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[Vol. 3] Chapter 5 – Looks like the General is “Violent Water Adia” of the Four Demonic Heavenly Kings

Hmm, we can’t really confirm if what she said was true after all……

“Didn’t you just mistake some humans?”

“There aren’t any people with such a strange appearance! There’s no doubt about it, they are the Demon’s army corps!”

 ……With that Erin being this serious it seems to be true.

If that’s the case they might come to attack here using the light of this house as orientation. That would be very troublesome.

“Is that Demon army corps coming this way?”

“Hm~ …… No, looks like they haven’t noticed this place. They are walking straight in that direction”

 They are walking straight and aren’t coming over here, you say? Although they are quite the distance away from us, but in this complete darkness the light of this house is really conspicuous and you’re telling me they aren’t even curious about it?

“Why aren’t they attacking this place?”

“About that…… I think…… It’s because of the barrier”

“Uoh!? —-What, it’s just Felicia? That surprised me……”

 As she wore a black robe she blended into this darkness, that’s why I didn’t notice her approaching us.

“Ah, My apologies…… for surprising…… you”

“N, no, don’t worry about it”

 Getting surprised like that all the time, today’s a bad day for my heart.

“So, about the barrier you mentioned just now, do you mean the Insect Repelling Barrier?”」

“Yes……It’s not just a protection against insects. My mother……Added a function so that Demons won’t be able to look…… though it”

 I see, so that’s why I, who is a demon, couldn’t see through it, huh?

 Hmm? So that means……

“Huh? It seems like Dale wasn’t able to see the house because of the barrier as well though……”

“Now that you mention it……”

Riiiiiiiiiiiiight? As I thought it got to thiiiiiiiiiis!! If they investigate this more closely it can only turn into something troublesome!!

“M, my eyes are as bad as the ones of insects! What a meaningless conversation! Chohahaha!! — M, more importantly, rather than me…… Right! The Demons! Demons!! I don’t think this Demon corps’ advancement is a trivial matter!”

“That is certainly the case. Shall we also head there?”

“That’s right, but it would be great if they don’t act in the middle of the night……. Fuah~ It’s already time to sleep for old people, good grief.”

 I somehow managed to change the direction of the conversation…… Though I have to bear the shame of saying my eyes are as bad as the ones of insects……

“Excuse me……I……”

“Felicia-san, please don’t leave the house”

“Ah…… Yes, understood”

 I want to wait inside the house as well…….

“Even if we just go after them, they will notice us if we light torches, so please lead the way, Erin”

“Got it! Well then, follow me properly, okay~?”

“Come on, Sir Hero, let’s go”

 As I thought, I have to go with them, huh?

“I didn’t even say a single word about me wanting to go…… It can’t be helped, huh?…… Eh!?”

 The area suddenly turned dark!? —- Ah, I see, it’s because we went through the barrier, huh?

 …… I see, I really can’t the see light coming from the house.

“O~i, Dale! Why did you stop and look back for~? We’re leaving you behind, you know?”

“Don’t leave someone behind in this dark deseeeert!!

“Over here, over here~ hurry up~”

 Over here, over here, you say. Because Erin is flying she’s having it easy but for me it’s hard to walk on this sand!

“That direction….. Aren’t they headed for Marelis Kingdom?”


 Will they go and attack the castle in the middle of the night, like this?

“…… As I thought, it was Marelis Kingdom”

 They really came…….

 Hmm, in that gaudy, distasteful palanquin’s seat sat a female Demon arrogantly, wearing just as gaudy and distasteful ornaments. Her whole body was translucent, her height was approximately the same as Annanet’s and she had long hair that reached until her feet…… Looks like she is in command of this corps.

“Hmpf, it looks like the general is “Violent Water Adia” of the Four Demonic Heavenly Kings”

“One of the Four Demonic Heavenly Kings, huh~? Her body looks kind of transparent”

“Adia is a Shaker 1 One cursed by magic, the reading was Shaker 2

“Shaker, you say?”

“They are people who had their bodies changed by rampaging magical power. You’ll be in a state in which you always have to apply your inherent magic on your own body making it impossible to use other magic. In Adia’s case, her body turned into water like liquid, therefore her body is transparent”

“However, that demon has quite the nice body~. Those places that should stick out are sticking out and the ones that should be tucked in are tucked in! What an ideal body!”

“”You’re the worst””

…… Old man, because Aida’s body is liquid she only shaped herself like that, this isn’t her original body as a slime.

“However, they can’t enter, because they put down barrier stones, right?”

 Those barrier stones made by the angels are so strong that it takes even me considerable time to destroy them…… Eh, you’re telling me they easily destroyed the castle gate?!

“Why did the castle gate get torn down?!”

 Do the barrier stones not work properly……? What’s with this?!

“L, look at that!”

Next to Aida there’s …… a male…… human……?

“****, I can’t understand what they are talking about. Erin, are you able to hear them?”

“Yeah, if it’s just at this distance it’s all good~ all good~”

“Then please tell me what they are talking about”

“Got it!…… Ehem — [Ufufufu~ Well then, shall we start our attack?]”

“…… You don’t have to mimic them, really”

 Besides the voice she was also mimicking their intonation and gestures.

“Eh~ but isn’t it easier to understand like this?”

“It’s fine already, just talk normally! Hurry up!”

“Mu~…… Got it~”

 Would you stop with that dissatisfied looking face?

“Ufufufu~, shall we start our attack?”



“We destroyed the barrier stones as promised, dehehe, so about that reward……”

Oh my~ there was something like that, huh? Well then, Let. Me. Give. You. Your. Reward”

 I see! So she made the humans destroy the barrier stones huh?! If I did it like that I could have avoided this whole mess!

 Why did this not occur to me……?

“Tha, that man got stabbed by a knife!”

Adia’s weapons were knifes, besides…….

“Ageh!…… Eh……? ……Wh……y……?”

“This isn’t just a mere knife, it’s laced with a special poison I painstakingly made~ It’s the best reward you wouldn’t usually get to see~ ufufufu~”


 As she can’t use magic, the knife is the most suitable weapon for her, but it’s quite disadvantageous to fight with it as you won’t kill anyone if you don’t hit a vital part, so she laces it with poison.

Well, from the humans’ point of view this would be called unfair……But you can’t survive with such naive things as fairness in the Demon Realm.



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