t have any other choice but to do so as well……

“……Yes……Leave it to us……”

I used a somewhat powerless voice, but I can’t really help it……Anyway, – -.

――Why do I have to subdue myself!?

Volume 1 – The Demon Lord that got chosen by the Angel’s Sword