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Chapter 28 – Big Boss Liu

I nodded, then looked carefully at the Land Rover, if I didn’t remember it wrong, this was a limited edition off-road car. I wonder how Liu Yue was so capable that she managed to get those here.

“How much is this car?” I pointed to the limited-edition Land Rover and said.

“Ah!” The clerk momentarily blanked, then said, “Sorry sir, this Land Rover is a limited edition one, there’s just one here for show, it isn’t for say!”

“Ah… So it’s like this!” Chen Weier said a bit disappointedly.

I felt bad after seeing Chen Weier disappointed expression. Weier finally had a request, how could I not fulfill it! How could I like the beauty get disappointed!

I smiled at the clerk and said, “Please get your manager here, I want to talk with her in person!”

The clerk looked at me without understanding, I didn’t look very rich, so she didn’t think I could afford the Land Rover, even if I could, the manager wouldn’t agree. Two days ago, a rich businessman from Hong Kong gave an astronomical price and the manager refused. However, due to the service motto of Liu’s Car Shop being to try their best to satisfy the customer’s needs and make them satisfied, the clerk didn’t say anything and directly went to contact the manager.

“Hubby, how about we leave it, let’s buy another one!” Seeing that it was troublesome, Chen Weier immediately said to me.

I waved my hand and said, “Hehe, how could I not buy what Weier likes! However, Weier, let’s make a bet, do you think the owner of this car shop will sell it to me?”

“En… I guess not! It’s a car they brought here for display, there’s only one and use it to attract more business!” Chen Weier said.

“No! They’ll definitely sell it to me, you’ll see if you don’t believe it!” I said with a smile.

“Che! You’re making it sound so real, do you really think that you’re the owner of this car shop!” Zhao Yanyan rolled her eyes at me and said. “If you disappoint Weier-jiejie, then I’ll stop caring about you!”

Just as we were speaking, the clerk from earlier came over. Behind her was a young beauty, seeing me here, she exclaimed lightly, then hurried ran over. She said in a displeased tone, “I was wondering who wanted to buy this limited edition Land Rover, so it’s big boss Liu, can’t you just drive it away directly, do you still need to ask for this lowly lady’s permission!”

Hearing Liu Yue’s tone, she was clearly angry at me. Originally I had said that I would meet her in the car shop, yet I didn’t contact her before coming, causing her to be a bit annoyed. However, she didn’t need to speak like that! I remember this woman, Liu Yue, is very crafty and acts very steadily, how could she make this kind of low level mistake!

Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier were even more confused, who just saw a beauty that was no less beautiful than them, and she even knew me!

Zhao Yanyan glared at me and said quietly, “Who is this person? Why have I not seen her before, did you attract someone out there again?”

“Ah! How could I, what’s more, even if I have to find a little wifey, I have to tell you first, right!” I hurriedly said.

“Hmmph! However, you have to explain properly back home, otherwise I won’t let you get on the bed!” Saying that, Zhao Yanyan turned around and said to Chen Weier, “Isn’t that right, Weier-jiejie!”

Chen Weier was just blanking out for the beauty that suddenly appeared, adding onto the fact that we were very quiet, she didn’t hear what Zhao Yanyan and I were saying, that’s why she just went along and nodded.

I complained in my heart, I waited so many days to XXOO with my Weier, I was finally going to succeed, yet they aren’t letting me on the bed!

“Then explain on the bed?” I chuckled.

Zhao Yanyan carefully examined Liu Yue for quite a while, then suddenly reacted unnaturally without smiling, “Dream on!”

I was really speechless, Zhao Yanyan who has always been loose with me actually had such a big reaction today!

“Zhao Yanyan, long time no see!” Liu Yue said with smile that was unlike a smile, and reached her hand out in an unfriendly manner.

Zhao Yanyan frowned, pouted, hesitated a bit, then reached her hand out as well, “Yeah, long time no see!”

The two of them symbolically shook hands, then immediately let go again.

I looked strangely at the two of them, what was going on? Did they know each other before? From the looks of it, they seem to have a history with each other!

Liu Yue knew that Zhao Yanyan was Liu Lei’s girlfriend ages ago, and she didn’t think much of it, since she thought that she was childish back then, and now that she grew up, she should have seen through some things more clearly. However, at this point, she didn’t know why, but she felt an intense sense of jealousy, as if something nice of hers was taken away!

Zhao Yanyan was confused as well, technically speaking, she was already really happy, why was there a need to quibble! However, the moment she saw Liu Lei and her ambiguous relationship, she wasn’t happy in her heart, she (Zhao Yanyan) could tolerate other women with him, but this Liu Yue was someone she would not be able to accept no matter what!

Zhao Yanyan glared at Liu Yue without moving her eyes, while Liu Yue did the same. The two girl’s gazes met each other like fire, as it was full of a provocative feeling.

Zhao Yanyan subconsciously moved towards me, her hand clinging to the corner of my jacket, at this moment, she was like a child that held what she loved tight, unwilling to let go even for a slight moment.

“What are you holding on so tightly for, I won’t fight over it with you!” Liu Yue said. The moment these words left her mouth, Liu Yue felt that something was wrong, what’s with her, what business is it for hers for someone else holding her boyfriend, why was she being such a busybody.

However, Liu Yue’s words raised Zhao Yanyan’s vigilance even more, with a woman’s intuition, Zhao Yanyan felt that Liu Yue might become her strongest opponent! Although Zhao Yanyan didn’t know whether this feeling was right or not, she was still really nervous! This was the first and only time that she felt a hint of danger during the three years she has been with Liu Lei.

“Hubby, let’s go, don’t buy a car at this woman’s shop!” Zhao Yanyan said nervously, then pulled my hand as her eyes were full of anticipation.

“Oh… Okay…” Although I didn’t quite get what was going on, I still agreed.

“My shop? Hehe, Zhao Yanyan-tongxue, don’t you know it? Your hubby invested in this car shop for me to open, what, he didn’t tell you? Liu Yue said with a smile. Immediately afterwards, Liu Yue cursed herself in her heart. Liu Yue, Liu Yue! What’s with you today, where is your normal steadiness, you even managed to say such ambiguous words! This tone, this posture, it’s like you’re a mistress that he has outside who was showing off to the legal wife…

“What! Liu Lei! You… You opened this car shop for her!” Zhao Yanyan trembled, her hands slid off from my body, as she nearly fell onto the ground. It was fortunate that Chen Weier quickly got a hold of her.


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[Vol. 3] Chapter 5 – Phantom

“If there’s something please save us!”

“Head, big sis, if I die I’ll curse you”

 My two senior’s eyes were filled with tears but everyone pretended not to notice it.

“Come on, don’t mess around and hurry up!”

 With Crescent Moon’s heartless words my seniors unwillingly opened the door and stepped into the depth.

“You can go first”

“Hey, don’t push, we should go side by side. Almost always you – -”

 Even in times like this you should get along well, seniors.

“Hey everyone, have you ever fought the Undead?”

 After the seniors went inside Crescent Moon posed this question to us who stayed behind.

“I haven’t. How about Knopf and Pick?”

“Me neither. Don’t they make you feel sick?”

“I haven’t either.”

 Looks like no one fought those guys before.

“What about you, Crescent Moon?”

“In a dungeon. But as one would expect they don’t really give off a pleasant feeling.”

“How did you fight them?”

“Even if I say undead they are divided into Zombie-types which possess flesh, Skeleton-types which only consist out of bones and Wraith- and Evil Spirit-types which have a spirit body.”

“Are the ways to cope with them different as well?”

 Knopf asked Crescent Moon.

“That’s right. You can attack the Zombie-type with a sword like normal. There are also cases where those guys still had some will left in them. Its looks are kind of bizarre but it’s basically just your run-of-the-mill monster.”

“What about Skeletons?”

“They don’t get much damage even if you cut them with a sword because they are made entirely of bones. Even if you cut it into pieces it regenerates immediately and starts to attack you. There’s this guy they call skeleton soldier, he’s equipped with a weapon and a shield and is considerably difficult to defeat among them. Stabbing them is almost meaningless. You have to either completely wreck it or burn it with fire quickly.”

“Does Fire magic work?”

“Yeah. Fire magic works on both the Zombie-types and the Skeleton-types. The most troublesome are the ones with a spirit body like Wraiths and Evil Spirits. Attacking them with physical weapons is completely meaningless.”

“How about fire magic then?”

 Crescent Moon frowns at my question.

“I think it would hardly do any damage. I don’t know about high-ranking spells, though. Usually, one should attack them with magic weapons imbued with anti-undead effects or Light- or Darkness Magic.”

 As she said so Crescent Moon took out a strangely twisted knife out of her décolleté.

“This is a knife imbued with Anti-Undead attributes. Honestly, this is just a mere consolation. If I would face an evil spirit with just this I would certainly be the one to suffer.”

 Well, of course, if you want to attack it with that you would have approach it until you can hit it point-blank.
 I wouldn’t want to get closer to things like Wraiths and Evil Spirits.

“I see, I can neither use light attribute magic nor darkness attribute magic. I wonder if I can’t do anything.”

 The cat girl Knopf muttered.
 She can use all the other attributes so it’s fine.

