[Vol. 2] Chapter 5 – Here comes the strongest combi, me and Dale!


 Uu~ Sniff……Hm, it’s already morning, huh……Yaawn~. However, the ground was hard and I couldn’t really sleep.

 Though I’ve had to sleep on the hard floor for the last two days…… Why did it turn out like this?


 Today is the war with my brethren…….

 I was determined to fight, but I’m inside a human’s body. Maybe my thoughts have become too naive. I tried to talk to those low ranking demons yesterday and I still want, in a corner of my heart, explain these things to Figueroa who belongs to the top brass…… Just what the hell happened to me?

“Ku~ ku~”

 That sleeping appearance of Bertra…… Her body was curled up, her mouth looked like that of a cat’s and her hair looked like cat ears. No matter how I look at her she looks like a cat…… Could it be that she was actually a Cat Beastman?

 So, what about the old man–


 He’s sleeping while sitting in Seiza?! Don’t sleep so well while in that posture. How nervous was he?……Hm? Wait a second, for how long were you asleep? What about keeping watch?! Oi!!

 Huh? Erin should have slept next to the old man. Though the sheet is there why can’t I see her? Where did she g– Cold, what is it? Something dripped on my face. Could it be rain? It’s sunny though.


That ****** Spirit!! Did you sleep in the air because you didn’t like sleeping on the ground?! How are you so dexterous…… — Wait a minute, that water dripping from above of me is coming from her big mouth……! This is saliva, isn’t it?!


“Wha, whas nya matter?! Ish it an enyemy?!” 1


“Uurg……No more of Bell’s soup~……Munya”

 You, were you forced to eat this, not only in reality, but also inside your dream?!


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 It has become reality……

“As we’ll have to lie in wait close to Figueroa’s hideout, please eat with haste”

 We started the day with Bertra Soup. I can’t escape it anymore, can I?

 Eei! I can’t fight on an empty stomach! I don’t know if one can even call this food, but I’ll just pour everything in all at once!

“Ugu- ugu–Upuh”

“Oh, as expected from Sir Hero. Having a good appetite starting off in the morning”

 I actually don’t want to eat this, but there’s no way around it!

“D-Dale……Don’t overdo it……”

“Now then, Erin you should also eat quickly”

“Ah…… I don’t really have– Eh, Wait! Dale! Why did you grab my face?! Doh ohen ma mouh!! Stoooh! Nhooooooooooooo!! (Don’t open my mouth!! Stop! Noooooooo!) Ugu- ugu— Upuh……Gaku”

 I can’t be the only one who has to taste such pain! I shall share that feeling with you, you *******! This is revenge for this morning!

“Don’t play with food, good grief. If you’re done eating, please clean up and prepare for departure…… Hm? What’s the matter? Is there something on my face?”

 Hmm, I’m really curious about Bertra’s “Cat Ears”. Are they real?

“Bertra, could I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“What’s with that hair……”


Ah, she covered those ears at the same time I said that…… So that means it’s what I thought it was.

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“Thi-this is just bedhair”

 What kind of bedhair is that?

“Why did it turn out like this? I usually fix it, but…… I couldn’t do that because there’s no water in this place……”

“I think it looks rather cute, though…… Eh, ouch! Stop! Don’t scratch me!” (Darryl)


All I can see is an old person playing with a Cat Beastman…….

“Good grief, because you were dawdling the battle on the plains has already begun!”

“It’s not my, huff huff — fault! It’s because, that Erin huff huff– has fallen asleep again! Haah, haah”

“I didn’t fall asleep again! It’s because of Bertra’s soup!”

“Wha!? What does any of that have to do with my soup?!”

“Shut up, you brats. If you have time to talk than continue running!”

 ****! It took a while to wake up Erin so we ended up having to sprint all the way to Figueroa.

 Moreover, we couldn’t use horses inside the forest. What’s with this? Like this we will be exhausted even before the battle. I mean, I’m the only one who’s out of breath, how shameful. I’m angry that I don’t know how to fly like that Erin!

“– Stop, we’re already close to Figueroa’s base. Let’s advance with caution.”

 What a relief. If I had to run any further than this I might really have died before the battle.

 Hm? The old man is beckoning me. It can’t be, this cliff……

“Apparently the demons around Figueroa also went to the front line as planned. It’s really almost completely unguarded…… That’s good, I was worried that we were too late.”

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“On the contrary, it might have been a good thing, you know? Figueroa, concerned about the front lines, is looking around irritated.”

 Figueroa skilfully crossed his four arms and tapped the floor with his foot, which was that guy’s habit when he was irritated.

 Aah, for that guy to look around that much he must be pretty concerned. It seems Alumgam’s soldiers seem to push him back more than expected, for some reason.

“……So, who will execute the surprise attack?”

 I’d be glad if it were Bertra or the old man who would do it, but–

“Of course, it’s this strongest combi of me and Dale!”

I knew that lass would go and say this, Hooowever! That’s why I came up with a way to properly answer to her.

“Rejected. What are you saying? My swordsmanship is bad, the possibility of the surprise attack failing is pretty high…… How about Bertra or the old man……”

 That’s what I said, but…… As I thought, talking bad about myself makes me pretty sad.

“Come on, Dale, how about you use your head a little~?”

 I don’t want to hear that from you, you *******!

“Even if your swordsmanship is bad, Absohaze can absorb magical power from anywhere you stab it into, so if you convert magical power to physical power you’d be able to jump from that cliff and come out unhurt. It’s an easy win!”

 I want to hit that gloating face of yours so badly. I so want to knock you off of your damn feet.

“Fumu, I see. If you stand straight and jump head first down that cliff with the sword held above your head, sword skills don’t really matter and it’s not clear that Darryl-sama or me could decide it in a single blow.”

 Huh? This progression…… I have a bad feeling.

“That’s right, it may be better for Sir Hero, who has a sword that can absorb and neutralize magical power wherever it’s pierced into, to do it”

 Guaaaaaah! How did it turn out like thaaat?!?

“Dale-dono, you and Erin doing this is the more certain option. Please prepare yourself”

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 I seriously want to pull on those cat ears…….

“Pleeease leave it to uuus!”

 I want to kick that spirit with all my strength and send her flying…….


  1. Bertra is half asleep so she speaks like this. Actually means: What’s the atter? Is it an enemy/

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