[Vol. 2] Chapter 4 – If we’re talking about sleeping, the soft and fluffy bed in the castle should be fine!

How strange to see that person, who was supposed to be called a hero, being made to sit in seiza 1, looking small.

“So? Darryl-sama, why on earth did you run away?”

 Bertra looked at the old man with extremely cold eyes.

“I had too much on my mind…… So I ran away……”

 I was wondering if Bertra could already kill a person just with her look. Crap, are those eyes even a human’s anymore?!

“So, what’s the deal with the demon?”

 As I thought, the old man was also scared of Bertra’s eyes. He got incredibly frightened. I get it~ I get that feeling.

“While I was escaping I ran into it and vented my anger on it……”

 Wait a sec, Oi! Don’t just hit my brethren to vent your anger!

“So, when you encountered us…… The thing about it stealing vegetables from your field and eating it was a lie?”

“You know, I thought it was rather uncool to say that I ran away because I felt my wife was too scary and vented my anger on the demon, so I lied.”

He switched to polite speech pretty quick……

“So that demon didn’t snatch food then~”

 What a relief, like this the image of the Demon’s was restored…… right?

“Then, the thing about going to tomorrow’s battle was also……”

“As soon as I encountered the Hero’s Party I thought I could use accompanying you on this subjugation mission as an excuse to not go…… Yes”

 You were just using us as a reason to bail, didn’t you, you old fart?!


What a long sigh. Well, I would probably also suffer like that if I had such a relative……

“I roughly understood the circumstances, so go back home immediately”

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“A judgment, already!?! Bertra! Shouldn’t you think about this a little more?!”

“Of course it’s like this! And did you even think about what you would do if Salisa-sama comes to this place?!”

“You’re right, but…… You know?”

You know? You said…… Hey, don’t look at me!

“Dale-dono, don’t go easy on him”

 Hey! Don’t direct the argument my way! I didn’t even say anything about this, so don’t you think this is just too unreasonable?!

“Sir Hero~”


 Don’t look at me like this, you two! Why are you involving me? Shouldn’t family problems be handled by the family?

 Though is there really no way for me to settle it?……My true intentions right now are that I want this single person holding so much war potential to act as my shield in case of an emergency, that’s what I thought.

“Bertra, shouldn’t it be fine for the old man to go together with us?”

“Wha!? But!”

“I know what you want to say, but the surprise attack might fail so I want to increase our force even just by a little, is what I think.”


 It was a face showing reluctance~……

“I’ll take full responsibility. How’s that?”

 I don’t want to say something like that, but it can’t be helped……This is also a way of survival.


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 It’s still a face filled with reluctance~…….

“Sir Hero~~”

 It’s a face filled with joy~…….

“Ah, right, Dale, let’s absorb that demon’s magical power even if it’s only a little.”

 Don’t tell me those things so suddenly all the time…….

“Why must I do such a thing?”

“I absorbed Dale’s magical power and stored it now, but it’ll run out if I go into combat! If that happened that would be troublesome, right? Therefore, you should let Absohaze absorb that magical power even if it’s just a small quantity, also it will lock that demon’s magic conversion, rendering it unable to do anything.”

 I didn’t hear about the Angel’s Sword requiring to accumulate magical power neither did I know about that lock…… More importantly.

“……You didn’t say anything when we encountered the first demons”

“Dale charged ahead before I could say anything and after that Bertra finished them off with one blow and since magical power is converted from life force, it’s impossible to extract anything if it’s not in a living condition.”


She hit a sore spot.

“****…… So? What should I do?”

“Just keep stabbing it with the Sword’s tip. The deeper you stab the more you’ll be able to absorb.”

“I see…… Hm? Wait a minute, magical power converts from life force and collects inside the body……But why isn’t any magical power collection in my body?”

 That Erin who tilted her head as if saying “What are you saying?” made me…… Angry!

“Eh? The converted power is directed to Absohaze, of course.”

“Oi! That’s again something I heard for the first time! You had so many opportunities to tell me such important information, you know?!”

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“……Ehm……Ah, we absorbed enough magical power from the demon and locked it, so it’s fine~”

“Oi! Don’t change the topic!”

 She escaped into the air again! ****!

“Well then, should we slowly start preparing to sleep? The sun will go down soon and the preparations for tomorrow…… Yes, it’s for two people.”


“We were 3 people before, so how should that work?”

“I have to sleep on this scrap of cloth lying on the ground like this?! Isn’t that any different from directly sleeping on the floor?!”

“That’s right! If we’re talking about sleeping, it has to be the castle’s fluffy and soft bed!”

 No, that’s impossible.

“If they at least have soft beddings any hotel will…… Ah……”

What idiotic things am I saying? We’re in the middle of the mountains…… There’s not one house around here let alone an inn…….

“Judging by that expression you seem to have understood what I wanted to say. More importantly, if you want to be a little more comfortable you should clean the area around you.”

 Bertra quickly prepared the area around her…… She’s serious, she really plans on sleeping here.

“Wait a minute! Bertra! What about my sheet?! No! How long do I have to sit in seiza……”

“I’m also–”

“Originally there were only three people, so Darryl-sama will stay like this until tomorrow! How great! That’s all! Good night!”


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 Bertra wrapped herself in the cloth in no time, turning herself into some kind of worm…… That’s what one would call unapproachable. No maybe this is Bertra’s last resistance.


 Erin is crying but it can’t be helped.

“Erin, give up….. I also gave up……”

“That’s~……Uuh, as I thought, it’s hard~ the stones hurt~”

It’s good that you gave up and ley down, but shouldn’t you have at least moved the stones out of the way? I won’t care anymore.

“Uuh…… Sniff, Sir Hero~”

 Was it really such a good idea to take that old man with us? Was my judgment wrong……?

“Old man, don’t you think it’s already good enough that you can go with us? Give up”

“But that’s~……”

 What the hell kind of hero are you……?


  1. This is what a seiza is

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