“To be honest, I don’t want to have anything to do with the Undead either. They are a pain in the ***, creepy and even if you subjugate them often it’s not even profitable.”

 As I thought, that’s her basis.
 Crescent Moon really likes money.

“I think I would be a little hesitant to defeat them if I think about the fact that they were previously alive.”

 Though I understand Pick’s train of thought if I would act like that I would turn into an undead then.⌈1
 If the Author reincarnates as an undead I don’t have the confidence I would be able to finish the story like that.

“I wonder if you are alright, big bros.”
Pick said this anxiously.
 Even with all, that was said they are still companions after all.

“Well, it should be fine. Though I said things like that it’s unlikely that the Undead would walk around here like that. And even if they do they can only move slowly. Those guys can do as much as escape, right?”

“Heh, so Undead can only move slowly, huh?”

 As I asked this Crescent Moon answered me with a tone of ridicule for not even knowing that.

“A Zombie running at full speed would be really bad. Well, the only ones who might be able to move quicker would be higher ranked Skeleto–”


 Just as Crescent Moon was talking we hear a scream from the other side of the door.

“Run, run, ruuun!”

“It’s straaaaaaaaange!!!!!”

 While screaming, my two seniors jumped into the room with a desperate look on their faces.

“Head, its coming! Those guys are comeiiiing!”

 Two people with teary eyes quickly took cover behind me.
 Immediately after that one could hear a rattling noise coming from the hallway behind the door.
 It sounded like something was running towards us, a lot of them.

“What, what’s this?!”

 Crescent Moon immediately stood up and pulled her sword.
 I took out my two-handed Great Sword, Crescent Moon held her scimitar (Crescent Moon Sword) in her right hand and in the other she held the Anti-Undead knife she showed us a while ago.
 Knopf had her iron cane and Pick a rapier.

“Sk, sk, skeleton- -”

 At the same time as Bass shouted this a group of skeletons ran into the room.
 They held weapons like maces and swords in one hand and shields in the other.
 There were about ten of them though there might come more from the back.

“They are those rumoured Skeleton Soldiers! Additionally, they are moving fast.”

 Crescent Moon shouted.
 Are those the fast moving, high-ranked Skeletons?
 Additionally I can’t be careless with this many.
 As I was told that Fire magic would work on them I called for the small lizard/salamander Reus.
 Huh, he seems a little bigger than usual but now’s not the time to think about that.

“Bass, Drum, Pick, their weakness is fire. Set fire to some sticks you can find and hit them hard with it. Don’t let them get near Knopf because she can use fire magic.”


 They always move around together, those three, so they should be able to cooperate with each other.
 Knopf’s magic will be the most effective here.
 Though my fireball would be effective as well but I don’t think I can hit an opponent of such speed.
 I gave up on the fire ball and chanted the aria for the Flame Sword.
 My Great Sword is instantly covered in flames.
 OK, this should be enough to cause some damage.

 Even though the Skeletons saw the flames which where their weakness they stepped forward without hesitation.
 Do they not have a sense of fear? Or rather are they able to see in the first place?
 As they are Skeletons they have no eyeballs, this is kind of mysterious.

 I swung my sword as I thought about such things in the corner of my mind.
 As I tried cutting one body another immediately intercepted my blow with their shield.
 I hastily parried the sword which came cutting from my side.
 Damn it, they are annoying.
 There are a lot of them, they move quickly and they are also rather skilled with the sword.
 I wonder if they were able to use this technique they are using now when they were still alive.

 Next to me Crescent Moon was fighting against several bodies.
 I could see how the ones which got smashed apart by her scimitar returned to their previous form after just a few minutes.
 Even if the magic effect of the knife is proven right its range is too short.
 Crescent Moon seems to have trouble killing even one with this knife.

 In the back they were doing their best while saying things like “Waa” and “Yoou!”.
 Opposing a Skeleton which had a sword with a torch, giving it their all.
 Those seniors were stronger than I thought.

 Goooooh, Baaaaaang!
 Fireballs which Knopf would occasionally throw smashed into a skeleton.
 She didn’t seem to have added oxygen to it in this narrow place but it was still powerful enough.
 As my seniors and Pick were guarding her well she was able to effectively use her spells.

My flaming Great Sword hit my opponent.
 The skeleton got wrapped in flames and collapsed.
 Good, good, their numbers considerably decreased.
 There are only two left, it should be alright now.

“Just a bit more, let’s do this!”

 Crescent Moon blocked her opponent’s sword with the scimitar in her right hand and cut it with the knife in her left hand.
 When I thought I saw something glittering white at that moment her opponent collapsed.
 There are no signs of it reviving.
 Is this the great power of a magic weapon?

 The last one was in front of me.
 I ignored the fact that it was holding a shield and swung down my flaming Great sword down on it with all my might.
 The sword simply crushed the wooden shield my opponent held and cut right into its body.
 The last skeleton was burning down in flames.

 Alright, and there are no signs of more coming out from the back.

“That’s all, everyone good- -”

“What on earth do you think you’re doing?!”

 Just when I was about to praise everyone I heard a sharp voice from behind me. 

 The door leading outside was open and a girl dressed in black from head to toe stood there when I looked back.
 Bishi! She pointed her finger straight at me with a momentum that could have produced a sound.


  1. Meaning if he hesitates to kill them he would get killed 

VPnA – The Prequel Volume 2 Chapter 26

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Chapter 27 – Walking around the car shop

Yet, despite Jiaoyazi teaching me how to develop my special powers, it was just bits on the surface, I don’t know any of the skills that only deities in books can use, such as phasing through walls or invisibility. I think that Jiaoyazi doesn’t know them as well, he’s just Yama’s disciple, even old bro Yama might not fully understand the development of the powers.

I nodded towards Chen Weier and said, “Can’t your hubby have gotten more mature! What, don’t you like me like this?”

“No, of course I like it!” Chen Weier quickly waved her hand and said, “I like hubby however he is!”

“Yeah, us sisters cannot leave you in this life, it’s fine as long as you don’t abandon us!” Zhao Yanyan joked on the side.

I got really happy after that. Originally, I was worried that Zhao Yanyan got together me at too young an age, so she might have thought that the love back then wasn’t too mature, it seems like she has already treated me as the final destination of her life.

After we finished the crayfish, I called Liu Yue, and told her that I’m going to buy a car at her shop. Since Liu Yue at time and was at the car shop during the afternoon, the two girls and I called a taxi and went straight to Liu Yue’s car shop.

“Young man, are you going to buy a car?” The taxi driver asked casually.

“Yeah, to have a look,” I said.

“Liu’s Car Shop is the largest car shop in Yanjing, it is the agent of a lot of high class cars within the country, not only is the service attitude good, most importantly, their after service is great. A rich bro of mine bought an Audi there, but when the warranty was nearly over, a piece of it broke, the car shop didn’t say anything and immediately changed the piece to a new one,” said the taxi driver. “Who in Yanjing that wants to buy cars doesn’t know Liu’s, even the government buys from them!”

Hearing the name Liu’s Car Shop, I couldn’t help but smile wryly. Liu Yue had once said to me that I am the main investor, so the name of the car agency should use my surname!

But the most important thing is that both her and I have the surname Liu!

On this point, I couldn’t help but admit that Liu Yue not only displayed the little smartness that women has, but also acted nice even after she got an advantage!

“Liu’s Car Shop? Hubby, you can’t have opened this car shop, right?” Hearing Liu’s, Zhao Yanyan was also sensitive, since why did I go directly to Liu’s instead of any car shop!

“Probably,” I said. At the start, I didn’t think of it as a big deal, so I didn’t tell Zhao Yanyan and co. Since she asked today, I didn’t plan on hiding it either.

Hearing that, the taxi driver didn’t pay it much heed, and treated it as a joke. He didn’t take me seriously at all, there were far too many people that bragged about stuff nowadays.

Even Zhao Yanyan didn’t quite believe it, since it was far too weird, she could not think of a reason why I would open a car shop in Yanjing, so she didn’t think too much into it.

In 1998, although Yanjing did not have that many bridges, there were rather few private cars, so the traffic wasn’t that jammed. Thus, we arrived at the entrance to Liu’s Car Shop very quickly.

This was my first time here, hehe, I, the major shareholder, seems a bit irresponsible, but there was no helping it, who told me to be a busybody and help beauty Liu.

The outside of the car shop was decorated rather fashionable, and the space the parking lot too in Yanjing city was rather large. After we got off the taxi, I took the two girls and walked directly towards the door.

“Welcome, respectful ladies and gentleman, how may I help you,” Just after we entered the door, a uniform-wearing reception lady came up to us with a smile.

This made me very satisfied, and caused me couldn’t help but exclaim that the chick Liu Yue really knew how to run a business. Although the clothes on my body was invaluable, normal people couldn’t see its value at all. Furthermore, Chen Weier and Zhao Yanyan weren’t wearing any famous brands, although they were also designed by famous international designers, but they didn’t have any labels on them.

Especially when you factor in our ages, we didn’t look like people that have come to buy a sports car, however the clerks here did not put on any airs, and truly treated us as their potential customer with their hearts.

I casually looked around the car shop, and saw that quite a lot of people have come to buy cars here, most of the clerks were explaining to the clients, it seems like my investment wasn’t wasted, although I won’t earn a lot from it, it was a decent industry.

