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[Vol. 3] Chapter 4 – You should learn how to show some hesitation, you *******!

“Ah~ I ate well, I ate well~ My stomach’s full~ I can’t move anymore~…….Burp”

 Well, if you ate that much, of course it would turn out like this. With your stomach that full…… I had trouble carrying you into the room.

 Haah, let’s leave that Daruma alone for now.

“Is everyone alright? There’s something I’ve been curious about. It’s about that dinner.”

“Ah, there’s something I’ve been curious about as well”

“Though I don’t know if it’s the same thing, it’s the same for me”

“Eh!? Is that so?! ……Burp, I can’t move right now, how dangerous……”

 As I thought everyone but that lass have questions as well……

“……Erin, you don’t have to participate right now, so you should go and track Felicia’s movements. If she comes in while we are in the middle of talking like a while ago, we would be in trouble.”

“Okay~ got it~……Burp”

 Let’s start to carefully talk then.

“Well then, is it fine if I go first?”




 Erin, stop answering…….

 We also had food just now, good grief.

“……While we were having dinner I noticed that it mainly consisted out of vegetables. I don’t think there’s any place for her to grow them in this desert and even if we could say she conserved them, she doesn’t have any room for that…… Moreover, there’s no doubt that that girl alone couldn’t eat these quantities of food.”

“Is that so? Though I think it’s a normal amount…… Burp”

“That’s because you are abnormal! In the first place, you should learn to be more cautious, you *******!”

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“About the dinner and the thing with Erin, I agree with Dale-dono”

“Wai!? Bell!?……Burp”

“I was paying attention to the sound of our footsteps to determine if there was a basement, but there weren’t any unusual spaces under the floor.”

Bertra was checking that with our footsteps, huh?

 Something under the floor……I didn’t think about that at all. I just looked at the house’s rooms…….

“Hmpf, I’ve had the same thoughts as you two, about the dinner and Erin”

“Grandpa Darry as well?!…… Burp”

“And the vegetables were obviously fresh as if they were freshly picked. That’s why I looked outside, but there was nothing that resembled a field there.”

 Is that so? I ate the food not thinking about if it was fresh or not…… I mean, I never worried about such things when I ate in the Demon Realm as well.

 I mean, the food of the Human Realm is just too delicious, except for Bertra’s cooking…… It’s a good flavour I wasn’t able to taste in the Demon Realm…….

“Other than the dinner…… I was curious about the reason why Felicia-dono pulled down her hood so deeply, but she didn’t even take it off while eating dinner.”



“Ah…… Aah, yeah, tha, that’s right, I was also curious about that”

 I didn’t feel anything wrong because Annanet also had her hood deeply pulled down while eating as well……I see, it’s usually strange to wear a hood inside the house even while eating.

“Her face isn’t visible as well, right?”

“Hmmm, she might have some circumstances……maybe it’s because there are people here now”

“That might also the case. Maybe she didn’t take it off because of us……”

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 ……Did Annanet also have some kind of reason?

“After that, it’s about the hay in this room. I’ve been living on my own as well, but this is clearly too much, same as the dinner”

There was something weird about the straw?! I only thought that it was much better to sleep on than sand.

“Hmpf, is Felicia a witch after all and uses some method to increase the straw and food…..? Something like that.”

 That’s a bit of a forceful thought……

“Hey~ hey~ is that so strange? There’s inherent magic as well”

“Inherent magic just strengthens magic or a specific medium and can’t multiply things.”

 Just…… she might be call a witch because she’s able to multiply things in some way.

 Rather, your stomach has already pulled back?! Did you already digest the food?!

“Hah~ I see……—-!?”


 I got surprised because Erin suddenly stood up.

“What is it so suddenly?! Is Felicia coming here?”

“No, that’s not it……”

 It’s not Felicia?

“Them, what is–”

“……What? This sound of a large crowd’s footsteps……”

 What is it? Erin’s face was unusually tense…… Her face looks the same as the time when Bertra used her most disliked food to cook. Bertra’s cooking + one’s most disliked food are really a nightmare.

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 Putting that nightmare aside, sound of footsteps, you say?

“Ehm…… the sound of footsteps, is it?”

“I’m not hearing anything out of the norm though……”

 Both Bertra and the old man are surprised by Erin’s sudden change.

“There’s some kind of large crowd headed to this place!”

“Ah! —-Oi! Erin!?”

 That lass, she literally jumped out of the window, but why on earth is she doing that?!

“What’s wrong with Erin?!”

“I don’t know! Anyway, let’s follow her!”

 There she is! What a relief, she was hiding herself, keeping a low posture behind the rocks in front of the house. If she just flew into the sky we wouldn’t have been able to find her……

 Mu, looks like Erin noticed us and then raised and lowered her hand……Then she looked up? Then she repeats this process…… I wonder what that lass is doing.

“Apparently she’s telling us to lower our bodies and to come to her.”

 Aah…… I see, then why can’t she use her own mouth to say that…… what a troublesome lass.

“What’s the matter? Erin, for you to suddenly jump out of the window”

“What’s this about?!”

“Shhh~! Be quite! If you raise your voice like this these guys will be able to hear you!”

 You called us over with your hand because you didn’t want to shout, but your voice is the loudest right now so I’d call that meaningless.

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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“…… Who are these guys?”

“Look at that!”

 She points her finger at something.

“Even if you say that, it’s too dark, I can’t see anything……”

 Because the sun is going down, it’s already pitch dark and because there are no other buildings around other than this house there is no light either. Moreover, because of the cloudiness there’s not even light from the moon or stars, just complete darkness……

“I can’t see anything either……”

“I can’t see anything particular either.”

 Everyone’s the same.

“Why can’t you see anything?! You can see things with the moon and star light shining through the clouds, can’t you?”

 Who’d be able to do thaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!

“Are you an idiot?! Normal humans wouldn’t be able to see anything under these conditions!! You’re the only one that can see anything so hurry up and tell us what’s there, you *******!”

“Ah~ come on~! There’s an army corps of demons advancing towards this place!”

“What?! Demons?!”

“What did you say?!”

“! ? Demons!?”」

 That place covered in darkness Erin is pointing to…… that’s where an army corps of demons is?!


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