“Sir, what car would you look at?” The clerk’s enquiry level was very professional. By asking what car we would like to “look at” and not “buy”, this unconsciously avoided a lot of awkwardness. If she directly asked if the customer is going to buy a car or not, the customer might feel awkward if they weren’t going to buy. This naturally decreased a lot of pressure from the customer and gave them good impressions.

“En,” I nodded. “Yanyan, what car should we buy this time, the Mercedes in Songjiang is not convenient.”

“I think so too, the people that drive a Mercedes are all middle-aged, I think you should buy an off road car,” Zhao Yanyan said.

“Yeah, hubby, I think so too. Buying a sports car is fine too,” Chen Weier said.

The clerk blanked out after hearing our conversation. She thought to herself, my god, what do these three people do, they say they won’t drive the Mercedes they bought, and wanted to buy a sports car, they can’t be kidding right!

However, out of her professional spirit, she still asked, “The high class ones here include Land Rover and Hummer, the normal ones include the Yanjing Jeep and the Changcheng Jeep produced in the country.”

“Is there Toyota?” I casually asked.

“Sorry sir, Liu’s Car Shop doesn’t sell Japanese cars,” The clerk shook her head and said.

Hehe, not bad! It seems like Liu Yue was rather patriotic, you have to know, the off road cars of Toyota are rather famous, yet she gave up the profits in this area. From the perspectives of a businessman, this wasn’t easy.

“Then let’s have a look at the Land Rovers!” I said.

“Okay, sir, please come this way!” The clerk said.

As we looked at the cars, the clerk patiently explained on the side, however I… am someone that transmigrated from the present, look at these antique cars, I wasn’t quite used to it!

However, Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier were rather excited, pointing at this and that, and also asked tons of questions. The clerk didn’t get annoyed, and looked around with us, but we didn’t set our eyes on anything.

“Yi? Hubby, look at that car, I like it so much!” Suddenly, Chen Weier pointed at the show car in the middle of the hall and exclaimed.

Chen Weier rarely gave me advice, seeing that she really liked it this time, how could I not satisfy her, thus I asked Zhao Yanyan, “Yanyan, what do you think?”

“I think it looks great as well, let’s listen to Weier-jiejie!” Zhao Yanyan also knew that I spoiled her a lot, so she didn’t fight over it with Chen Weier, since Chen Weier rarely asks me to do anything for her.


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[Vol 1] Chapter 1 – Beginnings (1)

TL: Benguin
Editors: Dawnrisen

‘In Year 671 of the Continental Calendar, the brilliant founder and first emperor of a dynasty, an outstanding statesman, military strategist and orator, Li Wufeng was born in the capital of the Tanghe Empire, Zhongzhou, into a declining house of nobility.’ – From excerpts of The History of the Huihuang Empire

“Ah, my hometown. I finally came back.” Looking at the towering gates, Li Wufeng took a deep breath. Although he had no more relatives there, the city was still his home for over ten years. The kind of nostalgia that childhood brings, no matter where he went, he would not be able to easily forget.

As the scenery became less rustic and his hometown became closer, Li Wufeng became flustered, his heart unable to calm itself. “Perhaps I have already grown up.”

His mood now was very different from when when he had just left two years ago to travel around the world.

“I don’t even know the conditions of my parent’s graves. Maybe it’s time that I pay a visit,” the dirt-covered youth murmured to himself, watching the flow of the road’s traffic. Seemingly without a care in the world, he dusted himself off, hopped onto his horse with the reins in one hand, and galloped off into the countryside.

“Father, mother. Your child is back.” Arriving at the cemetery, Li Wufeng stopped and kneeled in front of two ordinary gravestones for what seemed like eternity, unwilling to get up. The cemetery appeared extraordinarily quiet, with only the occasional bird-cry that broke the silence.

After paying his respects to his parent’s graves, the youth looked up at the sky and sighed. “What should I do now? Well, before anything else, let me first go home.”

The Tanghe Empire, located in the central and eastern parts of the continent, boasts a vast amount of territory and houses a large population. Its capital, Zhongzhou, is situated on the Fan River Plains in the centermost part of the Empire, where the soil is fertile, irrigation channels are highly developed, and transportation is swift. With quality goods in abundance and a prolific workforce, Zhongzhou was not only one of the great breadbaskets of the empire, but also its political, commercial, and cultural hub.

The capital had a population of roughly fifty million, and was the largest city in the eastern part of the Laya continent. It was also one of the largest cities throughout the entire landmass of the Laya continent. In recent centuries, they had not experienced a war, which was why they became the East’s most prosperous city and one of the largest cities in the world.

The city was founded during the days of the early Tanghe Empire, in year 286 of the Continental Calendar; Zhongzhou took more than 20 years to lay down its foundations that gradually kept on developing, generation by generation, culminating up to the finished city in the present century.

The city is divided into the inner city and the outer city. The inner city contained the palace of the Imperial Family. It was the working and living space of the emperor, his wives and concubines, and their children. Bordering its perimeters on the outer section were the governmental buildings, followed by houses owned by nobility could be seen slightly behind the governmental buildings, and the outer city was a residential area for commoners and the commerce sector.

The entire city is rectangular in shape, and is protected by a moat along with a wall 15 meters tall and 10 meters thick. The East-West and North-South city squares had nine spacious boulevards, which divided the city into a checkerboard-like area. Between the sections carved out by the avenues are small alleyways and miniature plazas.

Leading out into the plains were four gates. The gates had a width of ten meters, and they usually did not open. The only time the gates would open would be on special circumstances. Both sides also had another gate, which was five meters wide. It would open at six o’clock every morning to 8 at night which allowed ordinary people to go inside and out of the city.

A barrack was stationed on each side outside the four gates, and there were also four barracks stationed in the city. There were divisions of the Imperial Guards regiment stationed inside the barracks, in four groups.

The industrial and commerce sectors were located mainly in the north of the city, along with various miscellaneous shops and warehouses. The headquarters of many large firms and divisions were also located there, along with the Empire’s Finance Department and Tax Revenue Agency.

Every day, all kinds of goods were imported and exported outside the north gates near the banks of the Fan River. Many famous warehouses and distribution centers help with the transfer of goods to and from not only the various parts of the Empire, but the entire continent.

The city’s entertainment and business districts were mainly concentrated in the eastern part of the city, where the feng shui⌈1⌋ for business made those lands invaluable. It contained row upon row of commercial shops, attracting businessmen and tourists from all over the continent. They could be seen everywhere in the eastern sector.

The most famous jewelry stores, banks, restaurants, hotels, brothels, casinos, pawn shops and auction centers were also located in that area. Due to being one of the most complex places to maintain social order, the Imperial Police Headquarters and the Capital Police Department was located here.

The southern part of the city was the cultural and artistic heart of the empire, and contained the Imperial College, the Imperial Academy of Arts, and the Imperial Military Academy – the three highest academical institutions of the Empire.

Students from all over the empire came to the capital, their dreams being attending one of these three colleges to learn a variety of skills and knowledge. Many of the scholars attending these three academies did not originate from the Empire, some even travelling all the way here from the outer fringes of the continent.

There were also other places of interest, such as the Chess Institute, Grand Theater, Institute of Painting and Calligraphy, and the edifices of the imperial government – the Imperial Library, Museum, Center of Arts, Chess Academy, Theatre, Institute, and Hospital.

Since the area was a beautiful environment, the atmosphere of art and culture flourished. Due to this atmosphere, the Imperial Embassy was built here, with nations from across the continent choosing to situate their embassies there.

The placement of private estates also attracted many members of the Imperial family, along with the establishment of well-known private libraries and schools.

The west of the city was the main residential area in the capital, and most of the commoners lived there. Directly located outside the west gates of the Imperial palace were the “Arc of Triumph” and respectively named “Triumph Square”, where the Empire held parades for major celebrations.

The square was surrounded on all four sides by the first regiment of Imperial Guards, and the Capital City Guards headquarters. The Imperial Gendarmerie and was also located around the plaza, and the Headquarters of the Yulin Army, the elite unit of the Imperial Guards was present here as well.

After paying respects to his parent’s graves, the youth got back onto his horse, and rode into the city through the eastern gate. Near the entrance was the famous Victory Avenue,and following the road forward, one would be able to catch sight of the Triumph Square and Arc of Triumph.

After entering the town, the youth dismounted, leisurely walking along the avenue. He looked around at the familiar scene; it still almost seemed the same as when he had left home two years ago, and he recalled the memory vividly.

Everything looked more or less the same, and nothing much had changed. Li Wufeng looked at the scenery of the crowds, business in various shops, assortment of vagrant travelers and hawkers with a vivid eye.

“It seems the lives of ordinary people in the empire is pretty good. However, the same cannot be said about the citizens living in the Western parts of the empire,” Li Wufeng thought.

Leading his horse to the right, he turned and headed into the direction of another street. Proceeding forwards, he then turned left into an alley. His figure was a bit stiff, as the alley was rather narrow. Soon, his house appeared in view.

It was a small alley, with only a few ordinary people living there. It was difficult for people to imagine that in decades, batch after batch of tourists would visit this space, to visit the former residence of the future emperor.

“Auntie Wu!”⌈2

“Who is it?”

“It’s me.”

“Who?” The side door of the house slowly opened, emitting a loud creaking sound. A forty year old, middle-aged woman walked out. The youth immediately recognized her as Auntie Wu, his neighbor from his childhood days.

“It’s me, Auntie Wu. It’s Wufeng.”

“Wufeng, it’s really you! Where did you run off to, the last two years? I did not receive a single word from you! I was scared to death! It really made me worry since your late mother trusted me to take care of you. If anything happened, I wouldn’t have the face to talk to her in the afterlife.”

“Auntie Wu, aren’t I back now? I’m also not young anymore, and I am capable of taking care of myself.”

It was a great difficulty for Li Wufeng to finally convince Aunt Wu, who asked about his health with concern. She bitterly spoke: “Ah, Wufeng. You’re only sixteen years old, and yet you’ve already traveled to so many places. It must have been hard on you, to be alone in these past few years.”

“It wasn’t anything much.” Li Wufeng responded. Despite saying these words, he recalled when he had just turned fourteen years old, who left his home to travel around the world. ‘To be bestowed with great responsibility, one must suffer ordeals and tribulation so as to break one’s will, subdue one’s spirit, exhaust one’s muscles, and starve one’s flesh’. His master’s teachings rang in his ears, and in a flash, two years had gone by.

Those two seemingly short years had opened his eyes, broadened his horizons, and tempered his body, gaining all sorts of knowledge and increasing his proficiency in martial arts. Although he had suffered a lot in the two years, the growth that it brought was highly beneficial, setting him on the path to adulthood.

“Oh, right. I didn’t see Da Niu⌈3⌋ and Er Niu⌈4⌋.”

“Da Niu went to the docks to help his father out. Er Niu married the fourth child of the Zhang family who lives across the street. Her husband works as a pharmacist, and from what I’ve heard, her living standards are pretty decent, and she passes the days comfortably. Speaking of which, I heard that there was a war in the east, and bandits from the north were making trouble. It doesn’t seem that the peace is going to be maintained for much longer. I heard that your uncle is also coming back, so I’m going to prepare some dishes, so we can have a reunion when he comes back.”

Seeing how his neighbors genuinely cared for him, Li Wufeng was moved. Resting in the home that he had been gone from for two years now, he realized that he had to decide which way to go for his future. Thinking of this, Li Wufeng suddenly remembered Uncle Wu talking about the army recruiting going on in the city’s Triumph Square during supper.
Perhaps, this was an opportunity for him to realize his childhood dream.

His master had told him two years ago how today’s Tanghe Empire was surrounded by threats; the domestic rivals of the Tanghe Empire’s principalities were eyeing the surrounding countries. In the East, ambitious military governors threaten the stability of the Imperial Court. In the North Frontier, there were many more problems with the nomadic tribes within the empire. Internally, the empire also had to deal with increasing slave and peasant revolts, forcing many poor people to become bandits to ensure their livelihood. The empire was in decline, and the Tanghe Empire no longer had its peak strength.

Nations in the central part of the continent face constant war from the growing forces of the northern nomadic tribes. To the south of the continent were an alliance of small city-states that have been at peace for the last decade. The situation seems rather calm on the surface, but there were many small-scale conflicts due to economic imbalance and the possibility of war persists on the horizon.

To the east, a perpetual state of war between four major powers continues – three large kingdoms, and a fourth grand alliance. Their conflict is further exacerbated by the nomadic tribes in the north, as they invade their southern neighbors annually.

Thinking up to here, Li Wufeng felt that to succeed in today’s world, having power was necessary. Wishing to change the world without power was simply wishful thinking. The only thing that spoke was one’s strength.

He could not remember which philosopher said this, however.

Li Wufeng thought, “I should join the army as a soldier, and display my talents in the military. From there, I can start up my career.”
Thinking up to here, he slowly drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

Early in the second morning, Li Wufeng woke up slightly before dawn. He did not have such good sleep in a long time.

Walking into the yard, he began to exercise and practice his martial arts, a routine that he would do without fail. There was an old proverb: If you are not steadily advancing against the current, then you are being slowly pushed back.

Li Wufeng began to clean up as soon as he heard Aunt Wu calling him for breakfast. After the meal, he discussed his decision with the Wu family. While Aunt Wu was worried, Uncle Wu was fully supportive of his decision, believing that a young man should be willing to go through hardship, testing his skills in the real world.


  1. Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment 
  2. Auntie is the Chinese title given to females of the previous generation regardless of actual familial ties 
  3. Da Niu, Da-Big; Niu-Cow; A nickname given to a male figure that is the eldest of a given generation 
  4. Er Niu, Er-Two/Second; Niu-denoting female of; A nickname given to a girl that is the second eldest of a given generation 

[Vol. 3] Chapter 4 – Ruins

On the third day after we started our trip the flat road gradually turned into a slope.
 Now we approached a gentle hill.

“Hey, you guys, do you know where we are?”

 Crescent Moon talked to my seniors.
 That face is telling me she’s planning something.
 I gradually came to understand her despite the mask.

“No, I don’t know. Does big sis know?”

“Here’s a famous place. Don’t you know about the Orlea hill?”

“Back then there was a huge battle at this place, right? It was called the Battle of Orlea.”

“What’s with that? I never heard about this. Was it like this, big sis?”

 Oh, Drum-senpai is quite the knowledgeable person.
 On the other hand, Bass-senpai is the type who strayed from the right path.⌈1
 I bet he only did bad things when he was still in school.⌈2

“That’s right, back then a huge battle between nobles took place here.”

“So what’s with that, big sis?”

 Crescent Moon grins at Bass-senpai’s question.
 Oh boy, my senior got caught in her trap.

“About this, at this place……they appear. When night falls, you know?”

“Wh, what about them appearing? Come on, please don’t make fun of me, big sis”

“Tha, that’s right. We aren’t afraid of that kind of stuff, we’re already adults after all.”⌈3

 That’s not what your expression tells us, seniors.

“It was a big battle so does that mean a large number of people died here?”

 Knopf comfortably listened to this.
 Ehm, you don’t have to carry on with this topic.

“……That’s right. It was a fierce battle until the middle but then a betrayal happened and it became unilateral.”

 The faces of Pick and my seniors listening to Crescent Moon’s story were a little too serious.

“Countless bodies of murdered soldiers and commanders rolled down the hill and it is said the river was dyed red. Look, it should be the river we crossed over just a while ago.”

“Eeeeh?! I drank out of it.”

“Well, you probably don’t have to worry. Since then these bodies wander around when night falls. Saying things like, where is the traitor?”

“Please stooop, I’m not good with stuff like this!”

“Wha, what are you saying Pick, that’s just superstition. Hey, Head?”

 Drum, please don’t call me over.
 I was talked to but I decided to ignore it.
 Honestly, I’m not good with those kinds of stories as well.
 I don’t have any supernatural senses, though.⌈4

“Huh? Why is Akatsuki looking the other way? Could it be that you’re weak against this as well?”

 Why does that fellow look so happy?⌈5
 But if I reacted now I would just do what she wants me to.
 I thoroughly ignored Crescent Moon.

“The clouds are somehow looking weird.”

 When I heard the cat girl Knopf’s voice I turned to look at the sky and black clouds suddenly appeared.

“That’s bad, we’ll get caught in it.”

 At Crescent Moon’s exclamation, everyone put on their mantle’s hood in a hurry.
 At that time I got off and put a leather cloth over the baggage.
 We hurried our horses but the rain became more intense.
 It wasn’t much but a hood and mantle had to do.
 It’s inconvenient that rain gear like umbrellas and raincoats don’t exist here.

“Is there anywhere we can take shelter in?”

“Head, there’s a building!”

 When I looked in the direction they pointed in I could clearly see the shadow of a building behind the hill.

“Alright, we can take shelter from the rain there”

 We moved towards the building.

“This, was this originally a church?”

 As I approached it seems to be a ruin abandoned a long time ago.
 As Pick said, it seemed to have been a church.
 The door was locked with a simple lock but Pick opened it in no time and we were able to enter.

“Oh, this somehow looks promising.”

 Bass-senpai joyfully said this.
 We got into a large room which I thought was originally the sanctuary.
 Several broken banks were lined up there.
 There was nothing enshrined on the shelf in the front, I wonder if someone stole it.
 Although it was leaking here and there but at least we had a roof over our heads and it’s far better than outside.
 We put down our baggage at a place without leaks and then took a break.

 Bass, Drum and Pick, those three tore off a part of the floor boards then broke some chairs and used them as firewood to light a fire.
 It’s blasphemous but it’s good to against the cold.⌈6
 Thanks to that I can warm up my body and feel a little more comfortable.

“Finding this good place really saved us.”

“This is probably a church destroyed at the time of that battle.”

 Following Knopf’s words Crescent Moon looked around and started talking happily.
 The rain got better but the sun was covered and it got really dark.

“Let’s see, looks like this place wasn’t used in quite the long time.”

“It’s kind of creepy.”

 My seniors are still pretty shaken by that story from a while ago.

“Hey, you guys, go look if you can find some food in this room somewhere”

 Crescent Moon smirked while she instructed my seniors.

“I don’t want to! There shouldn’t be any food in a place like this anyway.”

“That’s right, how long ago do you think it was that people lived here?”

 Seniors, don’t resist.
 Of course, I definitely don’t want to go either.
 In the end, we boiled some water and made dinner with the things we brought.

“But for such a place to appear like this.”

 ……It’s starting again, those ambiguous statements of Crescent Moon.
 I feigned ignorance but my seniors reacted to this brilliantly.
 That’s why, be good and enjoy yourself, seniors.

“The, there’s no way that something will appear here, right?”

“That’s right, this place is a church in the first place?!”

 Joyfully listening to my senior’s reactions Crescent Moon answered.

“You guys don’t know about it, huh? In the first place, a church is where ghosts gather. Besides, there were several sword cuts and traces of blood smeared on the chairs and the floor. Didn’t you notice?”

“Eeh? I didn’t notice that at all. Drum, did you notice anything?”

“No, I didn’t notice anything. Where did you see that?”

 My seniors shook their heads.
 Oh boy, they completely fell for Crescent Moon’s trap.

“Now that you say it I definitely saw some cuts on the chair I broke a while ago.”

 Pick said this fearfully.
 Knopf read a book on her own while Pick was taken as well.
 Crescent Moon nodded as she heard this and continued to talk.

“There’s no doubt about that. The soldiers who lost escaped to this place. Then this place got raided by the winning side……”

 I heard the sound of three people gulping.

“Some of them died here while resisting. Then……”
Crescent Moon looked in the direction of the door in the before continuing her sentence.

“The remaining ones surely escaped through there. However, they were completely outnumbered. I bet behind those doors are heaps of corpses.”

“Please stop it, big sis!”

“That’s right, don’t scare us like that. What will you do if we can’t sleep?!”⌈7

“Hehehe, you guys will take turns to stand guard today, though”⌈8

“That’s unfair! To be awake all alone in a place like this! Big bro’s, I leave it to you!”

“Wait a minute, Pick, don’t decide it so forcibly! That’s it, Drum, you’ll keep watch alone. I’ll do it tomorrow and you can rest.”

“You, what are you saying? Then you do it today and I’ll do it tomorrow.”

 Finally, a quarrel between friends broke out.
 I stared into the other direction as to not get involved in this too much.


“Hey, did you hear that sound just now?”

“D, d, don’t do that, big sis, even if you told us that, there’s no way something would actually come out.”

“Th, tha, that’s right, I know you enjoy scaring us.”



“I, I definitely heard something. No doubt. From where, from wheeere?!”

“I think I heard it from there”

 The place Pick pointed at was — The door in the back.

“I also heard it. Hey, Mister Akatsuki, let’s go and look what’s going on back there”

“That’s impossible! Head, big sis, because you’re still young please go ahead!”

“That’s right, it’s hopeless even if we go! So, please!”

 My seniors desperately begged me but I only said a few words.

“Bass, Drum, go search the back a little.”

“Tha, that’s, Head!”

“That’s mean, that’s so mean, Head!”

 Even if you yell and cry I won’t change my mind.
 I’m the villain Carlo, I don’t mind if you have a grudge against me.⌈9
 I mean, there’s no way in hell I go there!


  1. Meaning, he became a delinquent and skipped school 
  2. Ya know, maybe he never went cause money? 
  3. Heeeh, is that so? 
  4. He can’t see ghosts and that stuff 
  5. Cause it’s fun teasing people like this~ 
  6. Pff, I bet God won’t mind 
  7. Heh, laugh at you? 
  8. Ah~ as fun as that sounds no one will get sleep that way~ 
  9. Though they are able to **** you over? Selling info to others etc. Well, they wanted to desperately come with him 

VPnA – The Prequel Volume 2 Chapter 25

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Chapter 26 – Changes in thoughts

“I…! Weier, this is for your good, you haven’t walked out of the school gates, so you don’t understand this. Once you walk out of the school gates, you are foreign here, and don’t have much financial basis, do you want to suffer with this brat!” Zhang Tianyang said.

“So, according to you, as long as your family is not in Yanjing, after graduation, you’ll always suffer?” I sneered after hearing that.

“I didn’t say that, but someone like you who only knows how to trick girls with flowery words might!” Zhang Tianyang was clearly dissatisfied with me interrupting his impassioned words towards Chen Weier.

“I’ll give you ten seconds, **** off, I don’t want to see you ever again!” I had no interest to bullshit with this sort of people anyways, since pursuing girls in university was his right, and I can’t interfere with his freedom. However, I hated this sort of people that raises their status and push down that of others’ just because they have a bit of basis, since he was focusing me all the time, I had no need to act courteous with him.

“Aiyo? You dare to act cocky with me?” Zhang Tianyang didn’t think that the first year student in front of him dared to threaten him. No matter what, he was the President of the StarCraft Society at Huaxia University, someone who was rather famous in the computing faculty, when has he been treated like this. He immediately got pissed and swore while pointing at me, “Brat, don’t not take face when given it, if you want to continue in the computing faculty, then you better shut up, and don’t act like a *****! I’m telling you, the faculty leader of computing has a great relationship, a sentence from me can cause you to be kicked out! I really don’t know how to got into Huaxia, however, from your appearance, you probably won’t starve after graduation. I misjudged just now, you should be pretty popular if you go and be a male prostitute at nightclubs?”

“Three seconds left!” I looked at my watch and said. “Two seconds, one second.” Then I raised my head, looked expressionlessly towards Zhang Tianyang and said, “Times up, you’re still within my sights.”

With that, I lifted my right foot lightly, causing Zhang Tianyang’s body to shoot out like a super ultra cannonball, passing through the entrance of the restaurant, directly crashing onto the other side of the road without stopping.

The strength I used was very small, since this person didn’t have any major grudge with me, there was no need of me to completely **** him over. What’s more, Yanjing wasn’t Songjiang, and it isn’t my territory, I had no power in neither the legal side or illegal side. I wasn’t scared of anything, but if I push him against the corner, causing him to hurt the people around me in secret, then that’s not worth it at all.

The people that came with Zhang Tianyang was originally chuckled, suddenly seeing Zhang Tianyang flew away, they were shocked, and only reacted after a while. Only then, did one of them stand up and shout, “Hey, why did you hit people?”

“I didn’t hit him, I just taught him a lesson,” I said plainly.

“You! Heng, you are also a student in Huaxia University, right, which faculty, which class are you from?” One of the students wearing glasses said.

“I know, I saw him at Feiyu with Zhang Tianyang today, this brat said that he’s in the same class with Chu Gao, he seems to be called something like Liu Lei, President Li, you have to reflect this to the school, you can’t let this brat continue acting lawlessly like this!” The first person that stood up hurriedly answered.

“That’s right! Daring to hit the genius student in our computing faculty, I think he probably doesn’t want to go to school at Huaxia anymore, as the computing faculty’s student council president, I will definitely reflect this to the faculty!” The student with glasses nodded.

“President Li, let’s not waste our breath with this brat, hurry up and see how Zhang Tianyang is, since we know what this brat is called, are we still afraid of him running away, let’s talk care of him slowly when we get back!” Another student said.

“Heng heng! Very well, listen up, the one called Liu Lei, just wait for your punishment!” The glasses wearing student, also known as President Li, said, then walked out of the restaurant.

Seeing that President Li’s prideful look, he clearly wasn’t anything good, he might just be like Zhang Tianyang, who acts cockily just because he has some sort of position at school. Although he hasn’t gotten to the point of beating up students, this gang of people were definitely a cocky bunch. Otherwise, as the student council president of a faculty, how could he be biased towards one side without finding out the situation and tell the other side to wait for his punishment.

I couldn’t be bothered to waste my breath with these people, thus I said, “Do whatever you want, I’ll be free any time!” Then I suddenly thought of something, so I raised my hand and said, “President Li, wait a bit!”

Hearing that I called him, President Li thought I thought it through and wanted to submit, thus he turned around with an air on arrogance and said, “What else is there?”

“Tell that Zhang Tianyang, I keep my promises, if I see him again bullshitting with me, I will kick him again!” I said with a peaceful sounding tone.

“You! You *******…” President Li wanted to swear, but once he thought about he is a student council president, and this might become dirt on him, he quickly stopped himself and said, “I will tell him, I’m just afraid that you won’t have the chance to continue staying at Huaxia University! Our Huaxia University doesn’t welcome mule students like you!”

I smiled faintly and didn’t say anything. I think that even if I wanted to drop out, the school wouldn’t agree! There has never been a single student that got such a high grade in the national matriculation exam ever since it was put into use in 1978, I think that the moment I step out of Huaxia University, a lot of other universities would immediately fight over my entry, this would most likely deal a huge blow to Huaxia University’s reputation as well.

After those people left, Chen Weier asked strangely, “Hubby, why did your temper improve so much?” In recent years, Chen Weier has been going to school in Yanjing, although she would return to Songjiang every holiday, she wasn’t with me every day, and nothing special happened, and that’s why she felt really strange about my current change in temper.

Zhao Yanyan didn’t think it was anything special and just looked at me with a smile.

“En,” I nodded without denying anything. When I was just reborn at the age of high school, I always wanted to get a chance to let out all the stress built up in my previous life, so I often did things that I didn’t dare to do before. As time moved on, this desire gradually dampened.

Back then, I came back from the dead and returned to my high school days, so I always had an indescribable desire to let everything out. That’s why I always got into fights with these worthless people. Now, especially after gaining these powers, I no longer wanted to care about these worthless people. When your enemies are beyond weak in front of you, you would no longer care about them.


  1. N/a

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[Vol. 3] Chapter 3 – Departure

“Big bro Akatsuki, long time no see! So, what can we do for you today?”

 The female hobbit thief, Pick who returned came over to greet me.
 Outwardly she looks like an innocent little girl as always.
 If you know what’s inside it’s fine but if you don’t you’ll get completely deceived by this.

“Yeah, I have some work for you so I came over to meet you.”

“Eh, you wanted to see me? I’m happy”

 For some reason, Bass and Drum were staring at us while Pick kept on grinning.
 She was acting like she didn’t notice Bass and Drum.

“As I thought it’s like that, huh? Big bro Akatsuki and I were perfectly in sync at that time with the Troll after all.”

“Hey, Pick, don’t be so impudent and call the Head big bro”

“That’s right, please say something as well, Head, she can’t use that kind of tone.”

“Hehe, though it was big bro Akatsuki who said, “You’re my little sister so call me like this”. Right, Big. Bro?”⌈1

 Well, I certainly told you to say this when people would ask you.
 Even so, I also told you not to act so familiarly.

“Your lock-picking skills are necessary for this job”

“What kind of job is it?”

Seeming interested, Drum and Bass both seriously listened.

“We took the Labyrinth exploration quest. It’s S rank.”

“Is that true?! Will big sis Crescent Moon also go?”

“This time Crescent Moon and also the magician Knopf will come with us”

“I want to go! Big bro Akatsuki, Big sis Crescent Moon and Knopf-san, with those members we are the strongest!”⌈2

“Is that so? Then come to the adventurer’s guild tomorrow morning.”

 I intended to return now that I finished my business here but then I noticed that my seniors looked like they wanted to say something.

“You guys, is there something wrong?”

“Head, isn’t that a little too much?”

“That’s right, that’s right, why is it just that fellow? Moreover, even though she looks like a kid she’s already quite old, you know?”⌈3

 What, why are they getting angry at me for choosing Pick?

“What’s with you? Being old doesn’t really matter! Generally, it’s Big bro’s and the other’s job.”

“Only you move out with the head, isn’t that too cunning?”

“Besides, since this job is already stable it’s alright if we aren’t there.”

 Hey, hey, don’t fight for such a reason.

“Head, please. Leave this place to Bass and please take me with you.”

“Hey, Drum, what do you think you are doing?! Head, please take this one- -”

 Jeez, two big, old men acting selfishly like children.
 Well, it should be fine if it’s just a few more people.
 But Crescent Moon might start complaining because her reward share will decrease.

“I don’t particularly mind taking you but is really everything going well here?”

“Yes, there are the things I told the Head a while ago when you came back but there are no particular problems.”

“As I said before, there are already three people in my group but there’s only one reward, would it still be enough if I take you with me?”

“As it’s an S ranked dungeon it should be enough. Please, take me with you, okay~?”⌈4

 Bass senpai, even if you try talking in a sweet voice it’s not cute at all!

“Well, can’t be helped, so please properly arrange everything till tomorrow”

“Yes, I’ll tell that guy, Flute”

 Ah, that guy with the name which doesn’t fit in.⌈5

“Then come to the adventurer’s guild tomorrow morning, you three. Don’t be late.”

“All right. Hehe, I wonder what snacks I should take with me.”

You, this isn’t a field trip!

 When I went to the guild the next morning everyone already gathered.
 Crescent Moon seemed to be complaining to the Rabbit Group’s members.

“Sorry I kept you waiting”

“Hey, Mister Akatsuki, is it true that you want to take those guys with us?!”

“No, Big sis⌈6⌋ Crescent Moon, don’t say that”

“That’s right, we’ll work hard.”

 As expected, my seniors feel deep gratitude towards Crescent Moon as well.

“Well, isn’t it fine? If we explore the S-type labyrinth our baggage will increase so I think it’s fine.”

“Ah, no, well, you’re right……”

 When the cat girl magician Knopf tried to mediate Crescent Moon gave in.
 For Crescent Moon Knopf is like an absolute weakness.

“Head, it somehow looks like Big sis Crescent Moon is acting reserved in front of this little magician girl.”

 Bass-senpai whispered to me in a low voice.
 Pretty observant, that senior.

“It seems like Knopf’s way of fighting had a big impact on her the last time.”

“Heeh, on that big sis Crescent Moon? She doesn’t look like it, but is this young girl actually amazing?”

“Big bro Bass, you shouldn’t judge someone by their appearance. That magician instantly killed a Troll with one magic spell I never saw before.”

 Pick is right.
 Seniors, don’t get blown away by Knopf.
 I feel scared when imagining Knopf’s boosted magic exploding in the labyrinth’s narrow corridors.

“Head, we prepared these horses for this occasion.”

 As expected, Drum is solid.
 In times like this, he’s reliable.

“Then, shall we leave? The destination is the Mcbell Earldom.

 We started galloping on our horses.
 Though it’s a trotting speed as it’s a considerable distance.
 The Mcbell Earldom is located in the far south of Carlo’s territory.
 It seems like the population is concentrated in valleys and flatland surrounded by mountains.

“Speaking of the Mcbell Earldom, I heard Kouga village is located there.”

 While Drum was riding beside me he started to talk.

“Hoh, do you know about the shadow corps?”

“That’s because we are in the same line of work, needs a thief to know a thief kind of.”

 Bass also joined in into our conversation.

“The shadow corps? That sounds kind of scary.”

 Knopf didn’t seem like she heard of them.
 By the way, I had Knopf ride behind Crescent Moon.
 Thanks to that Crescent Moon didn’t have her usual force behind her.

“The shadow corps is an organisation specialised in underground work such as killing people destroying things and spreading or gathering information. It’s said that their headquarters, Kouga village, is in the Mcbell Earldom.”

 Crescent Moon’s attitude towards her is completely different than towards me.
 She gave her information free of charge.

“Did you have any connection with the shadow corps?”

“I didn’t. I just heard some rumours.”

“We didn’t have any direct contact with them either.”

 Even though they are in the same line of work the Rabbit Group isn’t as severe as the Shadow corps.
 If an opponent defeats them losing means dying.

“I had some fights with them from time to time. I got my revenge each time.”

 If it’s Crescent moon I somehow feel like it’s possible.
 But every time, you said. How many times did that happen?
Then is it really fine for you to go to such a place?

“That somewhat sounds like a frightening place. I’m kind of scared.”

“No, for me your magic is more……”

 I heard Crescent Moon muttering without Knopf behind her hearing it.
 Yeah, that air gun was pretty frightening, huh?
 Well, the only firearm they know in this world are bows so I know it’s impossible for them to know about this but I do.

“When will we arrive?”

“If we continue like this I think we’ll be there in four days.”

 As long as four days, to be honest, I’m sick and tired of this.
 I wasn’t a person who was going out much in the first place.
 There was also the thing that I didn’t have any friends to hang out with.
 So I spend my days reading light novels and manga, playing games and making figurines for fun inside my house.
 I never thought something like this would happen in my life.⌈7

 When it was night we would camp outside to take a rest.
 Since the three members of the Rabbit group said they would take turns standing guard I left it to them.
 I wonder if it was a good idea to take them with us like this.
 They told me something like the Head shouldn’t be doing this and then they took my baggage and carried it for me.

 Like this, the journey towards the labyrinth went smoothly.


  1. So Pick uses the word Aniki and in this last sentence, she said A.Ni.Ki spelling it out kind of. It wouldn’t sound as good in English so it’s like this. 
  2. Can’t say I haven’t missed Pick~ on another note I think I never mentioned it but Knopf is a German word meaning button, which I think, for some reason, is cute. 
  3. Aw, are they jealous Head-sama isn’t taking them out to play~? Well it’s probably money though 
  4. Imagining some old bearded dude looking at him with upturned eyes going heey~ please take me with you~ kaaay~…… 
  5. Because everyone else has the name of rock themed instruments like Guitar, Drum, Bass etc. 
  6. Anego 
  7. Be prepared for anything~ 

Aspirations for Nation and Beauty

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Aspirations for Nation and Beauty Aspirations for Nation and Beauty (江山美人志) is a Chinese Web Novel written by Reagan (瑞根). It is completed with 1603 Chapters.

Category: Fantasy

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In a fantastic world containing countless cultures, with empires vying for hegemony, and numerous experts aspire to become legends.

Being together for too long will lead to separation, while being together long enough will lead to a connection…

​In these times of trouble, many heroes, practitioners, and scholars alike show their skill, striving to become the best…
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[Vol. 3] Chapter 2 – Exploration Quest

“Then, I’m off. Keep the door locked.”

“Yes, have a nice trip”

 I missed my chance to kiss for the third time after all before I left for the adventurer’s guild.
 Crescent Moon who left earlier was waiting inside the guild but her gaze was as cold as before.

“Yo, you came, Mister Popular. I got tired of waiting”

 I wanted to say something but I stopped myself as it would have been useless.
 I generally hate arguing with others.

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. So, did you get the Labyrinth exploration quest?”

“Yeah. Mister Akatsuki has never been to a labyrinth, right?”⌈1

“That’s right. I planned to go to one though”

 I wanted to become an adventurer to enter a labyrinth in the first place which Pikaru forbid me so I had to join the guild under a pseudonym.
 I wanted to gain some experience in the labyrinth before I would meet the Hero Kazuma.

“So Akatsuki doesn’t even know the basics of exploring a labyrinth?”

“Yeah, you could say that”

 Though I wasn’t able to look that much in front of Elsa, but this roundness is excellent as I thought.
 Her two perfect mountains and that fascinating valley they produced.

“Then as a veteran it’s my duty to carefully explain everything to Mr. Newbie here, right?”⌈2

 Crescent Moon proudly stuck her chest out.
 I don’t know why but it seemed like her mood got slightly better.
 I mean, why are you holding out your right hand?
 I don’t really have any other choice so I gave her one gold coin.⌈3

“Hehe, thank you as always.”

 When the money reached her hand she her mood got even better.
 But to always get one gold coin or 100,000 yen taken is a serious matter.
 Though this greedy mercenary wouldn’t be convinced if it was just one silver coin equivalent to 2,000 yen.
 I don’t even want to think about gold coins being something equal to silver coins to me some time soon.

“Hey, what are you thinking? So, when a labyrinth is found a quest to investigate it is given out.”

“Yeah. What should one check while investigating?”

“Let’s see, what you can find in it, how big it is, how many floors it has and so on.”

“I see, so you’re saying anything is fine? Is it fine to take back things from monsters I defeated inside?”

“Naturally. Moreover, the reward increases depending on what you subdued.”

 Even if you defeat this world’s monsters it’s not like they would drop money or magic stones.
 Instead, things like fangs and leather turn into material and one gets a bonus depending on the strength and number of the defeated monsters and the degree of danger.
 Apart from the rewards of the guild’s quest this is how adventurers earn money.

“So, a new labyrinth was found this time around and an exploration quest got extensively handed out.”

“Is it a usual occurrence for a labyrinth to be discovered?”

“Are you stupid? There’s no way that would be the case, right? A new labyrinth might be found once every few years, it’s that rare. You are lucky, Mister.”

 Often a labyrinth is made by a monster settling down in naturally formed cave or limestone cave or the like.
 If the monsters settled in it have a high propagative power and are of humanoid form like Goblins, Gnomes and Orcs they dig holes and expand the cave by themselves and may create multiple layers.
 It’s the most commonly seen labyrinth called A type.

 In the case of such A type labyrinths almost only the same kind of monsters inhabit it.
 Though there are some rare cases where a large number of Goblins are led by some Orcs.
 In A type labyrinths, valuable things like magic items and treasures are hardly found.
 Once it got investigated and emptied out the labyrinth will stay empty.
 After some time passes other monsters might settle down in it again.

“Moreover, it seems like the one this time is slightly different”

 According to the preliminary investigation conducted before the quest was handed out various kinds of monsters were confirmed to inhabit it.
 Besides, the cave itself doesn’t look like something that formed naturally.

“It’s categorized as S type and it seems to be considerably big.”

 The S type different from the spontaneously made A type “is something intentionally made”.
 A high ranking magician or an extremely strong monster possessing intelligence might have made it.

Because they want to protect or hide something special like their residence in the deepest part they kill adventurers who come to investigate it and take their equipment.

 Various types of monsters are placed in it and the deeper you get the higher the danger.
 Often there are dangerous traps and many locked doors so lock-picking skills are essential.

“How is it, there’s no way someone would want to miss out on that, right? Those who are talented already headed there one after the other and I also want to go there as soon as possible. Because letting other people steal all the sweet spots is unacceptable.”

 In the case of S type labyrinths requests outside of the adventurer’s guild are widely spread.
 When I asked where the labyrinth is located this time I was told that it was discovered in Earl Mcbell’s territory.
 Kouga village, the hometown of the assassins which got send after me, the dark corps, is located in that mantis guy’s territory so I’m interested.

“Some preparations are necessary. Let’s take Knopf, Pick and some other guys with us.”⌈4

“That cat-eared magician and the hobbit thief. That thief’s lock picking skills were indeed brilliant and though that magician seems a little strange but she’s skilled. It would have been great if she could use recovery magic but healing spells are of the light magic system so they can’t be used if one isn’t a priest. I’m bad in dealing with priests.”

 A priest would certainly be a bad match for that miserly mercenary.
 However, Crescent Moon still seems to have trouble dealing with Knopf.
 It looks like the air rifle magic had a great impact on her.

“Then I shall invite Knopf and Pick tomorrow. Shall we depart on the day after tomorrow?”

“Though I want to hurry and go as soon as possible but it can’t be helped. Okay, then I go collect some information tomorrow”

 Crescent Moon invited me to dinner and after we ate together I returned to Carlo’s mansion.⌈5
 I wanted to also invite Elsa but I didn’t because then Crescent Moon’s mood would only grow worse.
 I wonder if Elsa is eating properly.

 The next day I left the mansion while wearing the mask, borrowed a horse and first went to the windmill Knopf was living in.

“–That’s the story, so, do you want to come with us?”

“Of course, I want to come. Investigating an S type labyrinth is something one could only rarely experience after all.”

“Then is it fine with you to wait tomorrow morning at the adventurer’s guild?”

“Understood, I’ll get ready.”

 Next I went to the Rabbit group’s hiding place.
 It’s been a long time since I came here.

“Aah! Isn’t that the head?! Hey everyone, Head Akatsuki came over!”

“Long time no see. Is Pick present?”

“She went out but she should come back any minute now. Please enter.”

 My two seniors Bass and Drum greeted me.
 The thin and fidgety Bass and the strongly build, calm Drum.
 A perfect combination as always, seniors.

“How’s work?”

“Hehehe, it’s going really well. Especially the quick horse delivery is profitable as well as increasing the customer’s good opinion of us.”

“On the other hand our income as thieves became less. Recently the number of caravans trying to skip paying the tariff decreased and it’s getting harder to earn money.”

 Though it’s good that the merchants paying the tariff increased but ironically the money earned by the Rabbit group decreased.

“The highway connecting the Capital and Braham will soon get a stone pavement. If that happens not only will transportation of people and good via carriage become popular but also dispatching mounted messengers.”

“Ooh, is that true? I never heard about that rumour.”

“Hehe, it can’t be wrong if it’s information from the Head, right? Because the head and this town’s influential people are well connected.”

 Well connected, as I’m the feudal lord it’s natural that I’m familiar with this information.

“Yeah, there’s no doubt about that. It will be completed next spring so arrange a carriage and a horse as soon as possible.”


 If this goes well it might be able to substitute for their decreased income as thieves.

“What about information gathering?”

“About that, there are rumours about this territory’s feudal lord Carlo and the other nobles are about to battle against each other”

“That’s right, it’s a sign that there is conflict between the nobles.”

Hoh, my seniors are pretty good.
 But there’s already rumours about that?
 Though the matters with the king and the engagement aren’t known yet I have to work carefully in more than one way.

“Is that so? Carefully investigate this matter again. I found a shop which could become a new source for information–”

 I was talking about Doloa of “the goddess’s hall”.

“Stop by there and listen to the hostess’ rumours. It’s a high-class shop so avoid making careless mistakes repeatedly.”

“A luxurious brothel, I always wanted to see one~”

 Hey hey, Bass-senpai, you can’t do anything, absolutely not.
 I have to remind Doloa to not let them do anything.
 As we had such a discussion the female hobbit thief Pick returned.

“Big bro, long time no see! So, how can I help you today?”


  1. So regarding the Mister here. Crescent Moon sometimes referres to him as Akatsuki no dan’na sometimes which is used when referring to a male customer of sorts. So until I found something better I’m going to continue using mister 
  2. Bye-bye money? 
  3. Bye-bye money. 
  4. Yeees, Knopf~ 
  5. Oh? She spend money on you~ though she did take quite the sum 

Chapter 204 – Brilliant Show

Draco had left, and Xiao Chen sunk into deep thoughts. Someone wanted to make a move against them, making it so that they are unable to leave the Celestial City. Doesn’t that mean the one sticking out for the White Tiger is not here yet? It seems that… there are still powerful figures out there, but who could that be?

“Three days later, you guys behave yourselves and go with him, don’t make me angry.” Xiao Chen didn’t want the two little beasts to be harmed. They left the dragon island together and arrived at this unfamiliar world. They experienced a lot together, Xiao Chen had already considered them as partners, so much so that he even looked upon them as his childrens.

Tenax stubbornly shook its head. Keke even directly grabbed Xiao Chen’s clothing. Their attitude was firm and distinct.

Since that old man in the South Wasteland had already declared, no man would be permitted to take a single step into the depths of the South, Xiao Chen wouldn’t hold on to any hope. That kind of person always kept their words.

The time limit was three days. What path should he take after three days? Xiao Chen didn’t know whether the danger would fall upon him or not.

The unknown enemy had yet to show himself, but his house was suddenly hit by a few waves of visitors. First of all, it was Zhuge fatty, he ran over with a smug face and invited Xiao Chen to attend the Zhuge family’s banquet in the evening.

Zhuge fatty just sat down and Fairsky had also ran into Xiao Chen’s residence as fast as lightning. He shouted as soon as he entered, “Xiao Chen, please come to my house later for an afternoon tea.

Soon after, the pretty boy Lazio also appeared. He also issued a similar invitation as he invited Xiao Chen to go and have a seat in the Mander Family’s house.

What made Xiao Chen most surprised was that, even the Reagan family sent someone over. Moreover, it was a middle-aged man. He was Hofmann’s uncle. A lot of disagreeable things had occurred between them in the past, they wanted to invite Xiao Chen over and have a talk to properly dissolve the past misunderstanding.

The most unexpected thing was that, even the two courtesans from the Moonflower Castle had arrived, it was Lyria and Carmina. They invited Xiao Chen to go over in the evening. Carmina was even casting a flirtatious glance at him as she said, “Brother Xiao, you will not miss the appointment right? You still remember the promise for when you beat Windfeathers last time?” Her tone of voice was very ambiguous and made people lost in fanciful thoughts.

For the same purpose as the others, someone from the city lord’s manor also arrived. The third son Liu Yu invited Xiao Chen to go to the Paradise Spa in the evening.


There were also many sects he had never encountered before who sent people to give Xiao Chen an invitation card.

Xiao Chen was sweating profusely as he looked at these people doubtfully. Could it be that these people had taken the wrong medicine? They seemed to be impatient to curry his favor!

He knew many people wanted to win over him. As far as the clan was concerned, it they could get Xiao Chen to serve them, their clan would have benefited from this greatly. If Xiao Chen placed himself into the hands of their sect, it was equivalent to getting control over Tenax and the Azure Dragon King simultaneously. And there was even the law-defying little beast, Keke. They would get three sacred beasts with unlimited potential in one fell swoop!

However, was there really a need to band together?! After all, he was situated at the eye of the storm and had offended a very powerful enemy. These major powers should have waited and see how the situation turned out first.

“I say… all of you…”

Xiao Chen just opened his mouth and was interrupted by Hofmann’s uncle. This middle-aged man from the Reagan family was really a smooth talker, “Little brother Xiao, by all means, you don’t need to be polite with me. You can think of me like your soul brother. Although we have some misunderstanding in the past, there’s a so-called proverb; no discord, no concord. Only then would this be called a predestined relationship! If you are still so angry at Hofmann that it’s unbearable, come with me immediately and trample him to your heart’s content. I already don’t have good impression of that boy to begin with. Little brother Xiao, you teaching him a lesson could also serve as disciplining him on our behalf.”

Xiao Chen was a little speechless. At that time, this family sent a few Historia level experts to dispose of him. And later, they even sent an old man over to kill him personally. How did he make it so that it really sounded like a predestined relationship?

Zhuge fatty’s big belly shook randomly as he walked over to hold Xiao Chen’s arm. Then he turned around to face those people, “This fat gentleman will let you know. I am the very first to get acquainted with brother Xiao. It could even be said we are brought together by fate. I was already acquainted with him over at the South Sea. I am more familiar with him than any of you!”

These words made Xiao Chen break out in goose bumps all over. ⌈1

Fairsky also squeezed in from the crowd and hold on to Xiao Chen’s other arm as he said, “It was I who gave this house to brother Xiao as a present. As for our relationship, there’s no need to mention it.” ⌈2

“Pig head fatty! ******* transvestite!” Someone from among the crowd cursed in a low voice.

“Mother f—! Who dares to scold me?” Zhuge fatty was searching for the perpetrator angrily.

“Who was it? Show yourself!” Fairsky was utterly discomfited.


The courtyard was a complete mess. Even beauties like Carmina and Lyria were joining in the fun.

Xiao Chen heaved a sigh. This world was very realistic, these people’s action and scheme… it was easily understandable. It must be because of Draco. Maybe someone recognized his identity and gave rise to a misconception.

After Slovak saw Draco in Celestial City, the news spread like wildfire and allowed many big clans to receive the secret report. Within the city, who knows just how many pair of eyes were watching Draco’s every moment.

Just who was Draco, how could he not have noticed that he was being tailed? However, he didn’t seem to care and arrived at Xiao Chen’s residence through the front door.

This undoubtedly gave every major power in the Celestial City a misunderstanding; that Xiao Chen really had some relationship with that old man in the South Wasteland. No wonder his previous actions were so similar to Draco’s. Now the person himself had even visited him personally.

Due to this misunderstanding, all doubts in regards to Xiao Chen’s identity had been thoroughly eliminated.

As a matter of fact, the aforementioned was only one of the reason, there was another reason he had yet to call to mind.

The major powers in the Celestial City could even be said to have many eyes and ears. At this most crucial moment, they actually unearthed a major secret from the Undying Sect. The legendary founder of the Demon Sect was actually still alive, and he had an unusual friendship with Xiao Chen!

The major powers in the Celestial City knew Xiao Chen and the Undying Sect had a special relationship. And exactly on this very day, they used a huge amount of money to purchase the internal news from the Undying Sect. How could they not be convinced?

This was undoubtedly a shocking news!

However, there’s no way for everyone to know that the founder of the Demon Sect had already reincarnated as a demon and was still on the dragon island. They completely took it for granted and conducted a false mental association.

The founder of the Demon Sect and that existence in the South Wasteland, they were peerless experts that had withdrawn from worldly affairs. If the legends were true, they were unconditionally the strongest under the sun.

These two news were spread out on the same day. How could these big clans not be shaken? They felt Xiao Chen was all the more extraordinary, to actually have such unusual relationship with those two fierce characters. As if agreed by chance, everyone immediately dispatched groups of people to scout him, in fear that they would be one step slower than the others.

So what if they eyed Xiao Chen covetously and made some powerful enemies in turn? These big clans no longer cared. Even if there was really a White Tiger clan, so what? They have the protection of the dragons! Even the founder of the Demon Sect was behind them, so what was there to worry about?!

Furthermore, some clans believed that Xiao Chen also had the backing of the Phoenixes. After all, someone had once seen Xiao Chen carrying a phoenix feather with his own eyes.

Xiao Chen only knew one of the reasons, he didn’t know they had some other motives. However, he knew that there’s no such “friendship”. In this cruel world of immortals, everything was very realistic.

After sending everyone off politely, Xiao Chen laughed at himself. He was originally on the edge of a risky circumstance, but now everyone was so “crazed” over him. He really didn’t know what kind of expressions everyone would wear after knowing the truth.

“The dragons… he really have an unusual friendship with that existence in the South Wasteland?”

In the Undying Sect, Yan Qingcheng’s master, Liu Qingfeng, was unable to maintain his calm demeanor anymore. He wore a dissatisfied expression.

“Who leaked these information?”

It would be impossible to find out in a short time. The news that the founder of the Demon Sect was still alive was a secret only a very few elders in the Undying Sect knew about.

“What?” Liu Qingfeng suddenly received a report when he was contemplating. Many people tried to scout Xiao Chen, what’s more excessive was that, some people even wanted to marry off their daughters to entice this man who had suddenly become a mighty figure.

Liu Qingfeng spoke to himself, “If the dragons step in, Xiao Chen’s safety is all but assured. If he got pulled in by some big clan, it would be equivalent to taking control over three sacred beasts, especially that snow-white little critter with unimaginable future accomplishment. What’s more, they could establish some kind of connections with the dragons. Marrying off a daughter is really too worth it… Summon Qingcheng at once. Xiao Chen is closest to our sect to begin with. For all of these to happen so suddenly, if we don’t take the initiatives, perhaps the three sacred beasts will really fall into other people’s hands.”

“However… senior brother, didn’t the patriarch said so? We must treat Xiao Chen with utmost sincerity and not talk about benefit or loss…” An elder to the side issued a different opinion.

“Life itself is a drama, when it is necessary, we have to put up a show. It is very difficult to say what one means.” Speaking until here, Liu Qingfeng added, “Anyway… it’s fine as long as we don’t bring harm to Xiao Chen.”

Not long later, the fairy-like Yan Qingcheng had arrived at the big hall. Liu Qingfeng made everyone leave the hall with a wave of his hand.

Some disciples vaguely heard Yan Qingcheng’s voice, “No… I don’t want to!”

Some with sharp ears even heard Liu Qingfeng’s voice, “Qingcheng, you should…”

At present, Xiao Chen was getting pulled by two acquaintances. He felt somewhat helpless and awkward.

Even though they were friends, their family’s benefits seemed to be more important. Fairsky and Zhuge fatty wanted to invite Xiao Chen to their family before the others.

Not long later, one of the pearls of the South, Fairsnow, arrived personally. Peerless in style, graceful, and unmatched in beauty.

Zhuge fatty secretly heaved a sigh. He pulled Xiao Chen to one side and sincerely said in a low voice, “I am not from the direct line of the Zhuge family, I am forced into this. As a friend, let me give you a word of advice. You must not be enticed by Fairsnow, this girl is really…”

Speaking until here, the fatty stopped speaking. That was because Fairsnow had already arrived in the front. The fatty immediately scrammed.


  1. Silva: hahaha, is this the start of BL? 
  2. Silva: A THREE WAY BL!!!